smokuwhy would you wand libhybris on a desktop?00:00
Nothing_MuchEven if I include the "/usr/include" folder, it still doesn't work, it wants a file called android-version.h or something00:00
Nothing_MuchI'm on an Arm PC at the moment00:01
Nothing_Muchwith an SGX 544 graphics card00:01
Nothing_MuchThat's why I need libhybris00:01
smokuso I guess you need to pull the android source for your PC, to get that00:04
smokuyou can do that on an intel PC wit a bigger hdd00:05
Nothing_Muchsmoku: just for headers?00:08
Nothing_Muchdo I need more than just headers for libhybris?00:08
TechieElfsmoku I'm clueless on how to build from the source. The instructions in the readme only show how to get the source00:09
smokuNothing_Much, I would check how Mer guys are building it00:09
Nothing_Muchit's only for the cubiboard...00:10
smokuTechieElf, follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting00:11
smokuNothing_Much, the procedure for your board should be similar00:12
Nothing_Muchyeah but00:12
Nothing_Muchwhere are the android headers that don't take up all of my freaking hdd space????00:13
Nothing_MuchI used that repo init script00:13
Nothing_Muchand it downloads ALL OF THE PROJECTS00:13
Nothing_MuchI ONLY NEED 4.2.1_R100:13
Nothing_MuchSheesh, I've been at this for freaking days00:14
kdubno need to shout00:14
Nothing_Muchoh my god it still doesn't work00:18
Nothing_Muchnow it's asking for manifest files00:18
Nothing_MuchI need step by step instructions just to get these damn headers00:18
Nothing_Muchpardon my language00:18
TechieElfsmoku: "make: *** No rule to make target `/home/techieelf/xt907_phablet/out/host/linux-x86/bin/bsdiff', needed by `/home/techieelf/xt907_phablet/out/target/product/xt907/cm_xt907-ota-eng.techieelf.zip'.  Stop." Something went wrong when building?00:19
smokuTechieElf, or the repo for xt907 is not compatible with trusty-phablet anymore00:21
TechieElfWhat can I do?00:22
smokuTechieElf, fix it :)00:22
TechieElfHow? :P00:22
TechieElfsmoku.. when you say not compatible.. what exactly do you mean?00:26
smokuTechieElf, requires files which current build does not provide00:28
TechieElfsmoku: As in android propietary blobs?00:29
smokubsdiff does not sound like proprietary ;-)00:29
TechieElfsmoku: I have no clue what half of these things are yet.. explain? :300:30
smokuTechieElf, I don't have time for crash course. but I will answer specific questions when you have ones00:32
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TechieElfsmoku: I grabbed bsdiff's source and plopped it in where it was needed. Hope that was correct.00:44
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Thunderkeyany helpful tips for installing touch on a motorola xoom?01:15
TechieElfsmoku the build finished. Can you explain what the different files that were outputted are for?01:21
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TechieElfAny devs still active?02:22
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TechieElfWelcome back, Nothing_Much02:49
TechieElfHashcode, you available for a moment? I've built the xt907 phablet zip and flashed it along with the trusty fs, and flashed the ubuntu-boot.img. I'm stuck in a boot loop. Ideas?03:15
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AskUbuntuInstall Ubuntu SDK in Pear OS 8 | http://askubuntu.com/q/37628804:13
unpopsicledoes ubuntu touch have that desktop mode yet?05:06
SamZaNemesisYou can run X11 over HDMI, yes05:10
RAOFWait, what? Really?05:14
SamZaNemesisUbuntu Touch REQUIRES VT support, required to run X, and it happens to include X as well, since Ubuntu touch at it's core is Android Linux you can change the framebuffer for X to the MHL port05:15
RAOFI guess you can use fbdev there. I didn't know we shipped /usr/bin/Xorg05:16
SamZaNemesismy builds for Motorola Defy at least ship with X05:17
SamZaNemesisI wanted to add VT support to my HTC Ville (One S) but I don't know how to do kernel debugging05:17
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SamZaNemesisbut yeah, I'm sure most of "Ubuntu for Android" is based on just chrooted ubuntu with a kernel with VT support, but canonical has stopped doing open development because they want to license it to companies05:22
unpopsicleSamZaNemesis: I thought ubuntu for android was a different project05:26
RAOFYeah, 'tis.05:29
SamZaNemesisUbuntu for android is a different project06:10
newbie___anyone can help me with some problem06:25
