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pittiGood morning04:23
elopioballoons: sorry for the late reply, I didn't get the highlight.06:07
elopioballoons: it's ready, reviewed and approved. Just waiting for jenkins runners to come back.06:07
elopionote to self: ask balloons tomorrow if he got this message.06:07
pittijibel: gentle reminder to forward your three new autopkgtests to Debian07:00
jibelpitti, Good morning.07:08
pittijibel: bonjour07:08
jibelpitti, that's on my list for this week :)07:08
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DanChapmangood morning all o/08:05
elfymorning DanChapman08:06
DanChapmanhowdy elfy how are you?08:08
elfyok thanks - sun's out though it's a bit parky08:15
elfyDanChapman: you're name's gone from the membership thing?08:15
elfychanged your mind?08:15
DanChapmanelfy it was last thursday :-D all went well08:23
elfybad elfy08:23
elfyexcellent - glad you made it then :)08:24
DanChapmanthanks, and thanks for the testimonial :-)08:24
elfyI only write them for people I think deserve it :)08:24
elfycya later08:25
DanChapman:-) see you later elfy o/08:27
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jibelpitti, I forwarded to Debian patches for python-jsonschema, python-datetutil and python-imaging. I'll update python-mock before submitting it.08:56
pittijibel: merci !08:57
pittijibel: as I'm patch pilot today anyway, I'll upload them so that we can see the results08:57
pitti... or not, without the QA lab :)08:58
pittijibel: oh, I don't even see -imaging and -dateutil in the sponsoring queue08:59
pittiah, they were already uploaded08:59
pitti-imaging was, but not -dateutil09:00
jibelpitti, -imaging you sponsored it already, and -dateutil I asked seb128 to unsubscribe sponsors09:00
pittiah, that's why09:00
jibelthere is no emergency and can just wait to sync09:00
pittiif they are forwarded that's good enough for me, thanks09:01
pittijibel: btw, did you find out why packages propagate without autopkgtests? Colin or bug?09:01
jibelpitti, bug09:02
jibeljibel, well, the interface tries to sync statuses from the lab, fails with "unable to resolve address" and skip the package09:03
jibels/jibel/pitti/ :)09:03
jibeltalking to myself, that's becoming really sad ;)09:03
pittipitti: yes, it is!09:04
pittijibel: ah, so for short outages that's indeed a bug09:04
jibelpitti, yes, and for long outage that's a feature09:05
pittiimport predict_future09:05
jibelDanChapman, thanks for your patch, I'm reviewing it09:06
pittihttp://xkcd.com/413/ , one of my favourites :)09:06
DanChapmanjibel, cool cheers :-)09:06
pittijibel: ah, so the current p-mock MP is outdated/incomplete? (as you said you were going to update something)09:08
jibelpitti, it can be simplified and without specific tox file for ubuntu or debian, and I also want to remove sphinx test which are useless for autopkgtest09:11
pittijibel: ah good; I'll set the MP to WIP then; please set back to "needs review" once you are done09:11
DanChapmanjibel it seems only the english installs are working atm. Selecting a random language is broken, i forgot about the unicode/str changes in py309:33
jibelDanChapman, looks good. I tried with english and non-english/non-ascii languages and it works fine. Thanks!10:16
jibelDanChapman, I'll add a way to configure the branch you want to run the test from. That'll avoid changing the code to test specific changes10:20
DanChapmanjibel, brilliant that would help alot :-)10:21
davmor2Morning all10:58
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jibelDanChapman, https://code.launchpad.net/~jibel/ubiquity/add_autopilot_test_configuration/+merge/19505013:07
jibelthere is an example in autopilot/ubiquity-autopilot-runner/config/testrunner.cfg to change point the test to another branch13:08
DanChapmanjibel awesome. :-) 5 mins and I will take a look13:09
jibelDanChapman, no hurry, the lab is still down, so I won't deploy anything today :)13:10
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elopiogood morning.14:00
