brainwashochosi: eleggua?01:02
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ochosibrainwash: what up?07:16
slickymastergood morning all09:55
knomemorning slickymaster 09:57
slickymasterhi, knome. good morning. Hope everything is fine with you09:57
slickymasterknome: :)09:58
knomeslickymaster, and you?10:01
slickymasterknome: alright, also10:02
knomegood to hear10:02
slickymasterknome: like you, looking for an apartment10:02
knomeaha :) (we should continue this on -offtopic)10:02
slickymasterknome: :) yes, you're right. It's a topic for this channel10:03
slickymasterit's not ^^10:03
ochosimorning slickymaster 10:08
slickymasterknome: almost finishing xubuntu-docs translation (91% is alreqady done) but I want to proofread it when done. What's the best way to do it10:09
slickymasterhi ochosi, good morning10:09
slickymasterochosi: I saw you already upload to docs.xfce.org the video section. Thanks for that10:10
knomeslickymaster, nice :)10:10
ochosislickymaster: no problem, i'm currently reviewing the dvd-section jjfrv8 did10:10
slickymasterknome: I was thinking of building it locally, that's possible, right?10:11
slickymasterochosi: and parole is about done, or am I wrong?10:11
ochosiyeah, i think so :)10:12
ochosislickymaster: do you happen to be a native speaker?10:12
slickymasterochosi: I'm a portuguese native speaker, who happens to be some what fluent in english10:13
ochosishouldn't this read "chapters'" here? "...those chapters numbers will appear in..."10:13
ochosiright, then we're pretty much on the same level :)10:13
slickymasterochosi: what are you refering to?10:14
ochosithat's a snippet from the dvd section10:14
slickymasterochosi: give a minute, I'll take a look10:14
ochosiand imo the chapters is missing the possessive '10:14
slickymastergive me ^^10:14
ochosi(it's in the bottom of the dvd section)10:15
slickymasterochosi: yeah I think your right. It should be the possessive form. IMO it should be "..., those chapters' numbers..."10:18
ochosigood, i'll change that then10:18
ochosinice, copied over10:19
slickymasterknome: also, exploiting the fact that I have you here and even knowing that it is not a priority and you have too much to deal with, whenever you'll be able to spare a few minutes, https://code.launchpad.net/~slickymaster/xubuntu-docs/xubuntu-docs/+merge/192413 related to  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-docs/+bug/123871810:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 1238718 in xubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "Errors in "Chapter 6. Connecting to Internet and Networks" of the Xubuntu Documentation saucy series" [Undecided,Fix committed]10:20
slickymasterochosi: don't forget if you need some further help, I'm here10:21
ochosislickymaster: thanks a lot!! i've just copied over the last piece by jjfrv8 (the right-click menu) and will go through all the docs together with bluesabre one evening (hopefully this week) to see whether there's anything missing, but i things are looking splendid!10:22
slickymasterochosi: glad to hear that10:22
knomeslickymaster, merged10:22
slickymasterknome: thanks. regardind the build of xubuntu-docs trusty series, I can build the locally to proofread them, right?10:24
knomeslickymaster, that's a good question.10:24
knomei mean, sure, you can build the english one...10:24
knomei'm not sure if there is infrastructure to even build the translated versions yet10:24
slickymasterknome: to which, I'm sure you'll be able to answer ;)10:24
slickymasterknome: don't waste your time with it. I'll try it10:25
knomeheh, sure10:28
knomewe'll need to find out how that's possible at some point because we will need that for enabling the translations in the release10:30
slickymasterknome: well, I?, hoping to finish the translation by the end of the week, so I'll try to build them to be able to proofread it. I'll report you what I'll be doing to achieve it10:33
knomesure. good luck!10:33
slickymasterknome: :) it's like they say, where there's a will, there's a way10:33
