ChinnoDogI want to use MariaDB but it takes up over twice as much memory as MySQL in my existing configuration00:10
square-r00tthat is.. definitely wrong. it should use the same amount if not less00:18
square-r00tany esoteric tweaks in your my.cnf?00:23
square-r00tssweeny: feel like reverse-engineering some embedded device's firmware for me?00:23
square-r00tactually, scratch that! looks like a standard .7z with tar!00:29
ChinnoDogsquare-r00t: It is not wrong. You can't disable Aria or InnoDB in MariaDB. I have mysql running in a low memory configuration using only 12mb of RAM.00:47
square-r00tright, i mean wrong as in "that should not happen"01:13
ssweenysquare-r00t, you want me to reverse engineer their compression or the software itself?01:30
InHisNameI'm back.  Now to test the username/pwd and whether my upload speed limits will choke the video to play.02:08
jedijfssweeny: he got it02:10
jedijf7zip and tar it's all uncompressed02:10
ssweenywell that's no fun02:10
jedijfdebian too02:12
InHisNameSo, just what IS this file from clearwire good for ?    Is it for loading firmware on one of their devices ?02:20
* InHisName yawns and does one lap around chair02:45
ChinnoDogsquare-r00t: I went back to mysql. Now running comfortably in 7-12mb of memory.03:02
square-r00tInHisName: yep. looks like openwrt whiterussian release at a glance03:47
square-r00tChinnoDog: there's something super funky going on there03:48
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else13:18
InHisNameOoops, I missed out on a 'good morning', so, good afternoon instead.19:17

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