Torikunanyone here use openstack?04:08
TorikunSup pleia205:07
pleia2hi there Torikun05:07
Torikunhow do you like Openstack?05:08
pleia2it's wonderful05:08
TorikunYeah I am loving it. My company is releasing an s3 module for it. YOu can store your instances and snapshots in s305:08
pleia2my day job is working on the infrastructure for the project, just got back from the summit in hong kong on sunday05:09
TorikunOh wow cool.05:09
TorikunHave you heard/seen about the Cloudian integration05:09
pleia2no, but in a sea of integration that's not surprising :)05:09
pleia2it's grown crazy fast05:10
Torikunhttp://s3.linux-toys.com/dashboard  is it secure having it public?05:10
darthrobotTitle: [Login - OpenStack Dashboard]05:10
pleia2make it https and you should be fine05:10
pleia2(http is not secure, anyone can sniff passwords!)05:11
Torikunah true05:11
pleia2https://horizon.hp.com :)05:11
darthrobotError opening URL: [Errno -2] Name or service not known05:11
pleia2just launched last week05:11
Torikundid not load05:11
darthrobotTitle: [Login - Cloud Admin Dashboard]05:11
pleia2if I could remember URLs that would be awesome!05:11
Torikunoh cool05:11
Torikunlooks like Amazon has a lot of competition05:11
Torikunhopefully it will bring down pricing05:12
pleia2and increase availability+reliability05:12
Torikunkinda different market than VmWare05:13
pleia2for public cloud, yeah, but openstack is also competing pretty heavily in the private cloud market, where vmware dominates05:14
pleia2vmware is actually part of the openstack foundation though and I work with some of their devs for vmware plugins, it's kind of weird :)05:14
Torikunit sure has made my life easier05:14
Torikunwhen I was a at Symantec, we had a plugin with them and they ripped it off and made their own thing05:15
Torikunnot good for a partnership!05:15
TorikunOpenstack should be careful05:16
TorikunVmWARE are sharks05:16
pleia2well, openstack has a lot of big players, and I think vmware will be the loser if they don't play nice05:17
pleia2anwyay, time for me to find some dinner, nice chat!05:17
Torikuntake care05:17
raevolthe jon-O on air :) (avoiding the highlight)18:12
raevol"accept the criticism, and ignore the *****ing" amen :D18:13
pleia2ubuntu hour tonight in sf21:12
bkerensapleia2: If you will be in the city around Dec 11, 12 or 13th it would be cool to grab lunch23:38

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