bekkshittt: technically, it looks like this: you have no disk space free actually, since you have (in sum) those much and those big files, that your free space ic oocupied.00:00
hitttbekks, but i cant locate them, my home folder only accounts for 16 GB's and the rest are small files (i dont know how hidden files get treated in this case)00:01
bekkshittt: The solution is: delete as much big files as possible. First approach: sudo apt-get autoclean; sudo apt-get autoremove; -- BE CAREFULL, since it MAY (the second command) delete stuff you dont want to be deleted.00:01
bekkshittt: run and pastebin the following: df -sh --max-depth=1 /00:02
hitttmy df doesnt seem to have a -s argument :S00:05
scipi0I'm scared00:05
hittt!ask | scipi000:05
ubottuscipi0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:05
bekkshittt: huh?00:05
hitttdf: invalid option -- 's'00:05
bekkshittt: Pastebin the entire output of the commands above - AS you entered them00:05
folstoHello, I have been trying Ubuntu and other linux based distros for a couple of months now, everytime I install one I tend to go back to restoring Windows 8 the laptop came with. The issue is that when I install Ubuntu or any other linux distro the ssd tends to get way hotter, almost the same as the cpu itself which btw also tends to get hotter than in windows 8.00:05
folstoThe SSD is a Corsair Force 3 SSD 256 GB, any ideas as to what might be the reason00:06
bekksfolsto: And whats the issue then?00:06
scipi0okay, ubottu. Hi, my upgrade to 13.10 just went bad. I used the software updater to update and I was in the "installing packages" mode when the window went dark and unresponsive. I quit it and went to open up the software updater when it informed me that I can only perform a partial update. I select to do this and it does nothing. I am updating from 13.04 using intel with a dual-boot with...00:06
scipi0...12.04. I am using the 13.04. Please help00:06
folstobekks: In short the SSD is way hotter than even a traditional hdd could be and also cpu gets a bit hotter, and I am concerned it would reduce the life of the laptop in future far quicker00:07
selektahello! I was wondering if someone could help me with installing my cisco ae23500 USB network card.00:07
bekksfolsto: "hotter than a hdd can be"?00:08
selektaI googled it but the tutorial seemed extremely difficult to me00:08
folstobekks: as i understand ssds tend to be a lot cooler than spinning disk hdd's, and in this case the ssd is lot hotter.00:09
hitttbekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6396918/00:09
bekksfolsto: nothing at all indicate that ssd are to be a lot cooler than hdd.00:10
BvLscipi0: so your dual booting 12.04 & 13.04 - and you are trying up update 13.04 to 13.10 but the update failed00:11
selektacan someone help me please?00:11
selektaI need to know how to enable graphical sudo so I can drop a tarball in \usr\src00:11
bekksselekta: gksudo00:12
BvLsudo apt-get install gksu00:12
BvLgksu is no-longer installed default00:12
selektai ran it00:13
selektaand it wont let me drag and drop this00:13
SchrodingersScatselekta: what did you gksudo into?00:14
selektaI have no idea what im doing00:14
BvLonce sec00:14
BvLyou want to do it graphically00:14
folstobekks: to put it another way, I just checked the temps of cpu its 69 C and when put my hand below the cpu area and the ssd area, both feel like are at the same temperature, whereas in windows 8 the temps are about 60-65 C. Is this normal on Ubuntu?00:14
selektaim trying to install a driver I guess so I can use my cisco wireless network usb car and it wants me to do a bunch of crazy stuff00:14
SchrodingersScatselekta: you can try a 'gksudo nautilus' and it'll bring up a root nautilus, oh dear be careful though00:14
folstobekks: using lm-sensors00:14
selektaIf someone could help me I have VNC00:14
selektaor teamviewer00:15
scipi0BvL: Yes.00:15
bekksfolsto: I stringly doubt you feel the difference of 4 degrees with you hand - above 43 degrees, which will actually burn your hand.00:15
BvLgksudo nautilus gksu nautilus \usr\src00:15
hitttfolsto: sometimes the CPU might be actually overheating due to poor thermoconductivity (Aka the thermodynamic gum needs replacement)00:16
rawfodogHi, Im using a 32 bit program on a 64bit xubuntu install. I'm missing libasound 32 bit. What do I type to install it ?00:16
rawfodogwill downloading the 32 bit version break anything ?00:16
folstobekks:  btw  I forgot to mention I don't feel any heat at all below ssd on windows, its only in Ubuntu thst the ssd tend to feel like at the same temp as the cpu00:16
hitttrawfodog: no, 32 bit programs work well on 64 bit platforms00:17
selektathat worked BvL !00:17
rawfodoghittt, Im missing the 32bit lib to run this00:17
Roryrawfodog: What are you doing that requires that lib?00:17
folstohittt: I think the temps are fine since its an i7 quad core , its the ssd temps that I am concerned with00:17
BvLscipi0, first just to be sure did you backup any important information00:17
rawfodogInstalling Renoise00:17
scipi0BvL; no :( . I'm kinda stupid in that way00:18
selektaim trying to run these commands but its not working00:18
Roryrawfodog: You're installing the 32 bit version? Why? They provide a 64 bit version00:18
rawfodog64bit is buggy isnt it ?00:18
rawfodoghere is an ldd of renoise on my comp ...00:19
selektaI placed the tarball in /usr/src and now im trying to run tar -xvf ndiswrapper-xxx but it doesnt work00:19
Roryrawfodog: I recommend using their 64 bit version it is no more buggy and they recommend it for 64 bit systems00:19
Roryrawfodog: "If you rarely or never use plugins, and have a 64-bit OS, go for the 64-bit version of Renoise as well. The 64-bit version can use more than 4 GB of memory and will perform a little better."00:19
rawfodogk thanks Rory00:19
hitttfolsto: You arent getting a good reading with your hand, the computer gets the reading from a much better position, the ssd should be around 40-50 C00:19
rawfodogok great thanks00:19
selektaBvL, can you help me for a moment please?00:20
BvLscipi0, i usually nuke and repave so i dont know how much help00:20
BvLscipi0, so first are you currently booted on 12.04 or 13.0400:20
maujhsnHello...In my /home  folder what items are deletable in/.cache?00:21
BvLselekta, ill try00:21
selektabvl thank you00:21
selektaI placed the tarball in /usr/src and now im trying to run tar -xvf ndiswrapper-xxx but it doesnt work00:21
BvLselekta, just type a question or if you are following a guide could you give me a link plz00:21
scipi0Bvl: Well.... I still am on the 13.04, It's working okay. Could you show me some resources to back up quickly00:21
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scipi0wait, nevermind. I forgot, Bvl, sudo is broke00:22
selektaBvL, http://tinymelinux.com/forum/thread-865-post-3760.html#pid3760  here is the guide00:22
selektathe tarball is in usr/src now00:22
reisiomaujhsn: pretty much everything, but you might try just mv'ing it first00:22
selektaand im cd'd to the /usr/src directory00:22
BvLscipi0 yep00:22
N|onDell320I have a Dell Optiplex 320 that is currently running Windows 700:22
N|onDell320and I'd like to remove Windows 7 and get Ubuntu00:23
scipi0BvL: I am still on the 13.04, but sudo is broken00:23
Ari-Yangbekks: you have a radeon card?00:23
maujhsnreisio For what reason?00:23
bekksAri-Yang: No. I never did, doesnt have, and will not, until hell freezes :)00:23
reisiomaujhsn: you tell me00:24
Aut0Execwhat would be the benefit of usin hte 64 bit version over the 32 bit?00:24
reisioAut0Exec: not asking your processor to pretend it's 30 years ago00:24
Ari-Yangfolsto: oh, do you have a radeon card?00:24
Ari-Yangbekks: my bad, meant the other guy ^00:24
BvLscipi0, ill need a couple of sec00:24
maujhsnselekta Why now leave your tar file in /Downloads and extract from there/00:25
bekksAut0Exec: almost everything, unless you have 32bit hw only. 32bit is (technically) outdated since about 10 years.00:25
reisiofirst x86 production chips, 28 years 10 months ago00:25
selektamaujhsn, i dont know im just following the directions of the guide00:25
bekksreisio: :)00:25
reisiowhereas generic 64-bit is only about a decade old00:26
selektaBvL, ?00:26
mujeewell I wanted to know the name of the channel for ubuntu help00:26
N|onDell320How do I know if I'm running a 32 bit or 64 bit CPU/Computer?00:26
Aut0Execreisio: te 64 bit version is too unstable for me00:26
reisioAut0Exec: nah00:26
Aut0Execreisio: its super slow when booting up00:26
BvLselekta im running through steps and making sure i give you correct info00:26
Aut0Execreisio: then it crashes00:26
maujhsnreisio I just realized that you gave me a good suggestion....Thanks!00:26
selektaBvL, thank you sir00:26
BvLcd Downloads assuming the tar is in your downloads folder cd ~/Downloads00:27
selektaBvL, no its in /usr/src now00:27
BvLok one sec00:28
selektathats why I needed graphical sudo so I could move it there00:28
BvLcd into that directory00:28
selektaim there00:28
BvLsudo tar -xvf ndiswrapper-1.58.tar.gz00:28
BvLcd ndiswrapper-1.5800:29
selektamake installing00:29
BvLscipi0, ok im back00:29
selektanext one im confused. just type what it says?00:29
Aut0Execso should i use the 32bit version if the 64bit it unstable or what?00:29
BvLafter you tar cd to the new directory00:30
mujee_does anyone know how can I get cmake version 2.8.9 or later for Ubuntu 12.04.300:30
scipi0BvL: Yay : |)00:30
BvLthe rest should be the same00:30
hitttbekks, i run nautilus and it sais my / contents total 31.5 GBs00:30
hitttI really think its df thats wrong here00:30
selektabvl I did that and make and make install now i didnt the drivename step and its says ndiswrapper isnt installed and that I should sudo apt-get for it00:30
selektashould I do that?00:30
Ari-Yangmujee_: sudo apt-get install cmake00:31
BvLscipi0, you said something about sudo not working00:31
Ari-Yangmujee_: I'm on 12.10 and it's packaged with 2.8.900:31
maujhsnselekta Yes!00:31
Ari-Yangmujee_: oh wait, you're on 12.04, I thought you were on 13.0400:31
mujee_ari_yang i got 2.8.7 with sudo apt-get00:31
scipi0BvL: yeah00:31
selektaokay I typed in the next step to verify installation bvl and maujhsn and it says unable to find a version of ndiswrapper00:31
mujee_and i was trying to install latest unity which required cmake 2.8.9 or later00:32
scipi0BvL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397015/00:32
maujhsnselekta Put it aside for now, and re-try it tomorrow!00:33
Ari-Yangmujee_: run sudo apt-get --purge cmake then download this, and extract it http://www.cmake.org/files/v2.8/cmake-
Ari-Yangmujee_: let me know when it has been extracted00:33
selektamaujhsn, why tomorrow? I want to get this done tonight? I only have two steps left this is simple stuff i just dont know enough as to why it isnt working00:33
BvLscipi0, oh i got tat once, so you your correctly not installing anything but its still locked00:33
mujee_yes i have this in my home folder extracted00:34
nightdreverI have compiz running my desktops .... however when ubuntu 12.04 boots.....first i see old wallpaper THEN afte a few secs it changes to compiz......is there away to start compiz wallpaper faster?00:34
scipi0BvL: yes? I think. I don't understand what you just said00:34
BvLscipi0, nothing like GDebi, ubuntu software centre, synaptic are currently running?00:34
selektaBvL, two little steps left can you help me? I did the ndiswrapper -l step and it said unable to find a version of ndiswrapper00:34
mujee_ari_yang I have already this folder downloaded and extracted in my home folder00:35
scipi0BvL: nope.00:35
maujhsnselekta Sometimes it take a day or two for ubuntu to locate a package! i do not know why this is the case!00:35
Ari-Yangmujee_: okay now read the readme.txt00:35
Ari-Yangit has the instructions00:35
BvLscipi0 ok then do a sudo rm -r /var/lib/dpkg/lock00:35
selektamaujhsn, huh?! That makes no sense!00:36
Ari-Yangmujee_: you're suppose to cd into the folder with terminal run ./bootstrap after make and then if all goes well sudo make install00:36
scipi0BvL: done.00:36
selektaI need internet on this box tonight!00:36
Ari-Yangmujee_: after you run make, pastebin the output when it's done and link me before running sudo make install00:36
BvLscipi0, what happened is that linux places this file to say im installing stuff, but if crash during a installation process this file doent get removed so you cant install anyomre00:36
BvLscipi0 try doing your update now00:37
scipi0BvL: Thanks! I'll try it00:37
BvLselekta, ok im back00:37
selektaalright so you know where im at?00:37
selektaokay I typed in the next step to verify installation bvl and maujhsn and it says unable to find a version of ndiswrapper00:37
selektasorry to repaste. didnt feel like typing it out again00:37
BvLwhich step number are you at00:37
maujhsnselekta ubuntu is more intuitive than you imagine...check in your update manager later on and it may be sent to you!00:38
scipi0BvL: Software updater is bailing on the start-up. It's icon flashes green a few, then it stops and doesn't do a thing00:38
JiTsIfookin POS00:38
selektamaujhsn, it already says it was installed00:38
BvLselekta: can you put the output into http://paste.ubuntu.com/00:38
selektasure bvl00:39
maujhsnselekta I do not know why this happens00:39
mujee_Ari_yang sudo apt-get purge cmake  says invalid operation cmake00:39
kostkon!find cmake00:39
ubottuFound: cmake, cmake-data, cmake-dbg, cmake-doc, cmake-curses-gui00:39
bekksmujee_: pastebin the exact command please00:39
Ari-Yangmujee_: sudo apt-get --purge cmake cmake-data00:39
hitttbekks, never mind i found it it was /root !00:40
selektahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6397034 BvL00:40
mujee_Ari-yang http://pastebin.com/g3iXBzjw00:40
BvLscipi0, sudo apt-get install -f00:41
kostkonmujee_, sudo apt-get remove cmake --purge00:41
Ari-Yang^ try that00:41
JiTsImy 13.4 will not even booty00:42
scipi0BvL: no good http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397038/00:42
mujee_Ari_yang yes it removed it00:42
JiTsIbooty booty00:42
mujee_kostkon I mean it removed it00:42
BvLscipi0 did you try the sugggestion, sudo dpkg --configure -a00:42
kostkonmujee_, now do sudo apt-get autoremove00:42
scipi0BvL: I'm doing it now00:43
BvLselekta redo step 6 + with sudo00:43
scipi0BvL: OMG it's found my 12.04.3 partition.00:43
mujee_kostkon yes it removed some more things00:43
BvLsince you are working the usr directory you need sudo00:43
kostkonmujee_, good00:44
Ari-Yangmujee_: okay if it removed, compile and install the cmake you unzipped fro that .tar file00:44
Ari-Yangmujee_: cd into the extracted folder and type ./bootstrap and then make after pastebin the output00:44
mujee_kostkon Ar_yang  thats the issue I could not understand in the readme.txt what it is trying to say00:44
BvLscipi0, is everything working?00:44
selektaBvL, okay00:44
selektathis is the whole thing btw http://www.grailbox.com/2012/05/installing-cisco-linksys-ae2500-wireless-adapter-in-linux/00:44
scipi0BvL: yeah. It's just surprising.00:44
JiTsIsay Op's, is there another command line edit I can do in safe mode to boot this ubuntu up, generic is not booting00:45
selektathere is some edit there BvL  so let me know if im still on the right track00:45
mujee_Ari_yang I have run the ./bootstrap00:46
Ari-Yangmujee_: did you run make?00:46
mujee_Ari-yang no it is still running ./bootstrap00:46
mujee_okay so it means after theis I  have to only type make ?00:47
Ari-Yangmujee_: yes, but before you do pastebin bootstrap when it's done00:47
selektaBvL, im on step 8 and the output was couldnt open drivername.inf no such file or directory at /usr/sbin/ndiswrapper line 21900:48
linuxuz3rhow do i know what gnome version i have00:49
BvLselekta, ok - one sec00:49
selektaBvL, sudo modprobe ndiswrapper seemed to work.00:49
mujee_Ari-Yang http://pastebin.com/d2YSjTQf00:49
mujee_it was too long some were overwrited by terminal so the earlier things are not there00:50
BvLselekta, ok how did you do step 800:50
selektai typed in sudo ndiswrapper -i drivername.inf00:50
BvLwhat was the output?00:51
selektaBvL, im on step 8 and the output was couldnt open drivername.inf no such file or directory at /usr/sbin/ndiswrapper line 21900:51
BvLok you need to get the file, what wireless card are you using?00:52
selektacisco ae250000:52
selektaI can grab the driver00:52
BvLyep we need the windows driver00:52
BvLwindows xp00:52
Ari-Yangmujee_: in terminal you should go to 'file' edit profile preferences then go to scrolling and tick the unlimited00:52
Ari-Yangmujee_: do that, then run make00:53
selektabvl got the driver00:53
selektaits in downloads00:53
selektabvl pay attention to the edit here....00:53
selektathis is the whole thing btw http://www.grailbox.com/2012/05/installing-cisco-linksys-ae2500-wireless-adapter-in-linux/00:53
selektait says sudo ndiswrapper -m did not load on startud he had to add ndiswrapper to /etc/modules so we will need to do that00:54
BvLextract all the drivers and do a and change the directory to the dirvers location00:54
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selektawait, what?00:54
mujee_Ari-Yang I have done it now but I had already run the command make00:55
Ari-Yangmujee_: when make finishes pastebin when it and link me00:55
BvLAE2500xp_WHQL,0.zip, extract the contents00:55
selektaBvL, extracted the drivers now cd to the driver location?00:55
BvLselekta, 1. AE2500xp_WHQL,0.zip, extract the contents 2. change to the new folder containing the drivers00:56
selektadone done and done BvL00:56
mujee_Ari-Yang here it is http://pastebin.com/8S6n3n4r00:57
BvLselekta now for step 8, ndiswrapper -i bcmwlhigh5.inf00:57
BvLoutput plz00:57
joseph_ewwww drivers :/00:58
selektabvl said it installed00:58
selektainstalling the command line came back up00:58
Ari-Yangmujee_: alright... now run sudo make install00:58
selektaokay and verified!00:58
BvLselekta continue the guide00:58
wilee-nileeSo, a epson v33 scanner has drivers installed works from sudo but does not detect otherwise, my guess is a chmod, just not sure what00:59
delahereI upgraded to 13.10 and the top status bar is now blank. No gear icon, no clock. Can't find a solution in the forums can anybody help?00:59
Ari-Yangmujee_: after you run sudo make install pastebin that00:59
selektaBvL, okay ran modprobe00:59
wilee-nileewilee-nilee, 12.04 is the release00:59
scipi0BvL: what should I do when the command is over? It's taking a while00:59
selektanow how do i configure this? and also do I need to do the -m thing in /etc/modules so it autoruns?00:59
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joseph_how do i update ubuntu?00:59
nAn00kapt-get update and apt-get upgrade01:00
nAn00kneed su01:00
selektaBvL, I dont see the network card in network settings01:00
joseph_okay let me try01:00
Ari-Yang!upgrade | joseph_01:00
ubottujoseph_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:00
BvLscipi0, try to update to 13.10 (reboot first if you want to be safe)01:00
wilee-nileeSo, a epson v33 scanner has drivers installed works from sudo simple-scan but does not detect otherwise, my guess is a chmod, just not sure what, ubuntu 12.04.01:00
wilee-nileegksudo actually01:00
joseph_working ty ty01:01
nAn00kno problem lad :)01:01
mujee_Ari-Yang http://pastebin.com/15fXpJBe01:01
Rc43I discovered now possibility to forbid packages with /etc/apt/preferences and want. It is fine but now I want to forbid only package version in standard repo (I want to use the version of it from the ppa).01:01
Rc43Is it possible?01:01
selektaBvL, it worked!!01:01
selektathank you so much!01:01
TerabyteI want to run this non-interactively, how do I do it:  apt-get upgrade --show-upgraded01:01
Ari-Yangmujee_: okay that's it, you have cmake installed.... now do whatever it is that you were doing01:02
Ari-Yangmujee_: let me know if it works out or not01:02
BvLselekta, got wireless?01:02
unstableWhat is a good way to seamlessly have an ASCII file be encrypted with GPG, then when I open it with gedit say.. or whatever the editor is.. ubuntu will ask me for the password then open the text document?01:02
mujee_Ari-Yang okay let me check01:02
selektaBvL, I got wireless. now should this automatically load on startup?01:02
BvLselekta, i dont know, if you can reboot just to make sure01:03
selektaBvL, rebooting01:03
BvLselekta, if something else needs to be done well figure it out01:03
mujee_Ari-yang it did not work01:05
mujee_gave an error01:05
selektaBvL, wireless didnt come up upon startup01:05
selektasomething more needs to be done01:05
Ari-Yangmujee_: yeah, something happen probably during the compilation :/ so cd into that same folder and run sudo make uninstall01:05
selektahe said to add ndiswrapper to /etc/modules01:06
Ari-Yangmujee_: after you do that, go here and add the ppa https://launchpad.net/~george-edison55/+archive/cmake-precise then run apt-get update and then sudo apt-get install cmake01:06
Ari-Yangthat should do it01:06
delahereI upgraded to 13.10 and the top status bar disappeared. Can anybody help?01:06
Ari-Yangafk, good luck01:06
selektaBvL, his notes are here http://www.grailbox.com/2012/05/installing-cisco-linksys-ae2500-wireless-adapter-in-linux/01:06
BvLlooking at it right now01:07
BvLwhat happens when you type sudo ndiswrapper -m?01:07
selektait said adding "alias wlan0 ndiswrapper to /etc/modules.conf01:08
BvLselekta, is wireless working?01:08
selektaBvL, no sir01:09
BvL modprobe ndiswrapper01:09
BvLselekta, ^ and after that01:09
Xaxxahello everybody01:09
maujhsnselekta How about rebooting?01:09
selektamaujhsn, I already rebooted01:09
selektaBvL, typed in modprobe ndiswrapper01:10
Xaxxasomebody can help me to setup an automount of a webdav folder on ubuntu01:10
Xaxxahow ca i do that?01:10
BvLselekta, wireless is working>01:10
selektaBvL, no sir01:10
mujee_Ari-Yang well shall i write deb before it to add the ppa?01:10
BvLselekta ndiswrapper -l01:10
RunemoroHello, is a clean install better than a release upgrade for my server?01:11
selektadevice is present BvL01:11
selektaand it says driver installed01:11
Xaxxahow can i configure an automount of a webdav folder instead to reconnect everytime?01:11
hitttIm currently upgrading to 12.10, i hope i dont have to install 13.04 as well in orded to reach 13.1001:12
BvLselekta did you redo step 11. configure wlan0 in Network Center and start it up.01:12
BvLif not, you sould01:12
selektaBvL, im in there now and the wireless thing didnt pop up like it did last time. I only see wired and network proxy01:12
Xaxxaor there is a software client that allow me to use it as a local folder?01:13
selektaBvL, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and now its there01:13
selektaBvL, I have wireless now01:14
xanguahittt: you will have to if you want to reach 13.1001:14
BvLselekta, now that it "works" lets try rebooting, if its not automatically recognized just unplug and re-plug into you computer01:14
selektaBvL, okay01:14
BvLbut before that01:14
selektadamn already rebooting haha01:15
BvLyou did sudo ndiswrapper -m01:15
BvLbefore the reboot correct01:15
BvLif so thats fine01:15
selektayes to add it to the modules.inf01:15
selektaer conf01:15
maujhsnselekta good work!01:15
BvLok all is well (hopefully)01:15
selektaBvL, no wireless upon startup01:16
selektashall I unplug and plug it back in?01:17
_davideHi -- is there a package that provides libc already compiled w/ debugging symbols?01:17
perowhy is nautilus so bad? seriously, is there an explanation for that?01:17
selektaBvL, no wireless01:17
BvLselekta, ^ does "unplug and plug it back in" solution work01:17
Runemoropero, Why do you think it's bad?01:18
trippeh_davide: libc6-dbg01:18
BvLlets redo step 10. modprobe ndiswrapper01:18
mujee_Ari-Yang after installing cmake from that ppa bash: /usr/local/bin/cmake: No such file or directory01:18
peroi would like to resize my columns, or reorder by size on the first try01:19
perohow do i do that01:19
BvLselekta, lets redo step 10. modprobe ndiswrapper    then unplug and plug it back in01:19
selektaBvL, okay01:19
selektajust typing that made the wireless popup01:19
BvLok then we will make that command run on boot up01:20
paddyezcan you help me please to locate the variable where the JAVA path ist stored in?01:20
perowhy isn't su integrated? or the terminal01:20
perodid you seriously ask that question or did i miss where all these critical features are somehow01:20
BvLselekta "just typing that made the wireless popup" did you enter step 10 before the wireless came up01:20
selektaBvL, it still says connecting. thats what it did last time. I had to forget network and put it in again to make it connect01:21
BvLor did it come up on its own01:21
Runemoropero, There's a plugin to open a terminal in the current directory01:21
selektaBvL, typing modeprobe ndiswrapper made it come up01:21
perowhy does that need to be a plugin01:21
BvLselekta and clicked enter correct?01:21
selektaBvL, correct01:22
BvLok just to make sure01:22
perois there another plugin that lets me resize column widths?01:22
Runemorobecause "normal" users don't use the terminal a lot01:22
mujee_Can anyone help me in installing cmake 2.8.9 or later version in Ubuntu 12.04.3 64bit01:22
Runemoroand for su, you can make a small skript01:22
perowhat was my original question? ;)01:23
maujhsnI have a virtualbox guest "11.10"  on a windows 7 host but forgot my log-in password, How to I get in to reset?01:23
peroyou know what else i can do too - i can install another file manager01:23
peroi'm just curious if there's an actual explanation for the catastrophically bad state of this application'01:24
selektaBvL, connection FINALLY established. took forever.01:24
perobecause it seems calculated01:24
selektaBvL, how do we make this so I power the box on and it just automagically connects?01:24
selektawithout plugging and unplugging etc.01:24
xanguapero: ask nautilus (now files) developers01:24
peroand i'd love to read it so i can get with the program01:24
peromaybe its just over my head01:24
BvLselekta, im looking into that what version of ubuntu or another linux distro are you using01:25
BvLthough this is a ubuntu form01:25
mujee_Can anyone help me in installing cmake 2.8.9 or later version in Ubuntu 12.04.3 64bit?01:25
Rc43Guys, how to select package from PPA instead of standard repo?01:25
Rc43I googled and can't find it.01:25
selektaBvL, 12.0401:25
Rc43man apt-get doesn't tell about PPA01:25
Runemorowhat would be nice would be when you try to open another user's files you would have to type in their password or an admin's password01:26
selektaBvL, yeah because even a suspend knocks it out01:26
BvLok if we ned to worry about suspend too it will take a short while to get the solution01:27
N|onDell320I'm trying to decide what ubuntu I need. 12.04 LTS or 13?01:27
selektaand when it just awoke from suspend BvL I just did sudo modprobe ndiswrapper and it still hasnt popped up in network01:27
N|onDell320Can anyone tell me what I need?01:27
xanguaN|onDell320: only you can tell what you need01:27
N|onDell320I don't know which though01:27
N|onDell320I'm new to linux01:28
RunemoroN|onDell320, 13.10 then01:28
xanguaN|onDell320: stable and old software or newer and, posibly, a few bugs01:28
N|onDell320Is there a reason why some get 12.04?01:28
RunemoroN|onDell320: It's more stable01:28
N|onDell320Well my computer is about 5 years old now. Does that make a difference?01:28
BvLselekta, ok....01:29
Runemorohow much RAM does it have?01:29
N|onDell320and it's 32 bit01:29
selektaBvL, I unplugged and plugged it back in and now I see it. still connecting though01:30
Runemoro2GB of ram is good enough for 13.0401:30
BvLok after it connects try suspending, resuming and unplugging and replugging01:31
BvLbut dont do  modprobe ndiswrapper01:31
BvLim trying to see what the driver will do01:32
N|onDell320So the 13.10 is recomended for me?01:32
BvLselekta ^01:32
Guest6152if u have older hardware i would recoment xubuntu 13.10 works  fine01:32
BvLok after it connects try suspending, resuming and unplugging and replugging...01:32
N|onDell320Ok thanks01:33
BvLbut dont do  modprobe ndiswrapper, im trying to see what the driver will do01:33
selektaBvL, yes01:33
selektadoing thAT NOW01:33
selektaBvL, unplugging and replugging seemed to work01:35
selektathe wireless is on now and is trying to connect01:35
BvLselekta, but you didnt do  modprobe ndiswrapper01:35
selektaBvL, correct. just unplugged and replugged01:36
wilee-nilee So, a epson v33 scanner has drivers installed works from gksudo simple-scan but does not detect otherwise, my guess is a chmod, just not sure what, ubuntu 12.04.01:36
BvLselekta, now to get it to "auto load" the driver01:39
selektaBvL, yessir01:39
BvLdo you you want this to effect every user or only your user account01:39
selektawhichever is easier01:39
BvLevery requires sudo01:39
selektathere is only one account on the device01:39
BvLyou is simple01:39
selektaokay lets do that01:40
BvLok, click on the gear to right01:40
BvLstartup applications01:40
BvLName: anything (maybe wireless)01:40
xirreWhat are the dangers of using Apache2 under Ubuntu?01:40
BvLcommand:  modprobe ndiswrapper01:41
BvLcomments: you choice01:41
BvLtry rebooting01:41
* vanquish27 Good news everyone! 01:41
selektaso that command will simulate unplugging and replugging the card?01:41
BvLno just loading the driver, i havent gotten to that yet, i like to verify every step is working before continuing01:42
selektaBvL, rebooted01:42
selektadoesnt appear to be doing anything.01:42
BvLyou will need to unplug and replug most likely01:43
JordanJ2Hey folks, when I try to run the Ubuntu installer (USB drive) I just get a black screen01:43
selektaunplugging and plugging worked01:43
tripelb12.04 how do I remove a shortcuut that I have put on the panel --  gnome01:44
gr33n7007htripelb, alt + right click01:44
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest59909
JordanJ2All I get is a black screen01:46
JordanJ2Can someone help me?01:47
tripelbgr33n7007h, sorry that does not work. :(01:47
selektaBvL, figure anyhting out?01:48
BvLnet yet01:48
selektaunplugging and replugging isnt the end of the world for me, I suppose01:49
selektabut it is annoying01:49
selektacant a script be written to basically pretend the usb is plugged and unplugged?01:49
tripelbwhere is the ubuntu help in the menu 12.04 gnome01:49
gr33n7007htripelb, try windows key + alt + right mouse click01:49
BvLselekta, ive never done that, so thats what im looking into01:50
tripelbgr33n7007h, bingo. ty.01:51
BvLselekta, im looking at http://superuser.com/questions/141908/how-do-i-reset-an-usb-device-without-unplugging-it-in-linux01:51
selektaBvL, ahhhhh nice01:51
scipi0BvL: It worked! It also fixed problems with GRUB and installed World of Goo properly. Thank you so much!!!!! Your a saint01:52
N|onDell320Why does it take 1hr to download Ubuntu 13.10?01:53
ianorlinfrom am mirror?01:53
BvLscipi0, glad to hear, happy 13.1001:53
selektaalso when i drag my windows around i get significant lag. the window lags behind my mouse very annoyingly. any way to fix that?01:54
selektausing unity launcher01:54
delahereupgraded to 13.10 and freeplane won't run01:56
BvLselekta, unfortunately that normal if your moving you mouse fast01:56
selektaBvL, thats never happened to me before on any of my computers :(01:57
scipi0BvL: anything cool to do to this distro. Mods or Themes or cool sh*t?01:57
baumiaohave you read about the x86 smartphone with ubuntu on it?01:57
BvLselekta, i have a bash script that installs everything for me, other then conky i dont really mod ubuntu, sure you could but im happy01:58
selektabaumiao, thats a pornstar database lol01:58
baumiaoselekta: and is cool isn't it? :D01:58
selektaBvL,  scipi0 asked that :D01:59
BvLi copy and paste01:59
BvLempathy is bad for that01:59
selektaahhh okay02:00
Ari-Yangbaumiao: this is an ubuntu tech support channel02:00
BvLno typos, that way just huge blobs of incorrect information02:00
Ari-Yangfor off topic stuff join #ubuntu-offtopic02:00
BvLscipi0 i have a bash script that installs everything for me, other then conky i dont really mod ubuntu, sure you could but im happy02:00
BvLwith the defaults02:00
selektaso yeah this window lag is pretty bad. Think its a video driver issue? im doing sudo apt-get upgrade right now. That finds the newest drivers right?02:02
BvLselekta what card do you have?02:02
selektagod only knows, in this old thing.02:02
Ari-Yangselekta: upgrade upgrades ubuntu version02:02
Ari-Yangselekta: you probably wanted to do dist-upgrade02:03
selektaits a dell dimension b11002:03
Ari-Yang!dist-upgrade | selekta02:03
ubottuselekta: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.02:03
Ari-Yangselekta: what graphics card do you have?02:03
selektawhatever comes in the dell dimension b110 Ari-Yang02:03
BvLselekta could you do a lsmod and past http://paste.ubuntu.com02:03
selektaThis is some junk comp I got from a family member that I want to use as a media center02:04
selektabvl sure02:04
selektasudo apt-get upgrade is almost done then ill do that02:04
LjLAri-Yang, i want to assume you didn't look at the part where baumiao's website was porn-related and didn't send them to #ubuntu-offtopic thinking that would be appropriate there :\02:04
Ari-Yangno I did not click on that link :|02:04
Ari-YangLjL: all I knew is that he was linking off topic stuff so I suggested #ubuntu-offtopic to him02:05
setuidHow do I change the default gdm resolution? I googled and found a lot of shell based, xrandr hacks, but there has to be an easier way.02:05
setuidMine is starting at something like 2036x1500 or something, but when I log in, it's the correct 1400x900 res.02:05
anon12How do I concatenate mp4 files into a single video file?02:06
Ari-Yangselekta: what's the output of lspci | grep VGA ?02:06
=== LarrySteeze|Away is now known as LarrySteeze
selektasec, my terminal is working02:06
LjLAri-Yang: right, that's not quite how that's supposed to work. !offtopic isn't a catch-all for things that aren't ontopic for #ubuntu. i've seen that happen more and more recently, and just... no02:06
BvLselekta, yep, im fairly sure that is an onld laptop, so its possibly your graphics card thats slowing it down a bit02:06
selektaits a desktop actually02:06
selektabut yeah :/02:06
BvLoh desktop, i checked the specs i forgot google images02:07
selektathere isnt some sort of animation or whatever I can turn off?02:07
BvLare you on unity 2d?02:07
selektaim not sure02:07
selektait has the bar on the left02:08
BvL selekta, http://askubuntu.com/questions/62001/am-i-using-unity-or-unity-2d02:09
BvLselekta, 2d will be faster for you02:09
Ari-Yangselekta: oh it's intel02:10
BvLselekta, i used similar computers im my school with ubuntu 12.04, it should be ok02:10
selektaBvL, ahhh im on 3d02:10
selektawhere do i switch to 2d?02:10
Ari-Yangin the login box02:10
Ari-Yanglog out, you should see the ubuntu logo icon02:10
selektayou guys are so helpful. I cant thank you enough for all of this02:11
Ari-Yangclick it and you can switch there02:11
anon12How do I get unity to only use Unity 3d? (optimus graphics but xorg is on intel graphics, unity 3d works when booting from a live usb)02:11
Ari-Yangbe sure to join to give us feedback~02:11
selektasorry, im a noob. Been using linux for 10 years but I never got into how to actually do anything with it02:11
BvLselekta, most people learn form necessity02:11
selektaOh I joined long ago. Been coming to this channel for almost 10 years now :D02:12
selektaBvL, still waiting on this apt-get upgrade to finish02:12
BvLive forgot to close the window and when i came back it looked like there where people who i could help so i stayed02:12
selektawhat, today?!02:13
selektaI use windows and android primarily, but I will always have an ubuntu machine. They are reliable and the customer service and help in this channel are second to none02:14
BvLselekta yep lightdm is not working (installed by default), so upon booting i usually wont get the nice login screen i just had a blinking text courser on the top left. so since it could not be fixed by a had to go with gdm02:15
BvLnow "everything" work "perfectly"02:15
BvL(which means minor issues that i dont worry about)02:15
selektahaha nice02:15
selektaright yeah02:15
=== rehanog_ is now known as afasd
selektait looks like ill just have to unplug and replug this wireless card everytime but who cares02:16
selektamore exercise :D02:16
BvLselekta, for now that is02:16
BvLhopefully there will be official support for it in 14.0402:17
selektaI honestly dont think ill be upgrading this PC02:17
selektaIts old and I just need it to work. Doesnt need features or be pretty. Needs to play music and watch videos. Thats it haha02:17
selektamy laptop is where I have all my fun02:18
BvLmine are two week02:18
selektajust threw 4 more gigs of RAM in it to make 8. zoom!02:18
cfhowlettselekta, new LTS release (14.04) means the PERFECT time to upgrade the old box!  My 2009 Dell is looking pretty ragged so .. that new Dell M3800 is looking very sweet!02:18
BvLmy desktop is where i have all the power02:19
selektanothing compares to my phone though. Got a nexus 4 and a nexus 5.02:19
selektaWhat phone do you use?02:19
BvLdont have one ;(02:20
selektaa phone period or a smart phone?02:20
selektawhy not, you dont have a need for one?02:20
BvLi have voip, no cell, no smart02:21
selektaohhh okay02:21
selektahmm I have an old Droid RAZR laying around here somewhere...where do you live?02:21
BvLontario canada02:21
selektaIm from Rochester NY. Pretty close!02:21
BvLsame timezone!02:22
selektabout 3-4 hours from you most likely02:22
selektawell shit for all your help let me see if I can track down that droid razr to send to you. I havent a clue as to where it is but ill find it02:22
* ianorlin doesn't want a smartphone02:23
selektaianorlin, how come?02:23
BvLi think im going to rewrite the setup wireless guide02:24
mujeedoes anyone have tried cmake 2.8.9 or later version in ubuntu 12.04.3 64 bits02:25
=== parduse is now known as pardusf
BvLthe reason for the rewrite is that may work for other "windows only" wireless usb dongles, and a good reference, encase anyone else asks me about a similar issue02:27
BvLi have a guide to install ubuntu on a MacBook 2,1 (2008 that should be 2008 model i thing)02:27
