smb(kernel devs crawling out from under their rocks)08:57
ckingcopious amounts of strong coffee required today08:58
apware you dissing my rock?08:58
apwcking, and some _heat_ it is cold08:58
apwthere is ice on my grass08:59
cking'tis cold ere too08:59
* cking has a audio issues today, I was faffing around with a new MIDI USB dongle and managed to kill audio09:01
smbsound waves are frozen?09:02
smbapw, No we all love our rocks09:03
tseliotI have a stupid question: if the driver fails to bind, it is the driver's fault, right? (linux 3.8) It's unlikely that there's a bug in the local_pci_probe() call, right?09:03
apwtseliot, it sounds unlikely for sure, drivers like to fail to bind, it is their modus operandi, as they are commonly offered everything09:04
tseliotapw: right, and we're talking about the broadcom driver here...09:05
apwoh man, man o man09:06
apwthat thing exhibits a manevolance i have only seen else in (sci-fi) extra-terestrials09:06
* smb also wonders what exactly fails to bind means (where, what call, return code?)09:09
tseliotsmb: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/155781369/for-comment-21-lp-bug-1247712.log09:13
* smb was hoping for some higher level describtion that apport vommit... *sigh*09:15
tseliotand the bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl/+bug/124771209:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 1247712 in linux-lts-raring (Ubuntu Precise) "Unable to install Broadcom STA wireless dirver on 3.8.0-33 / 3.8.0-29 kernel via jockey-gtk" [Undecided,New]09:15
tseliotsmb: basically jockey writes to the sysfs tree to unbind and then rebind the driver after the driver installation09:16
smbtseliot, Supposedly that is "simpler" than unloading the other broadcom modules after blacklisting them? 09:19
tseliotsmb: I'm not sure, as I didn't design that part of Jockey09:20
smbSo it could be that its a problem with the other driver and unbinding. But who knows. (and not sure I want to).09:20
smbFeels like the only two relevant error messages are 09:20
apwtseliot, which driver does it try and unbind when brcmwl is loaded09:20
smb[  526.263040] ERROR @wl_dev_intvar_get : error (-1)09:20
smb [  526.263045] ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_tx_power : error (-1)09:20
tseliotapw: I'm not sure as I have no device with that driver here but the log reports "[last unloaded: bcma]"09:21
smbYeah, the lspci also shows those two as possible alternatives (wl and bcma)09:22
apwok so there isn't a third or anything, the world of brcm is complicated these days09:23
tseliotsmb: right, and that (wl_dev_intvar_get, etc.) should be caused by "wl" (I assume)09:23
smbapw, Yeah, I don't know like that other thing you get with b4309:24
smb... ssb I think09:25
tseliotI should probably upload a new broadcom driver and see what happens09:26
tseliotafter all, we have a stable release now09:26
apwtseliot, ok the EIP is 'somewhere else' not in a bit we have symbols for, so it is most likely we moved on from pci_probe_local09:29
apwsmb, does one of you or me have a 4313, i know i have a 4312 somewhere, was it you who had the 13 /09:31
smbapw, If I could remember...09:32
apwperhaps in your previous travel lappy ?09:32
smbIt certainly had to use wl but...09:32
smbOk, it says 4312, too09:34
tseliotI'm still looking for a device for local testing09:38
tseliotI wish it were easier to find one09:39
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brendandcking, just a quick question - if updating /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness doesn't do anything, does that sound like busted firmware, or could it be a kernel bug too?10:10
ckingbrendand, it's hard to tell w/o more info really10:10
brendandcking, that's all i've got right now10:11
ckingbrendand, i guess the best bet is file a bug and it can be investigated10:12
ckingbut I guess it's more likely a firmware bug than anything10:12
mjg59brendand: Kernel bug10:27
mjg59brendand: Especially if it's Intel graphics10:27
mjg59The ACPI video interface shouldn't be used on Windows 8 systems10:27
brendandmjg59, but the kernel docs say that the firmware interface should be used when available?10:29
