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bjh_hey jono04:33
bjh_are you here?04:33
opiwahnhello jono. do you record music using ubuntu?06:19
jonoopiwahn, no, I record it on a Mac06:25
jonoI have a pretty complex studio setup06:25
opiwahnOk, thanks for the info. I also running Ubuntu for all things, except audio recording..  but I am waiting for the day I do not need logic/cubase anymore :-) Have a great day.06:27
dholbachgood morning06:58
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leedevWeekly Juju Charm Update17:48
leedevWed, November 13, 5pm – 6pm17:48
leedevDid they end early?17:48
jonohey all17:53
leedevhalo, jono17:57
med_very live18:00
shine_Heyy Jono...18:00
brookyes i can see yuo^^18:00
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nik90hi jono18:00
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bbartekhi Jono :-)18:00
stokerHow is your son doing?18:01
* med_ opens 30-40 more windows to pump the viewer count18:01
mattywjono, that's what children are for :)18:01
med_looks like a 20-30s lag18:01
OldDroidgreetings from germany :D18:01
* nik90 chuckles18:02
med_vUDS next week.18:02
pcworldso will Compiz be dismissed when Ubuntu moves to Mir? Or will they port Compiz to Mir?18:06
eLpmpcworld: They are going to substitute it with something else.18:07
mhall119pcworld: compiz is inherently an X11 window manager, it won't be ported to a non-X11 display server18:08
mhall119also, prefix questions with "QUESTION: " and they'll be highlighted for him18:09
burdickjpi don't have audio right now, but will watch the video in the future.  can you talk about why Ubuntu has switched to QT, but hasn't adopted KDE, which has it's own convergence plan and a VERY scalable interface.  As an example, I run KDE on my desktop, and can, with available widgets, exactly duplicate the Unity desktop.  Wouldn't using and contributing to existing projects which are capable be beneficial?18:09
eLpmUnity is the DE18:09
burdickjpalso, nice music room18:10
eLpmburdickjp: Unity is the "convergent" DE, in Canonical18:10
nik90burdickjp: it is not just about the visual stuff that matters... we still dont know if KDE will use scopes that unity provides18:10
pcworldso does Compiz run on XMir? Because they said their main problem was "only" multi-monitor support with XMir18:10
uditQuestion: Do you think its possible to create an API, to convert "Small/Medium" level applications fromAndroid to Ubuntu. I mean to actually provide such a platform so Indie devs can get their apps converted easily or at least a part of it?18:11
eLpmpcworld: XMir is just X.org18:11
mhall119pcworld: yes, compiz runs on XMir18:11
eLpmpcworld: Well, on top of Mir, but still18:11
burdickjpnik90:  how different is that than being the only distro using unity as a whole?18:12
pcworldeLpm: ok, thanks18:12
nik90burdickjp: the ubuntu community with canonical have a vision. We shouldn't compromise that just because other distros dont use it18:12
renebarbosaQuestion: which version of GNOME will be used on 14.04? 3.10?18:13
nik90burdickjp: Besides Unity is being ported to Arch, Debian18:13
eLpmrenebarbosa: GNOME 3.818:13
pcworldnik90: really "ported"? Or do you just mean the repo that provides dozens of "Ubuntu-patched" packages?18:13
jaymartinezwondering if ubuntu will get native raw support...18:13
renebarbosaeLpm: thanks18:13
jaymartinezhelp me dump windows and adobe18:14
eLpmrenebarbosa: but who knows :)18:14
burdickjpnik90: i agree with the vision, but see a different path to it.  When all the functionality can be achieved with current tools, why?18:14
renebarbosaeLpm: fully agree.. GNOME 3.10 is really awesome :)18:15
set__family > open source ...18:15
burdickjpnik90: i'm an arch user :)  the number of patched packages is staggering18:15
mhall119He's been reading /r/linux :)18:15
nik90burdickjp: +1 to the patches packages.18:15
nik90burdickjp: but that should all change when unity 8 lands18:15
mhall119maybe not all, but there should be less patching18:15