balloonselopio, ahh, I got your message fyi, ty14:55
DanChapmanjibel, works lovely :-) merged a few minutes ago. I like the no shutdown option :-) does the test timeout still continue running if not shutdown?16:05
DanChapmannot test timeout the global timeout16:06
jibelDanChapman, the global timeout defined in the main runner does continue16:06
jibelIt should be configurable too I think but I want to differentiate it from the test timeout16:07
DanChapmanjibel, cool it's quite a long timeout anyway. It will come in handy if i need to quickly fire up ap-vis if needed, rather than booting up a new vm each time16:09
jibelDanChapman, I'll make it overridable with an environment variable something like TIMEOUT=123123 ./run-ubiquity-test ....16:12
jibelthat'll avoid adding tons of options for every single variable16:13
jibeland it's used mostly for development/debugging16:13
DanChapmanjibel, ok cool. that makes more sense to set it that way16:38
elopioping mzanetti: would you give us a talk of 15 minutes about QML best practices?17:12
mzanettielopio: humm... in which context?17:13
mzanettielopio: testing?17:13
elopiomzanetti: well, it would be great if one of the best practices is to make it testable :) But not just that. We write a little QML and I'm never sure if I'm doing it right. And we review a lot of QML, and I'm not sure if the code I'm looking at could be made clearer or simpler.17:15
elopiowe are doing short QA talks on ghangouts, and it would be nice if somebody can give us a few pointers to start improving there.17:15
mzanettielopio: I'm not sure I'm the right guy for this17:22
elopiomzanetti: do you know somebody?17:22
mzanettielopio: as what I consider being good QML code seems to differ from what we tell people otherwise17:22
elopiooh, that's bad :)17:23
elopioso maybe we can have you giving us suggestions, and somebody else giving other suggestions, and contrast them.17:23
mzanettiyes, I'd be happy to help17:24
mzanettielopio: well, I can come up with something I guess17:25
mzanettielopio: when would that be?17:25
elopiomzanetti: probably the week after the UDS.17:25
mzanettielopio: and the audience is the community people? or canonical people?17:26
elopiomzanetti: the audience is the canonical QA team, but we'll invite all canonical and the QA community.17:27
mzanettiah ok.17:27
mzanettiwell for that I guess I'm quite ok17:27
elopiomzanetti: do you work at 10:30 UTC?17:27
jibelDanChapman, r6062, global TIMEOUT is now configurable via environment17:28
elopiomzanetti: ok, then you choose the date for the week of the 25th and let me know.17:28
mzanettielopio: ok17:29
elopiomzanetti: and do you know who can give the other point of view?17:29
elopiomaybe he can attend at the session after yours.17:30
elopiothat would be in a month or so.17:30
mzanettielopio: well, given that it's for QA I guess I'm good17:38
pittigood night everyone!17:40
elopiobye pitti. Have a good night.17:56
balloonsevening dkessel18:49
dkesselgood evening balloons - just seeing ubuntu-on-air the first time...18:49
dkesselnice stuff!18:49
dkesselQUESTION: is the anonymization and encryption mechanism described anywhere in public?18:54
dkesselmeh, wrong chan18:54
balloonsdkessel, hehe18:54
balloonsI'll let them answer18:55
dkesselballoons, everything all right? :)18:55
balloonsdkessel, yes, yes19:01
balloonsbuonsera Letozaf_20:05
Letozaf_balloons, buonasera :)20:06
balloonsdoug5, howdy20:16
balloonsLetozaf_, have you messed with rss reader lately?20:16
balloonsdoug5, something is definitely off with the calendar tests in your mp. not sure if you saw my messages about trying them out20:17
Letozaf_balloons, yes, but there is still something to fix, tests fail, but not always20:17
Letozaf_balloons, trying to figure out what's wrong20:17
balloonsLetozaf_, if the tests sometimes fail, feel free to disable them for now if you can' t otherwise fix them.20:18
balloonsHaving 3 solid tests is better than 6 buggy ones :-)20:18
