Kiloscremora minora05:32
bdukMorning everyone05:36
Kiloshi bduk  mazal 05:36
bdukGoed en self Kilos ?05:37
Kilosgoed dankie05:38
mazalMore oom05:58
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 06:15
Kiloshiya kbmonkey 06:15
Kilosmorning superfly 06:38
mazalAnybody know why Ubuntu can't access an external hdd's SMART data ?06:55
mazalAnd if there is a way around that ?06:55
Kilosmazal, wayttd06:56
Kilossmart data is the condition of the drive right?06:56
mazalYeah it contains a whole bunch of info06:57
Kilosuse diskutility to see if it is on06:57
mazalIn the Disks application there is a whole lot of info you can view06:57
mazalFor my external , it just shows " not available "06:57
Kilossome drives dont support smart and others have it turned off06:58
mazalI wonder where I can see if it is turned off06:58
mazalIs a brand new 2013 drive so must have SMART06:58
Kilosi dont remember for sure but in bios it sometimes lets you choose06:58
mazalIt is on in BIOS06:58
mazalAnd I can view my internal drive's info06:59
Kilosoh my06:59
Kiloswhat drive is it?06:59
Kilosmaybe google can find why06:59
Kilosgive all the info man06:59
mazalI like to view my drives info on a regular basis to see if errors start to creep in07:00
mazalToshiba 1TB usb 307:00
Kilosok lemme ask a bot to google07:00
mazalAnd since this one is my primary OS I kinda want to see it07:00
mazalWhen I google I just get a whole lot of places to buy one lol07:01
mazalSeems the problem is that the USB controler don't pass the SMART data :07:04
Kiloslook at smartmon tools07:04
mazalNow I wonder if linux has similar tools like the windows ones mentioned there07:04
mazalIsn't smartmon tools a Windooze app Kilos ?07:04
Kilosi dont know it but maybe your drive isnt supported yet07:04
Kilosno man linux07:04
Kilosmust be in repos07:04
Kilosmaar moenie krap waar dit nie jeuk nie07:05
Kilosleave well enough alone07:06
mazalI just want to see info07:06
mazalInstalled it , now need to figure out how to use it07:08
Kilosman smartmontools07:08
mazalno manual entry for smartmontools07:08
mazalsmartmontools command not found07:09
mazalThis gives a very basic just "OK" :07:13
mazalsudo smartctl /dev/sdb1 -a07:13
mazalOh ok , so smartctl is actually smartmontools07:13
Kilossmartctl or smartd seem to be the commands07:14
Kilosi have smart off here in bios otherwise i gotta throw all my drives away07:15
SquirmMaaz: coffee on07:23
* Maaz puts the kettle on07:23
SquirmMaaz: larger07:23
Maazinna bucket for you Squirm07:23
mazalDankie oom , daai werk sharp07:23
KilosMaaz, coffee please07:24
MaazKilos: Alrighty07:24
Kiloshi Squirm y07:24
inetprogood morning07:24
Kiloshi inetpro 07:25
Kiloshi DarkSurferZA 07:27
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm and Kilos!07:27
KilosMaaz, danke07:27
inetproMaaz: dankie07:27
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend07:27
SquirmMaaz: thanks07:27
MaazSquirm: No problem07:27
SquirmMaaz: botsnack07:27
MaazThank you thank you, munch munch chomp chomp07:27
DarkSurferZAYo, guys07:27
DarkSurferZAHow are things? Everybody recover all their hardware after the lightning last night?07:28
Kilosonly had lost inodes07:29
Kilosbut fsck fixed them07:29
KilosYou are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has07:31
Kilosbeen automatically rejected.07:31
DarkSurferZAWell, not bad then. Heard some horror stories last night07:31
DarkSurferZAAll kinds of hardware fires07:32
DarkSurferZAConsoles, set top boxes, laptops, computers07:32
DarkSurferZAEven some phone chargers....07:32
Kilostell everyone to send the scrap to me07:33
Kilosi like fiddling and fixing whats fixable07:33
Kilosphone chargers are a pain07:33
DarkSurferZAHaha, u would find that more often than not,it is a fuse or something07:33
Kilosoften yes07:34
DarkSurferZAThe old atx power supplies used to pop fuses in the power supply07:34
Kilosof voltage spike protector07:34
mazalDarkSurferZA, I always unplug everything when thunder comes07:34
DarkSurferZABut most wouldnt open it because of the sticker that said no user servicable parts inside07:34
mazalAs well as when I'm not home07:34
