Aliekezhibekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6408114/00:00
Aliekezhibekks, the end of dmesg shows errors related to radeon driver (which is IN the kernel, right ?)00:01
bekksAliekezhi: You played with oom_adj?00:02
Aliekezhibekks, no idea what is is00:02
agoraanonynimity try installing libncurses500:02
bekksAliekezhi: the radeon driver is just a module, and those messages arent critival.00:02
Anonynimitythe amd64 package?00:02
Aliekezhibekks, I removed mdadm from boot because this computer doesn't use RAID system and only has one disk00:02
agoraanonynimity there should be an i386 package00:02
Aliekezhibekks, but the problem was there before so I guess it's not related00:02
Anonynimitythere isn't all that's listed in the packages on the site is amd6400:03
agoraanonynimity you're looking at lib32ncurses500:03
agoraanonynimity http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/libncurses500:03
bekksAliekezhi: Then try setting the values I told you, run sudo sysctl -p afterwards - and post a free -m and ps aux immediately when you notice your computer starts to swap again. How much RAM do you have by the way?00:03
agoraim talking about libncurses500:03
Anonynimityoh, okay...00:03
agorait should work i believe00:04
Anonynimitynow to find the others... *sighs*00:04
Aliekezhibekks, 1GB00:05
bekksAliekezhi: 1GB isnt much.00:05
bekksAliekezhi: You have 2MB swap usage...00:06
Anonynimityso, instead of 32 agora, I just type in ia-libs (for example) or libz-dev00:06
bekksAliekezhi: And much too less swap for 1GB :)00:06
Anonynimityor libreadline5/libreadline600:06
Aliekezhibekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6408131/00:06
Aliekezhibekks, so you mean it's not swapping that much ? or then the space partition isn't big enough ?00:07
agoraanonynimity no, if you're running saucy then ia32-libs is a nonexistent package00:08
bekksAliekezhi: Actually, it isnt swapping (only 2MB) and your swap partition is far too small. For just 1GB RAM, I suggest using at least 2GB swap.00:08
bekksAliekezhi: And in addition, setting the values I told you.00:08
Anonynimitybut you can install it using the raring repo agora, right?00:08
agoraanonynimity ehm, i would imagine so. also this person has a similar problem to you: http://askubuntu.com/questions/81815/cant-install-lib32ncurses5-dev-or-ia32-libs#8181900:09
Aliekezhibekks, going to try this, I'll tell you if it doesn't fix the problem00:10
agoraanonynimity it is probably listing that as a dependency because it thinks it needs it to install other packages.  Try to install everything else first.00:11
agoraanonynimity if you do get it installed though then you shouldn't have to worry about using multiarch on each dependency that is 64-bit only00:12
Anonynimityokay, cool...00:14
oaulakhhello you all00:14
AnonynimityI had to use ia32-libs-multiarch to get that installed... but everything else aside from libreadline-dev, libreadline5-dev, libreadline6-dev libreadline-gplv2-dev went great00:14
oaulakhanyone know any good looking futuristic theme for linux,that's in movies00:15
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agoraanonynimity what happened with those?00:16
bing0719how to instaall themes....?00:16
agorahello phong_00:16
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apb1963_kmix is killing my system... load average is 5 right now00:17
Anonynimityagora: Probably going to get kicked for this but...00:17
Med_Amineque fait cut -d' ' -f1,3 note | uniq > paquet00:17
Anonynimitythis is what happened: The following extra packages will be installed:00:17
Anonynimity  libreadline6-dev00:17
AnonynimityThe following packages will be REMOVED:00:17
Anonynimity  libreadline-gplv2-dev00:17
AnonynimityThe following NEW packages will be installed:00:17
Anonynimity  libreadline-dev libreadline6-dev00:17
FloodBot1Anonynimity: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:17
Anonynimityalrighty then... he he00:18
Anonynimityso that's what happened with those packages agora00:19
agoraanonynimity hmm, did you say yes?00:19
wilee-nileebing0719, what ubuntu release, this is key info always.00:19
agoracause libreadline5-dev is not an existing package in saucy00:19
Anonynimityno because the libreadline-gplv2-dev is a required package for what I'm trying to do...00:20
oaulakhanyone know any good looking futuristic theme for linux,that's in movies00:20
jimgrothwhow, I was JUST looking for something like that00:20
reisiooaulakh: most themes are that awful :p00:20
agoraanonynimity you could install manually from the lucid packages00:21
oaulakhnot thats not00:21
agoraanonynimity everything else is installed besides those you said?00:21
oaulakhdid you see iron?00:21
wilee-nileeoaulakh, what ubuntu release, this is key info always.00:21
oaulakhsecter 16 theme?00:21
Anonynimitybesides those 2 or 4 packages, yes agora00:21
oaulakhubuntu studio00:21
agoraanonynimity actually just try installing libreadline-dev00:21
Anonynimitybut won't that remove libreadline-gplv2-dev?00:22
wilee-nileeoaulakh, Try #ubuntu-studio00:22
Anonynimityyes it will00:22
agoraanonynimity hmm you could always reinstall it tho?00:22
Anonynimityyes, but it will remove the libreadline-dev package... but I have an idea...00:23
oaulakhbut i need themes only....00:23
Anonynimityhow about I download the .deb packages for those 2,00:23
oaulakhi have'nt system related issue00:23
agoraanonynimity i feel like you're only supposed to have one or the other00:23
Anonynimityand I dpkg -i libreadline libreadline6-dev?00:23
jackal_af1I added a new network interface (VSphere image) to an already installed ubuntu server VM.  After configuring the interface (/etc/network/interfaces) I can no longer ssh to the host on the original interface, nor is a web server originally hosted on the machine responding.  Both interface are up according to ifconfig.  any thoughts?00:23
Anonynimitybut referring to this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=227469200:23
Anonynimitysays I need both00:24
Anonynimityor all 3...00:24
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wilee-nileeoaulakh, The common desktop here is unity, thanks for at the least mentioning you are running ubuntu studio, changing themes can be problematic just a heads up be sure to keep a list of what you do.00:25
agoraanonynimity weird00:25
bekksjackal_af1: Wrong configuration. What did you "edit" in detail, and whats the output of ifconfig -a; netstat -rn; now?00:25
Anonynimitynow, the question is Agora, do I download the package from debian.org or ubuntu quantal ??00:26
jimgrothI'm running lubuntu. Should I be somewhere else or is it similar enough to the "daddy" distro?00:26
agoraanonynimity shouldn't matter, but go with ubuntu00:26
wilee-nileejimgroth, You're okay here.00:26
jimgrothSo, I'm looking to change the look and feel to something darker. I like the old terminal feel of green or orange. Any ideas? I've tried to find themes and thought GTK2.0 would work but... no.00:27
jackal_af1this was the original config for eth0:00:27
jackal_af1auto eth0 iface eth0 inet staticaddress iptables-restore < /etc/network/iptables.rules00:27
jackal_af1this is what I added for eth100:27
jackal_af1auto eth1 iface eth1 inet staticaddress
Anonynimityurggghhhh conflicting packages... GDIMFSOBCSB00:28
bekks!paste | jackal_af100:28
ubottujackal_af1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:28
agoraanonynimity ya, as i suspected00:28
bekksjackal_af1: Spamming it into the channel is pretty unreadable.00:28
oaulakhok i will sought out but do you have themes links that look like in movies00:28
agoraanonynimity you are essentially trying to install two different versions of the same package00:28
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:28
Anonynimityyes... I understand this...00:28
Anonynimityha ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha00:28
agoraanonynimity so you should be able to proceed without readline5?00:28
jackal_af1auto eth000:28
jackal_af1iface eth0 inet static00:28
FloodBot1jackal_af1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:28
bekksjackal_af1: Use a pastebin.00:29
wilee-nileejackal_af1, You just ran the paste bot info use it.00:29
bekksjackal_af1: Please do not spam into the channel.00:29
diyttoI'm attempting to create a bootable live usb drive on my mac, yet the pc i am trying to boot it from will not boot ubuntu00:29
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diyttoi'm using unetbootin to create the usb drive00:29
Anonynimityin theory, yes, but in practice, no... there's a reason the tuorial says I need libreadline5-dev libreadline6-dev and libreadline-dev...00:30
kevin^_hey guys so im running ubuntu precise 12.04, if i do-release-upgrade, will it upgrade me to saucy 13.10 or do i need to do-release-upgrade three times...?00:30
wilee-nileediytto, The usb has been loaded but wont boot?00:30
wilee-nileekevin^_, up on release at a time00:30
diyttoit won't boot from the usb at all00:30
diyttoit just reverts to windows00:30
kevin^_wilee-nilee: alright. thanks.00:31
wilee-nileediytto, why would you be booting it without it loaded?00:31
diyttowilee-nilee: I'm unsure what you mean by 'loaded'00:31
wilee-nileediytto, unetbootin loads the iso.00:31
diyttooh yes00:32
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diyttoi used unetbooting to create a usb from a live iso00:32
wilee-nileediytto, Has the usb been loaded with the iso but wont boot on the other computer?00:32
Anonynimityalmost had it too...00:32
agoraanonynimity the only thing i can think of is to modify the dependencies00:32
Anonynimity*shakes head*00:33
agoraanonynimity i really have no idea why you need an old and new version of a package00:33
Anonynimityfrom terminal --00:33
wilee-nileediytto, Are you aware of the per-session boot outside the bios, mine is prompted with f12, where as if I want the bios I use f2. Are you alse aware of putting the usb as first read in the bios.00:33
diyttoi have done both00:34
pinPointI want to install openssl .tar.gz in my ubuntu 12.04 lts. How can I replace it with the manual build? I use Repo before, its at 1.0.1, looking to manually install 1.0.1e00:34
wilee-nileediytto, What happens on the per-seesion?00:34
diyttousb is set as primary boot and i have tried to boot from the boot selector00:34
diyttowilee-nilee: same thng either way00:34
bekkspinPoint: You dont want to do that - it will break a lot of things. Why do you want to replace the 12.04 openssl package?00:34
wilee-nileediytto, What actually happens?00:34
diyttowilee-nilee: boots straight to windows00:34
wilee-nileediytto, I have to assume since your using an apple computer that unetbootin is correct, so be that have you checked the sum of the iso?00:35
pinPointbekks: after apache 2.4 and new openssl for security00:36
diyttowilee-nilee: how would i go about getting the cheksum00:36
bekkspinPoint: This is the changelog of openssl, as you can see, the latest version in 12.04 is 1.0.1e actually. http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/o/openssl/openssl_1.0.1-4ubuntu5.10/changelog00:36
wilee-nilee!md5sum | diytto00:36
ubottudiytto: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:36
pinPointocsp stapling, Forward secrecy, and better tls1.2 cipher support00:36
pinPointit is? bekks ?00:37
bekkspinPoint: Just look at the changelog.00:37
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wilee-nileediytto, Can you use other than a mac for this usb loading and a sum check?00:37
pinPointbekks: what of apache 2.4.6?00:37
diyttowilee-nilee: where can i find the official checksum00:37
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bekkspinPoint: Whats up with apache 2.4.6?00:37
diyttowilee-nilee: no, mac is my only option00:37
pinPointI wants it00:38
kevin^_uhmm, is there a way the package manager can download multiple things simultaneously (in regards of do-release-upgrade)? this sequential downloading is dreadful00:38
Anonynimitydpkg -i --force-conflicts libreadline6-dev_6.2-8_i386.deb ; libreadline-gplv2-dev:i386 conflicts with libreadline6-dev libreadline6-dev:i386 is to be installed dpkg: warning: ignoring conflict, may proceed anyway (Reading database ... 66835 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking libreadline6-dev:i386 (from libreadline6-dev_6.2-8_i386.deb) ...  dpkg: error processing libreadline6-dev_6.2-8_i386.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/u00:38
Anonynimitysr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libhistory.a', which is also in package libreadline-gplv2-dev:i386 5.2+dfsg-2 dpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe) Errors were encountered while processing: libreadline6-dev_6.2-8_i386.deb00:38
Anonynimity@ agora00:38
bekkspinPoint: Then you have to either backport it from some PPA or manually build it.00:38
wilee-nileediytto, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes00:38
agoraanonynimity wow00:39
Anonynimitythat's why changing the dependencies won't matter agora.00:39
Aliekezhidoes xserver-xorg-raring can be installed on 12.04 Precise without issues ?00:39
wilee-nileediytto, here is the usual bot link that has mac info as well.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM00:39
bekksAliekezhi: No.00:39
Anonynimityand agora it's 666835 files and directories currently installed00:40
bekksAliekezhi: Just randomly installing software will not solve your issue ;)00:40
Anonynimitywhy the wow?00:40
agoraanonynimity wow cause it failed00:40
diyttowilee-nilee: checksum is correct00:40
agoraanonynimity you're right00:40
wilee-nileediytto, I gues that bot link I gave you has two links sorry for the repeat of one.00:40
diyttowilee-nilee: does it make a difference if i am using the 64bit install?00:40
wilee-nileediytto, for?00:40
Aliekezhibekks, well installing a more recent software where the bug could be solved is suppoed to be a logicall approach00:40
diyttowilee-nilee: the usb00:41
wilee-nileediytto, nope00:41
agoraanonynimity im trying to think of another reason that the thread lists both versions of this package00:41
Aliekezhibekks, it's not random, the bug is from xorg, so I try to install a more recent version of xorg00:41
bekksAliekezhi: That would be correct if you investigated that the X server is the problem. I strongly doubt that, since you havent provided any proof of that until now :)00:41
wilee-nileediytto, Are you using a iso you downloaded separately than the ones given by unetbootin?00:41
Aliekezhibekks, xorg crash with logs00:42
bekksAliekezhi: Which bug? Do you have a launchpad bug ID? Or was your X server just killed because of too less RAM and too less swap?00:42
diyttowilee-nilee: seperate.00:42
bekksAliekezhi: Until now, there was proof of an X server bug at all.00:42
Anonynimitya reason the thread lists both versions of this package in the command line code box because: android and CM 10.1 may use 1 version to compile it, while the other, ubuntu uses to compile it...00:42
wilee-nileecool diytto the unetbootin ones have been a problem for some is all.00:42
diyttowilee-nilee: i used bittorrent to download it00:42
Aliekezhibekks, if you like logs here are all my logs :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/125067700:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 1250677 in xorg (Ubuntu) "xorg 1:7.6 crash when opening image files on 12.04LTS" [Undecided,New]00:43
bekksAliekezhi: Did you set the values I told you, and did you reboot after that? Did the error occur again?00:43
wilee-nileediytto, best way usually.00:43
agoraanonynimity is that what it says?00:43
diyttoit's certainly the quickest00:43
Anonynimitythat's not what it says...00:43
Aliekezhibekks, I added the values, didn't reboot yet00:43
agoraanonynimity oh okay00:43
bekksAliekezhi: Actually, the "oom_adj" notice isnt an error at all in dmesg.00:44
Aliekezhibekks, but the same computer is there since 2 years on ubuntu with same RAM values and no crash00:44
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Anonynimityagora it says: Enter this in order to get dependencies for building android, please note that this is about 100-150 megs and will take a few minutes/10ish minutes depending on your computer and internet connection.00:44
Aliekezhibekks, you said the controry a few minutes ago00:44
bekksAliekezhi: And the current kernel for 12.04 LTS is 3.500:44
Anonynimitythen it gives the code.00:44
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bekksAliekezhi: No, I didnt, I asked you wether you did something with oom_adj. I did NOT say it is an error.00:44
agoraanonynimity im stumped00:45
Anonynimityso am I00:45
Aliekezhibekks, 3.2 was there by default.I upgraded to lastest available kernel in main repository to check if the issue was solved00:45
diyttowilee-nilee: any ideas?00:45
agorais there risk with proceeding without the old version?00:45
Anonynimityagora's Repo is required for sucking sources from the cloud...00:45
bekksAliekezhi: Currently, 12.04 is at 12.04.3 which introduced kernel 3.500:45
AnonynimityI have no idea agora00:46
Aliekezhibekks, well, what are these xorg-quantal-lts and xorg-raring-lts package for ? supposed to work, right ?00:46
bekksAliekezhi: And the latest kernel you are using is a mainline kernel without any ubuntu related patches.00:46
agoratbh i don't think i can help you from here00:46
agorayou have been told that you need to install two packages that conflict00:46
Anonynimitywell, thanks for your help agora.... waiiittttttt.....00:46
wilee-nileediytto, The sum good?00:46
Anonynimitywait a minute00:46
Anonynimityhang on....00:46
diyttowilee-nilee: yes00:46
agoraim still here :)00:46
pinPointbekks: let's say I apache 2.2 installed via a repo then I use a ppa from the internet, will it replace my current apache instance?00:46
bekksAliekezhi: BEfore randomly replacing software, you should investigate the issue as I proposed to you.00:46
Aliekezhibekks, hum ok, so i'll try with 3.500:46
Aliekezhibekks, well the logs shows xorg crash, so upgrading xorg isn't really "random"00:47
bekkspinPoint: Depends on the PPA, and what the author of the packages in the PPA actually does.00:47
Aliekezhibekks, and you didn't answer my question00:47
wilee-nileediytto, I have never used a mac so not really, all I would do if me is look at the other usb loaders that are suggested if unstbootin seems not to work.00:47
bekksAliekezhi: Well, you didnt answer my question wether the solution provided helps and eliminates the problem or not.00:48
Anonynimityagora, how would I open libreadline-dev for editing... would I use g-edit or....?00:48
bekksAliekezhi: If it does, its not an X server bug.00:48
diyttowilee-nilee: the other option is to used the ubuntu guid, but that didn't work either00:48
Aliekezhibekks, ok I'll try a reboot with 3.5 + your options and tell you if the problem is solved00:48
agoraanonynimity wait why would you want to do that? o.O00:48
bekksAliekezhi: You told me you would do that shortly after I offered you that solution already.00:49
wilee-nileediytto, If the other computer shows the per-session boot and you have tried all its options as sometimes how the usb is read can be different I would assume it is the loading that is bad.00:49
Anonynimitybecause then I could change the file name from/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libhistory.a in the .deb package itself, and install it with a different filename00:49
wilee-nileediytto, Try a dvd00:49
diyttowilee-nilee: okay. i will go buys some CDs and try that then00:49
Anonynimitysay /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libhistory-1.a00:50
Anonynimityand the same with libreadline5-dev, could change it to libhistory-2.a00:50
wilee-nileediytto, Cjeck the iso size probably a dvd is needed, however a netload is tiny and fits on a cd and lubuntu and maybe xubuntu.00:50
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Aliekezhibekks, lastest 3.5.0 is ok ?00:50
diyttowilee-nilee: i just need a liveboot to transfer some data off the hard drive00:51
agoraanonynimity but how will that help? i dont think the new version would ever be referenced, but i could be wrong00:51
bekksAliekezhi: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install linux-image will give you the latest LTS kernel.00:51
wilee-nileediytto, I would try puppylinux it runs in root.00:51
wilee-nileeand is small00:51
diyttowilee-nilee: the windows install got screwed due to a virus and it needs a reinstall00:51
bekksAliekezhi: you shouldnt use the mainline kernel unless you know why exactly.00:51
diyttoi will look at it00:51
Anonynimityit would have to be, wouldn't it?00:52
wilee-nileediytto, Ah windows, running it in admin per-chance?00:52
diyttowilee-nilee: windows cannot boot anymore00:52
Anonynimityif it's installed.... ubuntu references everything that's installed... does it not?00:52
wilee-nileediytto, 90% of badware is cutoff by just running windows in a standard account is all.00:53
Anonynimitywindows.... windows... windows.... windows...00:53
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* Anonynimity starts banging on the table00:53
Aliekezhibekks, result of apt-get install linux-image is linux-headers-3.2.0-51-generic00:53
diyttowilee-nilee: i ran an offline windows defender boot drive and it removed windows boot files00:53
agoraanonynimity well if that file specifically was referenced then it would just take the old version, but you're right if the package was referenced it would work00:53
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Aliekezhibekks, so according to what you saied it's not lastest LTS kernel00:54
wilee-nileediytto, That can be reloaded if just the boot files, but a infected windows is best reloaded with a clean clone or reinstall.00:54
