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rottinrobevening everyone02:19
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imnicholI'm getting the following error when I  try to run webbrowser-app in QtCreator:  file:///home/user/webbrowser-app/src/app/Browser.qml:23 module "Ubuntu.Components.Extras.Browser" plugin "ubuntu-ui-extras-browser-plugin" not found"02:29
imnicholBut I've tried to install  qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-ui-extras-browser-plugin, and apt-get reports that it's the newest version02:29
imnicholHas the plugin moved or something?02:31
imnicholOr is there a good method to identify why qtcreator can't find the file it needs?03:17
AskUbuntuInstall Ubuntu SDK in Pear OS 8 | http://askubuntu.com/q/37628804:13
dholbachgood morning06:55
mihir_popey: Hey popey , when are kick starting next phase ??07:23
mihir_popey: Hey popey , when are we kick starting next phase ??07:24
popeymihir_: hey07:29
popeymihir_: we have a session at UDS next week about planning for this cycle07:30
popeymihir_: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/all/ "Planning for core apps in the trusty cycle"07:30
mihir_okay great :) So we should expect email once it is finalized correct ?07:30
popeymihir_: well, you can feel free to join in the sessions ☻07:43
popeybut we'll announce what comes out from it, sure ☻07:43
mihir_popey: got it :)07:57
Edugsais anybody here?09:29
popeyEdugsa: yes09:42
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Kindness Day! :-D09:58
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tmoenickegusch: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-moenicke/ubuntu-keyboard/ubuntu-keyboard-cleanup/+merge/19502911:11
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AskUbuntuUbuntu Slower than Debian on 512 MB RAM | http://askubuntu.com/q/37642211:41
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nerochiaromzanetti: quick question, in QML unit tests, tryCompare should wait for the condition to match the expected value up to 5s. But when i try it if the value is wrong it doesn't wait, just reports the compare as failed immediately11:48
nerochiaromzanetti: e.g.11:48
nerochiaro            mouseClick(note, note.width / 2, note.height / 2)11:48
nerochiaro            tryCompare(note, "isExpanded", true, "Note hasn't expanded")11:48
mzanettinerochiaro: the 4th parameter is the (optional) timeout value11:49
mzanettinerochiaro: passing a string in there probably casts it to the number 011:49
nerochiaromzanetti: oh, ok, was basing this on your examples for currency converter. like "//            tryCompare(inputFrom, "text", "0.0", "Input field \"From:\" is not reset to 0.00")"11:50
nerochiaromight want to update that11:50
mzanettioops :)11:50
mzanettiyeah, I guess so11:50
nerochiaromzanetti: so tryCompare(obj, property, expected, timeout, message) ?11:51
mzanettinerochiaro: not if tryCompare acutally supports a message11:51
mzanettilet me check11:51
mzanettinerochiaro: bookmark this page :) https://qt.gitorious.net/qt-labs/qtest-qml/source/c06d64bb49c26e13d8aa27275838389484bb64a0:src/imports/testlib/TestCase.qml#line13511:52
mzanettinerochiaro: this is also useful: https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtdeclarative/source/daf671b42241533a2db1e598487256d616edf290:src/imports/testlib/testcase.qdoc11:53
nerochiaromzanetti: i just found out i can hit F2 on the tryCompare in qtcreator to get the source of the version i'm currently using. neat11:53
mzanettiah ok. even better11:53
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aquariusdholbach, ping: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22082/click-software-store-status-and-future-development/ doesn't seem to have a blueprint, so I can't subscribe?12:21
aquariusgrr, connection drop again. Quassel is dead unreliable :(12:21
aquariusdpm, if I were looking for someone thinking about scopes, would that be more you or more mhall119?12:24
dpmaquarius, both. mhall119 has good experience with them and I wrote the scopes tutorial. But mhr3 knows them best, as he develops the API12:38
aquariusdpm, ah, this is for scope *creators*, not people building the scopes system itself :)12:39
aquariusdpm, did I talk to you about the generic json scope?12:40
dpmaquarius, I recall something a while ago, yes. Right now the tutorial provides some boilerplate for an XML backend, but I agree that it'd be better to have a generic json backend12:41
aquariusdpm, my goal's a little bit more complicated than that.12:41
dpmI wasn't expecting less from you :)12:41
aquariusI think it should be possible to define a scope by its scope file, and have the executable be the same thing as for many other scopes.12:41
aquariusso the scope file defines scope name, an "API URL", and a (reasonably) simple line of code which describes how to parse the JSON that's returned from the API URL.12:42
aquariusand its executable is generic-json-scope.12:42
aquariusthis means that someone writing a scope only needs to define the transformation from the website's JSON to Unity's structure, and doesn't need to compile anything at all12:43
aquariusyou can make a scope that way with almost no effort.12:43
aquariusand those scopes would be easy to package, too, because they don't do arbitrary access -- the executable is shipped as part of the platform, and trusted12:44