DarkSurferZAI used to do that, but my dstv updates at night, i have downloads, updates, and other maintanence crud07:35
DarkSurferZAAnd then on a cold winter morning,you gotta get out of bed to turn on the wifi again...07:35
DarkSurferZAGotta be a better way man07:36
Kilosyou can buy a little box for protection but i forget what its called07:36
* Kilos goes to ask sis07:36
DarkSurferZA1 x ball box ?07:36
Kilossurge protectors07:37
Kilosplug in to your power socket and then your equipment into it07:37
DarkSurferZAAh, right. That was my next guess. But 1 x surge protector for every plug point in the house07:37
Kilosno man only pcs and tv07:38
DarkSurferZAAnd then you need to make provision for that power-snake-ception that you have in the lounge07:38
Kilosi have tv and pc in one07:38
Kilosgotta few adaptors plugged into the protector07:39
DarkSurferZATv, dstv, xbox, playstation, surround sound, media center, chargers. All plugged in to 1 socket in my house07:39
DarkSurferZASurge protectors dont play nice with the amperage requirements07:40
Kilostoo many toys07:40
DarkSurferZAWhy cant we just get clean power from the circuit breakers?07:40
mazalKilos, I saw power surges go right through those surge protectors. If it is strong enough it goes through. 07:40
Kilosthe prob comes when lightening hits an overhead power line07:41
Kilosthey sposed to trip mazal 07:41
DarkSurferZAKilos: no such thing as too many toys07:41
mazalAnd the 2nd problem is the telkom line as well07:41
Kilostelkom lines are always unsafe in storms07:41
Kilosthats where 3g is so much better07:42
DarkSurferZATrue, but i dont have that problem. I have the problem where telkom would install a fixed line to my house07:42
DarkSurferZACable theft blah blah blah07:42
mazalWe have lots of theft issues as well07:43
Kilossame here. thats what forced me to mobile use when i started with pcs07:43
mazalI would really struggle the day they don't provide a line here anymore.07:43
Kiloseven power lines used to get pinched so theyve strung aluminium wires now07:43
mazal3G is both useless and over priced07:43
DarkSurferZAI got iburst at home. If i need to download something over the weekend, i first call the call center07:44
Kilosover priced yes but never useless07:44
mazalKilos, we never have proper signal here07:44
DarkSurferZAThen complain about slow speed. They say they are looking in to it, but actually just unchoke my line07:44
mazalTried MTN , Vodacom , 8TA , all useless07:44
Kilosmazal, you need an external antenna man07:44
DarkSurferZAThen i reboot modem and get decent download speed07:44
Kilosmy telkom mobile rocks07:44
mazalAnd currently I have uncapped for the price they ask for just 2gig07:45
Kiloswhat speed DarkSurferZA ?07:45
mazalNothing beats cable07:45
Kilosmy last upgrade average 386kB/s07:45
DarkSurferZAGet around 100 - 150 KB download.07:45
DarkSurferZANot great, but not bad for the price either07:46
Kiloswhat do iburst charge for data bundles07:46
DarkSurferZAI pay 149 for 5GB anytime and 5GB midnight to morning data07:48
Kilosnm im happy with telkom mobile07:48
Kiloswow that is much cheaper07:48
DarkSurferZA198 for 10+1007:48
DarkSurferZAI use it for general downloading, but if i need speed, i also switch to 3g07:49
Kilosi pay R149 for 2+107:49
DarkSurferZAHence the reason i have both. 2 AP's . 1 for speed, and the other for quantity07:50
mazalDarkSurferZA, your living room sounds almost like mine hehehe07:51
mazal2x PS3 , PC , TV , DSTV , laptop07:51
mazalAnd screens for them all07:51
DarkSurferZAWell on the topic of ps3s. Here is a fun fact07:52
DarkSurferZADid you know: you could fit, into the front loader on your ps3 blueray drive:07:52
DarkSurferZA1 x Grand Tourismo, 1 x f1 2012, 1 x 5 rand coin, 1 x 2 rand coin, 3 x 5 cent coins, 4 toothpicks, and a playing card07:53
DarkSurferZAAt the same time07:54
mazalI'm scared to ask07:58
mazalHow and more importantly , why ?07:58
Kiloskids do things07:59
mazalAaaah , ok07:59
DarkSurferZA3 year old son, he was trying to play games07:59
DarkSurferZACant say more than that really07:59
mazalAre you on the sagamer forum DarkSurferZA ?07:59
DarkSurferZAmazal: nope08:00