nik90burdickjp: Unity 8 will not depend on mir, wayland or X and should work quite well with upstream QT18:15
brookwhy mi wify on ubuntu is poor than windows7?18:15
LevanWow two live stream in two days18:16
burdickjpnik90:  I'm looking forward to it.18:16
brooki need to maximize my wifi on ubuntu, any tips?18:16
pcworldthey don't seem to try too hard to get Unity to work with upstream projects18:16
nik90burdickjp: +118:16
mhall119pcworld: upstream project haven't asked for much support18:17
nik90pcworld: which upstream are you referring to?18:17
nik90pcworld: Gnome wouldnt accept it due to gnome shell. Kde has plasma etc18:17
nik90pcworld: so I am wondering who upstream is? Unity -> Ubuntu is its own upstream for the DE18:17
eLpmpcworld: the funny thing is that Unity is the upstream here.18:18
mhall119we've worked with debian and fedora folks who were building packages for those distros, but we're not pushing it ourselves18:18
pcworldeLpm: the projects it *depends* on18:18
burdickjpnik90:  again, why not work in plasma, it has a similar, and matur,e convergence goal?  i don't see how that woild cloud the vision of ubuntu18:19
pcworldif I want to install Unity on Arch, it's not really Arch anymore, see linked readme18:19
ArigatorIs "Mir" going to make managing dual screen setups easier? For example at the moment with Kubuntu 13.04 and an AMD graphics card, I have to reboot whenever I apply changes in Catalyst Command Center. Or does this only have to do with the graphics drivers?18:19
burdickjpwill kubuntu adopt mir?18:19
mhall119please start questions with "QUESTION: "18:19
nik90burdickjp: frankly I haven't used plasma myself to answer that question18:19
eLpmpcworld: yes, Unity depends on GNOME currently and needs lots of patches for GNOME stuff18:20
nik90pcworld: many of the packages you list there orginate from ubuntu18:20
nik90like unity-lens-*, indicator-*18:20
nik90sure there are a few packages such as gtk3-ubuntu which belong to gnome. But upstream gnome reject patches that apply to downstream18:20
pcworldnik90: yes, but the need for GTK patches isn't very good18:21
pcworldalso, ideally one would be able to make a very small Unity install with very few packages, like you can with all other DEs18:21
eLpmpcworld: Let's hope Unity 8 fixes this (at least with Unity)18:21
mhall119pcworld: agreed, but Unity uses the new GApplication menus now too18:21
nik90besides Unity 8 as I mentioned above will fix this18:21
burdickjpit sounds like there's quite a bit of upstream and peer project rejection of Ubuntu's vision.  What do you attribute that to?18:22
nik90we use upstream Qt strictly18:22
nik90patches are being pushed upstream for Qt18:22
mhall119nik90: the Gtk patches are to support Gtk apps in Unity, not Unity itself18:22
nik90mhall119: oh yeah the application menu etc...18:22
mhall119Qt made it easy to export the window's menu over dbus, but Gtk didn't, so we had to patch it18:22
mhall119not Gtk has a new system for application-centric menus that exports over dbus, so we can use that without the patches18:23
pcworldso is Unity 8 based on Qt only?18:23
mhall119but for Gtk apps that don't use the new App menu, we'd still need those gtk patches18:23
mhall119pcworld: the shell is, yes18:23
nik90pcworld: for the core apps and system apps we used the Ubuntu SDK which in itself is based on Qt18:24
nik90the Ubuntu SDK provides custom widgets, themes etc similar to other OS like Jolla etc18:24
pcworldlxde-core depends on: lxde-common (>= 0.5.0-4ubuntu4), pcmanfm (>= 0.9.8), lxpanel (>= 0.5.5), openbox (>=
burdickjpnik90: but gnome core apps are still used, yes?  such as nautilus18:24
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mhall119burdickjp: on the desktop yes18:25
mhall119not on the phone18:25
