* rick_h_ goes and cries in a corner https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/docs/sdk/latest/modules/sdk/request.html#Methods00:02
rick_h_widox: around?00:05
cmaloneyrick_h_: Not seeing what the problem is00:09
rick_h_cmaloney: a LOT of missing request types00:10
rick_h_for instance DELETE00:10
rick_h_so just got through adding all this code to support delete and can't make the request now00:11
cmaloneyrick_h_: Ah, that's what I thought00:12
greg-gw00t, I have ipkg (thus now screen) on the nas00:12
cmaloneyWonder why they left that out00:12
cmaloneygreg-g: tmux. ;)00:13
cmaloney(OK, had to be done)00:13
rick_h_ugh, and 60 open pull requests, ugh00:13
rick_h_and using bugzilla, gah00:13
cmaloneyYeah, not a fan of bugzilla00:13
rick_h_ok, well sent a pull request back to the sdk...wish me luck00:57
cmaloneyHopefully it doesn't langush behind the other 6000:59
rick_h_heh, especially since I can't get tests to pass in trunk :/00:59
rick_h_yea, gotta love failing tests in trunk01:00
rick_h_morning, got a lovely welcome home. late at night get home and my wife's got the stuff all out of under the sink and towels everywhere14:07
brouschAll of your bacon grease clog the sink?14:07
rick_h_heh, something causing the faucet to leak14:08
rick_h_havent had time to check it out yet.14:08
rick_h_waf: can you update the website if you get a bit of time today?16:28
rick_h_reminder CHC tonight, back to the new Peets coffee.16:28
wafsure, we're going to give peets a shot?16:31
wafrick_h_: ^16:31
rick_h_waf: yes, going there for tonight and we can chat about what we want to do from there16:31
wafoh, um, reading fail. you just said we're meeting at peets, then I asked the question.16:41
wafok, updated16:41
rick_h_waf: thanks, appreciate it16:46
rick_h_woot, my firefox sdk changes got merged18:17
rick_h_yay bookie extension taking firefox's sdk where no sdk has gone before lol18:17
trevlarrick_h_: nice!18:17
greg-grick_h_: what was the change?18:18
greg-g(and neat!)18:18
rick_h_greg-g: adding support to the sdk's Request helper for DELETE calls18:18
rick_h_greg-g: so the extension got the ability to delete bookmarks last night :)18:18
greg-goh, yay!18:19
rick_h_greg-g: heh, so yea, our 4 super powerful lines and a test that's not a good test at all, but wtf it's how the rest of the request methods are tested so let's roll with it18:19
greg-gdon't rock the boat ;)18:19
brouschrick_h_: Congrats!18:20
rick_h_widox: you coming to CHC tonight? Would love to check out the local storage work and see how we can get that notification like we've got in chrome for the + or something18:20
jrwrenyou didn't complete the rfc2616 http verbs?18:34
jrwrenthey had GET HEAD POST PUT, you added DELETE, what about OPTIONS TRACE CONNECT ?18:34
rick_h_jrwren: nope, I didn't think it'd get merged yet. I asked how to write better tests and actually run them since they're failing right now out of trunk18:34
rick_h_jrwren: itch scratched :)18:35
jrwrenwell played.18:35
jrwrenty for making things better rick_h_18:35
rick_h_tests still don't run :(18:35
jcastrogood lord rick_h_18:48
jcastro$179 unlocked Moto G18:48
jcastrothat's just a gamechanger right there18:48
rick_h_jcastro: yea, kind of crazy eh? 1.2Ghz cpu and 329dpi screen18:49
jcastroI wonder if it's a step up from the N418:49
rick_h_jcastro: I think so, though I'm not sure on the camera18:50
rick_h_they're bad enough in the 'super' phones18:50
rick_h_jcastro: but I bet my could use that one without an issue. "insurance on your phone?" "umm no, I'll just buy a new one18:51
jcastroso it's not as nice18:51
jcastrobut for 179, who cares18:51
jcastroIf we could get ubuntu touch on there ... there's the dogfood18:51
rick_h_true, but lack of ram I'd expect to suck18:52
rick_h_the ram requirements for Touch is the biggest thing imo18:52
jcastroyeah but they target the Galaxy Nexus with UT18:52
jcastrotherefore, theoretically ....18:52
rick_h_jcastro: yea, but it's not as compelling.18:52
rick_h_no convergance story without the ram18:52
jcastrobut tbh, that isn't going to be ready for a long time anyway18:53
rick_h_I was hoping the 5 or the motox would have more ram18:53
rick_h_true I guess, I'd be curious what the phone folks thing then18:53
rick_h_I'd definitely get a G to dogfood/test on18:53
jcastrostill, the lines of your phone for 17918:53
jcastroand the custom colors and stuff18:53
rick_h_I've been thinknig of getting a 5 just for that, so a G would rock18:53
jcastroit's the perfect jillphone18:53
jcastroafter she went through _2 nexus 4's_18:53
rick_h_yep, perfect wife/parents phone18:53
jcastroreal android too, not some BS18:54
rick_h_are they selling unlocked/etc like the dev edition motox?18:55
jcastro179 is the unlocked price dude18:55
jcastrono subsidy18:55
rick_h_cool, hadn't seen what the 'buy from motorola/google play' story is yet18:55
rick_h_cool, have jono go get that officially supported and we'll buy a half dozen for the MI folks lol18:55
jcastroyeah no shit18:56
rick_h_greg-g: did the extension go back to working for you? Also curious if it updated to 0.1a418:59
greg-gone sec in relevator19:00
rick_h_greg-g: all good19:01
greg-grick_h_: on a3 right now, still nothing happening when I click the icon :/ (restarted fx)19:09
rick_h_greg-g: ok, I wasn't sure if updates weren't happening because it's not been reviewed yet19:09
rick_h_greg-g: orly ok. Good to know. Guess it's not error handling then. Wonder what's up.19:09
rick_h_greg-g: if you get a sec I guess head to add-ons and remove it, then readd from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/bookie/19:10
rick_h_the settings will still be saved and wonder if it'll open or not for you19:10
rick_h_if not will have to figure out how to get at logging from an installed setup19:10
* greg-g nods19:11
greg-gin meeting,19:11
rick_h_greg-g: np, let me know. I can't dupe here and do want to try to get things fixed while everyone is FF motiviated19:12
rick_h_ok this is damn funny if true https://twitter.com/cblatts/status/40068083372158156819:26
rick_h_heh, anyone got a spare mil laying around? https://www.sedo.com/search/searchresult.php420:42
greg-grick_h_: which one?20:44
rick_h_greg-g: av.com starts at 1M20:44
cmaloneybusinëss.com is available21:10
cmaloneyThey only want 10,000Euro for it21:10
cmaloneyYou'll never have to worry about spam from anyone in the USA ever again.21:11
jrwrenanyone want to work on building/maintaining a private linux distro which runs on large scale embedded system hardware?21:15

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