aquariusso putting them in click packages is much easier than putting a real scope in a click package, becaue real scopes can do anything.12:44
aquariusit's not going to be suitable for everything, but I think it's going to be suitable for a lot of single scopes.12:44
aquarius*simple scopes.12:44
dpmaquarius, yeah, I can see how this makes sense, but I'd really need to pull mhr3 into the discussion for the implementation. I.e. I can agree, but he can tell us whether/how this could be done. Let me see if I can grab him12:45
aquariusI'm planning to put together a little demo of this, but the little demo will be in python :)12:45
mhr3aquarius, lots of changes planned for scopes, feel free to join us on vuds where we'll talk about the details :)12:54
dholbachaquarius, on that page you can mark "attening"13:09
aquariusdpm, ok, little demo... if you have time to talk about this?13:10
aquariusmhr3, I'm not too worried myself about how the scopes stuff works -- I'm more thinking of how to make it so I can write scopes without having to compile anything :)13:11
dpmaquarius, sure13:12
aquariusdpm, ok, bzr branch lp:~sil/+junk/generic-json-scope13:12
aquariusdpm, then: python generic-json-scope.py generic-recipepuppy.scope mango13:13
aquariusdpm, and python generic-json-scope.py generic-wikipedia.scope planella13:13
mhr3aquarius, we never talk how it works, that's too complex and uninteresting for the audience, input for future is what we're interested in13:13
aquariusdpm, you'll see there that there's one executable (generic-json-scope.py), there's a scope config file for each scope with a couple of new parameters (*.scope), and a query string (what was typed into the Dash)13:14
aquariusdpm, to me, this seems like a doable thing -- that generic-json-scope.py isn't currently an actual Unity scope (it just prints out the answers) but hooking it up would be easy13:14
aquariusmhr3, cool about input for the future. When's the session at UDS? I'm away on Tuesday, but around for the other two days13:15
mhr3aquarius, currently planned for wed13:16
aquariussubscribed to blueprint. No guarantee I'll be able to make the session, but I'll try13:16
dpmaquarius, yeah I can see it working. I'm all sold for having less (or nothing) to compile, I guess the next step is to convince mhr3 and thostr_ :)13:17
aquariusdpm, right. What I'd like to see is the "generic-scope-executable" being shipped as part of Unity, and maintained by people who care about it :)13:17
aquariusand be in super-performant C or vala or whatever13:17
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aquariusthat way, writing a new scope for some service is just "write a scope file, and define queryurl, resultset, result_title, result_thumbnail, and whichever other result_* properties we make up" -- and we'd probably need to define a similar set of properties for the preview,too13:19
aquariusdpm, you reckon mhr3 and thostr_ are the people who should be doing this? :)13:27
aquariusmhr3, ping abou above, then :)13:35
* mhr3 hides behind thostr who plans work items :)13:36
aquariusmhr3, I think the *idea* is good, yes? no compilation required; writing scopes becomes completely declarative.13:40
aquariusmuch like QML :)13:40
mhr3aquarius, which just means that you want to write scopes in xslt :)13:41
aquariusmhr3, well... yes. Except a JSON version of xslt, and not as *insane* as xslt, but yes :)13:42
aquariusdavidcalle, ping about above, too, although I think I've already discussed this with you. I reckon about half the scopes that already exist could use the generic json scope :)13:43
aquariusand I can imagine (and pretty easily build) a web UI which lets you type in an API endpoint and then interactively set the values, and then which lets you download a click package directly. No actual coding required *at all* to create a scope.13:44
davidcalleaquarius, I don't see "the above", but if it's what we already talked about, I think that's a good idea. Actually, I had a prototype QML UI that tried to do what you just said, using some cli helpers to generate python files. The tricky part would be previews and catching corner cases (even in simple scopes).13:55
arskaanybody can answer to this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=218764913:57
aquariusdavidcalle, what's the most up-to-date Python scope for 13.10, so I can copy it?14:16
davidcalleaquarius, not sure, but have a look at lp:unity-scope-openclipart, it's a simple nice one.14:20
aquariusthank you :)14:21
davidcalleaquarius, np :) It's not Json (it uses feedparser), but you get the idea. Almost everything can be from a template except : the search uri values, icons, etc. at the top. The content of the Search method. The content of the Preview.14:22
davidcalleActually, everything else "is" from a template ;)14:23
aquariusdavidcalle, I think I might thow together a version of the generic-json-scope in python in order to demonstrate the principle...14:27
aquariusdavidcalle, does a scope get told where its own scope file is? (I can, of course, look myself, but it'd be nice if I was told :))14:27
davidcalleaquarius, nope, the group path and unique path at the top of the daemon are used by the scope runner to tie the daemon and .scope file.14:29
davidcallegroup name*14:29
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nik90dpm and popey: joining the hangout?14:59
nik90nvr mind14:59