pcworldunity depends on:compiz-core, libatk-bridge2.0-0 (>= 2.5.3), libatk1.0-0 (>= 2.2.0), libbamf3-1 (>= 0.4.0), libc6 (>= 2.17), libcairo2 (>= 1.2.4), libdbusmenu-glib4 (>= 0.4.2), libdee-1.0-4 (>= 0.5.2), libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1), libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 (>= 2.22.0), libgl1-mesa-glx | libgl1, libglew1.8 (>= 1.8.0), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.35.9), libgtk-3-0 (>= 3.1.6), libindicator3-7 (>= 0.4.90), libjson-glib-1.0-0 (>= 0.12.0), libnotify4 (>= 0.18:25
nik90burdickjp: what mhall119 said18:25
pcworld(doesn't even fit in 512c)18:25
mhall119pcworld: that doesn't tell you much of anything18:25
burdickjpare there intentions to move away from gnome?18:26
eLpmpcworld: That's the current dependency story, yes. But as mhall119 says...18:26
nik90pcworld: have you taken a look at the dependencies of gnome 3.10?18:26
pcworldmhall119: it tells me that I can't easily install Unity on another OS without having to install basically everything Ubuntu-related package18:26
mhall119burdickjp: the intention is to move towards convergence and use of the Ubuntu SDK18:26
nik90pcworld: I was looking at the dependencies and status of gnome shell in debian..it also has a long list of packages18:26
mhall119we'll still use a lot of the Gnome plumbing under the hood18:26
burdickjppcworld: or KDE for that matter, which is very vertically integrated.18:26
eLpmpcworld: They are GNOME dependencies...18:27
mhall119for example, we still use evolution-data-server on the phone18:27
mhall119and gsettings and other gnome technology18:27
mhall119just not Gtk or the shell18:27
burdickjpmhall119: so there will eventually not be any gtk core apps, like nautilus etc18:28
Arigatorpcworld: I wonder if there are going to be Compiz like effects for the tablet and phone versions. That would be cool!18:28
mhall119burdickjp: there might be, but there are 2 main obstacles right now:18:29
mhall1191) Gtk doesn't run on Mir18:29
mhall1192) Gtk doesn't easily support application convergence18:29
nik90mhall119: doesn't easily support -> Does not support convergence at all18:30
mhall119yay core apps devs!18:30
nik90hi ahayzen18:30
burdickjpmhall119: i really feel stupid asking again, but why not plasma?18:30
ahayzennik90, o/18:30
pcworldre stream: except you can't really choose Unity 8 in lightdm if the list of your DEs is too long… :P18:30
eLpmmhall119: the ones which don't support Mir, will run on the X rootless thingy, right?18:31
mhall119burdickjp: it was too different from Unity desktop18:31
mhall119eLpm: yes, though obviously that's less ideal and we wouldn't want that for default core apps18:31
burdickjpmhall119: was unity for desktop developed beforw this convergence plan?18:31
nik90eLpm: wouldn't you prefer the default core apps on the Ubuntu desktop to be uniform, clean and use the same SDK as other apps?18:32
nik90eLpm: we are trying to achieve that consistency18:32
mhall119burdickjp: Unity evolved from the netbook interface.  It had an eye on convergence from the beginning, but it was always a long-term plan18:32
eLpmnick90: of course, that would be awesome.18:32
eLpmnick90: just wanted reassurance, about something I've already read about :)18:33
nik90eLpm: :)18:33
burdickjpmhall119: Plasma has had a netbook interface and convergence plan, plasma active, for quite a while.  it seems to me a common goal.18:34
mhall119burdickjp: indeed, but different projects and different technology18:34
RomanOnARiverdoes the information given about the software center not being included mean that there will be no software center in the repositories? I ask as someone running a different desktop environment than unity18:34
pcworldburdickjp: but it wouldn't be "Ubuntu"-branded, and that's what Ubuntu is all about lately…18:34
eLpmRomanOnARiver: I think the SC will be substituted by the Dash18:35
RomanOnARiverand so because i am not running unity and have no dash... how will projects like xubuntu be affected?18:35
nik90pcworld: as I told burdickjp, KDE devs will never accept scopes, lenses, other little stuff that make Unity. I feel that you are just looking at the UI and not the concept itself.18:36
