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nv_index.php pages are not loading by default. instead i am getting a directory listing05:19
nv_what can i do to fix this?05:19
nv_everything was working fine in my lampp stack, untill dpkg configure mythtv-common06:10
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sacardeis possible to "reconfigure" automatic-updates in ubu12.04server ?09:48
rbasaksacarde: try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure unattended-upgrades"10:01
sacarderbasak, I try, but I view only 2 choises  [y] [n]10:03
rbasaksacarde: what do you expect?10:04
sacardeduring installation I view:10:04
sacarde1 no upgrade10:05
sacarde2 automatic upgrade10:05
sacarde3 using landscape10:05
rbasaksacarde: and which of those are you trying to do now?10:06
sacarde1 no upd10:06
rbasaksacarde: "sudo dpkg -P unattended-upgrades" - you don't want the package at all in that case.10:06
sacardeand if I will wont: landscape ?10:08
rbasaksacarde: for Landscape I think you just run "landscape-config"10:11
rbasakWith sudo I presume10:11
jdimatteops aux shows "/sbin/mdadm --monitor…" running — this emails root if a raid drive is malfunctioning, right? but I never log in as root, so how would I know that root was emailed?11:07
geserjdimatteo: because you let root mail forward to a user who reads such mails11:12
jdimatteogeser: how do I do that?  does ubuntu automatically forward such emails to the admin user set up during install?11:13
neil02I am having lots of trouble getting the tftpd-hpa to work ... it installed find ... but it doesn't seem to start... netstat shows nothing, and there is nothing in syslog as to why... can anyone help?11:17
jdimatteook, I think I can set up email forwarding with /etc/aliases — thanks for the help geser!11:34
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hxmi receive many of these [Wed Nov 13 14:29:03 2013] [notice] child pid 29367 exit signal Segmentation fault (11), possible coredump in /etc/apache213:38
hxmi just enabled ssl module13:39
hxmhow can I debug this?13:39
zulmdeslaur:  libvirt 1.1.4 uploading(ed)13:48
mdeslaurzul: \o/ thanks13:48
zulmdeslaur:  you can stop nagging me now ;)(13:49
mdeslaurzul: I'll find something else to nag you about, don't worry :)13:53
zulmdeslaur:  huzzah13:53
bananapieat some point last week I set a proxy for wget, but now I can't figure out where the proxy is set and how to turn it off. I typed 'set | grep -i proxy' in bash and I get nothing.14:51
bananapienevermind, it was in .wgetrc14:51
slava_dphiya. how do people rsync stuff between ubuntu servers with disabled root access? in centos, I could rsync /usr/local, for example. here -- I can't.14:55
mjeansonslava_dp: this should help: http://crashingdaily.wordpress.com/2007/06/29/rsync-and-sudo-over-ssh/14:56
PiciYou can still use key auth with the root account.14:57
andolNot sure if sudo rsync is so much better than root rsync, aside from leaving a slightly more distinct entry in the auth log.14:58
smeagolllwhen start vm windows (XEN)14:59
smeagolllXenctrl.Error [ memory 6796760 KiB free; to be scrubbed 0 KiB; total 7893 MiB]: 1: Operation not permitted14:59
smeagolllubuntu server 13.1015:00
smeagolllhelp please15:15
abradleyI'm running a webserver on ubu 12.04 server and I'm running into an error when testing imap configuration: http://i.imgur.com/zxullwr.png I understand that no firewall is enabled by default in ubu 12.04 server. Any suggestions why it is timing out? I can ping imap.gmail.com from the machine, avg 30ms15:17
slava_dpmjeanson: thank you. --rsync-path='sudo rsync' works.15:34
Nox_404hi, i got a problem on a 12.4.3 server install, how can i fix this : apt setup udeb succeeded but requested  to be left unconfigured (is there a better place for my question ?)15:35
Nox_404 hi, i got a problem on a 12.4.3 server install, how can i fix this : apt setup udeb succeeded but requested16:08
Nox_404                 to be left unconfigured (is there a better place for my question ?)16:08
smeagolllhow to install module blktap (Kernel) ?16:16
esdeI received an email from my vps provider about weird smtp traffic coming out of my container. Something like 100 attempts to send per 10min. I'd like to find out where those emails or attempts to email are coming from. I checked /var/log/mail.log and the most recent event was Oct 2. :/17:23
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kpettitCan anybody recommend some good server/client backup software that's cross-platform?  Was hoping to find a simple client where all the config stuff comes from the server.18:13