bekksAliekezhi: Did you run sudo apt-get update before?00:54
Anonynimityand I assume it's not installing because it can't overwrite that one file agora?00:54
Aliekezhibekks,  yes00:54
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agoraanonynimity yes00:54
bekksAliekezhi: And apt-get install linux-image install a kernel, not just headers.00:54
bekksAliekezhi: Pastebin sudo apt-get update please, into a pastebin.00:54
Anonynimityone file.... one phucking file....00:54
diyttowilee-nilee: that's the plan00:54
Aliekezhibekks, I pasted only this one because they all are same version00:54
* Anonynimity starts yelling at the computer00:55
agoraanonynimity or perhaps that's just the first one it ran into00:55
bekksAliekezhi: thats misleading very much.00:55
Anonynimityyou can't overwrite one stupid little file or change the freaking name of yours.... because you're a stupid computer00:55
Aliekezhibekks, they all are 3.2 linux image + headers and dependencies00:55
agoraanonynimity probably just the first one it ran into00:55
pinPointbekks: https://launchpad.net/~derek-morton/+archive/apache-2.400:56
* Anonynimity throws the computer out the window, runs after it, jumps on it 10 times, tosses it 30 feet into the air, lets it land on the ground; and sees it doesn't have a single scratch on or in it...00:56
Aliekezhibekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6408285/00:56
agoraanonynimity it's not the computer's fault00:56
agoraanonynimity you are asking it to do something that doesn't make sense00:56
Anonynimityyou mean it'll run into more files like that?00:56
agoraanonynimity i would imagine so00:57
Aliekezhibekks, that's what I don't understand...why by default it stays on old kernel ? there is was even some 2.6 kernel installed !00:57
bekksAliekezhi: Because newer kernels are to be installed by the user, not automagically.00:57
Aliekezhibekks, ... so why do you tell me to do it automatically when I was doing it manually ?........00:57
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Aliekezhibekks, ok I install lastest 3.8 as I was doing00:58
bekksAliekezhi: I never told you that the kernel will be updated automatically.00:58
Aliekezhiquote :00:58
Aliekezhi" sudo apt-get install linux-image will give you the latest LTS kernel."00:58
Aliekezhi"Currently, 12.04 is at 12.04.3 which introduced kernel 3.5"00:58
bekks"sudo apt-get install linux-image" is a command to be run manually.00:58
kostkonAliekezhi, 12.04.3 uses 3.8 not 3.500:59
bekkskostkon: Ah, they're on 3.8 now even.00:59
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Aliekezhilosing so much time there00:59
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AliekezhiI was using 3.800:59
wilee-nileeAliekezhi, This a dual boot as well with another linux?00:59
bekksAliekezhi: You said you were using 3.2 and updated to 3.1101:00
Aliekezhiwilee-nilee, no01:00
pinPointbekks: what do you think of that ppa?01:00
kostkonAliekezhi, sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-saucy will give you 3.11  read this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack01:00
bekkspinPoint: I wont use it, for the sake of being a PPA which you are going to use on a webserver. It's your choice.01:00
bekks!ppa | pinPoint01:00
ubottupinPoint: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:00
Aliekezhikostkon, I'm using 3.11 right now01:01
kostkonAliekezhi, oh ok01:01
Aliekezhikostkon, but bekks told me it's not patched for ubuntu and I shouldn't use it01:01
kostkonAliekezhi, where did you download it from?01:01
bekksAliekezhi: You are using a mainline kernel as you told us. The mainline kernel do not contain ubuntu patches.01:01
Aliekezhikostkon, using synaptic with default sources.list configuration01:01
Aliekezhikostkon, so canonical repo01:02
kostkonAliekezhi, then you did sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-saucy ?01:02
kostkonAliekezhi, if thats the case then you are fine01:02
pinPointbekks: it look slike apache 2.4.6 will never make it to 12.04.3 lts so what other options of updating are there?>01:02
bekksAliekezhi: Just pastebin apt-cache policy linux-image and apt-cache policy linux-generic-lts-saucy01:02
bekkspinPoint: Using the security updated packages from 12.0401:03
Aliekezhikostkon, 3.11-precise01:03
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pinPointbekks: I don't understand. I use apt-get update and upgrade almost every other day. I didn't see an offer of apache 2.4.6...01:04
Aliekezhikostkon, 3.11-13.20~precise201:04
bekkspinPoint: 2.4.6 will not make it into 12.04, but apache2 packages in 12.04 will be patched for security updates.01:04
kostkonAliekezhi, hmm that versioning is usually applied to ppa packages01:05
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kostkonAliekezhi, so just give what bekks asked you01:05
pinPointso the perfomance upgrades, MPMs, forward secrecy, oscp stapling, tls 1.2 Ellyptic Curve updates never will?01:05
Aliekezhikostkon, the saucy one isn't installed01:05
kostkonAliekezhi, i think you got it from some ppa01:06
bekkspinPoint: you have to read the changelog of the packages in question to have that question answered.01:06
Aliekezhikostkon, bekks http://paste.ubuntu.com/6408316/01:07
Aliekezhikostkon, so you mean there could be some unofficial ubuntu repo enabled somewhere ? actually nothing like this in sources.list, where should I look ?01:07
kostkonAliekezhi, yeah possibly01:08
kostkonAliekezhi, look in your /etc/apt/sources.list file and in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d folder01:08
Ben64kostkon: what are you thinking is not an ubuntu package?01:09
kostkonBen64, it is, from a ppa01:09
Ben64which package01:09
kostkonBen64, no idea. ask Aliekezhi01:10
Aliekezhikostkon, actually there are files in sources.list.d01:10
Ben64kostkon: why are you so sure theres a ppa if you don't know what could be from a ppa??01:10
Aliekezhikostkon, google-chrome.list.distUpgrade lucid-partner.list.distUpgrade01:10
Aliekezhikostkon, should I remove these files ?01:10
kostkonBen64, the versioning <Aliekezhi> kostkon, 3.11-13.20~precise201:11
AliekezhiBen64, kernel 3.11-13.20~precise201:11
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pinPointbekks: yeah, those features will still not be there in 2.22.x01:12
kostkonAliekezhi, leave those files01:12
pinPointsad really when 2.4.6 could be much better01:12
pinPointbekks: plus that ppa is untrusted but at least they are recoginized in the ubuntu community.01:13
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Geohi, does anyone know a good code snippet manager on ubuntu ?01:15
Aliekezhikostkon, bekks deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise partner01:15
Aliekezhishould be the cause01:15
kostkonAliekezhi, no, try giving apt-cache policy linux-generic*01:16
Aliekezhiyou guys have a problem I think01:17
Aliekezhiyou don't know how to search a package ? XD01:17
AliekezhiI feel like losing time here, 3.11 is on precise according to ubuntu package website...01:17
AliekezhiI'll try to solve the problem myself and see if the bugzilla can change something01:18
AliekezhiI don't think I'll come back there, no usefull help01:18
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jackal_af1can someone please provide pointers or advice into setting up two NICs with static IPs on the same subnet?01:22
harushimoany good assembly compiler for ubuntu?01:23
harushimoI'm looking for one01:24
Jordan_Uharushimo: GAS01:25
harushimothats a program right?01:25
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Jordan_Uharushimo: Assuming you want an assembler for x86 assembly in the AT&T style.01:25
harushimox86 and it would be cool to do arm chips also01:26
Jordan_Uharushimo: (Though GAS recently started supporting Intel style to a certain extent as well).01:26
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harushimoi'll look into it01:26
harushimoit works with ubuntu 12.04 LTS correct?01:26
harushimoJordan_U: how is nasm?01:27
Jordan_Uharushimo: I've used it without any issues, and of course it uses Intel syntax.01:28
harushimoJordan_U: I'm just starting out. What is the difference between Intel version and AT & T01:30
harushimoI've seen you mentioned it01:30
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Jordan_Uharushimo: http://www.imada.sdu.dk/Courses/DM18/Litteratur/IntelnATT.htm01:31
Jordan_Uharushimo: AT&T style has historically been the Unix style, and the fact that it's what's used by the GCC stack (of which GAS is a part), makes it appealing. That said, for whatever reason, most beginners examples I see use Intel syntax.01:33
harushimoJordan_U: thanks I'll mess around with GAS01:34
harushimoyou said GAS supports the Intel syntax too?01:34
SrinivasGowdahey guys01:34
reisioheya SrinivasGowda01:34
SrinivasGowdaI'm trying to install ubuntu along side windows 7 on my new G505S01:34
nasa01Hi, On my fresh install of ubuntu 12 my nic is shutting down as soon as Ubuntu starts (ie: lights flashing then no lights at all).  Anyone know how to correct this?01:35
SrinivasGowdabut windows 7 is installed in non EFI boot01:35
SrinivasGowdaand ubuntu is installed in EFI mode01:35
Jordan_Uharushimo: Yes, though the last time I tried to assemble a file with intel syntax (made for nasm) using GAS I had to replace all of the ';'s with '//' (nasm uses ';' to begin comments, GAS uses '//').01:35
SrinivasGowdaand that causing a problem01:35
reisioSrinivasGowda: what problem01:35
harushimoI'll mess around nasm and gas01:36
SrinivasGowdaubuntu din't detect windows 7 after install01:36
SrinivasGowdaupdate-grub also doesn't work01:36
reisioSrinivasGowda: what makes you think Ubuntu thinks the system is using EFI?01:36
wilee-nileeSrinivasGowda, Have you run the bootrepair and have the bootinfo summary per-chance?01:37
GeekDudeI'm getting a tar error,01:39
GeekDude"Cannot open: File exists", even though the file does not exist/did not exist prior to me trying to untar?01:39
nasa01GeekDude, does the file your untarrng create a directory?01:40
GeekDudenasa01: it creates 2 directories01:40
GeekDudewith subdirectories01:41
zoidberg-http://www.celticsecurity.net/.htaccess fix?01:41
zoidberg-errr, whoops01:41
nasa01Did you remove them both prior to untarring?01:41
GeekDudenasa01: Isn't that the point of untarring? To get the directories out of the .tar.gz and into the file system?01:42
reisioGeekDude: maybe if you were more specific about the error01:42
nasa01Yes, my initial guess is that the files are of the wrong permissions so they can't be over written when you try a 2nd time01:42
reisioor even further: what the tarball is for01:43
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Have you checked that whatever the tar is may be in the repos, and yeah more specificities.01:43
GeekDudegimme a sec, I'll paste a log01:43
nasa01Anything I can add about my question?01:44
reisionasa01: what was your question?01:44
nasa01Hi, On my fresh install of ubuntu 12 my nic is shutting down as soon as Ubuntu starts (ie: lights flashing then no lights at all).  Anyone know how to correct this?01:44
GeekDudeLog: http://pastebin.com/fpsZHWTv01:44
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wilee-nileenasa01, So in other words the login does not work and a black screen?01:46
wilee-nileeor the login gets you a black screen in the end01:46
nasa01No, let me try again.  When I start up the computer, the nic lights up (link activity) until the Ubuntu screen appears.  At which point, the link activity lights stop.  Ubuntu continues to boot - but not wired network available01:47
nasa01It gives me a disconnected cable error01:48
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wilee-nileeGeekDude, You would cd to the desktop and open the tar correctly.01:48
reisionasa01: wired?01:48
nasa01GeekDude, I normally use "tar xvfz" to untar files like I see there.01:49
GeekDudewilee-nilee: No dice http://pastebin.com/jaXxcMJe01:49
GeekDudenasa01: vz?01:49
wilee-nileeGeekDude, cd ~/Desktop   then run the untar correctly01:50
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GeekDudewilee-nilee: how would I run the untar correctly?01:51
wilee-nileeGeekDude, We are going to have to look at thet "Geek"dude part of your nick now, lol. ;)01:51
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression01:51
nasa01GeekDude, from manpage - v is for verbose (might be helpful here) and z is uncompressing gzip/gunzip/etc01:52
GeekDudewilee-nilee: Was I running the untar incorrectly before?01:52
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wilee-nileeand you were not even getting to it01:52
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melow01Is there a way to pause apt-get update while its running?01:52
melow01For some reason its running super slow downloading the latest Google Chrome package and I need to leave my office soon01:53
wilee-nileeGeekDude, http://askubuntu.com/questions/25347/what-command-do-i-need-to-unzip-extract-a-tar-gz-file01:53
wilee-nileemelow01, never seen one letting it run is no biggie if installing.01:54
melow01wilee-nilee, ok01:54
* nasa01 did remember the command correctly :}01:54
GeekDudewilee-nilee: so, it's because it's gzipped that I'm doing it wrong?01:55
melow01wilee-nilee, if I shut down in the middle of an apt-get update, will it kill anything?01:55
BoohbahGeekDude: GNU tar automatically recognizes compression formats01:55
wilee-nileeGeekDude, It says tar.gz there is a pretty standard command01:55
nasa01GeekDude, have you tried it yet (ensuring you're in the correct directory)?01:55
Boohbahtar xvf some.file.tar.gz01:56
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reisioreally no reason we should still be talking about tar :p01:56
wilee-nileemelow01, Only your ability to re update without a reboot and running a -f install or rm-ing the apt01:56
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wilee-nileereisio, Yeah, you said it. ;)01:57
wilee-nileemelow01, shutting down a apt update is not a good idea, all it will do is run and sit at a yes or no to finish as is.02:00
melow01wilee-nilee, ok. luckily it finished. Any ideas if the Google servers are slow today for some reason?02:00
nasa01So, any thoughts on why link activity would stop when Ubuntu starts?02:00
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Nicolas_Leonidashow do I upgrade the rails installed in my ubuntu to the latest version?02:01
wilee-nileemelow01, many nodes between you and the google servers, any answer would be a guess.02:01
xangua!latest | Nicolas_Leonidas02:02
ubottuNicolas_Leonidas: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.02:02
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pozhi guys,02:04
GeekDude*sighs* I'll just contact the creator of the tar file, hope he has some more helpful input as to why it doesn't untar correctly02:04
pozI have a problem where my computer keeps going black screen. it does not turn off the display. but the screen goes black (after about 10 - 15 mins)02:05
wilee-nileestrip that user of their self proclaimed "Geek" status, hehe02:06
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pozI turned off all the easy settings like in the bightness and lock settings, power settings... and i changed the screen saver (which is disabled anyways) to enable after 720 mins02:06
pozbut for some reason the screen keeps turning black... im on ubuntu 12.0402:07
wilee-nileepoz, Release?02:07
wilee-nileepoz, 12.03 has a problem with this.02:07
melow01wilee-nilee, ok, thanks02:08
wilee-nileepoz, I have yet to figure out a fix I just run xset -dpms ; xset s off02:08
pozis there a way to fix this problem? I never happend until a few days ago (remember I had some problems with updating and the background going black and all crazy like)02:08
jubaleWhat is the best partition format to use for sharing data between Ubuntu and Windows?02:08
poz"run xset -dpms ; xset s off"?02:08
wilee-nileejubale, NTFS02:08
wilee-nileepoz, That turns it off "the sreen going black"02:09
jubaleI figured it would be NTFS, wanted to confirm.02:09
pozI figured out that update problem that I had a few days ago... or at least the cause of it... somthing with cinnamon02:09
pozwilee-nilee, is it permanent? (i want it to be)02:09
wilee-nileepoz, cinnamon in 12.04 is not supported.02:09
pozno problem, I got rid of it, caused to many problems02:10
wilee-nileepoz, That is a per-session, as I said already I have not found a fix myself.02:10
pozI will just add the code to the statup applications then02:11
wilee-nileeI tried that02:11
pozno worky?02:11
wilee-nileenot here but I did not do a pause02:12
wilee-nileegive it a 10 second or so pause02:12
jubaleAlso, Software Updater keeps popping up but has an error everytime i try to update.02:13
pozhow do I add a 10 second pause?02:13
pozjubale, try sudo apt-get -f install?02:15
jubaleDoesn't do anything, but does say 42 not upgraded02:15
jubaleI'll try upgrading again.02:15
reisiopoz: sleep 10s02:16
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pozso i put in for a startup application "xset -dpms ; xset s off sleep 10s"?02:18
reisiopoz: that'd make it sleep 10s after it did everything else02:18
pozokay, thank you reisio02:19
sam113101can someone help me with zsh?02:19
tankgearHmm.  I think it's ironic that my computer running Ubuntu wants to restart after the latest update today... and it's patch Tuesday.02:21
Guest26080is there a freeware app that runs on ubuntu  (linux) and on windows for making process flow diagrams like http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0PDoV6O4YJSYW4AqFqZDWNH?p=process+flow+diagram&fr=&ei=utf-8&y=Search      ?02:23
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JhonPhetentonHello all02:24
jubaleThat upgrade seems to have worked.02:25
tankgearhi Jhon02:26
JhonPhetentonCiao tank02:26
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JinxyWhat's the syntax for a backup file. Say you have sensitive config file you want to save a backup before editing02:28
Jinxylike that?02:28
reisioJinxy: YYYYMMDDfile02:28
reisiooh you mean for a text editor what saves backups02:29
reisiothe default should be fine02:29
JhonPhetentonPer stavolta ho provato a vedere cosa succede. Ora esco. Ciao a tutti02:29
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reisioJhonPhetenton: #ubuntu-it02:29
JhonPhetentonOk grazie reisio02:30
Jinxyresisio, no it's simpler than that :L just before I cp a conf file how should I rename it?02:30
Jinxyputting a ~ before it would stop it being loaded by a program02:30
JinxyI just thought there was a standardized format for this02:30
reisioJinxy: not really02:31
reisiosome use foo~, some use .foo.swp02:31
reisioit doesn't matter, as long as it's a name something won't be looking for02:31
reisiobut I like adding a timestamp02:31
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Jinxyexactly, I just like doing things properly ^-^02:32
Jinxyadding a timestamp is a good idea actually02:32
jmgkhey arvindeep02:32
Jinxythink I'll adopt that02:32
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vAd0rHave any of you been able to get ubuntu installed on an hp prolient ml350 G3?02:35
reisiovAd0r: probably someone has02:36
vAd0rits so frustrating02:36
vAd0ri isntall it and it goes through everything and when it reboots and gets to where it should load the pc goes blank02:37
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wheatthinvAd0r, no terminal console or anything?02:37
vAd0rmonitor activity light goes from green to amber02:38
vAd0rits set to raid 0 on my raid card02:38
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:38
vAd0rhow can i fix it if i cant see it02:38
wheatthinvAd0r, booting a livedvd02:39
vAd0rthis server does not have dvd02:39
vAd0rits old though02:39
vAd0rnot sure if i have the option to boot02:39
wheatthinIt's worth a shot02:39
vAd0ri have an option at the end of the install to use grub02:39
vAd0rshould i not02:40
cpareGood evening room - is there any "Current" generic Kernel Headers module we can load to always ensure Kernel Headers stays up to date?02:40
cpareI am always finding mine falling behind02:40
wheatthingrub is needed, but there's a setting in there.. check out the link I ubottu suggested02:40
wheatthincpare, unless there's a brand new hardware in which needs support, then there's not much reasoning to do so.02:41
cpareevery time I update my kernel, phpVirtualbox needs the new headers02:42
wheatthinYou shouldn't have to update your kernel that often tho... there's no reason for it.02:42
cparein the past I have seen bogus packages that ensure the most recent version of packages that post with unique names each time02:43
cparewell, webmin is pulling down patches for my box, and applying them weekly02:43
wheatthinlol well don't let it02:44
cpareI guess I could stop that process02:44
vAd0rso it looks like i have that option if i hit f6 before install02:44
cpareI was thinking staying on top of it was a good idea02:44
vAd0rwill it keep it if i run through the install again02:44
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cpareto resolve any bugs / security issues02:44
wheatthinvAd0r, if you do a completely new install, it shouldn't keep it02:44
vAd0rso how do i make it keep it02:45
vAd0rits installed02:45
vAd0rim not sure how to change it on the existing install02:45
carbon_guestim kind of new to irc how do I see how many people are in a chat room at once?02:46
reisiocarbon_guest: on freenode: /msg alis list #chatroom02:46
carbon_guestreisoio how is your name in red?02:47
vitehelo how do I set the timezone for an ubuntu server?02:47
wheatthinvAd0r, well if you have a grub menu, You can temporarily edit the kernel line and add 'nomodeset'02:49