mhall119RomanOnARiver: if they want to use the Click app store they would need a client for it18:36
nik90its not about ubuntu branding18:36
mhall119RomanOnARiver: it's all open APIs and tools, so they can do something fairly easily18:36
RomanOnARiverand for applications are not "clickapps"?18:36
pcworldnik90: I never said this made sense, I'm just a little bit annoyed by what's happening with Ubuntu in the last few years… sorry for that :)18:36
burdickjppcworld: that's the impression i'm getting as well.  not to discount any of the good Ubuntu is doing, but they seem to be getting a lot of criticism for what is perceived as a 'not developed here' mentality18:36
mhall119RomanOnARiver: if they are debs in the archives then derivatives can use existing tools18:37
RomanOnARiverso that's what i'm asking, will there be the Software Center in the repos?18:37
mhall119RomanOnARiver: for the forseeable future, yes18:37
RomanOnARiveralright good.18:38
burdickjpnik90:  accepting scopes into the whole of KDE and ubuntu offering scopes as a suppliment to a DE seems not a deal breakee18:38
nik90burdickjp: well u cant integrate KDE without patching stuff18:39
pcworldburdickjp: why would KDE want to do that?18:39
RomanOnARiverhoping the emulator is x86 so it can run at native speed in virtualbox, unlike say the super-slow android emulator18:39
mhall119burdickjp: KDE and Unity have fundamentally different approaches and direction18:39
mhall119RomanOnARiver: it won't be a hardware emulator most likely, since SDK apps run natively on the desktop18:39
nik90burdickjp: besides I see no common ground between KDE and Unity except for the fact they use Qt18:39
nik90the whole design concept is still different18:40
mhall119RomanOnARiver: instead it'll be a simulator that lets you give fake sensor data and stuff to test your apps on a desktop18:40
leedevdid he say haych tml?18:40
RomanOnARiverthat works18:40
nik90mhall119: oh yeah I am really looking forward to the emulator18:40
nik90never used on before18:40
burdickjpnik90: they both have a convergence vision.18:40
nik90burdickjp: +1 but approached differntly18:41
mhall119burdickjp: that's not really enough to make it worth using the same code18:41
chrohow can they talk about high quality software, I just upgraded ubuntu to 13.10 and I've already found several bugs (e.g., keyboard leds are off, keyboard does not work with the latest kernel, sound on speakers does not work after using headphones, among others)18:41
nik90burdickjp: u said it yourself18:41
pc-worldchro: Ubuntu upgrades never worked too good, and in the last few years they didn't care at all about upgrades or quality of the desktop applications18:41
ArigatorIs it possible to watch a this IRC chat log in fullscreen on the ubuntuonair browser page? Or do I need a real IRC client for that?18:42
pc-worldI don't think they ever really tested upgrade from 13.04 -> 13.1018:42
mhall119pc-world: not true at all, we care a lot and test a lot to make upgrades as reliable as possible18:42
thiebaude_Arigator, i use xchat18:42
Arigatorthiebaude, thanks for the tip!18:42
nik90pc-world: are you serious? <- sarcasm!18:42
chropc-world, it  really seems like you say18:43
nik90pc-world: a whole array of QA teams are focussing on autopilot tests and stuff18:43
RomanOnARiverbtw question about webapps and integration in 12.10 and beyond, are those compatible with other desktops, provided for example that you have the proper indicator installed?18:43
pc-worldmhall119: sorry for being so critical. But there's so many game-breaking bugs that are not being fixed. I think was much better around Ubuntu 9-1018:43
burdickjpnik90:  i really don't see it as so different18:43
chronik90, how do you explain that I have several problems each time I upgrade ubuntu ...18:44
pc-worldexample: Java Swing font is broken since 12.04. Breaks all Swing applications that don't define a font on their own.18:44