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sarnoldkpettit: investigate bacula, amanda, rsnapshot, rdiff-backup18:15
kpettitI don't even care if it's commercial or not. Just want something easy to use.18:16
kpettitHave you use bacula or amanda before?18:16
baggar11I just noticed the saucy kernel/headers are in the repo. anyone install them on a 12.04 server yet? any issues?18:17
sarnoldkpettit: I've never had enough systems to see the benefits of the more complicated systems compared to rsnapshot18:18
kpettitI'm with ya.  I'm getting enough customers that don't have backup's and I have to figure a linux/windows solution that will work on desktop and servers.  Normally I just do rsync/tar/etc, but I need something I can configure on a server rather than each individual client.  I'm reading into amanda/bacual but I remember trying them before and had problems.  Hopefully I'll have better luck or find something better18:20
patdk-wkI don't like bacula setup18:26
patdk-wkI want to try amanda though18:26
kpettitI'm looking at it now.18:27
kpettitIt's sad how complex they are to setup18:27
patdk-wkpersonally, I just want to offload my backups onto tape18:27
patdk-wkhave a huge 48tape lib to use18:28
kpettitI've got a Drobo I'll be using i think.18:28
hallyn_sarnold: how does rsnapshot relate to rdiff-backup?  (I've used the latter - though these days I just forget about incremental and do rsync)18:56
sarnoldhallyn_: funny enough, I've only used rsnapshot and not rdiff-backup, and I can't recall the reasons I had when deciding..18:57
hallyn_sarnold: ok :)18:58
sarnoldhallyn_: I learned to love incremental when I accidentally screwed up something when releasing an update...18:59
sarnoldhallyn_: I needed to know some details of how the USN database management worked with multiple CVEs, and I got lucky, an older temporary shell script with multiple CVEs was still in my incrementals..18:59
sarnoldit saved probably an hour of reading source code or worse yet, waiting until the next day for others to come online to help me fix my mistake ;) hehe19:00
hallyn_sarnold: if i keep local backups i'll go back to incremental, but right now my backups are only for disaster recovery (fire, flood, earthquake, war...)19:00
hallyn_i actually started my newest script using rdiff-backup, but for some reason - forget what - changed my mind19:01
sarnoldhallyn_: ah, see, I need to start doing some off-sites. I'm contemplating amazon glacier for large and low-priority, and tarsnap for small and important..19:02
kpettitDamn, I just looked at a few commercial solutions.  They are freaking expensive19:03
JanC"glacier" sounds liek it will take a thousand years to reach its destination  :P19:03
sarnoldJanC: yes; restores can take three to five hours before your data can be downloaded :)19:04
JanCsarnold: hm, they use a tape robot, or what?19:04
esdeGot an email from vps provider saying vps was attempting to send smtp mail at ~100+ times per ten minutes. However I'm not aware of any services that would be sending /that much/ mail in /that little/ timeframe. I've checked my mail log and the most recent entry is Oct 2. How can i find out what is trying to send smtp mail?19:04
andolsarnold: Asisde from slow restores I'm really really happy with tarsnap.19:05
sarnoldJanC: I _hope_ it's a robot.. :D19:05
JanCor sjust dudes runnign aroun with hard disks?  :)19:05
hallyn_sarnold: I'm using rsync.net for all offsites, for two reasons - one they have georedundancy built-in (if you pay for it :), and two - if I do something that I'm likely to have to change (i.e. when s3 changes somehow) i'm 100% certain to lose something during the transition :)19:06
sarnoldesde: check netstat -antp for connections that look like outgoing mail19:06
hallyn_so i put everything in one place (separately encrypted) and won't hopefully ever move it.19:07
sarnoldandol: cool, thanks :) I wouldn't mind kicking cperciva a few bucks every now and then.. hehe19:07
kpettithallyn_: I'm checking them out.  Never looked at them before19:07
hallyn_stgraber: lxc-info -p is broken, spits out name and well as pid.19:08
esdethanks sarnold im seeing localhost listening on smtp ports 587 and 25, going to try and find the processes listening now19:09
JanCyou need to be root for the 'p' in 'netstat -antp' to work, I think19:09
JanCesde: 'p' should show you the processes19:09
sarnoldesde: note that the processes listening on ports may not be the ones sending mail..19:10