Jinxycarbon_guest That's your irc client doing that. When you reply to someone, and start the comment with their nickname, it's up the irc client to colour the name02:49
wheatthinvAd0r, once you do that, you can follow the guide02:49
Jinxycarbon_guest on mine, it's yellow02:49
carbon_guestjinxy like this ?02:50
vAd0rthats the problem the only way i get a menu is if i put my bootdisk back in02:50
carbon_guestJinxy Like this ?02:51
vAd0rhey i can rescue a broken system02:51
Guest26080is there a freeware app that runs on ubuntu  (linux) and on windows for making process flow diagrams like http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0PDoV6O4YJSYW4AqFqZDWNH?p=process+flow+diagram&fr=&ei=utf-8&y=Search      ?02:51
wheatthinvAd0r, well then do so, then edit the kernel line, add 'nomodeset', esc then 'b' and then it'll boot. once it boots, go into /boot/default/grub and statically add it02:53
vAd0ryou will have to excuse me on this one. how do i edit the kernel line02:53
vAd0rjust vi to grub?02:54
wheatthinno.. once you get a grub menu, you can press 'e' to edit02:54
Eliyahu`where does skype install to in the filesystem in 13.1002:55
carbon_guestGuest26080 this one comes to mind but to be honest I havent used linux in about 3 years so something might be better out now https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/precise/labyrinth/02:55
wheatthinEliyahu`, same place it always installs to :P02:55
Eliyahu`i dont know where it installs to02:56
wheatthinEliyahu`, have you already installed it?02:56
vAd0rso i am in grub.cfg02:56
Eliyahu`i just ran install from terminal02:56
vAd0rdo i add it in there02:56
Eliyahu`i dont know the location02:56
Eliyahu`./bin/etc etc etc02:57
wheatthinvAd0r, yes, you scroll down to your boot entry02:57
cpinedevening...trying to install netflix-desktop...the install hangs on wine-browser-installer...any ideas?02:57
MagentaManGuest26080, not sure if it fits exactly, but I like yEd Graph Editor http://www.yworks.com/en/products_yed_about.html02:57
wheatthinvAd0r, on the kernel line at the end02:57
wheatthinEliyahu`, run 'sudo update-db'02:58
vAd0rit mostly looks like a program02:58
vAd0rdo you have an example file02:58
Eliyahu`no program02:58
wheatthinvAd0r, there was an example in the link I sent you02:58
craigbass1976how do I set a static ip via the command line?  I thought /etc/network/interfaces was what I needed to edit, but I've done it through the GUI on my laptop and checked that file.  Nothing indicating any kind of static ip.02:58
wheatthinEliyahu`, sudo updatedb    sorry02:58
Eliyahu`ok then what02:59
Eliyahu`i got a broadcast im sposed to login right now i cannot add the skype login application02:59
Guest26080carbon_guest,  MagentaMan  thx02:59
Eliyahu`and find it on the drive02:59
wheatthinEliyahu`, then  locate skype02:59
Eliyahu`how do i locate it02:59
Eliyahu`is it in home?02:59
wheatthin'locate skype'  in terminal02:59
Eliyahu`where do installs go? for skype02:59
wheatthincraigbass1976, which release are you using?03:00
wheatthinvAd0r, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313203:02
Eliyahu`thanks found it in usr03:03
craigbass1976wheatthin, 12.04.  My laptop is running mint, but I thought most everything under the hood was the same since I'm running the one that uses ubuntu repositories.  THe box I'm wanting to change is straight up ubuntu.03:03
wheatthinEliyahu`, what that did was update the database for locate. So after an installation of a program, and you need to find a file, run that, then use locate.03:04
wheatthincraigbass1976, sorry brother, but mint, although it's linux, isn't supported here.03:04
vAd0rGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"03:04
vAd0rthat did not work03:04
vAd0ri can add the acpi thing03:04
craigbass1976wheatthin, what I'm wondering is how to set the ip on an ubuntu box.  I only mentioned my laptop because I tried with the GUI to set it (and did) but nothing showed up in /etc/network/interfaces  So how to do it on the ubuntu box?03:05
wheatthincraigbass1976, just one moment, booting my vm03:06
thunderkeyi know this probably isn't the place for it, but i have to say I FREAKING LOVE UBUNTU.  In windows, when trying to author a DVD movie, it took 3 pieces of software, with Ubuntu, just a couple of commands using bombono and its good.03:08
craigbass1976wheatthin, http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/05/windows-vs-ubuntu-12-04-setup-static-ip-addresses-from-the-command-line/ sounds legit, but I'm not onsite, so if I screw it up I won't be able to fix it until tomorrow evening (18-19 hours from now)03:08
craigbass1976thunderkey, welcome aboard.03:09
thunderkeythanks craigbass197603:09
wheatthincraigbass1976, looks legit, just substitute your info03:12
wheatthindon't forget to set your dns in /etc/resolv.conf03:12
tpw_rulesi'm having an issue where i keep getting an error relating to unathorized permission swhenevr i try and mount a drive03:12
tpw_rulesso i can't mount any flash drive I plug in without sudoing in the terminal03:13
thunderkeywhat is the best program to monitor cpu speed, temperature, that kind of thing?03:13
wheatthintpw_rules, only root can mount, unless you make an additional statement in /etc/fstab03:14
wheatthinthunderkey, you can try   'sensors'03:14
tpw_ruleswheatthin: i never had this issue before03:14
thunderkeywheatthin, thanks i will give it a shot now.03:15
wilee-nileethunderkey, I use lm-sensors and a conky myself, best is a subjective03:15
tpw_rulesit started after i upgraded packages03:15
thunderkeywilee-nilee, understood.03:15
birdsnackshi, i've been running unattended upgrades for months and everything has been fine, now it appears to have broken with the following http://dpaste.com/1459249/ can anyone advise me how to proceed (using -f doesn't help)03:16
wilee-nileebirdsnacks, why is the terminal in root, and have you installed kernels yourself?03:18
birdsnacksi just sudo bash'd03:18
birdsnacksuhm i haven't manually done anything to this box, i've installed kernels myself before, but not on this system03:18
wilee-nileebirdsnacks, try apt-get dist-upgrade03:19
birdsnackssame fault03:19
birdsnackswonder if i can roll back to
maujhsnWhen I use to drag my "mouse of an audio file it auditioned and I could hear the file with my speakers! Now I can't. What do I need to do to correct this issue?03:19
wheatthinbirdsnacks, sounds like an interrupted update03:19
wilee-nileebirdsnacks, just seems strange that you have a sligtly higher kernel than is the upgrade is all.03:19
birdsnacksi haven't done a dist upgrade, system has had unattended updates running, it's just a web server that i never do anything special on03:20
wilee-nileebirdsnacks, what does uname -a show03:20
comptrollerI am getting an error message: "com.canonical.indicator.datetime In order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages" Does anyone know how I fix this? I use Ubuntu 13.1003:20
birdsnacksLinux xxx.com 3.2.0-54-generic #82-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 10 20:09:12 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux03:20
wilee-nileebirdsnacks, Not sure myself exactly.03:21
wheatthinahh, birdsnacks did you install something using a ppa?03:21
RalliasWhat's the smallest server install disk I can get for 13.10 amd64?03:21
vAd0rAd0r> i just added it to /etc/default/grub03:22
vAd0ri just added it to /etc/default/grub03:22
wilee-nileeRallias, The net install is the smallest.03:22
vAd0ris that the only place as it did not work03:22
Ralliaswilee-nilee, Unfortunately, the datacenter I'm working with refuses to fix the network interface.03:22
wilee-nilee30 mb03:22
wheatthinvAd0r, There used to be a grub.cfg and a menu.lst  I'm not sure which is current03:23
RalliasThey say "e3 v3 proc's don't work with debian-based OS's"03:23
birdsnackswheatthin: what's that?03:24
wheatthinbirdsnacks, a ppa is an external repo other than ubuntu's defaults03:24
birdsnacksno, all i've got in my sources is ubuntu.com and my hosting provides ubuntu mirrors03:25
vAd0ri hit enter and was able to just type letters and then tried ctrl alt delete now i see my login:03:25
wilee-nileeRallias, fits on a cd http://releases.ubuntu.com/saucy/03:25
=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
Ralliaswilee-nilee, Is there any way I can make that smaller? I'm working off of IPMI and it's really ******* slow.03:27
wilee-nileeRallias, I'm not up on servers personally you might try #ubuntu-server if no one knows here.03:28
wheatthinbirdsnacks, then I'd think you'd need to run a release update, but I'd ask wilee-nilee03:28
craigbass1976wheatthin, that no worky...03:29
wheatthineven after updating grub menu config?03:29
wheatthincraigbass1976, once you update grub, it should boot you back into the previous kernel, and allow you to uninstall the newer kernel03:30
craigbass1976wheatthin, eh?  I didn't think grub was involved in making a static ip.  I think you've got the wrong guy03:31
wheatthincraigbass1976, my bad :/03:31
wheatthincraigbass1976, ahh yeah you were the guy with the link I said was cool03:31
comptrollerI am getting an error message: "com.canonical.indicator.datetime In order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages" Does anyone know how I fix this? I use Ubuntu 13.1003:32
wheatthinafter adding the static info, just 'sudo service networking restart'.. make sure that /etc/resolv.conf is statically set.03:32
wheatthincraigbass1976, sorry man, it was birdsnacks whom i was mixing you up with.03:34
cpinedhello, can someone please help with a dpkg issue?03:35
wheatthincpined, can you paste your issue?03:35
lkthomashey guys, what should I do if I want to install latest version of virt-manager? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/virt-manager03:35
wilee-nileecomptroller, maybe this is relevant https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/113092603:36
craigbass1976and I think I found that I need to edit /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/xxx where xx is the name of the interface.  THat's what it looks like on my laptop anyway, havent gotten into the Ubuntu box to look yet.03:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 1130926 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Settings schema 'com.canonical.indicator.power' is not installed" [Low,Confirmed]03:36
cpinedwheatthin: this is hanging- wine-browser-installer: downloading http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-22.0&os=win&lang=en-US03:36
wheatthincraigbass1976, once you edit the networking thingy, when you restart networking service it'll change to unmanaged, meaning it'll then be statically changed03:37
craigbass1976wheatthin, networking thingy...  heh03:37
cpinedwheatthin:first I tried installing netflix-desktop and was getting that error...then I managed to remove the partial install so I thought that i needed to install wine first...so I installed wine1.7 and am getting that same error.03:38
cpinedso I was hoping to install wine1.6 but I can't seem to get out of this partial wine1.7 install...it's like an endless loop :(03:38
wheatthincraigbass1976, /etc/network/interface03:38
bakhtiyorHi there03:39
craigbass1976wheatthin, I'm a little curious as to why there are three entries, and none of them seem to relate to eth0, eth1, eth2 or anything.  They're all called something like Wired Connection.03:39
birdsnacksno space on /boot will do it, just followed this and got 500mb free or so http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/ubuntu-cleanup-how-to-remove-all-unused-linux-kernel-headers-images-and-modules/03:39
birdsnackswell i modified it a bit, but trap for new players03:39
birdsnacksi don't have many ubuntu servers03:39
wheatthincraigbass1976, that's network manager for you.03:40
wilee-nileebirdsnacks, A boot partition is not really needed, not sure why people still use them.03:40
=== terpaksa is now known as nyimak
birdsnackswilee-nilee, i inherited these 5 ubuntu servers, i don't tend to run ubuntu03:41
birdsnacksso they are as-is03:41
birdsnacksanyway glad i sorted that out, that was a concern03:41
bakhtiyorMy ProBook 4530s' wifi doesn't work in Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit03:42
birdsnacksthanks for your help wilee-nilee03:42
bakhtiyorAny solutions?03:42
=== nyimak is now known as terpaksa
wilee-nileebakhtiyor, Can you run lspci and nale the hardware?03:43
=== markp is now known as 7CBAADXDD
wilee-nileebakhtiyor, The wifi hardware that is.03:46
bakhtiyor@wilee-nilee Look at please https://gist.github.com/hbakhtiyor/744336003:46
wheatthinbakhtiyor, is your wifi built in or usb?03:47
wheatthindoesn't look present.03:48
wilee-nileebakhtiyor, realteks can be a pain if gotten to work at all at times, all I can do is give you some links. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=RTL8111%2F8168B03:49
wheatthinwilee-nilee, is that an ethernet and wifi device in one? usually they'll be seperate03:50
bakhtiyorI don't know03:51
bakhtiyormy hp has many problem with ubuntu. cooler works hardly03:55
tjjCan anyone explain exactly what goes on in matplotlib's blit function?03:55
tjjsorry wrong channel03:56
fernandoHola a todos03:59
beardtreeWhen I use my mouse in elinks via gnome-terminal, everything works; however, when I go to a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1, elinks won't let me use the mouse. I have gpm installed. What does gnome-terminal have that Ctrl+Alt+F1 doesn't?03:59
fernandohola jmgk03:59
fernandohere are you from03:59
Eliyahu`wheatthin:  thank you it helpedme last minute to login to our radio broadcast04:00
Eliyahu`i couldnt find the program and it wouldnty log me into our live radio04:00
cpinedwheatthin:could it be that the url that downloads firefox.exe is not responding?04:00
bakhtiyorThanks all04:00
cpinedwine-browser-installer: downloading http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-22.0&os=win&lang=en-US04:01
cpined ---- I clicked on the url and it is trying to download firefox22.0.exe but it just waits04:01
ObrienDavemy D/L started04:02
jgcampbell300hello, can anyone tell me the name of some software that will allow me to plug my android phone into ubuntu with usb and get my pictures and other info from or to the phone04:03
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, what ubuntu release?04:03
jgcampbell300hmm maybe 13 on this one let me check04:04
jgcampbell300crap forgot how to check04:04
ObrienDaveairdroid works great. playstore04:04
hitsujiTMOjgcampbell300: cat /etc/issue04:05
jgcampbell300there it is ... its 13.10 desk04:05
ulamspiralhi, all. i recently installed some updates in 12.04, and now my computer just boots to a black screen. can anyone help?04:05
jgcampbell300i see it shows up in lsusb but dosnt mount it ... on windows i jut plug it in and it works ... would like to make it that eas y04:06
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, have to ticked the developers options USB debugging 13,10 should work.04:06
jgcampbell300not sure i follow you Wilee04:06
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, android-settings-developers options-USB debugging04:07
chris901why are we here?04:07
wilee-nileethe trill04:07
wilee-nileethrill, hehe04:07
kevinhey guys. so i recently upgraded from precise to saucy, and i lost my gnome classic login environment. now when i search for "ubuntu 13.10 gnome" all i find is information about that new official ubuntu gnome derivative. can anybody help me find out how to get gnome classic back on my lightdm launcher? ie, get rid of unity or whatever its called04:08
kevini did see http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/08/install-gnome-classic-in-ubuntu-13-10/ but that package gnome-session-fallback isn't found04:08
jgcampbell300ahh think i found it04:08
wilee-nileekevin, directly to saucy or through the other two between?04:09
jgcampbell300does this open my computer or phone to any security problems04:09
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, no04:09
kevinwilee-nilee: i did incremental via do-release-upgrade04:09
jgcampbell300ok ... so with that on .. i should be able to plug in and access right ? or do i need changes on ubuntu as well04:10
wilee-nileekevin, I have the shell installed the classic/fallback comes with it, unity is not really removable in any efficient way the classic uses gnome 3 so does unity from the plugin in compiz.04:10
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, Should plug and work, the phone will prompt you have the screen up.04:11
wilee-nileemay or may not prompt04:11
chris901are there any programmers in here?04:11
zerowaitstate programmers of what?04:12
wilee-nileechris901, This is support do you have an issue?04:12
KnownSyntaxWhat language?04:12
jgcampbell300lol the phone wants me to put google services on it ... im hopeing thats not part of what im trying to do becouse goggle services drains battery04:12
chris901Ultimate Edition?04:12
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, This a rooted phone?04:13
kevinwilee-nilee: alright, thanks. i'll look at installing gnome-shell and hopefully i'll see gnome classic. thanks04:13
jgcampbell300no it is not rooted04:13
ObrienDavejgcampbell300, try airdroid in the playstore. it works through your web browser. you might have to install MTP support from the repos04:13
darkelfjuggaloi am running ubuntu unity on 13.10...i restarted my computer and now my sound is shut off... vol controll is maxed, so i looked at the sound settings... Output is all the way down and greyed out so i cannot change it... any ideas why?04:13
chris901if I root my AT&T phone...will it still send and recieve calls and text?04:13
jmgkhi all04:14
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, You sure its not a update for google services, did you have it off?04:14
jgcampbell300ya i dumped alot of googles stuff ... they have a flaw in services that makes my battery die in like 2-4 hours04:15
jgcampbell300wilee-nilee, with it off my phone will last for days04:15
wilee-nileechris901, This is ubuntu support, how is an ATT phone related?04:15
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, Ah strange, needs a new battery eh, android would need those services at least to download and use probably.04:16
wilee-nileeairdroid that is04:17
ObrienDavejgcampbell300, you familiar with XDA-Developers?04:17
jgcampbell300wilee-nilee, not new battery ... been through 3 batteries and no one could fix it ... after days of reading i fould people with same problem and once i removed google stuff one by one i finaly hit on that was draining my battery04:17
jgcampbell300ObrienDave, no i am not04:17
cpinedhas anyone seen wine-browser-installer hang?04:18
jgcampbell300hmm i wonder if there is a motorla portal for ubuntu04:18
wilee-nileejgcampbell300, strange I have a htc dna not the best battery but if not used hevaily I get about 3 days.04:18
ObrienDavejgcampbell300, http://forum.xda-developers.com/ find your phone and carrier in the forums. excellent help source for all things Android04:19
jgcampbell300wilee-nilee, ya im using a photon and was great till i put google services on it ... dont konw what happend but once gone it went back to working fine04:20
jgcampbell300ObrienDave, cool thanks04:20
alkhalI'm on 64bit ubuntu 13.10. I was trying to install ia32-libs-gtk, but read somewhere that I instead need to install lib-gtk2.0-0:i386. Doing so requires me to install a ton of other i386 packages, including gcc-4.8-base:i386. Is this safe? Will it replace my 64bit gcc?04:20
vAd0rhow do i specify the next directory down in a path04:21
vAd0rfrom my current position04:21
ObrienDavealkhal, it will be fine. it is just 32bit support libraries. some programs require them04:21
vAd0rwhat i am trying is not working. i know ./ is current directy and file but how do i go say to the next directory04:22
alkhalThanks ObrienDave04:22
hitsujiTMOvAd0r: there is no operator for "next directory" you need to specify it by name ../FooBar04:23
ObrienDavejmgk, you will find people here respond well if you ASK a question04:23
vAd0rthat one goes back down and to another04:23
vAd0ri want to go say forward04:23
theleftmaybe he is just saying hi ObrienDave04:23
Danatocan anybody give me a brief explanation of how does the linux kernel is passed to ubuntu? Since I dont think its completely made by ubuntu devs, is it something like android that is developed by google then adapted by manufacturers to their own phones?04:24
ObrienDaveyes, many times ;)04:24
DanatoI know its not a tech support, but its a curiosity04:24
vAd0rEX /home/username/labs/ine is where i am located. i want to goto /home/username/labs/ine/working without having to type the whole thing04:24
vAd0rfrom within a file04:24
hitsujiTMOvAd0r: working04:24
vAd0rdang it i tried04:25
vAd0rlet me try again04:25
alkhalvAd0r, cd working04:25
vAd0rthat is from the prompt04:25
vAd0ri have a file im running04:25
jgcampbell300running out of time .. how would i mount this "Bus 004 Device 011: ID 22b8:7087 Motorola PCS "04:25
vAd0r*** Warning:  Could not set working directory to working on server localhost:720004:26
AnonynimityDoes anyone know where I would be able to buy a 3.5 mm Female AUX to USB 2.0 Male adapter?04:26
AnonynimityI need something that would support my headset04:26
Anonynimitysingle 3.55 mm jack with mic and headphones04:27
ObrienDaveAnonynimity, that wont work afaik04:27
Anonynimitywhy wouldn't it work?04:27
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
ObrienDaveAnonynimity, headset, microphone signals are analog, USB is a different animal04:28
hitsujiTMOAnonynimity: something like: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Original-Logitech-USB-To-3-5-mm-Jack-Audio-Adapter-New-/161078780057?pt=UK_Headsets&hash=item25810b209904:29