BvLand the audio is balanced!02:28
BvLmy old macbook is the main reason i knew how to do most of the steps you had to go through02:29
cfhowlett /join #ubuntu-offtopic02:29
Guest12528My screen resolution is set too high. Once lightdm loads I lose picture. How do I fix this?02:29
wlightningis there a way to reset my file manager settings.. ever since I edited my bookmarks it crashes as soon as I try and load it up02:30
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.02:31
BvLwlightning use terminal and type "gedit ~/.gtk-bookmarks"02:35
cfhowlettjordan, anyone what?02:36
BvLJordanJ2 can you re state you issue02:36
ghsI'm trying upgrade my system, however is with following error: http://ideone.com/lJTxZK The solution should be apt-get dist-upgrade. But, this command is secure ?02:36
cfhowlettghs, yes it happens sometimes02:36
MplayerProbshello everyone, can anyone help me find out how to resolve an issue with rtsp through mplayer?  When I upgraded to saucy vlc will no longer play rtsp streaming media so I'm trying mplayer and it has 04 errors Server returned 404: Not Found No stream found to handle url rtsp://02:37
wlightningBvL, hmm...shoot... even removing that file... it still crashes as soon as it starts02:37
cfhowlettghs, usually means more work somewhere needs to be done before those can be installed02:37
shroomdukewhat was that off-topic channel?02:37
cfhowlettghs, if it still appears in a  few days, consider a bug search, but in my experience, wait ...02:37
ubottushroomduke,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:37
ghscfhowlett: So, Can I use the apt-get dist-upgrade ?02:38
cfhowlettghs, yes you can.02:38
ghscfhowlett: thank you!02:39
cfhowlettshroomduke, you mean ...   /join #ubuntu-offtopic02:39
cfhowlettghs, go forth, have fun, be safe.02:39
BvLwlightning could you type nautilus into the terminal and put the output in http://paste.ubuntu.com02:39
Guest12528the instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution  for XFCE is blank. no info on what to do if you screen res is too high.02:39
MplayerProbshello everyone, can anyone help me find out how to resolve an issue with rtsp through mplayer?  When I upgraded to saucy vlc will no longer play rtsp streaming media so I'm trying mplayer and it has 04 errors Server returned 404: Not Found No stream found to handle url rtsp://02:40
wlightningBvL, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397433/02:40
MplayerProbsanyone here with vlc/mplayer expertise?02:42
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.02:42
MplayerProbsI'm sorry ianorlin I have asked a couple of itmes and no response.  Perhaps Im not framing it clearly :)02:43
zykotick9MplayerProbs: is it possible to share the link, or do you have another example of an rtsp link handy?02:44
MplayerProbszykotick9: absolutely, ill provide the pastebin of my vlc output and mplayer output... THANKS!02:44
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:44
MplayerProbsthat's the full mplayer link attempt and output... fyi I did the ip6/lirc disable on mplayer02:45
MplayerProbsI am only using mplayer because vlc stopped02:45
MplayerProbshere's that pastebin02:45
BvLwlightning, sorry i dont know how to help with this issue02:45
zykotick9MplayerProbs: ;)  sorry i don't go to pastebin.com (in future i'd use something with less ads for people paste.ubuntu.com for example) but it doesn't matter, i found an example.  i can play rtsp on my free (as in freedom mplayer) from rtsp:// can you?02:46
MplayerProbsactually ill paste the vlc link http://pastebin.com/LdXVE3Dw02:46
wlightningBvL, Thanks for trying =) I may just reset my home folder... been seeing a lot of similar issues with my settings since the upgrade.02:47
MplayerProbsill paste to paste.ubuntu.com02:47
zykotick9MplayerProbs: ya, and i just explained - i don't see it!  'cause i don't go there...02:47
MplayerProbsno problem sorry02:47
BvLwlightning ive found something similar at https://answers.launchpad.net/nautilus-terminal/+question/232761 im still reading02:47
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
MplayerProbszykotick9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397453/02:48
zykotick9MplayerProbs: but try running "mplayer rtsp://" and let me know if it works02:48
MplayerProbsI'll try that link you posted02:48
BvL wlightning maybe #1202:49
Guest12528does it work if you change to mms://02:49
BvLwlightning then #1302:49
MplayerProbsdidn't work02:49
wlightningk, sec.. .I'll pull the plugins02:50
MplayerProbsmismatching header02:50
Guest12528seriously. where do i go to change the screen resolution in BASH?02:50
zykotick9MplayerProbs: i get the error "Failed to initiate "audio/X-ASF-PF" RTP subsession" when trying to connect to yours... and some other "junk"... i have no real suggestions, try installing codecs i guess (fyi vlc dones' use 3rd party codecs, but mplayer does)02:50
MplayerProbsIm happy to use either, just weird that it stopped @ saucy and worked with 13.0402:51
MplayerProbsjust cant' get either to work02:51
MplayerProbsis there a workaround to the 404 error in mplayer?02:51
MplayerProbsi see you mentioning codecs02:51
zykotick9MplayerProbs: i don't get a 404...02:52
MplayerProbsi installed ubuntu-restricted-extras which was sufficient previously02:52
wlightningBvL, no such dir as ~/.local/share/nautilus-python02:52
wlightningBvL, oh... dropbox is installed via package02:53
MplayerProbswell I appreciate your attempt to help, zykotick902:53
zykotick9MplayerProbs: sorry, i gots nothin' to suggest...  best of luck.02:53
MplayerProbsyou tried, i appreciate it02:54
wlightningBvL, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397482/ same without extension02:54
MplayerProbshave some questions if anyone can please help - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397453/ it's in trying to get an rtsp stream (.wma) that was easily working in 13.04 but no longer works in 13.1002:55
wlightningBvL, little nervous operating without my dropbox tho lol02:56
MplayerProbshave some questions if anyone can please help - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397453/ it's in trying to get an rtsp stream (.wma) that was easily working in 13.04 but no longer works in 13.10 I've tried mplayer, totem, vlc and have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed02:57
shroomdukeI have 13.10 and it works in vlc for me03:01
MplayerProbshave some questions if anyone can please help - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397453/ it's in trying to get an rtsp stream (.wma) that was easily working in 13.04 but no longer works in 13.10 I've tried mplayer, totem, vlc and have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed03:01
zykotick9MplayerProbs: it pains me a bit to suggest this... but you could try the mediubuntu repo they've got some codecs that are non-free - see "/msg ubottu medibuntu" for the link.  good luck.  my personal irc-vrms alarm is going off ;)03:01
shroomdukesudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:03
MplayerProbszykotick9: im sure you know already that repo is abandoned03:03
MplayerProbsshroomduke: i already di dthat but thank you03:04
MplayerProbszykotick9: it's unmaintained and offline03:04
zykotick9MplayerProbs: actually, i didn't.  sorry.  thanks!  i'll remember that.  RIP medibuntu03:04
MplayerProbsno problem - again thankful for the help... learned about vrsm03:04
MplayerProbsi've googled this pretty thoroughly03:05
MplayerProbswould hate to reinstall 13.1 as I've done uber package installs and haven't learned how to back that piece up03:05
MplayerProbshave some questions if anyone can please help - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397453/ it's in trying to get an rtsp stream (.wma) that was easily working in 13.04 but no longer works in 13.10 I've tried mplayer, totem, vlc and have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed03:07
atari911i always make an image of my disk before i do any dist upgrade03:07
MplayerProbsatari911: do you know how to make an install list ala ninite?  that way you do fresh installs of all of your software?03:08
zykotick9atari911: i'd suggest you avoid using the term dist-upgrade for anything... it's one of the most misunderstood commands in APT-world.  see "/msg ubottu dist-upgrade" for what it means... fyi, it's NOT to upgrade to a new release...03:09
BvLMplayerProbs dont know but vlc may not be able to handle wma streams03:09
zykotick9!clone | MplayerProbs03:09
ubottuMplayerProbs: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate03:09
wilee-nileeatari911, what do you use to image the disc?03:09
atari911i always just restore from my file based back to a fresh install and all the packages are installed that way03:09
zykotick9lol, i have NO idea what apt-clone is!!!03:09
atari911unless its a upgrade03:10
MplayerProbsBvL: it has actually up through 13.04 for me03:10
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html - See also !cloning03:10
BvLok, my desktop is 12.04 thanks03:10
zykotick9"apt-cache show apt-clone" neat, a tool has been hidding from me!03:10
atari911for me its laptop so i just pull the drive and usb it to my desktop03:12
atari911boot from the disk and clone it to a directory03:12
MplayerProbshave some questions if anyone can please help - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6397453/ it's in trying to get an rtsp stream (.wma) that was easily working in 13.04 but no longer works in 13.10 I've tried mplayer, totem, vlc and have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed03:12
=== gvg is now known as _Anna
zykotick9MplayerProbs: you're asking too frequently.  wait 1/2 hour between asking, you need differnet people at their keyboards...03:13
MplayerProbszykotick9: thanks, duly noted :)03:13
MplayerProbsimpatience at it's finest03:14
zykotick9!patience | MplayerProbs the official answer ;)03:14
ubottuMplayerProbs the official answer ;): Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/03:14
atari911@MplayerProbs i tried to run it through the link to VLC and get a bunch of "Broken packet detected" errors03:14
MplayerProbsatari911: that's exactly what I get - has started since i upgraded to 13.1003:15
wlightningBvL, reset my home dir and backed up the old one... Nautalis is working nicely now =)03:15
MplayerProbsalways worked <13.10 and works on other OS's03:15
MplayerProbsfolks on forum mentioned using mplayer, and as seen in the paste that produces 404 errors in mplayer03:16
BvLdoes 13.04 have the nightly ppa?03:16
MplayerProbsI can hop on my wife's win machine and listen now03:16
MplayerProbsI don't think it does, but i did install the nightly and that's when I started having the issue03:16
MplayerProbsso i apt-get purged and reinstalled the ubuntu repo03:16
raghuI cant login as administrater after using the command sudo apt-get perge compiz to update the compiz its giving error that internal error in the ubuntu12.04 I am the new user for linux os I am using the linux from the past 1year but I am not having the hold of it so please guidme that how to get out form My problem03:18
atari911yea im running on 13.1003:19
BvLMplayerProbs yep my cant play ether03:19
gr33n7007hMplayerProbs, this works on mplayer on my system changing it to -> mms://stream.blueletterbible.org/courson_jon/Gen/W3001.wma03:20
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I compress my data with most compression rate possible? (Which program compresses the data mostly?)03:20
Random833i'm bored03:20
Random833oops wrong channel03:21
Guest12528mojtaba,  7zip works great for me03:21
mojtabaIs this the most powerful one?03:21
mojtabaI am interested in text based ones.03:22
Guest12528Can anyone help me? My screen resolution is set too high in XFCE.  What do I do?03:22
cfhowlettpaulmonochrome, greetings03:22
BvLGuest12528, can you login?03:22
Guest12528BvL, i can log into bash if i boot the system without a screen attached03:23
Guest12528then attach it and do whatever in CLI. i just don't know what to do03:23
BvLwhat video card do you have?03:24
Guest12528its a Radeon HD420003:24
Guest12528x.org driver03:24
MplayerProbsgr33n7007h: YOU ROCK03:24
raghu_I cant login as administrater after using the command sudo apt-get perge compiz to update the compiz its giving error that internal error in the ubuntu12.04 I am the new user for linux os I am using the linux from the past 1year but I am not having the hold of it so please guidme that how to get out form My problem03:25
MplayerProbsgr33n7007h: for president!  :oD thank you soooooo much03:25
paulmonochromeWho can talk with me about new kind of Ubuntu distribution?03:25
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I compress my data with most compression rate possible? (Which program compresses the data mostly?)03:25
BvLGuest12528 terminal xrandr what do you get03:25
cfhowlett!ubuntu|paulmonochrome, new kind?03:26
ubottupaulmonochrome, new kind?: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:26
Guest12528BvL,  "Can't open display"03:26
BvLis tty also screwed when there is a display attached?03:26
Guest12528i can see tty properly03:26
BvLctrl alt f1 - f603:26
paulmonochromeubottu, i mean its like Ubuntu Studio or Edubuntu03:27
ubottupaulmonochrome: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:27
Guest12528yeah i can see stuff and switch around03:27
Guest12528i just cant startx or the monitor goes "out of range"03:27
cfhowlett!ot|paulmonochrome, bring it to offtopic and I'll try03:28
ubottupaulmonochrome, bring it to offtopic and I'll try: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:28
cfhowlettpaulmonochrome, or PM03:28
Guest12528i looked in /etc/X11/ but there is no xorg.cong file03:29
BvLGuest12528, ok monitor out of range with x, in that case what is the resolution of the monitor and its fps03:29
Guest12528BvL,  its 1024x768 i think it's 60Hrz03:29
raghu_I under stand the channel topic  I accept all the terms03:30
Guest12528raghu_, Maybe try  pressing CTRL + Alt + F1, then type sudo apt-get install compiz03:31
raghu_ok I will try and comeback03:32
raghu_I tried it shows that allready installed the new compiz vertion03:33
BvLGuest12528 maybe try http://askubuntu.com/questions/226758/screen-resolution-of-a-command-line-terminal as a temporary fix03:35
BvLadjust screen res t match03:35
Guest12528why were you purging the compiz config? the system sounds kinda bwoken to me. might want to re-install03:35
BvLi will step away for a a sec03:36
=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
raghu_because it giving the error message that having some internall problem with compiz03:36
zykotick9MplayerProbs: mind if i PM you?03:39
MplayerProbszykotick9: sure03:39
N|onDell320I'm installing Linex from Windows-wish me luck!03:42
zykotick9<OT> for all your truck bed lining needs http://www.linex.com/ just joking, when i see that on trucks i always think linux03:44
cfhowlettg0to, greetings03:47
g0toafter connecting a HDMI to my laptop, my machine froze03:48
g0toafter that, it freezes every time I log in03:48
g0toI'm blackout. Using ircii from tty03:49
g0toany ideas on what could be happening?03:49
ianorlindoes ~/.xseisson-errors give anything?03:50
g0toianorlin, openConnection: connect: No such file or directory03:52
g0toianorlin, cannot connect to brltty at 0:03:53
g0toianorlin, Script for tjkv started at run_im03:53
stormchaser3000i yet again need hel03:54
g0toianorlin, Script for default started at run_im03:54
Guest12528i cant seem to find any of the xorg config files03:58
wilee-nileeGuest12528, It is not there unless you build or a script makes it03:59
Guest12528/etc/X11 doesnt have xorg.config, /usr/share/X11 doesnt have anything relating to the video, and im not seeing a monitors.xml in /home/user/.config03:59
Guest12528so how to i fix my screen resolution?03:59
gr33n7007hGuest12528, can you pastebin the output of `xrandr`04:05
Guest12528i dont need to. the output is "Can't open display"04:06
stormchaser3000um hi04:06
stormchaser3000can i hav some help04:06
Guest12528i broke the scrren on my laptop so i replaced it with an external LCD temporarily. it only supports 1024x76804:06
stormchaser3000i am trying to istall gcc04:07
stormchaser3000and i don't know how to overide the old version o have04:07
Guest12528open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install gcc" or open Softwre Center and search gcc?04:07
BvLdid you install ATI drivers?04:20
BvLATI drivers will make a xorg should make a xorg config file04:20
BvLGuest12528 ^04:21
Guest12528i somehow broke grub booting from a live USB. im just gonna re-install04:26
Guest12528thanks BvL04:26
Guerrillalearn to linux04:27
Guest12528im trying but the documentation is so scant.    the pages explain stuff like i already understand it04:28
Jordan_UGuest12528: What happens when you try to boot?04:28
Guerrillawell, i tell you guys what04:29
Guerrillai hope Braden is okay04:29
Guerrillain the phillipines04:29
Guest12528i got a grub rescu prompt. reboot tied again, got it again, so im booting from live USB now04:29
Jordan_UGuest12528: Do you have more than one hard drive?04:29
Guest12528it's a laptop04:30
Guest12528just 1 space for a HDD04:30
BvLso we could assume only one harddrive04:30
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
BvLnow if it was a macbook i could help with grub :(04:31
BvLive never worked on recovering/fixing bios grubs04:32
Guest12528nah at this point i could have just re-installed and been back up and running04:32
Guest12528rename /home, delete everything else, re-install, update, run a batch script that installs my apps, done04:33
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
BvLits a good idea to have the home partition separate from the os if thats a option04:34
BvLits just cleaner04:34
BvLalso you shouldnt need to rename home, you should just enter the same username and password during the installation process04:35
ewiggHi. I have two packages that conflict but in reality they can be installed at the same time. Can I override the conflict somehow?04:36
cfhowlettewigg, do you work at Black Mesa?04:37
j2bv16aperture pay more04:38
cfhowlettLOL ... okay back to tech support.04:38
pawan_how to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.1004:41
ianorlinyou have to do each realase one by one04:41
cfhowlettpawan_, 12.04 to 12.10 to 13.04 to 13.10 OR04:41
cfhowlettclean install to 13.1004:41
pawan_how to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.1004:41
cfhowlettpawan_, read above.  READ ABOVE!04:43
BvLpawan_ once sec04:44
BvLstarting up a 12.04 vm04:44
=== Toad_ is now known as ubuntu_newbie
j2bv16Mi ubicación: San Francisco de Macorís, República Dominicana04:46
BvLpawan_ open the update manager04:46
pawan_opened it04:47
BvLbottom left - settings04:47
BvLcentre tab - updates04:47
BvLlast line notify me of new ubuntu version: for any newer04:48
BvLclose and check for updates04:48
BvLif memory serves that should start the version upgrade process04:48
pawan_now it giving 12.10 to upgrade04:48
pawan_but i want 13.1004:49
cfhowlettpawan_, torrent 13.10.  install.  done.04:49
pawan_i dont want clean install04:49
pawan_i want to upgrade existing version04:49
ianorlinthen you will have to do 1 by 104:50
BvLi dont think you can jump straight to 13.10 form 12.04, the easiest way to update at this point is do dowload the iso and install it04:50
BvLpawan_ ^04:50
pawan_is 12.10 lts04:50
Jordan_Upawan_: No.04:51
cfhowlettpawan_, 12.10 is NOT lts04:51
BvLno only 12.04 is LTS and 14.04 will be lts04:51
Jordan_Upawan_: Also no.04:51
cfhowlettpawan_, 12.04 is current LTS, 14.04 is the next LTS04:51
pawan_so should i stick to 12.04 lts only04:51
pawan_and not upgrade04:51
BvLits up to you, i use both currently04:52
pawan_difference between lts and non lts version04:52
BvLLTS get update for a longer time04:52
BvLand is supposed to be more stable04:52
BvLbut non LTS are also stable04:53
Toad_evening all04:53
cfhowlettpawan_, LTS has at least 2 years support.  NON-lts = 9 months support.  choose04:54
Toad_are there any parallel port experts available to help a newbie?04:54
j2bv16Of course Toad_04:56
BvLToad_, im not even a parallel port newbie just tell us what you need and maybe someone can help04:56
Toad_I am trying to get a dual parallel port card using the MCS9865 chipset to work with LinuxCNC and I'm pulling my hair out.04:57
BvLToad_ how far did you get?05:00
elementary-site7Hello upon booting I'm stuck at  stopping system v compatibility05:01
Psil0Cybinhey guys i have a problem i upgraded my kernal and i got a black screen every time i boot, so i typed nomodeset and it worked but when i set it to make it permement using sudo nano /etc/default/grub it did not work and everytime i boot i either get a console or a black screen05:01
Psil0Cybinhow can i fix this05:01
Psil0Cybinprior to updating the kernal everything was working fine05:01
Psil0CybinLinux stashb0x 3.2.0-55-generic-pae #85-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 2 14:03:15 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux05:02
Toad_the card is installed.  I've tried following the install  "modprobe parport_pc io=0x1000,0xdd00 irq=11" and that errors out.05:02
BvLPsil0Cybin do you get a grub menu when you boot05:03
Psil0Cybinthats how im using my comp now previous linux versions05:03
Psil0Cybinusing the old kernal05:03
glitsj16Psil0Cybin: you did 'sudo update-grub' after editing /etc/default/grub yes? just ruling out the obvious...05:03
greyhatpythonhi i am using live usb of ubuntu 13.10 and mounted hard disk of the system but i was not able to copy paste files, so i tried gksudo nautilus and the gksudo not available. Please help.05:03
Psil0Cybinglitsj16: i did :S05:04
Toad_Where can I find the FAQ.  I'll read through that BvL05:04
BvLToad_ FAQ for?05:05
Toad_I'm really new to ubuntu.  some unix experience, LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG time pc user.05:05
BvLToad_ thas fine, im new to parallel (last used a parallel port maybe 2006)05:06
Toad_well, I need the dual port card for the LinuxCNC program.05:07
exostevenBvL, you around?05:07
ptuladhar@greyhatpython Probably, because your hard disk is mounted in read-only mode. Run `mount'05:07
BvLexosteven yes05:08
cfhowlettToad_, sounds like a #linux issue or linuxcnc issue.  Pretty esoteric for this channel, unfortunately05:08
Toad_thanks, I'm outa here.05:08
Psil0Cybinits set to this05:09
Psil0CybinGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"05:09
exostevenBvL, It's me Selekta. I was wondering if you could help me update my video driver or something. I go to stream video in chromium on this thing and its really choppy and laggy. The switch to unity 2d did WONDERS for my window moving speed though, thank you!05:09
Psil0Cybinfor my permanent setting05:09
Psil0Cybinin the grub menu05:09
Psil0Cybinso i am confused05:09
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:09
Psil0Cybinafter i did sudo upgrade-grub05:09
BvLexosteven is this for the laptop or desktop05:11
exosteventhe crappy desktop05:11
exostevenwhen it was running windows, video streaming and playback was smooth, so I figured it would be here. I just dont think my graphics driver is up to snuff or something along those lines05:11
exostevenBvL, ^05:12
BvLPsil0Cybin nomodeset is a temporary fix - gave me crappy video05:14
BvLbut gets you to the desktop05:14
Psil0Cybinthats wierd it works for me perfectly fine05:14
Psil0Cybini still get transparency and all05:14
Psil0Cybinjust after i set it to be perm it did not work05:14
Psil0Cybinwhat can i do if i upgraded my kernal and am getting a blackscreen like i have to use previous linux versions to boot in05:15
BvLexosteven, dash > additional drivers05:15
exostevenBvL, eh?05:15
vanquish27Xen or KVM?05:15
exostevenBvL, im in there05:15
BvLdo you see any available drivers?05:16
exostevenits searching right now05:16
cfhowlettPsil0Cybin, use the previous version then ?05:16
Psil0Cybin..cfhowlett but what happends if the newer kernal after this one also does not work?05:17
Psil0Cybini am just not fixing my issue and hoping that it gets fixed05:17
exostevenBvL, it says no proprietary drivers are in use on this system05:17
Psil0Cybini am worried that it will stay like this...05:17
Psil0Cybini would prefer to use the new kernal .. is that not a good move?05:17
cfhowlettPsil0Cybin, you keep the old versions because new kernels frequently do exactly what you have experienced.05:18
Psil0Cybinoh but does that not leave my machine out dated?05:18
=== siva is now known as Guest56472
cfhowlettPsil0Cybin, no not outdated.  you can use older kernels without penalty.05:18
Psil0Cybinoh really? i kind athought a kernal being outdated is a security flaw? or a bad idea...05:18
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: Was this a normal kernel update, or from a special PPA / compiled yourself?05:18
Psil0Cybinthats kind of how i looked at it up to now..05:19
Psil0Cybinnope normal kernal update...which is why im confused05:19
CiSensehi, can i keep 13.04 and install 13.10 in a separate partition and use grub to select at boot?05:19
Psil0Cybinall i did was use sudo dist-upgrade05:19
BvLexosteven do you see a list of drivers like here http://i.stack.imgur.com/3LT2o.png05:19
BvLsome gray bubbles05:19
exostevenno sir05:19
cfhowlettPsil0Cybin, ask someone smarter than me the cost/benefit of new kernel use.05:19
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: You should definitly try to stay up to date.05:19
greyhatpythonhi i am using live usb of ubuntu 13.10 and mounted hard disk of the system but i was not able to copy paste files, so i tried gksudo nautilus and the gksudo not available. Please help.05:19
Psil0Cybinwell I am trying :P Jordan_U05:19
Psil0Cybini just cant figure this one out05:19
Psil0Cybini posted on the forums mean while.05:20
exostevenive installed restricted extras and did sudo apt-get update and upgrade05:20
Jordan_Ugreyhatpython: What do you mean by "and the gksudo not available."?05:20
greyhatpythongksudo was not pre-installed in ubuntu 13.1005:20
greyhatpythonhow can i get root privilages with ubuntu live?05:21
Jordan_Ugreyhatpython: What is the output of "gksudo whoami" at a terminal?05:22
greyhatpythongksu is not installed05:22
Psil0Cybingah anyone else perhaps have an idea what i can do when you upgrade your kernal and get a blackscreen and have tried using nomodeset05:23
Psil0Cybinperhaps ill try entering it manually again and seeing what will happen05:23
BvLJordan_U, sudo apt-get install gksu05:23
Jordan_Ugreyhatpython: Please pastebin the exact output.05:23
greyhatpythonI don't have internet on that system05:23
greyhatpythonThe problem is simple i don't internet on that system and i want to copy a file from that system to my pendrive.05:24
Jordan_Ugreyhatpython: You can use sudo and cp from the terminal to copy files.05:24
sozuHi, anybody know why Conky disappear? Using some scripts on the desktop, but if I change to internet browser and then back again to desktop (ctrl+super+d), the conky scripts are gone again, and need to be re-launched by terminal or command to make it get back.05:25
greyhatpython<Jordan_U> so i can't use GUI?05:26
Jordan_Ugreyhatpython: You can also use just "sudo nautilus", but realize that it is *not* something you should do normally and can cause problems the next time you log in, but that's not too much of a concern since this is just a live environment, and will be gone once you reboot.05:27
greyhatpythonI tried sudo nautilus and it didn't gave copy or paste option!05:27
Psil0Cybin hey guys anyone know what i can do if i upgraded my kernal and am getting a blackscreen every time i boot??05:32
Psil0Cybinit shows the ubuntu splash screen05:32
Psil0Cybinthen goes black when it supposed to show the login screen05:32
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: Please pastebin the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log.05:33
Psil0Cybini am booted in using a previous linux kernal atm05:35
Psil0Cybinso i hope it helps regardless05:35
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: Are there other /var/log/Xorg.N.log files?05:37
vanquish27Everyone seems to be enjoying CentOS 605:39
vanquish27might have to run another VM and try it out over 5.1005:39
Psil0CybinJordan_U i will look05:40
sandGorgonI want to file a bug on the ubuntu kernel build config - can someone tell me which project to file it under ?05:40
Psil0Cybini posted this mean while05:40
=== chris__0076 is now known as Chris_0076
Psil0CybinJordan_U how about this05:43
Psil0Cybinfrom Xorg failsafe.05:43
Psil0Cybin[    33.002] (EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration.05:43
Psil0Cybin[    33.002]05:43
Psil0CybinFatal server error:05:43
Psil0Cybin[    33.002] no screens found05:43
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:44
Gorrothdoes anyone here know how to turn off X in ubuntu 13.10?05:46
Gorrothi need it off temporariliy so i can run X -configure05:46
ubottuPsil0Cybin,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:47
Gorrothoh, figured it out05:47
Gorrothhave to turn off lightdm05:47
Jordan_UGorroth: Wait.05:48
Jordan_UGorroth: Why are you trying to install Nvidia drivers manually rather than through Additional Drivers?05:48
Psil0CybinJordan_U: read what i wrote u05:50
Psil0Cybinsigh k05:54
Psil0Cybingah anyone else perhaps have an idea what i can do when you upgrade your kernal and get a blackscreen and have tried using nomodeset05:55
misterliHello. Im very happy to use Ubuntu in replacement of Windows 8.1 but.. after ~1-2 hours the laptop turns off because of overheathing. I used the default drivers for the graphic card. What may be the reason? its on a cooler-platform05:55
saliakI'm trying to configure pptpd so I can connect to my home network and play shares from iTunes.  This requires that multicast packets be broadcast over the VPN.  Anyone have luck setting that up?05:55
cdrkeencan anyone recommend a cheap laptop that will run steam decently?05:56
pixiebitYou know how Ubuntu has driver support? How do I mimic that for Debian?05:58
scipi0hi. I just added the sources "ppa:alexeftimie/ppa" and"ppa:kilian/f.lux" and now my computer takes an hour to read from package lists. I would get rid of it but the system source program crashes whenever I edit the system sources. Thanks!05:58
cfhowlettscipi0, gksudo edit /etc/apt/sources.list06:00
cfhowlettscipi0, not as pretty as the gui, but it'll get the job done.  rather than remove sources, you might want to just comment them out with #06:00
GorrothJordan_U: what?06:01
cfhowlettscipi0, sudo not gksudo ... sorry.06:01
zykotick9scipi0: note, PPAs aren't usually in sources.list file, but the source.list.d directory i believe06:01
scipi0Error: no "edit" mailcap rules found for type "application/octet-stream"06:02
scipi0It's not working :(.06:02
cfhowlettscipi0, dang I REALLY need to get lunch.  sudo gedit06:02
loki5103hello all06:02
cfhowlettloki5103, greetings06:02
zykotick9cfhowlett: gksudo gedit.... scipi006:02
cfhowlettzykotick9, thanks, man.  long morning06:03
loki5103i am new to using linux and could use some help installing a print06:03
cfhowlettloki5103, details06:03
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu06:03
scipi0I edited them out... and its still slow06:03
cfhowlettscipi0, did you localize your sources?  i.e. use a local mirror, not the ubuntu main06:04
misterliis there any way that the wrong graphicdrivers causes the overheathing?06:04
loki5103i am running 13.10 and am connected via usb to a brother hl2280dw06:04
scipi0cfhowlett: yes uc davis06:04
cfhowlettscipi0, could just be a slow uc davis connection ...06:04
loki5103ive tried downloading the rpm packages through brother but no joy06:04
Psil0CybinHey guys can someone help me im having a problem i upgraded my kernal and am getting a blackscreen i posted my Xorg error log problem here06:05
scipi0what do you recommend for socal, cfhowlett06:05
Psil0Cybinit seems that the graphic driver is not found...or no screens found06:05
cfhowlettscipi0, dude.  I'm in Beijing.  but if you run the software sources settings utility, you can test for the best connection.06:05
SPEEDWAVEis there ubuntu data recovery or reset factory ultilities?06:06
NotreDevwhat's happening on the back half of this command? `curl http://beyondgrep.com/ack-2.10-single-file > ~/bin/ack && chmod 0755 !#:3`06:06
Psil0CybinJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/SBKzMTtj06:06
NotreDevspecifically what does !#:3 mean?06:07
BvLloki5103, i have a HL-2270DW ill see how much i can help06:11
BvLare you on ubuntu x64 or x3206:11
cfhowlettSPEEDWAVE, as far as resetting to factory defaults, create a new user and switch to that account.06:14
loki5103bvl that would be great06:15
loki5103im still really new at using linux and am still getting used to the terminal and various functions.   i seem to have a handle on it but the printer installation seems to be escaping me06:16
BvLloki5103 http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public/us/us_ot/en/dlf/download_index.html?reg=us&c=us_ot&lang=en&prod=hl2280dw_us&dlid=&flang=English&os=128&type2=-106:17
misterlioh. There  is amd ccc out for my graphic card (13.25.18). Should this used in replace to the ubuntus open source driver?06:18
Jordan_Uloki5103: What was the first thing you tried to get the printer working?06:18
BvLthese are deb packages06:18
loki5103i ran the lpr and cups deb packages bc im running ubuntu 13.1006:18
BvLok, its connected by usb06:19
BvLalso ubuntu version plz, and x64 ir x3206:19
loki5103now it is...before it was networked06:19
loki510313.10 x6406:19
BvLthanks, HL-2270DW only has x32 dirvers, but yours looks like it has x6406:20
BvLso it should be more simple to setup06:20
BvLits a multi function?06:20
BvLor just duplex printer06:20
loki5103laser with copier06:20
loki5103should be similar to yours06:21
BvLyes mine is duplex only06:21
BvLok, to get the printing working06:21
BvLdash > type "printers"06:22
Jordan_Uloki5103: What do you mean by "ran the lpr and cups deb pacakges"? What did you actually do?06:24
Jordan_Uloki5103: Did you ever try just adding the printer via the "Printers" section of gnome-control-center?06:26
existensilSo, I installed some updates and a few new packages (mysql-server, redis-server, build-essential, and some other dev/command line stuff) and after restarting I can't get to unity. I just get a black screen.06:28
existensilAnyone have any ideas for why that might be? the login screen works fine06:28
existensilI thought maybe it could be my users config so I used adduser to add another user, and that user gets a black screen too upon login06:28
existensilmouse is still present but no UI06:28
existensilnot seeing anyting obvious in various /var/log entries i've cat'ed06:29
existensilbut i might not be looking in the right place06:29
Psil0Cybinhey guys how can i diganose a blackscreen after a kernal upgrade06:31
Psil0Cybini tried nomodeset and it does not work06:31
Psil0Cybinwhat can i attempt next06:31
dannymichelis it normal for no changes when changing hinting on fonts in gimp http://d.pr/v/2Bsc ?06:32
existensilPsil0Cybin: I am having the same trouble. What is nomodeset?06:33
Psil0Cybinexistensil: are you using an ascer aspire one by any chance06:33
Psil0Cybinnomodeset is a peramiter you can use on boot it helps fix some problems06:33
Psil0Cybinwith blackscreens06:33
pneftalihi guys - i have accidentally executed this command: mv /* ../my-new-folder06:33
Psil0Cybinso try restarting now06:33
Psil0Cybinhit E06:33
Psil0Cybinand type nomodset and ctrl+x06:33
Psil0Cybinon the kernal image06:33
existensilah, i'll give that a try. might also try previous kernel06:34
Psil0Cybinexistensil: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313206:34
pneftaliis there a way to undo it ?06:34
Psil0Cybinim using a previous kernal existensil06:34
Psil0Cybinbut im rying to get the new ojne working06:34
pneftalibasically all system files have been moved to a different folder06:34
pneftaliis there a way to put them back to / ?06:35
BuntuFuntuMaybe use the mv command to move them back from new folder back to /?06:36
pneftaliBuntuFuntu: i'm in the folder right now but can;t execute 'mv' command from here06:38
pneftalior any system command06:38
pneftalicp, rm06:38
BuntuFuntuHmm I don't know what I'd do then except reinstall Ubuntu.06:39
geirhabin/mv */ /06:39
BuntuFuntuWhat geirha said.06:39
geirhaassuming you've cd-ed into my-new-folder06:39
pneftaligeirha: where should I execute that command ?06:39
pneftaliah ok leme try06:40
Psil0Cybinif i cannot fix this problem06:40
pneftaliso this will move the bin folder back to / right ?06:40
Psil0Cybinim thinking of removing the newest kernal06:40
Psil0Cybini cant figure out why im getting this black screen >.<06:40
Jordan_Upneftali: cd my-new-folder && sudo bin/mv */ /06:42
pneftalii just tried06:42
pneftalibin/mv says no folder06:42
Jordan_Upneftali: Are you sure that you cd-ed into the directory first? Also, where possible, please try to give exact error messages.06:43
Psil0Cybinhaving problem with new kernal upgrade blackscreen06:45
=== Punna is now known as Pwnna
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: can you post you dmesg06:46
svectormy ubuntu 13 hp pavilion gives me No Signal on an external monitor06:47
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: here is my Xorg Error06:47
Psil0Cybinand ill post my dmesg06:47
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: you also don't need nomodeset for that gpu06:47
svectorI have confirmed that the cable and monitor are working fine06:47
Psil0Cybindmesg hitsujiTMO06:48
gr33n7007h Psil0Cybin, try changing nomodeset with vesafb.nonsense=106:48
svectorcould it be from the OS or missing drivers06:48
Psil0Cybinim going to write that down and try it06:49
Psil0Cybinone second06:49
Psil0Cybinso instead of nomodeset do vesafb.nonsense=106:50
Psil0Cybingive me four minutes06:50
Jordan_Upneftali: Are  you still there?06:50
Psil0Cybintrying it now06:50
pneftaliJordan_U: Yes, still here. And yes, i cd-ed to the new directory first06:52
carmeliahi all, what is the equivalent of updatedb in ubuntu?06:54
Jordan_Upneftali: What is the exact path to this new directory?06:54
pneftaliJordan_U: /home/new-directory06:54
carmeliafound it thx06:55