Letozaf_balloons, the strange thing is that if you run them alone, one test at a time they work but together they fail20:18
balloonsLetozaf_, ohh we had that issues before20:19
balloonsis it not cleaning up properly?20:19
Letozaf_balloons, no I don't think it's that, but maybe I am wrong20:19
Letozaf_balloons, looks like its network activity indicator20:20
Letozaf_balloons, sometimes it does not wait for it to stop running20:20
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balloonsLetozaf_, weird20:25
TheLordOfTimeballoons, i don't have to introduce myself to the -quality mailing list until after bugsquad/qa merger is approved, right?  (i just lurk the list for now)20:31
TheLordOfTime(with the occasional comment)20:31
doug5balloons, yeah, I saw it20:31
doug5doug5, what's the status on it?20:31
balloonsTheLordOfTime, lol.. you can intro yourself whenever20:31
TheLordOfTimeballoons, heh, i have to take time to write an intro post though, little bit busy beating openssl into submission today20:32
TheLordOfTimewas a little bit busy*20:32
balloonsdoug5, well I haven't had time as of yet to dig back into it as the whole got kind of big :-) I'm working on some easier to fix things atm20:32
TheLordOfTimeballoons, what basically needs to be in an intro email, or rather, what would you prefer to see in an intro email?  :)20:33
balloonsTheLordOfTime, just say hello to everyone, talk about what you do, what your interests are, etc20:34
balloonsit's meant to let others now a little about you and what you do or intend to do in ubuntu quality20:35
balloonshelps people get connected, etc ;-)20:35
TheLordOfTimeI see :)20:35
TheLordOfTimei'll have to write something up...20:35
TheLordOfTime... after fixing more problems on my servers >.<20:35
TheLordOfTimefix one, another ten happen >.>20:35
doug5balloons, ok, are the ap1.4 fixes already on trunk?20:36
balloonsdoug5, yes everything is ap 1.4 now20:36
balloonsI see the new event test is failing, otherwise seems ok20:36
doug5balloons, ok20:37
doug5balloons, I should finally have some free time next days, I will look at it :)20:40
balloonsdoug5, excellent, thank you. It's definitely confusing20:41
balloonsI trust digging in will reveal the piece we're missing20:41
balloonsTheLordOfTime, interesting how that works eh? it's like the finger in the dam20:41
TheLordOfTimeballoons, yeah, really.20:41
balloonseventually you run out of fingers, hah20:41
TheLordOfTimeballoons, eventually I just say "screw it" and reinstall the OS after backing up critical data20:42
TheLordOfTimethen everything works again xD20:42
TheLordOfTimeballoons, i see we have the Bug Triager role listed on the QATeam/Roles pages... (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/BugTriager)20:45
Letozaf_balloons, balloons can you run the tests and see what happens ? I will push them for you20:49
Letozaf_balloons, on the device the toolbar  does not open while on the desktop now the tests work fine20:49
balloonsLetozaf_, yes, tell me the branch and I can run on device20:51
Letozaf_balloons, lp:~carla-sella/ubuntu-rssreader-app/all-tests-fixed20:51
balloonsk, grabbing20:52
Letozaf_balloons, great20:52
balloonsI got 3 errors20:54
balloonsdoes the merge bot run them all ok?20:54
Letozaf_balloons, I did not propose for merge this branch20:55
Letozaf_balloons, I can now if you want20:55
balloonssure go for it20:55
Letozaf_balloons, ok20:55
balloonsLetozaf_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6412665/20:56
balloonsall three are list index out of ranges.. should be easy to fix those20:56
Letozaf_balloons, its for the action popover, just before that there is the activity indicator running, to me it looks like the test20:57
Letozaf_balloons, does not wait for the activity indicator to stop running so the action popover is not "detected" correclty20:58
balloonsLetozaf_,  my guess is that your first select comes up blank, so there is a null object20:58
Letozaf_balloons, yes20:58
