osfdHi there, how do you download a former branch ?09:25
osfdI know bzr update09:25
osfdto get the last version09:25
LeoNerdWhat do you mean "former branch"?10:31
LeoNerdPerhaps you wanted  bzr up -r123  ?10:31
osfdsay the actual tree is 4462, I wanna go to 446010:32
osfdLeoNerd: so I want to go to an older branch10:33
osfdor lower if you prefer10:33
LeoNerd Okder revision of the same branch10:49
LeoNerdSo, yeah,  bzr up -r446010:49
osfdI did that, I test to see if that work10:50
osfdLeoNerd: thank you10:50
osfdLeoNerd: and yes I meant version, not branch, sorry10:52
veduhello. how to activate bzr autocomplete11:15
Wiz_KeeDhey guys11:55
Wiz_KeeDhow do I delete a directory from a bzr repo and leave the actual tree untouched11:55
Wiz_KeeD--no-backup cfreates those ~1~ thing right?11:55
Wiz_KeeDah I think it's keep11:56
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CcxCZhow do I actually use a mergetool such as http://sjl.bitbucket.org/splice.vim/ from command line?16:36
CcxCZI tried  bzr remerge --merge-type splice  which looked like logical place for it but that doesn't work (bzr-2.5.1 btw)16:39
vilaCcxCZ: bzr remerge --help will tell you that it's not logical ;) Adn the page you linked above even mention how to do that for bazaar17:32
yooozyhepl please! I want to install bzr  to control my site on server then clone it locally to modify it  then merge17:59

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