Jordan_Upneftali: It's literrally called "new-directory"?06:56
pneftaliJordan_U: No. It's name of site with uuid at the end.06:57
Jordan_Ucarmelia: updatedb06:57
Psil0Cybini think you are a god bro :P06:57
Psil0Cybini think that command work flawlessly.06:57
Psil0Cybin3.2.0-56-generic-pae !! skys are blue!!06:58
Jordan_Upneftali: OK, are you just not using the actual name because it's long to type?06:58
gr33n7007hPsil0Cybin, it was worth a shot!06:58
geirhapneftali: does  echo [b]in/mv   output  bin/mv ?06:58
* Psil0Cybin sings sunshine lollypops and rainbows....yadda yadda06:58
pneftaliJordan_U: Not gonna publicly type here the name of the site for security reasons :)06:59
Psil0Cybinokay now guys sort of a silly question, but might as well ask it and learn it how do i remove the REALLY REALLY old kernels that are piling up on my install :) just to make my computer06:59
Psil0Cybinboot super fast.06:59
Psil0Cybinwould i do it with synap package manager?07:00
pneftaligeirha: echoing mv outputs no command found07:00
fahadashI installed xubuntu through software center... Now youtube videos are choppy, the system is very slow in launching programs and responding to inputs... What should I check ?07:00
[Gentoo]Psil0Cybin: wont affect the boot speed at all07:00
Psil0Cybin[Gentoo]: oh really?07:00
[Gentoo]as you only boot into 1 kernel07:00
Psil0Cybinah makes sense07:00
Psil0Cybinnot even the grub?07:00
[Gentoo]wont affect anything exceopt disk space07:01
Psil0Cybinokay, so how many kernels is it going to keep saving? do i remove it manually, or does it keep lets say ten and then rotate and remove the really old ones07:01
pneftalianyway guys, thanks for support. It's now relayed over to other guys for them to fix.07:01
Jordan_Upneftali: That doesn't make sense since echo is a shell builtin. Are you sure you typed it correctly?07:01
Psil0Cybinand if i want to then go ahead and save the diskspace [Gentoo] what would i do ? use the synap package manager? and manually remove the old ones?07:01
Psil0Cybinor is it not recommended.07:01
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: you have to remove manually07:01
Jordan_Upneftali: Does "echo /home/new-folder/*" list any files?07:01
geirhapneftali: That's odd. If you're in bash, echo should be built in07:01
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: okay, so how would I remove them manually from the terminal lets say?07:02
Psil0Cybinlike im using 3.2.0-56-generic-pae but i have 3.2.0-28-generic-pae07:02
Psil0Cybinwhich is very old07:02
Psil0Cybinand not needed.07:02
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: start off with listing the packages involved: sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep "linux-"07:02
geirhapneftali: Now, the actual error message may have been that it couldn't find the libs mv need, if so, you might need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH or similar07:03
[Gentoo]Psil0Cybin: i try to help with general questions im not too sure about the ubuntu way to do it07:03
geirhabut since you don't paste the exact error message, it's hard to tell07:03
Psil0Cybinokay hitsujiTMO i got the list07:04
gr33n7007hPsil0Cybin, just sudo apt-get purge <linux-image> that you don't need07:04
=== LoganG is now known as LoganG|off
pneftaligeirha: Yep. I tried similar approach setting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH but same result. No worries guys, they are prolly gonna build another one I guess.07:05
Psil0Cybinoh so i would do like07:05
Psil0Cybinsudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.2.0-45-generic-pae lets say?07:05
gr33n7007hPsil0Cybin, You got it!07:05
geirhapneftali: Booting the live session and moving them back from there is an option07:05
Psil0Cybinthanks :D!07:05
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: anything thats older than your current working kernel07:05
Psil0Cybinyou guys are the beeest07:05
Psil0Cybinno joke 1 year ago i KNEW nothing about linux, you guys on this channel taught me everyyything :D07:06
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: also purge linux-headers-  for those kernels too07:06
Psil0Cybinwho needs school when you have IRC ;)07:06
Psil0Cybinpeerfect thanks for the tip!!07:06
pneftaligeirha: Noted. Thanks a bunch :)07:06
Jordan_Upneftali: But this type of problem is fun to try to fix :) We haven't even tried using busybox utils (which are statically compiled).07:07
pneftaliJordan_U: Not when you still have lots of pending programming tasks to work with :D07:07
geirhaJordan_U: I guess we'll have to install Ubuntu in a vm and try doing the same :)07:08
Psil0Cybinwow deleting all those old kernals07:10
Psil0Cybinis sure gaining back storage07:10
Psil0Cybinits like 111mbs/kernel07:10
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: the headers alone take up most of the space07:11
[Gentoo]bloat :)07:11
Psil0Cybinugh what sucks is i really want to remove my windows 7 partition but i cannot because i cannot remove that partition and resize my ubuntu partition to take up the whole computer07:11
Psil0Cybini need to back up properly07:11
Psil0Cybinis there any other way perhaps to remove a windows 7 partition and resize an ubuntu partition07:11
Psil0Cybinwitout causing corruption?07:11
Psil0Cybinperhaps using gparted07:12
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: doing so could really upset grub07:12
Psil0Cybindarn >.<07:12
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: Why do you'll get any corruption?07:12
Psil0Cybini want windows off of here >.< without formatting07:12
=== trench is now known as trench_
[Gentoo]Psil0Cybin: how much free space do you have at the end of ubuntu partition?>07:13
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: *Why do you think you'lll get any corruption?07:13
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: it depends on how your partitions are reffered to in grub and fstab. if they're called by device, then it can defo cause problems. by UUID will be less problematic07:13
Psil0Cybinsomeone said because i installed ubuntu after windows 707:13
Psil0Cybini will get corruptions or problems07:13
Psil0Cybinremoving windows 7 and resizing ubuntu07:13
Psil0Cybinmy ubuntu partition is 48 gbs but my windows is 256 gbs07:13
Psil0Cybini want to remove windows and have ubuntu take up the whole hard drive07:13
=== trench_ is now known as trench
Psil0Cybini havent used windows in over a year and its a 256Gb Waste of space!07:14
Psil0Cybinthat is ticking me off07:14
Psil0Cybini wish i knew i would fall in love with linux before i would have set this up properly from the start07:14
[Gentoo]you could do it, make a new partition at the end of ubuntu, rsync the data over, or clonezilla the partition only, delete windows and ubuntu and rsync it back and redo grub07:14
Psil0Cybini was expecting to not like linux and never use it again07:14
Psil0Cybinis that hard to do [Gentoo] if im fairly new to linux07:15
Psil0Cybinlike 1 year old user07:15
Psil0Cybinim up for it though when i have free time07:15
[Gentoo]how much space is in use on the ubuntu partition07:15
wheatthinas this is #ubuntu, I'd recommend that :)07:15
Psil0Cybinhow can i find out forsure07:15
Psil0Cybinwhat is the proper command07:15
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: That's nonsense. You can resize an ext4 partition, and the order that the partitions were created in doesn't change that. The only possible issue is that it requires *much* more moving of data to resize "to the left" (it's easier to resize into free space at the end of a drive than the beginning).07:15
Psil0Cybinoh really??07:16
Psil0Cybinsee i know nothing about resizing hard drives properly07:16
Psil0Cybinand partitions :(07:16
[Gentoo]Psil0Cybin: it can take a long long time07:16
Psil0Cybinso...ill leave it running all day and night07:16
Psil0Cybini dont mind07:16
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l".07:16
Psil0CybinJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/xjGXdbNi07:17
Psil0Cybini am just wondering if it is better to format and backup everything (themes,changes,etc)07:18
Psil0Cybinthen do the task of making a new partition moving it all over, and back and forth07:19
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: You should already have backups of anything important.07:19
Psil0CybinThat is true.07:19
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: have you 320gb free on an external drive? you can dd the entire disk to an image and be free to do whatever knowing you can always go back to your backup07:19
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: that is very true07:20
Psil0Cybinnever thougth of that but i do not07:20
Psil0Cybinhow long would it take to make a image that big07:20
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: It depends on how long you think it will take you to get back to the state you want. It will almost certainly be faster to re-install than to move 64 GiB of data, but configuring things from a fresh install to what you want is another question.07:20
Psil0Cybinthat is true07:21
Psil0Cybinperhaps i will do a fresh install07:21
BuntuFuntuUbuntu resides on my laptops 225gb HDD07:21
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: prob about 3 to 6 hours depending07:21
Psil0Cybinand just encrypt my partition from the start ;) to make it worth it07:21
Psil0Cybini guess now that i know moe about linux07:22
Psil0Cybina fresh install would be better..07:22
Psil0Cybinstart clean07:22
hitsujiTMOI just have a 60gb ssd for ubuntu on this laptop. it's all i need for it :)07:22
BuntuFuntuNo trace of Windows on my HDD ^.^07:23
Psil0CybinBuntuFuntu: jelous07:23
Psil0Cybini want windows to gtfo07:23
Psil0Cybinonly thing you need windows for07:23
[Gentoo]is antivirus07:24
Psil0Cybinis a 10gb partition with only adobe photoshop07:24
Psil0Cybindisconnect it from the internet07:24
Psil0Cybinthats thats the only use for windows for me07:24
Psil0Cybinonly till gimp gets a little better.07:24
Psil0Cybinthen windows is obsolete in my eyes.07:24
[Gentoo]gimp will never be anywhere near as good as photoshop07:24
Psil0Cybinwell tell bill he can say thanks to adobe07:24
[Gentoo]but photoshop is one of them programs07:24
Psil0Cybinbecause without adobe hes nothing :)07:24
BuntuFuntuI told Windows to gtfo this summer.07:25
BuntuFuntuLinux resides more happily on my HDD. Uses resources more efficiently.07:25
BuntuFuntuHell, this Lenovo S100 even came with linux(:07:25
BuntuFuntuMeeGo, to be exact.07:26
Psil0Cybinlinux honestly blows my mind how something that can be free, litterely blows windows out of the water07:26
Psil0Cybinwhen it comes to productivity, customizations, almost everything07:26
BuntuFuntuPsilo, Ikr?07:26
BuntuFuntuSomething so free, can look soooooo nice.07:26
Psil0Cybinwhats lkr lol07:26
BuntuFuntuikr: I know, right?07:26
[Gentoo]linux is pretty common on desktop now07:27
Psil0Cybinhaha yea [Gentoo] not really, everyone who sees me use linux07:27
Psil0Cybingives me a 0.o07:27
[Gentoo]couple of years ago the average joe hadnt even heard of it07:27
Psil0Cybinexcept a few kids in a college beside my university cuz they study linux07:27
Psil0Cybinim going to switch programs, i never knew i could learn linux in school07:27
Psil0Cybinbut our school works on fedora core07:27
Psil0Cybinand is part of the mozilla team07:27
BuntuFuntuYeah noone in my high school works on Linux07:27
Psil0Cybinwell when u get older man look into it for a job07:28
Psil0Cybini was never told this stuff07:28
Psil0Cybinmy biggest regret07:28
Psil0Cybini do all this linux for fun :S07:28
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:28
[Gentoo]most peopple do07:28
BuntuFuntuI asked the IT Guy why we don't because it's free and stuff07:28
BuntuFuntuHe's like : Well Microsoft gave us a district wide license.07:28
BuntuFuntuWell yeah, but it cost monies. ._.07:29
Psil0Cybinlol same with my high school07:29
Psil0Cybindude they gave me a laptop becasue i had ADD, i formatted it even though they put deep freeze on it07:29
Psil0Cybinput linux07:29
Psil0Cybingave it back to them 2 years later07:29
Psil0Cybinthey thought it was a virus07:29
Psil0Cybin!! a friggin virus07:29
ubottuPsil0Cybin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:29
[Gentoo]the thing is most people dont have the time for linux, even on ubuntu you need to do tweaks now and then07:29
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:29
Psil0Cybinthey said my virus removed there deep freeze07:29
Psil0Cybinand i broke this rule and blah blah blah and its not a personal computer07:29
Psil0Cybinits an educational tool07:29
BuntuFuntuLol my computer I got second hand from a school.07:30
BuntuFuntuThey didn't remove their stupid login to the school server thing07:30
BuntuFuntuso I said screw it. Downloaded ubuntu onto a flash drive.07:30
BuntuFuntuWell actually I used Puppy Linux at first on this07:31
BuntuFuntuWiped windows, Installed Puppy.07:31
BuntuFuntuGreat OS, doesn't support all hardware doe. They use an older kernel for Lucid Pup.. my touchpad didnt work07:31
Psil0CybinHonestly man highschool are so bad when it comes to security, thats all im going to say ;) would be very very easy to change your grades.07:31
westhow do i bluetooth files to ubuntu.07:31
Psil0Cybinwest: do you see the bluetooth applet?07:32
Psil0Cybinwithin the unity application bar?07:32
BuntuFuntuOh defo psilo(:07:32
BuntuFuntuI love Ubuntu's status bar at the top. Reminds me of a cellphone.07:32
westPsil0Cybin, where would it be.07:33
=== soul is now known as Guest31355
westPsil0Cybin, oh bluetooth manager. found it. but last time i had trouble using it.07:33
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Psil0Cybinwest: to be honest, i never use it.. i disabled bluetooth (no use for it) but the manager should work what was the trouble using it? exactly?07:34
Psil0Cybincheck if perhaps bluetooth is disabled in your application startup07:35
FZombiethis 13.04-13.10 + switch from ubuntu to xubuntu is taking forever. Someone entertain me while I watch the Setting up and Installing scroll by.07:35
[Gentoo]FZombie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ07:36
=== hitsujiTMO_ is now known as hitsujiTMO
FZombie#ubuntu pulls trough again, good job [Gentoo]07:36
westPsil0Cybin, seems all the options are greyed out.07:36
Psil0Cybinwest: if that is the case, check if your startup application has bluetooth checked off or unchecked07:36
Psil0Cybinalso perhaps your keyboard has bluetooth turned off?07:37
westhow do i check through terminal if it is on. like with wifi.07:37
Psil0Cybin'hcitool dev'07:37
Psil0Cybinit will show all your devices turned on07:37
FZombieThat guy has too many changes of clothes, he should have stayed in the trenchcoat07:37
Psil0Cybinor adapters i think07:38
=== pacy is now known as pacy_
BuntuFuntuWell time to go to bed. Night(:07:40
Psil0Cybingood night brother.07:40
westhcitool dev reads out Devices: and thats it.07:41
westand where is application startup07:41
westim looking07:42
westoh it's under sesions and startup07:42
Psil0Cybinyea yea07:42
Psil0Cybindo you see it?07:42
Psil0Cybinsorry I am semi new too, so we are doing this via GUI.07:42
Psil0Cybinbrb i need to walk my dog got lost on irc should have walked her 2 hours ago.07:43
westin startup bluetooth applet and manager are checked. do I need both checked?07:43
Psil0Cybinhmm that is odd, that it is grayed out...do you have a bluetooth driver properly installed?07:44
Psil0Cybinyou cannot see any devices correct?07:44
westunder hcitool dev nothing07:44
Psil0Cybinvia the gui for bluetooth applet07:44
Psil0Cybinsorry gimme like 20 mins to walk the pooch ill help you / learn how too help you07:45
Psil0Cybinwhile helping you07:45
KartagisI am using ubuntu 13.10, and whenever I get a notification from skype, my sound card goes 'buzzzzz'. any ideas?07:45
westi keep working at it07:45
gr33n7007hwest, type in terminal: bluetoothd -u07:46
westgr33n7007h, it reads out ... D-Bus setup failed: Connection ":1.55" is not allowed to own the service "org.bluez" due to security policies in the configuration file07:47
gr33n7007hwest, maybe sudo07:48
westwith sudo it says ...  D-Bus setup failed: Name already in use07:49
gr33n7007hwest, Leave a few minutes, then try again, then go to bluetooth applet should be un-greyed07:50
TheKingOfPoonhello :)07:52
TheKingOfPoonhm, well alright then07:53
TheMas3212Um is anyone available that would be willing to help me?07:54
TheKingOfPooncha need?07:54
TheMas3212I use 13.04 64bit07:54
TheMas3212and since an update yesterday pulseaudio isn't seeing any sound cards but if i run eg rhythmbox with sudo the sound works fine?07:55
Psil0Cybingr33n7007h: hey i just restarted my computer 5 times and out of 5 times 3 times i got the blackscreen again, what can i do because vesafb.nonsense=1 does not seem to work07:56
Psil0Cybinits clearly my video card driver with the new kernal07:56
Psil0Cybinlike im resorting back to the old kernel07:57
Psil0Cybinwhat are other commands i can try other then nomodset and vesafb.nonsense=107:57
Psil0Cybini really want to fix and diagnose this blackscreen problem with this newer kernel asap :P07:58
gr33n7007hPsil0Cybin, I'v got no more solutions i'm afraid.08:00
wheatthinPsil0Cybin, have you tried changing bitrate?08:03
Psil0Cybinwheatthin: how would i change bitrate?08:04
Psil0Cybinsorry the old kerne;l worked fine so i never played with this stuff before08:04
wheatthinahh ok, if the old kernel worked fine, then you need to reinstall your graphics drivers for the newer kernel08:05
Psil0Cybinwheathin god darn it08:06
Psil0Cybinbut would i then have to reinstall it every kernel update?08:06
Psil0Cybinhow come it would work randomly08:06
Psil0Cybinlike for 3 reboots it would not work but then 2 times it would work fine08:06
wheatthincause not every update is a kernel update08:06
Psil0Cybinwheatthin: is it hard to build drivers from scratch?08:06
Psil0Cybinim a little nervous08:07
Psil0Cybinbut i like using the nwest kernels08:07
wheatthinPsil0Cybin, you don't need to build from scratch.. just reinstall them lol08:07
Psil0Cybinusing the additional drivers?08:07
Psil0Cybinoh actually....08:07
Psil0Cybinthat easy?08:07
Psil0Cybinbut i have to be in the problematic kernel08:07
Psil0Cybinto do it right?08:08
Psil0Cybinso i have to keep rebooting till i finally get in08:08
Psil0Cybinand reinstall the drivers?08:08
wheatthinyup.. so you can update it through apt-get08:08
Psil0Cybinbut i did use apt-get08:08
Psil0Cybinand nothing happend08:08
Psil0Cybinwhen i was on the problematic kernel08:08
Psil0Cybinit said i was up to date08:08
wheatthinno, not update.. apt-get reinstall <drivername>08:09
hitsujiTMOwheatthin: there's no drivers for his gfx card. its a gma3600 so he can only use vesa08:09
Psil0Cybinits like cedarview or something08:09
Psil0Cybinother then the default08:09
Psil0Cybindarn so whta should i do08:09
wheatthinintel drivers08:09
hitsujiTMOwheatthin: there are no drivers for the gma360008:09
gr33n7007hPsil0Cybin, Try this one thing, remove vesafb.nonsense=1 and splash paramters, see how that boots08:11
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest543128
Psil0Cybinkk so remove versa and splash?08:11
Psil0Cybinwill try it and let you know in a few minutes :)08:12
Psil0Cybingr33n7007h: so i leave08:12
Psil0Cybinatm right?08:12
gr33n7007hno remove both08:12
Psil0Cybinso remove it all08:12
gr33n7007hvesa and splash yes08:13
Psil0Cybinkk so i just leave08:13
Psil0Cybinquiet kk08:13
Psil0Cybinone second restart08:13
=== soul is now known as Guest63124
wheatthinhmm latest stable kernel 3.3.1 has gma3600 drivers08:14
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest13179
TheKingOfPoonwhat version of ubuntu can i put on my 80286 with 287 co processor08:15
Psil0Cybingr33n7007h: did not work booted me into terminal08:20
Psil0Cybini am so out of ideas :( sigh08:20
Psil0Cybindo i just assume this kernel will not work for my card?08:20
gr33n7007hPsil0Cybin, I'm out of ideas08:22
Psil0Cybindarn okay thanks anyway08:22
Psil0Cybinfor scratching your noodle for me :)08:22
* snql .08:22
TheKingOfPoonill scratch my noodle anytime bby08:23
pacy_TheKingOfPoon: Maybe ELKS-Linux or Minux2.008:24
TheKingOfPoonsweet thx08:24
nonmaehello,i have tried building omni rom just now.but i have met with some compile errors.can you help me?http://pastebin.com/5RcYrQht08:25
Danatohow can I change my login brightness? Whenever I login its too dark to see anything, and I always have to change that with my keyboard keys. Is there a way to make it automatic?08:28
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
hitsujiTMODanato can you pastebin the output of xrandr08:30
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
DanatohitsujiTMO: jst a sec08:31
DanatohitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/kATXKKyF08:32
hitsujiTMODanato: can you confirm if this commands sucessfully changes the brightness: xrandr --output LVDS1 --brightness 0.508:35
DanatohitsujiTMO: yes it does08:36
hitsujiTMODanato: to set it back do: xrandr --output LVDS1 --brightness 108:36
hitsujiTMODanato: what version of ubuntu are you using?08:36
hitsujiTMODanato: you should be able to set that to run when lightdm starts. where to put it depends on what version of ubuntu you are using08:39
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
Danato hitsujiTMO: sorry my wifi fell for a while, I might have missed something from you after you asked what version am I running08:44
Danato hitsujiTMO: would you mind to repeat?08:44
hitsujiTMODanato: yes what version of ubuntu are you using?08:44
Danato hitsujiTMO: 13.10 with kde08:45
hitsujiTMOahh, what login manager are you using?08:45
hitsujiTMOkdm is it?08:46
Danato hitsujiTMO: I think its plasma desktop or something like that08:46
pacy_/etc/X11/default-display-manager ;)08:48
hitsujiTMODanato: can you try oneither thing before we continue: can you confirm if setting xrandr works with your hardware settings acpi try: xrandr --output LVDS1 --brightness 0.3          and then use the hardware button to bring up the brightness.08:48
hitsujiTMODanato: gotta make sure they are controlling the same thing before08:49
Danato hitsujiTMO: hmm actually no, they are not controlling the same thing08:50
hitsujiTMODanato: then set xrandr brightness to 1 again08:50
Danato hitsujiTMO: already did it08:51
hitsujiTMODanato: can you pastebin the output of: ls -l /etc/acpi/events08:52
Danato hitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/da409nJC08:53
hitsujiTMODanato: can you pastebin: cat /etc/acpi/events/asus-keyboard-backlight-up08:54
Danato hitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/fjXuspRD08:55
hitsujiTMODanato: next pastebin: cat /etc/acpi/asus-keyboard-backlight.sh08:56
Danato hitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/4X9anYk008:57
hitsujiTMOsweet we'll be able to make a script from this08:57
alfonsojonI was using Ubuntu 13.10, I have installed 12.04 over it and most was working correctly.09:00
alfonsojonHowever, upon booting, my graphics were messed up as I was still on the saucy kernel and not the precise kernel.09:00
alfonsojonUnfortunately, it appears the kernel is no longer listed in apt, so how can I go about reinstalling Linux with it's headers properly?09:01
alfonsojonI would also like to purge the saucy kernel.09:01
johelishGreetings. I'm trying to connect with a specific user but I need to run the command as root. . how do I get key from another user to work with root?09:02
hitsujiTMODanato: can you save this as /etc/acpi/max_brightness.sh            http://paste.ubuntu.com/6398609/09:02
=== vadviktor__ is now known as vadviktor
alfonsojonTry looking into su09:02
alfonsojonman su09:02
Danato hitsujiTMO: ill try that09:03
kriskropdim on a core 2 duo:dual core running 13.04 - why might htop show both of my cpus running around 5-10% but load average looks like this 'Load average: 9.76 5.79 2.92' - it spikes every so often and does this but I can't tell what is causing the load spikes because nothing looks abnormal in htop09:03
bersamhi everybody, i have a cron on my system that run every night at 1 AM, but i can't find it in crontab -e ... mail send to my user but still i can't find anything!09:03
hitsujiTMODanato: then once you've saved it: sudo chmod a+x /etc/acpi/max_brightness.sh09:03
alfonsojonbersam: Check you're not running it as root09:04
alfonsojonEach user has a cron.09:04
hitsujiTMODanato: after that you jest need to get that to run when your displaymanager loads09:04
alfonsojonTry sudo crontab -e and check if it's there.09:04
johelishwhere are keys stored for root?09:04
bersamalfonsojon: actually I am running it as root ... but still i can't find it in root crontab eighter09:05
alfonsojonCheck without root09:05
Danato hitsujiTMO: done, but how do i do the last step?09:05
hitsujiTMODanato: can you paste: cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager09:06
bersamalfonsojon: mail send to root@myserver, and i check all users... i also check in /etc/cron.daily09:06
bersamalfonsojon: i can see it running in /var/log/syslog but can't find out where it does start!09:06
Danato hitsujiTMO: it was kdm after all :P09:06
hitsujiTMODanato: cool, ill have a look now how to get kdm to call a script09:06
glitsj16bersam: i suppose you've already checked /etc/crontab as well?09:07
alfonsojonbersam, I would help more09:07
hitsujiTMODanato: can you: ls -l /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup09:07
alfonsojonBut that's beyond my knowledge09:08
alfonsojonI apologise09:08
alfonsojonI actually came here for some help with kernel troubles.09:08
Danato hitsujiTMO:  -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 223 10月  2 03:14 /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup09:08
bersamglitsj16: yes ...09:08
hitttIm sorry for the stupid question but i cant open any programs right now -- What was the command to print the current distro?09:08
bersamalfonsojon: thanks at all :)09:09
hitsujiTMODanato: sudo printf "\n/etc/acpi/max_brightness.sh\n" >> /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup09:10
alfonsojonhitsujiTMO: Why not echo?09:10
hitsujiTMOalfonsojon: printf is more reliable09:10
Danato hitsujiTMO:  Permission denied?09:10
pfalconehittt, take a look inside /etc/issue. if that wasn't altered, you can try using that.09:10
alfonsojonI know that printf doesn't do line breaks unless told to09:10
hitsujiTMODanato: silly me, should be using tee09:11
Danatohittt: lsb_release -a09:11
hitsujiTMODanato: 2 secs09:11
Danato hitsujiTMO:  no problem09:11
glitsj16bersam: i'd do a search with gedit (or similar) into /etc for any of the mail params you can identify and see if you can track it down that way .. just a thought09:12
hitsujiTMODanato: printf "\n/etc/acpi/max_brightness.sh\n" | sudo tee -a /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup09:12
Danato hitsujiTMO:  /etc/acpi/max_brightness.sh09:12
hitttpfalcone, Danato: Thank you, both worked! And yeah 13.10! :')09:12
hitsujiTMODanato: once you've that run can you restart and test it?09:13
Danato hitsujiTMO:  sure can, brb09:14
=== eugene is now known as Guest798
hitsujiTMOalfonsojon: under certain conditions echo will ignore certain flags ( such as -ne ). SOmetimes its hard to predict this behavior. so i've gotten used to using printf instead.09:15
=== Guest798 is now known as Eugene_mac
Eugene_macHello everyone!09:16
Eugene_macI have just got a new iMac 14.3 with 21.5' display. It has Intel i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT750M graphics card with GPU (Device ID: 0x00fe9). I have installed Ubuntu 13.10 on it (dual boot with refit). Everything works fine apart from graphics. It is clear that graphics' not accelerated. I have tried to09:16
Eugene_mac1) Install nvidia drivers from the repository.09:16
Eugene_mac2) Download nvidia drivers and install them manually.09:16
Eugene_mac3) Follow instructions on http://falkvinge.net/2013/02/15/how-...12-10-quantal/ .09:16
FloodBot1Eugene_mac: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:16
Danato hitsujiTMO: i still had o use the buttons to bring the brightness up, although it gave me the impression that it was a bit better, at least I could see that the pc was open09:20
Eugene_macHi all, I have a question, pasted on http://paste.ubuntu.com/6398664/ . I'm sorry for the little mess I've created here. Can anybody bother himself with helping me?09:20
Danato hitsujiTMO: ill back in 5 minutes09:20
hitsujiTMODanato: cool09:21
hitttI just finished upgrading to 13.10 but Gnome refuses to work properly - KDE works fine but still reports an internal system error09:25
hitttrefuses to work properly = black screen, no mouse, but notifications actually show!09:25
=== patrick is now known as defproc_
junktextEugene_mac, I can't see your URL links that you posted to PasteBin, and I don't use a Mac, but generally trying to install NVIDIA drivers manually can be somewhat difficult.  Were you able to play around with any of the NVIDIA drivers that come with Ubuntu?09:27
junktextLike the ones found by going to "Software & Updates" -> "Additional Drivers"?09:28
shelloxdid anyone manage to install ubuntu server with raid1 + uefi?09:29
shelloxi really stuck there09:29
ga_hi , does any one can help me that does the chrome work with the 13 version ?09:31
alfonsojonIt does09:31
hitsujiTMO!details | ga_09:31
ubottuga_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:31
alfonsojonI believe he means "Does Google Chrome run under Ubuntu 13.10"09:31
hitsujiTMOga_: yes09:31
Eugene_macI also have the question here, if it helps: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2186000   ; The problem is that I don't see any drivers with the OS09:32
ActionParsnipga_: works in Raring here09:32
hitsujiTMOga_: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/09:32
ga_I tried to install it many times and it shows in installing and then when i see after some time there is nothing installed09:32
DanatohitsujiTMO:  im back, sorry for that09:32
hitsujiTMOga_: run: sudo apt-get -f install09:32
alfonsojonga_: Are any errors displayed?09:32
DanatohitsujiTMO:  i tried again and it actually ddnt seem to change :/09:32
hitsujiTMODanato: cool. lets see exactly whats controlling your backlight. pastebin: ls -l /sys/class/backlight09:33
hitsujiTMOga_: have you run?: sudo apt-get -f install09:33
junktextEugene_mac, I'm off to bed, (not sure if this helps) but if you are not sure where those options I mentioned are found, they are in the "System Settings..." (that you can find by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner).09:34
ga_<hitsujiTMO> <hitsujiTMO>09:34
ga_<hitsujiTMO> yes its says no errors09:34
DanatohitsujiTMO:  http://pastebin.com/dxALbWub09:34
ActionParsnipga_: install the deb in a terminal instead, the output will be useful09:34
hitsujiTMOga_: can you pastebin the output of: google-chrome09:35
ga_let me try actionparnsip09:35
alfonsojonsudo dpkg -i file.deb09:35
Eugene_macjunktext, I'm sure there are no NVIDIA drivers there09:35
DanatohitsujiTMO:  could it be related to my laptop having 2 graphics card or something like that? It uses a graphics card, and when I open a game for example it switches to the other one09:36
DanatohitsujiTMO:  the model is Lenovo GT78009:36
hitsujiTMODanato: can you cd to: /sys/class/brightness/intel_backlight09:36
hitsujiTMODanato: that shouldn't be an issue tbh09:37
alfonsojonIs this a toshiba laptop you guys are talking about?09:37
hitsujiTMODanato: after you've cd there, can you bring down the brightness on your laptop so we can test09:37
Psil0Cybinhey guys i recently upgraded my kernel and after the update i got a blackscreen i edited the peramiters to nomodeset and vesafb.nonsense=1 it will work here and there but i can never get a stable expereince like if i restart it one time it will work09:37
Psil0Cybinthe next it wont09:37
ga_thanks everyone done via terminal09:38
Psil0Cybinand ill get a blackscreen anyone know what else i can do to diagnose this09:38
alfonsojonDanato: Is this a Toshiba laptop?09:38
=== dean|away is now known as dean
hitsujiTMODanato: after you've brought down the brightness can you run: cat max_brightness | sudo tee brightness09:38
ShapeShifter499oh man, oh fffff I shot my self in my foot by accidentally writing a debian live iso to the wrong media using dd! The system is running ubuntu 13.10 64bit and when I realized this I stopped the write 200mb in...how do I recover the rest of the data I didn't overwrite?09:38
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: what video chip(s) do you use?09:39
ShapeShifter499all I need is /home and /etc09:39
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: use your backups to recover data easily09:39
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: I actually did that to my install :)09:39
alfonsojonYour'e in luck, I know how to fix it09:39
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip: I was in the proccess of backing up when I made the error!09:39
alfonsojonMost of your data should be recoverable.09:39
alfonsojonYou need GParted and gpart.09:40
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: then the data is gone, you have overwritten data with new data09:40
alfonsojonsudo apt-get install gparted gpart09:40
=== Guest27694 is now known as parduse
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: the data not written over is recoverable09:40
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: its a Acer Aspire One, so its an Intel Chipset09:40
alfonsojonWell actually, try this instead09:40
Psil0Cybinbut i am not sure exactly which one09:40
alfonsojonWhat filesystem is it?09:40
Psil0Cybini am using a previous kernel to access xchat and talk to u ugys09:40
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip: I just want the files that did NOT get overwritten09:40
=== parduse is now known as Guest24728
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: What filesystem? FAT32, NTFS, or EXT4?09:40
DanatohitsujiTMO:  theres no /sys/class/brightness here09:40
hitsujiTMODanato: cd to /sys/class/brightness/intel_backlight09:41
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: should be the standard ext4 that ubuntu installer set up09:41
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: use ubuntu live cd09:41
alfonsojonCan you access a terminal?09:41
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: my system has not rebooted yet and I still have access to unity09:41
ShapeShifter499seems I can bring up a terminal09:41
hitsujiTMODanato: wait, what you're ls -l /sys/class/brightness displayed results09:41
alfonsojonReboot into a Ubuntu installer disk09:41
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: ok one second09:42
hitsujiTMODanato: can you pastebin: ls -l /sys/class09:42
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: I only have a debian iso around, should be just as good right?09:42
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: as long as you cna mount he file systems, any distro will do09:42
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip: alfonsojon rebooting now then09:43
DanatohitsujiTMO: the brightness folder doesnt exist09:43
DanatohitsujiTMO: ok09:43
alfonsojonIt can be a GParted live cd09:43
hitsujiTMODanato: can Danato sorry. brightness should be backlight... my bad09:43
alfonsojonSo long as you have a terminal (and GParted as a nice extra)09:43
hitsujiTMODanato: cd to /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight09:43
joxjust make it cool09:44
joxlike what it should always be09:44
DanatohitsujiTMO: done09:45
ga_any tool for screen capture like in windows it have snipping tool09:45
ga_thanks for the help and support09:45
hitsujiTMODanato: bring down your display brightness and then run: cat max_brightness | sudo tee brightness09:45
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip: alfonsojon let me find the old disk one second09:46
tga0hey, does anyone understand how xmodmap works? I am trying to remap my keys around without much success09:47
hitsujiTMODanato: is that working?09:47
DanatohitsujiTMO:  yeah they changed different brightnesses09:48
DanatohitsujiTMO:  idk if that made sense09:48
DanatohitsujiTMO:  it became bright but the colors are pale09:48
hitsujiTMODanato: is it too bright? bring down your brightness again09:49
hitsujiTMODanato: can you tell me the output of: cat max_brightness09:51
DanatohitsujiTMO:  i wouldnt say its too bright, when i run the command xrandr to brightness 0.5, it becomes dark and pale, and when I used the other command you told me there was light coming from the screen (jst as if i changed it with the keyboard) but it was still pale09:52
DanatohitsujiTMO:  97609:52
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip: alfonsojon found a ubuntu disk and booted into it09:52
hitsujiTMODanato: maybe its a different device we need to change ... or multiple devices09:52
alfonsojonOkay Shapeshifter09:53
alfonsojonIs ubuntu the only operating system you have on this PC or do you dual boot with Windows?09:53
hitsujiTMODanato: can you: cd ../acpi_video009:53
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: just ubuntu09:53
DanatohitsujiTMO:  done09:53
hitsujiTMODanato: cat brightness09:53
alfonsojonOpen GParted and verify that the corrupted partition is /dev/sda1.09:53
alfonsojonIt should say unknown09:54
DanatohitsujiTMO:  009:54
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: one sec09:54
alfonsojonOr it will identify, but will have an exclamation point, which indicates an error09:54
hitsujiTMODanato: can you change the brightness on your keyboard and then again: cat brightness09:54
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: I haven't got the desktop yet09:55
ShapeShifter499still loading09:55
alfonsojonLet me know when you're loaded up.09:55
Jordan_Ualfonsojon: There won't be any partitions, unless the image that ShapeShifter499 dd-ed to the drive contained a partition table, and even then any partitions will not match the start of the partition that used to be there.09:56
shelloxhow to install to uefi?09:56
DanatohitsujiTMO:  I put it on max, but cat brightness still showed me 009:56
