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Guest12528My screen resolution is set too high. Once lightdm loads I lose picture. How do I fix this?02:19
Guest12528the instructions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution  for XFCE is blank. no info on what to do if you screen res is too high.02:39
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring03:54
Guest12528i just want to be able to use my computer again  >_<04:04
cfhowlettGuest12528, ask in #ubuntu  - I'd guess there's a way to override the resolution, but I don't know how04:06
Guest12528it' starting to look like i should just re-install04:08
cfhowlettGuest12528, it04:09
cfhowlettit's a setting; probably an xf** setting.  wait one04:09
cfhowlettGuest12528, it'll be the display settings stored by xfconf.  nukinng that file will invoke reconfiguration.  have you a live cd/usb?04:11
cfhowlettGuest12528, don't quote me on this but ...04:12
cfhowlettbooting the live session and going to your settings folder, killing xfconf means the default will then be able to boot.04:13
Guest12528bah. gotta lookup how to fix the ACL not wanting to mount stuff blah blah error from 12.1004:16
cfhowlettGuest12528, ok then.  best of luck04:18
akis63hi all. any solution for "resolving host" issue at Version 30.0.1599.114 Ubuntu 12.04 (30.0.1599.114-0ubuntu0.12.04.3)?04:21
Guest12528I need more info. not sure exactly what your asking04:24
Guest12528booting the live USB in persistant mode somehow broke grub?   im just gonna re-install thanks for the help cfhowlett04:26
cfhowlettGuest12528, good luck.04:26
nlsthznmorning all, I am currently running xubuntu 13.10 and I am trying to run dual monitors on a nvidia 8800GT card using the proprietary nvidia driver.  Main screen uses a custom edid file to force native resolution of 1920x1080 but my second screen I am only able to get 640x480 and nothing more... any suggestions / assistance would be appreciated...05:18
Unit193Heya.  Before when I've had res issues, xorg -configure from a tty when not running X has worked, another computer uses xrandr to add and switch to it, but not as pretty.05:22
nlsthzntried xrandr but getting an error when I try to add the new resolution :/ Was just thinking that I haven't re-tried running the nvidia configure command since adding the second screen... going to give that a try too05:31
nlsthznwell that did nothing the xorg.conf files are identical >.<05:34
nlsthznwell good news is I know have both screens on native resolution... bad news is I have no idea how and why it worked (I basically stuffed up xorg.conf a few times playing with nvidia settings and now it works)06:38
nlsthznone oddity is that synapse now has a big black background when I use it which is not a train smash but odd :/06:39
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nlsthznany idea what could be wrong if you loose transparency in Xubuntu?07:19
RobertJDohnertCompositor malfunction07:22
nlsthznhmm... odd07:23
Poisoned_DragonIs composting turned off?07:24
nlsthznnope, first thing I checked... well it is enabled, if it is actually on or working I don't know07:24
Poisoned_DragonOne way to know is in Panel Preferences.07:25
Poisoned_DragonIn the Appearance tab, if you see sliders to change the Opacity, or the Alpha Channel, it's on for sure.07:26
Poisoned_DragonThen, adjust to see if the sliders have an effect.07:26
nlsthznAh I can't change it :'(07:27
Poisoned_DragonHmm... I wish I knew why. Never saw the composter tank like that.07:28
nlsthznso it would seem compositing is not working since I stuffed around with this dual monitor setup :/07:28
Poisoned_DragonOh. :( That's really over my head. I've never done multiple monitors in linux.07:29
nlsthznno worries Poisoned_Dragon , thanks for the assistance anyhow...07:31
nlsthznseems that Composite extensions for X Server may now be off (and I have no idea how to check this or to enable them now) ... hmm...07:45
* nlsthzn is such a noob, was busy making a forum post about compositing not working after stuffing up xorg.conf and I copied/pasted the info to the thread and only then noticed the last bit of the file was "disabling" "compositing" ... so guess who's composting is now working again >.<09:05
xubunterhello xubunters dom the world11:59
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Guest94172Hello, now my computer motherboard is not working proper, so HDD doesn't work. I want to ask does xubuntu works better in usb memory drive(old verbatim 16gb) than ubuntu?12:28
RoryGuest94172: What do you mean "better" than Ubuntu? What doesn't work on Ubuntu?12:29
Guest94172On ubuntu firefox stops/crashes every time I play youtube or open another tab.12:32
Guest94172Everything stops and crashes :D12:33
Guest94172Trying go to another folder in file manager and window became gray12:33
RoryGuest94172: Well Xubuntu is more lightweight than Ubuntu and has generally lower memory requirements12:34
Guest94172Only Minecraft works fine12:34
