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gnuoyHi, I've use the openstack charms to deploy swift and joined swift-proxy to keystone and as the admin user I can post objects etc without a problem. But as any other user I'm getting a 403. I can't see any likely looking roles that need granting. As far as I can see keystone returns a valid token but the swift proxy rejects it with a 40309:30
gnuoynm, I didn't appreciate the admin role was a prereq for creating objects10:14
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stubgnuoy: Do you know what I'm doing wrong with https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/swift-proxy/+bug/1238660 ?10:16
_mup_Bug #1238660: Default installation fails <swift-proxy (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1238660>10:16
stubHmm... no keystone...10:17
gnuoystub, it looks like you're not explicitly setting any config for swift-storage, is that right /10:17
gnuoyIf you're using a single swift storage node I think you'll want replicas to be 110:19
stubgnuoy: yeah, was going to use defaults10:19
stubYou are saying things that sound like I need to read some Swift documentation.10:19
gnuoystub, defaults assume 3 swift storage nodes each with region set differently. Unless you use zone-assignment=auto but even then the number of replicas needs to be intune with the number of storage nodes10:20
gnuoystub, the README in the swift-proxy charm is good10:21
stubcharm store has really low google juice :-(10:23
gnuoyjamespage, is there a workaround for Bug #1241674  ?10:51
_mup_Bug #1241674: juju-core broken with OpenStack Havana for tenants with multiple networks <cts-cloud-review> <openstack> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1241674>10:51
stub# losetup --find /etc/swift/storagedev1.img11:25
stublosetup: Could not find any loop device. Maybe this kernel does not know11:25
stub       about the loop device? (If so, recompile or `modprobe loop'.)11:25
stub# modprobe loop11:26
stubFATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/3.11.0-13-generic/modules.dep: No such file or directory11:26
stubIs this just going to fail with lxc?11:30
freeflyingis it possible to force rerun hooks11:34
stubyer, looks like you need custom lxc templates to get loop mounts (required for swift)11:46
stubfreeflying: 'juju resolved --retry' can rerun failed hooks. Apart from that, no.11:46
freeflyingstub, we have a node in error, retried times, but can't resolve it11:47
freeflyingand now it even reuse to retry :)11:48
stubYou will need to be more specific, maybe a pastebin of juju status output. Someone here might be able to identify the problem.11:50
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X-warriorHey guys, I just bootstrapped a machine on amazon, then I tried to deploy a postgresql to the same machine as bootstrap (already did this in the past and it worked), but now it stays as pending forever, and if I check the logs inside the machine there is a log of "/bin/sh: 1: exec: /var/lib/juju/tools/unit-postgresql-0/jujud: not found" messages12:42
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X-warriorIdeas? :S13:04
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marcoceppiX-warrior: oh, that's interesting13:33
marcoceppiX-warrior: if you try to deploy to a machine other than bootstrap, does it work?13:36
marcoceppican you also install and run tree on /var/lib/juju/tools and pastebin it?13:36
X-warriormarcoceppi: let me run this tests13:38
X-warriorjust a sec13:38
X-warriormarcoceppi: you want me to run tree on bootstrap + postgresql machine right?13:49
marcoceppiX-warrior: yeah13:49
marcoceppijust run tree /var/lib/juju/tools and pastebinit13:50
X-warriormarcoceppi: sorry, I'm recreating it x)14:09
X-warriormarcoceppi: http://pastebin.com/prp1ttWj14:34
marcoceppiX-warrior: okay, so something is failing during install14:39
marcoceppiX-warrior: do you have a unit-postgresql-0.log in /var/log/juju ?14:39
marcoceppiawesome, X-warrior, what does machine-0.log show?14:43
* marcoceppi notes that this is def a bug14:43