alfonsojonI'm going based off experience09:56
shelloxi have a partition as type uefi boot09:56
alfonsojonI DD'd an Ubuntu installer to /dev/sda09:56
hitsujiTMODanato: cd ../acpi_video109:56
shelloxon a raid 1 device09:56
alfonsojonI recovered by first verifying the partition table, then running sudo fsck.ext4 /dev/sda109:56
alfonsojonIt was even bootable after that, but then again, I only destroyed the MBR09:57
DanatohitsujiTMO:  cat brightness: 10009:57
alfonsojonand the first few KB of my sda1 partition09:57
hitsujiTMODanato: can you change the brightness on your keyboard and then again: cat brightness09:57
DanatohitsujiTMO:  4 now09:58
hitsujiTMODanato: i think we have a winner :P09:58
DanatohitsujiTMO:  yay  :D09:58
hitsujiTMOonce more: cd ../intel_backlight09:58
hitsujiTMODanato: cat brightness09:58
hitsujiTMODanato: can you change the brightness on your keyboard and then again: cat brightness09:59
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: ok loaded now gparted right?09:59
DanatohitsujiTMO:  30609:59
alfonsojonLet me know if anything pops up. If not, look at the structure of /dev/sda.09:59
alfonsojonTypically, it is one partition being ext4, with a swap partition the size of your RAM.10:00
hitsujiTMODanato: both times? 30610:00
alfonsojonIf it says anything is unknown, or shows no partitions, let me know.10:00
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: it shows one unkown and a unallocated10:01
tga0my xmodmap looks like this, any idea why it wouldn't work? https://dpaste.de/jRe110:02
DanatohitsujiTMO:  no it changes as i change the brightness on my keyboard, now 66310:02
=== mg is now known as Guest93712
hitsujiTMODanato: hmm so we have 2 values to change then10:02
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: the unkown has the name of my iso10:02
DanatohitsujiTMO:  btw the brightness on xrandr is still 0.510:02
alfonsojonThat's not good, but we might be able to save the data10:02
alfonsojonThe unknown one is /dev/sda1, correct?10:02
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: yes10:03
alfonsojonRun this command.10:03
hitsujiTMODanato: set that back to 1: xrandr --output LVDS1 --brightness 110:03
alfonsojonsudo fsck.ext4 /dev/sda110:03
alfonsojonLet me know if it spits anything out10:03
bingohello. can anybody hook me up with a great ubuntu wallpaper site?10:04
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: bad magic number in super-block10:04
=== minuswell_ is now known as minuswell
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: Please pastebin the output of "10:04
DanatohitsujiTMO:  it ddnt change the value after i changed it to 110:04
Jordan_UShapeShifter499: ... of "sudo parted -l".10:04
alfonsojonOkay, try this now10:04
alfonsojonsudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda110:04
alfonsojonIt should say something about superblock backups10:05
DanatohitsujiTMO: keyboard control at max brightness is 765, both with xrandr at 0.5 and 110:05
hitsujiTMODanato: yes they are definately controlling 2 different things10:05
=== pardusf is now known as Guest56903
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: Jordan_U one second10:06
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: Jordan_U www.pastebin.com/VnsUc7z810:07
alfonsojonI need you to run that command10:07
alfonsojonsudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda110:07
FreezeSHi guys, I've got a dns problem on 13.10 server. If I run ping yahoo.com for example, it works instantly. However, on wget yahoo.com, it waits ~3 seconds for dns resolve. Any tips ?10:08
alfonsojonnot sda110:08
alfonsojonsudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda10:08
hitsujiTMODanato: i'm just writing and testing a script now, will be a few mins10:08
DJonesDeepBlue: Rather than posting links, you would be better explaining your problem in the channel, generally, people won't click on random links unless they're expecting the results of a pastebin10:08
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: this is what I ran www.pastebin.com/HP3curzA10:09
alfonsojonI corrected it10:09
alfonsojonNot /dev/sda110:09
ActionParsnipFreezeS: tried a different DNS server?10:09
alfonsojonsudo mke2fs -n /dev/sda10:10
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: look below that10:10
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: I also ran that10:10
FreezeSActionParsnip: yes10:10
alfonsojonAlright, there's what I need10:10
DanatohitsujiTMO:  ok no problem10:10
alfonsojonNow run this.10:10
ActionParsnipFreezeS: have you tried downloading with curl instead?10:10
alfonsojonsudo e2fsck -b 32768 /dev/sda10:10
DeepBlueDJones: http://www.mpaste.com/p/uTJ36iOgpZKjYPoWBf10:10
FreezeSActionParsnip: the problem started with php http, I've noticed it's extremely slow10:11
Jordan_Ualfonsojon: ShapeShifter499: It's very unlikely that your Ubuntu partiton started at 32.8 KiB into the drive, so the current start of /dev/sda1 does not match the previous start of sda1, also it's only 1 GiB large. So the current /dev/sda1 is not helpful. Trying to find offsets relative to /dev/sda won't likely help either. I recommend that you use testdisk, or GParted and GPart, to try to recreate the proper partition table, then ...10:11
Jordan_U... try to fix the filesystem.10:11
alfonsojonDidn't notice that10:11
alfonsojonThanks Jordan.10:12
FreezeSActionParsnip: if I just run curl yahoo.com, it takes 3 seconds again10:12
ShapeShifter499Jordan_U: alfonsojon  Device>Attempt Data Rescue...       In gparted?10:12
alfonsojonI believe so, yes10:12
FreezeSActionParsnip: as far as I can see in tcpcump, the response packets come instant, it's just a matter of what the server does with them10:13
ShapeShifter499Jordan_U: ?10:13
hitsujiTMODanato: can you replace the contents of /etc/acpi/max_brightness.sh    with http://paste.ubuntu.com/6398879/10:13
Jordan_Ualfonsojon: ShapeShifter499: I've never used the feature of GParted before, but I would expect it to work. I have used testisk with success multiple times, but the interface is (IHMO) hard to work with. If you want to go with testdisk, http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step is a good guide. If you go with GParted I expect it will be intuitive.10:14
DeepBluecan u hep me with this?  http://kthx.net/paste/14itwhc8c4rkgwk8okgsgcksg8csogc00c10:14
hitsujiTMODanato: then bring down your brightness and test with: sudo /etc/acpi/max_brightness.sh10:15
DanatohitsujiTMO:  that brought it right up10:17
ActionParsnipFreezeS: tried wget to a different server?10:17
shafirehi, ubuntu uses apt-get now, or? aptitude is deprecated?10:17
hitsujiTMODanato reboot to test it so10:17
DanatohitsujiTMO:  ok, be back in a minute10:18
ShapeShifter499Jordan_U: alfonsojon  alright here is hoping gparted does its thing10:18
ga_hi , i 13 my cursors gets invisible for sometime if i open any app or window or any processing .. is this is because of  beta version or what10:19
ShapeShifter499Jordan_U: alfonsojon  had to install "gpart" which I found was in ubuntu universe10:19
alfonsojonForgot to mention that10:20
arun_hello !!! guys , I wanted a help for the language support and translation10:20
ActionParsnipga_: there is no Ubuntu beta version at present10:21
DanatohitsujiTMO: that worked like a charm man, thanks a lot for your time10:21
wedr13.10 is beta :-)10:21
ActionParsnipwedr: its not, it is released and stable10:21
ga_dear actionparsnip:  i face many time cursor disappear issues since i installed 13 version ..10:21
ActionParsnipga_: have you tried a different window manager?10:22
ga_like its processing or having something run background ..10:22
ga_no i just fresh installed the ubuntu 1310:22
ActionParsnipwedr: the next beta will be Trusty in January til release date when it too will be stable10:22
ActionParsnipga_: install xfce4, log out then login to the XFCE session in the login screen, is it better?10:22
hitsujiTMODanato: np. one thing tho. can you please report it as a bug. create a launchpad account and use: ubuntu-bug linux        to report it. just state that you're calling http://paste.ubuntu.com/6398879/ from the display manager as a temp fix10:22
hitsujiTMODanato: hopefull then they'll have a fix in for 14.04 and you won't run into the issue again if you reinstall10:23
DanatohitsujiTMO: I can try to figure how to report10:26
ActionParsnipwedr: where did you hear that 13.10 was beta?10:29
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: Any luck?10:30
Paulus68_1actionparsnip the question should be when did you hear it was Beta :p perhaps he's been without intranet or any news since quite a while10:30
wedrActionParsnip: i have just upgraded my 13.04 to 13.10 and faced some bugs10:30
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: still scanning10:30
ActionParsnipwedr: doesnt mean its beta10:31
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: no errors yet which is promising10:31
alfonsojonthat's good.10:32
ActionParsnipPaulus68_1: where, so they can be contacted and corrected.10:32
FreezeSActionParsnip: yes, I tried several sites, that was just an example. The problem is that dns solving in wget or curl is somehow different from ping10:32
alfonsojonIf this runs successfully,then the only thing left is to run a command to fix the ext4 partition10:32
ActionParsnipFreezeS: are there any bugs reported10:32
FreezeSI searched but couldn't find anything10:33
DanatohitsujiTMO: Can you tell if its the same problem than this one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/76543810:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 765438 in linux (Ubuntu) "8086:2a42 On startup, the backlight is off on laptop" [Critical,Triaged]10:33
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: I'm going to complete my backup if possible then reinstall10:33
FreezeSmaybe I'm searching for something wrong, I don't really know what to search, that's why I'm here10:33
ShapeShifter499I was planning on backing up and installing debian10:33
alfonsojonShapeShifter: The goal here is just to get it mountable so you can take your data off10:33
alfonsojonSo feel free to do whatever once it's recovered :)10:33
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: then I dd'ed the debian iso to the wrong media >.<10:34
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: yea10:34
alfonsojonI did that too10:34
alfonsojonI actually had a customer's data on my PC10:34
ActionParsnipFreezeS: I suggest you report a bug :)10:34
alfonsojonTheir Windows Vista broke (Not surprised by that.)10:34
alfonsojonSo I backed it up to my PC, and then I dd'd to the wrong media.10:34
alfonsojonI wanted to cry10:34
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: next time I'll make sure my backup is complete before using dd on anything lol10:35
alfonsojonBut I managed to save it and it even booted after fixing it :)10:35
Paulus68_1ActionParsnip: you misunderstood perhaps wedr heard it was still beta because he didn't hear the latest news that it was officially released sorry for the confusion10:35
alfonsojonUnfortunately for you, it seems to have written to the ext4 partition, not just the MBR.10:35
alfonsojonSo let's just hope your data is safe (It probably is)10:35
ActionParsnipPaulus68_1: makes sense10:35
ShapeShifter499I don't think /home and /etc is written over, if I can just recover those I'll be ok10:35
arrunGuys hello !!! please help me for that10:36
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: I'll let you know if anything happens10:36
hitsujiTMODanato: yes10:37
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: might take awhile, a 500GB drive is being worked on10:37
hitsujiTMODanato: wait actually thats for a specific hardware10:37
ActionParsnipShapeShifter499: boot to liveCD Linux based OS, mount partition(s), copy data10:37
hitsujiTMODanato: can you lspci -nn10:37
hitsujiTMODanato: can you: lspci -nn10:37
alfonsojonActionParsnip: He already did, but his actual partition is destroyed10:37
alfonsojonWe're trying to get it to be mountable.10:38
FreezeSActionParsnip: seems that installing dnsmasq fixed the problem10:38
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: Cancel that operation real quick and refresh in GParted10:38
ShapeShifter499ActionParsnip: what alfonsojon  said, I'm currently running gparted's recover10:38
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: :O10:38
alfonsojonIt won't find anything unless the MBR is corrupted. I think we fixed the MBR already.10:38
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: why?10:38
GuybrushthreepwoQuestion: I was installing netflix using sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop, and I closed it out mid-installation, now when I try to start it again, it gives me some errors. How can I fix this?10:38
GuybrushthreepwoE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?10:38
alfonsojonIt at least knows a partition is there, correct?10:38
alfonsojonGuybrushthreepwo: Did you cancel a recent upgrade forcefully?10:39
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: yes a debian partition D:10:39
Guybrushthreepwoalfonsojon:  yes,10:39
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: debian iso10:39
alfonsojonThat's fine10:39
alfonsojonGuybrushthreepwo: Run this command: "sudo apt-get -f install"10:39
alfonsojonThen try again10:39
arrunGuys hello, please help me to add a local language in my Ubuntu langauge support10:39
geirhaGuybrushthreepwo: How did you close it?10:39
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: Run this in a terminal: "sudo fsck.ext4 -y /dev/sda1"10:40
DanatohitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/99AwuMx110:40
alfonsojonHopefully, it will then be mountable.10:40
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: um wouldn't that just net me the contents of whatever part of the iso that got written?10:41
hitsujiTMODanato: you've different gpu: 8086:0166   just add that your bug report title. then you can mark it a duplicate of the one you just pasted.10:41
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: No, we're not checking for a ISO10:42
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: I actually have no option to cancel the recovery10:42
alfonsojonWe're checking for an EXT4 partition10:42
alfonsojonThen just let it sit for now, when it finishes, see if it's mountable.10:42
Jordan_Ualfonsojon: What do you expect fsck.ext4 to do with a 1 GiB partition that is not aligned with the original ext4 partition?10:42
alfonsojonWait, it's only 1GB?10:42
ubuntu8989Hi there. Currently i am trying to troubleshoot my windows machine using Ubuntu live cd. It has only windows operating system. I have come to the live session. Now my problem is that i am not able to create any file in C Drive( /dev/sda1). For other drives, its ok. Am i doing something wrong?10:42
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ActionParsnipubuntu8989: ask in ##windows for windows support10:43
alfonsojonubuntu8989: Boot into Windows, run chkdsk C:10:43
alfonsojonUbuntu will not touch a corrupted Windows partition.10:43
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: there is a 1gb "unknown" partition with the same label as my debian iso, and a 464gb "unallocated" space10:43
alfonsojonThat's not good.10:43
Jordan_Ualfonsojon: Yes, because it's from the debian image's partition table, not ShapeShifter499's original one. See the output of "sudo parted -l" they posted earlier. That's why you need to run GParted's partition recovery first, to find the proper start and end for the original parititon, after which fsck can do its job properly.10:44
alfonsojonNevermind then, I thought it maintained the structure of the old partitions10:44
alfonsojonLet GParted's recovery run through, sorry for the mistake10:44
ubuntu8989I am getting this error: "There was an error creating the directory in /media/6E901C39901C09EB", "Error opening file '/media/6E901C39901C09EB/Untitled Document': Input/output error"10:44
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: D:10:44
alfonsojonubuntu8989: That sounds like a hard disk problem.10:44
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: freaking out but still hoping gparted works10:44
ActionParsnipubuntu8989: i suggest you chkdsk your partition in WIndows10:45
alfonsojonubuntu8989: Verify your disk is operating properly with the "Disks" program in Ubuntu 12.10+, or "Disk Utility" in 12.04 and under.10:45
alfonsojonIf it is clear, then run chkdsk from windows, as ActionParsnip said.10:45
ubuntu8989alfonsojon: That's the main problem. I am not able to get into windows. It's not able to boot because boot.ini file is missing.10:45
alfonsojonGet your Windows 8/7/Vista installer disk, boot it, then let it run startup repair10:46
dmitruNetwork vulnerability. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6398965/10:46
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ActionParsnipubuntu8989: so how is this an Ubuntu issue?10:46
hitsujiTMOubuntu8989: install smartmontools10:46
ubuntu8989alfonsojon: Unfortunately, i don't have windows disk, but i do know the content of boot.ini file. If somehow i am able to create boot.ini file in boot drive /dev/sda1, my problem shall get solved.10:47
ubuntu8989I will check sda1 disk as you said.10:47
hitsujiTMOubuntu8989: install smartmontools and run: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda             and pastebin the output here10:49
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: looks like it will be a while10:49
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: Yep.10:50
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: I'm heading to bed soon, it's almost 6 AM and I haven't slept yet10:50
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: I'll be afk till then, if your still around I'll let you know10:50
alfonsojonShapeShifter499: If you make any progress, PM me10:50
ShapeShifter499oh ok10:50
ShapeShifter499will do10:50
DanatohitsujiTMO:  what is a Package?10:54
alfonsojonIt's the bundle which holds the application you want to install10:55
alfonsojonThe package also includes instructions which direct the package manager on how to install it10:55
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arrunGuys hello, please help me to add a local language in my Ubuntu langauge support10:55
hitsujiTMODanato: any app or anything you install is a package. since this is an issue with brightness you should be report this against "linux"10:55
hitsujiTMOarrun: what language is it for?11:00
arrunhitsujiTMO: I thing is that, I wanted to add my local language in my Ubuntu , but how can I do ?11:01
hitsujiTMOarrun: what language?11:01
arrunhitsujiTMO: the spoken language , Tharu11:01
arrunhitsujiTMO: it has the code the11:02
hitsujiTMOtry: mkdir -p /usr/share/locale/the/LC_MEESSAGES            then copy the .mo files to that directory11:05
hitsujiTMOarrun: you may also need to do the same for /usr/share/locale-langpack/the/LC_MESSAGES11:08
hitsujiTMOthat original dir should be /usr/share/locale/the/LC_MESSAGES     sorry11:09
arrunhitsujiTMO: done but, the language doesn't pop in the language support11:10
hitsujiTMOarrun: its not going to because its not indexed in the system. try using update-locale LANG=the.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=the           say if there's any errors11:12
arrunhitsujiTMO: can't we add in the system??11:14
arrunhitsujiTMO: http://dpaste.com/1455494/11:14
hitsujiTMOarrun: where did you get the .mo files?11:19
arrunhitsujiTMO: from launchpad11:19
arrunhitsujiTMO: I translated the pot file in it and got po and mo files11:20
arrunhitsujiTMO: check in it about the http://www-01.sil.org/iso639-3/codes.asp?order=639_3&letter=t11:21
DanatohitsujiTMO:  Do you mind if I mention your screen name here on the report?11:23
hitsujiTMODanato: that's no problem11:23
DanatohitsujiTMO:  ok, i jst wanted to give you the credits11:25
hitsujiTMODanato: ahh, there's no need for that :P11:25
arrunhitsujiTMO: so, whats next dude?11:26
hitsujiTMOarrun: hmm, the best thing to do is maybe ask in #ubuntu-devel   someone there may be able to tell you how to manually install the language correctly. It seems someone is working on a language pack, but the focus seems to be on linux mint, not ubuntu. nothing heas been released yet11:27
arrunhitsujiTMO: bro , its same for mint or ubuntu !!11:27
hitsujiTMOarrun: yes, but the translations may be incomplete for certain software11:29
arrunhitsujiTMO: the main thing is I wanted to add that language in that app11:30
DanatohitsujiTMO:  too late, I hope it wasnt too messy https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/125005111:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 1250051 in linux (Ubuntu) "Backlight switched off at login screen" [Undecided,Incomplete]11:30
hitsujiTMODanato: run apport-collect 125005111:31
DanatohitsujiTMO:  have to install apport first, jst a sec11:32
RagnarHas anyone figured out how to remove the mouse battery indicator in Ubuntu 13.10 yet?11:34
DanatohitsujiTMO:  now i press send?11:35
hitsujiTMODanato: yup11:35
ActionPa1snipRagnar: didnt know there was one specifically for the mouse11:35
RagnarActionPa1snip: there is one, which gets stuck at "estimating"11:36
Ragnarits annoying.11:36
hitsujiTMODanato. once that's done you can go back and change the bug status from incomplete to confirmed11:36
DanatohitsujiTMO:  done, jst saw the comments, much faster than i expected11:37
ActionPa1snipRagnar: if you right click it and show properties, can you turn it off there?11:37
RagnarActionPa1snip: nope, only way is to disable battery information all together (which includes the laptop battery too).11:38
hitsujiTMODanato: sweet, hopefully they'll get a fix some stage soon. That will prob get marked as a duplicate for 765438. As it seems to be an overall common bug for intel hardware.11:39
DanatohitsujiTMO:  thats cool, I hope I contributed for something even though Im still a noob, thanks for the help11:41
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AbhimanyuMy Ubuntu 13.10 installation is not reconizing windows 8 installation is it suppose to happen ?11:55
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co-XZistanyone here?12:00
aslanhow to lock grub with password12:01
ActionPa1snipaslan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Passwords12:04
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: didn'12:06
ShapeShifter499alfonsojon: didn't work12:07
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IJNXIs there some configure flag to set username for some database directories on make install?12:18
IJNXI'm trying to make automatic script to install couchdb from sources...12:19
RoryIJNX: You could modify the Makefile12:20
IJNXRory: not really since I'm downloading sources from url, then untarrin and then running configure + make install.12:23
IJNXNow I wouldn't like to do see scripts for every new version that is available in the future.12:23
RoryIJNX: Do you mean "set username" as in chown?12:24
IJNXI wan't the log file and database directory to be accessible for couchdb user12:24
IJNXinstall script is run by root and those files become "root" owned.12:24
IJNXnow I have solved some of it file by file altering afterwards, which feel quite backward way of doing it.12:25
RoryIJNX: See, your initial question depends on the configure script provided by the program. There may be a way of doing it; does the source come with a README or INSTALL file which explains available configure flags?12:26
IJNXand since most of the databases are run nowadays by a specific user, I was hoping there is "standard" way of installing it via ./configure --setuser=couchdb12:26
IJNXRory: the script doesn't have any user specfic.12:28
IJNXexcept: --bindir12:28
RoryIJNX: Then adding the relevant "chown" commands to your script would be the best way12:28
IJNXyes, that what I was afraid of.12:28
IJNXI wonder how apt-get does that12:28
Rorywell apt-get doesn't build the sources from upstream, it just installs binaries built by Ubuntu12:29
IJNXthat's true.12:29
IJNX12.04 comes with _very_ old couchdb, so sources are only option12:30
ActionPa1snipIJNX: there may be a PPA for a newer version12:32
dewdgang-frankhey everyone12:32
dewdgang-frankI'd like to boot ubuntu directly from DVD and start the bitcoin-qt wallet client without internet connection to create a secure paper wallet. problem is, that I need an internet connection to install some things via terminal. Any ideas on how to solve this?!12:33
dewdgang-frank(Im not an experienced linux user)12:33
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IJNXusing company machines to mine bit coins outside office hours?12:36
dewdgang-frankanyone can help me out with this problem please im trying since days and days..12:36
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Rorydewdgang-frank: Take a look at this guide on customising the LiveCD with a tool called relinux http://www.howtoforge.com/creating-your-own-distributable-ubuntu-dvd-relinux12:38
dewdgang-frankahw damn thats a bit complicated :/ just want my paper wallet with a clean os thats not windows or mac to boot and shut down after creating it12:40
dewdgang-frankall these terminal commands are confusing me too much, I have no one that can guide me trough this...12:40
Rorydewdgang-frank: Well, creating your own live distro is necessarily a slightly complex task12:40
dewdgang-frankRory just need the things that are needed to run bitcoin-qt to create a paper wallet. thats all.12:41
Rorydewdgang-frank: There's a distro called "linuxcoin" which includes a bitcoin client https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/LinuxCoin12:41
KartagisI am using ubuntu 13.10, and whenever I get a notification from skype, my sound card goes 'buzzzzz'. any ideas?12:41
dewdgang-frankRory okay how do I know that I can trust "linuxcoin" since I havent heard once from it12:42
RoryYou don't know you can trust it12:42
dewdgang-frankI see I never get to safely store my Bitcoins anywhere..12:43
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RoryYou could download the .deb files you need to install; put them on a flash drive or something. Then boot from the Ubuntu LiveCD without an Internet connection, and install them manually12:43
dewdgang-frankyes thats what I asked in the beginning. But I dont know how exactly12:44
RoryWell they wouldn't be automatically installed, you'd still need to install a folder full of .deb files12:44
dewdgang-frankas far as I remember it cant be more than 2-3 files that are needed to run the Bitcoin-QT client (bitcoin.org)12:44
Rorydewdgang-frank: Run "sudo apt-get clean" to empty the cache directory12:45
DJonesdewdgang-frank: Any reason for using a DVD rather than a live USB with persistance? That would give you the option to install apps once & keep them there without having to resintall12:45
RoryDJones: I assume he wants there to be no Internet connection at any point on this system12:46
Rorydewdgang-frank: Then run "sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt" or whatever, and the deb files will be in /var/cache/apt/archives you can copy them out12:46
dewdgang-frankDJones I dont have any option to do it with a USB drive. Thats why I use the DVD/CD Boot method. And I can use the CD or DVD in the future again to create more paper wallet for bitcoin storage, because the CD/DVD will always be clean12:46
dewdgang-frankRory yes I already tried sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt and just doesnt work12:47
Rorydewdgang-frank: Why not? Did you copy out the .deb files and try to install them on the live system?12:47
dewdgang-frankit says some dependencies are missing12:47
Rorydewdgang-frank: That's why you have to copy out *all* the .deb files not just that one for bitcoin-qt12:48
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dewdgang-frankugh this is too complicated for me ... :/12:48
Rorydewdgang-frank: I gave you the exact instructions lol12:49
dewdgang-frankyes but missing the part with the dependency files12:49
Rorydewdgang-frank: On a machine that doesn't have bitcoin-qt installed, run "sudo apt-get clean" then "sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt" then copy the .deb files out of the /var/cache/apt/archive directory12:50
Rorydewdgang-frank: If even that is too complicated, then you could make a LiveUSB with persistance, as DJones said above12:50
dewdgang-frankI dont know how to download the missing files for installing bt-qt. how to install bt-qt thats with apt-get install, i know. but i didnt get to that point12:50
Rorydewdgang-frank: Installing bitcoin-qt will also install the dependencies12:50
dewdgang-frankRory 13:46 dewdgang-frank: DJones I dont have any option to do it with a USB drive. Thats why I use the DVD/CD Boot method. And I can use the CD or DVD in the future again to create more paper wallet for bitcoin storage, because the CD/DVD will always be clean12:51
j_ellyi am experiencing a screen-freeze-bug (?) with nvidia-driver (319.32) and gt540m on ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS. changing to vt (strg+f1 - f6) and back to xserver helps temporarily but i am looking for a longterm-solution. anybody with a clue or experiences due this bug?12:51
freakynlem1 also seems to drop link for up to 27secs at a time, visible on switch end, nothing is logged in dmesg whatsoever12:52
freakynlHi, anyone know if there are regressions, yet again, on e1000 with 13.10 server? My server has 2 NICs, em1 has about 12% packetloss pinging locally. If it's in rest first 6 pings are always gone, switch doesn't see the mac address in it's table unless I'm actually pinging (and get response). em2 has no issues with 13.10. Both work fine with win 8.112:52
ActionPa1snipj_elly: tried the Unity2D session?12:53
j_ellynot yet, using gnome-fallback instead but with effects.12:53
ActionPa1snipj_elly: try without effects12:54
j_ellyok, will do so12:54
hitsujiTMOfreakynl: it could help if you posted the output of ifconfig    and posted your /etc/network/interfaces12:54
fhfso guys is this channel releated to general ubuntu talk or not?12:54
popeyfhf: support, not chat12:54
hitsujiTMOfhf for chat try #ubuntu-offtopic12:55
freakynlhitsujiTMO: what part of ifconfig would you like? It's on dhcp still12:55
fhfok thanks12:55
hitsujiTMOfreakynl: when the problem is noccuring is both interfaces up?12:55
hitsujiTMOfreakynl: are both interfaces supplied details from dhcp when the problem is occuring?12:57
freakynldon't have enough cabling there so either em1 or em2 is connected. em2 gives no issues whatsoever, em1 always misses the first 6 pings (unless network was used in the 2-3 secs before starting the ping, like dhcp client) and then still drops around 12% after that up to 27s consecutive at a time. dmesg shows no drop in link and ifconfig shows no errors/packetloss/whatever. I'm quite amazed at how often I run into issues with intel stuff lately (esp. e12:57
hitsujiTMOfreakynl: ahh kk, just needed to confirm that it wasn't a config issue12:59
freakynlhitsujiTMO: afraid not :(, probably will work if I go to 12.04.3 have 2 of the exact same boxes with 12.04.1 and they work fine. That is, after a couple of kernel updates iirc, had issues with the NICs there the first time too13:00
freakynl12.04.3 uses 3.8 tho' (this has 3.11)13:01
s_faradayhi guys13:01
s_faradayI try to make a package13:01
s_faradaybut seeing this error13:01
s_faradayafter "make" command13:01
s_faradayAgentModel/../Cochlea/../SocketComm/AgentSocketComm/../../Socket/socket.hh:248:17: error: ‘::write’ has not been declared13:01
s_faradaymake[1]: *** [AgentModel/checkDirectionOfFall.lo] Error 113:01
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freakynls_faraday: what package might that be13:03
s_faradayfreakykyn https://launchpad.net/littlegreenbats/+download13:04
RosettaHow do I make the current logged in user a root account?13:04
freakynlRosetta: there's only 1 root account. But do 'sudo -i'13:05
Rosettafreakynl: and what will this do exactly I just want to have root on my account all the time I do not care about the risk's I'm tired of not being able to use the computer how I normally would on windows13:05
freakynlRosetta: go back to windows13:06
geirhaRosetta: It logs you in as root in that terminal13:06
freakynlRosetta: unless you're installing stuff 95% of the time or changing system parameters there's no need to be root 100% of the time13:06
philinuxRosetta: read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:06
freakynlRosetta: unlike windows they understood how permissions should work properly for decades in *nix13:07
j_ellyback again: screen-freeze-issue also with unity-2d or gnome-classic (no effects); any clue about nvidia-driver or someone experienced same bug?13:08
j_ellyis it possible to deactivate nvidia-driver without uninstalling?13:08
RosettaSweet so sudo -i can make it so my account is always root ;D13:09
freakynls_faraday: I'm getting the same error (and I'm on gentoo). Probably something that has been changed in glibc or kernel includes or something like that. Package hasn't been updated in 3 years13:09
Rosettafuck you terminal sudo-ing for every action I ever wanna do ;)13:09
ActionPa1snipRosetta: your account is not always root, just that terminal session13:09
freakynlRosetta: no, sudo -i makes you root in whatever shell you're in currently, it doesn't do anything for the other shells/windows you have running13:09
ActionPa1snipRosetta: and not every command needs sudo13:09
s_faradayfreakynl: yes, you right13:10
Rosettaahh balls I thought that waaas my key out of this mess13:10
ubottuRosetta,: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:10
ActionPa1snipRosetta: no, its a good security tool too. Running apps as user when that's all the access needed is a good user model13:10
RosettaActionPalsnip: I just want freedom , I don't like restriction13:11
philinuxRosetta: that rootsudo link should explain all. pros and cons. also this might improve your workflow. http://www.webupd8.org/2013/10/install-nemo-with-unity-patches-and.html13:11
ActionPa1snipRosetta: its not restricted, you can use sudo and get the exact same access as root13:11
Rosettaphilinux: this helped but I would like to not ever have to go into terminal and type anything to use root , I Just want it enabled when I login for ever13:12
philinuxRosetta: at the end of the day it's your machine and you take the risk. ;)13:12
Rosettaphilinux: I don't mind the risk ;) I just want to know how to get the risk lo13:13
freakynlRosetta: why did you move from win98? Should be your favorite OS of all times13:13
ActionPa1snipRosetta: so system security is low on your priorities.....strange13:13
Rosettafreakynl: to make my programming life easier with make make install ,etc13:13
* cfhowlett suspects cleverly disguised t'ing13:13
ActionPa1snipRosetta: imagine anyone online being able to access any file on your system....is that what you desire?13:14
RosettaActionPalsnip: I've never been hacked , got a major virus , or screwed up my bios ever since I've used my pc from the gecko13:14
MonkeyDustwhat's t'ing?13:14
geirhafreakynl: is it really that much trouble to run sudo make install instead of make install?13:14
geirhaRosetta: ^13:14
freakynlgeirha: yea, that's why I run sudo -i :P13:14
Rosettagierha: my wooooord you guys just don't get it do you!!13:14
meteors2313hello all13:14
cfhowlettmeteors2313, greetings13:15
RosettaI don't give a crap about sudo! or this stupid commands I just want root access fully13:15
ActionPa1snipRosetta: basically you have no idea what you are actually asking for, all for a tiny bit of convenience which is the odd command every now and again13:15
RosettaActionPalsnip: what happend to user-friendly-ness13:15
freakynlRosetta: oh I get it. There's nothing to keep you from being the !@#% you want to be. So here you go: edit /etc/passwd and change the UID (the number) of your regular user account to 013:15
alexbeckHi everyone. I am having nasty issues with latest ubuntu on Acer Aspire. Could someone look into my situation, described here http://askubuntu.com/questions/375413/been-trying-to-switch-to-linux-for-10-years-help-with-acer-aspire-issues-please13:15
ActionPa1snipRosetta: I'm boweing out of this, I think you need to research. Why do you think Windows users get so many issues? Because the default user model is administrator13:15
meteors2313which is the best web irc client?13:15
=== berg is now known as Guest9577
ubottumeteors2313,: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.13:16
Rosettaahh ha yes the UID ;)13:16
freakynlRosetta: and then don't ever come crying to whatever channel/forum you got hacked/whacked or rm -rf'ed all your stuff :)13:16
ActionPa1snipmeteors2313: there is no single best client for anything in any OS13:16
geirhameteors2313: The one with all the features you need13:16
Rosettafreakynl: just reinstall/reformat and wala done everything will be saved on a network harddrive anyways ;)13:16
MonkeyDustmeteors2313  'best' depends on what you like most13:16
cfhowlettfreakynl, +113:16
meteors2313ohkk then which are some of the commonly agreed good web irc clients? :P I'm new to irc so just asking.13:17
NanorHello, I'm having a problem with setting up dual monitors where one screen is a different resolution than the other?13:17
cfhowlettmeteors2313, open software center.  search for IRC13:17
philinuxmeteors2313: I like xchat ymmv13:18
meteors2313cflolett web irc client13:18
cfhowlettalexbeck, acer aspire?  dell xps 13 works out of the box ...13:18
NanorThe screens aren't aligned properly. The launch bar, for example, is displayed half way across the screen but still responds as if it were in its normal position13:18
meteors2313sorry cfhowlett13:18
philinuxmeteors2313: chatzilla FF addon13:18
RosettaYey I'm happy now thank you so much guys! :>13:18
Rosettajust gotta reboot I suppose13:19
cfhowlettmeteors2313, try chatzilla/xchat13:19
alexbeckHi everyone. I am having nasty issues with latest ubuntu on Acer Aspire. Could someone look into my situation, described here http://askubuntu.com/questions/375413/been-trying-to-switch-to-linux-for-10-years-help-with-acer-aspire-issues-please13:19