ObrienDavewell, hush my fingers ;))04:29
AceBlade258lenovo laptops, as well as most (if not all) smartphones04:30
Anonynimitysomething like that hitsujiTMO but the issue is I only have 1 male jack from my earbud-headset04:30
Anonynimitywhich covers the microphone and the ear pieces04:30
AceBlade258support TRRRS04:30
AnonynimityI support TR's04:30
AceBlade258sorry, thought i typed that04:30
AnonynimityTR's are a good thing.04:30
ulamspiralhi everyone04:31
AceBlade258Tip Ring Ring Ring Sleeve04:31
ulamspiralmy computer is booting to black screen. can anyone help me?04:31
bjh_i often hear about TIZEN04:31
AceBlade258type of connector. TRRS is stereo headphones/microphones, and TRS is mono04:31
bjh_Canonical. Is there plan to join tizen?04:32
vAd0rmine did that too04:32
vAd0rjust hit enter04:32
hitsujiTMOAnonynimity: have a look on ebay for one, if it's going to be anywhere it's there04:32
Anonynimityohhh okay AceBlade258....04:32
AnonynimityI may have to make one eh hitsujiTMO?04:32
hitsujiTMOObrienDave: those devices are essentially usb soundcards04:33
AceBlade258i must correct myself: TS, TRS, and TRRS.04:33
bjh_where is jono bacon?04:33
Anonynimityokay... TRs have more than one meaning to me...04:33
Anonynimitysorry about the misunderstanding04:33
IcanhazUbuntuplzHello all :P04:33
AceBlade258Anonynimity: does yours have a button on the mic?04:33
ObrienDavehitsujiTMO, yep, figured they have DAC and ADC chips in there somewhere04:34
Anonynimityyes it does AceBlade258... sec04:34
vAd0rulamspiral: did you try hitting enter04:34
IcanhazUbuntuplzpsilocybin: Aye!04:34
AceBlade258you won't be able to make one. you'll have to get one that supports it.04:34
ulamspiralvAd0r: yes, that doesn't appear to be helping04:34
Anonynimityhttp://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=cat13506&type=page&skuId=3035177&productId=1218374268900&defurl=false&viewtype=angleView&h=504 @ AceBlade25804:34
vAd0rthe other thing i did is boot to recovery and edit the /etc/default/grub and put GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset acpi_osi=\"linux\""04:35
AceBlade258Anonynimity: yeah, you won't be able to make that04:35
AnonynimityI don't really care about the button working or not AceBlade258... I just need the connector04:35
vAd0rthen sudo update-grub04:35
AceBlade258yeah, but the button is usually an sdi of some kind04:36
AceBlade258I'm not exactly sure how it works.04:36
vAd0rit did the thing where it starts to boot and screen goes black. this time i just hit enter and it finally came up and i can ssh in now04:36
Anonynimitysdi Aceblade258?04:36
AceBlade258Anonynimity: Serial/Digital Interface04:36
AceBlade258Anonynimity: if you just want audio they will work fine04:36
AceBlade258in any jack04:37
AnonynimityThe button pauses music while it's playing on my phone... it hangs up calls, and it mutes the mic while in a call AceBlade258....04:37
IcanhazUbuntuplzI have a nice Anonymous logo as my wallpaper :304:37
Anonynimitylet me explain... I'm kind of poor right now... and I have these headphones... I'm starting a job for a work - at - home customer service agent.04:37
AnonynimityI need a usb headset04:37
AceBlade258Yeah... you'll probably have to buy a cheap headset04:38
ulamspiralokay, in grub i've selected boot to recovery mode, but not sure what to do from here. not very experienced at this stuff04:38
Anonynimitysince I have these headphones with built in mic... I figured I could get an adapter and make it work04:38
hitsujiTMOAnonynimity: maybe add a trrs splitter http://www.ebay.ie/itm/3-5mm-4-Position-TRRS-Female-to-2x-3-Position-TRS-Male-Headset-Splitter-Adapter-/281205828772?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item41792c6ca404:38
ObrienDavehe would need both adapters04:39
Anonynimitythat could work hitsujiTMO... thank you04:39
IcanhazUbuntuplzIs thee any App for Android to control Ubuntu from afar?04:39
IcanhazUbuntuplzSpecifically Android Gingerbread.04:40
AceBlade258Anonynimity: that'll work, as long as the mic is analog (it probably is)04:40
hitsujiTMOIcanhazUbuntuplz: plenty of ssh and vnc clients for android04:40
Paulus68_1IcanhazUbuntuplz: even teamviewer will do the trick04:40
AnonynimityI think the mic is analog AceBlade258... the button has some functions, but not many04:40
Eliyahuhello i got ubuntu 13.10 running on an intel atom D510MO and the audio we recorded through our system sounds like talking in a tin can04:42
AceBlade258a fun problem I'm not sure how to fix: I installed server from a usb thumb drive. The installer put part of the bootloader on my thumb drive, due to my negligance04:43
vAd0rwhat file do i put something like dynamips -H 7200 &  in to autostart04:44
theleftAceBlade258, reinstall?04:44
theleftor move to bootloader ey04:44
theleftbut if it is a new install why not be lazy and just do it again?04:44
hitsujiTMOAceBlade258: reinstall the bootloader to the right drive. whar drive do you want it on?04:44
=== siva is now known as Guest3707
hitsujiTMOAceBlade258: id its sda then: sudo grub-install /dev/sda04:45
AceBlade258hitsujiTMO: thanks04:46
ulamspiralvAd0r: i added nomodeset to the kernel boot options, and now i'm stuck on the plymouth screen. enter is still not helping. ideas?04:49
Danatohey how can I make my clock show the local time instead of the universal time?04:50
DanatoIts showing UTC04:50
kevinalriiiiiiiight so i recently upgraded to saucy and now some of the (default) gedit plugins don't work. I try to enable "External Tools" and i get in the console:  "Could not find any typelib for Gedit" and "ImportError: cannot import name Gedit" ... any idea why this would happen? i see on https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+question/158045 that they say "Gedit default plugins are already updated, but you need to install04:50
kevin the correct version (3.x)" but i don't know why installing from repo would install an incorrect version of the plugin04:50
kevinand i did a purge & install of gedit, btw04:51
hitsujiTMODanato: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata04:51
Danato<hitsujiTMO> i already did that04:52
Eliyahunobody have any suggestions about sound recording sounds like you are in a tin can?04:53
Eliyahuhow to fix this problem04:53
hitsujiTMODanato: o.O and System Settings -> Time & Date are all correct?04:53
Danato<hitsujiTMO> My time zone is correct, but my clock is only showing the universal time instead04:53
Eliyahuwe do radio broadcasting and the audio quality is trash04:53
MrKappahello i'm trying to install ubuntu by usb, but when it boots i only see three options (test memory, boot from first hard disk, rescue a broken system)04:54
hitsujiTMODanato: and the output of: date           is your correct timezone?04:54
Danato<hitsujiTMO> yup04:54
hitsujiTMODanato: hmm. unsure what would cause that04:55
hitsujiTMOMrKappa: how did you make the usb?04:57
MrKappaI made it on windows 804:57
JinxyAs root, can I find out another user's password? Or change it?04:57
hitsujiTMOMrKappa: with what tool tho?04:57
MrKappawith the reccomended program04:57
MrKappaone sed04:58
IcanhazUbuntuplzHow to connect to Ubuntu through VNC on Android?04:58
IcanhazUbuntuplzI need an Address. How2find IP address?04:58
MrKappauniversal usb installer, pen drive linux04:59
mbrigdanHello! I've tried to copy ubuntu over to an ssd (cp -ax /source /dest, then an edit to fstab), but the copy boots to a black screen. I see some of the initial boot stuff, but then it just goes completely blank (can't get to ttys, no response to anything except SysRq-B)04:59
mbrigdanAnyone know how I can get it working?04:59
shroomdukeI have 2 screen savers running, is there a way to choose one04:59
ospf<IcanhazUbuntuplz> ifconfig04:59
hitsujiTMOMrKappa: that doesn't work for most. use either unetbootin or http://www.linuxliveusb.com/04:59
MrKappawill try that, thanks !!!05:00
ospflol derp05:00
IcanhazUbuntuplzSo my username@Hostname?05:00
hitsujiTMO!vnc | IcanhazUbuntuplz lets see if ubottu has a guide05:01
ubottuIcanhazUbuntuplz lets see if ubottu has a guide: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:01
TunaFish2Is there a way to trigger immediate dhcpdiscover?05:01
TheyTookErJobsQuestion: If I installed ubuntu without Virtualization turned on in the BIOS but turned it on later.. Do I need to run any commands to get the kernel to recognize it's been enabled? I am trying to install a 64bit distro in VirtualBox and it keeps telling me I need a 32bit05:01
whoeverIcanhazUbuntuplz: roll as apk and run http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6064510/how-to-get-ip-address-of-the-device05:01
IcanhazUbuntuplzwhoever; I'm trying to control Ubuntu through a VNC app on the phone.05:02
whoeverIcanhazUbuntuplz: so whats the prob05:02
hitsujiTMOTheyTookErJobs: nope, enabling vt-x does not need any reconfig in the host os05:03
TheyTookErJobshitsujiTMO, thank you for answering :) I didn't think so but wanted to double-check05:03
whoeverIcanhazUbuntuplz: install client on android and connect05:03
ospf<IcanhazUbuntuplz>So you're trying to find the ip of the ubuntu box?05:03
hitsujiTMOTheyTookErJobs: what's the output of: cat /proc/cpuinfo05:04
IcanhazUbuntuplzWHoever: Did that and ospf: yes05:04
IcanhazUbuntuplzI need a nickname, address password etc for android-vnc-viewer05:04
Eliyahudo we have any sound guys here who understand audio problems within 13.10?05:04
whoeverIcanhazUbuntuplz: that is done in te settings05:04
IcanhazUbuntuplzwhoever: Yes I'm on the settings..05:05
JordanJ2 I am getting the error: gzip: stdin: not in gzip format. While trying to unzip a tar.gz file with tar -zxvf <filename>05:05
unpopsicledoes ubuntu touch have that desktop mode yet?05:05
hitsujiTMOunpopsicle: #ubuntu-touch05:06
unpopsiclehitsujiTMO: thanks buddy05:06
JordanJ2Anyone know why?05:06
JordanJ2(Ubuntu 12.94)05:06
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: i would guess that its a corrupt archive05:07
ObrienDaveTheyTookErJobs, did you install the 64bit Vbox?05:07
TheyTookErJobsObrien, I did. I've probably just gotta find a setting in Vbox to pass on the 64bitness05:08
TheyTookErJobshitsujiTMO, I'm working on getting it on the pastebin right now05:08
Eliyahu`is there a channel for ubuntu audio?05:09
ObrienDaveweird, never had Vbox ask me that question05:09
TheyTookErJobshitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/640902905:09
ospf<IcanhazUbuntuplz>In terminal type sudo ifconfig  for the ip it will be the inet addr if it's  wired = eth0 and wireless = wlan0  and whoami to find the nickname.05:09
IcanhazUbuntuplzEliyahu what is your issue?05:10
hitsujiTMOTheyTookErJobs: it seems vt-x hasn't actually been enabled. can you recheck your bios05:11
DanatohitsujiTMO: found the solution to the clock thing05:12
TheyTookErJobsThat's my problem hitsujiTMO, I've triple-checked. It's enabled.05:12
hitsujiTMODanato: what was the problem?05:12
hitsujiTMOTheyTookErJobs: have a look for a bios update maybe. check on manufacturers forums to see if its a common issue05:13
Eliyahu`IcanhazUbuntuplz:  im on ubuntu 13.10 on my intel atom D510MO and my audio i ran through my switchboard played through the audio drives and sounds like its recorded in a tin can05:13
DanatohitsujiTMO: had to right click the clock, go to time zone and set the option "Clock defaults to:" Local05:14
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
hitsujiTMODanato: ahh i see, didn't realise it had its own tz setting05:15
DanatohitsujiTMO: same, but idk when did I ever change it05:16
IcanhazUbuntuplzEliyahu: Hmm.05:16
IcanhazUbuntuplzI'm not sure. I just fix things as they happen XD05:17
Eliyahu`IcanhazUbuntuplz:  i think its the input amplification to be honest05:17
Eliyahu`IcanhazUbuntuplz:  i just messed iwth the pulse mixer and set the input amplification and its soundig clear05:18
IcanhazUbuntuplzEliyahu: It may be05:18
IcanhazUbuntuplzEliyahu` if that fixed your problem, I'd keep it like that(:05:18
Eliyahu`IcanhazUbuntuplz:  ;)05:18
Eliyahu`IcanhazUbuntuplz:  thanks for putting forth effort to help that is appriciated05:19
IcanhazUbuntuplzEliyahu` Thats what we're here for. (:05:19
IcanhazUbuntuplzI'm on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I aint jumping to 13.10 like everyone else. I just jump from LTS to LTS.05:19
Eliyahu`IcanhazUbuntuplz:  wish i had fuond that  before an hour long broadcast05:21
IcanhazUbuntuplzEliyahu' Yeahh. :P05:21
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JinxyHow can I get an absolute path to where I currently am inside ubuntu?05:23
Jinxyon the command line?05:23
hitsujiTMOJinxy: pwd05:23
vAd0rwhen i run lspci i see all my pci nics. how can i enable them?05:24
DanatoIcanhazUbuntuplz: do you mind to tell why would 12.04LTS be better? I'm jst asking because im a curious noob lol05:25
IcanhazUbuntuplzDanato: LTS releases get supported for quite awhile, major bugs to me are mostly worked out.05:26
IcanhazUbuntuplzDanato: Reg releases are only supported for 9 mo's.05:26
cfhowlettDanato, 13.10 has a 9 month life span.  12.04 is Long Term Supported for 5 years on the desktop plus LTS generally has more bug fixes than bleeding edge versions.05:27
nv_index.php pages are not loading by default. instead i am getting a directory listing. what can i do to fix this?05:27
IcanhazUbuntuplz5 years of awesomeness :305:27
JordanJ2Now, I am try to execute the script with ./<filename>05:27
nibblernv_: configure your apache (or whomever) to use index.php as default05:27
JordanJ2Tells me not found05:27
DanatoIcanhazUbuntuplz: so LTS' may have fixes for bugs not yet fixed on the new releases?05:27
nibblerJordanJ2: then it has another name or is not in your current directory05:28
cfhowlettDanato, there's more commitment to keeping LTS fixed and running as opposed to the shortlife releases.  IMO.05:28
JordanJ2In current directory has same filename.. :/05:28
IcanhazUbuntuplzDanato: Possibly the LTS could have been before the bug appeared in 13.10.05:28
nv_nibbler, where is the setting?05:28
DanatoIcanhazUbuntuplz: thats true05:29
IcanhazUbuntuplzLol it was such a hard decision for me to decide which distro I wanted to stick with long term.05:30
JordanJ2bash: ./<filename>: No such file or directory05:30
IcanhazUbuntuplzSo many flavors of Linux it makes my head spin. o.o05:30
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: does the file have execute permission?05:30
DanatoSo whats on the other hand? what comes with the new releases?05:30
ospfI love PinguyOS but Ubuntu has some great features.05:31
IcanhazUbuntuplzOSPF: To me the top bar of Ubuntu reminds me of Mac OsX05:31
JordanJ2I also did chmod +x <fileame>05:32
IcanhazUbuntuplzI brought me an Ouya :D05:33
JordanJ2But I still get that error05:33
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: can you pastebin the output of: ls -l    and type the exact command you're using to execute the script05:35
jnpplfI've just cloned /dev/sda to /dev/sdb, and now in gparted it's showing sda6 and sdb6 both as being mounted on / - is this chan the right place to ask this kind of question?05:37
JordanJ2hitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6409097/05:37
wilee-nileejnpplf, Is sdb the first read in the bioos and did you run a update-grub in I assume ubuntu on the sdb?05:38
jnpplfI didn't update-grub because I was hoping to move the partitions on sdb first05:39
jnpplfI'm booted from sda, sdb doesn't register as mounted in mtab05:39
jnpplf(according to umount)05:39
wilee-nileejnpplf, I don't know the whole story here, but is this having the dame install twicw on 2 HD or just moving it?05:39
jnpplfI'm migrating from one drive to another05:40
jnpplfI wonder if the clone copied some device ID that gparted reads and gets confused?05:40
jnpplfI used Clonezilla, FWIW05:40
wilee-nileejnpplf, Clonezilla saves the mbr all you have to do is adjust the clones to the sdb and partitions going to if you pre built them.05:41
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: now i'm as confused as you05:41
=== linuxguru is now known as fr4nny
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: is it a binary file or script?05:41
jnpplfwilee-nilee, would a couple of gparted screenshots help?05:42
wilee-nileejnpplf, Sure.05:42
JordanJ2(12.04 LTS)05:43
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: can you pastebin the script05:43
xmetalhello everyone .. just taking a break from being sidetracked from what i was doing and trying to remember what the heck it was I WAS doing (PRE-sidetracked) in the first place05:43
ObrienDavegood luck with that LOL05:43
wilee-nileexmetal, spinning like a top?05:44
jnpplfwilee-nilee, SDA: http://i.imgur.com/hdj5ePF.png - SDB: http://i.imgur.com/KxqJOdP.png05:44
JordanJ2Has a bunch of odd symbols in it, hitsujiTMO05:44
xmetalno .. though if i have enough coffee, i do, spin like a top in my office chair when  i get bored05:44
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: is a binary then05:44
JordanJ2How do I execute it?05:45
jnpplfwilee-nilee, what I don't get is how sda6 and sdb6 can both be mounted on /, preventing me from unmounting and moving sdb605:45
jnpplfAnd I use 'mounted' loosely as only gparted reports sdb6 as mounted. umount doesn't.05:46
wilee-nileejnpplf, So what has been moved from sda to sdb and how did you do it. clonezilla saves the mbr so cloning it is a waste of time.05:46
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: can you run: strace ./sc_serv               and pastebin the output05:46
jnpplfwilee-nilee, the whole drive was cloned; I don't get your second comment.05:46
JordanJ2hitsujiTMO, http://pastebin.com/wJCQUz2N05:47
xmetal<~~looking at those gparted sceencaps05:47
wilee-nileejnpplf you now have two identical uuid sets this confuses grub, can you remove sda foar a moment asnd run a update-grub in the sdb?05:48
jnpplfYou mean boot with sda disconnected, then run it?05:48
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: is this a 32bit binary by any chance?05:48
JordanJ2I have no clue05:49
xmetali am not sure what the entries are, (or what to do exactly) but i would (as willie is already going in that direction) look at grub05:49
xmetal(i am assuming that is not a liveCD/USB running)05:49
jnpplfNo, I'm running from sda05:49
chris901where are the linux programmers>05:49
jnpplfOK, unless someone stops me in the next 10 seconds I'm going to unplug sda, boot into sdb, and update grub05:49
jnpplfAnd hope that it generates a new UUID, I guess05:50
xmetal #linux perhaps05:50
chris901who knows how to root an android phone?05:50
IcanhazUbuntuplzChris901: #Linux05:50
IcanhazUbuntuplzChris901: I do, I can help with that05:50
cfhowlettchris901, #nexus4 channel05:50
chris901bring it then05:50
IcanhazUbuntuplzI'll PM you05:50
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: i bet its a 32bit app, hence the error, you'd need the 32bit libs to get it to work i think05:50
xmetalI will butt-out now cause I am not sure what you want to do (I just got here)05:50
wilee-nileejnpplf, What do you plan to do with the sda drive05:51
JordanJ2Can you tell me how to install that>05:51
ObrienDavechris901, find what you need on XDA-Developers05:51
IcanhazUbuntuplzHow do I PM again? lmao. I forgot XD05:51
wilee-nileechris901, This is ubuntu support go to #android-root05:51
JordanJ2You can /msg <user>05:51
xmetalso sdb is what they want as linux, but it's still seeing sda1 as linux and locking it? (I am really saying it in basic terms)05:51
xmetalactually its seeing sda1 and sdb1 as root?05:52
xmetalsorry i confused myself now05:52
wilee-nilee!who | xmetal05:52
ubottuxmetal: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:52
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:52
wilee-nileechris901, Can you understand that this is ubuntu support?05:53
hitsujiTMOJordanJ2: maybe try http://download.nullsoft.com/shoutcast/tools/sc_serv2_linux_x64_07_31_2011.tar.gz instead05:54
jnpplfwilee-nilee, when this is done, I plan to throw it out of a window ;)05:56
jnpplfI imagine it will get wiped and used as spare capacity for my Windows install, not bootable or anything05:57
jnpplfsdb is a larger drive, simply trying to replace sda, but I need to resize the partitions on sdb for that to be a worthwhile exercise.05:57
jnpplfI disconnected sda, booted into sdb, ran update grub, problem persists - both sda6 and sdb6 appear in gparted as mounted on /05:57
xmetali say something is grub is still pointing to sda1 (others in here can put it much better then I can :P )05:58
xmetaloops ... sda605:59
wilee-nileejnpplf, can you run in the sdb ubuntu sudo blkid -l with the sda not attached?05:59
wilee-nileejnpplf, By the way when you remove sda sdb becomes sda05:59
jnpplfwilee-nilee, I am aware05:59
jnpplfReferring to the original drive names for your benefit :)05:59
xmetaltrue .. otherwise we all can get confused05:59
wilee-nileejnpplf, I think you have the original sda mbr in sdg and that is the issue, so we are going to load that grub on that clone to it's mbr.06:00
Bonkdonkhey guys, I just installed ubuntu(13.10) onto my macbook air and now I can no longer boot into my mac partition06:00
shroomdukeeverytime I unplug or plug in my power my Display settings program pops up06:01
Bonkdonkwhen I go from grub to mac 64 it goes to the purplish screen of ubuntu and just stops06:01
jnpplfsda mbr in sdb - I'm sure that's the case. Not sure what we're then 'going to do'06:01
jnpplf"load that grub on that clone to its mbr"?06:01
jnpplfMan, having a livecd would make this handy, then I could just take out sda and resize sdb to my heart's content.06:02
ObrienDaveand why don't you have a live CD?06:02
jnpplfBecause I'm not in the habit of using optical media06:02