DarkSurferZAHavent heard of it till today08:00
DarkSurferZAAnd my iburst has latency issues, so gaming usually sucks online08:01
mazalGreat place for gamers. I'm Marshall_Maz there08:01
mazalTons of info's , help en general chat08:01
DarkSurferZACool, will have a look08:02
DarkSurferZAAnyone here ever file a 0 day with msft? Need some info08:17
Kiloshi space 08:20
Kiloshi Vince-0 08:44
KilosDarkSurferZA, you got an android tablet?09:10
Kilosif so how do you do a command line reboot09:10
Kilossisters stylus7 is in safemode and we dunno how to reboot the stupid thing 09:11
Kilosor do a recovery09:11
Kilosany android boff may answer as well09:12
Kilosit came back from the repair shop in safe mode09:13
Kilosshe be scared that rfeset button will lose all her pics and things09:13
Kiloshi psyatw 09:16
psyatwhi Kilos09:16
nlsthznKilos, when you turn it off and on it goes back to safe mode?09:24
Kilosi found this http://www.howtogeek.com/130611/09:26
Kilosbut would rather use a cli if possible09:26
nlsthznproblem is every device is slightly different...09:27
Kilosya thats why i was hoping there is a terminal kinda thing and a command to use like sudo reboot09:29
nlsthznnot as far as I know (or not one that is typically used)09:29
Kiloswhat kinda linux is android then without a terminal and commands09:30
nlsthznone that doesn't need it?09:30
nlsthzncan you access the files when plugged into a PC?09:30
Kilosyes but lots of functions dont work09:31
Kiloshavent tried via pc09:31
nlsthznif you can get the files, copy them over and do a factory reset...09:31
nlsthznthat seems to be the consensus I get from threads on a tablet booting continuously into safe mode...09:32
Kiloswill try that but will need to otivate her first. she scared i crash it from here09:32
nlsthznthat or first un-install what ever was installed before this started and then reboot and see if it works09:32
Kilosthe power thing had to be replaced in it09:32
nlsthznbackup backup backup :p09:32
Kilosshorted and died09:32
Kilosthey shoulda done a backup and restart at the android shop the swines09:33
Kiloshow can you return a thing that runs only in safe mode09:34
Kilosvery unproffessional09:34
nlsthznhow do you know it is in safemode?09:34
Kilosit shows it09:35
Kiloslittle block at bottom of screen09:36
Kilosim sorry she ever got it. hair gray enough without android making it worse09:37
nlsthzntypically just doing a reboot should put it back into normal mode :/09:39
Kilosshe was much less troublesome playing AOE2 on xp09:39
Kilosyou mean power off?09:39
Kilosthat dont work09:40
nlsthznif you keep the power off button in it should give the option to power off or reboot09:40
nlsthzneven in safe mode09:40
Kilosoh lemme check that way ty nlsthzn 09:40
nlsthznso reboot isn't taking out of safe mode09:40
Kilosshuts down and boots back to safe mode09:40
Kilosno reboot option only off and cancel09:41
nlsthznok, to put it into safe mode you typically power it up and hold both volume buttons in... perhaps switch it off, then power it up while holding both the volume buttons and see what happens09:43
Kilosok sec09:43
Kilosoh my now it cant boot anymore09:46
nlsthznis the tablet in same case perhaps?09:46
Kilosnow im in the dwang09:46
nlsthznnot to stress yet uncle Kilos ...09:47
DarkSurferZAYo Kilos, see you asked me about android09:47
DarkSurferZAYeah, i got several09:47
nlsthznhow much battery does the tablet have?09:47
DarkSurferZAWhat happend? What did you press09:47
Kiloslol yay its booting with only power button09:47
nlsthzntablet stuck in safe mode DarkSurferZA 09:47
Kiloslots of battery\09:47
nlsthzndoesn't want to boot to normal mode09:48
Kilosboth volume buttons and power09:48
DarkSurferZACrud. Does it have usb debugging enabled?09:48
DarkSurferZAWhich tablet?09:48
Kilosyay safe mode off09:49
nlsthznwhen in doubt , try anything 09:49
nlsthznmake backups off all the pics ASAP09:49
Kiloswhew got me worried there09:49
nlsthznalready had the hardware fail once...09:49
DarkSurferZAEnable usb debugging as well09:50
Kilosthey said it musta been a power surge or something that burned it out09:50
Kilosthey replaced the faulty stuff09:50