meteors2313Also how do are you pointing messages to me mean are you writing my name always or there's some other shortcut13:19
cfhowlettmeteors2313, tab complete13:20
meteors2313thanks i'll try chatzilla13:20
philinuxmeteors2313: see this http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ubuntu13:20
meteors2313I tried xchat but it's too buggy and often crashes on my ubuntu gnome13:20
meteors2313also it does not integrate with the notification centre13:21
cfhowlettmeteors2313, a web based irc, as you requested will NOT integrate.13:21
ShapeShifter499ActionPa1snip: you mentioned testdisk right?13:21
meteors2313cfhowlett: yah that's ok but it often crashed13:22
Rosettafreakynl: So I changed my number to 0 and it said I have no name anymore so I changed it back to make sure everything worked like it did before just wondering would I need to delete the root user on the list of passwd?13:22
cfhowlettmeteors2313, you're confusing.  If you want web based irc = no integration ...13:22
philinuxmeteors2313: you might have not installed xchat-indicator13:23
meteors2313cfhowlett: and that was cause of some bug in notification when i clicked in the message tray it(xchat) opened and crashed13:23
meteors2313philinux: i did sudo apt-get install xchat13:23
freakynlalexbeck: no offense but uh I think you still need to learn how to report errors after 10 years of trying. That's probably why it took so long in the first place :). You don't even mention what error - just that you had one. Unless there's psychics here you won't get help13:23
meteors2313so i thought that web irc would be a better option13:24
freakynlRosetta: nah multiple users with same UID will work - just might get confusing. Deleting root is bad, apps might depend on it, so might scripts etc.13:24
philinuxmeteors2313: xchat-indicator is optional it's not a dependency of xchat13:25
Rosettafreakynl: Brillant thank you so much ;)13:25
meteors2313philinux: ok i'm going to do sudo apt-get install xchat-indicator, do i need to install anything else above that13:26
manolohello everyone13:26
manoloany1 could pls help?13:27
manoloi need to make the usb tv tuner works13:27
MonkeyDustmanolo  starrt with a question13:27
philinuxmeteors2313: you may have to set the channel notifications in xchat by right click on channel name.13:27
manolohow can i make the usb tv tuner works?13:27
manoloin ubuntu 13.1013:28
meteors2313philinux: also there are two xchat in my repo, xchat and xchat-gnome which one should I go for I'm on Ubuntu Gnome 13.0413:28
alexbeckfreaky[t] it didnt say anything specific, otherwise I would have put it down13:28
philinuxmeteors2313: do a search > xchat vs xchat-gnome13:29
ritz_philinux xchat is better13:29
ritz_xchat-gnome needs a massive refresh13:29
mjaykand IRSSI > xchat and all :D13:30
freakynlalexbeck: ok but the problem now is there's nothing concrete in the report and everybody will just not know what to do with it13:30
meteors2313ritz_: so what do you suggest xchat or xchat-gnome13:30
ritz_xchat as of now13:30
space_does anyone know where a good tutorial on networking ubuntu and windows is?13:31
hitsujiTMOmeteors2313: personally i'd suggest hexchat13:31
bgardneralexbeck: Which model Aspire?13:31
Rory!samba | space_ do you mean like this?13:31
ubottuspace_ do you mean like this?: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.13:31
MonkeyDustmeteors2313  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XChat-GNOME <-- "Considered more usable for beginners than XChat"13:31
space_let me check it out rory, thanks13:31
alexbeckfreakynl man I've written it all there, I've been installing linux on this laptop for years, I've been getting all types of messages. That last one as I said didn't say ANYTHING, just an internal system error or something.13:32
alexbeckbgardner acer aspire 5742g13:32
Rosettafreakynl: Do you know any good user guide books for ubuntu I'll probbably go buy one :>13:32
hitsujiTMO!manual | Rosetta13:33
ubottuRosetta: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:33
meteors2313how do you join channel in xchat-gnome13:33
Rosettametoeros2313: /join #ubuntu13:34
MonkeyDustmeteors2313  like in any other irc client13:34
freakynlRosetta: actually I only run some servers on ubuntu, I run many other distro's and I don't really read books, they're outdated too fast (well IT ones anyways) :)13:36
bgardneralexbeck: Well, I do have an Aspire and I was going to share my own experience - but it's a totally different model so it probably wouldn't help you much.13:36
freakynlalexbeck: always the same laptop? Has it's hardware been tested if so? You might have bad ram or something13:36
Rosettafreakynl: which are your favorite distro's ;D13:36
Rosettaoh great sound is not enabled on my UID and the sound settings are not showing anything ...13:38
freakynlRosetta: lsf and gentoo but that's more because I can play around with them a lot and learn a lot - not because they're so useful production wise :)13:38
Rosettafreakynl: gentoo I remember trying that out a long time ago when I was first introduced to linux , I must have had like 40 discs with different distro's , tried pclinuxos , mandriva , gentoo,opensuse , ubuntu 8.0 , fedora , some weird ones like DSLinux , puppydog or whatever it was called lol13:39
geirhajust puppy13:40
Rosettageirha: all I remember it was blue and tiny13:40
=== ragle_ is now known as ragle
cloudgee1I installed  manually NGINX server in /opt/nginx now if I want start it then I use /opt/nginx/sbin/nginx but I don't what to do when I need to restart it13:51
cloudgee1any help13:52
Rorycloudgee1: If you installed it manually and there are no init scripts available (service nginx restart) try asking in the channel #nginx13:53
cloudgee1Rory: I know that using service ..but I done it manually for some reson13:54
hitsujiTMOcloudgee1: have a read of http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/      on thing you could try is to install nginx from the repo and copy the service scripts from there13:56
CoDEmanXhey there13:56
Roryjery: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?13:56
CoDEmanXi wanna let a php script check for free space on a mounted network hdd, but can't find any convenient shell command...13:57
NanorI've just installed Ubuntu on my Dell Inspiron 15 and my fans area reaallly loud. Why is this?13:57
CoDEmanXdf -h lists the one i'm after among others, but not sure how to retrieve just that one (grep feels a bit unsafe?)13:57
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: df -h13:57
=== Advocation_ is now known as Advocation
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: i'm aware of df -h, but it's not really convenient to use for a script, i want the free space in bytes13:58
josh__Nanor, what's your system usage like?13:58
Nanorjosh__, nothing. I'm sitting at desktop13:59
NanorFrom a fresh boot13:59
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: df with awk then13:59
NanorThough that said, it has just quietened down13:59
NanorThere's one problem down...13:59
josh__It could just be sometime in the background after boot13:59
josh__nanor: what other problems are you having?13:59
johelish_I'm going crazy! I got this cronjob added and it runs when I launch it from terminal or when I execute it from Webmin GUI but when I try to run it on a scheduled time I get this error; bash: backup: command does not exist. The command I'm trying to run is; bash -l -c 'backup perform --trigger files' > ~/backup_cron.log 2>&114:00
Nanorjosh__, I'm trying to dual screen. Whenever I plug in the VGA cable of my second monitor my screen starts to flicker like crazy and the windows aren't where they should be14:00
Roryjohelish_: it is because the "backup" program isn't in root's path14:00
Rory!path | johelish_14:00
ubottujohelish_: path is The $PATH variable tells the shell where to look for the commands you tell it to run. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#File-location_related_variables14:00
Nanorjosh__, like this: http://i.imgur.com/ICyKuaZ.jpg14:01
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: thanks, that's better, although "w" is not a valid optio14:01
jeryRory I want to install linux multimedia?14:01
Roryjery: What do you mean by linux multimedia?14:01
Nanorjosh__, it also causes the GPU fans to spin up like crazy14:01
johelish_Rory: Aha! I thought it was Path independent cuz I can run it from whatever directory but I guess cron stripes bash14:02
Rory!details | jery14:02
ubottujery: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:02
josh__Nanor: Damn that doesn't look good14:02
ReliantHello. I just upgraded Ubuntu fom 13.04 to 13.10 and now I'm looking at a blank screen that shows only my desktop background. No buttons, no menus, no prompts, nothing at all14:02
freakynlI'm going crazy too. Ubuntu had 12% packetloss on em1. Replaced all cables, rebooted several times, still 12% packetloss. Boot windows once on the machine, go back to linux and packetloss is gone. That's seriously upsetting14:02
Roryjohelish_: Is it an alias?14:02
johelish_no, it's a ruby program14:02
MonkeyDustjery  start with ubuntu-restricted-extras14:02
Roryjohelish_: Where is the actual binary (output of the command: "which backup")14:02
josh__Nanor, okay so that's definitely a problem.14:02
johelish_Rory: /usr/local/bin/backup14:03
Roryjohelish_: Replace "backup" in the cronjob with the full path you just said14:03
josh__Nanor, What happens if you try to change the resolution in the settings?14:03
geirhaOr better, add /usr/local/bin to PATH in the crontab or script14:03
Nanorjosh__, of which screen?14:03
Rosettafreakynl: when changing my UID and GID I find that most functionality that I had as my orginal un-admin user is gone like sound for instance is not even showing up my sound cards on the settings why is this and how would I go about fixing this?14:03
ActionPa1snipfreakynl: what driver module are you using?14:04
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: it wraps long lines, that adds even more complexity...14:04
Nanorjosh__, I found a temporary work around, but it's quite sloppy14:04
freakynlActionPa1snip: e100014:04
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: I meant use df with awk ... as in: df | grep /dev/sda1 | awk '{ print $4 }'14:04
ActionPa1snipfreakynl: is the interface detected at the right speed and duplex level?14:04
freakynlRosetta: I don't run ubuntu desktop's. Probably something with pulseaudio not liking your root setup14:04
josh__Nanor, of either. As in, do the settings even work? What's your sloppy work around?14:04
Rosettafreakynl: pulseaudio hmm how do I change or work with pulseaudio then14:05
Nanorjosh__, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214979114:05
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: just replace /dev/sda1 with whatever drive you want14:05
jeryproblem for instalation are slowly I by no English lol14:05
freakynlActionPa1snip: yes, dmesg doesn't log anything either, but the mac address of the nic is only findable on the managed switch whilst pinging (well was - I had replaced everything several times, many reboots and running windows once solved it.... can't reproduce any more)14:05
Roryjery: What language do you speak?14:05
Rosettaenglish motha fogger do you speak it lol14:05
johelish_Rory: Seems like logic! Thanks alot.. I'm trying to run the cron job in two mins.. :-)14:05
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:05
johelish_jery: there's a french ubuntu channel to14:06
ActionPa1snipfreakynl: is it a virtual PC guest OS?14:06
Nanorjosh__, Changing the resolution has no effect14:06
josh__Nanor, does the sloppy work around fix anything?14:06
Nanorjosh__, Then when I unplug the VGA cable everything returns to normal except the screen is dimmer and turning the brightness up hard freezes14:06
freakynlActionPa1snip: custom build (2nd hand) HP server. ILO calls it a proliant SE1220 but you're not going to find that model, HP can't even find it if I call their support ;)14:06
Nanorjosh__, It does. Makes it work fine. Will I just have to resort to running that on boot?14:07
ReliantIs it possible to remove Unity from Ubuntu 13.10?14:07
ubottuReliant,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic14:07
freakynlReliant: iirc they're called xubuntu, kubuntu, etc.14:07
ReliantI already have Ubuntu installed14:07
cfhowlettReliant, install lxde or xfce4 or kde14:07
=== parduse is now known as Guest99409
ReliantI use cinnamon, but from reading up on my problem, it conflicts with Unity, causing nothing to work14:08
josh__Nanor, possibly. If it's an incompatibility between your drivers and xrandr you're going to have some problems14:08
k1l_Reliant: unity is a desktop enviroment. you can install another desktop and choose that one on logincreen14:08
bgardnerReliant: They (xubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu) can all coexist, no need to reinstall.14:08
ReliantI don't even get the login screen14:08
josh__Nanor, have you tried using different graphics drivers from software sources?14:08
Nanorjosh__, Nope. I'll give that a go now.14:08
ReliantMy desktop environment is completely blank. No buttons, no menus, no icons14:08
philinuxReliant: what do you get?14:08
ReliantI get my background picture14:09
k1l_Reliant: the login screen is seperated from the desktop.14:09
Nanorjosh__, Are the additional drivers fglrx-updates ok?14:09
ReliantWhat's the keyboard shortcut to logout?14:09
k1l_Reliant: so there might be a problem with video drivers etc and not with unity in the first place14:09
bgardnerReliant: Alt-F4 on the desktop?14:09
Reliantalt-f4 does nothing14:09
cfhowlettReliant, reboot.  login to command line.  sudo apt-get install xfce4.  reboot.  choose the xfce environment.  login.14:10
philinuxReliant: at the background open a termninal ctrl+alt+t then dconf reset -f /org/compiz/14:10
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: looks promising, gave me the percentage of free space, but now an error occurs, deprecated nfs file access number...14:10
bgardnerReliant: Worth a shot - sorry, I know nothing about cinnamon.14:10
ActionPa1snipfreakynl: could try unloading then reloading the e1000 module, see if it helps14:10
josh__Nanor, I think so, though they don't always work. For best effect you'll have to restart as you try each combination. I remember on one laptop I had 5 different graphics drivers to toggle. Lots of combinations!14:10
Reliantctrl+alt+t does nothing. I can use alt+f2 to get a terminal14:10
ActionPa1snipfreakynl: could aslo check the connection settings and speed etc after you have booted to WIndows then back14:10
philinuxthats good then Reliant14:10
Nanorjosh__, Well that's my afternoon sorted! Thanks for your help :)14:10
k1l_well, that is more a cinnamon problem, than a unity problem, imho14:10
hitsujiTMOdf also just gives Kb not byte14:11
philinuxReliant: try the dconf reset14:11
josh__Nanor, you're quite welcome! If you have any more problems just give me a bell14:11
philinuxReliant: then setsid unity14:11
Nanorjosh__, Will do, restart time!14:12
bgardnercfhowlett: This keeps getting asked - someone needs to teach Ubottu about cinnamon.14:12
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: what's the exact error?14:12
Reliantthe dconf reset gave an error "Error spawning command line.."14:12
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cfhowlettbgardner, no ubottu only responds to items actually in the repos.14:12
bgardnercfhowlett: No, I mean with the same reply she gives to !mint14:12
josh__Nanor, and the games begin!14:12
=== parduse is now known as Guest21794
cfhowlettbgardner, true, true14:12
CoDEmanX Zugriff auf /var/USB_BACKUP nicht möglich: Veraltete NFS-Dateizugriffsnummer14:13
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: seems to be fixed after mount -a, but no clue why this happens in the first place :(14:13
RosettaDoes anyone know why UID and GID 0 is not allowing pulse audio to not play sound?14:13
Rosettaor whatever is going wrong with the UID and GID 0 with pulse audio14:14
philinuxReliant: from you command prompt type in gnome-terminal and try14:14
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: an odd one. a quick search of the error you stated show 0 results14:14
Reliantright now I removed the auto-login from lightdm so I can get to a login prompt14:15
DJonesbgardner: cfhowlett: Using the same response to !mint for !cinnamon wouldn't be correct, Mint is a different distro, wheras Cinnamon is just a desktop thats packaged for Ubuntu14:15
cfhowlettDJones, cinnamon designed for ubuntu?  why is it not in the repos?14:16
bgardnerDJones: cfhowlett Agreed, but still seems worth teaching her a bit about it.14:16
DJonescfhowlett: It is in the repos14:16
bhekWould anybody have any ideas as to why Ubuntu might drain my laptop battery a lot faster than Windows?14:16
DJonescfhowlett: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=cinnam&searchon=names&suite=saucy&section=all14:16
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: can't tell what the exact english error msg would be...14:16
hitsujiTMObhek: you have no power management working14:17
cfhowlettDJones, ah.  silly me.  still on 12.04 LTS so my search was null.  thanks for clarification14:17
DJonescfhowlett: No worries14:17
DJonesBeen there since at least 13.0414:17
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: the english error message is "Stale NFS file handle" it seems14:18
CoDEmanXah ok14:19
toafanI know there's a way to manually mark partitions (or maybe even entire disks?) to be fsck'd when the system reboots, but I don't remember anything else about it.  Can someone point me in the right direction?14:20
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: it's explained here http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/nfs-stale-file-handle-error-and-solution.html the bit in italics14:20
bhekhitsujiTMO: I can't find what it is that's draining it14:20
enihi, is it possible to add 1 extra monitor to my laptop14:21
hitsujiTMObhek: what gpu do you have?14:21
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: hm ok, it's a mounted NAS, and the NAS server software might have used it for something14:21
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
CoDEmanXit's actually a usb hdd connected to a synology NAS, mounted on another computer (webserver)14:22
ubuntoidhi all. tell me pls, can i install php 5.5 (or at least 5.4) on my server with ubuntu 11.04 running?14:24
toafaneni: like an external monitor?  Sure.  I forget exactly how, I'm afraid, it should be in display preferences somewhere.14:24
PriestyHi all I have a question that I can not seem to find the answer too14:24
Priestythe question is...14:24
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: df | grep -A1 /volumeUSB1/usbshare | awk '{print $1, $2, $3, $4}' <-- prints the matching line directly, and awk doesn't seem to pick it up. I guess i need to join both lines first. how would i go about it?14:25
enitoafan, i fixed it thanks,.14:25
toafanubottu: !help | Priesty14:26
ubottuPriesty: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:26
=== master is now known as Guest32988
PriestyHow can I add Ubuntu to the Windows 8 bootloader using  bcdedit, I have gpt harddrive so cannot use easybcd i will have to use bcdedit and I have UEFI with secure boot enabled and both windows and ubuntu are installed and booting correctly14:26
toafanI feel smart14:26
RoryPriesty: Is there a reason you want to do that rather than use Grub? Grub would be a lot easier14:27
PriestyI would like to set it so that i can go either way if possible14:28
Priestyusing grub or windows boot manager14:28
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: what are the 2 device names you're looking for?14:29
toafanPriesty: you'll have to use one or the other.  Pretty sure there's no way around that14:29
RoryPriesty: Grub would be easier; it will add an option for Windows 814:29
Rory!grub | Priesty first link here14:29
ubottuPriesty first link here: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:29
jarnosHow can I report an audio bug? I have remarkable noise shown in input levels in Audacity, even if Capture channel is muted. There is more noise in the left channel.14:30
toafaneasier is probably relative.  It would be possible, though14:30
ubottujarnos,: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:30
Priestyok well i heard that when windows boots it sometimes switches the default loader from grub back to windows boot menu so i think i would rather add ubuntu to the windows boot loader menu14:31
keyborad_apemanhello all, trying to install fresh gnome ubuntu on lenovo T510 (was running TLS 12.04 before) but for some reason getting kernel panic - not syncing : No init found... Any ideas ? Thanks14:31
josh__Priesty, I think I may having something that can help you14:31
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: maybe this is more along the lines of what you want: df | grep "/dev/sda1\|/dev/sda3" | awk '{ print $1 " " $4 }'14:31
jarnoscfhowlett, Bug #125009214:32
ubottubug 1250092 in apport (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-bug does not let report an audio bug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125009214:32
josh__Priesty, whenever I wanted to do that I used http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/14:32
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: the "\|"   is an OR operator in grep regex14:32
josh__Priesty, Windows program and it's fairly easy to use14:32
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SmilexI have Ubuntu 13.04, yet when I go to software updater, I don't get an option to upgrade the system, why?14:32
PriestyI would to add ubuntu to the windows boot menu by using bcdedit to add a bootmanager entry14:32
RorySmilex: Try the command: "sudo do-release-upgrade"14:32
jarnoscfhowlett, I don14:32
jarnoscfhowlett, I don't know which package I should report the bug against.14:33
keyborad_apemantrying one more time  -> hello all, trying to install fresh gnome ubuntu on lenovo T510 (was running TLS 12.04 before) but for some reason getting kernel panic - not syncing : No init found... Any ideas ? Thanks14:33
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josh__Priesty, yeah that's what you'd do14:33
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tork_ok, trying to get my hp LJ1018 to work.  when I run hp-setup -i, I get "error: No device selected/specified or that supports this functionality."14:34
josh__Priesty, And then if you wanted GRUB to stop showing up once booting into Linux from there you'd have to eddit your GRUB config14:34
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: hm no, i actually don't want to grep the free space of two mounted volumes14:34
Priestybut how as I cannot seem to get he right settings without it complaining it can't find shimx64.efi14:34
CoDEmanXlet me show you the original df14:34
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Smilexkeyborad_apeman, https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/kernal-panic-no-init-found-try-passing-init%3D-option-to-kernel-159155/ <- Does this help?14:34
jarnoscfhowlett, For what it is worth, I have alsa-info here: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=0503395519eeff03fd8ee8c9e8c292c754221f8c14:35
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: install pastebinit and then run: df | pastebinit14:35
PriestyOne way I did get it working was to copy and ammended the windows boot MANAGER entry14:35
SmilexRory, I guess calling do-release-upgrade in sudo did the trick, thanks14:35
Priestybut when i tried to do this again after restoring the bcd it would work14:36
Priestywould not work14:36
fsloanI upgraded to 13.04 but lost my kernel in the process. Computer will only boot into memtest86..14:36
SmilexPriesty, paste the grub entry?14:36
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: i need to grep volumeUSB1..., as /var/USB_BACKUP may change (mount name)14:36
Smilexfsloan, did you have enough space on /boot ?14:37
Priestynot using grub14:37
keyborad_apemanSmilex: sorry to say it does not, rescue more does not help14:37
CoDEmanXand df wraps the line 'cause of the full network address14:37
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: what os is this?14:37
path0genhello all. I'm locked out of an ubuntu VM on my machine bc I changed the password to something ridiculous -_-14:37
SmilexPriesty, oh, sorry14:37
ActionPa1snippath0gen: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword14:37
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS14:37
keyborad_apemanSmilex: ubutntu 13.04 installs with out issues but gnome version do not ...very odd14:37
fsloanSmilex: Not at first, but I tried to get fancy and write a bash script to remove all of my old kernels. And accidentally removed ALL of them ....14:38
cfhowlettfsloan, d'oh!14:38
Smilexkeyborad_apeman, would it be an issue to try 13.10 ?14:38
toafanpath0gen: did you encrypt the "hard drive" when you created the disk image/installed?14:38
chenqisu123when i  try installing ia32-libs, it says: "Package ia32-libs is not available, but is referred to by another package.14:38
chenqisu123This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or14:38
chenqisu123is only available from another source14:38
chenqisu123However the following packages replace it:14:38
chenqisu123  lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0"14:38
FloodBot1chenqisu123: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:38
keyborad_apemanSmilex: sorry my bad its 13.10 (damn these old eyes )14:38
Smilexfsloan, well, you could compile your own kernel (personally I find that pretty fun), or you can download the ubuntu kernel14:39
keyborad_apemanSmilex: sorry my bad its 13.10 (damn these old eyes )14:39
fsloanSmilex: Downloading would probably be easier (I'm on an old pentium 4..)14:39
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: can you paste the output of: df | grep /volumeUSB1/usbshare14:40
beanchenqisu123: yep, ia32 libs is gone now14:40
beanchenqisu123: in general you'll just "apt-get install the-package:i386" to get the 32 bit version14:41
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: http://www.pasteall.org/4717614:41
Smilexfsloan, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.12-saucy/ <- this might work. Go one up to see the full list14:41
CoDEmanXit's missing the second line with information i'm after14:41
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: i see, df has a different ouput format in 12.04+ it seems. its all one line for me.14:42
Smilexkeyborad_apeman, found nothing on the internet. So does Ubuntu work, but not the gnome theme?14:42
keyborad_apemanSmilex: yes thats correct, default ubuntu does but gnome version doesn't14:43
Smilexkeyborad_apeman, #gnome might know better14:43
fsloanSmilex: ok, I will grab those, but I've never been in this position before. What do I do with them once I have them?14:43
keyborad_apemanSmilex: will try there thanks14:43
Smilexkeyborad_apeman, I'd assume you'll need to download some gnome stuff that fixes it14:43
chenqisu123bean: thanks, let me have a try14:44
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: it's also a single line for me if it's a short path to the volume14:44
Smilexfsloan, the image goes into /boot. Don't quite remember where the headers go, let me check14:44
path0genI'm encountering a pretty strange problem14:44
freakynlCoDEmanX: try grep -A 114:45
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: can you install pastebinit. sudo apt-get install pastebinit14:45
path0genI am booting into recovery mode, then trying to use my arrow keys to select root prompt. When i try to move the cursor off of normal boot, the arrow key selects it instead of moving down14:45
keyborad_apemanSmilex: i think the issue is with grub but I tried all options when it comes to disk partition and result is the same14:45
geirhaCoDEmanX: df -P14:45
CoDEmanXfreakynl: i tried that, but it printed the first line to console?14:46
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: http://www.pasteall.org/4717814:47
freakynlCoDEmanX: prints the line it finds + one after that14:47
SmilexI got this when trying to upgrade ubuntu - http://hastebin.com/sinuhoguco.coffee - anyone have any hints as to why? (Any known issues with some source, etc)14:48
Nanorjosh__, Hey buddy, fixed the problem :)14:48
CoDEmanXfreakynl: that's right, but it doesn't seem to work with grep + awk14:48
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: can you df | pastebinit               i'm wonderin is df output only that way if going to tty14:48
Nanorjosh__, Still think I'm having that fan issue. There's no system load to speak of and the GPU is at 48C14:48
josh__Nanor, grea14:48
freakynlCoDEmanX: are you on a fixed width console (as in not a xterm or something of which you can increase the size)? It's breaking up to keep the columns right. Might mess around with --output too and the -P option mentioned by geirha14:48
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: if not i have a way that will work14:48
josh__Nanor, great! Though the fan is a problem.14:49
Smilexfsloan, looks like the headers go into /usr/src. Look at this -> http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/linux-headers-3.12.0-2-generic/filelist14:49
ActionPa1snipCoDEmanX: use:  df -h   easier to read :)14:49
Smilexkeyborad_apeman, I don't think GNOME cares about Grub. I could be wrong though14:50
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/LPrJEhST14:50
keyborad_apemanSmilex: seams I'm on my own ( they do not )14:50
geirhaActionPa1snip: Will still break long values into multiple lines. -P avoids that, but can be used in combination with -h14:50
fsloanSmilex: Ah, got it -- thanks. So once I put the kernel/headers in the right place, is there anything else I have to do? (Currently no entry in grub)14:50
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: and what about: df -P | pastebinit14:51
Nanorjosh__, anything you would recommend for setting fan speeds?14:51
josh__Nanor, I have to go now14:51
Nanorjosh__, No problem :)14:51
josh__Nanor, I have a lecture in 1014:51
Smilexfsloan, run grub, it will find it14:51
josh__I'll be back later, but I hope your problem fixes up14:51
fsloanexcellent. I'll get to work -- thanks!14:51
Smilexfsloan, don't remember the exact command to run grub though14:51
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: -P seems to do the trick!14:51
toafanI know there's a way to manually mark partitions (or maybe even entire disks?) to be fsck'd when the system reboots, but I don't remember anything else  about it.  help?14:51
josh__Nanor, maybe try using a system manager/ task manager to find out what's running so high14:52
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/enkUK0Wg14:52
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: you can thank geirha for that14:52
toafanSmilex, fsloan: I think update-grub might do it14:52
CoDEmanXgeirha: thanks for the multi line hint!!14:52
fsloanSmilex: there's a lot of "grub-*", "grub-setup" looks promising14:52
fsloantoafan: Ah, update-grub sounds even more promising :)14:53
keyborad_apemanSmilex: checking fstab and it does have all the lnes needed to boot and they are also correct14:53
path0genbooting into recovery mode, when i try to move the arrow down to "root shell prompt", it just boots into normal. The console is taking my down arrow as an enter command14:53
* keyborad_apeman confused14:53
CoDEmanXActionPa1snip: it's not about readability, i need to let a php script determine free space on a mounted network device14:53
CoDEmanXand for that, i has to be a fixed size (ie. always bytes)14:53
hitsujiTMOCoDEmanX: so does this do it fot you?: df -P | grep "/volumeUSB1/usbshare" | awk '{ print $4 }'14:53
geirhadon't do grep|awk though, just use awk when you first use awk14:54
geirhaCoDEmanX: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/094   not ubuntu specific, but highlights some problems with parsing df output14:55
CoDEmanXhitsujiTMO: looks good!14:56
Nanorare the xorg drivers for ATI good?14:56
NanorOr should I use the proprietary ones?14:56
hitsujiTMONanor: as in radeondriver?14:57
Johnny_Linuxwork excellent here14:57
NanorhitsujiTMO, Yes14:57
TJ-toafan: See "man tune2fs" with "-C"14:57
hitsujiTMONanor: only use fglrx if you want it for gaming or have issues with heat/powermanagement(this is fixed in kernel 3.13)14:58
jetpaxI'm running of a LiveUSB trying to mount the internal encrypted drive on this computer. Where do I find it?14:58
path0gena note to anyone who saw my message: solved by using nav keys on number pad14:58
NanorhitsujiTMO, I probably will use this for gaming during lunch. Is it risky switching to fglrx?14:58
CoDEmanXgeirha: interesting read14:59
SmilexNanor, what issues do you have with the open source drivers?14:59
path0gentrying to do to root shell prompt at boot: it still asks me for the root pw...14:59
CoDEmanXbut what does this mean? Explicitly select a file system.14:59
hitsujiTMONanor, not risky, just can be problematic during dist-upgrades or do-release-upgrades. fglrx has crap 2d acceleration too14:59
NanorSmilex, None, yet. I'm just wondering if they're suitable for gaming.14:59
SmilexNanor, they are faster than fglrx15:00
hitsujiTMONanor: when you say gaming what type of games exactly?15:00
SmilexOr so I was told15:00
NanorhitsujiTMO, Dota 215:00
hitsujiTMOSmilex: thats for 2d accel15:00
Smilexmight have been after some kernel update though15:00
hitsujiTMONanor: you will want fglrx for dota215:00
SmilexNanor, I can run Dota 2 with Radeon 3200HD and the open source drivers15:01
NanorhitsujiTMO, Smilex conflicting answers here, heh15:01
NanorPerhaps I should actually try it with the open source drivers first15:01
Likeaboss55322does anytone reccomend a cool theme for ubuntu 12.0415:02
hitsujiTMOLikeaboss55322: ambiance15:02
Likeaboss55322okay  how about  a good video editor?15:02
hitsujiTMOLikeaboss55322: that would prob be better answered in #ubuntu-studio15:03
CoDEmanXgeirha: stat is available on my ubuntu, should use it instead?15:03
NanorI don't like how my GPU temp is slowly climbing even though I'm doing nothing...15:03
hitsujiTMONanor: what temp is it at?15:04
NanorhitsujiTMO, 53C. Was 48 a few minutes ago.15:04
i00nsuhello. Why I have port:53 = DNS service On? >> dnsmask \\ Why not dhclient?15:04
NanorhitsujiTMO, My fan is also going full speed by the sound of things15:05
furoidogood morning15:06
hitsujiTMONanor: that sounds like a powermanagement issue. not going to be fixed with radeon driver until kernel 3.13. otherwise its fixed with fglrx15:06
coda23am using ubuntu gnome and looking for a configurable low battery warning setting/program, any tips?15:06
furoidodoes anyone knows IRC channel for Electronics?15:06
NanorhitsujiTMO, Looks like i'm switching to fglrx then. Thanks :)15:07
jetpaxI'm booted off of a live disk -- how can I find the disks of the computer I'm running on?15:07
NanorhitsujiTMO, What's the difference between fglrx and fglrx-updates?15:07
chenqisu123when i trying to install AMD Graphics driver, it says:"DKMS part of installation failed.  Please refer to /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for details.", what can i do now?15:08
coda23jetpax,  last i recall using a live disk there was an icon on the desktop that represented the C:\ drive that you double clicked on to mount15:09
hitsujiTMOnanor: such a difference is usually different dependancies15:09
bibi346hi, when I resume my computer from hibernation, I can move the mouse but I cannot move the mouse and see the desktop, but I cannot click anywhere, it's kind of freezed, how can I troubleshoot this?15:09
bibi346sorry my sentence is wrong15:10
SmilexNanor, I should mention that I was using xorg-edgers when trying Dota 215:10
jetpaxcoda23: good catch. I can type a password, but I get "Unable to mount 64 GB LVM2 Physical Volume -- Not a mountable file system15:10
NanorSmilex, I just read about that. Do I just add their PPA?15:10
bibi346hi, when I resume my computer from hibernation, I can move the mouse and see the desktop, but I cannot click anywhere, it's kind of freezed, how can I troubleshoot this?15:10
hitsujiTMOchenqisu123: what does the log say? /usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log15:10
SmilexNanor, yeah, add the ppa, do  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade15:11
NanorSmilex, I'll give it  a go :)15:11
SmilexNanor, however, if you haven't upgraded to 13.10, then do that first15:11
toafanTJ-: thanks for the tip, but investigating it tells me I'd do better with an external checking program15:11
NanorSmilex, Fresh install :)15:12
coda23ok jetpax, did you try to navigate to it using the file manger? should be in /mnt or /media I would think, not used a live cd for a while15:13
SmilexNanor, ok, xorg-edgers is conflicting with my upgrade. Remember to get ppa-purge incase things go wrong15:13
toafanbibi346: if you press ctrl-alt-F1, does it dump you to a fullscreen terminal?  (if so, does ctrl-alt-F7 get you back?)15:13
user82cheers. i have a zip file i cannot extract, is there anything i can do about it? unzip says "need PK compat. v5.1 (can do v4.6)" and 7z says "Unsupported Method". any ideas?15:13
NanorSmilex, so I did as you said. How do I know it's worked?15:13
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chenqisu123hitsujiTMO: it says"Supported adapter detected.15:14
chenqisu123Check if system has the tools required for installation.15:14
chenqisu123Uninstalling any previously installed drivers.15:14
chenqisu123Creating symlink /var/lib/dkms/fglrx/12.104/source ->15:14
chenqisu123                 /usr/src/fglrx-12.10415:14
chenqisu123DKMS: add completed.15:14
FloodBot1chenqisu123: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:14
chenqisu123Kernel preparation unnecessary for this kernel.  Skipping...15:14
chenqisu123Building module:15:14
i00nsuis danger to use root user in IRC.15:14
coda23am using ubuntu gnome and looking for a configurable low battery warning setting/program so for example I could go to standby if it is low etc , any suggestions?15:14
jim34/server irc.dal.net15:14