den4ikhow do i start building image for new device? (crespo) all "read me"s seems to be outdated06:57
dholbachgood morning06:58
den4ikgood evening06:58
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Kindness Day! :-D09:58
jalcinehi jos10:27
jalcinenext time ask me if you want a PM10:27
jalcineit's like walking into my house and borrowing a pen and I don't know who you are10:27
jalcinejos: stop PMing me in private10:28
unpopsiclejalcine: maybe he wants some sexy text action10:32
jalcineunpopsicle: lol well I'm not down10:32
mandel_oSoMoN, ping10:45
ogra_mandel_, hey, you pinged yesterday10:45
mandel_ogra_, yes, I had a fix for u-d-m about that upgrade bug, I wondered if you could test it in a device but ti looks like it was also fixed in the server side and in the s-i client side10:46
mandel_ogra_, we hit 3 bugs at once... impressive10:46
ogra_heh, yeah10:46
ogra_well, vila still had some probs today10:46
mandel_ogra_, yeah, I read the bug, I had not deployed my fix (PS Jenkins is down and I'm waiting on that)10:47
ogra_(he was stuck on 17 and didnt get an update provided by the UZI but s-i-c worked)10:47
ogra_yup, i know ...10:47
mandel_ogra_, the issue with the progress bar is that the progress is calculated based on the number of files.. so when I get to same local paths I'm writing to the same path and that makes the progress funky10:47
ogra_right ... well, if there is a fix we're all fine ...10:48
ogra_(once CI is back)10:48
mandel_ogra_, I've fixed that but nevertheless I've greatly improve u-d-m (going to sound like a project manager) and removed a lot of tech debt10:48
mandel_ogra_, fixes are in trunk and in a saucy branch I have to minimize the diff in saucy10:48
vilamandel_: ha, progress bar issues make sense then, duplicate files issues are fixed right ? (But not yet available IIUC)10:50
mandel_vila, yes, it is fixed but not available10:51
mandel_vila, once CI is fixed we will land it10:51
mandel_didrocks, ping10:52
vilamandel_: still waiting for feedback on whether CI is plugged (power and network) again, *then* we can start making sure the engine is functional (IP -> name migration)10:52
didrockshey mandel_10:52
mandel_didrocks, hello!10:52
mandel_didrocks, I'm wondering, I have a fix that was hitting us with u-d-m and si to be landed in lp:ubuntu-download-manager/saucy  (and trunk)10:53
mandel_didrocks, could we land the one in the saucy branch as soon as CI is back?10:53
didrocksmandel_: no, apart from really critical fix, we don't land anything else in saucy10:53
didrocksas told in many emails :)10:53
didrockswe don't support the saucy build, people in less than a week will migrate to trusty on the stable channel10:54
mandel_didrocks, it is a critical bug, stops you from upgrading :)10:54
mandel_didrocks, but we can ignore it, as you wish10:54
didrocksmandel_: will people on image 100 won't be able to upgrade on image 20?10:54
mandel_didrocks, it is related with the delta, to be honest I think that they also fixed the bug in the server side and the delta is not longer generated two files with the same path10:55
didrocksmandel_: ok, so if this can work with the server update only, I would prefer that10:56
didrocksmandel_: I assume we'll start doing some more tests soon anyway, will keep you posted10:56
mandel_didrocks, AFAIK it can, we can double check with barry10:56
mandel_didrocks, great, let me know.. I'm doing a lot of work to make integration tests easier for u-d-m so we might be able to get things more testable10:57
mandel_didrocks, one small question, do you know any expert with lcov to give me a hand to add coverage reports for u-d-m?10:57
didrocksmandel_: IIRC, tvoss explored that10:58
mandel_tvoss, ping10:58
didrocksyw ;)10:58
davmor2Morning all10:58
tvossmandel_, hey there10:58
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mandel_tvoss, hello! I was wondering if you could give me a hand with gcovr and lcov10:59
mandel_tvoss, I'm trying to add reports for u-d-m but I'm getting empty files :-/11:00
tvossmandel_, udm?11:00
mandel_tvoss, sorry, Ubuntu Download Manager (u-d-m) is the daemon that allows to perform long lasting downloads in the phone11:02
tvossmandel_, ah okay. I assume that you have a cmake setup?11:02
mandel_tvoss, right now, used by system image upgrades, click packages installation and other few thigs11:02
mandel_tvoss, well, I have it correctly set up for qmake11:02
mandel_tvoss, here -> lp:~mandel/ubuntu-download-manager/add-coverage11:02