hallyn_sarnold: thanks for the prod, fixed my backup script (which hadn't worked since oct 28 due to lxc-info -p break :)19:11
sarnoldhallyn_: \o/ yay! :)19:11
hallyn_another cool thing about rsync.net which i haven't blogged about yet - they have subaccounts,19:11
hallyn_so i have less-trusted ssh keys on remote machines which can only push to subaccounts19:12
sarnoldhallyn_: hey, error27 pointed out earlier that having network admin capabilities allows setting up iscsi, since it apparently just requires netlink ...19:12
hallyn_stgraber: oh, sorry, i thought lxc-info was a python script19:12
sarnoldhallyn_: oh very cool19:12
JanCand of course in case somebody broke in, they can also "fix" netstat or the kernel so that it doesn't show their malware...19:12
hallyn_sarnold: not in a container.  netlink to kernel doesn't work from child netns19:13
bitbyteHey guys I'm having issues with pled media server indexing any you guys had any experience in pled media server ?19:13
stgraberhallyn_: sounds like a regression from Dwight's recent change19:13
sarnoldhallyn_: Oh? Nice. He thought for sure network-admin-rights in a namespace would be sufficient..19:14
stgraberhallyn_: are you working on a fix already or should I do that?19:14
kpettithallyn_: how do you like rsync.net?  It looks like they charge per GB rather than by how many clients you use, is that right?19:14
Nox_404Hi, where can i find hd media for ubuntu server 12.04.03 install ?19:14
hallyn_stgraber: i'm not right now.  if you have a chance that'd be great, else i'll get to it19:14
Nox_404i can't find it on the website19:15
sarnoldesde: if you're having trouble spotting it try using tcpdump -- it might be a flood of data, and you might want to make sure you don't dump your ssh connection packets, since that'll just be viewing tcpdump output... :)19:15
hallyn_kpettit: i love it.  yes, by Gb19:15
hallyn_kpettit: that's why i had to sit and rationalize whether/why to stick with them.  i've decided it's worth it to me.19:15
hallyn_of course, keep in mind, when i talk about fire/floods, i'm not talking hypotehticals, both have destroyed some hardware for me and made me move :)  so it *is* worth it to me.19:16
esdethank you sarnold trying that now19:16
hallyn_ok i need to change locales - biab19:16
kpettithallyn_: thanks. I've been checking on various ones out there.  I hate the ones that charge by client.  Some of my customers only have 10-100MB of data so it sucks to pay for that19:16
hallyn_kpettit: they also have great customer support, and are great for diy unix users.  rsync and ssh.  you can ask them to disable your password once you set up a ssh key.19:16
hallyn_ok, out19:17
kpettithallyn_: Can you centrall manage it, or do you have to configure each install on the client individually?19:17
kpettitoh cool.  I use nothing but keys on all my linux servers and have cygwin/ssh/keys on 1/2 of my windows ones as well19:17
stgraberhallyn_: hmm, so I think this is a voluntary change by Dwight as -n is now optional and accepts regexps19:19
sarnoldhallyn_: hrm, re: netlink and namespaces.. df008c91f83519:20
hallyn_kpettit: there's no client configuration19:22
hallyn_kpettit: I keep a .ssh/config file entry called 'rsync', i guess19:22
hallyn_so i can just 'rsync -va $dir rsync:'19:23
hallyn_stgraber: hm.  well it messes up scripts19:23
hallyn_trivially fixed of course...  on a case by case basis though19:23
stgraberhallyn_: yeah, I know... I think I'm going to send an e-mail to lxc-devel suggesting we revert that particular feature19:23
kpettithallyn_: Ah ok.  thanks19:24
stgraberhallyn_: I don't see a good reason for that specific command to support regexps when we already have lxc-list that does a similar job19:24
hallyn_stgraber: well, still, long as it's changing, can we have lxc-info -n -p not print out "Pid:' either? :)19:24
hallyn_stgraber: or, we should just have it output "name: pid" for each entry19:24
hallyn_that'd make the most sense19:24
hallyn_the previous behaviro was redundant19:24
stgraberhallyn_: yeah, I was kind of hoping that the new -H would do that, but apparently dwight only used it to change the notation for network traffic...19:25
hallyn_sarnold: ah, yes.  i'd forgotten that, and that's good - though it won't affect iscsi netlink msgs,19:25
hallyn_note that all the msgs allowed are relating to your own private copy of the l2 net stack19:26
sarnoldhallyn_: that is so hard for me to wrap my head around. I think my brain stops at 4.4 BSD :)19:28
