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ussher_in settings->multiple monitors i have 'display 1' 'display2' 'display3'  and want to change the order.  I want display 3 to be display 1.  any ideas how to do this?04:42
rohanafter the latest kde update, my fonts are looking very weird, especially in google chrome. is this a known issue?06:38
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lordievaderGood morning.08:18
nv_good morning!~08:31
lordievaderHey nv_, how are you?08:35
nv_enjoying my GNU life08:36
dewdropHi, I installed kubuntu-desktop after instaling Ubuntu. Now how do I uninstall Ubuntu?09:08
lordievader!purekde | dewdrop09:12
ubottudewdrop: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »09:12
dewdroplordievader: thanks, it says it applies to 12.10 only, but I am on 13.10,  would it still work?09:13
lordievaderdewdrop: Probably. As long as you target the libs that the whole of Unity depends on ;)09:14
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eagles0513875oh joy kontact is giving me issues :(10:52
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excognachi all can i mess up anything in kubuntu13.10 (sole Os on a desktop machine) with installing xfceenvironment?13:09
BluesKajHey folks13:42
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eagles0513875hey guys is anyone in here using kontact with gmail and 2factor authentication14:04
Picieagles0513875: You should just need to setup an application specific password on google to get that to work.14:13
Picieagles0513875: https://accounts.google.com/b/0/IssuedAuthSubTokens?hl=en&hide_authsub=114:13
eagles0513875Pici: did that and outgoing still doesnt work14:13
eagles0513875also i have had random crashes with kontact and kmail so im wondering if its in relation to  it or not14:13
Picieagles0513875: you need to make sure to use that same password for that as well.14:13
PiciI personally don't use kontact, but I just setup mutt to do my gmail.14:14
eagles0513875Pici: what was odd is that it worked fine until i setup 2factor14:14
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BluesKajeagles0513875. yes it is , but I got burned by it's bugs and haven't gone back14:44
eagles0513875BluesKaj: gotcha you wouldnt try it again seeing as it gets installed side by side?14:48
eagles0513875brb going to get on neon14:48
BluesKajeagles0513875.well, my question is , what are it's benefits ?14:48
eagles0513875BluesKaj: for me with neon i get much higher resolution with my laptop granted it doesnt detect my track pad at all14:58
eagles0513875all i know and feel is that with 13.10 the kubuntu team really botched things up i hate to say14:58
eagles0513875cant tell you much else.15:00
eagles0513875at this point BluesKaj15:00
BluesKajeagles0513875. ok , OI havn't experienced any "real problems" with 13.10 , but I run a plain desktop without too many edgy apps or effects15:00
eagles0513875BluesKaj: mine was a default fresh install15:00
eagles0513875nothing out of the ordinary and i have lots of issues15:00
eagles0513875from track pad to random screen flashes to random audio issues which i think i have fixed finally15:00
eagles0513875and resolution is much lower too for me15:01
BluesKajbesides i spend most of my time on 14.04 now and all is well with it so far15:01
eagles0513875i might test out 14.04 in a vm15:03
lordievaderTrusty is nice :)15:03
eagles0513875should start testing it on my test vps15:03
BluesKaji use a partition , less clunky on this old pc that way'15:03
eagles0513875cuz lots of things have changed server side it seems with apache15:03
eagles0513875oddly enough BluesKaj im noticing over all quicker browser speed15:07
lordievaderMy old laptop is dedicated to running the development release.15:08
eagles0513875lordievader: im noticing the dev release of kde to be so much better then 13.10 release15:08
eagles0513875granted my track pad isnt detected at all im noticing overall better performance then standard 13.10 kde version15:09
eagles0513875talk later :) need to wash and relocate for a class15:10
eagles0513875ok im back again16:11
eagles0513875BluesKaj: lordievader for sure my resolution on 4.11.2 in 13.10 is way lower16:12
eagles0513875the problem is if you go to display in system settingss there is no way to change the screen resolution16:12
lordievadereagles0513875: Use xrandr ;)16:13
eagles0513875oddly enough its the same outcome in neon as wlel BluesKaj16:14
eagles0513875i am thinking of filing a bug against this cuz that is not right16:14
BluesKajOpenGL 3.1 works great here , but laptops have limited res with the onboard gpus16:16
eagles0513875BluesKaj: i get higher resolution in neon16:17
eagles0513875higher then i get in 4.11.2 in 13.1016:17
lordievadereagles0513875: Project Neon under Kubuntu?16:17
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geniiOpenGL and WebGL both work great for me here.16:29
BluesKajgenii. webGL is that the chromium plugin ?16:35
tsimpsonWebGL is an open standard16:36
BluesKajhmm , i don't have that option16:36
geniiBluesKaj: Basically it's inside of the mesa graphics system already. In firefox about:config you can normally set it if it's not already enabled. Mine is like so: http://imagebin.org/27687116:41
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BluesKajgenii. thanks , enabled the webgl-prefer-native-gl .  webgl.osmesalib isn't listed here16:58
BluesKajgenii. you must have the libosmesa devel apps installed , correct ?17:02
geniiAs far as I know i just have libosmesa6 installed. I enabled it on this box a long time ago, I think when it still ran Lucid and it's been just continuously upgraded since17:04