nlsthznstill :)09:50
DarkSurferZAYou will be able to access the device over the usb bridge just in case09:50
Kiloshow do you enable usb debugging09:51
Kilosi hate that thing09:51
Kilosworse than a lappy09:52
DarkSurferZASettings, application settings, development09:52
DarkSurferZAYou can do commands like adb sync, (backup the device), or adb reboot, or adb reboot recovery09:52
* nlsthzn hasn't had enough problems to be pro at fixing android yet... plus the S3 has a separate partition for recovery so it doesn't brick easily... even when you flash a rom for the S2 on it by accident :p09:54
DarkSurferZAYou can also adb devices lists your droid, and adb -s <serialnumber> shell will pop a shell on your droid 09:54
Kilosty will convince her to make backups09:54
nlsthznI typically have most photos and vids automatically uploading to the cloud when on wifi to keep em safe09:58
Kilosshe only has pics. battles to finish 250m data a month09:59
Kilosmaybe its because its the cheapest android she could get that there are probs10:00
nlsthznyou often get what you pay for...10:01
nlsthznI love it when you install a distro in VBox and the extensions are already integrated and everything just works :D10:01
DarkSurferZAMaybe worth a bookmark: www.droidviews.com/a-comprehensive-guide-to-adb-android-debug-bridge-and-commands/10:03
* superfly is back from AfricaCom10:56
superflyow, my feet are sore10:56
Kilosnot used to lotsa standing and walking10:57
=== Arcanum_za is now known as Trixar_za
Vince-0superfly, looks like a big deal: http://www.appsafrica.com/1/post/2013/11/africacom-day-1-highlights.html12:06
Vince-0anything interesting to the real geeks?12:07
Kiloswb Trixar_za 12:13
Trixar_zaThanks Kilos12:13
Kilosyou neen working again12:13
Trixar_zaNo, looks like the ZNC disconnected from the freenode again12:14
Kiloslooks like the interwebs been friendlier to irc/freenode today12:15
Kiloswho is this ubuntu-za-owner@lists.ubuntu.com12:17
Kilosas in who answers that mail and grants permission12:18
Trixar_zaCheck out http://ccmixter.org/ btw12:19
Trixar_zaIt's all free music, remixes and samples12:19
Kiloscan one download songs from there?12:20
Kilosi dont often get music, but nice to know there is a site without having to youtube12:20
Trixar_zaIt's what some people did with the Creative Commons idea. The whole community is built around providing free music and samples. Then others in the community remixes it to produce new songs.12:21
Trixar_zaIt's like Open Source, but with music12:21
Kilosvids removed?12:21
Kilosi hate youtube12:21
Kilosdata hog12:22
Kilosnearly everything has some youtube links12:22
Kilosmy monkey you came again back12:29
kbmonkeyhello Vince-0 12:31
kbmonkeyworked half day today, got a badheadcold12:31
* Kilos passes the bananas12:31
kbmonkeygoing to drop some meds and sleep till the cows come home he he12:32
Kilosget well soon12:33
Kiloswhat meds?12:33
kbmonkeyhow are things Vince-0 ?12:33
Kilosdo they make vegetarian meds?12:33
kbmonkeyha ha funny kilos12:33
Kiloslotsa raw onion and garlic will fix you12:34
kbmonkeypulling your leg man. i love you Kilos12:34
Kilosnatures antibiotics12:34
* Kilos blushes12:34
kbmonkeyya i got some um.. let me type this.. linctagon-c12:35
Kilosno medlemon?12:35
kbmonkeyand other stuff. ya natural antibods12:35
Kiloshot medlemon and sweat it out12:35
kbmonkeyyes that too12:36
Kilosgood lad12:36
Kilosgo rest now12:36
kbmonkeysoon, after the hot drink12:36
kbmonkeyjust had 2 hour nap. going back soon12:37
kbmonkeyyou holding the fort here ok Kilos ?12:38
Vince-0kbmonkey! same dizl here ey12:39
kbmonkeyah good man. they having discussions at work over who's buying over the company12:40
Vince-0nice, let me know if you need a lackey there12:40
kbmonkeyI may leave depending which way it goes12:41
Vince-0"A lackey or lacquey is a term for a uniformed manservant"12:41
kbmonkeythe people giving us all the grief for so long are the ones buying12:41
Vince-0how's your C#?12:43
kbmonkeyI'll be glad for the change, but let's see how it goes first12:43
kbmonkeyi've only been doing c# for the past few years, I'd say I know it very well 12:44