X-warriorCould it be a problem because I'm using juju 1.12 on my localhost? I'm thinking that maybe, when I do a bootstrap it download latest juju version, which could not be compatible with mine.14:45
X-warriormarcoceppi: thoughts?15:07
marcoceppiX-warrior: it's quite possible that is the issue15:09
marcoceppiespecially when using the --to flag15:09
X-warriormarcoceppi, well that doesn't seem very nice imo... I have a production environment that was deploy with juju 1.12, if I update my local version, maybe I could have problems with the production environment. Maybe, when bootstrapping, juju should send local version to server, and it downloads the same that I'm using, to guarantee compatibility?15:11
marcoceppiX-warrior: well, it's supposed to do that15:11
X-warriorhow could I check the bootstrap version?15:11
marcoceppiit should, to some extent perform version matches for tools15:11
marcoceppiX-warrior: it's 1.16.315:12
X-warriorso it is not working15:12
marcoceppiif you destroy, then run juju bootstrap --show-log --debug15:12
X-warriorsince my local version says I'm using 1.1215:12
marcoceppiyou should see the tool matching logic15:12
X-warriordoes the output of this new bootstrap could help you guys find out what is going on?15:14
marcoceppiX-warrior: potentially15:14
marcoceppisinzui: juju should match minor versions of tools to client?15:14
X-warriorlet me rerun it15:14
marcoceppiX-warrior: I actually think this is a bug in 1.12 now that I think about it15:14
sinzuimarcoceppi, damn right15:14
marcoceppiwhich was fixed in later versions of the juju client15:14
sinzuimarcoceppi, but I think you also mean it must match patch aswell15:15
sinzuimarcoceppi, 1.16.0 must not select 1.16.315:15
marcoceppisinzui: right, has that always been in core? X-warrior is seeing different results15:15
sinzuimarcoceppi, no. juju-core has always selected the latest. a recent change made it match minor to avoid pyjuju fiascos. juju-qa reported a bug that our testing tools don't like getting 1.16.3 when we are testing 1.16.215:17
sinzuiX-warrior, Bug #1247232 is the issue we reported15:19
_mup_Bug #1247232: Juju client deploys agent newer than itself <ci> <deploy> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1247232>15:19
marcoceppisinzui: that's uncomfortable story for people with production deployments using older Juju versions15:19
marcoceppiany suggestions? Ultimately my mind jumps to "spin up lxc to manage multiple juju-cores"15:20
marcoceppiI remember, back when pyjuju was fun and still installed, you could install versions of juju and use update-alternatives, but I don't think that exists anymore15:20
sinzuiX-warrior, marcoceppi. an even more uncomfortable/unintuitive work around is to use "juju upgrade-juju --version=1.16.2" to force a downgrade immediately after bootstrap15:21
marcoceppisinzui: that sounds scary and awesome15:21
sinzuimarcoceppi, it does exist, and I am working on the devel packaging fix to ensure 1.17.0 doesn't have a regression15:22
marcoceppisinzui: Oh, okay, so you could theoretically install 1.16.3, maybe compile it somewhere, then use update-alternatives to switch back and forth?15:23
* marcoceppi considers a blog post for this15:24
sinzuimarcoceppi, update-alternatives is provided by the package, not juju-core15:24
marcoceppisinzui: right, so you've installed juju-core 1.12, but also want 1.16.3, you'd need to compile 1.16.3 since the apt package would just remove 1.12 from the system15:25
marcoceppiunless there's some debian way to not have juju-core package remove the previous version15:25
sinzuimarcoceppi, oh that is right15:26
sinzuimarcoceppi, but there is another way15:26
* marcoceppi is excite15:26
* X-warrior still around here15:26
sinzuiyou can download the new package and install it in another root15:26
* sinzui searches for the option15:26
marcoceppisinzui: ahh, this sounds way better than compiling15:27
X-warriorIs the 'juju upgrade' for a production environment too risky?15:27
marcoceppiX-warrior: yes! sorry, have not forgotten you, want to make sure we can switch back and forth15:27
marcoceppiX-warrior: I've seen a few people do it, 90% positive working, with a 10% failure rate15:27