tvossmandel_, why is that? we have ready-made coverage reporting for cmake available11:02
mandel_tvoss, because u-d-m was stared with qmake before we started using cmake everywhere11:03
tvossmandel_, hmmm, would that be a good oppurtunity to switch over to cmake, then?11:03
mandel_tvoss, and I have not added 'moving to cmake' as one of my priorities right now11:03
tvossmandel_, moving to cmake would give you the coverage reporting immediately, plus cross-building, once that works flawlessly ootb11:04
mandel_tvoss, could.. but I'm the only devel in the project and I have lots of bugs to deal with :-/11:04
mandel_tvoss, is more of a time issue than anything else11:04
mandel_tvoss, but I found not related issues to qmake, for example, the lcov version in ubuntu was giving problems11:06
oSoMoNmandel_, pong11:06
tvossmandel_, okay, what kind of lcov issues were you experiencing?11:07
mandel_oSoMoN, one question, have you started with the downloading sdk?11:07
mandel_tvoss, let me find the output, one sec (or a few)11:07
oSoMoNmandel_, nope, afaik the task has been moved to your team, lucky you :)11:08
mandel_oSoMoN, hahahaha11:08
mandel_oSoMoN, yes, so I was told, but I wanted to check11:09
mandel_tvoss, for example => http://paste.ubuntu.com/6405182/11:09
mandel_tvoss, that is with lcov in ubuntu, if I do a checkout of lcov and install it the issue is fixed11:09
tvossinteresting, I get the warnings, too, but I have results nevertheless11:10
mandel_tvoss, might me that I did something in the coverage.pri that is in the project11:12
oSoMoNmandel_, actually, I had started that a while ago: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/downloadmanager11:12
DJJeffwill apps like google maps, netflix run on ubuntu touch?11:12
oSoMoNmandel_, it’s only the interfaces as we agreed them, no actual implementation11:12
mandel_oSoMoN, is a good start nevertheless :)11:13
mandel_oSoMoN, this is the valid doc, right => https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1fqeIXENmZsY2ziO9_pq3Xt6xVtLVa4xmb009dJxzaQo/edit#heading=h.hvv839nh8gg011:19
* mandel_ needs to add a url shortening script for his irc client11:19
TechieElfHey. Any fellow devs active?11:24
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TechieElfsmoku can you help me figure out where I went wrong? I grabbed the source, built it, then flashed the phablet zip, trusty-preinstalled-touch-armf.zip, and ubuntu-boot.img and I'm stuck in a boot loop.11:30
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oSoMoNmandel_, yes11:38
mandel_oSoMoN, ok, do you mind attending to the vUDS talk about it? http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22104/appdev-1311-udm-sdk/11:41
davmor2ogra_: just updated to 21 and it installed and didn't kill my phone good start11:44
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mandel_tvoss, could you also be present here => http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1311/meeting/22104/appdev-1311-udm-sdk/  (if possible)11:46
mandel_tvoss, I'd like to get your input about the lifecycle  of apps and how we should deal with them from an SDK point of view11:47
tvossmandel_, sure11:47
mandel_tvoss, awesome, thx!11:47
davmor2seb128: daft question on system settings on maguro it takes an age to change from one view to another is there a reason for that?  I don't know if it is the same for the n411:47
seb128davmor2, is that a new issue? and no, we just do standard toolkit use afaik ... is that the only app having that issue?11:48
tvossmandel_, subscribed to the blueprint11:48
mandel_tvoss, thx a lot, I'd really appreciate your input regarding the lifecycle because we will be missing dbus signals when the app is paused or killed and I don't really know what is the recommended things to do11:49
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tvossmandel_, ack, is there a high-level document that explains how things are wired together?11:50
davmor2seb128: some of the apps have an initial slow start up but I've grown accustomed to that, they work fairly well after.  I think it slowed in Trusty I'm pretty sure that the app was snappier in Saucy11:50
davmor2seb128: latter I'll take a video to show you what I mean11:50
seb128davmor2, check with the toolkit/mir guys maybe, ubuntu-system-settings didn't change since saucy11:50
Guest37186how to set  audio latency with terminal?11:51
Guest3718641k, 4096 on jackd11:51