brendandmjg59, which happens to be acpi_video010:30
mjg59brendand: Yes. The kernel shouldn't be exposing that interface on Windows 8 systems. But there are bugs in the i915 backlight driver and Intel haven't fixed them.10:31
brendandmjg59, most interesting10:31
brendandmjg59, so it's still correct to use the interface where it exists10:31
brendandmjg59, and the bug is that it does?10:31
zygamjg59: hi10:33
zygamjg59: is there anything that should be added to the kernel documentation on backlight to make this issue cleaer?10:33
mjg59brendand: Correct10:35
mjg59zyga: No, the bug should just be fixed10:35
mjg59But that needs someone to actually commit to fixing the i915 backlight code10:40
zygamjg59: is there a bug on that open anywhere that you know of?10:40
mjg59Unsure off hand10:41
mjg59It was discussed on LKML10:41
ckingthat narrows it down, some discussion on LKML10:43
ckinghttps://lkml.org/lkml/2013/6/9/161 perchance?10:46
mjg59Yeah, followed by the complaints that saw it reverted10:51
ckingok, I see intel needs to play catchup on this, sigh10:52
brendandmjg59, what range of hardware does this affect? haswell only?10:56
mjg59brendand: And some Ivy Bridge11:04
mjg59There's certainly an argument that it's a firmware bug, in that the firmware's exposing an interface that doesn't work11:04
mjg59But if Windows doesn't use a firmware interface then it's not going to be tested11:05
mjg59And there's no reasonable expectation that it'll work11:05
mjg59So the kernel really shouldn't attempt to use it11:07
apwamen to that11:14
ckingso much borkage11:14
apwbios is junk, shocker11:18
brendandthis is the bug we raised btw: https://launchpad.net/bugs/125040111:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1250401 in linux-lts-raring (Ubuntu) "[Dell Inspiron 5737] brightness could not be controlled by the indicator applet "System settings -> Brightness and Lock"" but sysfs works" [Undecided,New]11:18
ckingapw, we need a way to test for that for sure11:26
apwgood old dell firmware11:46
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* rtg -> lunch19:50
cwillu_borkenIs there a debug package for the mainline repo kernels available anywhere?20:01
cwillu_borkenthe btrfs folks want me to run a systemtap script to troubleshoot an issue I'm having, but it complains about missing DWARF information20:02
apwcwillu_borken, nope we don't make those, though the source can be reconstruced and you could make them20:03
cwillu_borkenthat's too bad20:04
* cwillu_borken starts compiling a kernel20:04
apwthey are half a gig per build, they are just tooo big to have large numbers thereof20:04
* cwillu_borken buys apw a 2tb drive to hold them, because that's obviously all that's needed to keep them around right? ;p20:06
rtgapw, I'm rebasing again after the vfs and net merge. I dropped all aufs patches because of the extensive vfs changes 20:08
apwrtg, thanks for the warnig20:09
rtgapw, build testing, then I'll push 20:09
rtgapw, looks like overlayfs is gonna have issues as well20:14
apwrtg, no supprises, something for me for the mornign20:55
rtgapw, yep20:55
manjois there a kernel release milestones wiki for trusty?21:57
bjfmanjo, was there one for saucy?21:58
manjobjf, no I think the last one was raring 21:58
bjfmanjo, you mean a release schedule?21:58
manjoright release schedule 21:58
bjfmanjo, what Sarvatt said21:59
manjocool thanks 21:59
manjolooks like the kernel wiki stop updating those links since raring :) 22:00
bjfmanjo, there used to be an interlock schedule with had the sru cadence schedule on it22:01
manjobjf, so drop dead date for patches would be March 27th ? 22:01
manjoie sometime before final beta freeze22:01
bjfmanjo, yes i think so22:01
manjocool thanks 22:01
xnoxbjf: the interlock schedule was mostly out of date, most of the time. As it was updated by hand, and was out-of-sync with every authoritative sources of information.23:38
xnox https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule <- is the only authoratative for Trusty release. Same naming pattern goes for all other releases.23:39

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