X-warriorbecause I think it is better to update now from 1.12 to 1.16 then later from 1.12 to 2.xx for example15:28
X-warrioror maybe 1.5015:28
sinzuimarcoceppi, X-warrior dpkg  --instdir=/opt for exampe will change the root dir15:28
marcoceppisinzui: X-warrior awesome, I'll give that a go and create a blog post on how to manage multiple juju installs on a machine15:29
X-warrioranyway it is a little scary to try to update from 1.12 and maybe screw everything :X15:29
X-warriorthat is awesome15:29
sinzuimarcoceppi, X-warrior for the last two month I have use lxc to maintain a container that has all the stable tools. My own computer is on trusty and bleeds. since I mount my home dir in the container, both stable and devel have the same juju-configs. I test upgrades and compatibility that way15:31
X-warriorso in my case if I would like to update my juju version should I upgrade my local version from 1.12 to latest, and then run juju upgrade-juju to update the tools on my aws?15:33
marcoceppiX-warrior: the upgrade is a bit hairy, I'll try to find a 1.12 deployment and see if it upgrades OK15:33
marcoceppithough, sinzui might be able to speak to it better than me15:34
sinzuimarcoceppi, I wasn't testing back then. X-warrior your concerns about upgrade are legitimate. We only promise upgrades from stable to stable 1.12.x to 1.14.x. Going to 1.16.x find the tools, but no one has tested we can leap that far15:37
sinzuis/16.x find/16.x will find/15:38
X-warriorso the best approach for future project is keep it update on every stable version? I mean, if I had upgraded it from 1.12 to 1.14 later I could update from 1.14 to 1.16...15:39
sinzuiThat is right15:40
X-warriorsinzui: so what about using 'juju upgrade-juju --version=1.14' to upgrade from 1.12 to 1.14 and then 'juju upgrade-juju' to get latest stable release from 1.16?15:46
sinzuiX-warrior, that will work15:47
X-warrioroh, nice.15:47
X-warriorbut when using upgrade-juju it will just update the environment tools not my local ones right? So if I would like to do that, I must update my local juju to 1.14 then run upgrade-juju and then update my local to 1.16 and use the upgrade-juju again?15:48
X-warriorI'm not really sure about how local juju installation is related to remote/upgrade-juju15:49
contexthow can i add the 'juju-core' lp to my apt sources. cloud-tools only has 1.16.015:58
marcoceppicontext: let me check, cloud-tools should have 1.16.316:06
marcoceppiX-warrior: it's only the remove juju16:07
marcoceppiX-warrior: apt-get is for upgrading the client16:07
X-warriormarcoceppi: my client is 1.12 version, can I use 'upgrade-juju --version=1.14'? Or do I need to update my client to 1.14 first for example?16:08
marcoceppicontext: you're right, it only has 1.16.0 sinzui who's responsible for updating the cloud-tools archive? jamespage ?16:08
marcoceppiX-warrior: you should be able to do that from 1.12 without issue, since it's like juju deploy, it's just telling the bootstrap node what to do. I'm not sure if there are incompatiblities between  1.12 and 1.1416:09
marcoceppicontext: if you can, ppa:juju/stable has the latest juju-core; sudo add-apt-repository ppa:juju/stable; however, if you're using the cloud-tools archive you're probably doing so for a reason16:10
contextmarcoceppi: i did that 'status error on juju status' ticket, which might have in fact been an issue regarding dns.  i get an unsupported protocol 'sftp' now.16:10
contexttrying again to get it running :) i replaced /usr/bin/jujud with the 1.16.2 its trying to use but still tries to fetch it. is it trying to install it somewhere else?16:11
marcoceppicontext: the tools on the server aren't installed from the cloud archive16:12
marcoceppithey're pulled from a public bucket16:12
contextyeah, do you know where juju bootstrap tries to install it ?16:13
marcoceppione of the places is the juju-dist bucket on s316:13
marcoceppicontext: what cloud are you using?16:13
contextfunc SharedToolsDir(dataDir string, vers version.Binary) string { return path.Join(dataDir, "tools", vers.String())16:13
contextmarcoceppi: manual (yeah i know, highly unstable)16:14