ObrienDaveworks the same on a USB06:03
xmetaltrue ... .livecd/usb could make this alot easier06:03
jnpplfUSB presents its own challenges for me, burning a livecd would be easier ;)06:03
ianorlinuseing the media for somemthign else06:03
jnpplfI might just go burn a livecd, see if that sorts it out06:03
xmetalwell whichever is easier06:03
wilee-nileejnpplf, From the cloned ubuntu with the sda unplugged run sudo blkid and pastebin it.06:04
jnpplfMight take a little while but less chance of me screwing something up.06:04
xmetali know my old laptop cant boot to usb06:04
jnpplfwilee-nilee, you don't think burning off a disc would be easier?06:04
wilee-nileejnpplf, no06:04
jnpplfExcellent. Then back in a tick.06:04
svectorfixed my boot time darkscreen issue by setting nomodeset. Now the screen is dark when it wakes up from suspended state.06:06
jnpplfwilee-nilee, http://pastie.org/847664806:08
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
jnpplfobv. that is what we've been calling sdb06:08
firespeakerwhen I try to start xorg, it hangs (is killable) and I get an error like this: gnome-settings-[6826]: segfault at 8 ip 00007fcb580eaf20 sp 00007fff4a766db0 error 4 in libpower.so[7fcb580db000+18000]06:08
zack_i can't update06:09
wilee-nileejnpplf, run sudo grub-install /dev/sda && sudo update-grub that should make you all fixed06:09
zack_i can;t i was try06:09
cfhowlettzack_, we cant help.  (details!)06:09
ubottuzack_,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:09
kakkaHI all, what does /etc/modules do06:09
kakkaand what is the meaning of lp and option in it, it should be option or options?06:10
jnpplfwilee-nilee, are you hoping for that to change the output of blkid?06:10
wilee-nileejnpplf, No to make sure that the grub from that clone is the bootloader in  it's mbr.06:10
jnpplfI don't understand how that makes a difference if I'm booting from sda, not sdb? Will re-attach and try it though.06:11
hitsujiTMOkakka: its a list of kernel modules that are forced to load06:11
wilee-nileejnpplf, Do not reattach sda06:11
jnpplfIf I'm not booted from sda, how do I resize the partitions on sdb?06:11
kakkai know only one meaning RTC, real time clock and USBSERIAL  which load USB to serial modules at boot, but my 3g modem does not get detected automatically after reboot, i have to unplug it and plug it again, and after few seconds , my modem get detected in the modem manager, what is the problem06:11
zack_ok what can i do06:11
kakkahitsujiTMO: Yes, but what is the meaning of lp in it06:12
wilee-nileejnpplf, That you will do with a live cd, this will fix the grub boot so the cloed new drive workd correctly, so you can wipe the sda or what ever you want to do with it.06:12
zack_my password is06:12
kakkahitsujiTMO: what does it do06:12
zack_i love u06:12
jnpplfwilee-nilee, OK, so onwards with the livecd plan.06:12
scythe-WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated! liblua5.2-0 liblua5.2-dev06:12
jnpplfThink I've got it from here then - thanks for the help.06:12
scythe-So, what's up with this?06:12
wilee-nileejnpplf, trying yes but do that command to set the mbr correct.06:12
scythe-Do I need to update some repo key or something?06:13
jnpplfwilee-nilee, I did06:13
wilee-nileejnpplf, no sdb right in there?06:13
jnpplfwilee-nilee, I'm booted from 'sdb' right now, the original 'sda' isn't attached.06:13
jnpplfOh, you mean in grub.cfg?06:13
wilee-nileejnpplf, When you run update-grub now you see no sdb right, I mean an actual sdb not a refernce to the drive that was sdb now sda?06:14
jnpplfwilee-nilee, correct06:14
wilee-nileethis is like the marx brothers whose on first lol06:14
kakkai set usbserial to /etc/modules, which should load USB to serial modules at boot, but my 3g modem does not get detected automatically after reboot, i have to unplug it and plug it again, and after few seconds , my modem get detected in the modem manager, what is the problem, USBMODESWITCH works properly as i find from lsusb command, how to get it deteccted automatically, i am using ubuntu 12.04 LTS06:15
jnpplfDid the marx brothers do that before abbott and costello? :)06:15
firespeakerlike, Karl Marx and ... ?06:15
wilee-nileejnpplf, Cool you are set just don;t plugin the sda and run a update grub with that ubuntu still installed, and resize the clones with a live cd with the swap unmounted.06:15
zack_i have no more knowledge for Ubuntu06:15
hitsujiTMOkakka no idea what its for. are you having a problem with it?06:15
zack_but i know a little06:15
zack_sorry i can't help u06:16
wilee-nileefirespeaker, harpo cheekoo...etc06:16
firespeakerzack_: did you modprobe the module?06:16
firespeakeroh, looks like the module's inserted06:16
zack_i need it06:16
firespeakerif it shows up06:16
jnpplfwilee-nilee, I'm planning to a) boot from livecd, and on 'sdb' (current drive) do the resizing. Then I'm going to disconnect it, attach 'sda', assign a new UUID, and wipe it. Then attach both, so that the old 'sda' is just uninitialized space ready for me to use for storage.06:16
firespeakersounds like it is getting detected automatically ?06:16
kakkahitsujiTMO: no problem at all, but i am having problem with my modem, is not being recognised automatically, i have to unplug and re insert modem to get it detected in the modem-manager06:17
zack_what is sdb06:17
kakkahitsujiTMO: lsusb shows, it is properly mode switching06:17
wilee-nileejnpplf, You don't have to remove the cloned drive to wipe the sda or change any uuid's there as long as the ubuntu is gone you are good.06:17
* xmetal sits back with a snack and admits he got confused awhile back06:18
wilee-nileejnpplf, You can plug the original drive in, and do the resize in the cloned and wipe the old one all in one fell swoop.06:18
jnpplfwilee-nilee, I'm concerned that if I have both drives attached with the same UUID, and I try to wipe the old drive, it will randomly take out the new one :-/06:18
serial_porti think xubuntu desktop environment is much nicer and faster than ubuntu. what do you guys think?06:18
kakkahitsujiTMO: main problem is that, i am using the same modem to connect to, suppose i did a reboot and then my modem doesn't get detected automatically, i have to eject modem from USB port and then insert it again, it works in a way like that06:18
ubottuserial_port,: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels06:19
IcanhazUbuntuplzGuys I'm watching man of steel over here. ON the scene with the fighter aircraft trying to shoot both Superman and gthe other guy06:19
kakkahitsujiTMO: i want to automate the process and extend life of USB port to some extent :D06:19
=== ragle is now known as Guest98076
wilee-nileejnpplf, Not gonna happen, just reboot and be sure grub looks right and boots to the clone and it looks like windows is there two. grub in the mbr has to have a update run to change.06:19
serial_portnever liked superman06:19
=== ragle_ is now known as ragle
kakkahitsujiTMO: i set a command usbserial in /etc/modules and it should work , but modem is not detected automatically, this is the main problem, that's it.  here are other problme also but they can be resolved later, like slow r/w speed to NTFS and slow ext4 as compared to NTFS partition, there is a big scope to improve in that areas06:22
ianorlindoes bios support usb boot?06:23
wilee-nileejnpplf, See, what ever grub bootloader you had in the cloned mbr was not the one you were running the update-grub from. Linus is specific here, for example I have 3 linux on my HD if I get a kernel upgrade on any one of them I run that command I had you run to have its grub the controlling grub in the mbr.06:24
reisionot a lot of good reasons to clone an MBR06:25
wilee-nileeianorlin, If it's new enough last 5 years or so yes.06:25
wilee-nileereisio, exactly, especially with clonezilla it does it for yah. ;)06:25
reisioclonezilla is overly complex06:26
wilee-nileeheh, I love clonezilla, but I'm sort of a psudeo noob06:26
zack_i am reading06:26
zack_i missed some words06:26
reisiorsync is all you need06:27
reisioyou can backup the partition layout and dd the boot loader if you really want to06:27
zack_are  u try update my computer06:27
xmetali have used a number of cloning tools in various os's though i admit i am a clonezilla newb here06:27
wilee-nileetrue, that is another way, I think it is a matter of taste, like a fine wine. ;)06:27
wilee-nileemany ways to clone a copy paste in gparted works, and just load the mbr.06:28
reisioexcept I know what's going on when I run rsync06:29
reisioand you've no idea what clonezilla does :p06:29
reisioI doubt anyone does06:29
wilee-nileetrue, clonezilla uses rsync06:29
pogiako1can anyone tell me what this is? 'http://loco.ubuntu.com:80'06:30
pogiako1good morning btw guys ;)06:30
IcanhazUbuntuplzMorning Pogiako1:)06:31
reisiopogiako1: some Ubuntu-specific take on LUGs06:31
pogiako1yeah i found that on chrome settings, for geocloation settings06:32
pogiako1its set on default06:32
pogiako1is that a good thing?06:32
pogiako1i dont think so06:32
reisiofor chrome or chromium?06:32
reisioit's one or the other06:32
reisioit's a good thing if you like software personalized to your OS06:32
reisioand an annoying thing otherwise06:32
wilee-nileereisio, I will say though that you know more in general than I will ever know or care to know and thats why I like you, I learn just a watchin. ;)06:33
ianorlinI wonder if there were local thing maybe you could get an alabi out of it06:33
IcanhazUbuntuplzYou know, it's funny how In my high school, when we use the Laptops.. everyones running WIndows 706:33
reisioit's true, I've travelled to the future06:33
IcanhazUbuntuplzThen I'm just over here like eh, hey guys. Linux :306:33
reisio"hang on I'll show you how much better Windows is after it reboots again!"06:34
pogiako1yeah its knda annoying haha06:34
IcanhazUbuntuplzDefinitely reisio06:34
pogiako1i mean ubuntu's great06:34
pogiako1but dont spy on people haha06:34
IcanhazUbuntuplzLol Canonical doesn't spy on anyone(:06:34
reisiowell if it's chrome, google is spying on you06:34
reisioyou should use chromium06:34
IcanhazUbuntuplzBUt true, if it is google chrome you ARE being spied on, but by Google.06:35
nv_but Amazon does06:35
IcanhazUbuntuplzAlong with Various government agencies.06:35
reisiolinking to some home page related to a distro is par for the course06:35
IcanhazUbuntuplzand foreign goverment agencies.06:35
reisioeven anti-bloat distros manage to waste time doing that frequently06:35
wilee-nilee"We Mean You no Harm" Google, hehe06:35
IcanhazUbuntuplzPossibly even agencies on other worlds.06:35
IcanhazUbuntuplzLike Krypton and stuff.06:35
ianorlinspy on you?06:35
pogiako1man people do really become evil when they've got power06:35
reisioright, but while the NSA is checking if you're saying words like 'bomb' and '911', google is tracking how to track you06:36
reisiohow to sell anything to anyone at any time06:36
IcanhazUbuntuplzReisio, I actually made a status on FB about that06:36
cfhowlettreisio, and the NSA just tripped over our little IRC chat06:36
reisiowhooptie doo06:36
pogiako1why dont they just do the things for themselves, whats wrong with that right? dont bother anyone but yourself and we'll have heaven on earth.06:36
IcanhazUbuntuplzI called it NSA buzzwords. We just had normal conv06:36
reisiothe NSA runs symantec on Windows, they're clowns just like every other government agency06:36
wilee-nileewave as you go through their server06:36
IcanhazUbuntuplzconvos, but slipped buzzwords in D06:36
serigywhere one can find Passwords and Encryption Keys in ubuntu 12.04?06:37
pogiako1btw, has anyone been to defcon 21?06:37
reisiodumbest thing a government could ever do is make an enemy of me :D06:37
reisiopogiako1: nope, but 2306:37
IcanhazUbuntuplzReisio same here06:37
pogiako1mudge's speech was great btw ;D06:37
IcanhazUbuntuplzI've never been to Defcon06:37
pogiako1trying to go on 22, saving on it :D06:37
IcanhazUbuntuplzPogiako1: I have an Anonymous logo as my wallpaper :D06:38
pogiako1mudge was from the hack community originally, then worked for NSA and now back to the good side :D06:38
pogiako1IcanhazUbuntuplz: nice ;)06:38
IcanhazUbuntuplzI betcha Snowden uses Linux now.06:39
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:39
pogiako1best way to explain the world now is, there are two types of people: 1. Those who just want to live their lives and 2. Those who ambitiously want to rule the world.06:39
reisio3. reisios with napalm06:40
IcanhazUbuntuplzAnyways.. I'mma look through my system and clear out space brb06:40
reisio4. reisios with lots of napalm06:40
reisioIcanhazUbuntuplz: baobab06:40
reisiopogiako1: reisioses06:40
pogiako1btw guys, learn how to code06:40
pogiako1its not hard06:40
pogiako1its for ur  own good too, especially we live in info age06:41
meet_praveeni installed ubuntu with 2 partition one is with mount point '/' nad another is with mount point none... but now system is so slow and restricts me to create folders without using terminal. i am logedin as admin06:41
pogiako1i am thinking of getting a mohawk haha06:42
pogiako1what do u call the shaving art?06:42
pogiako1i want defcon to be shaved on my head06:42
reisio'shaving art' wfm06:43
pogiako1i deleted my cookies and lost all of my account details hahaha06:44
pogiako1i ddnt know it would do that lol06:44
reisioit shouldn't06:44
reisiobecause cookies were never meant for that06:44
reisiobut yeah it does :p06:44
xmetal<~~looking up rsync atm and commands in it06:44
reisiomaybe you've just confused logged in state with account details, though06:44
reisioxmetal: rsync -av foo/ bar/06:45
pogiako1i do remember06:45
reisioor omit v for faster06:45
reisiorerun if interrupted, it'll resume06:45
reisioor rerun just to see it say it did everything already06:45
reisio-ap for extra attention to permissions06:45
pogiako1i cleared my cookies and site data06:45
reisiomy browser is configured to do that every time it starts06:46
reisioexcept for a few utility cookies I always want set06:46
reisioand sites I use frequently06:46
reisio(for login state, not personal data)06:46
pogiako1haha oh well, knda of new life :D06:47
reisioit's good to start from zero every now and then06:47
pogiako1yup, to get rid of shit and stuff06:47
reisioto get perspective :p06:48
pogiako1btw, barnaby jack is my hero06:48
pogiako1such an amazing guy06:48
reisiowhy's that06:48
pogiako1do u know him/06:49
pogiako1look at his work06:49
reisiono he's dead06:49
pogiako1in the first place he wouldnt introduce himself to the public if he was a bad guy06:49
pogiako1look him up06:49
pogiako1and also mudge, my hero too :D06:50
reisiodidn't say he was bad...06:50
IcanhazUbuntuplzLol. We're all temporary. We're like Windows.  Eventually we'll be wiped. Ready to start anew.06:50
pogiako1IcanhazUbuntuplz: what do u mean?06:50
pogiako1i currently have no friend at facebook haha06:50
pogiako1dang feels so good06:50
IcanhazUbuntuplz:P I'm saying while we're installed to the Hard Drive that is Earth,06:50
pogiako1feels so fresh haha06:50
pogiako1there's no such thing as an end06:51
IcanhazUbuntuplzWe're like Windows. As we get older, we either get corrupted or errors start occuring06:51
meet_praveeni installed ubuntu with 2 partition one is with mount point '/' and another is with mount point none... but now system is so slow and restricts me to create folders without using terminal. i am logedin as admin06:51
pogiako1actually, when u thought the it is the end, from there is another beginning ;)06:51
ianorlinhow as admin is that your user name?06:51
IcanhazUbuntuplzThen when we die, We're wiped from the Hard Drive, and Installed as Linux on a clear, blank Hard Drive and you know the rest ^_^06:51
reisiomeet_praveen: how much ram?06:52
pogiako1how is 13.10 btw?06:52
pogiako1would any of u guys want to be my friend on facebook? haha06:52
pogiako1i dont have any friends on fb atm :(06:52
bwoken13.10 is quite bwoken06:52
IcanhazUbuntuplzPogiako1, I'm game!06:52
pogiako1yoh name?06:52
IcanhazUbuntuplzBwoken XD06:52
IcanhazUbuntuplzPm me yours, I'll search and add.06:53
pogiako1IcanhazUbuntuplz: yeah it really is06:53
lotuspsychjepogiako1: keep this channel for ubuntu support only plz06:53
IcanhazUbuntuplz12.04 LTS ;D06:53
pogiako1am supproting lol06:53
pogiako1but really 13.10 is broken06:53
IcanhazUbuntuplzI need to check for updates06:53
pogiako1thats normal06:53
pogiako1its new anyway06:53
IcanhazUbuntuplzI love how Ubuntu gets it right06:53
IcanhazUbuntuplzI can update without having to restart.06:54
pogiako1well i need to go now06:54
IcanhazUbuntuplzYunno, unless its a kernel update.06:54
pogiako1bye guys ;) take care06:54
pogiako1hey IcanhazUbuntuplz i pm'ed my FB  ;)06:54
reisioIcanhazUbuntuplz: yeah that takes extra work06:55
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jnpplfwilee-nilee, unfortunately getting Ubuntu working was only one half of it. Windows was unbootable, so time to start again with a different strategy :(06:58
=== rdm23 is now known as rdm_felix
IcanhazUbuntuplzHow often should I run Ubuntu's update Manager?07:02
lotuspsychjeIcanhazUbuntuplz: when there's an update07:02
reisioIcanhazUbuntuplz: as frequently as you can without it messing up your day07:02
reisioupdates are good, peace is better07:03
IcanhazUbuntuplzGoing to Run once everyday at noon, and again at midnight(:07:03
dp_wizw0w. my 12.04 upgraded straight to 14.04 and... it worked!07:04
dp_wizbut 13.04 can't find a "new release"... strange07:05
dp_wizeven with -d07:05
man0riaXGood morning07:05
reisiodifferent configs07:05
reisioman0riaX: mornin'07:06
IcanhazUbuntuplz14.04 is out already?07:06
IcanhazUbuntuplzI must have been under a rock o.o07:06
reisioyou must have travelled to 20... 1407:06
IcanhazUbuntuplzOk good lol. I was going to say07:06
maxbdp_wiz: Check your /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades07:06
reisiothey probably have betas in the works already, though07:06
IcanhazUbuntuplzYup reisio, Now if I could go back in time to when Linux was invented.07:07
IcanhazUbuntuplzAnd I was a rich Millionaire, I'd pour a bunch of money into it.07:07
meet_praveenreisio: 2GB07:08
reisioIcanhazUbuntuplz: mmm07:08
reisioor, without any additional funds07:08
reisioyou could just go back in time and tell the BSD guys to not ASK to be sued07:08
IcanhazUbuntuplzXD yes.07:09
IcanhazUbuntuplzLol! I've ordered a shirt from the Canonical store ;307:10
IcanhazUbuntuplzWindows users: l2pk XD07:11
thechahow do i edit read only or protected text and other files?07:12
thechacan someone pls explain to me vim?07:13
dp_wizmaxb: oh.. there were stale meta-release files on my local mirror. thanks for the hint.07:13
reisiothecha: run 'vimtutor'07:13
ianmac1thecha, First of all, which file are you trying to edit? You probably shouldn't mes with read-only system files07:13
ubottuthecha,: Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code07:13
thechai tried vim man07:13
bazhangthecha, try #vim07:13
thechaman vim i mean07:13
thechacan i make changes with gedit?07:14
reisiowho put that in the factoid :p07:14
=== nilesh is now known as nileshbhosale
reisiothecha: with any text editor07:14
thechai mean with the graphical stuff you never get to be root?07:14
reisiono you can use gedit as root07:14
thechahow do you get back to the roots?07:14
thechahow do YOU use gedit as root07:14
perothecha: you can open files with a gui-based editor with : gksudo gedit <file>07:14
liamevansprosoooooo I'm have never used and irc chat before07:15
reisioyou're meant to use gksudo or the like for graphical things07:15
perobut using nano would probably be easier07:15
liamevansproand I'm scred07:15
ianmac1thecha, Before you go editing a system file, be sure that you really need to do so. Which file?07:15
thechagksudo opens and gui app with roots priviliges?07:15
reisiopero: it's the same amount of ease07:15
reisiothecha: yup07:15
IcanhazUbuntuplzreisio: Next time you see an attractive female, Don't be afraid to say: You can run SUID On me anytime(:07:15
thechai hae a long list of files i liek to change completley07:15
thechasources.list is one of them07:15
liamevansproI NEED HELP PLEASE07:15
reisioliamevanspro: as well you should be MUAHAHAHAHAH07:15
thechathen i watn to change a whole bunch of config files07:15
thechalike cassandra.yaml07:15
ianmac1IcanhazUbuntuplz, perhaps you need to take that to off-topic channel?07:16
thechaand others :( but up untill now i couldnt07:16
reisiothecha: get to work then :)07:16
perothecha: you should use 'software and updates' to deal with that07:16
thechai will! i will edit the living hello out of these files07:16
perofrom dash07:16
IcanhazUbuntuplzianmac1: I did, just wanted to share with reisio but I forgot the /msg07:16
liamevansprohow do i convert the ubuntu iso to an img for on OS X MAVERICKS please thank you xD!07:16
reisioliamevanspro: what do you need an 'img' for?07:17
ubottuliamevanspro,: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages07:17
thechaThank you a lot for your kindly help to a fellow gnu/linux07:17
reisiothecha: :)07:17
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liamevansprothat's what I'm doing right now^07:19
liamevansprobut step 3 is hard cause I have to use the terminal07:19
cfhowlettliamevanspro, instructions are there.07:19
liamevansproand i don't know how to "Convert the .iso file to .img using the convert option of hdiutil (e.g.,hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img ~/path/to/ubuntu.iso)07:19
liamevanspro@zack_ hi07:20
=== Guest41568 is now known as KacanuH
ianmac1liamevanspro, you just posted the command line for it07:21
liamevansproya but i have never see command lines in my life!07:21