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dpmthanks for joining nik9015:45
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nerochiarogusch: mzanetti: oSoMoN: can any of you guys please give a quick try on the desktop to this QML snippet and let me know if the problem described in the comment at the top of the file happens for you too ? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6411850/17:56
nerochiarorenato_: boiko: ^17:56
oSoMoNnerochiaro, looking17:57
oSoMoNnerochiaro, nope, not seeing that here17:59
nerochiarooSoMoN: same version ?17:59
oSoMoNnerochiaro, no, I have version 0.1.46+14.04.20131108.3bzr829saucy0 from the ubuntu-sdk-team PPA18:01
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, let me try that one18:01
mzanettinerochiaro: I see the same here18:02
mzanettinerochiaro: on trusty18:02
nerochiaromzanetti: so basically there was this bug all along and it has been fixed in the PPA18:02
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mzanettiah ok18:02
mzanettinerochiaro: intersting... I have used the removable feature in ubuntu-authenticator. cannot reproduce it there18:03
nerochiaromzanetti: it is happening in notes, and this is the simplest example i could make that still shows it18:04
boikonerochiaro: just tried it on a trusty desktop, could not reproduce the problem18:07
boikonerochiaro: I have seen it happening in the past though in dialer-app18:07
boikonerochiaro: 0.1.46+14.04.20131108.4-0ubuntu1 here18:07
nerochiaromzanetti: do you have the same version as boiko ?18:08
mzanettinerochiaro: 0.1.46+13.10.20131011.2-0ubuntu118:09
mzanettinerochiaro: just realize that mine seems quite old18:10
nerochiaromzanetti:  ok, so it's fixed in the PPA and it was fixed at some point in trusty18:10
nerochiarobetween your version and boiko's18:11
nerochiaromzanetti: so i guess saucy will stay broken forever18:13
mzanettinerochiaro: why are you on saucy anyways? :P18:13
nerochiaromzanetti: yeah, right ?18:13
t1mpmzanetti: you had an old version because there was no new release of UITK between your package and a couple of days ago18:13
t1mpso everything new landed at once past week18:13
mzanettit1mp: yeah. I didn't upgrade within the last week18:14
nerochiarot1mp: so are saucy apps supposed to stay broken like they are now due to this bug ?18:17
t1mpnerochiaro: I think we are still supporting saucy18:20
t1mpbzoltan / Mirv will we have new UITK releases for saucy?18:20
nerochiarot1mp: i hope so, it has been released just this month18:21
t1mpnerochiaro: me too.18:21
t1mpnerochiaro: if you want to dig deeper into the bug, I see in our changelog only a small change to the listitems that renato made since your uitk version18:27
t1mpnerochiaro: I don't know how that could have fixed the bug. But renato knows the most about swipe-to-remove18:28
nerochiarot1mp: i stumbled into this while doing something else, i would be glad to just pass it off to someone in the sdk team if possible, or renato18:28
t1mpnerochiaro: if it is fixed in the latest UITK release I propose we spend our time on different stuff now18:29
nerochiarot1mp: well, it seems like a pretty bad bug to carry around for the next 6 months18:31
t1mpnerochiaro: you mean if we don't have a new package for saucy?18:32
nerochiarotimppa: yes18:32
nerochiarot1mp: yes18:32
t1mpthat's not me :)18:32
t1mpcommon mistake :)18:32
t1mpnerochiaro: I think we should have a release for saucy.18:32
nerochiarot1mp: agreed, who can we ask to to make sure it happens ?18:33
t1mpbut it is past EOD for him now18:33
nerochiarot1mp: can you please remind him tomorrow ?18:46
t1mpnerochiaro: sure19:08
nerochiarot1mp: thank you !19:09
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AskUbuntuWhy I do not find any tutorail for Scope and Python for Ubuntu 13.10 | http://askubuntu.com/q/37663320:55
dakerpopey: hey how can i tell phablet flash to deploy the lastest trusty image ?21:15
popeydaker: phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel trusty21:25
dakerpopey: i used : phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel=trusty --no-backup21:30
popeythat will wipe your phone21:30
popeywhich may well be what you want ☻21:31
dakerpopey: you mean wipe the data ?21:32
dakerpopey: ERROR:phablet-flash:Backup requested but cannot be completed succesfully, try with --no-backup if data saving is not important.21:43
popeywhat's on it at the moment?21:44
popeyand what version of phablet-tools do you have?21:44
popeyfrom phablet-team/tools ppa21:44
dakertrying with --no-backup21:47
popeydaker: i asked what version of phablet-tools you have for a reason ☻  the latest version fixes some bugs relating to backups22:00
dakerpopey: 1.0+14.04.20131108-0ubuntu122:01
dakerpopey: it work with no-backup22:01
popeywhat version were you on before?22:03
dakerpopey: same22:15
popeydaker: no, what version was the device on, "system-image-cli -i"22:25
popeytoo late now if you've flashed it22:25
dakerpopey: ya too late22:25
dakerclick app search don't return anything22:27
popeyare you signed into u1?22:28
dakernow i did22:31
dakerbut still nothing22:31
dakerah see the suggestions now22:37
dakerpopey: can you share you screen cap script ?22:56
dakerin 5min i was able to debug webapps running on the phone directly from the desktop browser23:07
dakerpopey: the default display server is Mir or SF ?23:08
popeydaker: mir23:33

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