RoryBut a lot will depend on how fast your actual flash drive is, too12:34
Guest94172my computer has 4gb RAM, Q8200 processor (2.33 ghz*4), 512 mb video card. So yeah my old usb memory drive is too slow for that. But now I don't have moeny for new motherboard and HDD12:35
alexbeckHi everyone. I am having nasty issues with latest ubuntu on Acer Aspire. Could someone look into my situation, described here http://askubuntu.com/questions/375413/been-trying-to-switch-to-linux-for-10-years-help-with-acer-aspire-issues-please13:16
koegstl;dr - what is the actual question :)13:23
alexbeckkoegs the question is do I get this to work bro....13:30
koegsi think, i have to agree with Web-E :(13:32
cfhowlettlet's keep this in ONE channel, shall we?  less confusion all around13:33
alexbeckkoegs I don't really see how is my reporting not specific enough13:34
alexbeckmy system breaks down, that's all I know13:34
alexbeckthe message popping up13:34
alexbecksaid nothing more than internal system error13:35
alexbeckor something of that sort13:35
alexbeckI've done at least 10 different installs13:35
alexbeckand each time13:35
koegsask a specific question on a specific problem and people will try to help you, post a long text and everybody will ignore it13:35
alexbeckeverything just breaks down13:35
koegsbasic rule13:36
cfhowlettalexbeck, tells us ZERO.  psychic hotline tech support is on vacation.13:36
alexbeckok. any idea how do I manage to log in13:37
alexbeckcause right now I am on W713:37
alexbeckif I was able to log in again13:37
alexbecki COULD try being more specific13:37
cfhowlettalexbeck, no error messages = nothing to diagnose.  if you can't READ and report error messages, no one is going to be able to magically fix it13:38
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:38
alexbeckcfhowlett aight man got cha, as I said if there was something specific in that error box I would have put it down13:38
alexbeckit is not my fault the error message was generic13:38
alexbeckplease help logging back in, let's start from there13:39
cfhowlettcan you boot a live cd?13:39
cfhowlettalexbeck, ok, boot that.  run check disk integrity.  if it checks out, reinstall.13:41
alexbeckmy hdd is basically brand new, I've changed it a month ago?13:41
cfhowlettand?  as I said, you've given us nothing to work with, so reinstall is the one thing I know should work.  but THIS time, note any error messages you get13:42
alexbeckso this has been happening on different hard drives as well13:42
cfhowlettalexbeck, so it's not a HDD issue then13:42
cfhowletton multiple computers?13:43
alexbeckno no, just one the acer aspire, I just changed my hard drive recently and I am still having the same issues13:43
cfhowlettalexbeck, multiple hdd fails?  Id' suspect your acer is incompatible or malfunctioning.  could be a mobo issue ... but if you MUST have ubuntu, install virtualbox to windows.  download 32 bit ubuntu. put it in the virtualbox.13:45
alexbeckI dropped it while downloading at full speed that's why it broke down13:46
alexbeckhow should I reinstall13:46
alexbeckoverwrite it13:46
cfhowlettyou dropped what?13:46
alexbeckor format it first13:46
alexbeckI dropped the laptop13:46
cfhowlettyou forgot to mention that?13:47
alexbeckyeah I guess ;p I didn't know it could be relevant. This has been happenning even before I dropped it13:48
cfhowlettformat the hdd, reinstall windows, reinstall ubuntu.  I'm out.  good luck.13:48
alexbeckalright, tnx..13:49
nlsthznanybody have an idea how I can capture voice via a mic as well as game sounds/music when using ffmpeg?  In my audio set-up I can choose Analogue Stereo Output that gives me game/music but no voice, or Analogue Stereo Duplex that gives voice but nothing else?!14:14
cfhowlettnlsthzn, multiple stream capture?  sounds like a JACK task, not ffmpeg.  I could be wrong.  ask in #ubuntustudio14:15
nlsthznit should also be possible with PulseAudio (I actually got it to work once :p then without changing anything it stopped)... but thanks for the tip cfhowlett14:16
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alexbeckI reinstalled14:35
alexbeckcheck my bootinfoscript output if you want to http://pastebin.com/2sQHvDYp14:36
cfhowlettalexbeck, so far the great chinese firewall doesn't want me to see that paste.14:37
alexbeckwell I dont know what you mean man, but I sure would appreciate any help14:40
koegsalexbeck: so what info should we get from that output?14:41
cfhowlettalexbeck, I can't see the post.  I'm in china.14:41
ubottuThe Swiss !LoCo team can be found in #ubuntu-ch (please speak English there) - Deutschsprachiger Ubuntu Support in #ubuntu-de - Aide Ubuntu en français dans #ubuntu-fr - Supporto Ubuntu in Italiano in #ubuntu-it14:41
Junkano chinese?14:42
cfhowlettJunka, ... read more post less.  I said I'm in CHINA.  and for the record, I speak perfect English.  But thanks.14:42
koegscfhowlett: it shows the grub-config and fstab, nothing else14:42
Junkacfhowlett, :)14:42
cfhowlettalexbeck, bring your error report to #ubuntu for more eyes on the issue.14:43