hitsujiTMOchenqisu123: can you please use paste.ubuntu.com and paste the log in there15:15
toafanjim34: try /connect15:15
bibi346toafan: do you mean now or when or when it is frozen? now it does open a fullscreen terminal and i can exit15:15
TJ-toafan: The 'external checking program' would be 'e2fsck', which runs for EXT* file-systems when an 'fsck' is run.15:15
jim34thanks trying15:15
toafanbibi346: when it's frozen15:15
jim34/connect irc.dal.net15:15
Smilexjim34, it is /server irc.dal.net on xcode15:16
Smilexwhoops, xchat15:16
* nongeek hello Ubuntu members15:16
bibi346toafan: no, it doesn't do this anymore when it's frozen15:17
NanorSmilex, how do I know it's working? heh15:17
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nongeekI joined my ubuntu to windows domain and use samba to share a directory, I wan to give a permission to a directory bu domain users, How can i do it?15:17
toafanTJ-: yeah, but I wanna check my disk manually because it^w my computer was making odd sounds, and I want to premptivly check the entire disk for errors, which includes some other partitions15:17
toafanif that makes sense15:17
SmilexNanor, glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version string"15:18
NanorSmilex, I'll try that. I think I added the wrong repo15:18
* nongeek any idea?15:19
=== Guest2164 is now known as parduse
NanorSmilex, OpenGL version string: 3.0 Mesa 9.2.115:20
SmilexNanor, I believe you should be getting mesa version 9.215:20
toafanbibi346: if you unplug the keyboard and plug it back in (or plug in an external keyboard, as approrpriate), does that make it go away?15:20
=== parduse is now known as Guest18410
NanorSmilex, like that? :D15:20
SmilexNanor, yeah. I'm unsure if Ubuntu 13.10 came with that though15:20
NanorSmilex, GPU temp seems to have dropped... fan still going strong15:21
jetpaxok, update: looks like I need to find an LVM2 filesystem and then decrypt and mount it. No idea where to look15:21
SmilexNanor, I've heard of a fan fix with a newer kernel. You might want to look into that15:21
NanorSmilex, I'm not sure I want to go delving into Kernels... how difficult is it?15:21
infusedhello room15:22
oalUgh, Ubuntu has been very buggy the last week or so. Keyboard shortcuts don't work, shutdown doesn't work, and now I have an orange selection box overlaying all other windows: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/262587/154.png15:22
oalHas anyone else seen this?15:22
SmilexNanor, easy if you just compile everything, but it takes time and things might brake :p15:22
NanorSmilex, I'm incredibly good at breaking things so I'm not sure I should...15:22
infusedi hade orage boxs when using a second dispaly15:22
NanorI might switch to fglrx in order to keep my fan quiet and switch back if it doesnt work15:22
bibi346toafan: no, then I still can't do ctrl alt f1, but what has it to do with the keyboard? It looks like the whole interface is buggy, I can't open any program, close or reduce any window.15:23
SmilexNanor, reverting is easy. Just don't replace your current kernel, use grub-update, and there should be a new grub entry for the kernel. There might even be kernel images compiled for you, which almost makes it hassle free15:24
TJ-toafan: Then un-mount the file-systems you need to check, then run "fsck" on each one15:24
SmilexNanor, the actual fun part is configuring the kernel yourself ;)15:24
NanorSmilex, interesting... where can I find a new kernel image?15:24
oalinfused, ok. I have two displays as well. Maybe it's time for a driver update for my graphics card15:24
toafanTJ-: ah, of course.  Bootdisk (+ facepalm) time, then15:25
SmilexNanor, http://kernel.org is the official site15:25
TJ-Nanor: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds15:25
ActionPa1snipoal: try reloading your WM15:25
infusedoal did your orage boxs go away when you moved the windows in 2nd dispaly?15:25
nongeekAnybody here that can reply me?15:25
oalinfused, nope, it's stuck there15:26
toafanbibi346: so, it's not just the keyboard, but after freezing you can't work with windows or start programs with the mouse, either?15:26
ActionPa1snipnongeek: so add access to a domain in Ubuntu's samba using Windows groups?15:26
jhutchins_wktoafan: You can also do sudo shutdown -Fr now, which will check the system disks at reboot before they're remounted RW.15:26
TJ-toafan: Or, reboot, edit grub entry, add "init=/bin/bash" to the kernel cmd-line, boot that entry, then run 'fsck' from the initial-ramdisk before the file-systems are mounted15:26
ActionPa1snipoal: try reloading your WM15:26
nongeekActionPa1snip: I want a windows users in my AD can read and write a directory15:27
oalActionPa1snip, will do, but I'll upgrade the driver as well. Unity has been lagging a lot lately.15:27
ActionPa1snipnongeek: are you running a Windows domain controller?15:27
TJ-jhutchins_wk: Does Ubuntu's 'shutdown' support "-F" ?15:27
nongeekActionPa1snip: I joined my ubuntu to windows domain also15:28
bibi346toafan: yes, it's like this bug : http://askubuntu.com/questions/7156/system-freezes-after-standby15:28
ActionPa1snipnongeek: http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/groupmapping.html15:28
KamuelaHow can I sort files by file size in the GUI file manager? It sorts things by... number of folders.15:28
ActionPa1snipnongeek: I'd ask in #samba too15:28
toafanjhutchins_wk: that'll only check system disks, yes?15:28
nongeekActionPa1snip: why group mapping?15:28
wentknweqt_anyone know how to downgrade php5.5 to php5.4 in ubuntu 13.10?15:29
jhutchins_wktoafan: I believe it will check all of the available disks in fstab.15:29
ActionPa1snipnongeek: so you can use an AD group to give access to the share, don't you do that already???15:30
ActionPa1snipnongeek: its a really good way to work15:30
nongeekI don't like my windows group deleted or...15:31
ActionPa1snipnongeek: it wont delete groups15:31
nongeekActionPa1snip: wbinfo -g show me some groups but what is my users group?15:31
nongeekis it "DOMAIN\domain users" ?15:32
nongeekActionPa1snip: is it "DOMAIN\domain users" ?15:32
ActionPa1snipnongeek: sounds good to me, if you want every authenticated user to have access.15:32
TJ-jhutchins_wk: toafan: "/sbin/shutdown" (in package upstart) *ignores* "-F"15:33
nongeekActionPa1snip: Thus i must make a group for windows users15:33
nongeekin linux15:33
ActionPa1snipnongeek: i would, then you can add members to those you want to have access15:33
nongeekActionPa1snip: Thanks. I will Pm you when i have any problem15:34
jinluohow to install win8 on ubuntu (ubuntu exists)? give me a step by step link, please.15:34
wedrsudo apt-get install windows815:34
toafanbibi346: I get the impression this is a bug with comming out of hibernation, then.  I don't think I can help you any further, short of flailing around blindly myself15:34
toafanwedr: wink when you do that15:35
ActionPa1snipjinluo: use virtualbox15:35
jinluoI want  dual-OS,without virtualbox..15:35
Guest28449cd rtl8192cus_8188ce-vau_linux_v2.0974.2020080315:36
ActionPa1snipjinluo: then you will need to resize Ext4 in liveCD to make free space15:36
infusedmayby this http://askubuntu.com/questions/145205/installing-windows-8-in-ubuntu15:36
ActionPa1snipjinluo: this is not 'Installing Win8 in Ubuntu', you are making a dual boot15:36
freakynlor if you still have free space recover the bootloader after installing win815:36
jinluomaking a dual boot.  how to do it?15:36
Guest28449cd driner15:36
freakynlyou'll have to do that in any case tho' cuz MS stuff ain't other OS friendly15:36
ActionPa1snipjinluo: then after you install Win8 you will need to reinstate Grub to the MBR as the Windows install will overwrite the MBR15:37
nongeekActionPa1snip: I made a group with the name "windows" and run "net groupmap add ntgroup="domain users" unixgroup=windows rid=512 type=d"15:37
nongeekActionPa1snip: How can i verify it?15:37
jinluoi hear grub2 fix it.can be done without MBR?15:37
=== jono is now known as Guest19842
Guest28449cd driver15:37
toafanjinluo: but making sure to only let win8 use some of the drive, otherwise you'll have to reinstall ubuntu15:37
ActionPa1snipnongeek: restart Samba, then try accessing stuff15:37
ActionPa1snipGuest28449: you arent typing in your terminal15:38
nongeekActionPa1snip: I guess that I must configure samba too15:38
ActionPa1snipnongeek: i guess. Did you ask in #samba15:38
nongeekActionPa1snip: How can i tell samba to read my group? I guess that i must use "valid user = @windows"15:38
nongeekActionPa1snip: Samba is silent :(15:39
Guest28449cd rtl8192cu_linux_v2.0974.2010080315:39
ActionPa1snipGuest28449: again, you arent typing in a terminal15:39
jetpaxwhere does nautilus look for the "devices" column on the right? Trying to find the path to the following: http://i.imgur.com/Q4fwIqY.png?115:40
calwigserver irc.oftc.net15:40
Guest28449insmod 8192cu.ko15:41
calwigis interesting15:41
DJonesGuest28449: Stop, you not typing in your terminal15:41
infusedthat is too funny15:42
KamuelaI'm trying to use Files to show me folders sorted by size on disk. How do I do that?15:42
jetpaxKamuela: Files? You can use "df -h | sort -h" from the directory in terminal15:43
wafflejockTabletKamuela: u can use k4dirstat or ncdu for this15:43
jetpaxKamuela: *du -h15:43
Kamuelajetpax, cool, that helped. not sure why Files doesn't include such basic functionality though15:46
jetpaxKamuela: I'm sure it does, I'm just more familiar with the terminal15:46
whoeverKamuela: what "basic" functionality15:47
* whoever nods at jetpax viva la term15:47
Kamuelawhoever: sorting a list of files and directories by file size15:47
jetpaxKamuela: in Files: right click -> arrange by -> size15:48
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Kamuelajetpax, there is no arrange by in Files for Ubuntu 13.1015:49
man0riaXHello everybody15:49
jetpaxKamuela: just to double check -- if you right click on white space in Files (not on an item), there is no "Arrange Items" menu15:50
bineroI have a problem with my headset being detected by Ubuntu, and the many topics on askubuntu didn't help me at all. Can anyone help me?15:50
bineroWell the problem is headset not being detected ofc.15:50
Kamuelajetpax, New Folder, New Document, Restore Missing, Properties15:50
ActionPa1snipbinero: how does it connect to the system?15:51
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=== debsan_ is now known as debsan
bineroIt works on any OS but Ubuntu15:51
ActionPa1snipbinero: how does it connect to the system?15:52
bineroHow do you mean?15:52
ActionPa1snipbinero: 3.5mm jack? Bluetooth?15:52
bineroA jack15:52
jetpaxKamuela: hm.. not currently on 13.10 so can't check, but that's surprising15:52
whoeverKamuela: there might be a gnome addon for it but its mostly by command15:52
ActionPa1snipbinero: what is the output of:    wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload15:52
bineroWill check15:53
bineroHere it is: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=e6f087df258835f41a7e4adf28fa6e40626a8fab15:53
ksbalajiHi friends! How to delete unnecessary files in usb stick rofs please?15:53
we6jboIs there a AI/Robot program for linux that sits on the desktop and looks up and answers ubuntu and computer related questions for the user?15:53
bineroInside alsamixer I can see a headphone section if that helps15:54
Kamuelajetpax, whoever, yeah, oh well. thanks for the term15:54
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whoeverksbalaji: rf15:54
infusedbinero I too had the issue my was fixed by going to system settings and un muting my mic15:54
bineroWell my mic isn't muted15:54
bineronor is my headphone15:54
ActionPa1snipbinero: try changeing:  options snd-hda-intel model=auto     to     options snd-hda-intel model=dell15:54
bineroand it doesn't get listed inside the sound mixer15:54
bineroI think I remember what file that's in sec15:54
ActionPa1snipbinero: http://askubuntu.com/questions/141865/3-5-audio-jack-issue-doesnt-work-on-a-dell-studio-174915:54
whoeverksbalaji: rf <filename>  || rf -rm <folder>15:54
ksbalajiwhoever: I tried. The permissions cannot be changed. I need help.15:54
ActionPa1snipbinero: there are a ew lines to try there15:54
ActionPa1snipbinero: have only ONE line each try15:55
whoeverksbalaji: append with sudo15:55
ActionPa1snipbinero: also, make sure the output port is not muted and the level is high15:55
ksbalajiwhoever: Even then, the permission remains the same.15:55
ActionPa1snipbinero: you can use:   alsamixer    for that15:55
bineroYeah I have done all that already15:56
jetpaxksbalaji: what are the permissions now?15:56
binerolike the unmuting etc15:56
whoeverksbalaji: ls -la /path/to/usb/mntPoint/15:56
bineroI'mma reboot now15:56
ActionPa1snipbinero: did you use F6 to change the output device, and check15:56
binerothere is15:56
bineroHDA Intel MID15:57
bineroand HD-Audio Generic15:57
ksbalajijetpax: read only file system rofs.15:57
whoeverksbalaji: unmount it and remount it15:57
ksbalajiwhoever: -la /path/to/usb/mntPoint/15:58
ksbalajils: cannot access /path/to/usb/mntPoint/: No such file or directory15:58
whoeverksbalaji: did you substitute  for your mount point15:59
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: mount -o remount,rw /path/to/mount/point15:59
ksbalajiwhoever: Good idea. How do I unmount and remount rofs?15:59
SupaYoshiheya, im having some issues / questions regarding setting up a PXE server on Ubuntu Server 12.0415:59
whoeverksbalaji: ^^15:59
SupaYoshiI got so far that I installed the pxeserver, got the tutorial, but it seems fairly outdated15:59
whoeverSupaYoshi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto16:01
ksbalajiwhoever: I tried ls -la /rofs - I get a good list.16:02
SupaYoshiwhoever, but thats not for Windows right?16:03
SupaYoshiI want to have Windows ISOs mounted from the Linux PXE server16:03
SupaYoshiOr did i misunderstand that one?16:03
jeroen_Thanks for the help, it's working now16:03
whoeverSupaYoshi: your here so i assume you want an ubuntu server16:03
yuradoc_pls help me with after-upgrate bugs16:03
jeroen_I removed an old similar line I added with the second one on tha tpost16:03
jeroen_that did the job16:03
SupaYoshiwhoever, yeah thats what i mean, but i want it to serve windows isos16:04
muktiDoes anyone use ucarp for IP failover? I have two VMs set up with ucarp, but when a node has the eth0:ucarp interface active, I cannot ping the eth0 interface. Does anyone know how I could fix this?16:04
SupaYoshi:D ya get what i mean? :)16:04
whoeverksbalaji: you get a list, so now you should be able to delete16:04
SupaYoshiAlso, that guide goes on about installing a dhcp server, but i want to use my router (openwrt) as dhcp server, and forward the PXE request to the server.16:04
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: sudo mount -o remount,rw /rofs16:05
ksbalajimount: cannot remount block device /dev/loop0 read-write, is write-protected16:05
whoeverSupaYoshi: it looks like it will cover that16:05
SupaYoshiwhoever: thanks then :D Ill try it out16:05
whoeverSupaYoshi: and im sure you will need some client script (if you didn't alreay know ) to tell the server what image you want to pull16:05
whoeverSupaYoshi: cool16:06
SupaYoshiYeah I read something about em menus16:06
SupaYoshiThat it would invoke a linux menu, where i could choose the distro i wanted on a list?16:06
* whoever another satisfied customer: continue:16:06
ksbalajiwhoever: The list is there of course. I am unable to delete the unnecessary files.16:06
SupaYoshiAnd that would be pulled from the server?16:06
whoeverksbalaji: ok you get a list, so who owns the files in that list16:08
ksbalajiwhoever: root owns.16:08
whoever?????  , or an actial person16:08
whoeverksbalaji: then you should be able to rm -rf16:08
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: is this a cd/dvd?16:09
ksbalajiwhoever: I tried sudo rm -rf -Still, the file remains.16:09
whoeverksbalaji: if you still can't do it then pastebin your ls -la16:09
yuradoc_so maybe could somebody help with pbs?16:09
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: The files are in USB stick.16:09
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: is it an iso image that was dd'd to a usb?16:10
infusedksbalaji are you using the termanl to rm the files?16:10
zacktuI have a dual boot system and want to auto-mount the C: partition of the windows system.  The mount point is /media/<mylogin>, but that is empty until I click on the icon for the partition in the launcher.  I tried an fstab entry, and it didn't work.  Should I explore that option some more?16:11
gordonjcpzacktu: sounds like you've not put it in fstab correctly16:11
gordonjcpzacktu: can you pastebin /etc/fstab?16:12
ksbalajiinfused: I am using a terminal now. I also tried sudo nautilus to remove files. They wont budge. hitsujiTMO : it is not iso image.16:12
wafflejockTabletYeah fstab should do it16:12
JokesOnYou77Hi all.16:12
ksbalajiwhoever: I shall pastebin.16:12
JokesOnYou77I'm trying to call a php script from a bash sscript and for some reason its not running properly.16:12
infusedksbalaji u just want them off the usb correct?16:13
JokesOnYou77It only works when I call the BASH script from it's directory.  But when called from the full path to the bash script is says it can't open the input file blah.php16:13
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: can you pastebin the output of: mount16:13
jetpaxstill trying to access an internal hard drive after booting from a liveCD -- it is encrypted LVM2. I think I know how to do this, I just need to *find* it. Does anyone know where?16:14
wafflejockTabletJokesOnYou77: same if u do the php command with full path outside the bash script?16:14
ksbalajiwhoever: http://pastebin.com/g1KM2e5816:15
ksbalajiinfused: exactly.16:15
JokesOnYou77wafflejockTablet: No.  # php /path/to/file file.php works fine16:15
zacktugordonjcp: I've erased the fstab that didn't work.  The system wouldn't boot unless I used "S" to skip trying to mount the partition.  That sorta scared me when boot stopped.  I was trying to mount the partition as /media/win.  Should I have mounted to /media/<myname>?16:15
ksbalajiinfused: Since I am running out of space.16:15
SupaYoshiwhoever , if i have a openwrt box, with this: what would i put in as TFTP server here?16:15
infusedksbalaji if thats the case why not sudo rm file.name?16:16
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know a command line program for compression with highest compression rate?16:16
SupaYoshiThe IP of the server? And then the directory? like:
wafflejockTabletmojtaba: depends on what u compress16:16
mojtabawafflejockTablet: movies16:16
wafflejockTabletAnd if lossy is okay16:16
ubottuazzuro: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:16
mojtabawafflejockTablet: what do you mean by lossy? (you mean I can not extract it later?)16:17
wafflejockTabletYes not every pixel is stored16:17
wafflejockTabletLike jpeg16:17
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: my mount result: http://pastebin.com/P6wVHQnz16:17
wafflejockTabletXvid an16:17
wafflejockTabletH264 are popular16:18
mojtabawafflejockTablet: are these command like tools?16:18
ksbalajiinfused: As I mentioned earlier, sudo does not do the trick. The files persist. I do not understand why.16:18
JokesOnYou77wafflejockTablet: Figured it out!  I needed to add -f to the php command16:18
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: please tell me its not /media/linux16:19
wafflejockTabletJokesOnYou77: ah the for letting us know16:19
wafflejockTabletmojtaba: ffmpeg16:20
jetpaxanyone have any idea at all on how to mount an encrypted internal disk while on liveCD?16:20
wafflejockTabletThat's the command that will convert videos16:20
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: It is not. The /media/linux is cdrom.16:20
wafflejockTabletThere are some GUIs for it too16:21
infusedksbalaji perhaps you made the files as a root you can try16:21
infused4th post16:21
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: ahh its squash-fs     by its nature its readonly. you need to recreate the image16:22
mojtabawafflejockTablet: thanks16:22
ksbalajiinfused: I shall try. hitsujiTMO : the /media/linux is my cd drive where I have a single video file.16:22
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: squash-fs? Then why I do have a rofs? :(16:23
djinjaany resolution for this nasty bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/124475416:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 1244754 in compiz (Ubuntu) "compiz freezes when dragging a window to the top bar after being semi-maximized" [High,In progress]16:23
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: squashfs is a image file typical of live cds,.16:23
nvswhat are the coolest features of ubuntu? could you reccomend anything?16:24
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: You mean that this rofs is inside squash-fs?16:24
k1l_nvs: its free :)16:25
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: yes.16:25
wafflejockTabletNvs Google desktop environments16:25
nvsaids too16:25
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: if you weant to remove files you need to recreate the entire image again16:25
infusednvs you can try your hand a blender its pretty fun16:25
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/80305/mounting-a-squashfs-filesystem-in-read-write16:26
nvsin the software center i cand find any lenses16:26
nvsare they not supported anymore?16:26
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: Thanks for the info. I thought that the folder was growing. Is there a way to make this squash-fs rw?16:27
NuSueyso.. any advice with the HDMI output .. every ~ 12 sec ..high pitched noise occurs.. (using open source amd graphic drivers) pulse audio .. should I just try to ditch pulse audio? :P16:27
darkangel_Hey would it be better to Start reporting Bugs from Ubuntu 14.04 Alpha 1 or w8 till there done building it?16:28
k1l_nvs: search for unity-scope16:28
ActionPa1snipdarkangel_: report bugs as you find them :)16:28
wafflejockTabletNuSuey: alsamixer?16:28
darkangel_ok =)16:28
NuSueywafflejockTablet: what's with that?16:28
hitsujiTMOksbalaji: read the link i just posted. you need to unsquash it. make changes. then resquash it16:28
wafflejockTabletNuSuey: can tweak the underlying audio system16:28
NuSueywafflejockTablet: I'm confused.. how can that help me?16:29
TwistedBeaconHey, I'm new to IRC and none of the channels I try to connect to are working, does freenode have a lot of channels?16:29
TwistedBeaconSorry for bothering this channel, but it's the only one that's workws for me16:29
PiciTwistedBeacon: yes. But the best place to ask about freenode questions is #freenode itself.16:29
bazhang!alis | TwistedBeacon have a search16:29
ubottuTwistedBeacon have a search: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:29
jinluohow to reset HP notebook BIOS password?16:29
ksbalajihitsujiTMO: infused : whoever : Thanks friends! Nice forum! Keep it up.16:29
wafflejockTabletSometimes u can mute some outputs maybe some loopback or something weird on alsa I believe sits above your audio driver but below pulse16:29
NuSueywafflejockTablet: ah16:30
Picijinluo: Thats not really an Ubuntu question, ##hardware might be able to help you out with that.16:30
jinluook thanks16:31
whoeverSupaYoshi:  i do not have open box, i have tomato, but you would treate that like a server entry16:32
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
NuSueywafflejockTablet: like, to mute some inputs or something like that?16:37
JokesOnYou77I can't get cron to run a script.  My time syntax is correct because I tried it with an echo command.  But when I point it to a script it won't run16:39
JokesOnYou77jhutchins_wk: Hey you still around?  I still can't get it to run lol16:40
muktihas anyone used ucarp before?16:41
hitsujiTMO!anyone | mukti16:42
ubottumukti: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:42
muktiI cannot ping both interfaces on a VM that I'm running ucarp on. Both eth0 and eth0:ucarp are up, but I can only ping eth0:ucarp from other boxes. Is this expected behavior?16:43
SupaYoshiwhoever, thanks for your answer16:44
ActionPa1snipmukti: are there routes to the interface16:45
SupaYoshiwhoever, i still have no clue how to thread something as a server entry :P16:45
SupaYoshiaka, i dont know what you mean by that?16:45
buuSo uh, where are dvd type disks mounted in ubuntu land?16:45
buuOr rather, what device do they show up as16:45
muktiActionPa1snip: I'm not sure, I haven't manually set any (and I'm not sure how to set any)16:45
ActionPa1snipmukti: be a good first stop16:46
ActionPa1snipmukti: are both interfaces on the VM in the same subnet by any chance?16:46
hitsujiTMObuu you usually find user mounted stuff in /media16:46
muktiActionPa1snip: yes, they are16:47
hitsujiTMObuu typing mount with no arguments will list all the currently mounted devices16:47
buuhitsujiTMO: Its not mounted.. but its /dev/sr0?16:47
ActionPa1snipmukti: then that's why. Why do you need 2 interfaces in the same subnet, it's nonesense16:47
hitsujiTMObuu: oh as in what device or mount point?16:47
muktiActionPa1snip: I wanted to set up two VMs to have failover16:48
buuhitsujiTMO: device.. but I found it.16:48
JokesOnYou77I can't get cron to run a bash script.  My time syntax is correct because I tried it with an echo command.  But when I point it to a script it won't run16:48
phong_hi, how can i upgrade from ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04?16:48
buuJokesOnYou77: check your env16:49
buuphong_: change your sources.list?16:49
ikoniaphong_: 14.04 isn't out yet16:49
ikoniabuu: no, you don't do that16:49
buuBut its fun!16:49
xstefen14.04 oh my16:49
JokesOnYou77buu: ?16:49
ikoniabuu: pleaes do'nt give bad advice to people, they don't want their machines broken16:49
phong_ikonia, it is there, i saw it16:49
phong_ikonia, i can download it. from ubuntu16:49
buuikonia: I think if they're trying to upgrade to 14.04 they do16:49
ikoniaphong_: it's not, it's still in very early development16:49
ikoniabuu: they don't, they just don't know, try to "help" them rather than break their machines please.16:50
hitsujiTMOphong_: thats an early alpha. it's not released yet16:50
muktiActionPa1snip: is this the wrong way to do this? The eth0:ucarp address is using an IP that can be assigned to either of the two VMs that I'm running16:50
Priceyphong_: Try #ubuntu+1 maybe?16:50
xstefenUbuntu 14.04 LTS release dates, Alpha 1 - December 19th (for flavours)16:50
buuJokesOnYou77: "won't run" isn't very useful. The most common error with attempting to run a cron job is that your ENV differs from what you expect.16:50
phong_but i can download the .iso file m16:50
phong_so the .iso is in alpha ?16:51
buuikonia: Snark aside, how would *you* change to 14.04?16:51
ikoniait's not at "alpha" yet16:51
muktiActionPa1snip: I've never done anything like this before, which is why I'm asking. For all I know I'm doing this completely wrong16:51
xstefenI wouldn't recommend it unless you know what you're doing, and upgrading a whole version i would recommend a fresh install lol16:51
ikoniabuu: I'd follow the upgrade process.16:51
phong_ikonia, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/16:51
buuThat doesn't sound like much fun.16:52
ikoniaphong_: "daily build" eg: development version, not stable16:52
JokesOnYou77buu: I'm not really sure how to check my ENV??16:52
buuJokesOnYou77: You could try giving us more specific details.16:53
xstefenI am excited for the 14.04 release, didn't realise it would be so soon16:53
muktiActionPa1snip: Is it possible to add routes to one of the interfaces even though they are both on the same subnet?16:53
wafflejockTabletJokesOnYou77: perhaps try a very simple script to verify cron itself is working do a simple cp or something16:54
hitsujiTMOmukti yes16:54
JokesOnYou77buu: On this server I'm running as root.  I have a script: /root/My_Stories/run_downloader.sh and I would like it to run every 6 hours. # crontab -e pastebin to follow.16:54
hitsujiTMOmukti: have a look at the debian ubuntu section here: http://help.ovh.ie/BridgeClient16:55
muktihitsujiTMO: will do, thanks16:55
JokesOnYou77buu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6400644/16:55
JokesOnYou77buu: the test script works fine when in /root16:56
meomichi, can someone tell me how can i add this repo to sources.list so that is will work? http://www.videolan.org/developers/libdvdcss.html   because this:  deb http://download.videolan.org/pub/debian/stable/ /     doesnt work16:56
JokesOnYou77buu: but it doesn't seem to work when in /root/My_Stories so maybe a permissions issue?16:56
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: ares the scripts chmod +x ?16:57
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: yep16:58
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: does #05 14 * * * echo "Ran the job on `date`" >> /root/test_job  output as expected when it's uncommented?16:58
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: yes16:59
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: That line is also essentially the contents of test_script.sh16:59
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: so 05 */6 * * * /root/My_Stories/run_downloader.sh   is not running at all?17:00
buuJokesOnYou77: Why are you running them as root?17:00
buuJokesOnYou77: Are you getting any error mails?17:01
buuJokesOnYou77: Do you have cron error output configured?17:01
ivanbajrSyncDrive não abre com ubuntu 13.10 ?17:01
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: Not so far as I can tell.  run_downlosder is a wrapper for a php script and run_downloader outputs to a log when it runs17:01
JokesOnYou77buu: because I'm running this server as root17:01
JokesOnYou77buu: I don't think I have cron error output configured17:01
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: can you post the contents of run_downloader.sh?>17:02
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6400676/17:03
buuJokesOnYou77: php probably isn't in your path..17:03
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: issue in the first line definately:P    there shold be no space after the shebang17:03
buuOr that!17:04
buuDoes cron set $PATH these days?17:04
JokesOnYou77buu: ./run_downloader.sh works fine.  /root/My_Stories/run_downloader.sh also works fine.17:04
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
buuJokesOnYou77: cron is not the same as your user running it...17:04
buuJokesOnYou77: cron lacks $PATH..17:05
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: rofl, missed that lol17:05
zykotick9JokesOnYou77: i wonder a) if php is in cron's path and b) how it will know where downloader02.php is located...  consider CRON to have no path, and you might do better?17:06
muktihitsujiTMO: that seemed to work for a bit, but then stopped, I'll have to keep messing with it17:06
RFC3675Hello, does 12.04 LTS version should be stable? Because all my virtual terminals just crashed in a batch process.17:06
JokesOnYou77zykotick9: I thought it was just running the script I pointed it to?  And that all references in the script would still point to where they are relative to the script?  No?  Absolute paths to everthing?17:07
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: you'll need to set the full path for php and echo. which php   and: which echo    will give you the full path17:07
zykotick9JokesOnYou77: i'd try it...17:07
hitsujiTMOmukti: yeah, took me a bit to get it right first time17:07
ezra-sRFC3675, and what were your doing when it happened? Any process eating ram or doing anything in particular?17:07
RFC3675ezra-s: not ram but two cores were full loaded =]17:08
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: downloader02.php and Downloader_Log.log need full path17:08
ezra-sRFC3675, not reason enough either17:08
RFC3675ezra-s: agreed17:09
JokesOnYou77That might be it.  But I have something else: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6400711/17:09
darkangel_Hey just woundering is there a way to Compress the whole Hard Driver its self with out usin 7 Zip or any thing like that?17:09
JokesOnYou77test_script.sh runs fine in /root but not in /root/My_Stories17:10
ccoloradoHello, How can I get access for  N amount of hosts to a vpn netwrok with just one of them being directly connected to the vpn ?17:10
BuFFanyone knows what a write command is?17:10
* ezra-s sighs17:10
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: again. in test_script, echo needs to have full path17:10
ccoloradoMaybe a better way to put it is how to share a vpn connection with other hosts without installing the vpn software on the other hosts.17:11
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: data also needs full path17:11
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: but it works fine when it's in /root  ???17:11
ccolorado( all hosts are on the same lan )17:11
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: as a cron job I mean.17:12
RFC3675ezra-s: Is ubuntu a weak fork of debian?17:12
wafflejockTabletMust be running with /root as you working directory from the from script?17:12
ezra-sRFC3675, how easy for you to say that17:13
ezra-sRFC3675, and ignorant I might add17:13
hitsujiTMOJokesOnYou77: i can't see why there whould be a difference. does * 12 * * * /root/My_Stories/test_script.sh finish wuth a \n ?17:13
RFC3675ezra-s: That was not a statement but a question...17:13
ezra-sRFC3675, a ver ignorant question17:14
LjLRFC3675: what do you mean by weak?17:14
wafflejockTabletIt is a fork of Debian, not sure what a weak fork is17:14
LjLezra-s: not the place to call people name17:14
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: That's what I'm trying to say!  I don't think it has to do with the path to the commands.  And yes there is a newline17:14
wafflejockTabletCan u bend it with your mind yes17:15
RFC3675LjL: thanks17:15
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: and the scripts are identical17:15
ezra-sLjl, I didn't call anything to anybody, just stated the question is ignorant17:15
LjLezra-s: yes and i'm sure we got that point by now17:15
RFC3675ezra-s: so you can prove it then17:15
LjLlet it go17:15
muktihitsujiTMO: when it shows 'Your.Server.IP.254', is it saying to only use the first three octets, and put'254' as the last octet?17:16
ezra-sone just can't come, spit a simple sentence about a problem with no data whatsoever and expect someone will squeeze their brain to solve the problem.. either that or say Linux/ubuntu/whatever is faulty17:16
hitsujiTMOmukti: thats specific to that scenario. you put the defaultgateway there17:16
ezra-show easy and ignorant17:16
muktihitsujiTMO: ah, okay17:16
* ezra-s lets go17:17
LjLezra-s: anyway, i'm not sure Ubuntu can be technically called a "fork", because it didn't take Debian's base at some point, and then work on it separately. instead, Ubuntu takes Debian's base (debian unstable/sid, specifically) after every release, and changes it for their release17:17
RFC3675ezra-s: I'm pretty sure it's unity's fault17:17
hitsujiTMOmukti: in that scenario ... its a /24 network and .254 is the default gw17:17
LjLi mean RFC367517:17
ezra-sLjl, I never said anything about forks17:17
ezra-sLjl, you are looking at the wrong person17:17
LjLezra-s: i meant to direct that at RFC3675, as i just said17:17
RFC3675kaiser_: hi17:17
kaiser_i have some problems! with my iphone device17:18
RFC3675kaiser_: welcome to the ignorant world17:18
* LjL rolls eyes17:18
ezra-sRFC3675, now it is not that ubuntu is a weak fork, it is unity's fault.. that's some useful info indeed to solve a problem17:18
kaiser_i dont think so17:18
JokesOnYou77How do I see any errors from cron?17:18
LjLJokesOnYou77: cron has its own log file at /vvar/log/cron.log17:19
RFC3675ezra-s: whatever you're not objective anyway17:19
LjLminus one v17:19
ezra-sJokesOnYou77, unless you made the ouput go to > /dev/null there should be info in cron.log17:19
LjLplease you two, stop bickering about this :(17:19
ezra-sRFC3675, I'm not the one making things up17:20
JokesOnYou77There is no cron.log in /var/log17:20
ActionPa1snipcron will log by default17:20
RFC3675ezra-s: I didn't make things up it really happend17:20
LjLJokesOnYou77: oh you're right sorry, i was looking at my debian terminal instead of the ubuntu one. moment17:20
joosseeguys the dash home button is unbearably slow and everything ive tried from forums isnt working...? is there something I can disable in ccsm or something?17:21
ezra-sRFC3675, I didn't say it didn't happen, I'm just suprised about your early conclusions17:21
joosseeubuntu 12.04 server 6417:21
wafflejockTabletjoossee: u can use xfce if u need something lighter17:21
=== Deyan is now known as Guest43981
ActionPa1snipjoossee: server doesn't have a GUI17:21
RFC3675ezra-s: It was kind of a joke/troll you felt right into, I was testing the community's ppl17:22
wafflejockTabletUnity is a bit heavy17:22
LjLJokesOnYou77: hm i think ubuntu only has some cron stuff in /var/log/syslog enabled17:22
joosseeActionPa1snip, sorry? I installed the ubuntu-desktop package, also xfce wafflejockTablet17:22
ActionPa1snipjoossee: then its the desktop OS17:22
joosseewafflejockTablet, xfce is a little too light and it isnt working properly for me17:22
ActionPa1snipjoossee: why didnt you just install the desktop OS as that is what you wanted.17:22
JokesOnYou77LjL: ok17:22
joosseeActionPa1snip, not what I wanted.17:22
ActionPa1snipjoossee: then why install it17:22
joosseeActionPa1snip, cuz im a big ol rube17:23
joosseewho likes clicky icons17:23
ActionPa1snipjoossee: then you want the desktop OS.17:23
ezra-sRFC3675, so you come to a place which people volunteer to help to make them waste time on you trolling17:23
joosseeand understand information visually better... once I am a master I will do CLI only on the server, i promise17:23
ActionPa1snipjoossee: have yu tried the Unity2D session?17:23
wafflejockTabletHah I put xfce on my aws instance and its been fine17:23
RFC3675ezra-s: It's important to know how impartial ppl are17:23
joosseeActionPa1snip, yes, apparently it is discontinued now so, no deals... can still pick it from the list but it does nothing17:23