ianmac1liamevanspro, Now's a good time to get used to them :)07:21
liamevansprook then show me how please :)07:21
ianmac1you just posted it:  hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/target.img ~/path/to/ubuntu.iso07:22
ianmac1the /path/to is the path to the files, such as /home/user/blah/blah07:23
cfhowlettliamevanspro, open a terminal.  type in the exact command you posted.  press enter07:23
liamevansproit says no such file or directory07:23
liamevansprowhat do i replace?07:24
ianmac1liamevanspro, where is your ubuntu ISO image?07:24
liamevansproon my desktop07:24
ianmac1and what is your computer user name?07:24
liamevansproits here /Users/liamevans/Desktop/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso07:25
ianmac1ok, great! that is part of it. Now, where do you want to create the IMG file?07:25
liamevansproon my desktop right next to the ISO07:25
ianmac1liamevanspro, ok, it should be like this: hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/Users/liamevans/Desktop/ubuntu-13.10.img ~/Users/liamevans/Desktop/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso07:26
liamevansproit didn't work :(.07:28
ianmac1liamevanspro, what was the error?07:28
liamevansproit still says no such file directory07:28
reisioianmac1: what does that do exactly?07:29
ianmac1liamevanspro, in your terminal type this: find ~ -name ubuntu-13.10*07:29
liamevansprook i typed it and hit enter and this popped up07:30
liamevansprothis here /Users/liamevans/Desktop/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso07:30
ianmac1liamevanspro, what distro are you using?07:31
ianmac1reisio, it's the command he gave me to convert an ubuntu ISO into a Mac IMG file07:33
reisioI guess Mac OS needs some fancy FS to boot07:33
ianmac1HFS I believe07:33
Ben64theres the mac image, just use that07:33
ianmac1liamevanspro, which distro are you using to do this conversion on?07:34
* ianmac1 finds it curious that his desktop path begins with "/Users" rather than "/home"07:34
ianmac1Ben64, Thank you!07:34
ianmac1liamevanspro, See the link Ben64 posted, it might save you the conversion07:35
hitsujiTMOianmac1: notice the ~ before /Users07:35
Ben64the point is there shouldn't be a /Users07:35
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, I didn't see a tilde:  <liamevanspro> this here /Users/liamevans/Desktop/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso07:35
ianmac1I have a feeling he is on a MAc right now. What does a path in MAc begin with?07:37
hitsujiTMOianmac1: ahh sorry my bad07:37
troulouliou_devhi there is a bug in the kernel used by ubuntu 12.04 - 13.10 that prevent me from launching it or the installer on an old atom box; any suggestions how i can install with a custom 3.12 kernel ?07:37
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: what iso are you using?07:37
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, tested with 13.04 and 13.10 server and desktop07:38
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: whats the exact iso name?07:38
troulouliou_devi guess i can install a 11.10; compil my kernel and update up to 13.1007:38
Ben64troulouliou_dev: whats the bug?07:38
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: more importantly. what architecture is the iso?07:38
ianmac1I was unaware that Ubuntu released Ubuntu ISO's for the atom07:39
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, ha tested with 64 and 32 bits07:39
ianmac1troulouliou_dev, he meant the architecture07:39
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: what processor is it exactly?07:39
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, it is an old atom ; need to replug the box to have the exact version; i m searching back the kernel fix i saw for 3.1207:40
Ben64how do you know its a bug thats stopping it from working07:40
reisiotroulouliou_dev: minimalcd?07:41
ianmac1troulouliou_dev, which ISO were you trying to boot on that atom box? Are you sure the ISO is for the atom arch?07:41
troulouliou_devianmac1, there isn't an atom arch ; i tested ubuntu-13.10-server-amd64.iso ; 386 ...07:42
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: if its an older atom, then you need the i386 iso.07:42
reisioas in intel atom? Yes it's x86/i386 if it's older07:42
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, I'm so glad you're here :)07:42
reisioI don't _think_ they debuted those chips with any 64-bit versions, though they have them at this point07:42
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, yes i tested with it but it is a bug inthe kernel; just searching the fix atm07:42
Ben64troulouliou_dev: you really need to give more info or nobody can help you07:43
troulouliou_devBen64, yes searching atm :)07:44
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: i have not heard of any such bug. very weird considering i've install ubuntu on just about every consumer atom processor available in my last job07:44
reisiohitsujiTMO: one with VT-x?07:44
pers3ustroulouliou_dev: Ben64, indeed. What is the error that you are encoutering? Which version or iso did you use? Is it even booting up? Where does it stop?07:44
hitsujiTMOreisio: vt-x isn't available on 32bit07:44
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, , Ben64 that the issue i m facing : http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.embedded.poky/914407:44
troulouliou_devTuning for Intel Atom CPU can in result instructions being used that are07:45
troulouliou_devnot compatible with older x86 CPUs such as Intel Pentium Dual-Core07:45
troulouliou_devE2200. This can result in Linux 3.10 failing to boot with:07:45
troulouliou_dev"This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU:07:45
FloodBot1troulouliou_dev: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:45
troulouliou_devho sorry for flooding07:45
wilee-nilee7 years using linux never had a bug, yet we see these claims daily07:45
reisiohitsujiTMO: I meant re last job07:45
dp_wizgoodbye "up 175 days"... and welcome back!07:46
reisioark says they've got 32-bit ones with vt-x, anyways07:47
reisionot that I was asking that... no matter07:47
troulouliou_devBen64, this is the kernel commit that prevent recent kernel from booting : http://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/tip/tip.git/commit/?id=2b9b6d8c715b23fa119261c32ad360681f4464a907:48
hitsujiTMOreisio: tbh i don't think i've used an atom with vt-x. the last ones we had D2700 and N2800 which i don't think have vt-x. Didn't use any newer atoms.07:48
troulouliou_dev3.12 has fixed it or i can recompil a new kernel with CONFIG_MATOM disabled07:48
troulouliou_devi jsut wonder how to install ubuntu in the first place :)07:49
reisiohitsujiTMO: I've only heard of one person ever having one, some foreign netbook07:49
IcanhazUbuntuplz I have a foreign netbook07:49
IcanhazUbuntuplzIt's made by a chinese company ;307:49
reisionobody sells them :p07:49
reisioIcanhazUbuntuplz: I guess you don't live in China, then07:49
dp_wizIs it possible yet to use nvidia blob with 3.12 kernel?07:50
namrataanyone here facing problems with their openjdk-7 installation?07:50
reisionamrata: you?07:50
namratareisio: yeah me ....07:50
reisioooh ooh I guessed right07:50
wilee-nileemine burts into flames07:50
pers3usmine explodes.07:51
reisiohelmut_: hiyo07:51
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
hitsujiTMOreisio: i've no idea really why you'd need vt-x on an atom tbh. Maybe for some odd embedded system alright, but in general seems odd07:53
reisiowell, theoretically it would be a cheap low power way to have vt-x07:53
reisio...except they're impossible to find for purchase :p07:53
reisioand as for vt-x, reasons for having it aren't super great, but they exist :)07:54
troulouliou_devdp_wiz, yes ; just use make-kpkg and the nvidia module will be compiled automaticcaly by dkms07:55
hitsujiTMOreisio: i'm sure the server ones come with it alright. they're just harder to get your hands on. I've only ever seen them used in prebuilt NASs that are 500-700 EUR a pop07:55
reisiooh wait, I forgot the guy who said he had a netbook with one with vt-x took it back, it didn't have :p07:56
reisiohitsujiTMO: yeah so tedious :p07:56
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, i guess i can always then install on another computer; rebuild the kernel and then plug back in the original box07:56
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: if there is indeed a bug in the kernel. you'd have to do a debootstap install07:56
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, ok thanks i m installing on the disk pluged in another computer; rebuild a kernel and then plug back the disk; should work i guess07:58
sl1ckhow can I remove lines exceeding 5 chars in a text file? I can't remember the command?07:58
sgo11hi, I am building a kernel by following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel, I am confused. after running "fakeroot debian/rules clean" and "fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs" and make some changes in menuconfig, do I still need to call "fakeroot debian/rules clean" again? Why do I need to call "clean" twice? thanks.07:59
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, is there still 32 bits repos for 13.10 servers ?07:59
reisiosl1ck: egrep -iv '^......'08:00
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: the desktop and server repos are the same08:00
Ari-Yangsgo11: I'm curious, why are you building your own kernel?08:04
sgo11Ari-Yang, I need to add a hid tablet driver given by the manufacturer. a .c file. they asked me to do it. otherwise, what to do?08:05
sgo11Ari-Yang, the tablet is not working without this driver, they only provide .c file and ask me to compile the kernel. I never do this before.08:06
sl1ckreisio: I found grep '^.\{X\}' file to do a better job. Thanks tho.08:08
troulouliou_devsgo11, that fakeroot method confused me too i still somehow prefer the old make-kpkg method08:08
troulouliou_devseems more natural08:08
sgo11can anyone help me on this? by following the guide, I am confused. I don't know why I need to run "clean" twice. the first time build a kernel.08:08
troulouliou_devsgo11, clean remove all the compile and temporary files08:09
troulouliou_devsgo11, it won't touch the .config file08:09
sgo11troulouliou_dev, thanks. so why do I run clean? just remove some harddisk spaces?08:10
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: btw what exactly happens when you try to boot 13.10 or 12.04 etc?08:10
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, i have this message : This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU: movbe08:11
sgo11whatever. I just run it by following the guide. hopefully, it will work magically.08:11
troulouliou_devsgo11, no it ill removed all previously compiled modules / kernel and temp file08:11
sgo11troulouliou_dev, will it remove all the changes I made in "make menuconfig" step? thanks.08:12
troulouliou_devsgo11, no08:12
donnibcan somebody help me with fixing some currupted files, i get this when i do apt-get upgrade :http://pastebin.com/9bqbTH5k08:12
troulouliou_devsgo11, btw if you want to get back your actual kernel configuration before editing ; you can use make oldconfig08:12
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: hmm, then that would suggest that your cpu is not an atom since movbe is present on all atoms from day 1.08:13
hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: that or it is incorrectly detecting movbe support08:13
sgo11troulouliou_dev, ok. then, it's ok to run it. maybe my question is stupid. why do I remove all previously compiled modules?08:13
troulouliou_devsgo11, to compile them back :) if they are present they won't be recompiled except if there is some source code change08:14
wilee-nileedonnib, how long you been running sudo in a rooted terminal?08:15
hitsujiTMOdonnib: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue08:15
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, is is an Intel ® Dual-Core Atom™ Processor 330 (1.6 GHz)08:15
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, somebody else have the same issue here : http://openelec.tv/forum/64-installation/66269-a330ion-board-what-version08:16
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, maybe early model had this features disabled or not listed in cpuid ?08:16
sgo11troulouliou_dev, ok. not fully understand. but whatever. just folllow the steps. kernel is compiling. how long that will take? and after compiling and install, my old kernel will be gone, right? thanks.08:17
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hitsujiTMOtroulouliou_dev: or is disabled on chipsets with nvidia ion08:17
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, yes maybe, it is an old unused box i want to revice as a ppoe/snort/tc/iptables box for a 2 mega adsl connection08:18
firespeakermy system doesn't finish booting (gets "stuck" after starting cups, though it still accepts input), but when I start it in recovery mode, I can get everything to start, even including unity and stuff.  how do I track down what it's waiting for?08:24
=== P4tt3rn_ is now known as P4tt3rn
sgo11wow. I did google search. people say compiling a kernel will take 1 to 2 hours. will that burn my laptop? cpu is 67 degree after a few minutes.08:25
firespeakersgo11: some laptops run normally at around 70C08:25
firespeakersgo11: or any number of different ranges of temperature08:25
sgo11firespeaker, i feel sorry to my laptop. I should do this in my desktop PC.08:26
firespeakersgo11: if your fans and stuff are all working correctly, it shouldn't overheat08:26
reisioI'm not sure even a huge Ubuntu kernel will take 2 hours08:26
reisiocheck the date of whatever you're reading08:26
firespeakeras for burning, what you do with your matches is up to you08:26
jnpplfWoohoo, resolved my earlier problem now, thanks wilee-nilee08:26
wilee-nileefirespeaker, Have you messed around with /etc/default/grub or grub and need to run a update-grub?08:26
firespeakerI remember when it used to take >10 hours for a small kernel08:26
wilee-nileejnpplf, cool, enjoy.08:27
reisioI remember when you had to flip those switches!08:27
liamevansproahhhh i need help08:27
firespeakerwilee-nilee: I haven't messed around with grub's config files, though grub is now 64bit when it used to be 32bit on the same system08:27
wilee-nileefirespeaker, what?08:28
firespeakerwilee-nilee: but no, I've updated grub a million times since then08:28
firespeakerwilee-nilee: ignore all that.  it's not grub.  it loads the kernel and userland stuff just fine08:28
liamevansproI'm there08:28
liamevansproand step 3 is not working!08:28
wilee-nileeHeh, I can easily do that.08:28
firespeakerwilee-nilee: how could it be a problem with grub if it gets all the way to starting upstart services?08:29
sgo11damn. compile error.08:29
liamevansprohello? help please08:29
firespeakerliamevanspro: can't help unless we know what's happening08:29
wilee-nileefirespeaker, la,la,la huh I'm busy ignoring. ;)08:30
firespeakerliamevanspro: yes, I saw you url08:30
liamevansprook I'm using this tutorial08:30
firespeakerliamevanspro: what is it that's not working08:30
firespeakerif your problem is that you're using that tutorial, I have nfi08:30
wilee-nileefirespeaker, People mess with the kernel is why I asked,08:31
liamevansproon that site, on step 3, i enter the required info in the terminal and it says "no such file" or something08:31
ianmac1liamevanspro, Keep in mind that tutorial is for a Mac and you're asking in an Ubuntu channel.. might not be too many folks here with Mac knowledge08:31
Jordan_Uliamevanspro: What is the exact command you ran, and its exact output?08:31
sgo11compile kernel error "make: *** [.../linux-3.5.0/debian/stamps/stamp-build-generic] Error 2", what does this mean? how to debug? thanks.08:31
firespeakerwilee-nilee: nope, using an ubuntu-provided kernel08:31
firespeakersgo11: why are you making such an old kernel?08:31
firespeakerliamevanspro: what exactly did you enter into the terminal?08:32
liamevansprohdiutil convert -format UDRW -o /Users/liamevans/Documents/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso  /Users/liamevans/Downloads/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.img08:32
firespeakerand what's it say?08:32
sgo11firespeaker, I am using it all the time without any problems. don't bother upgrade. regardless how old it is. why does it give compile error? thanks.08:32
liamevansproand then it said " hdiutil: convert failed - No such file or directory08:32
firespeakerliamevanspro: does that file exist?08:33
liamevansproyes when i used the find command it found it there08:33
firespeakerls -la08:33
firespeakertype ls -la /Users/liamevans/Downloads/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.img08:33
liamevansprowait the IMG doesn't exist of course!08:33
liamevansprothe ISO does08:34
hitsujiTMOfirespeaker: that looks like the output08:34
ianmac1firespeaker, I think it's supposed to be file.img -> file.iso and not the other way around08:34
firespeakerHtbrdd: no, the thing after -o would be the output08:34
firespeakerianmac1: well then he's going to have trouble if the img doesn't exist08:34
Jordan_Uliamevanspro: Are you sure that the iso is in a "Documents" directory and not "Downloads" or "Desktop"?08:34
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: ls -l /Users/liamevans/Documents/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso                and: ls -l /Users/liamevans/Downloads/08:34
ianmac1firespeaker, true08:34
liamevansproI'm sure its in documents08:35
firespeakersgo11: theres hould be more information with that error message08:35
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: can you please give output of those 2 commands08:35
troulouliou_devhitsujiTMO, fun btw i have the same issue on a Xeon  x3350 cpu08:35
ianmac1firespeaker, I meant I think it's: command [options] /path/target.img /path/file.iso , he has it backwards I think08:36
firespeakerliamevanspro: then why did you type Downloads?08:36
firespeakerianmac1: probably, but good luck explaining that08:36
sgo11firespeaker, that's all. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6409625/08:36
loonganybody there08:36
cfhowlettloong, no08:36
loonghi there08:36
cfhowlettonly a few thousand08:37
lotuspsychjeloong: 1700 users are08:37
loonghow many people in there08:37
firespeakersgo11: maybe ask in #kernel ?  nfi08:37
cfhowlettloong, what is your ubuntu support question?08:37
sgo11firespeaker, thanks a lot. will do that.08:37
firespeakermy system doesn't finish booting (gets "stuck" after starting cups, though it still accepts input), but when I start it in recovery mode, I can get everything to start, even including unity and stuff.  how do I track down what it's waiting for?08:37
hitsujiTMOianmac1: is right. liamevanspro has the .img and .iso in the wrond order08:37
ianmac1liamevanspro, have you tried discussing this in a Mac channel, since this is a Mac command?08:37
loongno question thanks08:37
liamevansprohi so i  entered this: ls -l /Users/liamevans/Documents/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso08:37
liamevansproand it said this: -rw-r--r--@ 1 liamevans  staff  925892608 16 Oct 15:14 /Users/liamevans/Documents/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso08:38
firespeakerliamevanspro: so why are you inputting the .img for the command?08:38
firespeakerthat file doesn't exist08:38
loongare you robot?08:38
cfhowlettliamevanspro, you need to take this up with the mac support channel08:38
firespeakerit told you the problem loong before you asked us08:38
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o /Users/liamevans/Documents/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64-mac.img /Users/liamevans/Documents/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.iso08:38
cfhowlettloong, if you don't have a support question, you might be happier in ubuntu-offtopic08:39
ola2i did htis apt-get install python3.108:39
ola2but in python -V shows 2.7.308:39
=== holymac_ is now known as holymac
ola2what to do08:39
liamevansprohitsujiTMO it worked!!!!08:39
ianmac1liamevanspro, I'm guessing you had the path wrong all along08:39
lotuspsychje!info python | ola208:39
liamevansproTHANKS YOU ARE A GOD AMONG MEN!08:40
ubottuola2: python (source: python-defaults): interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.7.5-5ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 164 kB, installed size 671 kB08:40
firespeakerola2: did you install python3.1 successfully?  Try setting PYTHON and PYTHONPATH08:40
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: as was pointed out you had input and ouput mixed08:40
liamevansproi will keep this chat open incase i need more help08:40
ola2no i have not set path08:40
liamevansprothanks all your best!08:40
firespeakerola2: you can also run it by saying python308:40
liamevansprowhat do i do for set 408:40
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, he also had the wrong path, he told us it was Desktop instead of Documents08:41
liamevansprowhats distil list?08:41
ola2but im making a software i will install python on that machine08:41
firespeakerianmac1: he said Downloads I think08:41
ola2so i want his machine to have python308:41
firespeakerola2: sounds like it does08:41
ola2if he has python 2.08:41
ola2then my software is gone08:41
firespeakeryou said you successfully installed it08:41
firespeakerola2: what?08:41
loongwho know face recognition08:41
liamevansprowhats diskutil list??? hello?! lol08:41
ianmac1liamevanspro, you really need to be asking Mac-related question in a Mac channel, you'll get better help there08:42
ola2i will give a software to client08:42