Kilosya me be here on and off12:44
Vince-0well Dev2 is looking but they're up the hill and the culture is a bit weird12:46
kbmonkeymust be all that mist they get ;)12:46
Vince-0SmilyBorgs goin through the motions at Derivco - sounds interesting12:46
Vince-0Derivco just bought some HA Apache2 in Sweden - yoh that'll be the life12:47
kbmonkeythey also have a weird culture there, very paranoid under the shiny armour.12:49
kbmonkeyI feel that if I work hard anyway, perhaps it can be better spent working for myself or a group of us. 12:52
Vince-0yes! damn the man12:52
kbmonkeyand not making the top 10% of the rich evenricher12:52
Vince-0I'm fixin' to freelance at some point next year12:52
kbmonkeyright on!12:53
Symmetriaheh man, every time I get to a point of knowing a lot about networking12:53
SymmetriaI find some scenario where I need a config that is a thousand times more complex than anything Ive ever done before12:53
Symmetriamy brain feels twisted ;p12:53
Kilosyou just noticed that now?12:54
Vince-0the great unknown12:54
Kiloswb Symmetria what died12:54
kbmonkeyhello Symmetria 12:54
Symmetriaheh I rebooted my bouncer box and forgot to reconnect my client afterwards12:55
Symmetriaright now Im trying to figure out the complexities of using some wierd mpls kompella / martini unified mix in networking12:55
Vince-0yoh sounds like a cocktail12:58
kbmonkeyya that sounds pretty tasty !12:58
kbmonkeyhey Symmetria did you live in pmb before by any chance?13:01
kbmonkeyright am goingback to rest off this head cold... 13:13
Vince-0mix a whiskey and some honey stuff13:13
mazalEnjoy your evening everyone13:36
jhb-hackerhi there14:04
jhb_hackerhi there14:13
inetprohi jhb_hacker14:21
jhb_hackerneed help, could not install grub-efi14:25
inetprojhb_hacker: on ubuntu?14:28
jhb_hackereOS, my computer came with win8 preinstalled, I was able to install ubuntu 13.10...however eOS will not install14:30
inetprohmm... 14:32
inetprojust hang around here, perhaps someone will be able to help 14:33
inetprowb DarkSurferZA14:42
DarkSurferZAHad to switch networks. Thanks man14:42
Trixar_zaIf you have Ubuntu installed, why are you trying to overwrite your bootloader?14:43
Trixar_zaAlso saying eOS isn't very helpful. Do you mean EOS written in 1986?14:44
Trixar_zaThere's also the incomplete e-os: https://code.google.com/p/e-os/14:47
Trixar_zaand of course elementary OS, but since it's a DE, I'm not sure it counts14:49
Trixar_zaAsking for Support Rule #1: Explain what the problem is in as much relevant detail as possible. This includes the steps you took to get there, where you got the software and what other software packages you installed or removed recently on the system.14:51
inetproTrixar_za: eish!15:15
inetprohe ran away after that15:16
Trixar_zaHe'll be back15:16
Trixar_zaMost people just don't how to ask for help. I could help him if he gave more information on15:17
Kiloshe means that thing that isnt mbr hey?15:17
Trixar_zaWell, he replaced Windows 8, so I'm assuming he installed the Grub that comes with Ubuntu15:18
Trixar_zaAnd he tried to install another grub other it rather than adding the new OS to it15:18
Trixar_zaIf it allowed that, he would have broken both :/15:18
Kilos13.10 recoknises the new thing anyway 15:19
Kilosisnt efi  um15:20
Kilosguid or something15:20
Kiloswait ill get it when i wake up15:20
Trixar_zaIt's what replaced BIOS - EFI that is15:22
Trixar_zaWell, replacing is a better word15:22
Kilosoh not the thing on the drive only to let it have more than 4 primary partitions15:24
* Kilos sees https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting15:26
Kilosheres an update https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:29
Kilosinteresting, must be 64bit ubuntu15:39
Kilosai! more to learn about15:41
Kiloslol you hard on peeps hey Trixar_za 16:07
nlsthzntruth hurts16:08
Kilosmaybe he dom like me16:08
Trixar_zaSorry, it comes from working in support16:09
Kilosbut not with that nick unless its a dream nick16:09
Trixar_zaBad support questions are common16:09
Kilossomewhere we had a link on how to ask for help16:09