mandel_tvoss, I just have a wiki with the dbus API and not a very detail explanation. I'll update the wiki to ad such explanations and will point to the wiki from the blueprint11:51
Guest37186Cant find a thing11:51
tvossmandel_, yup, that would be really helpful, thx11:51
davmor2seb128: will do thanks11:51
seb128davmor2, yw11:51
mandel_tvoss, I do have state machine diagrams (need to update those) on the diff states of the downloads, group downloads and the  download queue, I'll add those to the wiki too11:51
Guest37186mandel_ do you know the command?11:52
tvossmandel_, yeah, whatever you have got :)11:52
Guest37186to set audio latency with terminal?11:52
mandel_Guest37186, sorry, no idea11:53
Guest37186I'm using Jackd but can't find a thing for set Jackd to 41k, 4096 via terminal11:53
davmor2Guest37186: this is not a help channel, it is developer channel you want to ask on #ubuntu11:54
davmor2Guest37186: more people there aimed at general help, they should be able to help you.11:55
Guest37186ok thanks11:55
oSoMoNmandel_, will od11:57
ogra_davmor2, good to hear :)11:58
mandel_oSoMoN, sweet, I'll try to get some people that I know that are interested to join too11:58
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nerochiaromzanetti: is the tests inside the same TestCase run in any specific order ? and if there are many TestCase in the same qml file, is the component outisde of the TestCases instantiated many times, one per TestCase run, or just once at startup ?13:03
mzanettinerochiaro: alphabetical order afaik. it's instantiated once per file13:04
nerochiaromzanetti: uff, ok, so there's no way to reset things between test, and we need a qml file per test13:05
nerochiarothat's kind of cumbersome13:05
mzanettinerochiaro: you can use a loader13:05
nerochiaromzanetti: hmm, clever13:05
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cwaynemzanetti, ping14:03
mzanettihey chris14:03
mzanetticwayne: ^14:03
cwaynehey mzanetti were you looking for me at some point last week?14:05
mzanetticwayne: ah yeah. saw your post about the fitbit app. as I was hacking on mine anyways (making it work offline) I also added support for badges14:07
mzanetticwayne: had a question there but figured the solution14:07
cwaynemzanetti, ah, nice!14:07
cwaynemzanetti, i'm not sure i'd ever release mine at this point, was just a way for me to learn qml :)14:08
mzanetticwayne: yeah. but feel free to contribute to mine. the code is on launchpad. for example feeding the infographics would be nice.14:08
cwaynemzanetti, sure!  i'll have to take a look14:09
cwaynethe one thing that worries me there is i have 0 c++ experience14:09
mzanetticwayne: Qt is not C++14:09
mzanettiwell, it is sort of... but makes it much easier14:09
mzanettigive it a try14:09
cwaynewill do :)14:10
cwaynedpm, any luck re: evernote account?14:14
dpmhi cwayne, mardy traced it to be https://code.google.com/p/accounts-sso/source/detail?r=8fb9330ec6b5a3b8363d982e85b639e162fa5508&name=empty-secret-token&repo=signon-plugin-oauth2 - the fix is now pending review and merge and then we'll need to package up signon-plugin-oauth2 with the fix14:16
cwaynedpm, nice!14:18
cwaynedpm, ok, so i'll get this account-plugin into a ppa then14:18
cwaynei assume that means there should be no change to the plugin?14:18
mardykenvandine: can you review this? It's important for evernote: https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/signon-plugin-oauth2/packaging/+merge/19503014:19
dpmcwayne, awesome, thanks! Not that I know of, other than adding the Evernote icon to it (my .provider file abused the Twitter icon)14:19
cwaynedpm, yep, i've taken care of that :)14:20
dpmgreat :)14:20
kenvandinemardy, will do14:20
cwaynemardy, will that be SRU'd to saucy? or just go into trusty14:22
mardycwayne: just trusty, unless someone really needs it on saucy14:23
mardycwayne: the package dependencies are not changes, so one can install it manually on saucy, if needed14:23
cwaynemardy, awesome, thanks14:25
chris_hi, does ubuntu on the galaxy nexus currently support nfc via nfc-tools?14:31
* ogra_ doesnt think nfc is supported at all yet 14:32
ogra_we might have a vUDS session for this next week ... tvoss might know14:33
tvossogra_, it is not supported yet. not aware of a session. ChickenCutlass, ^ are you aware of any session on nfc support?14:33
* ogra_ thought that falls under general sensors support somehow14:33
ChickenCutlasstvoss, no14:34
cwayneogra_, hey, are we still waiting on initramfs merges?14:34