mhall119pc-world: there is a *massive* amount of hardware variations people are using, and a *massive* amount of software variations they have installed, we test as much as we can but we'll never cover everything18:44
nik90chro: for starters, it depends on the hardware you are running on18:44
pc-worldlightdm looks nice, but can't display more DEs than the screen is tall18:44
nik90chro: you can expect the QA team to test every configuration out there18:44
mhall119yes there are bugs, there will always be bugs, but we also fix a huge number of them every cycle18:45
nik90chro: if you compare to other OS like Mac OS, Windows etc, they do slight better only because the hardware is certified for a particular version18:45
pc-worldmhall119: I know, I know, I should rather submit patches than complain :)18:45
RomanOnARiverubuntu has certified hardware too btw18:45
nik90chro: buy a system76 laptop and let me know if u still face issues with uprgade :)18:45
ArigatorAs a sidline, when you look at the many instruments behind him, you would think that he works for the 'Ubuntu Studio' or 'AV Linux' :P18:46
chronik90, I tried several versions of windows in a variety of hardware, and I never had problems18:46
set__chro: the advantage of open source is to make it able to you to contribute fixing bugs18:46
nik90RomanOnARiver: +1. However that matters only if users buy those models18:46
nik90chro: again that's because they come with the "Recommends Ubuntu option"18:46
mhall119Arigator: well he did develop Jokosher18:46
nik90chro: this issue btw affects all linux distros not just ubuntu18:46
nik90it depends on the linux kernel18:47
dkesselis ubuntu-on-air really weekly?18:47
Arigatormhall119 Ah, alright! Neat!18:47
RomanOnARiveri installed windows on this laptop and my desktop, about 11 things did not work - wifi, ethernet, sound, etc.  there was no driver installed and no indication of what i needed or who even made it. rebooted to gnu/linux and found this info... everything worked out of the box in gnu/linux18:47
pc-worldwhat I'd really like to see is Chromium being moved to main, though I can imagine it's a PITA to maintain it18:47
burdickjpthank you very much for your time.  I really appreciate it, and your work.18:47
mhall119dkessel: there is a weekly engineering update, every wednesday now at this time18:47
mhall119dkessel: jono also has a weekly community Q&A, every tuesday18:47
burdickjpI'm looking forward to Unity convergence!18:48
pc-worldRomanOnARiver: on my old computer, a WiFi XP driver worked much more stable using ndiswrapper than it did on Win718:48
burdickjpthanks again!18:48
mhall119and many other teams use ubuntuonair.com to host their videos18:48
dkesselmhall119, nice! too bad i only learned about it today... found it on facebook...18:48
dkesselwill see this more often now!18:48
mhall119http://youtube.com/ubuntuonair for al the recorded videos18:48
chronik90, btw, why did they copied the mac OS x desktop with unity18:48
burdickjpI came over from google+ BTW18:48
pc-worldchro: because they can18:48
mhall119you can watch al of the past videos from different people18:49
nik90chro: what copy? Unity's convergence came much before mac os18:49
thiebaude_does it really look like osx hmm18:49
RomanOnARiveri would be more into unity if i could install it without the ubuntu-desktop metapackage. i like xfce4 in the way that it doesn't force a browser for example and i can pick exactly what i want, but installing just the unity package doesnt pull in the de18:49
mhall119http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/ to see the schedule for next week's UDS18:49
nik90chro: just because unity has a launcher doesn't make it similar to mac18:49
thiebaude_nik90, its not18:49
chrothiebaude_, the unity is a copy of the mac os x environment18:49
nik90thiebaude_: ?18:49
chronik90, the icons are equal18:49
nik90thiebaude_: not sure which statement you referred to?18:49
RomanOnARiverthe unity desktop's design - dash on the left and global menu are not copies of osx, but to recognize that computer monitors now being widescreen means we can use the horizontal space and try to save pixels18:50