slickymasterknome: I'm ISO testing Xubuntu today's build and at the beginning of the slideshow it reads "Congratulations... you're installing Xubuntu 13.10...". Do you think it's worth to fil a bug against https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu ?10:42
knomeit won't hurt. we will have to look at the slideshow anyway, but if you file a bug i'm sure it won't go unnoticed10:43
slickymasterknome: ok, thanks10:43
slickymasterelfy: FIY https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/+bug/125005211:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 1250052 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Xubuntu ISO welcome slide still refers to Xubuntu 13.10" [Undecided,New]11:30
ali1234how come if i xfdesktop --quit, i can't set the root window colour using xsetroot?11:39
ali1234xwininfo says the big grey empty space is the root window11:39
ali1234apps which can render into an existing window also don't work, eg xterm and xscreensaver hacks11:41
brainwashhsetroot works11:41
ali1234if i run xfdesktop and tell the hack to render into it's window it works11:43
ali1234it's probably nvidia weirdness11:43
slickymasterknome: Translations for this Xubuntu trusty series are not available yet. Do you have any idea of when they'll be available?12:23
ochosiali1234: you could get in touch with eric, he's still quite actively working on xfdesktop12:35
ochosi(possibly email is the best way to reach him)12:35
ali1234it's nothing to do with xfdesktop really...12:35
ali1234you can't hold it responsible for what happens when it isn't running12:35
ochosidoes it make a difference whether the compositor of xfwm4 is switched on?12:36
ochosior are you not using that anyways?12:36
ali1234haven't checked. it's not really that important :)13:15
elfyslickymaster: I'm surprised that the slideshow still says 13.10 :)13:25
elfyI'll mark it wishlist for 4 months :D13:25
elfys/not surprised 13:25
knomeslickymaster, i'll have to see about that later. i need to set them up, i suppose13:39
slickymasterok elfy, thanks14:31
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knomeUnit193, at this time, it would be nice to know if the trusty images work "at all"20:43
knomeor if there is still (ubuntu) core things that are broken or half-broken20:43
knomeso i suppose some ISO testing would be a good start20:44
Unit193Erm, I'm talking about mini.iso+xubuntu-core.20:44
knomeso -core testing...20:44
knomei think we still should try to settle what we want from it first :/20:44
Unit193Sure, I've no idea what you guys are thinking, but for me it's mini+install.20:45
knomewell yes, i think that's the right way to proceed20:45
Unit193Problem I see, people won't do a commandline install with --no-install-recommends.20:53
knomedon't know.20:55
Unit193But yes, testing?20:56
knomecan you put up some kind of ISO for that?20:56
knomeor would you like others to have a poke at that?20:56
Unit193Sure, but an ISO would be just to see generally what it would have, right?20:57
knometheoretically we don't need an ISO for that20:57
knomeas i said, we should agree on a general direction what that should have20:58
knomeafter we have that, it's much saner to see what that feels like :)20:58
Unit193http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/mini.iso then apt-get install --no-install-recommends xubuntu-core20:58
knomebut if you want to build an ISO with what the draft is now for people to test it... that would work as well.20:58
knomeUnit193, does "xubuntu-core" exist?20:58
Unit193Yes, but not in the main repos yet.20:59
Unit193(It's how I've tested it.)20:59
knomeaha, so one would need to enable something20:59
Unit193For testing, yes.20:59
knomenow tell me20:59
knomewhat was the problem with not doing --no-install-recommends again20:59
Unit193Pulls in (at least half of) Unity, Gnome, and who knows what else.21:00
knomewhy? :)21:01
Unit193Now, this may be a problem with how I'm creating it, but I generally just edited the xubuntu-desktop one.21:01
knomeor, to put it other way, why doesn't xubuntu-desktop do that?21:01
Unit193As far as I know, that one doesn't do it because it defines other packages that fill the role requested.21:01