ogra_like compass, magnetometer etc etc14:34
tvossogra_, it's not a sensor, more bluetooth-like14:34
* ogra_ has No F*cking Clue about NFC 14:35
Stskeepslibhybris has (at least) nxp nfc support14:35
Stskeepsyou'll need to write the rest of the glue though14:35
ogra_cwayne, which ones ?14:35
ogra_we're currently waiting for the CI system to come back after the move14:36
ogra_(which includes the image testing system too)14:36
cwayneogra_, specifically this one, it still needs a top-approve (it'd make sense to wait for jenkins then, i'd forgotten about that) https://code.launchpad.net/~cwayne18/ubuntu/trusty/initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch/no-hardcoding-user/+merge/19400414:37
ogra_cwayne, ah, yeah i remember this one ...14:38
ogra_i'll process it as soon as we have some image test results again (iirc i had added a landing plan entry)14:38
chris_ok, thank you14:39
cwayneogra_, ah, alright, thanks :)14:39
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nerochiaromzanetti: is there any way to do >= or <= comparisons in QML unit tests ?14:46
mzanettinerochiaro: verify()14:46
mardykenvandine: I updated that MP with the correct version in the changelog14:49
nerochiaromzanetti: no way to do "eventually" with that, right ?14:49
mzanettinerochiaro: no14:50
cwaynekalikiana, i tried out tedg's MR to add XDG_DATA_DIR to upstart-app-launch, but still no translations :(14:50
nerochiaromzanetti: ok thanks14:50
mzanettinerochiaro: well... there is something14:50
mzanettinerochiaro: check out unity8. we have a "tryCompareFunction()"14:50
mzanettinerochiaro: that is somewhat like the lambda + Eventually in AP14:51
kenvandinemardy, thx14:51
nerochiaromzanetti: that sounds good14:51
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tedgcwayne, ping me if it looks like my issue.  I'm sure it's not because the tests pass, but you never know ;-)14:55
cwaynetedg, sure thing :)  although i see XDG_DATA_DIRS being set, so I'm sure its another issue14:55
cwaynekalikiana, ^14:57
mardykenvandine: did you forget to top-approve, or is there some issue? (I see that jenkins is down?)15:03
cjohnstonmardy: the entire lab is still down15:03
rickspencer3cjohnston, "down" or "in the process of being moved to the data center?" ;)15:04
* ogra_ hopes they didnt leave it running while moving !15:04
cjohnstondown because it's in process of being moved15:05
kenvandinemardy, didn't forget, just didn't do it :)15:06
kenvandinemardy, feel free to top-approve15:07
mardykenvandine: ok :-)15:07
kenvandinei usually don't do that until CI passes, but I guess that isn't happening today :/15:07
firelmntwhy isn't this file (.repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml) in the repo for building ubuntu-touch? Could someone help?15:11
kalikianacwayne: how do you test it? I see no .deb files from jenkins there on a quick look; though I'm about to run, I'll be back later15:14
cwaynekalikiana, i pbuilt it and pushed it manually15:14
cwaynekalikiana, it is setting XDG_DATA_DIR, but it's still not translated15:14
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mandel_vila, ping15:29
vilamandel_: pong but entering a meeting15:30
mandel_vila, any idea of the state of CI?15:30
mandel_vila, a monosilable answers is enough :)15:30
vilamandel_: I'm waiting for a mail summary :-/15:31
mandel_vics, thx15:31
mandel_vics, sorry15:31
mandel_vila, thx15:31
cwaynemardy, so is the merge happening today or are we waiting for jenkins15:39
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loolsergiusens: I guess you cant release music-app without the jenkins that does the builds?15:50
sergiusenslool, I can manually do it; but do we want to?15:52
sergiusenslool, we need to either merge something new or update the version in the manifest (merging something new is in the pipeline)15:53
loolsergiusens: Ok15:56
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tvossseb128, hey, I'm searching for a high-level document describing the system settings app16:23
seb128tvoss, hey, I don't think we have one16:23
tvossseb128, who would be the best person to talk to if I have got specific questions then?16:23
seb128tvoss, that channel seems about right, what sort of questions?16:24
tvossseb128, I was more after a person that can walk me through the code and explain common patterns and design decisions to me. Would that be mardy?16:24
seb128tvoss, Laney, mardy, tedg, kenvandine and I are the most actives on it16:24