Trixar_zaHe wishes he was a hacker - and I'm talking RMS like hacker, not idiots that break into systems for lulz aka crackers16:09
Trixar_zaYeah, I skimmed that :P16:10
nlsthznesr a often unsung hero16:10
Trixar_zaBut it boils down to giving as much information as possible. If they ask you to use gdb and you don't know how, then ask for the steps16:11
Trixar_zaI've done it a few times16:11
Trixar_zaGNU Debug I think16:12
Trixar_zaIt's useful for debugging compiled programs16:12
Kilosmaybe he installed alongside without removing win816:14
Kiloslemme read again16:14
Kiloshe doesnt say 16:17
Kilosmaybe trying to run all three16:17
Kiloswhatever eOS might be16:18
nlsthznmost probably elementary OS which is based on 12.0416:18
Kilosthat rings a bell. maybe i even got the iso16:19
Kilossomeone came on here and spoke about it a month or 2 back16:20
nlsthznit looks pretty... not much more or less to it really (uses its own DE called Pantheon)16:25
nlsthznnice, going to install VSIDO to see how it looks in VBox and VBox already labels it as Debian... they must have an extensive database of distro's I must imagine16:28
* Kilos goes for quick shutdown and an extra drive connect16:32
Kilosinetpro, yay16:44
Kiloshehe nlsthzn i have elementaryos iso and i think i tried it16:46
Kilosbut something wasnt lekker to me16:46
nlsthznnot everyone's cup of tea for sure16:47
Kilosi wish i could remember what i didnt fancy about it16:51
Kilosmaybe thats his eOS prob. not 64bit16:57
DarkSurferZAso you know the conversation we were having earlier about surge protectors?17:09
Kiloswb DarkSurferZA 17:09
DarkSurferZAWell, lightning hit my roof a few minutes ago, hence the disconnect17:09
Kilosis it storming by you already again17:09
DarkSurferZAEverything is fine electronically17:10
DarkSurferZAExcept my tv17:10
DarkSurferZAMy xbox17:10
DarkSurferZAAnd my dstv17:10
Kilosthey all bust?17:10
DarkSurferZAOh, and i am using my backup router to connect to iburst17:10
DarkSurferZAAll dead17:11
Kilosdstv decoders and older tvs have a circuit in with a thing that blows17:11
Kilosim trying to remember what they called17:11
DarkSurferZANew dstv explora. 1 month old17:11
DarkSurferZATV is a year old...17:12
Kilosits right where the power comes in17:12
DarkSurferZAAnyway, gotta check my insurance policy17:12
Kiloswhew sorry man17:13
Kilosthat sucks17:13
DarkSurferZAChat later...DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!17:13
DarkSurferZAI mean, shoot, woopedy wop, fudge17:13
Kilosyeah bad news that17:13
Kilosstorm coming this way too sounds like17:14
* inetpro hears the sound of thunder in the distance18:01
inetprogood evening18:01
Kiloslo pro18:01
DarkSurferZARight, so receipt of purchase looked at, and total damage of R17k18:03
DarkSurferZAInsurance thankfully covers lightning.18:04
DarkSurferZAClaim already submitted.18:04
Kilosstill under cover or out?18:04
inetprooh and I suddenly hear a big rustling of the leaves18:05
Kilosthats lucky18:05
Kiloswb inetpro 18:05
DarkSurferZALightning hit the tree next to my house18:05
DarkSurferZATree fell on my wall, but the wall is still upright though18:06
inetprouh oh18:06
inetproDarkSurferZA: wow!18:06
DarkSurferZAHope it stays that way through the night18:06
inetprobig tree?18:07
inetprotake a photo18:07
DarkSurferZAHuge tree. Twice the height of my roof18:07
DarkSurferZAWill in the morning, when i have light. Half upright, half over the wall. Split by the hammer of Thor18:08
Kilosnature has big power18:08
Kilosstorm getting close now18:19
Kilosjust hit the pros work looks like18:19
Kiloswb inetpro 18:23
Kilosmzo still dead18:23
inetprosomething clearly not right with that connection of ours18:24
inetproshouldn't be going down like this18:24
Kilosstorm here sounds like18:30
Kilosmassive wind18:30
Kilosbroke many branches out of the camphor tree last night18:30
Kilossounds like storm blew past us18:54
Kilosand not even power offed18:55
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:01
Private_Userhi all, any reason why Lubuntu would not shut down when I try to shutdown via GUI. When I select shutdown it restarts the machine23:15

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