balloonsLetozaf_, ahh. indeed it may never get past that point, heh, but I meant to solve the list index issues :-)20:58
Letozaf_balloons, I think that the index issue is due to the activity indicator that has not finished running so the action popover is null21:00
Letozaf_balloons, hence the index issue21:00
balloonsLetozaf_, ahh can you check to ensure the activity indicator is gone first?21:00
Letozaf_balloons, tried to use a select_many_retry in the emulator.py but does not work all the same21:01
Letozaf_balloons, the test just carries on even if the activity indicator has not stopped running21:01
balloonsi'll have to look at the code, but at one poin there was an assert for the activity indicator to disappear21:01
balloonsmenaing it would check to see if it existed and wait for it to be gone before going on21:02
Letozaf_balloons, yes at line 3121:02
balloonsLetozaf_, I think this might work in this case: http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/_modules/autopilot/introspection/dbus.html#DBusIntrospectionObject.wait_until_destroyed21:02
balloonsmaybe not, but..21:03
Letozaf_balloons, nice I must try this did not know of it :P21:03
balloonsyea, give it a try21:03
Letozaf_balloons, ok21:03
balloonselopio, when do you expect this to land? https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-swipe_to_delete/+merge/19454421:39
balloonsI think I'm just waiting on that and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1245651 :-)21:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1245651 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "confirm_removal() emulator function fails with statenotfound error" [Undecided,In progress]21:39
elopioballoons: they said tomorrow the jenkins services will start to work21:40
balloonsohh right.. ok, you just need jenkins for that too21:40
balloonsLetozaf_, how's it going?21:40
balloonsI can take a deeper look now, I'm freed up21:41
elopioballoons: I hope friday, tops. Otherwise I'm going to collapse with the stack of branches I have in queue.21:41
Letozaf_balloons, looks like it's working, just a minute until the test ends21:41
balloonsLetozaf_, hurray!21:41
balloonsso you have more commits to push?21:42
balloonsslickymaster, howdy!21:42
Letozaf_balloons, :P had just one failure now :P instead of three21:43
balloonscloser, closer :-)21:43
slickymasterhi balloons, how are you<'21:44
balloonsslickymaster, I'm doing well, how about yourself?21:46
Letozaf_balloons, can you run the tests please, now I got two failures, without touching the code :(21:47
Letozaf_balloons, lp:~carla-sella/ubuntu-rssreader-app/all-tests-fixed21:47
Letozaf_balloons, if you got time21:47
balloonsLetozaf_, sure.. I'll do one better and have a look21:47
balloonsI'd like to get this landed too21:47
slickymasterballoons, fine, thanks. Keeping my self busy with the Xubuntu team21:47
Letozaf_balloons, I would also like too :P21:47
balloonsslickymaster, elfy's not giving you any trouble is he?21:48
balloonsCC election voting ends today btw21:48
knomeballoons, he ain't, i am21:48
slickymasterballoons, Nops :) if anything it would be the other way around21:48
slickymasterballoons, knome it's kinda of working for the man ;)21:51
knomehuh? the man islands? ;P21:52
* balloons was voting21:53
balloonssince I remembered wanted to make sure I got my vote in :-)21:53
knomewait, you want your vote in even if you can't vote me?21:59
balloonsknome, I'm sad.. but your name isn't on the ballet?22:07
knomenot this time at least22:08
Letozaf_balloons, it's late for me, should I propose a merge so you can take a look at it when you got time ?22:09
balloonsyes, push it up to your mp22:10
balloonsI'll keep on it22:10
Letozaf_balloons, ok done22:10
balloonsperfect.. ciao Letozaf_22:10
Letozaf_balloons, thank you ! see you tomorrow22:11
Letozaf_balloons, buona notte !22:11
balloonsbuona notte :-)22:11
forestpiskieballoons: I see you thinking I'm trouble ;)23:36

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