thiebaude_nik90, the unity launcher18:50
mhall119BTW, anybody can join in the UDS conversations, either on IRC or on the hangout video, and all sessions will have hteir video recorded for later viewing18:50
set__QUESTION: default switch off online scopes?18:50
eLpmRomanOnARiver: unity does not depend on ubuntu-desktop18:50
snwhQUESTION: am I awesome? :318:50
mhall119snwh: yes :)18:50
RomanOnARiverit doesnt seem to work if if i boot it from lightdm after just installing unity18:50
nik90chro, thiebaude_: Unity Launcher's is in no way a mac os clone. Its placement and quicklist support is all based on design decisions18:51
Arigatorchro regarding unity: I think taking the menu bar from apple's OS was a very clever idea and the whole "bar stays at the left side" probably has the aim to make it look different to Mac and Windows (in contrast to gnome, KDE, which always look a bit like Win or Mac)18:51
nik90besides you mention about unity copying macos, didnt u realise macos copying workspace features from Linux?18:51
snwhmhall119, thanks :)18:51
thiebaude_nik90, exactly and notifications18:51
mhall119please start questions with "QUESTION: "18:51
pc-worldQUESTION: Will you consider moving Chromium to main? Often old Chromium versions with known security vulnerabilities are floating around in the repos for a very long time, and I'm sure there's a very large portion of Ubuntu Chromium users.18:52
nik90thiebaude_: +1 on notifications18:52
RomanOnARiverI said clearly why the bar is on the left and there's a global menu - save vertical pixels and use horizontal ones, because screens are wide now so you have more horizontal space than vertical. nothing to do with osx18:52
nik90thiebaude_: although that changes with unity 818:52
thiebaude_nik90, and btw i do have ubuntu tricked out to look alot like mac,lol18:52
nik90thiebaude_: the phone now has snap notifications18:52
set__i do search on duckduck...18:52
thiebaude_i do love the mac osx look18:53
nik90thiebaude_: beauty of open source bro18:53
pc-world"anonymized", "encrypted": I don't have root access to Canonical's servers18:53
RomanOnARiverQUESTION: That's the point - if you turn it on by default and say you can turn it off most people wont turn it off, but they should.18:53
thiebaude_i would love to see search on the top task bar in uubntu18:53
mhall119pc-world: no you don't, you have to trust us to some extent if you want to use the feature18:53
set__ok, thank you!18:53
mhall119RomanOnARiver: you're more likely to be aware of a feature that is on than a feature that is off18:53
pc-worldthen give users a big red warning when they first boot up Ubuntu and let them know that everything they type is being recorded18:53
mengine_QUESTION: Any plans of a tool similar to Landscape, to manage all your devices(manage updates, apps, etc? Will ubuntu one take care of these things?18:54
leedevI typed something in one time and Unity advertised condoms to me for low low prices18:54
dkesselQUESTION: is the anonymization and encryption mechanism described anywhere in public?18:54
ArigatorI have a question: as a layman I probably don't really get the whole impact that changing xorg to Mir is going to have on the desktop version, but are there some very visible positive impacts of changing to Mir? For example, I would consider it a great step forwared, if it is easier to change screen resolution, positions of dual desktops, triple desktops etc. on the fly (instead of having to reboot for applying changes)18:54
nik90QUESTION: Convergence rocks! Can we expect system apps and core app to be convergent by 14.04?18:54
thiebaude_let them have a choice18:54
thiebaude_even though i did turn it off18:55
FlyingPigQUESTION: What about Ubuntu TV? Any news to share on this one?18:55
mhall119dkessel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SmartScopes1304Spec has most of the available info18:55
