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JoroI installed english german dictionary but the symbols of german alphabet don't show up12:04
Jorocan you help me with that12:05
JoroI installed german in language support but still no fix12:05
Jorothe dictionary is elcombri translator12:05
Joroyou know how german has letters with two dots above the letter these signs appear with question marks12:06
Jorootherwise the menus are ok with those letters12:06
Jorobut the words in the dictionary are not12:06
DJonesJoro: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?12:15
Joroin wine they appear12:18
DJones14.10? Are you certain, 13.10 has only just been released, and 14.04 is only just being developed12:19
DJonesIf its the development version of 14.04, it might be something thats still being worked on12:20
DJonesIf its 13.10 or earlier and not the development version of 14.04, you'll get more response in #ubuntu12:24
Jorojust used 13.10 for longer12:26
DJonesHeh, I've not started using 14.04 yet, hopefully somebody else here can help though12:27
Joroif it is the same with 13.10 can you do something about it12:28
DJonesI've not had any experience with that type of error, I was just checking that you were in the right channel because I hadn't seen any questions about 14.04 here yet12:30
DJonesCan't test the issue for you as I'm not Ubuntu at the minute12:30
BluesKajHey folks13:42
SuperLagCurious... how long into the development cycle of a new release do the splash screens and version info get updated to reflect the new version?16:31
penguin42pretty late normally16:32
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SuperLagWow. A desktop with a quad-core i7, 32GB of RAM. One VM open in Workstation that's allocated 2GB of RAM. Thunderbird. Chrome with 2 tabs. Terminal with 2 windows. (all of that to say the load is relatively little) And clicking on the Terminal icon in the lauch area... where Unity shows the two windows animation... slow as molasses.19:43
penguin42SuperLag: I guess that's a bug then - I'd use vmstat to see if it's memory related at all (I doubt it unless you've got 30GB of dirty write data currently queued up to a slow device)19:45
penguin42SuperLag: and maybe top/perf to see where the times going - but it might just be a simple bug or a GL problem19:46
SuperLagpenguin42: I do have the VM running on an HDD.19:47
SuperLagis on an SSD19:47
SuperLag/ is on an SSD, that is19:47
SuperLag/usr/local, /home, and /opt are on the HDD, as well as all the VMs19:48
SuperLagI was thinking of adding a second SSD for the HDD to use for write caching.19:48
penguin42well plenty of free memory, not much read/writing going on - a bit of writing but not vast19:48
SuperLagbut I've never done anything like that before, and don't know how... I've read one post that outlines it19:48
FernandoMiguelSuperLag: maybe 3D animation issue19:49
SuperLagI have dual displays, and when it's drawing the two windows, it has one on each display19:49
SuperLagthe animation I'm referring to is if you have multiple windows from the same app open, and you click on the icon to show all open windows.... the Linux answer to OS X's Expose.19:51
SuperLagadd to that I have two widescreen displays turned into a vertical orientation19:51
SuperLagATI RV610 for video19:52
SuperLagusing the radeon driver19:52
penguin42I wonder if you're just hitting a corner case where the driver sucks?  e.g. try dropping down to a single display or try rotating them?19:54
SuperLagit was definitely improved19:57
SuperLagbut still quite slow19:57
SuperLagmaybe I should get a new enough card that I can use the Catalyst drivers? :)19:57

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