tvossseb128, ack and thx16:25
seb128tvoss, I doubt there is such things, different panels have been handled by different people16:25
seb128tvoss, mardy bootstrapped the project but didn't get involved a lot recently16:25
cwaynemterry, ping16:25
mterrycwayne, hello!16:25
seb128tvoss, the panel are mostly qml UI with cpp backends, some of them who have lot in common with indicators reuse their backend over unitymenumodel16:26
ogra_seb128, oh, that reminds me ... we'll have a session about developer mode (and UI switch integration of the same in teh settings) should i invite someone of your team to that ?16:27
cwaynemterry, how can i change the language programatically?16:27
cwaynemterry, this is going back to the customizing locale business16:27
mterrycwayne, well...  it won't take effect until you reboot, but you could do it with a dbus-send command.  Is that good enough?16:27
seb128ogra_, on what track is that session? I would like to be there, but vUDS sucks for track lead (I need to host sessions on client 1 so I can't join another discussion while hosting, even if I'm not participating in what I host)16:28
cwaynemterry, hm, that's a good start at least16:28
ogra_seb128, if it ever gets scheduled (hey slangasek) it will be on the core track16:28
seb128ogra_, ok, if it's not client 1 I can't easily come, maybe Laney would be interested to represent us?16:29
Laneycould do16:29
Laneywe'll need a designer though16:30
ogra_thats the blueprint16:30
mterrycwayne, dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.Accounts /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User32011 org.freedesktop.Accounts.User.SetLanguage string:en16:31
cwaynemterry, thanks.  so is there any possible way to preseed it so that a reboot isn't necessary?16:32
slangasekogra_: which session?16:32
mterrycwayne, oh well then you could just change the system language...  let me see16:32
mterrycwayne, that's in /etc/default/locale16:33
ogra_slangasek, three actually, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/core-1311-complete-developer-mode-integration https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/core-1311-early-boot-animation and https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/core-1311-low-battery-boot-mode16:33
ogra_slangasek, all for the core track16:33
cwaynemterry, and thats in writable-paths?16:33
mterrycwayne, don't know16:34
mterrycwayne, if it's not, you can drop a file in /var/lib/AccountsService/user/phablet with the key set for the use16:34
mterrycwayne, see current file for format16:34
slangasekogra_: ok, I think I have them scheduled in a reasonably conflict-free manner16:34
mterrycwayne, you would want to set the Language key16:34
ogra_slangasek, thanks a lot !16:34
cwaynemterry, ah, perfect16:35
cwaynemterry, what if i did that dbus-send before unity starts? would it still need a reboot?16:35
mterrycwayne, you'd really have to do it before lightdm starts, but no, it wouldn't need a reboot16:35
cwaynemterry, ah, great, i'll play around with that then16:36
rsalvetislangasek: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/core-1311-touch-emulator16:36
cwaynemterry, perhaps i'll just do it as an upstart job before lightdm/unity8 start16:36
cwaynemterry, would that be 'the right way to do it'?16:37
mterrycwayne, I guess?..  It sounds like setting /etc/defaults/locale would be best.  But I guess if that's readonly, that's a nonstarter, unless you want to poke a hole for it16:38
mterrycwayne, you can't spin a new image for what you're doing?16:39
cwaynemterry, i can spin the custom bits16:39
mterrycwayne, well then you could edit that file, eh?16:39
ogra_mterry, i thought the locales are set in ~/.pam-environment (iirc seb128 mentioned that)16:39
seb128ogra_, they are16:39
seb128ogra_, well for the user at least16:40
ogra_so i guess updating it there should work16:40
mterryseb128, what about AccountsService's Language key?16:40
cwaynemterry, we don't have a mechanism to copy stuff to /etc atm though16:40
cwaynewe do have a mechanism to copy to ~16:40
cwayneand we can edit other stuff by doing upstart jobs i suppose16:40
seb128mterry, we go through accountsservice's dbus method to write the config so I guess that has a correct value?16:41
seb128mterry, but pam doesn't use AS16:41
seb128mterry, do the way it's applied to the sessions is through pam/.pam_environment, which works for text login etc as well16:41
mterryseb128, ogra_: ah yeah, AS just sets .pam_environment16:42