RomanOnARiverQUESTION: Does Canonical get any e.g., referral money from Amazon for example?18:55
RomanOnARiverQUESTION: I ask because the dash was called "advertising" when it does a search18:56
pc-worldRomanOnARiver: re referral money: Mark Shuttleworth said no, though that can only be a lie or clever wording18:56
dkesselmhall119, thanks18:56
snwhQUESTION: is it tiresome having to reiterate points over and over and over..? :)18:56
set__aaah. please stop.18:56
ArigatorFor example, I personally have the problem on every system (including Windows), that I want to use a triple screen setup with 2 monitors + 1 Wacom Cintiq graphic tablet, which is impossible to setup (it's only possible to have 2 screens when using a Cintiq)18:56
micah2QUESTION: Is the possibility of having convergent apps present their menus in traditional drop down toolbars when on the desktop (rather than in a hidden toolbar at the bottom of the window in phone/tablet mode) being discussed?18:57
mhall119micah2: yes, the design track has some sessions that will discuss that18:57
mhall119micah2: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/track/design/18:58
popeybrook: no need to repeat18:58
Arigatorcrap, I forgot to put "question" in all caps and now he went over it :(18:58
simion314QUESTION  is not a risk to not work on Unity8 for the desktop in parallel with the mobile? What if later  some design flow(in the code ) is found18:58
who_meQUESTION: Will switching hardware enablement stacks ever be fixed? You can't now go from 12.10 HWE to 13.04 HWE.18:58
mhall119Arigator: ask it again then18:58
RomanOnARiveryou can still download rhel for no cost, it's not crippled :)18:59
mhall119simion314: Unity 8 for desktop will begin in the 14.04 cycle, it just won't be complete by 14.04's release18:59
set__snwh: privacy is important.18:59
Arigatormhall119 okay, makes sense :)18:59
RomanOnARiverjust dont get support form redhat18:59
ArigatorQUESTION: as a layman I probably don't really get the whole impact that changing xorg to Mir is going to have on the desktop version, but are there some very visible positive impacts of changing to Mir? For example, I would consider it a great step forwared, if it is easier to change screen resolution, positions of dual desktops, triple desktops etc. on the fly (instead of having to reboot for applying changes)18:59
micah2thanks mhall119! I plan to tune in as much as I can.18:59
pc-worldfree as in free beer or free as in freedom?18:59
eLpmpc-world: both :)19:00
RomanOnARiverubuntu is free as in beer and partially free as in freedom19:00
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snwhset__, privacy is important.19:00
dkesselQUESTION: have you mentioned your creative commons collection yet? :)19:01
pc-worldmhall119: Stallman would say you promote proprietary software19:01
mhall119pc-world: Stallman doesn't like most popular distros19:01
pc-worldmhall119: I know19:02
mhall119including Debian and Fedora19:02
isgjevoriare there plans when the core apps of UTouch will be the default on desktop ?19:02
sergiusensRomanOnARiver, totally off topic, but where can you download RedHat for free?19:02
RomanOnARiverQUESTION: Wil the future Ubuntu desktop still require hardware acceleration or does Qt sans Compiz work like e.g, Enlightenment?19:02
pc-worldsergiusens: CentOS19:02
sergiusenspc-world, that's technically not redhat19:02
mhall119isgjevori: that's a long-term goal, yes, but no exact timeframe for it19:02
pc-worldRomanOnARiver: that would make up for Unity 2D, would quite appreciate that19:02
pigman1QUESTION:what's your next big step surporting chinese users, basic function or more locally & beautiful app19:02
mhall119RomanOnARiver: Qt uses OpenGL when it's available, and you'll most likely want it19:02
mhall119pigman1: are you aware of kylin?19:03
Arigatorthanks for answering my question and for this whole vidoe thing!19:03
pigman1just aware of that19:03
pc-worldQUESTION: so the first desktop LTS to have Unity 8 will be 16.04, right?19:03