hitsujiTMOianmac1: well, he could have outputed to the destop too if he preferred. i just used documents in my example as it makes more sense for me to output it to the same dir08:42
ola2if he has python2.x already installed08:42
liamevansprowhere is mac help place??08:42
liamevansprostep 4 what do?08:42
ola2then how will i run python 3.x commands08:42
firespeakerola2: python3 script.py08:42
firespeakeror in the top of the script put #!/usr/bin/env python308:42
ianmac1liamevanspro, try ##apple08:42
firespeakerand make it executable08:42
liamevansprodon't you mean #apple?08:43
liamevanspronot ##apple08:43
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: ##mac08:43
liamevansprowhy 2 ##08:43
ianmac1no, it's ##apple , because that channel wasn't started by Apple08:43
ianmac1# = corporate owned, ## = user owned08:44
codygmanDoes anyone else using firefox on ubuntu have issues with html5 games? Specifically this example http://elm-lang.org/edit/examples/Reactive/Transforms.elm... I have no issues in chromium with it.08:44
ianmac1at least that's the way Freenode wants it to be08:44
liamevansproit doesn't work08:44
ianmac1/join ##apple08:45
liamevansprois it ##mac or ##apple?08:45
ianmac1/join ##apple08:45
codygmanliamevanspro: You have to hover your mouse in the black box... the triangle follows your mouse.08:45
lotuspsychjecodygman: link works for me so it seems08:45
lotuspsychjecodygman: your FF is up to date?08:45
MrQuistokay how do you type /join ##apple without a space up front?08:45
MrQuistor is that just your client08:46
ianmac1two "/"08:46
MrQuistdoes escaping work?08:46
codygmanlotuspsychje: It works for me too, but there is lag. I believe so, I'm using 25. Checking aptitude to see if update is available.08:46
MrQuist/me test08:46
MrQuist<3 i love you08:46
FloodBot1MrQuist: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:46
lotuspsychje!info firefox | codygman08:46
ubottucodygman: firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 25.0+build3-0ubuntu0.13.10.1 (saucy), package size 27917 kB, installed size 57522 kB08:46
codygmanlotuspsychje: Yep, that's what I have.08:46
* MrQuist gusta08:46
lotuspsychjecodygman: maybe the #firefox guys might know your issue aswell?08:47
codygmanlotuspsychje: Yeah, I'll post there and see what they have to say.08:47
lotuspsychjecodygman: also might try starting FF from terminal, see what it says08:48
liamevansproi try to join and it say "You need to identify with network services to join the room "##apple" on "irc.freenode.net".08:48
liamevansproServer Details:08:48
liamevansproCannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services08:48
liamevansprohelp me!!08:48
lotuspsychje!register | liamevanspro08:48
ubottuliamevanspro: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:48
ianmac1liamevanspro, yeah, that channel is kinda strict08:48
codygmanlotuspsychje: Thanks. Will do.08:48
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: there's also ##mac08:48
lotuspsychjecodygman: how is the lag showing for you?08:49
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, Thank you for that :)08:49
ianmac1yeah, a few more people in ##mac anyway, try that08:49
liamevanspronope ##mac didn't work either08:50
liamevansprosame error message08:50
codygmanlotuspsychje: The orange hexagon should follow my mouse but it lags behind.08:50
ianmac1liamevanspro, go ahead and register your nick, it seems it would benefit you08:50
liamevansprook i registered now what08:51
liamevansproat least i think i did08:51
liamevanspro« /nick <nickname> »08:51
lotuspsychjecodygman: you can try clearing FF cache also08:51
liamevanspro« /nick <liamevanspro> »08:52
=== liamevanspro is now known as liamevanspro2
=== liamevanspro2 is now known as liamevanspro
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: check your email for a confirmation email. finish that and you should be able to ligin with nickserv then08:53
liamevanspro##mac and ##apple still odnt work!08:53
liamevansprout this server doesn't even have my email!08:53
MrQuistliamevanspro, you didn't register08:53
ianmac1liamevanspro, nickserv says you're not registered08:53
MrQuistyou just changed your nick08:53
codygmanlotuspsychje: Sadly that didn't make a difference. I'll wait for a response in #firefox08:54
MrQuistcheck out the freenode server info in the beginning08:54
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: you should have given your email when registering: msg nickserv register password_of_your_choice your@email.address08:54
liamevansprosoooo how do i register?08:54
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: you should have given your email when registering: /msg nickserv register password_of_your_choice your@email.address08:54
ianmac1liamevanspro, /msg nickserv help register08:54
lotuspsychjecodygman: you have other lags on FF with video's or youtubes,?08:54
liamevansprobah thats wayyyyy to confusing!08:55
liamevansproant you guys just help me here?08:55
liamevansproI'm on step 4 wit do?08:55
lotuspsychjeliamevanspro: did you even read the register link?08:56
YeeBoohi all08:56
liamevansproi did but i didn't understand what to do08:56
ianmac1liamevanspro, that is a Mac-related tutorial, the folks here are Ubuntu users, you need to go to a Mac channel to get proper Mac help, they're two different systems08:56
MrQuistliamevanspro, CTRL+T -> "diskutil"08:56
lotuspsychjeYeeBoo: hello, what can we do for you mate?08:56
MrQuistopen up terminal (same as in ubuntu somehow :) ) and run diskutil08:57
liamevansprobut you guys helped me with the other step so ya :)08:57
liamevansprook ill run disktil08:57
liamevansprowait i typed "run diskutil" in terminal and it didn't work!08:58
liamevansproit said bash: run: command not found08:59
aeon-ltdliamevanspro: no run08:59
MrQuistjust type in the command08:59
MrQuistdiskutil is the command08:59
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: run diskutil. as in diskutil in the applicatiosn folder08:59
elijahon ubuntu 64 bit is flash 64 bit or 32?08:59
=== elijah is now known as Guest87104
hitsujiTMOliamevanspro: iirc its in applications _. utilities08:59
liamevansprooh ok worked now. Jeez MrQuist, your a MAC GENIUS!09:00
MrQuisthahahah if people like me are mac geniouses09:00
MrQuistthen i'm really happy that i don't own a mac09:00
ianmac1I'm great with iOS, but don't know much about OS X09:01
MrQuistliamevanspro.setNick(substr($nick, 0, -3));09:01
lotuspsychjeGuest87104: if you have a 64bit ubuntu, packages will download as 64bit and best choose 64bit software from web aswell09:01
hitsujiTMOMrQuist: :)09:01
MrQuistall i know is that it looks WAY too much like an old, opensourced OS.... Just wonder where apple tells what it is09:01
liamevansprooh guys! now i'm on step 5 OH NO!!09:01
liamevansprowut do09:02
MrQuistwhat opensource knowledge it used...09:02
MrQuistDude, really?09:02
Guest87104Yeah ok but I am asking if flash has a pure 64bit package09:02
Guest87104or uses the 32bit one09:02
ianmac1MrQuist, OS X is unix, isn't it?09:02
MrQuistbased on, yeah09:02
MrQuistthey just never credit :(09:02
ianmac1that's sad09:02
lotuspsychje!info flashplugin-installer | Guest8710409:02
ubottuGuest87104: flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 6 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)09:02
MrQuistLook at mac OSX! We're great and fast and have no virusses!09:02
liamevansprostep 5 says insert flash media09:02
MrQuistliamevanspro, seriously09:03
Guest87104!info skype09:03
liamevansproand step 6 says um......09:03
ubottuPackage skype does not exist in saucy09:03
MrQuisttry to use your grey mass for a second09:03
MrQuistwhat would it mean?09:03
liamevansproRun diskutil list again and determine the device node assigned to your flash media (e.g. /dev/disk2).09:03
fosser_josh1anyone know how to reset password for the python irc channel?09:03
wedr /dev/greymass09:03
khildinwedr: is that equal to /dev/null ??09:04
Guest87104!info skype | Guest8710409:04
MrQuist"Insert" That means putting it in. "flash" Thats the typt of storage. "media" - thats some kind of a container. So what would this mean?09:04
ubottuGuest87104: Package skype does not exist in saucy09:04
ianmac1fosser_josh1, sounds like you need a freenode staffer #freenode09:04
MrQuist/dev/greymass -> /dev/null09:04
lotuspsychjeGuest87104: you can download skype from website09:04
wedrkhildin: sometimes it is09:04
Guest87104yeah but it uses 32bit librarys09:04
Guest87104is it the same with flash?09:04
MrQuistliamevanspro im not sure if you should install ubuntu09:04
MrQuistif you're unable to follow a 6-step explaination09:05
liamevansproIm dieing laughing HAHHAHAH!09:05
lotuspsychjeGuest87104: download skype multiarch09:05
liamevansproI only want ubuntu to run try and run Windows games09:05
Guest87104you are not getting my point09:05
MrQuistthen you probably won't be able to comple your own sound drivers09:05
icerootMrQuist: i am not sure if you should do support here, so please stop something like that09:05
ianmac1liamevanspro, you're going to run into a lot of tutorials in Ubuntu09:05
lotuspsychjeGuest87104: you want the 64bit skype?09:06
liamevansproWindows games without windows! what do? OS X or Linux?09:06
icerootliamevanspro: GNU/Linux with wine would be one way09:07
Guest87104there is no 64bit skype lotuspsychje. Now please do not confuse me09:07
hitsujiTMOGuest87104: there is no 64bit skype. its 32bit only so you install multiarch09:07
iceroot!wine | liamevanspro09:07
ubottuliamevanspro: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:07
Guest87104hitsujiTMO, is it the same case with flash?09:07
liamevansproWine? really? I can get Wine on OS X i think!09:07
hitsujiTMOGuest87104: i don't think so09:07
icerootliamevanspro: i dont know os x (and i dont care about that) if there is also wine and you prefer os x, use that but we dont support os x here09:08
ianmac1liamevanspro, so you're installing Ubuntu on a MAc in order to play Windows games? Now, that's a hardcore gamer right there09:08
Guest87104yeah have fun with that one liamevanspro09:08
lotuspsychjeGuest87104: ive just trigered you the flashplugin-installer and it says amd6409:09
liamevansproPLUS I only want to play games because I just got a new MacBook Pro and i wanna see if it can play Crysis 3 or something graphically intense!09:09
hitsujiTMOGuest87104: i use the pepper plugin so i'm not 100% sure on it. but when i did the adobe flash plugin i had it on a 64bit browser so it should have been the same.09:09
liamevansproI just wanna push the limits of my ne wmacbook to like show it off or what not :S09:10
Guest87104ok ty09:10
lotuspsychjeliamevanspro: stop using this channel to chitchat about mac, this is an ubuntu support channel09:10
=== cyril is now known as Guest7917
liamevansprook sorry guys :(.09:12
liamevansprobye imma go buy windows or something.09:12
lotuspsychje!mac | liamevanspro09:12
ubottuliamevanspro: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:12
lotuspsychjeliamevanspro: install ubuntu free on your mac and install playonlinux to game09:13
liamevansprosorry lotus, Mrquist says I'm not smart enough for linux09:13
liamevansprosomething about a grey mass09:13
ianmac1lotuspsychje, that's what started this conversation :)09:13
lotuspsychjeianmac1: :p09:14
liamevansprowindows 8 should be free!09:14
liamevansprofucking bitches!09:14
=== matic is now known as Guest15090
liamevanspromavericks and Ubuntu are free09:14
lotuspsychjeliamevanspro: im sure you can prove us your smart, not buying windows09:14
lotuspsychje!language | liamevanspro09:15
ubottuliamevanspro: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:15
liamevansprohey where the off topic place to just chat with people who like ubuntu?09:15
DJonesliamevanspro: Please keep the language friendly, swearing isn't considered appropriate for the Ubuntu channels09:15
lotuspsychje!ot | liamevanspro09:15
ubottuliamevanspro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:15
Organicanarchyhey, is there any way to make Ubuntu faste?09:16
liamevansproUbunto is slowe?09:17
Organicanarchyim running a netbook with 1 gig of ram, and it seems like windows 7 actually runs faster on it09:17
lotuspsychjeOrganicanarchy: i might reccomend you installing ubuntu on an ssd09:17
ianmac1I've forced myself to use Unity for 24 hours. It's actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I hated it when it first came out, seems to have improved greatly09:17
Organicanarchylotuspsychje I want to use Ubuntu to revive this crappy laptop09:17
OxDeadC0deI think faste is french. Yes. there are ways to make the default language french.09:17
grahamsavagehi.. ok i'm getting very odd networking issues but none of the other users are experieincing them (i'm the only one running ubuntu 12.04)09:18
grahamsavagei'm unable to say ping slashdot.org... what can i do to diagonse the problem?09:18
OxDeadC0deneat, that describes your problem in such a way that people who can help can because you totally had tons of detail in it!09:18
lotuspsychjeOrganicanarchy: xubuntu and lubuntu might run faster on your netbook, but i would buy and SSD drive and install ubuntu on your netbook09:18
hitsujiTMOOrganicanarchy: install unity-tweak-tool and disable background blur in search section.   It will speed the interface up a lot09:18
Organicanarchylotuspsychje: I dont even think this thingwill take an ssd, its IDE HD only lol09:19
OrganicanarchyhitsujiTMO thanks, I might try that, but I thought ubuntu tweak was broken...09:19
lotuspsychjeOrganicanarchy: there are IDE ssd's aswell, nto as fast as sata ofcourse09:19
hitsujiTMOOrganicanarchy: if its a new boot then its not ide :P09:19
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, thanks for that!09:19
grahamsavageobviously, i can connect to irc.. so dns and tcp is somewhat working.. it's a really odd networking issue09:19
Organicanarchyim off to try it Wubi style just to get a basic idea of how itll perform before I erase my whole HD09:20
lotuspsychjeOrganicanarchy: ssd and ubuntu goes rocketfast!09:20
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, OMG! That's a huge help09:20
Organicanarchylotuspsychje, my next HD is gonna be SSD, and on a deskt09:20
ianmac1lol, where were you yesterday?09:20
OxDeadC0degrahamsavage: that is odd. try using a better dns server, like opendns09:20
grahamsavagedig slashdot.org ->;   ping 216.34181.45; doesn't work    wget downloads no code09:21
hitsujiTMOianmac1: lol sorry, i was prob helping someone else at the time09:21
Organicanarchythanks ya'll09:21
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, it's also faster to keep blur turned on but change it from Active to Static09:21
ianmac1but, yeah, much faster to just turn it off09:22
hitsujiTMOianmac1: yes but i find the blur to be unnecessary anyway. that also disables the blur on the alt-tab switcher09:22
OxDeadC0degrahamsavage: are you in china?09:22
grahamsavageOxDeadC0de: yep09:22
OxDeadC0defor real?09:23
cfhowlettgrahamsavage, beijing?09:23
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, yes, much better here on my little lappy09:23
grahamsavagecfhowlett: nah, changsha09:23
OxDeadC0deWell frankly, that explains everything.09:23
grahamsavageok.. computer 1 loads slashdot, computer 2 doesn't09:23
grahamsavageOxDeadC0de: it doesn't explain jack09:23
cfhowlettgrahamsavage, dress warm.  my 2nd beijing winter ...09:23
OxDeadC0dewell now it doesn't. I wanted to be all anti-chinas internet controlling efforts, but you said no.09:24
grahamsavageI know what GFOC errors look like.. this is not typical09:24
=== AbyssOne__ is now known as a1|away
cfhowlettgrahamsavage, I get slashdot no problem09:24
=== a1|away is now known as AbyssOne__
grahamsavageon that IP?09:24
OxDeadC0desame ip.09:24
OxDeadC0dewait, grahamsavage09:25
grahamsavagewhat else can i add too my toolbox?   dig, wget09:25
OxDeadC0dewhen I ping slashdot.org I get PING shashdot.org ( 56(84) bytes of data09:25
OxDeadC0dewhen I dig I get slashdot.org.           152     IN      A
grahamsavagecfhowlett: what you using for dns?09:25
grahamsavageare you the same person?09:26
cfhowlettgrahamsavage, nope.  no vpn, no nothing but ubuntu + firefox09:26
OxDeadC0dethe same person as what09:26
grahamsavageOxDeadC0de: are you in china?09:26
grahamsavagecfhowlett: your just using standard isp provided DNS?09:26
pulsar78need some help with a2dp bluetooth, anyone ?09:26
cfhowlettgrahamsavage, yeah, whatever the China ISP provides .. I'm on my work wifi09:27
lotuspsychjepulsar78: best is to fire your question about it in channel09:27
OxDeadC0deask or answer, don't ask to ask.09:27
OxDeadC0degrahamsavage: if you go directly to does slashdot load?09:28
OxDeadC0dethen I blame your dns09:28
jarkkoi just read yesterday that slashdot was used to spy people09:29
pulsar78use googles
jarkkothat some goverment made a page that looked like slashdot09:30
cfhowlettjarkko, read on the internet?  must be true ...09:30
OxDeadC0deI just read yesterday that a 747 landed on a nissan.. but it was a lie. a 747 would crush a nissan like a nissan would crush a tin can on the road.09:30
grahamsavagejarko: yeah that was the dodgy as shit brits09:30
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, so you can turn off the blur. Can you change the color of the background or make it darker?09:30
hitsujiTMOianmac1: under launcher set the background colour there09:34
federico__join #ubuntu-it-chat09:38
Organicanarchyis there any other full featured linux distro that's faster than Ubuntu09:40
Organicanarchyand easy?09:40
OrganicanarchyI've used Fedora and Mint before, but im looking for something else thats fast as hell09:40
AlanBellfast for what?09:40
OrganicanarchyAlanBell fast for a crappy 1gb of ram netbook that's a few years old09:41
cfhowlettOrganicanarchy, xubuntu/lubuntu or optimized for older / lower spec machines such as yours09:41
DJonesOrganicanarchy: It might be worth looking at Lubuntu or Xubuntu which have lower hardware requirements09:41
OrganicanarchyDJones cfhowlett thanks, I'llcheck those out, upgrading this machine just isn't really worth the money09:42
AlanBellget an ssd or more ram, or a new computer, that will be easier than trying to squeeze more out of that hardware09:42
DJones!lubuntu | Organicanarchy09:42
ubottuOrganicanarchy: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.09:42
MrQuistOrganicanarchy: It might be worth looking at Puppy, since its really small.09:42
DJones!xubuntu | Organicanarchy09:42
ubottuOrganicanarchy: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:42
OrganicanarchyMrQuist, i have used puppy and really don't like it at all09:42
Organicanarchyhaha sorry09:42
MrQuisti really like it for the small stuff :)09:43
DJonesMrQuist: !puppy (if there was a factoid) would probably say the same as !mint etc about not being supported here09:43
Organicanarchyas far as tiny OSes go its great09:43
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, perfect, thank you again09:43
MrQuistI know i was joking DJones09:43
MrQuistjust checing if you were awake :)09:43
Organicanarchyim buying a new computer soon, desktop, gonna buid it for gaming and totally installing Ubuntu/wine09:45
OxDeadC0deOrganicanarchy: the best way to get 'fast as hell', is a minimal distro compiled directly for the target device. Ubuntu and others can do this, but are setup for general purpose use - and have to work with all devices. The compiled 64-bit deb needs to work on both amd and intel, so it has no amd or intel specific instructions (Even though compilers CAN generate those left and right)09:45
donnibhi, i need some help with starting Apache and it fails missing a file, i get  Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so into server: libqdbm.so.14: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory09:45
ianmac1hitsujiTMO, hey I can set the icon size too.. now I can cram more icons in there :)09:46
OrganicanarchyOxDeadC0de at some point I think im going to try to get arch on here09:46
OxDeadC0deOrganicanarchy: so if you want the best 'fast as hell' distro, you will need to compile it yourself. that will take a lot of time to do, and if you need a new app it and whatever deps you don't already have will need compiled.09:46
OxDeadC0deyea that's what I was hinting at ;)09:46
OrganicanarchyOxDeadC0de yeah, either arch or Gentoo09:46
queretaroHi, by default my rc.local file is filled with a do_start function and some more things. How shall I edit it? In other distros I used it's always empty by default09:47
OxDeadC0deOrganicanarchy: In my uhh, internet life, I haven't heard anyone mention gentoo in quite a long while. Arch is a common name though (G+ circles?..... meh.)09:48
OrganicanarchyOxDeadC0de what about installing ubuntu server then just installing the xfce packages?09:48
OxDeadC0deOrganicanarchy: that will get you minimal stuff sure, but none of it will have the special instructions provided by the processor (And even with an atom, there are a large number.)09:48
kriss_Uhmm somhow i think ive gotten malware in my chromium.. when i click a link on some websites i get a porn popup09:49
OxDeadC0deeven SSE may be disabled so that the pacakage can run on 486's just to be backward compatible.09:49
OrganicanarchyOxDeadC0de know much about wubi?09:49
cfhowlettOrganicanarchy, friends don't let friends do wubi09:49
OxDeadC0deno.. I use YUMI.09:50
OxDeadC0dewubi sounds dumb.09:50
kriss_ive turned off all plugins that arent like VLC related or so.. but even complete remove of chromium and it still remembers last websites visited and all.. why ?09:50
Organicanarchylol, im trying out a wubi install for desktop envorionment testing09:50
cfhowlettkriss_, that doesn't equate to malware on your end09:50
Organicanarchybut it keeps downloading amd64 packages09:50