ActionPa1snipjoossee: if you need "clicky icons" install the desktop OS, you gain zero by installing server then the GUI17:23
RFC3675ezra-s: I g2g scanning some letters to make an ocr, bye with love.17:24
LjLjoossee, RFC3675: seriously, take it to PM if you need to continue discussing this, the channel doesn't need this17:24
wafflejockTablet1ghz processor basically and 512 mb of ram runs fine with xfce17:24
ActionPa1snipjoossee: Unity2D is still in the Precise repo17:24
ActionPa1snip!info unity-2d precise | joossee17:24
joosseeActionPa1snip, uhm, i presume i can remove ubuntu-desktop at a later date, or boot CLI only on the server in the future so.. not much of an issue there..17:24
ubottujoossee: unity-2d (source: unity-2d): Unity interface for non-accelerated graphics cards. In component main, is optional. Version 5.14.0-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 43 kB17:24
joossee"apt-get install unity-2d" ?17:25
ActionPa1snipjoossee: removing the metapackage does nothing but remove onlythe metapackage, not its contents which it hauled in17:25
kariwhois klaine2217:25
JokesOnYou77hitsujiTMO: I got it to run!  But it's still not executing the php script...just outputting to the log file17:25
ActionPa1snipjoossee: with sudo, yes17:25
joosseeok package installked... will a log off due or reboot?17:26
ActionPa1snipjoossee: just log off and change session in the login screen17:26
joosseeroger that ty brb17:26
=== closures999 is now known as linhmtran
joosseeActionPa1snip, argghh no change :( how can i check if i am running 2d mode? cuz visually and slowness wise it is identical...?17:27
ActionPa1snipjoossee: ps -ef | egrep 'miutter|compiz|kwin|metacity'17:28
joosseeActionPa1snip, ermm metacity and some others are running?17:29
zykotick9ActionPa1snip: typo?  miutter or mutter?17:29
ActionPa1snipmutter, sorry17:30
ActionPa1snipjoossee: then its metacity instead of compiz, much fewer resources17:30
ActionPa1snipjoossee: and fewer crashes17:30
joosseeActionPa1snip, o...k. looks like only metacity is running?17:31
joosseelemme try this a different way... how do i disable transparencys?17:32
JokesOnYou77IT WORKS!!!! You guys were right, it was all about the absolute paths to the files!17:32
zykotick9JokesOnYou77: glad you got it figured out.17:33
SupaYoshii have a question about TFTP17:34
SupaYoshiIm setting it up likethis right now: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6400856/17:35
jeffrey_fSupaYoshi: Ask your question17:35
SupaYoshibut this tutorial tells me something else with options and directory17:35
SupaYoshiWhat is exactly correct? O.o17:35
SupaYoshioh btw, on that guide.17:35
SupaYoshiPoint 3. Configure the TFTP Server17:36
SupaYoshiMy question is, am I doing it right the way Im doing it? or am i going wrong?17:36
SupaYoshiBceause I read another tutorial which told me that it could be done this way, id like to make that my location for the PXE17:36
SupaYoshijeffrey_f, any idea? :D17:37
joosseewafflejockTablet, dont know if this helps but regardless of weather I pick Ubuntu or Ubuntu 2D metacity is always running...17:40
=== panda-pc is now known as sergios
joosseewafflejockTablet, dont know if this helps but regardless of weather I pick Ubuntu or Ubuntu 2D metacity is always running...17:40
wafflejockTabletNot too familiar with metacity using KDE on my laptop and XFCE on the server17:41
joosseewafflejockTablet, ya i wanted xfce to work but no deals... just the desktop image and the application bar17:42
joosseewafflejockTablet, sorta worked the first few times but then not at all.. xfce session or xubuntu session dont seem to matter...17:42
wafflejockTabletYeah need to install xfce-goodies and some other stuff its very minimal by itself17:42
wafflejockTabletOh weird17:43
joosseehow can I check if compwiz is installed?17:44
=== kevin__ is now known as kevin
jhutchins_wkjoossee: dpkg -l compwiz17:44
smacktalki'm running ubuntu version 3.2.0-56-generic-pae #86-Ubuntu and it's not letting me see any smb shares17:44
joosseethis is starting to make sense17:44
joosseejhutchins_wk, "sudo apt-get install compwiz" ?17:45
smacktalkI installed smb4k but it's not working17:45
jhutchins_wkjoossee: That's a valid command.17:46
zykotick9!info compwiz17:46
ubottuPackage compwiz does not exist in saucy17:46
zykotick9jhutchins_wk: but NOT a valid package name ;)17:46
jhutchins_wkjoossee: That could be a problem.17:46
joosseejhutchins_wk, well dpkg told me its not installed... gonna give MyUnity tweaking a go. I dont really wanna run compwiz anyways17:47
bazhangperhaps he means compiz17:47
joosseeoh jeez17:47
joosseei mean the composite desktop package17:47
jhutchins_wkDanged computers are so literal.17:47
joosseecompiz i think17:47
joosseelol sorry17:47
jhutchins_wkjoossee: Wildcards can help, dpkg -l "comp*"17:48
joosseejhutchins_wk, bazhang ok so compiz is installed but MyUnity tells me I am running in 2D mode.17:48
joosseewhich is fine, i like 2D mode, if i can just get the dash home to open in under 4 seconds17:48
joosseejhutchins_wk, ok well MyUnity cant do anything in 2D mode... any theories on why dash home is so dang crusty? everything I've tried does nothing... maybe i need to turn compiz on?17:51
wentknweqt_anyone know how to downgrade php5.5 to php5.4 in ubuntu 13.10?17:52
wafflejockTabletRemove php 5.5 install PHP 5.4 update your server config17:53
wafflejockTabletsudo apt-get remove17:53
ikoniawafflejockTablet: its not that simple17:53
ikoniawentknweqt_: is there a php 5.4 package in ubuntu 13.10 ?17:53
zykotick9ikonia: +117:53
wafflejockTabletWhy not?17:53
wentknweqt_I didn't see one with apt-cache search17:54
ikoniawafflejockTablet: where is he going to get the lower package from, what about packages that depend on the 5.5 package ?17:54
ikoniawentknweqt_: I didn't think so,17:54
wentknweqt_er, showpkg17:54
wafflejockTabletI went from 5.3 to 5.5 its not in the main repos17:54
ikoniawentknweqt_: the idea is you use the packages shipped with the distribution, and I'm not aware of 13.10 having a 5.4 package,17:54
ikoniawafflejockTablet: yes, that's an "upgrade" and it's probably using an external PPA17:54
wentknweqt_5.4 is a downgrade. 5.5 is in 13.10 main i think17:55
ikoniawentknweqt_: yes, and I don't think there is a 5.4 package17:55
wentknweqt_erh, okay, i guess it's time to make it from source and run php 5.4 side by side with 517:57
wentknweqt_err 5.5.17:57
wafflejockTabletWhat problems in 5.5?17:57
wentknweqt_Laravel 3.x doesn't work because they decided to use yield as a method name before it became a keyword.17:57
wafflejockTabletAh bummer17:58
wentknweqt_And they're not updating it because "they used yield first."17:58
wafflejockTabletPhp came first17:58
wentknweqt_LoL yeah, I tried to tell them that, and they suggested I hack up their source. I'd rather compile PHP than edit their stuff.17:59
cristian__cI've installed bustle18:03
Xylighti've just installed ubuntu studio on virtualbox, i wanna try ^_^18:03
Xylightit looks very good!18:04
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cristian_cI've installed bustle18:09
zykotick9cristian_c: do you have a follow up question?  or just making a statement?18:12
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cristian_cThe server has disconnected me. Has anyone answered?18:15
zykotick9cristian_c: you haven't asked anything?  how could someone answer?18:16
thechawell he asked and you did answer18:16
cristian_czykotick9, no, I've asked before18:17
zykotick9cristian_c: ok, good luck.18:17
guest-1rj7YKbonjour, j'ai réinstallé sans toucher à mon home xubuntu et lorsque je me connecte à mon user par défaut avec le mot d epasse saisi lors de l'installation, le système revient sur mon user sans me donner aucune indication d el'erreur avez vous une solution?18:22
guest-1rj7YKc'est pas très lol18:23
thechapardonez moi18:23
guest-1rj7YKil n'y a pas d emal18:24
thechail n'y a pas?18:24
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:24
guest-1rj7YKde soucis avec votre humour18:24
guest-1rj7YKok, merci je vais essayer18:24
thechatu peut parle naglais?18:25
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ubottuMolimo udjite u #ubuntu-rs za pomoc u vezi sa Ubuntuom na srpskom jeziku.18:25
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:26
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India18:27
thechai have a question concering gonme 3 if i drag a shortcut into the panel i cantg et rifd of it how do i get rid of it?18:29
cristian_cAnother question18:29
cristian_cHow can I disable the mysql auto-load?18:29
cristian_cAny ideas?18:29
wilmingtinHow do I mount an encrypted internal drive when booting from a liveCD?18:32
=== mahir256_ is now known as mahir256
zykotick9wilmingtin: ahhh, while boot (from LiveCD) is gonna make it challenging (do you want to remaster an ISO?).  can't you boot first, then mount?18:33
wilmingtinzykotick9: sorry, should have been clearer: Yes, that's what I meant.18:34
wilmingtinI'm booted now, trying to mount/decrypt18:34
TJ-wilmingtin: Use "sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/encrypted decrypted" to open it, then mount it using "sudo mount /dev/mapper/decrypted /path/to/mountpoint"18:34
CarlFKzykotick9: how would you (or wilmingtin ) do it if booting from whatever you mean by "boot first"  ?18:34
TJ-wilmingtin: replacing "/dev/encrypted" and "/path/to/mountpoint" with suitable values for your system18:35
CarlFKah, I see the confusion. never mind ;)18:35
zykotick9CarlFK: / wilmingtin - i have no idea guys... i don't currently use any encrypted filesystem stuff...  wilmingtin i hope it's not truecrypt encrypted...18:36
wilmingtinTJ-: I'm not sure what the path to the disk is. I know how big it is, is there a way for me to find it?18:36
wilmingtinzykotick9: nope, LUKS/LVM18:36
TJ-wilmingtin: You could try "ls -l /dev/disk/by-id"18:36
CarlFKwilmingtin: try "sudo fdisk -l"18:36
wafflejockTabletFind takes parameters for date modified believe size as well18:36
zykotick9wilmingtin: well that's good ;)  fyi, you might want to sub "sudo parted -l" for fdisk, if you use GPT18:37
tripelb12.04 gnome-classic. Hello and Help. Yes that's my question where is the help so I can look up someothing about my ubuntu. I have looked in the menus and the submenus and the steering wheel and the desktop rightclick and the various shift keys + f. I really appreciate your help on this profound and difficult mater. Derp.18:37
abyss42i can access my vm on ip, but i would like to assign a readable hostname to that ip. what is the best way to do that?18:37
patb_abyss42, just add an entry to /etc/hosts18:38
zykotick9abyss42: if it's for only one comp, easiest is /etc/hosts18:38
CarlFKtripelb: I keep hitting f1 and getting help when I don't want it.. try that?18:38
ezra-stripelb, I recall from memory but have you tried pressing F1?18:38
ezra-sCarlFK, :)18:38
=== P4tt3rn_ is now known as P4tt3rn
tripelbfor help I also tried F1 on the desktop, thanks for your hint carl.18:39
abyss42patb_: in my host machine right..not my vm18:40
tripelb2CarlFK, f1 does work in hexchat.18:40
EaglemanI want to to setup a script with a cronjob to run once every 3 months on the first sunday but i have no clue on how to do that, i tried googling a few scripts but they dont seem to work, any idea how to do this?18:40
tripelb2CarlFK, maybe that wasnt clear - when I use F1 on the desktop I do NOT get help18:41
tripelb2or hep18:41
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wilmingtinTJ-, CarlFK: ah found it, /dev/sda, but cryptsetup returns "Device /dev/sda is not a valid LUKS device."18:41
CarlFKwilmingtin: that's cuz you didn't find it :)18:42
TJ-wilmingtin: Usually it'll be a *partition* on /dev/sda18:42
CarlFKwilmingtin: try /dev/sda118:42
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
joosseeok making progress... dash home is now quick, however i have lost dual screen support18:43
patb_abyss42, that's correct18:43
joosseequestion: the open source amd drivers and fglrx are different things right?18:43
wilmingtinTJ-, CarlFK -- nice catch. Now mount is returning "mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'"18:44
TJ-wilmingtin: Have you successfully opened the LUKS volume?18:45
wilmingtinTJ-: yes18:45
CarlFKwilmingtin: I am going out on a limb, but I bet your encrypted fs is living inside a container that lives on sda1..18:45
TJ-wilmingtin: In which case, it contains an LVM volume group18:45
CarlFKTJ-: sounds like you are way more on top of this than me, so I'll shut up now18:45
adamkjoossee: Yes, the open source driver is a different driver from the proprietary driver (fglrx).18:46
TJ-wilmingtin: so you'll need to ensure "lvm2" package is installed, and do "sudo vgscan" and then "sudo vgchange -ay"18:46
Natalie_Is  Clam AV compatible to use as my anti-virus for my Ubuntu-13.10?18:46
joosseeadamk, ty. how can I check which of the two I am running?18:46
adamkjoossee: Both support dual monitors.18:46
adamkjoossee: Check the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to see which driver is getting loaded.18:46
TJ-wilmingtin: Correction. You'll need "sudo pvscan" !18:47
wilmingtinTJ-: ok, installing lvm2 now..18:47
joosseeadamk, i would really like to stay with open drivers, but I notice that I do not get any dual screen options in the Settings/Display as I used to when using proprietary drivers?18:47
zykotick9!virus | Natalie_ yes clam will work.  but why?18:47
ubottuNatalie_ yes clam will work.  but why?: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus18:47
daftykinsNatalie_: if you absolutely insist on using AV, then yes packages exist for ClamAV so it should work fine.18:48
wilmingtinTJ-: still "vgchange" or "pvchange?18:48
adamkjoossee: As I said, both the open source radeon driver and the proprietary fglrx driver support multiple monitors.  I'd need to see the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file from when you are using the radeon driver to tell you why you can't configure dual monitors.18:49
TJ-wilmingtin: Yes. pvscan looks for all physical volumes... "vgchange -ay" activates all found volume groups18:49
vershanhi i have a HP Pavilion dv7-4150si Entertainment Notebook PC and installed ubuntu 13.10 and looking for hardware support. The touchpad doesnt work well (very stick) - graphics see to be ok, and theres no sound - this is the spec of my laptop http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=za&lc=en&docname=c02529139 - i really want to get the best out of it as I dont like Windows18:49
joosseeadamk, i think i know why: I had to add "nomodeset" to grub or else I got a black screen monitors lose signal type of hang which i can only crtl-alt-del out of...?18:49
adamkjoossee: If you use 'nomodeset' then the radeon driver is disabled and you end up with the vesa driver, which does not have 2D or 3D acceleration or support for multiple monitors.18:50
wilmingtinTJ-: ok, now I've got " 2 logical volume(s) in volume group "ubuntu" now active" -- do I mount /dev/sda5 now?18:50
joosseeadamk, ok that makes a lot of sense, except that th vesa sriver perfroms better than fglrx18:51
TJ-wilmingtin: Once that's done, do "ls /dev/mapper/" and figure out which of of those LV file-systems you want to mount, and then you can finally do "sudo mount /dev/mapper/VGNAME-LVNAME /path/to/mountpoint" !18:51
wilmingtinTJ-: awesome. going through now18:51
adamkjoossee: If you say so...  fglrx has a lot of detractors, but I've never heard that claim before.18:51
=== Guest85029 is now known as Freejack_
joosseeadamk, can I pastbin my xorg log file for you? I guess the first thing I need to do is get it booting without nomodeset18:52
SupaYoshihey guys18:52
adamkjoossee: Sure, I'll take a look.  Can't promise I can help, but I'll look.18:52
SupaYoshiinstead of setting up PXE im thinking about FOG, because it is doing what I wanted to do with just PXe18:52
arsenicumis someone using qt creator at subj? I have strange creator's window behaviour18:52
SupaYoshifor what I assume this is a good idea?18:52
wilmingtinTJ-: Mounted! Thanks a lot, I've been stuck on this for days :)18:53
joosseehttp://pastebin.com/jvnrZtY8 adamk18:53
Eliyahuwhat is the best distro of linux to use on an older laptop with good gui , the laptop is a compaq Evo N600c intel pentium 318:53
vershanlooking for hardware support hi i have a HP Pavilion dv7-4150si Entertainment Notebook PC and installed ubuntu 13.10 and looking for hardware support. The touchpad doesnt work well (very stick) - graphics see to be ok, and theres no sound - this is the spec of my laptop http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=za&lc=en&docname=c02529139 - i really want to get the best out of it as I dont like Windows18:53
EaglemanI need to test if my cronjob runs on the days i specified but since those days are 3 months between i have to change the date of the ubuntu machine to test it, but sometimes it works and sometimes its not working, is this becuase i am changing the date of the machine?18:54
tripelbOK so I have no clue how to get help (in 12.04 gnome-classic) so I'll ask here. It useta be that when I went to a different desktop I didnt have all my same icons all over it, it was just clear. Now in 12.04 it's littered just the same as my original desktop and with the same background. I ask, what's the point now?18:54
adamkjoossee: Much as I expected, you are using the vesa Xorg driver.18:55
wafflejocktripelb: can use different viewports for managing your open apps not just the set of icons.. mostly that's what I've used it for18:56
wafflejockin KDE you can swtich this in the settings for if you'd like different wallpapers/widgets on different desktops or shared, imagine this is true in Unity as well but may be need unity-tweaks or something to get at it18:56
joosseeadamk, yes as the open source driver just black screens...?18:56
adamkjoossee: I can't help with just a black screen with the radeon driver without seeing the output of 'dmesg' and the Xorg log file from when you use the radeon driver.18:57
wafflejockEagleman: I'm not super familiar with kron so I just got a GUI to handle the details for me, maybe a good idea for you too18:57
Eaglemanwafflejock kinda hard when you dont have a desktop D:18:57
wafflejockEagleman: ah gotcha.. yeah dunno I installed some cron package believe it was just called Kron and it added a option to my settings in KDE to configure a job... if you'd like I can do the schedule you said and drop you the cron line it adds18:58
joosseeadamk, how can I procure that for you? I think I can avoid the black screen if I can tell it not to load the windowmanager? (i thought that is what nomodeset did)18:58
fredrik_I have problems with that two instances of cairo dock starts everytime I start ubuntu... Where can I fix that?18:59
Eaglemanwafflejock i am not sure if you can do what i want with cron18:59
Eaglemanmaybe cron isnt able to manage itself, need some external scripts to get it working18:59
mfilipeI installed an ubuntu server with kde-minimium-bare and I wanna install Ubuntu One too. What is the package?18:59
joosseeadamk, basically can I jst tell it to go CLI with the open source driver that is causing the blackscreen?19:00
zykotick9joossee: using nomodeset disables the kernel mode drivers.  text disables DMs from starting.19:00
EaglemanI need to test if my cronjob runs on the days i specified but since those days are 3 months between i have to change the date of the ubuntu machine to test it, but sometimes it works and sometimes its not working, is this becuase i am changing the date of the machine?19:00
zykotick9s/mode drivers/mode video drivers/ if that wasn't clear.19:01
joosseezykotick9, ok ty. this file Xorg.0.log can be copied from CLI?19:01
zykotick9!pastebinit | joossee perhaps this will help, if you've got network.19:02
ubottujoossee perhaps this will help, if you've got network.: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:02
joosseezykotick9, i just put "text" where i ordinarily put "nomodeset"?19:02
zykotick9joossee: ya.  but i guess you need nomodeset...19:02
zykotick9joossee: or both!19:02
joosseezykotick9, right, i dont think just putting it in text will fix it.. i has similar issue before but fglrx fixed all that19:03
tpw_ruleshey all, i'm having a slight issue with ubuntu. when i plug in an external hard drive, it doesn't auto-mount. if i try to mount it via the gui (clicking on it), it complains that mounting is not authorized. any ideas what's up?19:03
zykotick9joossee: sorry i don't help with ATI/AMD stuff... best of luck.19:03
tpw_rulesthis is 12.04LTS btw19:03
joosseezykotick9, lol ok ty anyways19:03
tpw_rulesalso, it works without error if i sudo mount from the terminal19:03
joosseeadamk, can I not just tell the visa driver what my monitor and virtual desktop sizes are?19:04
zykotick9joossee: vesa is EXTREMELY limited ;)19:04
joosseeoh gawd.. but it works so good19:04
joosseequestion: do i need to purge the open source driver before "apt-get install fglrx" ?19:06
patb_joossee, I don't think so; I didn't have to19:06
zykotick9joossee: NO, that would want to take Xorg with it!19:06
adamkjoossee: No, you don't need to do that.19:06
EaglemanWill this run every 3 months on the first sunday only? http://lpaste.net/132118452782917222419:06
joosseeadamk, zykotick9 patb_ ok so just "apt-get install fglrx" and a reboot?19:07
adamkjoossee: When using the radeon driver, do not pass 'nomodeset' to the driver, but try passing 'video=640x480'19:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest57580
wafflejockEagleman: yeah tried doing some searching can't really come up with a reliable method of testing it... depends on the implementation I'm sure, would probably have to look at the source to be sure19:07
joosseeadamk, oh fglrx works perfectly other than the dash home button being extremely slow. i was only ytying to fix that19:07
adamkjoossee: OK, then go back to fglrx :-)19:07
joosseei guess i will have to... is there any changes i can make to the open source driver to try and get it to run?19:08
Eaglemanwafflejock, this current script seems to work but there are some problems when changing the date, for example changing 2 times to the first sunday of october wont touch the file19:08
adamkjoossee: That's what I was suggesting by passing 'video=640x480' to the kernel.  That will force KMS to use 640x480 as the console resolution.19:08
joosseeadamk, ok so I should try that resolution, with the open source driver going?19:09
joosseeinstead of nomodeset ?19:09
fredrik_I have problems with that two instances of cairo dock starts everytime I start ubuntu... Where can I fix that?19:10
adamkjoossee: Well, it's worth testing to see if that at least works.19:10
joosseeok will do bnow ty adamk brb19:10
david_gomezhi ! :)19:16
ObrienDaveanother happy customer ;)19:18
trevorjHi guys, I compile a custom flavor of the Ubuntu kernel for our boxen here based on Ubuntu's kernel git. I've been trying to figure out the proper way to create a source package that I can upload to an apt repo. Anyone have any experience with this?19:24
heavyammoI tried downloading Tor from the package center. I downloaded two packages that came up for "tor", tor and vidalia. I only had new menu for Vidalia in my Internet menus. I tried running it, it executes but nothing happens (I had open several instances). Closed them, purged, rebooted, apt-get install tor, apt-get install vidalia and it is still the same, vidalia doesn't open up19:24
heavyammocould anybody help19:24
PDilyardis there a way i can configure the php mail function to work on my localhost?19:25
PDilyardi've installed sendmail, but it doesnt seem to work19:25
hitsujiTMOtrevorj: easiet thing to do is apt-get source the kernel, make your modificatiosn to that. then repackage that19:26
PDilyardsudo sendmail -f test@test.com myaddress@gmail.com < ~/Desktop/test19:26
wafflejockPDilyard: probably not if you're on a home connection through Comcast19:26
ObrienDaveheavyammo, find the Tor website, get the instructions for there :)19:26
PDilyardwafflejock: ok19:26
wafflejockPDilyard: they block port 2519:26
trevorjhitsujiTMO: I'd rather do it from the git repo, as I track my changes in our git repo here19:26
trevorjhitsujiTMO: and I use that to port our changes forward for each release19:26
PDilyardwafflejock: but i could configure smtp to work, right?19:27
hitsujiTMOtrevorj: in that case the guys in #ubuntu-app-devel would be better at guiding you thru making packages19:27
patb_PDilyard, are you getting the error "sendmail: fatal: open/postfix....."?19:27
PDilyardpatb_: im not getting any errors, it just hangs for a bit and then completes, but i dont receive any mail19:28
wafflejockPDilyard: I beleive you should be able to get smtp working through comcast... haven't done this in a while though just know I couldn't get postfix setup here because of the blocked port19:28
=== StackOverflow is now known as Guest34787
trevorjhitsujiTMO: I can make the binary packages just fine, I just don't know how using the ubuntu kernel debianization to make the source package/changes files19:28
=== Fran is now known as Guest23929
trevorjhitsujiTMO: Thanks though, I'll ask there if nobody responds to me in #ubuntu-kernel, I don't want to spam every channel at once just yet =D19:29
Guest34787does anyone know how to install flash player on a chromebook running ubuntu 12.04 LTS ?19:30
JimJoneswhats the command to edit something like /etc/init.d/vncserver19:30
wafflejockJimJones: nano or vi or vim19:31
wafflejockJimJones: or gedit or kate19:31
wafflejockdepends on where you are and what you like19:31
JimJonessomething like sudo nano ./etc/init.d/vncserver ?19:31
xstefen^ +119:31
wafflejockJimJones: yup looks like an extra dot there nano /etc/init.d/vncserver19:31
xstefenor gedit/leafpad if u have those19:32
wafflejockctrl+o to write the file19:32
xstefengksu gedit /etc/init.d/vncserver19:32
wafflejockctrl+x to exit19:32
wafflejockJimJones: you'll see the commands in the bottom of the screen19:32
wafflejockJimJones: if the file is owned by root you will need to precede the command with sudo as others say here... also if you're using a GUI one like gedit use gksudo, if using KDE like kate use kdesudo as necessary19:33
smacktalkI'm trying to upgrade ubuntu from 12.4...it's failing19:35
smacktalksays 404 error on fetching from http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/source/Sources19:36
smacktalkanyone have a suggestion on going from 12.04 to 13?19:37
PDilyardwafflejock: in case you were wondering, i got gmail's smtp to work. thanks for the tip!19:37
ObrienDavesmacktalk, trusty is NOT supported yet.19:38
wafflejockPDilyard: no worries, thx for letting me know too perhaps will give that a go here just to have something setup to test my development stuff without having to push to a staging server19:38
DJonessmacktalk: That looks like its trying to upgrade to 14.04 not 12.10 because thats a trusty repository, 14.04 has only just started being developed so its no surprise that the repo's are incomplete19:38
DJonessmacktalk: Don't forget you can only safely upgrade to 12.10 at the moment, or to 14.04 when its released19:39
jhutchins_wksmacktalk: Yeah, wait a bit.19:39
jhutchins_wksmacktalk: There are a few problems ith 13.04 and several with 13.10.19:41
fredrik_I have problems with that two instances of cairo dock starts everytime I start ubuntu... Where can I fix that?19:41
smacktalkoh, good to know19:41
smacktalkI'm having problems with 12.04 not recognizing smb shares19:41
Ari-Yangsmacktalk: you on 12.04.3?19:42
smacktalkworks just fine in fedora19:42
wafflejocksmacktalk: trying to connect by IP? or just unable to browse?19:42
Ari-Yangsmacktalk: like what the others have said, if you're on 12.04, might as well stick with it. 13.04 is eol soon and there are problems in 13.10 you might come across19:42
Ari-Yang12.10 is fine if you're already using it (like me)19:42
smacktalkVERSION="12.04.3 LTS, Precise Pangolin"19:42
deatheater_1Is there a trick to auto-hiding the Unity Launcher in VMWare virtual machine using Ubuntu 13.10?19:43
deatheater_1Or is it simply just not going to work?19:43
MonkeyDustdeatheater_1  not sure if vmware is supported here19:44
smacktalkunable to connect via ip nor browse19:44
callumtaylorno eth0 just eth319:45
callumtaylorsomeone plz help19:45
smacktalkjust not working19:45
MonkeyDustcallumtaylor  change your settings, so they find eth319:45
callumtaylorcan some one tell me how to change my eth3 to eth019:45
callumtaylorhow tho im new to this19:46
smacktalkfedora works just fine out of the box with browsing smb shares...I've tried installing smb4k on ubuntu and it's not working19:47
Natalie-5274Is this the command I'm suppose to use:  ps ax | grep [c] | and19:47
callumtaylormonkeydust how do i do tht19:47
MonkeyDustNatalie-5274  depends on what you waht to achieve19:47
daftykinsNatalie-5274: for what?19:47
Natalie-5274to see if I have clamav19:47
MonkeyDustNatalie-5274  apt-cache policy clavav19:47
MonkeyDustNatalie-5274  apt-cache policy clamav19:48
daftykinsmust get that echo fixed19:48
callumtayloriz this19:48
icerootNatalie-5274: what do you mean? if it is installed?19:48
YokoBRhey guys, i have a laptop w/o dvd drive. Would be possible to plug the hard drive on my computer, install the operating system, then plug it back again?19:48
icerootYokoBR: yes19:48
daftykinsYokoBR: you don't own a USB flash drive?19:48
=== Abd_Allatif_ is now known as Abd_Allatif
icerootYokoBR: but you can also install from a usb stick as installation surce19:49
YokoBRnope, i don't have one here now19:49
YokoBRi have just a debian desktop and this laptop19:49
YokoBRthe hdd is already plugged in19:49
YokoBRon debian19:49
supNowso I upgraded from 13.04 to 13.10 and it appeared to destroy many things and the time to repair seemed to long so since I backup all my files on a server I figured I would just install 13.10 from scratch. I'm now getting a black grub menu on boot... help?19:50
MonkeyDustYokoBR  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue ?19:50
YokoBRMonkeyDust, there's no problem at all with the harddrive19:51
Ari-Yang.....I'm never upgrading to 13.10 :|19:51
=== LarrySteeze|Away is now known as LarrySteeze
YokoBRi just want to install an operating system into it, then plug back on the laptop again19:51
deatheater_1Seriously, what's the trick with the Unity toolbar once you Auto-Hide it.  This is maddening....19:51
infusedyokobr is it networked?19:52
YokoBRhummm.. yep19:52
MonkeyDustYokoBR  what happens when you try?19:52
daftykinssupNow: everything goes black on first boot?19:52
infusedyokoBR try a remote ssh might be easer if possable im not sure19:53
deatheater_1Anybody know what this means, "The launcher will reveal when moving the pointer to the defined hotspot."19:53
YokoBRMonkeyDust, nothing, i gues.. I'm just asking if it's possible. Or due to hardware compatibilities it would crash19:53
deatheater_1Where is the defined hotspot?19:53
supNowdaftykins, first boot and many after not just black it's a black screen with a grub prompt19:54
=== GingerGeek is now known as GingerGeek[Away]
supNowdaftykins, http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa111/sklipikish/openSUSE/20121114_054449_zps8e9b2b5b.jpg that is the grub screen I get after completed install19:54
trismdeatheater_1: in 13.10 at least, you can set it to either the top left corner or the left side in System Settings/Appearance19:55
daftykinssupNow: looks like it's gone pretty wrong, do you have more than one HDD/SSD in this system?19:55
supNowI do but it boots to the one with ubuntu by default (my ssd)19:55
deatheater_1trism:  How come the launcher will only come up when pressing the "Windows" button on the keyboard?19:55
daftykinssupNow: i would recommend reinstalling from scratch (nuking everything) with just the OS drive attached19:56
trismdeatheater_1: bug I guess, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/97101819:57
ubottuUbuntu bug 971018 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Auto-hide Unity Launcher will not reveal when mouse pushed to left side in VirtualBox or VMware" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:57
supNowdaftykins, I may do that I'm going to load a live session to see if it's actually there and possibly try boot repair. Thanks for the help though19:57
daftykinssupNow: no worries, good luck19:57
Natalie-5274Are there any games for ubuntu that are like The Sims?19:57
deatheater_1Wow... ubottu that really makes Ubuntu a rough desktop to bother virtualizing.  Why hasn't someone fixed this?19:58
gordonjcpdeatheater_1: ubottu is a bot19:58
gordonjcpdeatheater_1: the simple answer is not to auto-hide the panel...19:59
=== olf-folks is now known as user2323
deatheater_1I know ubottu is a bot.  Hopefully he can listen as well as talk... :-)20:00
MonkeyDustdeatheater_1  ubottu is a she20:01
ubottuyes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)20:01
daftykinsthat's the most pointless thing ever20:02
=== bwolfe is now known as brucew
hitsujiTMOdaftykins: its a legacy feature. ubottu is infact built on top of a lovebot20:03
dowshoolhttp://www.overstock.com/Electronics/Acer-Aspire-One-D250-1026-10.1-Netbook-Intel-Atom-N270-1.60-GHz/4812697/product.html will run ubuntu?20:03
daftykinshitsujiTMO: say no more, say no more ;)20:03
deatheater_1nice...  I'm glad we've got gender assigned bots now.   Must have had re-assignment surgery fairly recently.   :-)20:04
daftykinsdowshool: yes, but i'd recommend xubuntu or lubuntu20:04
mah454Hello , ....20:04
daftykinsmah454: hi20:04
mah454I upgrade to 13.10 , now my laptop crashed after switch to sleep mode !20:05
mah454how can debug it ?20:05
hitsujiTMOdowshool: that will be of for ubuntu 12.04 with unity2d. The gpu cannot handle 3d effects very well20:05
deatheater_1OK.. So much for unity.  What do you think about Gnome 3 Ubuntu running in virtual machine.  Anybody using that?20:05
infusedwhould this be the channle to ask about lamp20:05
daftykinsinfused: sure, though #ubuntu-server more appropriately i would think20:05
dowshoolok thanks guys i figured it would be alright20:06
hitsujiTMOdeatheater_1: i find modern gnome to be quite clunky and cumbersome to use.20:06
daftykinsdowshool: it is a netbook though, so it'd only be good for light web browsing / email20:06
hitsujiTMOdeatheater_1: as way suggested earlier disabling auto-hide for the launcher is a viable fix20:07
deatheater_1hitsujiTMO: Thanks for the feedback.  I find Unity pretty clunky when you can't auto-hide the launcher in a Virtual Machine...20:07
deatheater_1I like my desktop real estate.20:07
dowshooldaftykins: im not planing to play minecraft on it20:07
deatheater_1I guess I can limp along by using the Windows button to invoke the unity launcher.20:08
hitsujiTMOdeatheater_1: i quite like openbox with lxpanel for maximum realestate + usability20:08
minimecdeatheater_1: e17 + gnome-panel... Working like charm.20:09
daftykinsdeatheater_1: in platform-agnostic land, we call that 'Super' :D20:09
wafflejockdeatheater_1: yeah explore other DE options20:09
wafflejockdeatheater_1: Unity is not for everyone, it's meant for the majority but I'm not sure that's even true, lots of people switch20:10
dowshoolguys since its an atom possessor dose that mean 32?20:11
kostkondowshool, not necessarily but usually yes20:11
kostkondowshool, which one20:12
hitsujiTMOdowshool: yes the n270 is a 32bit processor20:12
dowshoolcool  thanks20:12
hitsujiTMOdowshool: and give the age of it, 273 eur is over priced for that machine20:13
mah454Can use fglrx ATI vide driver with nomodeset in boot option ?20:13
adamkmah454: Yes.20:14
infuseddowshool i managed to get ubuntu 12.04 to work on a hp mini 11020:14
mah454adamk: but i can not set true resolution with this method !20:14
hitsujiTMOmah454: nomodeset is for the open driver not the proprietary driver if that's what you are asking20:14
dowshooli think im feeling xubuntu this time around20:14
mythridowshool, xubuntu only has a different WM20:15
dowshoolmythri: xfce4 right?20:16
MonkeyDustdowshool  what's the very last line of    sudo dmidecode --type 420:16
mah454hitsujiTMO: my problem is : my laptop use : [Radeon HD 6400M/7400M Series] , now after upgrade to 13.10 , my system crash after sleeping computer .20:16
mah454sorry for bad english !20:17
mythridowshool, while xfce is lighter weight on the hardware than unity is, everything else will be the same ubuntu20:17
hitsujiTMOmah454 a crasdh after sleep is not what nomodeset is for20:17
dowshoolMonkeyDust: http://paste.debian.net/65283/20:17
Natalie-5274are there any family simulators (like the sims) for ubuntu?20:17
hitsujiTMOmah454: you will need to find out what's causing the problem https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend20:18
dowshoolMonkeyDust: i dont have the computer right now that im about to install xubuntu on it has windoze on it20:18
MonkeyDustdowshool  are you in ubuntu right now?20:18
dowshoolMonkeyDust: on my desktop yeah20:18
astropirateHello friends20:18
astropirateDoes ubuntu 12.10 use upstart or monit?20:19
wafflejockNatalie-5274: not that I know of but Steam has a fair amount of Linux games now, maybe something there of interest20:19
MonkeyDustdowshool  you have more than one pc?20:19
icerootastropirate: upstart (and i dont know what monit should be)20:19
hitsujiTMONatalie-5274: not exactly the sims but: http://www.familyfarmgame.com/en/family-farm-game20:19
dowshoolMonkeyDust: i have many computers but this acer aspire one that im about to set up for my buddy is what im talking about20:20
hitsujiTMONatalie-5274: you should check the offerings on steam too20:20
MonkeyDustdowshool  and what system is that pc in? windows or linux?20:20
dowshoolwindows xpsp320:20
cuddylierDoes anyone know how to kill a 'redir' process? Whenever I kill it even using -9 it just comes back.20:21
MonkeyDustdowshool  ok, ask in ##windows how to find out if it's 32bit or 64bit, windoiws is alien to this channel20:21
AlexPortableHi, I have Winows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu or Mint I don't recall) installed on my laptop. Only Windows 7 was able to boot. I used a live-usb to repair grub, but now none boot. I get:20:21
AlexPortableerror: out of disk20:21
AlexPortablegrub> 00000020:21