hallyn_sarnold: just think, anything you create in your namespace, is yours.19:31
hallyn_when you create a netns, it creates a new network stack, and you own it.19:32
hallyn_you can create devices in there, but you can't pass them back to the host one, bc you dont' own that one.  the parent one does own your stack, bc it is the creator of the ns which created the stack, and so it can pass devices to you.19:32
hallyn_sarnold: i'm elaborating since it relates to the lxc_user_nic.c i asked you to review :)19:33
sarnoldhallyn_: :)  I'm roughly half-way through the lxc_user_nic.c from friday... I'm hoping to finish it off today after I finish the day's cve triage :D19:34
hallyn_sarnold: awesome, thanks19:35
stgraberhallyn_: sent an e-mail to lxc-devel about lxc-info and what I think we should change19:43
hallyn_stgraber: thanks.  about to test my workaround for libvirt+qemu bug in trusty that's been playing with my head19:45
hallyn_if i can lick that, then i can finish up qemu and then finish up lxc-destroy for unprivileged users19:45
hallyn_what are the odds of this working though19:47
hallyn_where's my magic eightball19:47
hallyn_woohoo, outlook good it says19:48
highvoltagemagic eithballs are always accurate if they give good news19:54
hallyn_i used http://8ball.tridelphia.net/ :)19:55
jnorhi, any way to determine if my server was under a ddos ? mysql crashed, I think because apache took out all the memory so kernel shutdown mysql.. I tried looking at apache access log but its not helping me20:16
renebarbosajnor, did you already tried the mysql error log?20:19
renebarbosato see the reason of the crash20:19
jnoryes, I think it crash because lack of memory20:19
renebarbosahm what your free -m output says?20:20
jnorsorry network got cut off20:23
jnorIm thinking mysql crashed duo lack of memory, but I would like to determine if someone was using ddos on http or if my server just got overloaded20:24
patdk-wkyou think it crashed due to lack of memory?20:38
patdk-wkit will be in the logs20:38
SiebjeeHi Guys, i just rebooted my ubuntu12.04 LTS server for a firmware upgrade, and now apt-get is slow as hell while reading the package list. Any clues of how to solve this ?20:45
hallyn_zul: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/0001-accomodate-new-qemu-migration-status-setup.patch that seems to work, leaving me with only 5 unrelated qrt failures21:06
hallyn_may send it upstream, if i get over my shyness21:06
zulhallyn_:  should we sit on it until you look at the other onces?21:07
hallyn_zul: maybe.  i'mjust donig a fresh build to make sure i didn't drop a change trhough blatent quilt mis-use21:11
hallyn_looks like they're all attach/detach_device errors, plus test_CVE_2010_2237_223821:12
* hallyn_ rolls up his sleeves21:12
hallyn_zul: oh!  well 4 of the faiulres i think are still due to the apparmor bug since saucy...  lemme ping jjohansen21:30
hallyn_hey jjohansen :)21:30
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hallyn_jjohansen: the fix for apparmor policy updates not applying to running tasks, do you expect that to hit trusty's kernel soon?21:33
hallyn_zul: so i have one fix to push to qrt itself, other than that, i think that with http://people.canonical.com/~serge/0001-accomodate-new-qemu-migration-status-setup.patch pushed, libvirt 1.1.4 is ready.  do you want to push?21:34
hallyn_(jjohansen: that's bug 1236455 fwiw)21:43
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jjohansenhallyn_: yeah, I did an audit after my first pass of the fix and found a couple more spots that needed updating. I've done that and am submitting the patch today21:55
hallyn_jjohansen: cool, thanks.  How long after that before it hits trusty archive?  (I've got no clue how often kernel gets published now)21:56
hallyn_i'm just wondering when to schedule my next qrt run :)21:56
jjohansensaucy: will be 2-4 weeks just depending on where things are in the kernel update cadence (which is 3 weeks)21:57
jjohansentrusty: should only be a day or two from when the patch rolls in, there is no fixed schedule but they try to keep it fairly frequent21:57
jjohansenhallyn_: ^21:57
hallyn_jjohansen: thanks21:58
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phillwHi good people, with a clean install of 12.04 autocomplete is not working for the users, any ideas? I've looked into a couple of things via forum links (e.g. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1949279&p=11804219#post11804219 etc.)22:09
smeagollli create vm windows (XEN)22:14