mterrycwayne, so that would be another option for you ^16:42
cwaynemterry, ok, i'm just trying to figure out which one is the generally preferred way16:43
cwayneor 'the right way' :)16:43
mterrycwayne, AS is an abstraction layer for .pam_environment in this case.  Either way is fine16:43
mterrycwayne, it *sounds* like you already have easy way to preseed ~ files, so maybe .pam_environment is best for you16:44
cwaynewe have an easy way, but it's generally considered the 'hackier' way to do it tbh16:46
cwaynemterry, i'll play around with an upstart job and see what works best16:46
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cwayneCimi, ping17:05
davmor2hey guys if you turn bluetooth off an come back to your phone in an hour is it turned back on?17:16
* ogra_ hasnt checked that, but i know it gets turned on after reboot 17:19
didrocksmhall119: not sure youmissed my ping from yesterday, but I think I asked you to move the CI Airline discussion on Tuesday to 4PM17:23
janimoogra_, rsalveti should we have a vUDS session dedicated fully to x86 images? Some will be touched in the Qt session but we'd need one for most of the rest of the work items17:24
didrocksmhall119: and as well, you didn't move the "make click apps runnable from the unity7 dash" in the client2 track17:25
rsalvetijanimo: we could probably have one, might be useful indeed17:25
rsalvetijanimo: mind leading it?17:25
sanyo_steveOT: The Edge ;   she lives  !!    For Ebay tells me so ... http://r.ebay.com/2O1dPH   Ghehe .17:25
cwaynekenvandine, is there a session for account plugins as clicks (mainly how to deal with dependencies etc)?17:25
kenvandinecwayne, not that i know of17:25
ogra_janimo, seems to make sense to me ... though i guess most bits we will hit are not really predictable17:26
ogra_but we should at least list the obvious bits17:27
rsalvetijanimo: and creating support for the x86 emulator might be the easier way to go17:27
rsalvetiunless we have a device in hands :-)17:27
cwaynekenvandine, would it make sense to have one? or is it not quite worth it17:28
kenvandineit might already be well defined, not sure17:28
kenvandinemardy, ^^17:28
rsalvetiogra_: I'm more concerned about the gl x gles issue17:29
cwaynei know the click hooks themselves will be easy enough, just didn't know about dependencies, etc17:29
ogra_rsalveti, but that will likely be covered in the Qt session17:29
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mardycwayne, kenvandine: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1311-online-accounts17:41
mardyat least partially :-)17:41
janimorsalveti, ogra I'll se about setting something up17:41
cwaynemardy, awesome thanks :)17:41
janimorsalveti, even with the emulator we'd still need the images being built. That is the main blocker IMHO from an infrastructure PoV as it is not really doable by most people17:42
janimounlike the various x86 specific bugfixes across android and packages that may come up17:42
rsalvetiright, indeed17:45
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* janimo registered a blueprint then was lead elsewhere by launchpad. Needs to find it now17:52
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janimoogra_, rsalveti this is the meeting URL but I can't seem to be able to register a blueprint18:07
cwaynetedg, hey, your MR for upstart-app-launch will add the app dir to the XDG_DATA_DIRS right? as in, it doesn't overwrite it to *just* include the app_dir?18:11
inblueswithuHi, I read ubuntu only officially support nexus devices. Can i install ubuntu on my android device like sony mobile ? If so, what problems are likely?18:25
ogra_inblueswithu, there are some community ports, see the devices wikipage (though they are usually a bit behind in features and function)18:31
ogra_!devices | inblueswithu18:32
ubot5inblueswithu: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices18:32
inblueswithuubot5: ogra_: thankyou :) I'll look into it18:32
ubot5inblueswithu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:32
ogra_silly bot18:32
inblueswithuya.. :P silly thing18:33
inblueswithubut it got me correctly18:33
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JsanchezHello everyone, I'm wondering what's the status on ubuntu touch on galaxy S4 besides the few posts on forums, Can my device be a test subject, can I help in anyway?18:58
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beunoJsanchez, there is no official support for the device19:01
