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AskUbuntuAllow loop mounting file inside LXC container? | http://askubuntu.com/q/37634507:39
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freeflyingif I change the dns managed by maas after I deployed a env, will it be fine09:09
bigjoolsfreeflying: maas doesn't care, but you should ask juju folks09:10
freeflyingbigjools, :) thx09:10
rbasakallenap: FYI, https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/125050309:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1250503 in MAAS "Console output missing on highbank/midway in Saucy" [High,Triaged]09:25
rbasakallenap: it is related to what we discussed the other day09:25
allenaprbasak: Yay :)09:28
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jtvrbasak: thanks for uvtool, by the way... it's a massive change to my working routine10:43
rbasakjtv: np. Glad it helps!11:01
jtvOh, it does. Firing up a VM in a few seconds...  The "apt-get update" takes a few minutes, but I can start doing some things before it's done.11:06
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jtvroaksoax: having some trouble preseeding default-maas-url into maas-region-controller... any chance you could help with this?12:57
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jtvroaksoax: I can preseed maas-url into maas-cluster-controller, and then apt-get install maas and see my preseeded value appear in the config.  But not the default-maas-url in maas-region-controller.13:05
matsubarajtv, hey, I never got that work (as you probably noticed in the XXX I left in the integration tests). I'd be interested to hear about the solution. Could you paste the preseed you're using?13:48
roaksoaxjtv: i don't think we can because the code tries to determine it automatically14:17
roaksoaxwhy would you need one?14:17
matsubararoaksoax, makes it easier to preconfigure maas for the integration tests. Could the code not try to determine it automatically if debconf-set-selection is set?14:23
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matsubararoaksoax, Currently one has to run dpkg-reconfigure maas-region-controller to set the correct value (if the autodetection detects the wrong interface) or edit /etc/maas/maas_local_settings.py14:27
roaksoaxmatsubara: that's the problem, we won't be able to do that14:28
matsubararoaksoax, why not?14:28
roaksoaxmatsubara: check maas-region-controller.postinst and .config14:29
roaksoaxmatsubara: i guess that the config section could be changed, but dunno what effects would that cause14:31
roaksoaxmatsubara: that's what I think it is preventing it from being set in the preseed14:37
matsubararoaksoax, right I just tried on a VM and even if the preseed value is set, the config overrides the value with the autodetected one14:38
roaksoaxmatsubara: have you identified where is it doing that?14:40
roaksoaxmatsubara: i'm guessing it is in line 174 of postinst14:41
matsubararoaksoax, yep, around that line. I guess it's possible to add another if there and try to db_get the value and if there's one, use that, otherwise, try to autodetect14:43
matsubararoaksoax, something like this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6410976/ (excuse the wrong bash syntax, etc)14:45
matsubaradamn, totally wrong identation, but I think you get my meaning.14:45
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roaksoaxmatsubara: i was thinking more along the lines of http://paste.ubuntu.com/6410993/14:49
roaksoaxbut yeat it is the same idea14:49
matsubararoaksoax, perfect r=me hehe14:51
roaksoaxmatsubara: so you wnat me to commit that ?14:54
matsubararoaksoax, yep, would be nice to have preseeds working. I know I'd use them in the integration tests and jtv is probably going to use the same thing in maas-test14:55
roaksoaxmatsubara: cool14:56
matsubarathanks roaksoax14:56
roaksoaxmatsubara: https://code.launchpad.net/~andreserl/maas/packaging_default_url_preseed/+merge/19507414:58
matsubarabtw, I just changed lp:~maas-maintainers/maas/packaging to be ~maas-maintainers rather than ~launchpad-reviewers15:01
roaksoaxmatsubara: k thanks15:02
roaksoaxmatsubara: btw.. can you review/approve the branch15:02
roaksoaxso I can land it?15:02
matsubararoaksoax, done. As I mentioned in the MP, I'd update the comments as well, but it's up to you15:06
matsubararoaksoax, does that need to be backported to precise too?15:06
roaksoaxmatsubara: no15:07
roaksoaxmatsubara: this change is not critical to be backported15:07
matsubaraah right, we use precise+ctools15:07
matsubaraand ctools uses that packaging branch, right?15:07
roaksoaxmatsubara: ctools uses saucy, and current dev release, depending on what ctools being used15:08
roaksoaxreleased one uses saucy15:08
jtvroaksoax: does this mean the preseed will start working?  That'd be awesome for maas-test.15:13