marcoceppicontext: then it's probably coming from the juju-dist bucket16:14
contextyeah, but where is it trying to install the jujud16:14
marcoceppicontext: it will try to pull down the latest tools tgz, extrac, and install it to /var/lib/juju/agents16:15
marcoceppicontext: http://juju-dist.s3.amazonaws.com/16:17
contextyeah thats where it pulled from16:17
contextbut when it tries to install its trying to do sftp://16:17
contextso im trying to install it 'manually' so bootstrap can skip over that16:17
contextor even just some how 'bootstrap' manually on the server so then i can do the rest of the juju stuff locally16:18
contextmarcoceppi: i want to fix whats already known broken manually, so i can move forward and see what else is broken :)16:18
marcoceppicontext: whatever you're up to sounds crazy ;)16:19
contextim new to Go but not programming, just hard to read through the juju code sometimes :x16:19
contextmarcoceppi: where would i look for what exactly it wants in /var/lib/juju/agents i made it /var/lib/juju/agents/jujud but it still tries to install16:20
contextmarcoceppi: sorry if my being a bother, you can feel free to ignore me ;)16:20
marcoceppicontext: nope, it's versioned16:20
marcoceppicontext: it's okay, I've got 40 mins before the conference opens up16:20
contextversioned as in /var/lib/juju/agents/1.16.2 or :x16:21
* context opens the juju-local vm he has16:21
marcoceppicontext: /me checks16:22
marcoceppithere's a few symlinks too16:22
jamespagemarcoceppi, thats correct - but it has to go through Ubuntu SRU for saucy first16:24
jamespageand I've not had time todo taht16:24
marcoceppijamespage: gotchya, good to know16:24
jamespageits in the stable ppa if you really need it16:24
marcoceppicontext: this is a slightly older machine, but /var/lib/juju tools like this:16:25
marcoceppicontext: you just need to update the tools directory, not the agents dir16:25
* context plays around16:30
contextgrr !@# still dont work :-/ i guess ill leave it be for now :(16:33
contextoh oops16:33
contextcant even juju bootstrap manual provision with bootstrap-host: localhost16:42
marcoceppicontext: that's a really bad idea16:43
marcoceppias it will clobber your local host16:43
contextoh thats fine16:43
contextbut nothing happens cause you still get screwed on unknown protocol sftp16:44
* context adds ppa16:44
contextyeah i guess im just stuck16:45
contextit confuses me more cause i got passed this point once.  i actually got bootstrap to succeed16:46
contextyeah. thnx for the help, again16:49
contextlooks like fix is committed but not released yet16:49
marcoceppicontext: ah, 1.17.0 will probably bring a lot of good to this story16:50
contextive been keeping an eye on the milestone16:50
contextwish i knew Go more to be able to help out16:50
contextor the juju codebase for that matter. its a pretty big beast16:50
marcoceppicontext: it's quite a large project16:51
marcoceppione of the largest open source golang projects iirc16:51
contexti am so confused16:54
contextjujud-machine-0 start/running, process 1724016:54
contextgrrrr !@#16:54
contextall i did was rm -rf /var/lib/juju16:54
contextAND juju status works16:55
contextnow attempting to add-machine17:04
contextW00t W00t17:05
X-warriormarcoceppi: just to let you know, I installed the 1.16 version on a vm, and deployed the bootstrap and postgresql to the same machine, that error didn't happen17:17
marcoceppiX-warrior: interesting17:17
X-warriorI mean deployed from vm to aws both of then on machine 0.17:18
X-warriorand the status of postgresql is running and logs doesn't have any similar message to that one17:19
contexttrying to deploy juju-gui i get this error:17:20
context2013-11-13 17:15:42 INFO juju.worker.uniter context.go:255 HOOK ImportError: No module named yaml17:20
contexttrying to run the install hook17:20
frankbancontext: did you use any non-default charm option?17:25
contexthow do i 'redploy' a charm17:25
contextfrankban: nope. just did a manual apt-get install python-yaml to hopefully fix it17:25
contextthings dont like to die it seems :-/17:27