Unit193I'd like to know for sure too, but that'd need someone other than me to look at.21:02
knomewould you like me to hook you up with somebody who could know, or would you do that yourself?21:03
Unit193I'm thinking for now I'll look through more docs or check application deps.21:06
knomeokay, that works as well21:06
knomewill you be able to make the meeting this thursday?21:06
knomeor any meeting at 16UTC?21:06
Unit193(It's what I've been doing.)  Nope.21:06
knomeok, what would work for you on thursday?21:07
Unit19320:00UTC looks best, but I don't really need to be there.21:08
Unit193Nothing has changed since last time, basically.21:08
knomei'll schedule myself for that so we can look deeper into it21:09
knomei'll ask the team in the meeting if they have questions, or if they have anything else they'd like you to know21:09
knomeand i'll try to think about the whole thing better before that21:09
Unit193I'm trying to installs in vbox now to see what happens, one tasksel lubuntu-core, and one apt-get install xubuntu-desktop21:10
knomeis there something you like me to take care of before we meet the next time?21:10
knomei can run a test or so, if you'd think that'd help21:10
Unit193My only thought is for someone else to take a look at what's there and installed, and see what else we can get rid of, or what else we need to add.21:12
knomeokay, so would i simply download the mini.iso and install xubuntu-core from a place you'll specify, or do you need something else+21:12
Unit193Generally, yep.21:13
knomeand can you email me whatever you need me to do so i'll have it safe somewhere (eg. not in a piece of paper somewhere around all this stuff that's going out :P)21:13
Unit193I made a script that does it, if that counts. :P21:15
knomewhatever that works... works21:15
Unit193My other thought was have brainwash look at it, he seems to know everything. :P21:16
knomeheh, worksforme21:17
brainwashI don't really care about xubuntu-core, is there even a demand for it?21:22
Unit193Anywho, email sent.21:35
Unit193queuebot just noticed about the xfce4-terminal package in unapproved/proposed.21:36
ali1234is that mine?21:38
brainwashafter all these years21:39
ali1234has it really been broken for years??21:40
ali1234heh. it wasn't broken in 13.04 anyway :P21:40
brainwashsince the move to gtk 3.8 I guess21:40
ali1234yeah. they must have moved around some items in a struct21:41
ali1234so i'm implementing zooming in xfwm4 now...21:41
ochosiali1234: i'm really excited to see the patch somewhere :)22:13
ali1234just doing the mouse poller22:13
ali1234then i'll post it22:13
ali1234hmm... wrong type structs22:14
ali1234cool... it works22:15
ali1234total of 100 lines added22:16
ochosiand a library with 1000 lines? :D22:16
ali1234ezoom is 2000 lines long22:16
ali1234i think some developers get paid by lines of code22:17
ochosithat likely produces many comments in the code or really bad code :)22:17
ali1234http://paste.ubuntu.com/6402215/ <- apply on xfwm4 git master22:19
ali1234./autogen.sh --enable-compositor && make && src/xfwm4 --replace22:20
ali1234zooming is now done on alt+scrollwheel22:20
ochosithat's really a short patch22:20
ali1234of course :)22:21
ochosinice, it also applies on top of my tabwin branch :)22:22
ali1234i can't remember which way around zoom in/out was - i think i've got it backwards22:22
ali1234but when i swap them over it still feels wrong22:23
ochosihm, says "missing defaults file"22:24
ochosiok, missing a config option22:24
ali1234hmm... yeah it's definitely backwards22:25
ochosimoving the scrollwheel forward used to szoom in i think22:25
ochosiworks like a charm22:26
ochosigotta say i'm impressed22:27
ali1234thanks :)22:27
ali1234there's still improvements to be made22:27
ochosieven feels very smooth and responsive22:27
ali1234there are different filter types which will make it look less pixelly22:27
ochosifwiw, i'm testing in a multi-head setup22:27
ochosiand evrything works as expected22:28
ochosiwhich is really awesome22:28
ali1234i remember ezoom had a bug for ages with multihead22:28