alexbeckkoegs, well somebody asked me for that so I guessed it might be relevant14:43
alexbeckcfhowlett, right now I am not getting anything14:43
alexbeckit will break sooner or later.14:43
alexbeckis there a way to remove the labels of the running programs on the task bar. I want to move the taskbar to the side vertically and only have the icons?14:48
alexbeckis there a way to remove the labels of the running programs on the task bar. I want to move the taskbar to the side vertically and only have the icons?15:15
TheSheepalexbeck: yes, just right-click and select 'preferences'15:21
alexbeckI dont see it as an option15:21
alexbeckhow is it called15:21
TheSheepalexbeck: it's the very first checkbox, under 'appearance'15:23
TheSheepalexbeck: 'show button labels'15:23
alexbeckTheSheep, look... http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-11112013-162325.php15:23
TheSheepthat's preferences for the panel, not for the panel plugin15:24
TheSheepif you click on 'items' there and select 'winodow buttons', you can get to the preferences from there too15:24
alexbeckI didn't realize I could double click there15:27
alexbeckthanks a bunch TheSheep15:27
TheSheepnormally you can get there also by clicking on the panel plugin itself, but some plugins have their own right-click menu, which makes it harder15:28
alexbeckwhat about the clock and date15:29
alexbeckagain, I can't see the option15:29
alexbeckif there is one15:29
alexbeckfor switching it to horizontal15:29
TheSheepno idea15:30
alexbeckTheSheep, if you could check my screen shot again, my volume control bundle is not working as well, the only way I control my sound is FN + Arrow up/down15:33
alexbeckdo you know anything about this15:34
oalHi. I've just switched to Xubuntu from Ubuntu. I miss the "super" shortcut to open applications in the dash. What "launcher" do you recommend for Xfce?17:22
xubuntu407anyone know how to select the cups driver for 7820N Brother printer?17:47
xubuntu407http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/MFC-7820N  < I tried these directions17:48
xubuntu407But where do i select the driver?17:48
GridCubexubuntu407, open a new tab on any of your webbrowsers and go to localhost:63117:50
xubuntu407GridCube, I did do that and went into "Manage Printers".  Where do I select the driver?17:51
GridCubego to administration, then add a printer17:52
xubuntu407The printer is already added and activated.  It has some BRscript driver.17:53
GridCubethen go to manage it and change its drivers17:54
xubuntu407But all I see is the BRscript and the Foomatic driver there.  What is the cups driver called?  I don't see it there.17:55
GridCubeno idea17:55
xubuntu407ok.  I wonder what those commands did in the wiki...it says that it would install the driver, but its not there.17:56
xubuntu407thanks though17:58
bgardnerOops, my bad19:41
Poisoned_Dragon/clear fail19:42
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knome!hi | xubuntu32120:37
ubottuxubuntu321: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!20:37
xubuntu321Can you help, as I have downloaded Steam off of the Ubuntu software centre and it does not open.20:37
Guest70577hello, tout a l'heure sous le compte invité j'avais demandé de l'aide et quelqu'un m'a répondu comme quoi mon disfonctionnement provenait de Xauthority. suite à cela j'ai fait ce qu'il m'a dit et ça re-fonctionne correctement sous mon user. je tenais à vous remercier20:38
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:38
Guest70577ok merci je vais y aller20:38
amariHow do I fix the volume icon bug in 13.10? I suppose this question is often asked, sorry :D22:53
Poisoned_Dragonall da time. :)22:54
Poisoned_Dragonamari, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-sound/+bug/120820422:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged]22:54
Poisoned_DragonRead comment #5, amari.22:55
Poisoned_DragonThen logout and log back in.22:55
Unit193(or xfce4-panel -r  in the run dialog)22:55
Poisoned_DragonOr that too22:56
Poisoned_Dragonpick your poison22:56
amariPoisoned_Dragon: thanks. But that workaround is from August, there is no official update package for that?22:56
amariI'm quite surprised :)22:56
* Poisoned_Dragon shrugs. I dunno what to tell you.22:56
Unit193You can compile the gtk3 wrapper.22:56
Poisoned_Dragonit's a gtk3 issue?22:57
Unit193Poisoned_Dragon: Well, the newer indicators are gtk3, the panel and xfce panel indicator plugin are gtk2.23:01
Poisoned_Dragonah, gotcha23:02
Poisoned_DragonYou have to compile it? Tis not a pre-packaged download? :(23:03
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Saucy/Gtk3Indicators Workin' on that bit.23:05
Poisoned_DragonSo, it'll be a thing in 14.04?23:10
Unit193Would be nice for a ppa or backport, but yes it should be in Trusty for sure.23:11
Poisoned_DragonMeh, I can wait.23:12
Poisoned_DragonThe wok around is simple enough and does the job.23:13

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