roaksoaxjtv: yeah, but for trusty+15:14
AzendaleIs there a way with maas-cli to programmatically set the power options for a node? I see 'maas-cli rnode read', but I need to write16:10
roaksoaxAzendale: there is16:14
roaksoaxAzendale: http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/man/maas-cli.8.html16:14
roaksoaxAzendale: go to "Example: Setting the power parameters for an ipmi enabled node:" for an example16:14
Azendaleroaksoax: perfect, thanks!16:15
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Azendalebigjools: So, the problem where DHCP would die did have to do with virtualization. I've tried reinstalling MaaS and had the same problem in KVM, but I tried setting up a new install of MaaS in LXC (had to turn apparmor off for the ephemeral image import, though), and it had no problem handling 25 machines at a time (which would have made the KVM one fall over)17:33
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wintrmuteanyone know why resolvconf seems to ignore multiple domain-name-servers option from dhcp on a maas rc running ubuntu 13.10?21:17
wintrmuteim trying to get the maas rc working with its own dhcp and dns for nodes on a physical network that already has a dhcp/dns server21:18
wintrmuteso i have "options domain-name-servers, <dhcp/dns IP>" being passed to the maas rc via dhcp, but it only shows the localhost nameserver in resolv.conf21:20
rharperwintrmute: not sure if its the same issue; but I have two nameserver entries (one for the external dhcp server, one for the maas server), and then put nameserver first ; this allows my host to resolve but maas defined host (XXXXX.master) and systems outside of maas.21:28
wintrmuterharper, thats what im trying to do.  does your system use resolvconf to manage resolv.conf?21:33
rharperwintrmute: it does; but I just pasted that into /etc/resolv.conf because I needed to get something done21:35
rharperis what I have; but I should figure how to have resolveconf write that out properly so it works across reboots21:36
wintrmuterharper, thanks for pasting.  you can edit what goes into the resolv.conf via resolvconf by editing /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base and head files21:41
wintrmuterharper, but when i directly edit similar information into my resolv.conf file, the server doesnt roll lookups from localhost to the other dns21:41
wintrmuteso strange21:42
wintrmutemind pasting what you have in /etc/host.conf?21:43
rharperorder hosts,bind21:43
rharpermulti on21:43
rharperrunning saucy21:44
wintrmuteand your network configuration is hardcoded into /etc/network/interfaces?21:44
wintrmuteor do you give the maas rc its info via dhcp21:45
rharperhalf and half21:46
rharpereth0 is dhcp21:46
rharpereth1 is interfaces21:46
rharpermaas only manages the eth1/static interface21:46
wintrmuteoh and your maas cluster is on eth1?21:47
wintrmutehmm, maybe i should give that a try.  did you add eth1 via the "edit cluster controller" maas web gui page?21:50
rharperwintrmute: no, via cloud-config meta-data21:50
rharperwell, actually via maas-cli21:50
wintrmutekk, should be the same then21:50
rharpermaas-cli admin node-group-interface update `cat /tmp/maas_cluster_uuid` eth1 ip_range_high= ip_range_low= management=2 broadcast_ip= router_ip=
wintrmuterharper, gotcha.  gonna give eth1 a shot, may be back with more questions for you.  thx for the help ;)21:52
wintrmuterharper, btw is your rc a vm or physical?22:20
rharperwintrmute: all VMs22:41
wintrmuterharper, so your rc has two virtual nics bridged to the same physical nic on the host?22:42
rharperthe maas VM has two nics, one nic (eth0) is running virbr0 (libvirt nat bridge), the second (eth1) is on a new host bridge ( which is NATed, but no dhcp/dsn from libvirt on it22:43
wintrmuterharper, are the nodes all running on the same host or different hosts?22:44
rharperwintrmute: same host22:45
rharperbut doesn't matter22:45
rharperwhat matters is network and 'power' access to the host22:45
rharpermaas needs to knw how to virsh connect to the host with the VM, and the network traffic needs to appear on the bridge22:46
rharperso, we could either bridge in separate physical nic, or vlan22:46
wintrmutei see what youre saying.  im using virtualbox and for some reason the maas rc vm isnt working with 2 bridged nics22:51
rharperyeah, I don't know enought about how VB configures the host bridges and iptables22:52
rharperlibvirt creates the bridge, sets up iptables to do NAT from the second bridge22:52
rharperfairly soon I'll have a script that'll bring the whole cluster up; but still need to do quite a few things by hand; it's been a learning experience for me22:53
wintrmuteim just trying to get a cluster up and juju running atm ;)22:54
rharperyep; that's exactly what I'm doing;22:57
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