frankbancontext: can you paste the whole log somewhere? anyway, you can try "juju resolved --retry juju-gui/017:27
contexti did destroy-service and it just sits at life: dying17:28
frankbancontext: try now "juju resolved juju-gui/0"17:28
frankbancontext: but the whole log would really help investigating the isuue17:29
contextyeah trying to get a clean slate :x17:29
frankbancontext: cool thanks17:29
contextdoesnt seem to be any 'forcively destroy-service'17:29
contextso now the service just sits at 'dying' and no way to get rid of it17:31
contextoh nm gone now17:31
contextfrankban: http://pastie.org/847800017:32
frankbancontext: looking17:35
contextw00p w00p !17:35
contextfrankban: manually install python-yaml fixed it17:35
frankbancontext: what provider are you using?17:35
contextfrankban: manual17:36
frankbancontext: ok thanks for the feedback, we will release a new version of the charm soon, with a fix included17:37
contextstarting to like juju more and more17:50
X-warriormarcoceppi, sinzui, I'm leaving now, thanks for all the help, have a good one :D18:08
sinzuithank you X-warrior18:08
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contexthmm, i deploy mysql and it says success but mysql is not running19:19
contextdamn, some charms are really touchy19:25
rick_h_jcastro: boo for not bundles beta in your juju updates :P19:29
jcastroit's not available for people yet19:29
jcastrorandom devel PPA doesn't count!19:29
rick_h_jcastro: sure it is, it's in the charm you go get right now if you juju deploy juju-gui19:29
rick_h_it's just 'in beta'19:29
rick_h_and an update coming later today19:30
rick_h_with jujucharms.com getting updated tomorrow hopefully19:30
jcastrook so next week's update19:30
rick_h_side note, thanks for the emails. try to keep up19:30
rick_h_that is, I use them to try to keep up19:30
jcastrook so update me19:33
jcastrowhen can people deploy the cloudfoundry bundle?19:33
jcastroall the stuff should land tomorrow with the jujucharms.com update?19:33
* rick_h_ goes to dbl check the quickstart ppa19:33
rick_h_jcastro: yes, everything should be up to date tomorrow me thinks19:33
jcastroany word on better URLs in general?19:34
jcastroI am trying to explain to kirkland how to deploy the bundle and he wants to punch himself in the face19:34
rick_h_bundle: is supported in the ppa release today or tomorrow19:35
rick_h_will need a follow up to update the url in the deploy tab19:35
jcastroso bundle:~jorge/cloudfoundry ?19:35
jcastrodude, you are killing me19:35
rick_h_unfortunately you can have multiple bundles in there19:35
rick_h_we can't make it shorter than that and have them work like they do man19:35
rick_h_go back and talk to the original people that designed the deployer files and such19:36
jcastrohazmat, surely there's something we can do here19:36
rick_h_jcastro: k, well fyi updated the quickstart and juju quickstart bundle:~jorge/cloudfoundry/3/cloudfoundry  works19:42
rick_h_at least it's running the install on cf-release right now19:42
hazmatjcastro, yeah.. there's several sane things we can do.. like omit the deployment name within the bundle when its the only one.. omit the version and get the current one..20:13
hazmatwould minimize nicely to bundle:~jorge/cloudfoundry20:14
jcastroyeah it just needs to be something rememberable by the user20:14
jcastrorick_h_, confirm, the bundle works fine here20:18
rick_h_jcastro: woot20:18
jcastrothis bundle/charm is deceptive though20:19
jcastrosince it's doing so much if you don't debug-log there's no way to know what it's doing20:19
rick_h_jcastro: yea, definitely20:19
jcastroI wonder if there's a way to echo "Go have a smoke, it's going to be a while." somewhere20:20
jcastrolike a louder version of juju-log20:20
rick_h_heh, in the gui we do that with all bundles. I guess it'd be something to note in the charm readme20:20
rick_h_or summary/etc that's somewhere visible20:20
rick_h_since it's really the charm that's the long-runner20:20
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jcsackettjcastro: just thought you would like to know, askubuntu q's are *finally* in the review queue.22:40
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