smeagolllInternal error: Xenctrl.Error [ memory 7225148 KiB free; to be scrubbed 0 KiB; total 8175 MiB]: 1: Operation not permitted22:14
smeagolllubuntu server22:14
ddsssdo you guys alway set your web-server to UTC by default?22:44
joosseehey guys trying to run "sudo virt-install -n taylor -r 4096 --disk path=/home/administrator/Images/win2003.img,bus=virtio,size=80 -c /home/administrator/Images/winsrv200364R2-1.iso --accelerate --network network=default,model=virtio --connect=qemu:///system -v" and I get a permissions error after the file is created?22:45
joosseethe error i get is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6413130/22:49
TheLordOfTimeanyone know what the adduser default settings are for the new user?23:25
TheLordOfTimebecause apparently in 12.04.3 it doesn't set the login shell to bash, just uses dash or whatever sh is symlinked to...23:26
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sarnoldTheLordOfTime: grep DSHELL /etc/adduser.conf23:28
TheLordOfTimesarnold: i think then that adduser is broken23:29
TheLordOfTimesarnold: because when using adduser it failed to set bash as the login shell23:30
TheLordOfTimein 12.04.323:30
TheLordOfTimealthough the adduser config *is* set to use /bin/bash23:30
TheLordOfTimeit's not setting that23:30
TheLordOfTime(double checking on my testing VM)23:31
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: worked fine for me with adduser 3.113ubuntu223:31
TheLordOfTimesarnold: huh, works fine here on my testing VM I use for triaging stuff on...23:33
* TheLordOfTime shrugs23:33
TheLordOfTimecosmic rays, then?23:33
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: ltrace or latrace or strace the adduser?23:34
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TheLordOfTimesarnold: tested with the same adduser on the system (with permission from the system owner)23:40
TheLordOfTimeand it correctly sets /bin/bash23:40
TheLordOfTimeso i'm gonna blame cosmic rays messing up the command or something23:41
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: those rays get up to some crazy things when we're not looking.23:41
TheLordOfTimesarnold: a week ago, the mailing lists bounced a message from my subscribed email23:42
TheLordOfTimewith not modqueue tick on the email or anything23:43
TheLordOfTimeso the cosmic rays broke that too for a moment xD23:43
TheLordOfTimeand it was on a list which the email was a subscribed member of, so... heh23:43
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: sheesh. You attract the strangest cosmic rays :)23:50
TheLordOfTimesarnold: i know, right?23:50
TheLordOfTimesarnold: actually, the system that got the rays interfering with adduser isn't my system23:50
TheLordOfTimeI was just poked as a server guy to see whether it was a bug in bash tabcompletion but noticed it was actually the users not being given bash as their set login shell23:51
TheLordOfTimeso it ended up dropping them to sh / dash23:51
TheLordOfTime(with permission from the owner of course :) )23:51
sarnoldsheesh, that'd be a frustrating one to debug. :)23:51
TheLordOfTimesarnold: heheheheheheheheh...23:51
TheLordOfTimesarnold: 'cept I have run into that all the time23:51
TheLordOfTimesarnold: i never use adduser, I use `useradd --create-home --user-group --shell /bin/bash USERNAME` which creates the user and gives them Bash shell...23:52
TheLordOfTimesarnold: but... i occasionally forget to add the --shell argument...23:52
TheLordOfTimeso... it drops them to dash instead :/23:52
TheLordOfTime(`usermod --shell /bin/bash USERNAME` fixes that quickly)23:52
TheLordOfTimeso... (1) Not A Bug, its the fault of cosmic rays, and (2) issue resolved for the server23:53
* TheLordOfTime smiles23:53
sarnoldTheLordOfTime: and once you fix the tab completion do they then ask you why it takes longer to do things? :)23:53
sarnold"I used to get my shell prompt so quickly... it's not prompt anymore, it's a slompt!"23:53
TheLordOfTimesarnold: lol23:53
TheLordOfTimesarnold: actually the users of the system I was diagnosing are all "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3"23:55
TheLordOfTimeand i'm like "IT'S NOTHING!  LEAVE ME ALONE! D:"23:55
TheLordOfTimesarnold: the server guide is more correct saying to use adduser though23:55
TheLordOfTimeuseradd is for power users like myself... not for the standard sysadmin23:55
TheLordOfTimesarnold: but yeah, cosmic rays love to interfere with things :/23:56

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