beunonor is there any planned19:01
beunoso whatever people are doing in the forums, that would be it  :)19:02
Jsanchezbeuno, that's a bummer, I have this good piece of hardware with shitty OS, *snif*19:02
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TechieElfAny fellow devs active?19:32
TechieElfHashcode, o great one, I have an issue with the Xt907 port. Can you help me?19:42
TechieElfAny devs?19:51
TechieElfxnox can you help me possibly?20:00
xnoxTechieElf: i advise you to send your queries to ubuntu-phone mailing list, such that everyone can answer them, no matter which timezone they are in.20:01
xnoxTechieElf: only a fraction of people idle here on IRC.20:01
TechieElfxnox: I understand that and I will try that approach. Thank you.20:02
bfillerkenvandine: where is best place to find qml api for content-hub?20:14
kenvandinebfiller,  ^^20:15
bfillerkenvandine: awesome thanks20:15
mostkajHi all. Has anyone tried ubuntu on nexus 5 ?20:18
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geniiTechieElf: Did you check to see if your issue on the page of known problems already? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/xt90720:30
AskUbuntuWhy I do not find any tutorail for Scope and Python for Ubuntu 13.10 | http://askubuntu.com/q/37663320:55
mostkajIts posible to install ubuntu touch on nexus 5?20:56
mostkajits possible to install ubuntu touch on nexus 5 ?20:59
beunomostkaj, not currently supported, no20:59
sergiusensmostkaj, wait for it21:06
sergiusensmostkaj, it's coming for this cycle most likely21:08
Tassadarit is?!21:09
ogra_pretty likely, yes21:09
ogra_no final word yet though21:09
ogra_and a lot of work ... since we need to move to android 4.421:10
Tassadaryeah, I didn't expect you to do that Oo21:10
Tassadar(and that means flo will get at least unofficial ports, too, nice)21:10
sergiusensTassadar, it's sort of required for newer hw; so we are aiming for it21:11
Tassadarwell, that's one decision done, i'm getting N5 and not n4 ^^21:12
balloonssergiusens, https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/music-app/fix-shuffle-test/+merge/19512921:13
sergiusensballoons, works without the qml changes as well?21:14
balloonssergiusens, no I grabbed his changes.. I just started playing with the branch and upped the failure count on it.. it ran fine out of the box on my nexus doing that, so I pushed it and jenkins was ok with it also21:15
balloonsthat is the only difference between brancges21:15
balloonsI don't like how they implemented shuffle21:16
sergiusensballoons, doh, saw the qml and thought it was python code :-/21:16
sergiusensballoons, I haven't seen it tbh21:17
AskUbuntuHuawei E173 modem always need a restart to get detected | http://askubuntu.com/q/37664921:45
virtual-liquidanyone there ?22:28
popeyyes virtual-liquid22:29
virtual-liquidI was in hopes, that someone here could guide me in the direction of downloading the ubuntu touch distro for my x86 ibm thinkpad x200 tablet.... :/22:30
virtual-liquidOr what other good tablet / touch distros would be to try?22:31
popeyWe haven't made a version of touch specifically for x86 tablets, but if you install ubuntu, you can try out unity 8 I believe.22:31
virtual-liquidhmm, ok ill check it out now .22:31
virtual-liquidUnity 8 work with 64 bit version?22:33
popeyvirtual-liquid: yes, but I haven't tested it myself on x86_6422:35
virtual-liquidthanks, watching a video on unity 8 now, looks good. downloading 13.10 to install.. :)22:35
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Gallomimiaah, finally got my irc working again!23:30
Gallomimiai'm having some trouble trying to flash this unsupported tablet i have. so far all i know is that adb devices gives: ????????????no permissions23:31
xnoxGallomimia: try $ sudo adb devices23:35
Gallomimiayes i did that, same result23:35
Gallomimiawho the hell made this? uh.... it just says D2pad "internet tablet"23:38
Gallomimiaanyway, this is a really neat tablet, but the software that's on it runs worse than a brick. therefore, i shall get ubuntu to run on it for the benefit of myself and others. period23:42
TechieElfHello guys, I'm back to nag some more :P23:46
cwayne\o/ translated click apps23:50
Gallomimiaalright so google has helped me figure out that i should look for a vendor ID for this device. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=640158 any ideas how to find it?23:53

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