geniiBluesKaj: Looks like the file got moved when they went multiarch to either /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ or /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ , even though it still works here for some reason17:07
BluesKajgenii. alright thanks17:10
MangaKaDenzasay how do I open a plasmoid ?17:19
geniiMangaKaDenza: Can you clarify what you mean?17:26
BluesKajhehe , good luck :)17:27
MangaKaDenzawait.. I found a weird bug after looking at my add widgets thing17:33
MangaKaDenzaso... you know the button where it says17:33
MangaKaDenza"Get new widgets"17:33
MangaKaDenzaWell, when I click on that, there aren't any options!17:33
MangaKaDenzahow do I fix that...17:33
BluesKajyou have to enter the app name in the search bar on the left17:34
MangaKaDenzaNo I mean.. the option to download more widgets is gone17:34
MangaKaDenzaas well as the install from local file17:34
BluesKajclick add widgets , the get new widgets should be in th epopup17:35
MangaKaDenzayeah.. cuz obviously I didn't do that the first time17:36
MangaKaDenzaI tried that already!17:36
MangaKaDenzaand also...17:36
MangaKaDenzathe add plasma widgets thing in muon discover is gone too17:36
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geniiMangaKaDenza: Make a new panel somewhere else on the screen. eg: right-click, Add Panel... Default Panel .... then see if you can get to it from that one17:39
MangaKaDenzagenii, nope17:41
geniiMangaKaDenza: What's the last thing you did before it stopped working?17:42
MangaKaDenzainstalled 13.1017:42
geniiMangaKaDenza: You did a do-release-upgrade or something similar?17:43
geniiMangaKaDenza: Did you reboot since then?17:43
MangaKaDenza...many times17:43
geniiMangaKaDenza: I would recommend: logout to sign-in screen, then: ctrl-alt-f1 and login by console. Then: mv .kde .oldke      then: sudo service lightdm restart17:47
geniiMangaKaDenza: If it doesn't dump you back to login screen from there, use ctrl-f7 to get back to it, then login by that way and should be like "factory" desktop17:48
MangaKaDenzait won't let me log out17:49
geniiMangaKaDenza: Yes, that's very odd. Can you open konsole?17:53
MangaKaDenzaer... I click logout... but the popup only shows "lock screen, sleep, shutdown"17:54
geniiMangaKaDenza: Make sure now you have the instructions I gave written down, because the next instructions will kill your X session17:54
MangaKaDenzagimme the goods17:55
geniiMangaKaDenza: This will dump you forcibly back to the login screen from where you are now: sudo service lightdm restart17:56
denza252genii, noep18:01
denza252didn't work18:02
MangaKaDenzawait wat18:04
MangaKaDenzahow is this session still up18:04
MangaKaDenzagenii, I don't get it18:05
geniiMangaKaDenza: It didn't time out yet is all.18:08
geniiWork requires me (plumbers). No return ETA yet.18:08
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MangaKaDenzais there a way to downgrade back to 13.04 for a bit?18:26
crowellhonestly, its not really recommended to do though18:27
nick07hi, anyone knows how i can stream audio/video from freenas server to my kubuntu computer? I can connect, but it tell me it need some kind of ssh plugin?19:22
anubisWhats is Kubuntus audio-whatever? if i restart lightdm i have no more sound and kmix doesnt show my device anymore. moreover whenever i use jack i dont get normal sound afterwards . how can i restart sound?20:45
Remaillehow could i deactivate the network manager on the eth0 ?20:56
lordievaderRemaille: sudo ifconfig eth0 down ? Or is that not what you mean?21:00
Remaillethanks lordievader: actually i want to put my own parameters en eth021:00
Remailleand network manger (?) erase my settings every 5 mins21:00
Remailleon ubuntu, i knwo, but not on kubuntu :)21:01
KomiaPoikais it possible to have gnome available from the startx menu as window manager in kubuntu?21:01
dewdropHi, is it possible to make kubuntu save the brightness setting?21:16
ScuniziHow do I get rid of the "knock" Boink sounds when closing tabs in Chrome? I've googled with no results outside of deleting files.21:19
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Remailleok found it :) lordievader21:53
Remaillejust an option into a GUI21:53
Remaille:-s i hope it was possible on CLI21:54
mylarAnyone having problems with accelerated graphics with 13.10 on haswell? [drm:ring_stuck] *ERROR* Kicking stuck wait on render ring21:54
mylarclean install works fine, but after installing a few packages fonts get ugly and vlc does not render accerlated.21:55
user___was there a recent flash update for kubuntu 13.04 this week or day22:22
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lordievaderuser___: Yes, 4 hours ago: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree22:33
gasshohow do i determine how much memory my graphics hardware haz22:42
gasshoi got a terminal open, will appropriate22:48
stimoceiverso I did a fresh install of Kubuntu the other day, ended up with the Muon package manager showing almost nothing, searches for typical ubuntu universe and multiverse showed no results (irssi, screen, chromium)22:50
stimoceiverinstalled synaptic, synaptic showed the 'missing' packages... is this a known bug?22:50
stimoceiveralso, the machine I installed it on has a desperate need of Radeon proprietary drivers (or possibly XRandR) due to ridiculous overscan on a Mitsubishi DLP TV, but I couldnt get any of the current tutorials on how to get them installed to actually work22:52
stimoceiverand its a fairly recent radeon card: HD485022:54
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