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andru183meeting later??17:14
zmoylan-lenlooks like it according to header17:15
andru183reminders a plenty then17:16
airurandoevening all20:19
airurandoebel can you chair.20:19
airurandoI'm not prepared20:19
ebeler whoops, just about to have dinner.20:20
* ebel forgot about the meeting.... sorry20:20
sanyo_stevetdr112: Are you the guy I chatted to months ago , who told me about that Aspie charity down south ? Soz if yur not , ... name seems familiar .20:27
tdr112I dont think so20:28
sanyo_stevefair enough ... just a shot in the darc .20:29
airurandoandru183 you about?20:30
sanyo_steveIs there any word of an agenda or topic-points tonight , or not ?20:30
airurandosanyo_steve: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/690/detail/20:31
airurandonot much on there20:31
sanyo_steveok .. thanx .20:31
airurandoso who is here for the meeting?20:31
airurandohi zmoylan-len20:32
airurandosanyo_steve: first time here?20:32
sanyo_steveAloha ..20:33
airurandotdr112 any point in proceeding?20:33
tdr112airurando: yep, we have a few things to chat about20:34
airurandook do you fancy chairing20:34
tdr112sure but i forget the irc commands20:35
airurandoor are you going to put up with old incompetent slow joe over here?20:35
airurandotdr112: they are all at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology20:35
tdr112#startmeeting Winter Team Meeting20:36
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tdr112Welcome all20:36
tdr112anyone else here for the meeting20:37
sanyo_steveIs the guy from UWNews here ?20:37
airurandosanyo_steve: don't think so20:38
tdr112#topic Ubuntu CD's Redbrick20:38
tdr112So we were asked to help out DCU networking society20:40
airurandoRedbrick requested some 12.04 LTS CDs for an Installfest they will be running tomorrrow night20:40
tdr112They email us looking for Cds for an event there are running20:40
airurandoI sent them on and they got therem today just in time for the installfest.20:41
sanyo_steveI tried these instructions several times , but they no longer work ... http://ubuntu-uk.org/free-cds/20:41
tdr112If anyone is near DCU these are the details20:41
tdr112=Linux InstallFest=20:41
tdr112Date: Thursday 14th November20:41
tdr112Time: 5pm20:41
tdr112Location: L10120:41
airurandosanyo_steve: I am surprised at that.20:42
sanyo_steveno problem .. we just burn new one's anywayz ...20:43
airurandogreat pic of the Redbrick Ubuntu loot at https://twitter.com/RedBrickDCU/status/400592639499587584/photo/120:43
sanyo_steveopening ...20:43
tdr112anyway we are happy to have them be used20:43
airurandoIt is absolutely wonderful to see the dcs being ut to some use.20:43
tdr112airurando: have we now used them all up ?20:44
airurandono tdr112: we still have plenty of 12.04 CDs20:45
tdr112If anyone has a good use for them , do ask20:46
airurandowe still have many from the conference pack we got.20:46
tdr112ok any other comments20:46
sanyo_steveHere's to hopeing they still dish out discs for Trusty Tahr :P20:46
tdr112#topic Ubuntu Hour Dublin Sept20:48
tdr112airurando: Do you want to give a quick round up20:48
airurandoczajkowski was back in town.20:49
airurandoI got there late but there was quite a good crowd present chatting away.20:49
airurandoIt was great to see czajkowski again.20:49
tdr112airurando: any new faces ?20:50
sanyo_steveI've gotta go .. I can't stand that one .20:50
airurandothere was a Darren and a Steve.20:51
airurandoI met TriploidTree and her partner also20:52
tdr112ah great , that was well over due20:52
airurandothere was a couple more but the names excape me20:52
airurandopity you couldn't make it tdr11220:53
airurandoIt was enjoyable20:53
tdr112ok moving on20:54
tdr112#topic Ubuntu Global Jam, Dublin20:54
tdr112We had a great day,20:54
airurandowe did indeed20:55
tdr112it was hosted by TOG20:55
tdr112we mainly did testing20:55
tdr112some bugs where reported20:55
tdr112a good day for all20:55
airurandoand a gew new faces there also20:56
tdr112and kid too20:56
tdr112which is great to see20:56
airurandosome pics at http://pix.ie/ubuntuie/album/47558220:56
tdr112It shows that it does not all have to be coding20:56
airurandowhich is a very good thing for me!20:57
airurandoI hope we will have as good if not better turnout next time for the 14.04 LTS Global jam20:58
tdr112what month is that20:58
tdr112March ?20:58
airurandoyip for the April release20:59
tdr112#topic Ubuntu release party hosted by UL comp soc20:59
airurandoandru183 organised this21:00
tdr112This was run by andru18321:00
tdr112I dont know much more about it21:00
airurandosome pictures at http://pix.ie/ubuntuie/album/47887521:00
tdr112It was great that we had one21:01
tdr112I was a bit sad we did not have one in Dublin too21:01
airurandoandru183 told me that it was a good night.  13.10 was installed on a few pieces of hardware21:01
airurandoyeah the Dublin one kinda fell through the cracks21:02
tdr112yep, lets see what happens next year21:02
airurandoagain I'd be very much hoping for a good turnout for the 14.04 LTS release.21:02
tdr112#topic AOB21:04
airurandovirtual UDS21:04
tdr112When is that ?21:04
airurandocould you topic it for the minutes please?21:05
tdr112#topic virtual UDS21:05
airurandoDetails at: http://uds.ubuntu.com/21:05
tdr112airurando: you went to the last one21:06
airurandoand at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/21:06
tdr112well online21:06
airurandoyes tdr112, in the virtual sense anyway.21:06
airurandoThere are 4 vUDSs per year.21:06
airurandoevery quarter.21:06
airurandothe next one runs from 19 Nov till 21 Nov.21:07
tdr112and its all irc21:07
airurandoOnce you become familiar with the system and the tools they use you can participate well21:08
airurandoirc, google hangouts, and the ubuntu etherpad instance are all used.21:08
airurandoneedless to say I spend most of my time in the community virtual rooms however there is somethhing that would be of interest to everyone at the sessions.21:09
tdr112What time zone is it on21:09
tdr112ours ?21:10
airurandoI'd encourage everyone to look at the schedule and sign up if their interest is sparked.21:10
airurandotime zone UTC21:10
tdr112Would you email the list a few days before it21:11
airurandoso ours now that daylight savings time is in.21:11
airurandowill do tdr11221:11
airurandoI think that's everything tdr11221:12
airurandothanks for chairing21:12
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Nov 13 21:12:51 2013 UTC.21:12
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airurandostellar job!21:12
airurandonice one tdr11221:13
tdr112airurando: going to any science week events ?21:13
airurandohectic life haven't even looked at it yet21:13
airurandohave you a link to the schedule?21:13
tdr112this year there are lot more non dublin events21:14
airurandooh it's on now!21:14
airurandoworking tomorrow and heading to cork for the weekend.21:15
tdr112well enjoy21:15
airurandoyou attended much?21:15
zmoylan-lenhave a good time in cark :-)21:15
airurandoha ha21:15
tdr112we have a night of talks in tog tomorrow21:15
airurandoyou talking?21:16
tdr112and a science show in Dublin on Saturday21:16
tdr112airurando: nope, just people with phd's tomorrow :(21:16
tdr112no by choice it just happen21:16
airurandowell enjoy the rest of the week.21:18
tdr112right see you all21:18
airurandotake care tdr11221:18

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