adamkmah454: The fglrx driver does not support KMS.  Using 'nomodeset' is completely harmless because it doesn't do a single thing with the fglrx driver.20:21
dowshoolMonkeyDust: hitsujiTMO  already told me it was 3220:22
EaglemanWill this run every 3 months on the first sunday only? http://lpaste.net/132118452782917222420:22
Danatoguys how can i change my date format? I live in Macau-China, but im not chinese. Whenever something with date comes, it shows me chinese characters. Ive tried changed countries and time_zone, i still get chinese :/20:22
hitsujiTMOastropirate: upstart and monit are 2 very different things. upstart is an init process, monit is for monitoring stuff20:22
mythridowshool, acer aspires are so peculiar with ubuntu that they have their own help docs - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne20:23
astropiratethanks friends20:23
OerHeksEagleman, you can verify with a cronjob calculator, faster than we can > http://www.csgnetwork.com/crongen.html20:23
=== scottala1 is now known as scottalan
dowshoolmythri: i own 2 acer aspires one on ubuntu and the other on debian stable20:23
EaglemanOerHeks that seems really limited20:24
hitsujiTMOastropirate: ofcourse for any service that you want to monitor with monit, you do need to init it with monit, so it does have an init feature, but that is not the purpose of the app20:25
astropirateI see20:25
astropiratethank you hitsujiTMO20:25
Psil0Cybinhey guys i have a problem i upgraded my kernal and ever since i did that i am getting a blackscreen so what i did was try nomodeset and it does not work i tried vesafb.nonsense=1 and that did not work20:26
cuddylierAnyone know how to kill this? -9 didn't work: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401686/20:26
Psil0Cybinand when i resintalled my graphic drivers via additional drivers20:26
Psil0Cybinit messed up my previous kernel to always start off in low-graphic mode20:26
Danatothis is the output of date: 2013年 11月 11日 星期一 12:26:42 PST20:27
Danato does anybody know how to avoid those chinese characters?20:27
grimetonset a different locale20:27
r1ddl3rlearn chinese20:28
Danatoalready tried that20:28
Danatowell both :P20:28
Danatoi already tried changing locale and time_zone, nothing worked20:28
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: can you get us the dmesg and Xorg.0.log from when the system is booting to desktop and for when it is going to the black screen (its still randomly booting to desktop every once in a while right?)20:29
Psil0Cybinyes hitsujiTMO20:29
OerHeksEagleman, every 3 months is oke, but 1st sunday is a problem, i think, you can determine sunday.20:29
Psil0Cybinboots in randomly its like a lazy graphic driver20:29
Psil0Cybinyes ill get you the dmesg one second20:29
hitsujiTMODanato: can you pastebin the output of: locale20:30
hitsujiTMO* * 1-7 */3 0     = first sunday every 3 months20:32
DanatohitsujiTMO: this is weird because its not whats showing on settings http://pastebin.com/Rjr02tv720:32
hitsujiTMODanato: LC_TIME=zh_CN.UTF-8 is your problem. i presume you want just en_US for all?20:33
hitsujiTMODanato: or do you want somethings to be chinese?20:33
you-tee-fcan I install a rpm file on my unix distribution ?20:33
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DanatohitsujiTMO: yes, I live in Macau-China, but i dont speak any chinese at all20:33
jpHi All, having an issue trying to update 12.04 server, keep getting a failure to mysql dependancies.20:33
DanatohitsujiTMO: I want it all in english, but the time zone of macau20:34
you-tee-fis in here some bearded men with glasses that can help me ?20:34
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/us541LK420:34
Psil0Cybini think this is the one from the problematic kernel i am having20:34
auronandaceyou-tee-f: if you are using ubuntu we highly advise you avoid rpm20:34
auronandace!rpm | you-tee-f20:34
leon6238can anyone help me?20:34
ubottuyou-tee-f: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !dpkg, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)20:34
hitsujiTMODanato: that's grand coz timezone is controlled elsewhere: try update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en_US                         then restart20:35
you-tee-fso rpm IN THE trash20:35
you-tee-fwhat a waste20:35
leon6238can you help me please?20:35
hitsujiTMODanato: try: update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en_US20:35
Psil0Cybinanything i can perhaps do20:35
bekks!anyone | leon623820:36
ubottuleon6238: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:36
DanatohitsujiTMO: done, brb20:36
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mythriyou-tee-f, it the package you want only in rpm?20:36
jpInstalled packages have unmet dependancies ---> any suggestions?? http://pastebin.com/FwZGygQT20:37
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: its the powervr module thats causing you the trouble. you could try blacklisting it and seeing if you can stick with vesa (powervr suuuuucks )20:37
you-tee-fmythri no fine20:38
Psil0Cybinhow do i  blacklist it?20:38
Psil0Cybinin the one time menu so i can try it out?20:38
Psil0Cybinreally powervr? module?? i thought it was the graphics20:38
Psil0Cybini was trying nomodeset and other commands20:38
you-tee-fi need to uninstall jdk6 from my distribution, what the most effective and safe way to do that ?20:39
daftykinsyou-tee-f: apt-get remove oracle-jdk*20:39
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: can you pastebin the output of lsmod20:40
auronandaceyou-tee-f: depends how you installed it20:40
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: powervr is your graphics20:40
trismjp: what is the output of: apt-cache policy mysql-server-core-5.520:40
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: how would i blacklist powervr , and also after i reinstalled the graphic drivers via addition drivers i was unable to boot into my other kernel that i was using as my fallback20:40
Psil0Cybinso i had to keep rebooting till i could get into this kernel20:40
auronandace!blacklist | Psil0Cybin20:41
ubottuPsil0Cybin: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »20:41
Danato<hitsujiTMO> no luck :/20:41
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/wqkC3CVB20:41
Psil0Cybinokay would a blacklist cause more problems?20:41
Psil0Cybini would edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add blacklist powervr ?20:41
hitsujiTMODanato: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/default/locale20:42
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: do u think i should try blacklisting it20:42
Psil0Cybinand restarting?20:43
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: yes if we can figure out what module its loading20:43
Danato<hitsujiTMO> http://pastebin.com/e56WkUkM20:44
Psil0Cybini thought it was powervr20:44
Psil0Cybinkk hitsujiTMO so let me know what i can do to diagnose it later.20:45
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: you can try blacklisting cedarview_gfx      you can always remove the blacklist if it doesn't work20:45
Psil0Cybini will try that now20:45
hitsujiTMOthat should allow you to go to vesa driver20:45
jptrism: I updated the pastebin http://pastebin.com/FgMVmmmA20:45
jptrism: and thanks for the response was thinking I was SOL today ;)20:46
Psil0Cybinso hitsujiTMO i would type20:46
Psil0Cybinblacklist cedarview_gfx20:46
hitsujiTMOjp you using a mysql ppa?20:46
Psil0Cybininside /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf20:46
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: yes20:46
mythriDanato, I think you'll need to edit your locale file and change all those items to english20:46
Psil0Cybinkk restarting now20:46
Psil0Cybinill try it20:46
trismjp: that looks fine so the problem must be with mysql-server-5.5, what about: apt-cache policy mysql-server-5.5;20:47
jphitsujiTMO, not sure what PPA is.20:47
jpTrism: checking that now20:47
hitsujiTMOjp: did you add any other repos to your apt sources?20:48
jptrism: http://pastebin.com/54DgsMhL20:49
Kript php extension enabled for the file to execute in http post method ??20:49
jphitsuciTMO: how do I check? I had to use another repo for something a while back but thought I removed it.20:50
Danato<mythri> i changed all the zn_CN to en_US. will that help?20:51
hitsujiTMOjp: can you pastebin the output of /etc/apt/sources.list       and can you pastebin the result of: ls -l /etc/apt/sources.list.d20:51
Danatodoing an update and see if anything changes20:51
mythriDanato, only one way to tell, reboot20:51
Danatoah right20:51
Danatobrb again20:52
daftykinsKript: that's not a question20:52
jpjp@jpvault:~$ sudo /etc/apt/sources.list20:52
jp[sudo] password for jp:20:52
jpsudo: /etc/apt/sources.list: command not found20:52
bekksjp:  /etc/apt/sources.list is a file, not a command.20:53
MonkeyDustjp  because there is no command in that line, only a path20:53
jpdoh sorry20:53
MonkeyDustjp  try   less [that path]20:53
hitsujiTMOjp: cat /etc/apt/sources.list20:54
Danato<mythri> the chinese is gone :P thanks20:54
mythriall is well20:55
trismjp: the dpkg -i might work if you actually had the deb, but it doesn't seem to be there, might try to: apt-get download mysql-server-5.5; then sudo dpkg -i the deb in the current directory20:55
trismjp: otherwise you might end up having to remove mysql-server-core-5.5 and reinstall the lot20:55
jphttp://pastebin.com/5udR4dGR sources.list and la20:55
hitsujiTMOjp: i wonder if plexmediaserver is using mysql and had updated it early20:57
auronandaceAlexPortable: you don't sound to sure20:57
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: did not work!!20:57
Psil0Cybinbooted right into low graphic settings20:57
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: :(20:57
Psil0Cybincaused problems20:57
Psil0Cybini am so out of ideas :(20:57
Psil0Cybinall i can do is retart my laptop 35 times20:57
Psil0Cybintill it boots in :S20:58
AlexPortableauronandace: no, nobody can help me with my problem :(20:58
Psil0Cybinwhat the heckkk20:58
AlexPortable21:21 <AlexPortable> Hi, I have Winows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu or Mint I don't recall) installed on my laptop. Only Windows 7 was able to boot. I used a live-usb to repair grub, but now none boot. I get:20:58
AlexPortable21:21 <AlexPortable> error: out of disk20:58
AlexPortable21:21 <AlexPortable> grub> 00000020:58
tripelb12.04 gnome-- I pluggeed in a rebcam with mic and I only want to see if I can use the mic. I tried sound recorder but it doesnt have anything that shows the mic input, if it is happening or not. what do I use? (This mic and webcam has worked before in Ubuntu 10.)20:58
mythriPsil0Cybin, what was your exact problem again?20:58
Psil0Cybinmythri: i upgraded my kernel i got a blackscreen i tried every boot parameter it did not work20:58
Psil0Cybini have to restart my laptop 35 times20:58
Psil0Cybinto finally get a GUI20:59
Psil0Cybinand if i reboot again i get a blackscreen after the grub and splash20:59
Psil0Cybini tried nomodeset20:59
Psil0Cybini tried vesafb.nonsense=120:59
hitsujiTMOmythri: his powervr graphics driver is crashing on most boots20:59
mythriPsil0Cybin, is this a laptop?20:59
jphitsujiTMO: Maybe it did, but now I can't do any updates bacause of the missing D. I know Plx uses the sql backend a lot20:59
Psil0Cybinyes mythri21:00
Psil0Cybina laptop its an acer aspire one d270-162821:00
hitsujiTMOjp. you can wget the debs and install manually with dpkg -i21:00
mythriPsil0Cybin, would there happen to be settings in it's bios about whether the default display in the builtin screen or an external monitor?21:00
Psil0Cybinto be honest i dont think so slash have no idea21:01
hitsujiTMOjp: whats the output of: uname -a21:01
Psil0Cybini never had to do anything like this usually21:01
Psil0Cybinkernel updates happen perfectly21:01
Psil0Cybinbut this one caused this issue so i am so confused, but when i tried reinstalling additional drivers i could not get into my stable kernel from befopre21:01
jphitsujiTMO: Whats dif between wget and this "apt-get download mysql-server-5.5; then sudo dpkg -i the deb in the current directory"21:01
Psil0Cybinit keeps booting in low graphic settings21:01
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: its that driver, its written for the 3.1 kernel and a very old version of xorg. hence the crashes21:01
jpLinux jpvault 3.2.0-54-generic #82-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 10 20:08:42 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:01
trismjp: no difference, assuming to wget the same deb21:02
jptrism: thanks21:02
Psil0Cybinugh hitsujiTMO so what can i do :S:S is my laptop like not supported21:02
hitsujiTMOjp apt-get figures out what you need and downloads it for you.21:02
jpseems to be a consensus21:02
prasselpikachulittle (big) question21:02
Psil0Cybinlike hitsujiTMO this is sooo sad i shuld have never updated21:02
Psil0Cybini wish i knew this21:02
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: it was never really supported. they released 1 driver and left it at that. powervr sucks21:02
prasselpikachui've got ubuntu 13.1021:03
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prasselpikachui stopped using unity and use fluxbox now21:03
Psil0Cybinso theres nothing i can do hitsujiTMO21:03
tripelbDid I state this well? How do I see if this mic works. (It is a Logitech USB webcam that worked under 10.04)21:03
prasselpikachubut i still use lightdm21:03
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:03
auronandace!enter | prasselpikachu21:03
ubottuprasselpikachu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:03
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: you could try install another kernel from mainline21:03
hitsujiTMOjp: wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-5.5/mysql-server-5.5_5.5.34-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_amd64.deb21:04
prasselpikachuoops, sorry, im used to this typing rythm21:04
Psil0Cybinugh thats it right hitsujiTMO i cannot fix anything my self?21:04
Psil0Cybini have to get another kernel?21:04
Psil0Cybinisnt it bad to also use outdated kernels?21:04
prasselpikachuso, i use fluxbox. i launch it with the standard lightdm. now i want to start a second fluxbox an a different tty. how can i achieve that21:05
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: you can try future kernels too. aparently its kinda works ok with 3.5 aswell21:05
jphitsujiTMO, got it, how do I dpkg?21:05
Psil0Cybinso which kernel can i try becasue the kernel i was using as a fallback that always worked DOES not work anymore after i tried to reinstall my graphic drivers21:05
Psil0Cybinit keeps booting in low graphic mode21:05
Psil0Cybinso now i have no workable kernel21:05
Psil0Cybinat the moment21:06
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:06
auronandaceprasselpikachu: you don't, you can only have one xorg instance running at a time21:06
hitsujiTMOjp: sudo dpkg -i mysql-server-5.5_5.5.34-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_amd64.deb21:06
jptrying thanks21:07
prasselpikachuauronandace: really? at ##linux they said it's possible but that i should go here for that. also using multiple screens works: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Multihead but now i want it on a single display, being able to switch between multiple screens21:07
hitsujiTMOjp: after that run: sudo apt-get -f install               and pastebin the output21:07
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: multiple screens does not envolve multiple instances of xserver21:08
MonkeyDustprasselpikachu  they said to come, because they don't know how to do it, i.e.: it's not possible21:09
MonkeyDusttom come here*21:09
jpjp@jpvault:~$ wget http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-5.5/mysql-server-5.5_5.5.34-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_amd64.deb21:09
jp--2013-11-11 15:05:03--  http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-5.5/mysql-server-5.5_5.5.34-0ubuntu0.12.04.1_amd64.deb21:09
jpResolving security.ubuntu.com (security.ubuntu.com)...,,, ...21:09
jpConnecting to security.ubuntu.com (security.ubuntu.com)||:80... connected.21:09
jpHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK21:09
FloodBot1jp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:09
jpLength: 8826992 (8.4M) [application/x-debian-package]21:09
prasselpikachuhitsujiTMO: yeah, so is that possible somehow?21:09
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: not multiple instances of fluxbox tho. you can have mutiple screens with a single instance of fluck box. just plug in another monitor21:10
prasselpikachubut  in ##linux someone told me i could use "startx -- :1 vt8" to launch a second x session on terminal 821:10
hitsujiTMOs/fluck box/fluxbox21:10
bgardnerPsil0Cybin: What driver did you install for that netbook?21:10
MonkeyDustprasselpikachu  and did you try that?21:11
jphitsujiTMO: you see this or am I still muted http://pastebin.com/D8PE0ptx21:11
trismjp: seems to have done the trick21:11
MonkeyDustprasselpikachu  and did it work?21:11
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: why do you want a second x session>21:11
SupaYoshidoes anyone here have some experience installing FOG??? Im getting a blank page whatever I do, and it might be because of my apache setup21:11
MonkeyDustprasselpikachu  so it doesnt work, period21:11
SupaYoshibut Im not sure...21:11
prasselpikachu_XSERVTransSocketUNIXCreateListener: ...SocketCreateListener() failed21:12
prasselpikachu_XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: server already running21:12
Psil0Cybincedarview bgardner21:12
Psil0Cybinalso the default INTEL Driver21:12
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tripelbHow do I test my microphone to see if it works? when I started soundrecorder there was nothing to show me what sound level comes from the mic.21:12
prasselpikachuafter that they asked me to try "startx -- -nolisten tcp :1 vt8"21:12
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prasselpikachudidnt work either21:12
jptrism: thanks21:13
MonkeyDustprasselpikachu  because two times X is ont the same as two different screens21:13
prasselpikachuwhen you plug in a second monitor, isnt the current screen just enlarged to include the new display? thats how i understand it21:14
bgardnerPsil0Cybin: Just looking at my Aspire D270-1375 to see if I could help you at all, but I never installed anything beyond the standard stuff Xubuntu provided out-of-the-box.21:15
Psil0Cybinsame here bgardner21:15
bgardnerPsil0Cybin: No idea how different this machine is than yours, so not sure if that helps you.  I can share any part of my config if it would, however.21:15
Psil0Cybini have cxubuntu on my acer and i upgraded21:15
Psil0Cybinusing dist-upgrade21:15
FloodBot1Psil0Cybin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:16
Psil0Cybinto the new kernel 3.2.0-56-generic-pae21:16
MonkeyDustprasselpikachu  no, you have "monitor" in the system settings, to handle the screen resolution og both screens21:16
Psil0Cybinand thats when my issues started bgardner21:16
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: not exactly. they still have different spaces.     prasselpikachu can you explain exactly why you think you need 2 instances of xserver/fluxbox running?21:16
IdleOnePsil0Cybin: Please join me in #ubuntu-ops21:16
bgardnerPsil0Cybin: What Xubuntu release are you running?21:17
jphitsujiTMO: Thanks running all updates now. you guys are awesome. I have no idea how I would figure this stuff out without #ubuntu21:17
Calinoubgardner: probably 12.0421:17
Calinou3.2 kernel21:17
Calinou3.2 = 12.04, 3.5 = 12.10, 3.8 = 13.04, 3.11 = 13.10 ;)21:17
Ari-YangAkaigo-Arc 3.12.0-031200-generic x86_64 Description: Ubuntu 12.10 Codename: quantal21:18
* Ari-Yang runs21:18
bgardnerPsil0Cybin: Scratch that, I'll let idleone assist you.  Good luck!21:18
prasselpikachuhitsujiTMO: i want to have a program running in fullscreen, and also i want to have a completely seperate workspace for other stuff. and i want to switch between them at the press of some buttons21:18
CalinouAri-Yang: official kernels...21:18
bgardnerCalinou: Handy reference, thanks!121:18
Calinoubgardner: people can use their own kernels though so this is not 100% true ;)21:18
Ari-YangCalinou: this is official, got it from ubuntu's kernel ppa :X21:18
Ari-Yangofficial and stable21:18
CalinouPPAs aren't supported21:18
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: a program in fullscreen will only be fullscreen in one monitor21:18
prasselpikachubut i only have a single monitor, thats the whole point21:19
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: so you want to simulate a kvm on a single machine?21:20
IdleOnePsil0Cybin: you should be good now.21:20
prasselpikachusort of, yeah21:20
prasselpikachubasically just different displays (now i got it right) on different vt's21:20
auronandaceprasselpikachu: can't you just use another workspace? why the need to run a whole new instance of xorg and fluxbox?21:20
prasselpikachuI don't know, I'd just love to do that21:21
MonkeyDusti no longer get what prasselpikachu wants21:21
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: for what you're asking, most desktop environments have multiple desktops, and you can switch between them. one desktop has 1 set of applications, another has another set21:21
_3o3_hello.. anyone here manage to transfer music to an iphone that uses ios 7?21:21
prasselpikachui know21:21
maheanuuGoodAfternoon/Evening/Morning to all, I would like to check my system drive as I believe that it is set read only as I cannot store any files in the video folder and get an error message when I try to download anything or upgrade21:22
hitsujiTMOprasselpikachu: other than that, you would have to use a virtual machine21:22
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prasselpikachuhm :/21:22
prasselpikachuwell ok21:22
prasselpikachui'll do it with workspaces21:22
wedgeVi have those ufw rules, but i can still access port 53 from non http://pastie.org/private/myeoqbpgnkd8wxxp9e2zcg21:22
prasselpikachubai ;)21:22
gasullHi. My keyboard application shortcuts for XFCE don't work.  I think I'm experiencing this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-settings/+bug/1055810  How can I fix it?21:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 1055810 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Cannot create keyboard shortcuts" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:22
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hitsujiTMOmaheanuu: can you boot a live cd/usb please.21:22
Guest52690ubuntu 12.04 ...  htop shows multiple copies of various programs running... ps -ef shows only 1 copy.  bug in htop?21:23
nasa01Hi, I am trying to install ubuntu on a zbox I just received.  I, of course, am having some issues.  The most pressing is that I can't boot the resultant install -- I get a kernel panic, with "no init found" as an error21:23
nasa01right after the grub screen.  Anyone know anything about this?21:23
maheanuuhitsujiTMO, I am not sure I have a 12.04 LTS CD here I can try to boot on it21:23
nasa01BTW: I have tried this with both 12 & 13 version of Ubuntu21:24
hitsujiTMOmaheanuu: its needed as you need to install some tools to check. you can also install a irc lcient on the live distro to come back here21:24
acoliteI posted a topic with a hardware question in Ubuntuforums 1 week ago and it received no responses.21:24
acoliteIs it considered okay to bump it?21:25
wilee-nileeacolite, There a 24 bump is acceptable.21:25
auronandace!forums | acolite21:25
ubottuacolite: The Ubuntu forums can be found at http://www.ubuntuforums.org. Kubuntu Forums are found at http://www.kubuntuforums.net. There is also a channel on freenode IRC #ubuntuforums21:25
Guest52690acolite:  In addition to what's been mentioned, you could also try ##hardware they're pretty good with hardware issues21:26
hitsujiTMOwedgeV: iirc port 53 is prob left open by default in ufw (certain standard ports are)21:26
Guest52690hey... how'd I turn into a guest?  :/21:27
attilano problem :)21:27
darkangelUbuntu 14.04 is f***ing alsome21:27
acoliteIn addition, I am having this error whenever I attempt to install any package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401950/21:27
auronandaceGuest52690: you were trying to use a nick that was already registered21:27
acoliteAnyone got advice on how to solve this?21:27
auronandaceGuest52690: more info in #freenode21:28
hitsujiTMOwedgeV: can you pastebin the output of: sudo ufw status verbose21:28
=== Guest52690 is now known as apb1963
hitsujiTMO!ot | darkangel #ubuntu+1 for that21:29
ubottudarkangel #ubuntu+1 for that: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:29
attilaso I woluld like to install mate dektop for my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. So but the command is not correct in some webpage. can you help me?21:29
wilee-nileedarkangel, wrong channel and swearing is not allowed21:29
tripelbCheese doesnt seem to see my webcam (everything is greyed out) but slpci sees it.21:29
auronandaceattila: it isn't supported here21:29
wedgeVhitsujiTMO: http://pastie.org/847299321:29
tripelbCheese doesnt seem to see my webcam (everything is greyed out) but lspci sees it. Bus 003 Device 009: ID 046d:08dd Logitech, Inc. QuickCam for Notebooks)21:29
dfsdfdsfHello! Im looking for ppl that can code in java, does someone know if theres a java channel here on freenode? :)21:29
darkangelDoes any 1 know a way to Compress a Ext4 Hard drive without using 7zip or something like that?21:29
wedgeV(just changed it to deny from everywhere for testing, still doesn't block it)21:29
attilaand cinnamon?21:29
=== dfsdfdsf is now known as juudas
auronandaceattila: cinnamon is in the repos21:30
acoliteWhen I attempt to install any packages, I get this string of broken dependencies. What should I do? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6401950/21:30
xstefenjuudas, did u try [pound]java ?21:30
xanguaauronandace: is not in precise21:30
k1l_!alis | juudas21:30
ubottujuudas: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*21:30
wilee-nileeattila, Neither are supported here for 12.04, cinnamon appears in the 13.04 install however21:30
tripelbdfsdfdsf, Here's a hint to help you again and again with this kind of thing. There is a channel called #freenode that exists for these kinda stuffs. They've been great to me. (eg ##hardware)21:30
auronandacexangua: wasn't aware attila was talking about precise21:31
wedgeVhitsujiTMO: i can just use iptables directly but i figured ufw might save the rules between boots?21:31
attila12.04 LTS21:31
wilee-nileeattila, If you want cinnamon it is in the ubuntu repos starting at 13.0421:32
np8Hi! I just updated from Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10, and during the upgrade, I got a error message, which said that "Could not install tex-common .... Please consider submitting a bug report about it". I dont have any questions about it, just wanted to give a report of it, if it is an issue of consideration.21:32
hitsujiTMOwedgeV: hmm, i see. i guess that might be a bug, but i'm not a ufw expert. I also default deny and explicitly allow.21:32
np8Here's a picture of the message, too: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f9bws5lmkw720gv/ubuntu-13.10-update-error-tex-common.png21:32
attilapff oh no! :( I am so very crying.21:33
wedgeVhitsujiTMO: i never used ufw, not really using ubuntu much, i just wanted to have persistent rules between boots :)21:33
tripelbCheese doesnt seem to see my webcam (everything is greyed out) but lspci sees it. Bus 003 Device 009: ID 046d:08dd Logitech, Inc. QuickCam for Notebooks) -- This webcam worked with 10.0421:33
MonkeyDustattila  don't cry, it's only a DE21:34
attilaOk! See you latter and God bless you! :)21:34
attilabye bye21:34
apb1963attila wilee-nilee : I started a new channel for cinnamon on  ubuntu. ##cinnabuntu21:35
apb1963Since it's not supported here.21:36
wilee-nileeapb1963, This done through freenode?21:36
apb1963wilee-nilee: I could have, but I didn't.21:36
hitsujiTMOdarkangel: ext4 doesn not support compression21:36
wilee-nileeapb1963, cinnamon is supported in the releases it was added to the repos for.21:37
apb1963I was able to install it on 12.04... can't remember if I did it from a repo or not21:37
cuddylierHow do I stop a process that just won't stop apart from kill -9?21:37
MonkeyDust!find cinnamon precise21:38
k1l_cinnamon is in the official ubuntu repos since 13.0421:38
ubottuFile cinnamon found in gamgi-data, openclipart-png, openclipart-svg, tdiary-theme21:38
reisiocuddylier: wait, or reboot21:38
hitsujiTMOdarkangel: btrfs does support compression but it's not stable yet21:38
k1l_apb1963: you would have needed a PPA for that in 12.0421:38
MonkeyDustapb1963  you didnt21:38
darkangelwhats btrfs?21:38
apb1963let me see if I can find it in my notes as to what I did.21:38
nasa01BTW2: I as tried "sudo update-initramfs -u" with no luck21:38
MonkeyDustdarkangel  it stands for 'better file system', it's not yet stable, IIRC21:39
reisiodarkangel: it's the GPL-compatible alternative to zfs21:39
auronandacedarkangel: a linux file system designed to rival zfs21:39
reisiozfs being "the rage"21:39
reisiobut unfortunately licensed for failure21:39
wilee-nileelike btrfs21:39
cuddylierreisio Anything apart from rebooting?21:39
reisiocuddylier: waiting, as I said21:40
* wilee-nilee start a new channel #moronbuntu21:40
medajkeHi. I Got a big problem21:41
cuddylierreisio After hours it hasn't, apart from that?21:41
MonkeyDustmedajke  let's hear it21:41
medajkeI installed one distr... which based on ubuntu 10.0421:41
reisiocuddylier: not aware of anything apart from those, but there is probably some low level black magic that only a few people know of21:41
Blasterhey I am trying to set a static IP for eth1, but can't find where it's configured.  There's only a couple lines in my interfaces file...  https://gist.github.com/redstar504/3b38261f640bcc1923d421:41
POVaddctcuddylier: kill PID (sends SIGTERM). if that doesn't help, kill -9 PID (sends SIGKILL).21:41
Psil0Cybinhey guys what can i do if the new kernel is causing problems for me, to help create a fix later on for these kind of issues (blackscreens after kernel upgrades?) I really want to be proactive about my problem and fix it or do something about it instead of resorting to using an outdated kernel in order to get into my productive desktop21:41
MonkeyDustmedajke  what distro would that be? not everything is supported here21:41
cuddylierPOVaddct Already tried kill -9 and kill21:42
apb1963k1l_: MonkeyDust wilee-nilee : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable21:42
auronandacemedajke: not supported here21:42
cuddylierIt recreates itself with a new PID21:42
medajkeand right now - can make any load flash with ubuntu 12.0421:42
cuddylierIt's a program called 'redir'21:42
reisioPsil0Cybin: you can diff the configs21:42
k1l_apb1963: that is a PPA. not a official ubuntu repo21:42
cuddylierBut no one seems to have heard of it yet it's so useful21:42
POVaddctcuddylier: then you have to find out which process restarts it21:42
apb1963k1l_: Right21:42
MonkeyDustcuddylier  then promote it on a blog or so21:42
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bekkscuddylier: What does thazt program do?21:42
MonkeyDustcuddylier  or write a review21:42
cuddylierIt redirects traffic from an IP on the server box to a defination IP on another21:42
medajkethe name is Iskra 10.0421:43
medajkebased on ubuntu 10.0421:43
Psil0Cybinreisio: what would diff the configs do? I have attempted to use peramitors such as nomodeset or vesafb.nonsense=1, it seems like every fix for other people does not typically work for me i have tried almost everything and have spent hours on here annoying people about this issue with no result or fix..that is perminant21:43
cuddylierIf you have e.g. a DDOS protected IP on a box you can create a remote DDOS protected TCP proxy by typing one command21:43
medajkecan not upgrade to 12.0421:43
POVaddctcuddylier: find out the parent process of redir (use "ps axf" for example)21:43
cuddylierA lot of processes21:43
MonkeyDustmedajke  ask the iskra people how to do it, maybe it's no longer maintained21:43
cuddylierI have other redir processes that I don't really want to kill hmm21:44
Psil0Cybinreisio: the only thing i can do is restart 100 times until one time it boots into the GUI or use an outdated kernel21:44
cuddylierThere is loads of processes for this IP21:44
k1l_medajke: 10.04 is out of support for desktop version anyway. and other ubuntu-based distros cant be supported in here. please ask the guys from iskra21:44
reisioPsil0Cybin: it'd tell you how the working and non-working kernels differ21:44
medajkenobody can not help me there..21:44
POVaddctcuddylier: ps axf shows all processes. it also shows which process is a child process of another (tree view)21:44
MonkeyDustmedajke  neither can we, try a supported distro21:44
cuddylierPOVaddct It's too long for me SSH window lol21:44
POVaddctcuddylier: ps axf | less21:45
Psil0Cybinwell the non working kernel is having problem with my driver, its a lazy graphic driver because its an acer aspire one so sometimes it boots sometimes i get a blackscreen sometimes i will get a terminal screen instead of the GUI21:45
POVaddctcuddylier: learn shell basics21:45
cuddylierI'll expand it21:45
ShirakawasunaI'm having trouble attempting to install ubuntu on a lenovo ideapad. I've tried both 12.04 and 13.10 to no avail. Symptoms: I boot to the USB drive, it loads grub. Grub is corrupted - it is squished to just the top 1/4 of the screen and impossible to read. I select the first option, screen turns black, and no inputs do anything (including attempting to change VTs). Any ideas?21:45
Psil0Cybinreisio: well the non working kernel is having problem with my driver, its a lazy graphic driver because its an acer aspire one so sometimes it boots sometimes i get a blackscreen sometimes i will get a terminal screen instead of the GUI21:46
reisioPsil0Cybin: lazy?21:46
Shirakawasunathis is with UEFI enabled (no legacy) and all fastboot/quickboot/whatever disabled21:46
bekksreisio: it sits around, refuses to work hard ;)21:46
wilee-nileeShirakawasuna, The iso on a usb has no grub.21:46
reisiobekks: heh21:46
Shirakawasunawilee-nilee: It has something like that21:47
Psil0Cybinreisio: well something is off because it works sometimes, but other times it does not work...i dont know how else to describe it othe rthen tis actually a gamble every time i turn on my computer which bothers me because i want my computer to be stable when it comes to booting up an O.S21:47
dylanRight now I have Windows 7 and eOS installed alongside each other.  I want to replace eOS with Ubuntu 13.10.  I'm currently booted into the live cd.  What do I need to do?21:47
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | Shirakawasuna21:47
ubottuShirakawasuna: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:47
hitsujiTMOwilee-nilee: it does. the first menu is grub21:47
reisioPsil0Cybin: alright, well21:47
MonkeyDustdylan  use gparted to delete the eos partition, then install ubuntu on it21:47
Shirakawasunawilee-nilee: I can't even read grub enough to add a nomodeset line21:48
reisioPsil0Cybin: see if upstart has an 'interactive' boot21:48
ShirakawasunaI could try blind, but who knows if I typed it right21:48
wilee-nileehitsujiTMO, with a iso not the grub menu as in the install.21:48
reisioPsil0Cybin: you can get an idea of the order of things, and then run experiments on the timing21:48
dylanMonkeyDust: What do I do about grub?21:48
reisioPsil0Cybin: and if need be script it so it never fails due to race conditions21:48
Psil0Cybinreisio: i will try and take a look @ that21:48
maheanuuhitsujiTMO, I can boot and load fine using Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS, everything ran fine, no error messages at all21:48
MonkeyDustdylan  meaning?21:48
Psil0Cybini will need to spend time and figure this out but it sure is a noodle scratcher21:48
dylanLike, will grub get screwed up?21:48
reisioPsil0Cybin: or just figure out what X requires and then make the script for starting it more strict in its checks21:48
hitsujiTMOmaheanuu: as in the live cd?21:48
Psil0Cybinis it thaaaaat bad to use an out dated kernel ? by one version?21:48
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MonkeyDustdylan  not sure, guess not21:49
MonkeyDustdylan  what's eos anyway?21:49
dylanMonkeyDust: The menu that appears on boot, where you select theos, will that get screwed up?  Will the option to boot ubuntu be there?  Do I have to delete the eOS entry?21:49
HelloWorld321I'm trying to get synergys to launch on startup.  From the command line I use21:49
dylanMonkeyDust: Elementary OS21:49
HelloWorld321usr/bin/synergys --daemon --no-tray --debug NOTE --name Gremlin --crypto-pass xxxx --config ~/.quicksynergy/synergy.conf --address :2480021:49
HelloWorld321which works fine from the command line, but if I put into the "greeter-setup-script=" at /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, as per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynergyHowto#Autostart_Synergy_before_logging_in_.28LightDM.29 then when I boot up, the mouse isn't shared, and synergys is not in the process list (ps, pgrep).  So my question is:21:49
FloodBot1HelloWorld321: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:49
HelloWorld321Whats the proper way to get synergys to launch on login?21:49
Psil0Cybinreisio: is it bad to use an outdated kernel by one version if needed21:49
Psil0Cybintill a fix is made?21:49
maheanuuYes, one that I downloaded several months ago, It came up fine with no errors21:50
wilee-nileeShirakawasuna, If this is the iso install and the install, try and test memory gui read the link you don't do a gron edit there it is a f key.21:50
MonkeyDustdylan  not sure, if grub gets corrupted, you can come here for help or assistance21:50
dylanhow can I come here if I can't boot my pc21:50
Shirakawasunawilee-nilee: I don't understand what you mean21:50
dylanWell, I could boot live CD again..21:50