bazhang<dp_wiz> w0w. my 12.04 upgraded straight to 14.04 and... it worked!07:05
bazhangI thought LTS to LTS only worked when it was final07:06
Tm_Tbazhang: "worksforme" doesn't mean it is guaranteed to work (:07:10
Tm_Tor even that it would work at all in next minute07:10
Jordan_Ubazhang: They have to prepare for and test that upgrade path somehow.08:18
bazhang<M00sL0gB0t> ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack (file "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/willie/coretasks.py", line 132, in track_modes)11:24
bazhanglog bot?11:25
DJonesLets see if it responds to !details11:26
bazhanggood idea11:26
DJonesFrom /whois - gecos  | marlboromoo's robot11:27
DJonesHasn't responded, no pm's, doesn't seem to be a vocal bot11:28
bazhangyep, looking for marlboromoo now11:28
DJonesNo such nick11:29
DJonesNot online anyway, nick is registered11:29
DJonesMaybe just a case of sending a memo to the owner to ask them what the bot's purpose, logs are public anyway and if its just logging for personal use I don't see an issue, if its similar to the IRSeek etc, at least we'd know about it11:35
bazhangbad link?17:51
bazhangjust about to click17:51
Picidon't waste your time17:51
bazhanginteresting. didn't know #bzr was associated with Ubuntu namespace18:31

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