ali1234cos i backported the fix to 0.8 :)22:28
ochosithe pixelated aspect is fun when you're looking for weird pixels (e.g. in icons)22:28
ali1234but at low zooms it does look quite bad22:28
ochosibut most of the time, i'd take screenshots and use gimp to zoom22:29
ochositrue that22:29
ochosijust for the fun of it: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/istantanea-11112013-112939pm.php22:29
ali1234hmm... screenshot looks kinda messed up22:30
ali1234bottom right?22:30
ali1234also, if you open a menu, alt gets stolen and you can't zoom out until you close it22:30
ali1234that might be fixed by using super instead22:31
ali1234i used alt, cos there was some commented out code which already did exactly what i needed basically22:31
ochosithat part of the screen isn't visible (out of scope of my laptop-screen, which is on the right)22:32
ochosiso i'm not terribly surprised it's a little messed up22:32
ali1234oh, that's two monitors?22:32
ochosiyup :)22:32
ali1234it doesn't zoom them independently?22:32
ochosinope, together, like one huge canvas22:32
ochosiwhich is kinda what i'd expect22:33
ali1234if you have one-big-screen i would expect it to work - that's cheating :)22:33
ali1234the real test is whether it works with twinview22:33
ochosi1280x1024 + 1280x80022:33
ochositwinview is mirror-mode?22:33
ali1234twinview is nvidia proprietary mode22:33
ochosi(yeah, i'm using extended desktop)22:33
ochosiah right22:34
ochosii did away with that22:34
ali1234it does xinerama with multiple screens22:34
ochosiand can only recommend using the display dialog of xfce22:34
ochosixinerama was what again? :D22:34
ali1234the only way to make nearly everything maximize to only one monitor22:34
ochosimy windows maximize only to the current monitor...22:34
* ochosi scratches head22:34
ali1234that's fake fullscreen then :P22:35
ali1234not everything can do that, though it is preferred22:35
ali1234i think the most surprising thing is i didn't even crash X once :)22:39
ochosii dunno, even youtube works with that nowadays22:40
ochosiand i dunno, we didn't implement any fancy magic in parole for that and it works there too22:40
ochosi(i think ubuntu added some youtube-patches)22:40
ali1234ah flash... flash has so many problems22:41
ali1234my most popular piece of code ever22:42
brainwashoh, so that's you and not some random guy with the same nick :D22:43
ochosidid you fix end up in ubuntu? :)22:45
ali1234it's totally crazy22:45
ali1234it dynamic patches xlib, not flash22:45
ali1234when flash asks the wrong question, the patched functions give it the wrong answer22:46
ali1234turns out sometimes two wrongs do make a right22:46
brainwashcouldn't one also edit the flash library directly (hex editor)?22:47
brainwashI recall reading about this22:47
ali1234there are some patches like that for windows22:50
ali1234but they break on every new release22:50
Unit193knome: Yeah, -desktop doesn't work as is either. :)23:01
ochosiali1234: to me it's so surprising how smooth the zooming goes23:05
ochosii guess an option to configure the modifier or the zoomwheel direction could be nice23:05
ochosiother than that it really seems quite perfect already23:06
ochosieven menus seem usable23:06
ali1234there's no reason for it to be slow - it renders everything into a texture already23:06
ali1234all this does is change the transformation when that buffer is rendered to the screen23:06
ali1234no extra calls are done except for the mouse polling stuff23:06
ali1234and the forced update23:07
ali1234i guess technically that is unneccesary23:07
ochosithat doesn't seem to add too much overhead23:07
ali1234since we only want to rerender the buffer onto the display, not redraw all windows23:07
ali1234if i implement locking like compiz, that will be tricky23:09
ali1234since t's really just a fluke that the pointer is in the right place23:09
ochosiyou could implement something like keyboard navigation23:11
ochosii mean keyboard-only23:11
ochosithat way getting the window to the right place should be easier23:11

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