max76hello you speak french ?12:15
sirrI have managed to create .desktop shortcuts that I can launch applications with.. however, I can't launch applications properly from a bash.sh script.. normally done like /path/my_program & It's like I can't detach the terminal in lubuntu :/13:13
IQmansirr: try to add to .desktop file RunInTerminal=True or something like that13:14
sirrIQman: ok thanks, I'll try that13:16
IQmansirr: more precisely add "Terminal=True"13:18
sirrIQman: thanks :)13:18
Hyuristylehello, please what this represents15:53
Hyuristyleand thermal_zone215:53
wxlHyuristyle: you might find acpi.sourceforge.net/documentation/thermal.html instructive16:01
Hyuristylebut acpi is not installed here, it still applies?16:03
wxlit's one of those better safe than sorry sort of things Hyuristyle16:05
wxlbut besides, you probably have acpi installed (in the kernel)16:06
Hyuristyleok, thanks16:07
deleted_Hi there17:04
deleted_Hello again17:14
Spaceman255good morning/afternoon17:44
Spaceman255Question: does lubuntu 13.10 provide as good of an experience with older/slower hardware that 12.04 does?17:46
Spaceman255or should I just use 12.0417:46
deleted_I haven't noticed a big difference between 13 and 1217:47
deleted_how old are you talking17:47
deleted_Oh sorry, I'm running 13.04, you asked about .1017:48
Spaceman255wanting to install on a mini-itx mainboard, 1.5ghz 1gb ram, 1tb disk C7 processor17:48
Spaceman255no matter 13.04 is ok17:48
Spaceman255the C7 is like 2005 vintage17:49
deleted_I ran 12.04 on a p4 3Ghz 1GB RAM 120GB IDE and it was very quick17:49
Spaceman255Via made the chip and the mainboard, low power 20 watts power consumption17:49
deleted_and I haven't noticed issues in speed between 13/12, only some issues with PAE that you may need to look into depending on your specific processor17:49
deleted_Because I believe 12 was the last release to support PAE17:50
deleted_My laptop is about to die and I am leaving this lecture hall,so I will be abck in a few minutes.17:50
Spaceman255PAE was an issue witf an old hp/compaq laptop I installed on17:50
Spaceman255the 1tb disk was free so I thought I'd just build a lightweight server running Apache17:54
Spaceman255lubuntu seems to be favored for older/slower hardware17:54
Spaceman255gotta run, tnks for the input17:57
deleted_Hi, are you still here?18:04
deleted_we were discussing PAE IIRC18:15
padrinoyou know when I boot Lubuntu from USB and it says 'install', is that installing to my HDD or thumb drive? Because my internal HDD is flopped and practically doesn't work at all18:38
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ianorlinHard drive unless you chose to install it on the thumb drive for some reason but not usre meant to read and wirte all the time18:50
padrinoAh :(18:50
padrinoI'm so confused18:51
ianorlinwith what?18:51
padrinoWell my internal HDD is practically fucked18:52
padrinoCan't even boot Windows, so I booted Tails OS from USB and worked fine, but now I just booted lubuntu and I clicked install and I think the install to HDD will cause it to flop18:52
ianorlinis it an old ide drive?18:52
ianorlinI have a comp where I can keep it alive through an external18:52
deleted_Have you run any disk checks18:52
padrinodeleted_ yeah ran one that it gave the option of when I booted up lubuntu for first time and all it said was "1 error found in a file"18:53
padrinoianorlin yeah very old, think that's why it's failing18:53
padrinoI think the only option might be "try without installing" therefore just running it from the USB (not internal HDD required)18:54
ianorlinthat doesn't work for the alt installer though18:54
ianorlinif you are using that18:55
padrinoWouldn't just "try without install" suffice for browsing the web18:56
deleted_Is that what you want to do18:56
padrinoBecause I really don't think my HDD will be able to handle the lubuntu install18:56
padrinodeleted_ I think that's all I need it for?18:56
padrinoIt's been on the "prepare to install Lubuntu" screen for about 10 minutes now. Either that's normal or HDD completely flopping18:57
ianorlinor bad usb installer18:58
ianorlindid you run a self check on it?18:58
padrinoinaorlin on the USB or Laptop?18:58
ianorlindid you check md5sum?18:58
padrinoNope :(18:58
padrinoI only put the USB in, did the Lubuntu disk check, only found 1 error. The proceeded to install Lubuntu18:59
padrinoShall I attempt to quit the installer and just boot without installing?19:00
deleted_Well if you just need to browse the net I would imagine a live CD would suffice19:00
ianorlinI tihnk you should attempt to run the check where it says test disk for defects19:00
padrinoinarlin that's what I did19:01
padrinoAnd it came back with "found 1 error in a file"19:01
ianorlinit found an error is not good19:01
padrinoAnd that was it19:01
padrinoI thought 1 error was minor19:01
ianorlinit is still enough to break stuff19:02
padrinoAh ffs :( I'll just wait for it to install and then reboot from USB without installation19:02
padrinoI assume it's not safe to just cut power to laptop whilst Lubuntu is installing19:06
padrinoAnd turn it off by holding down power19:06
ianorlinis going anywhere?19:09
padrinoI'll take a photo19:09
padrinoI appreciate the help btw19:10
padrinoIt's been on this for about 15 min now: http://imgur.com/HSUSAnP19:11
ianorlinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2074949 found this of a similar problem19:24
ianorlinI wonder does control alt f1 do anything?19:25
sirrA tricky one.. can anyone think of a way to detect and launch a script if the desktop resolution is changed.. it's running under VMware with VMware tools. Have created a script that corrects the desktop layout with conky and all that.. but it has to be triggered manually.21:05
Private_Userhi all, any reason why Lubuntu would not shut down when I try to shutdown via GUI. When I select shutdown it restarts the machine23:08
zleapwhat happens if you do sudo shutdown halt ?23:23
zleapthat should shut down, if not its probably a power management issue23:23
Private_Userit also reboots23:30
zleapwhat version of lubuntu are you using23:30
Private_UserI used "sudo shutdown -P now" and "sudo shutdown -H now" both the same23:30
Private_UserLubuntu 12.0423:31
zleapi have come across this before but that was years ago,23:31
zleaphave you tried googling23:31
Private_UserI have also found this solution which I tried but still nothing http://netgator.blogspot.com/2012/07/ubuntu-lubuntu-1204-shutdown-doesnt.html23:32
zleapdoes that work23:32
zleapthis is the LTS right23:33
Private_Userso far everything I found via google does not make a difference23:34
zleaplsb_release -a23:34
zleapdoes that tell you if your using 12.04 or 12.04.x where the .x is the update number or something23:34
Private_Userit states under description Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS23:35
zleapi wonder what we are up to,  when was the last time you updated23:36
zleapPrivate_User, just asked for some help so someone may come in and help us with this23:36
Private_Userok thanks, much appreciated23:37
zleaphi mozybonz23:39
zleapCan you help Private_User with the shutdown issue,23:42
zleaplubuntu 12.04.323:42
zleapok i got 2 go,  good luck with trying to fix this,23:44

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