isgjevorimhall119:   thank you19:03
mhall119pc-world: yes19:04
pc-worldokay, thanks19:04
set__QUESTION: will steam games support be there for Mir?19:04
pigman1I don't use that actrully19:04
FlyingPigQUESTION: Why is Practical PHP not on your creative site? :P19:04
RomanOnARiveryou can dl rhel like this: wget -c -O rhel-5-server-x86_64-disc1.iso "https://content-web.rhn.redhat.com/rhn/isos/xxxx/rhel-5-server-x86_64-disc1.isoxxxxxxxx"19:04
thiebaude_THANKS Jono :)19:04
ahayzenthanks jono :)19:04
set__thank you19:04
RomanOnARiveryou need version info but yeah19:04
who_methanks to you too19:04
RomanOnARiverthanks jono sorry if i was a bit blunt19:04
pc-worldset__: he yesterday said he couldn't comment on possible contracts with graphics driver vendors19:05
set__pc-world: thx19:05
mhall119you can always use #ubuntu for support and technical questions, #ubuntu-touch for discussions of the mobile work, #ubuntu-unity for discussions or Unity 8, #ubuntu-mir for discussions of MIR, or #ubuntu-community-team to talk to us about community stuff19:05
Arigatordat pathos :)19:05
simion314QUESTION any plans to  do something about ubuntu image? a lot of ubuntu haters have risen lately19:05
j_f-fThanks Jono19:05
mhall119we're on IRC all the time, so if your question wasn't answered during this hour come join out other IRC channels19:06
mhall119and subscribe to http://youtube.com/ubuntuonair to see past and future videos we make19:07
mhall119jose: ^^ :)19:07
Arigatorcue the emotional violin background music :D19:08
mhall119emo death-metal guitar19:08
jonothanks everyone!19:09
simion314mhall119: do you know if we will have compositing in unity8?19:27
mhall119simion314: yes19:33
mhall119that is, yes we will, not just yes do I know :)19:34
simion314mhall119: are you a dev? your nick is familiar19:34
mhall119I'm on the community team these days, but I've done a lot of web dev in the past19:34
simion314Ii am wondering if we could contribute to Unity819:35
mhall119simion314: absolutely, http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity8/ has instructions for getting the code built and running19:35
mhall119contributing is the same as any other Ubuntu project, use bzr, push your changes to Launchpad and make a merge proposal for review19:36
mhall119simion314: you should also join #ubuntu-unity channel to talk to the development team and designers19:36
simion314ok, never contributed to ubuntu, made some small fixes to a few kde apps, in accesibility domain since I am a person with bad eye sight19:36
simion314accessibility is the thing19:39
simion314I am a little worried, unfortunetly I am so busy I can't put much energy into it, I will check with the devs and see what are the plans19:39
mhall119simion314: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/beta/en/tutorials/using_bazaar_with_launchpad.html has some instructions for using bzr and launchpad together19:40
mhall119you'll need a Launchpad user account, but it's easy and useful and used for a lot of Ubuntu related stuff19:41
simion314mhall119: funny thing is that I was always a KDE/Kubuntu user, and the anti Ubuntu atitude of KDE  makes me think that  maybe is time to try Unity, see if is open and if I can make it a good DE for people with accessibility needs19:44
mhall119simion314: it would be great to have somebody with knowledge and experience in accessibility helping out and giving input on designs19:45
mhall119definely /join #ubuntu-unity and I'll introduce you19:46
simion314thx, I will join, maybe in weekend or when I will have some more free time19:47
mhall119sure thing, I'll be there (even if I'm not at my computer)19:48
mhall119so feel free to ping me when you join19:49
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pje900is it still live?20:24
UbuPhillupDont think so20:25
josemhall119: thanks for the announcement :)21:20
sanderWho do I get in touch with, to contribute and check out the continues integration thingie?22:23

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