OxDeadC0deVM it and use an ISO on a usb stick...09:50
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
OxDeadC0deamd64 works on both amd and intel09:50
OrganicanarchyOxDeadC0de i have 1 gig of ram..... I can't VM09:51
OxDeadC0de(except intels original ia64 line)09:51
OxDeadC0deget a job for a day or two and buy some good 16gb of good ram Organicanarchy?09:51
cfhowlettkriss_, delete your history completely, block popups.  add adblock and see if the behavior returns.  and stay away from pretty pictures!09:51
OxDeadC0deoh wait, china.09:51
=== wvqpyttvcfczsfvv is now known as kjjsjfedtzfekoff
=== kjjsjfedtzfekoff is now known as sepero
kriss_cfhowlett, when i go to same site on firefox its no problem. just chromium that acts up..09:51
cfhowlettkriss_, try the methods I've posted above and test it09:52
kriss_though im still wondering how a complete remove via synaptic still keeps history and everything after a install of chromium again09:52
kriss_i thought "completely remove" meant actually removing all traces of the program09:52
=== kriss_ is now known as Kriss3d
cfhowlettkriss_, sudo apt-get purge && sudo apt-get autoremove   otherwise config files stay in /home09:53
CiSensehi, can i keep 13.04 and install 13.10 in a separate partition then use grub to select at boot?09:53
OxDeadC0deOrganicanarchy: I thought all the ram was made in china anyway? Wouldn't that make it cheaper to buy there?09:53
cfhowlettKriss remove doesn't mean purge09:53
DJonesCiSense: Yes you can09:53
* OxDeadC0de gets censored.09:53
CiSenseDJones, thanks09:53
Kriss3dcfhowlett, so i should manually purge with apt-get ?09:54
OrganicanarchyOxDeadC0de im just gonna tinker with this thing until I have enough to buy a new computer09:54
cfhowlettKriss3d, and then run autoremove to clear out orphans09:54
DJonesCiSense: You just need to have space for a seperate partition, or have to create one by shrinking a current one during the install, if you do the latter just make sure you have a backup of anything important just case shrinking a partition causes a problem09:54
DJonesCiSense: You can use the same swap partition for the 2nd install09:55
Kriss3dso sudo apt-get autoremove chromium ?09:55
Organicanarchyanother dumb question: is it possible to dual boot, then have ubuntu partition take over windows 7'09:56
cfhowlettKriss3d, sudo apt-get purge chromium && sudo apt-get autoremove09:56
Kriss3dOrganicanarchy,  you mean go into the windows directory ? sure09:56
Kriss3dcfhowlett,  ty09:56
OxDeadC0deOrganicanarchy: what do you mean 'take over windows 7'?09:57
OrganicanarchyKriss3d i mean dual boot, copy all my info over, then stretch my ubuntu partition to overwrite windows 709:57
cfhowlettKriss3d, you could also try running chromium in incognito mode.  I've set both my browsers to default to incognito - then again, I'm paranoid09:57
Organicanarchyyou too, OxDeadC0de09:57
mjaykOrganicanarchy: you can format your windows partition inside ubuntu then have a seperate free partition09:58
OxDeadC0deresize the linux partition and delete the windows one.. once you decide to erase windows.09:58
OxDeadC0deor you can mount the windows partition in linux, and use it for storage.09:58
OxDeadC0deand keep windows intact for booting later.09:58
OrganicanarchyOxDeadC0de can I do that from gparted? make my XP partiition smaller and whatnot09:58
Kriss3dcfhowlett, thats why im trying to get my hands on a working ISO for Attack vector - kali with everything running via tor by default09:59
OxDeadC0depretty sure it supports resize these days, but, last time I tried resizing a windows partition outside of windows disk manager, it killed windows thinking it was hijacked to a different systems since the partition size was different.09:59
=== david is now known as Guest40467
cfhowlettKriss3d, I understood half of that :)09:59
Kriss3dcfhowlett, you be glad youre not in Denmark then.. Our PM just said in a press conference that NSA most certainly isnt spying on us ILLEGALLY.. That raised a few issues when she couldnt give an answer to whether they spied on us LEGALLY..10:00
OxDeadC0dewindows disk manager updates some security file(s?) that gparted didn't, but that was durring vista.10:00
hornypsychoi just started ubuntu10:00
pulsar78hi need to connect to bluetooth device on boot (have to do this manually now)10:00
Organicanarchyhornypsycho Welcome!10:00
hornypsychoand there is no title bar on any window10:00
cfhowlettKriss3d, assume you're monitored.  clean up your act.  use *** alternatives but don't trust them10:01
hornypsychoi can't close/minimize. and they aren't showing in the window buttons10:01
Kriss3dcfhowlett, attack vector is a kali (debian based) pentest distro. its meant to be disposable10:01
hornypsychoi am using xubuntu btw10:01
OxDeadC0deassume big brother watches you masterbate and knows exactly what porno's you watched on that website that time you creeper.10:01
Kriss3dyeah ive stopped trusting anything american.. sorry. I dont dislike americans at all. just.. any american product i wont trust anymore.10:01
cfhowlettKriss3d, noted.  thanks.10:02
Organicanarchydid Kali replace Backtrack?10:02
OxDeadC0deor, assume some creeper actually did that. a buddy of mine came to me with a laptop she just bought, it seemed okay. I didn't see a need to wipe the os and put a new one on.. but the dude who sold it put malware on that took pictures every X seconds on it. Whether they where uploaded somewhere or not I don't know10:03
lotuspsychje!kali | Organicanarchy10:03
ubottuOrganicanarchy: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)10:03
Kriss3dOrganicanarchy,  yeah kali did replace BT..10:03
OrganicanarchyDavid321 whats up?10:03
OrganicanarchyI figured10:03
David321Does anyone here have any expierence with installing Ubuntu-12.04.03-server 64bit under a VM ?10:03
David321running into some problems ^^10:03
OxDeadC0deKriss3d: nothing is made in america anymore. everything is made in china. so uhh.10:03
lotuspsychje!details | David32110:04
ubottuDavid321: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:04
Kriss3dOxDeadC0de, yeah i think ill start coding my own OS.. haha.. well Ill attempt to stick to european stuff10:05
David321Well, pretty much for VM up and running, loading a Ubuntu Server Iso (12.04.3) and I get error on the gfx10:05
David321Gives a display monitor error 314, when I type help10:05
David321I figured out how to get abit further10:05
OxDeadC0deKriss3d: uhm. what? why?10:05
hornypsychono one can help me? :c10:05
David321with like giving install command with vga specifics10:05
David321it seems to want to boot but I just end up with a black screen after that10:06
hitsujiTMODavid321: what virtualisation solution are you using and what is the EXACT error10:06
lotuspsychjere-ask your issue here in chat once in a while or ask in #xubuntu10:06
David321I'm using KVM under Centos on a PowerEdge 195010:06
Kriss3dOxDeadC0de, well when pretty much every major contry gets caught spying.. what else to do ??10:06
David321sec i'll copy the exact error10:06
hitsujiTMODavid321: have you nstalled xorg onto the server?10:07
OrganicanarchyKriss3d whatever the hell you want10:07
OxDeadC0deKriss3d: linux kernel and gnu os? At least it's open and anybodies eyes can review the code.10:07
David321"Undefined Video Mode 314 "10:07
OrganicanarchyKriss3d when they're always watching, might as well do what you want anyway10:07
OxDeadC0deand it's not 'european' , it was made by many, many people.10:07
OxDeadC0deBut as soon as you send a packet over a network, dude, it just passed through 60-100-10000 different routers.10:08
OxDeadC0deanybody could copy that packet and read it.10:08
David321Nope, no packages found with xorg (i'm very new to using linux, but I have some expierence with DOS)10:08
Kriss3dcfhowlett, thats.. odd.. i did purge.. autoremove and after installing chromium AGAIN.. it still remembers the last pr0nsite i was on..10:08
Kriss3dDavid321, i used to be quite experienced in DOS as well but linux is NOTHING like Dos..10:09
cfhowlettKriss3d, I'd say the url was hijacked but you stated that this did NOT happen with Firefox?10:09
hitsujiTMODavid321: can you try the vga=0 kernel flag10:09
Kriss3dthough in Windows when i go CLI i always accidently type ls instead of dir10:09
David321I have tried this, it results into getting bit further but then black screen10:09
David321have also tried vga=normal and vga=ask10:09
David321those result into a direct freeze10:10
hitsujiTMOis there a vga=788 there in the kernel options?10:10
Kriss3dOxDeadC0de,  yeah most all sites i need are USa based.. but i belive the TOR 2.0 is on drawing board now10:10
Kriss3dcfhowlett,  exactly.10:10
David321well the ISO I have doesn't have a /boot/grub/menu.lst file10:10
David321I added that line upon the installation boot10:11
OxDeadC0deKriss3d: Do you understand most sites, are run on personal computers on some cable or dsl line in somebodies house?10:11
Kriss3dinteressting.. when i open a cognito window and browse same site it still gives me those popups10:11
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest31895
OxDeadC0deso if most sites you need are in the us, what's that mean?10:11
Kriss3dOxDeadC0de, uhmm well i doubt most sites are run off private computers..10:12
OxDeadC0destop using chromium and use chrome, and use incognito tabs for your pr0n?10:12
OxDeadC0dethey used to be Kriss3d10:12
cfhowlettKriss3d, sounds like it could be a chromium hack ..10:12
Organicanarchyyeah, whast the diff between chromium and chrome? isnt chrome just chromium with google's name on it?10:12
Kriss3dcfhowlett,  yeah.. but mostly its odd that chromium keeps remembering my last site after purge10:13
Kriss3dOrganicanarchy,  yes it is10:13
OxDeadC0deprobably just some temp file in some ./.chromium/ (or similar) folder that saves a url that was forgotten to be added to the 'purge' list10:13
Kriss3dive made a bash script to collect entire galleries from imagefap and its awsome but i need to see which galleries to get10:14
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Organicanarchybye nigga10:14
Kriss3dOxDeadC0de, yeah i suppose i could try to manually remove that folder10:14
David321Hmmm so I run Virt-Install with the proper lines to make a virtual disk and specific a iso to boot and install on.10:14
pulsar78i do not have /etc/default/bluetooth ?10:15
pulsar78where do i place my autoconnect settings ?10:15
hitsujiTMODavid321: can you try vga=771 that should at least work10:15
David321then I get graphics initialization failed10:15
David321Error setting up gfxboot10:15
Kriss3dotherwise chrome/chromium is quite a nice browser except if you download somthing that anoying bar takes up alot of space on the screen10:15
Kriss3dand you cant have it NOT show up..10:15
David321then if I go on and just type install10:16
David321I get that monitor error10:16
David321will try with install vga=771 now10:16
David321Undefined Video Mode 31410:16
David321when I try that10:16
=== Guest31895 is now known as sluvikov
David321Get some option to enter to go and select something (which just ends up freezing)10:17
David321And waiting or continueing just ends up freezing as well10:17
David321ugh wrong copy past btw10:18
David321when I try 771 I get a different error10:18
nullbyte_xfce and kvirc, how?10:18
David321undefined video mode number:30310:19
hitsujiTMOhmm, and what was the error for vga=0 again?10:19
=== alnkpa2_ is now known as alnkpa2
David321It goes to a blackscreen10:19
David321and does nothing when I do that10:19
hitsujiTMODavid321: can you remove quiet and spalsh if they are there and do vga=0 then10:20
David321only thing I inputted was : install vga=010:21
David321Funny thing is, I can get it to work in the Graphical interface, just not trew damn console.10:22
hitsujiTMODavid321: try acpi=off vga=79110:22
David321Undefined Video Mode number : 31710:23
hitsujiTMODavid321: vga=770        does kvm seriously not support such common video modes?10:25
David321Trying, and I don't know tbh, from what i've googled it seems to be more of a problem of the boot not reckognizing some type of onboard videocards or something.10:25
David321Undefined Video mode number : 30210:26
hitsujiTMODavid321: yes is whatever virtual gfx card the kvm is emulating has a very restrictive set of video mode support10:26
=== Forest is now known as AxForest
David321ahhh so it's not the actual onboard card but the one KVM is simulating10:27
David321well, the small moment the Ubuntu install tool is working10:28
David321It's only actually giving me 1 valid suggestion10:29
baizonhi, i need help with my laptop and ubuntu + UEFI. My system isnt booting after installation. Tried this, but still no boot. http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/ubuntu-13-10-64-bit-auf-lenovo-s205-installier/#post-609362210:29
David321which is basically vga=010:29
hitsujiTMODavid321: can you try running qemu-kvm with -vga qxl10:29
lotuspsychje!uefi | baizon10:29
ubottubaizon: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI10:29
baizonlotuspsychje: im sitting 4 hours now, do you think i didnt tried that website?10:30
lotuspsychjebaizon: did you disable secure boot?10:30
baizonlotuspsychje: i cant. bios doesnt have that option10:30
hitsujiTMODavid321: or at least try and cgange the vga adapter to something else that might be available on the system10:31
David321hmmm i'll see what I can do on that part. In the graphical interface that's quiet easy to do.10:31
David321not sure how to do that in the console10:31
lotuspsychjebaizon: ive been able to install ubuntu on an uefi machine out of the box, didnt have to change anything10:31
baizonwell, my system isnt booting10:32
lotuspsychjebaizon: what does it say?10:32
baizonlotuspsychje: nothing10:32
OxDeadC0debrings up a neat menu that displays a bunch of modes to try!10:32
baizonno grub menu, nothing10:32
lotuspsychjebaizon: what was default Os on your machine?10:32
baizonlotuspsychje: of course Windows 710:33
lotuspsychjebaizon: did you install ubuntu on whole hd or dualboot with win7?10:34
lotuspsychjebaizon: so after reboot, nothing happens?10:34
baizonno boot, no10:34
the_drowHi guys, I had ubuntu 13.04 running with linux kernel 3.8.0-33 generic and the external screen of my laptop just stopped working. I upgraded to saucy which uses 3.11.0-13 and the external screen started working again.10:34
lotuspsychjebaizon: you sure there's no hidden bios feature to disable secure boot?10:34
baizonlotuspsychje: 100%10:34
the_drowI have no lead for why this happened or a log I can show you guys but should I report it somewhere?10:35
ola2set read/write file permission to some file in linux10:35
ola2chmod ???10:35
lotuspsychjebaizon: did you try with other versions of ubuntu?10:35
ola2plz help10:35
the_drowor there's no point since I haven't got much info10:35
lotuspsychje!chmod | ola210:35
ubottuola2: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions10:35
ola2just read/write to all users and groups10:35
baizonlotuspsychje: tried, 12.04, 13.04 and now 13.1010:35
lotuspsychjebaizon: all same? no boot?10:35
ola2ubottu: i have read that10:35
ubottuola2: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:35
ola2but problem is that10:35
ola2plz help chmod what to need just read/write for all users and groups10:36
ola2chmod ??? for read/write for all users and groups10:36
lotuspsychjebaizon: doublecheck your device in ##hardware maybe, if its possible to disable secure boot10:36
ianmac1ola2, where? which directory?10:37
ola2any directory10:37
baizonlotuspsychje: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij9To78Wt3w <- there you have all bios options10:37
ola2thats the main thing10:37
lotuspsychjebaizon: if you are able to install ubuntu, you should be able to boot aswell10:37
baizonthats all i have10:37
Kriss3dOxDeadC0de, ahh i had a plugin that wasnt showing up in chrome://plugins but under the regular settings - addons.. it was "Edit this cookie" that somhow kept fucking up10:37
baizonlotuspsychje: yes, booting from usb is working, but not from hdd10:37
IdleOneKriss3d: no swearing please10:38
ianmac1ola2, if you go messing with permissions of files outside your /home you will likely break something10:38
lotuspsychjebaizon: should be able, lemme check link10:38
David321Well thanks for the help at least, gonna try some other VGA settings in KVM itself now I know where the problem comes from10:38
ola2ianmacl:thats what i want to do10:39
ola2is it possible10:39
ianmac1ola2, you want to break things?!10:39
__raven12.04.3 + suspend/hibernate: how to debug resume/wakeup crashes?10:39
ola2break things meaning??10:39
ianmac1ola2, meaning, make the system not work correctly10:40
cfhowlettola2, frag your system10:40
ola2no user will change some files10:40
ola2specific ones10:40
lotuspsychjebaizon: did you set HD to first boot again after installing with usb?10:40
cfhowlettola2, your machine, your risk10:40
ola2plz help10:40
ianmac1ola2, Sorry, I can't help you10:40
ola2776 is not working10:41
baizonlotuspsychje: yes10:41
ola2im using 77610:41
ola2but not working permission denied10:41
__raven12.04.3 + suspend/hibernate: how to debug resume/wakeup crashes?10:41
ianmac1ola2, yeah, that's a safety feature.. so you don't break something ;)10:41
cfhowlettIt's a sign10:41
ola2ianmacl:one more thing i want to make repository10:42
ola2but offline10:42
ola2how to do that10:42
ola2means i will add-apt-repo.. offline on frnd machine10:43
ianmac1ola2, sorry, can't help you10:43
lotuspsychjebaizon: maybe this can help: http://pastebin.com/0R1jXyzM10:43
baizonlotuspsychje: tried that already, didnt work :(10:43
lotuspsychjebaizon: also used the 64bit one?10:44
baizonlotuspsychje: yes10:45
OerHeksola2, maybe these 2 pages are any help >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/170348/how-to-make-my-own-local-repository  >>> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal10:45
lotuspsychjebaizon: how about this1: https://lugbruchsal.de/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=doku:ubuntu_12.04_auf_lenovo_s205_installieren10:45
baizonlotuspsychje: yes, tried that. Didnt work also. Thats why ive tried this: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/ubuntu-13-10-64-bit-auf-lenovo-s205-installier/#post-609362210:46
lotuspsychjebaizon: not sure then mate10:47
baizonthats my problem too10:47
baizon4 hours and no result :(10:47
lotuspsychjebaizon: never had one machine that doesnt wanna boot ubuntu10:47
lotuspsychjebaizon: any bios flash updates can fix that uefi?10:49
baizonlotuspsychje: well same problem http://jamesnsheri.com/ubuntu-lenove-s205-no-longer-boots-after-upgrade-13-04-13-10/10:50
__raven12.04.3 + suspend/hibernate: how to debug resume/wakeup crashes?10:50
lotuspsychjebaizon: not sure bios flash will solve, but worth a try: http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS01858910:53
baizonlotuspsychje: did the upgrade already10:54
lotuspsychjebaizon: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59176/advisable-to-install-with-uefi-only-or-legacy-bios-setting-on-lenovo-thinkpa?rq=110:55
lotuspsychjebaizon: or this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/279910/unable-to-efi-boot-after-ubuntu-12-10-install-lenovo-e3010:57
lotuspsychjebbl dinnertime10:57
helpme1Hi guys, could someone please help me? I can only boot ubuntu on my laptop with acpi=off and I'm not sure how to fix it.11:02
zack_can I install kaspersky antivirus11:06
=== JoshuaP-afk is now known as JoshuaP
ubottuzack_,: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus11:08
jdimatteolscpu shows the cpu speed scaled back if in energy saving mode, right?  how can I check the full speed or if turbo mode is possible?11:09
DJoneszack_: Looks like they do have a Linux version http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/anti-virus_linux_workstation but doesn't look like its been updated since 200811:09
DJoneszack_: Doesn't appear available for currently supported versions of Ubuntu anyway11:10
buujdimatteo: Just run something that consumes all of a cpu and see if the mhz changes..11:14
buujdimatteo: In short if you're using an intel chip it will just work.11:14
jdimatteobuu: it is an amd chip, not an intel chip — does your method only work for intel chips?11:16
zack_i can't install samba what can i do11:17
buujdimatteo: No, it should be the same, I just haven't tested an amd chip in a while.11:18
buujdimatteo: run ffmpeg or gcc or something and watch your reported cpu mhz11:18
OerHekszack_, why not?11:18
jdimatteook, cool, thanks bbu!11:19
zack_unable to resolve host name is comes11:19
buujdimatteo: perl -le'while(1){do 2**31}' & cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz11:20
zack_couldn't find package upgraded11:21
buuperl -le'while(1){do 2**31}' & sleep 2; cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz; kill %111:21
buuSlightly more kamusing.11:21
OerHekszack_, can you post the full command and error in paste.ubuntu.com11:22
zack_zack@danny:~$ sudo apt-get install samba11:24
zack_sudo: unable to resolve host danny11:24
zack_[sudo] password for zack:11:24
zack_[sudo] password for zack:11:24
zack_zack@danny:~$ sudo apt-get install samba11:24
FloodBot1zack_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:24
M00sL0gB0tValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack (file "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/willie/coretasks.py", line 132, in track_modes)11:24
OerHekszack_, please, you have been here before and know how paste.ubuntu.com works , come on11:24
baizonlotuspsychje: now its working :)11:25
DJones!details | M00sL0gB0t11:26
ubottuM00sL0gB0t: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:26
ZorkyI have sat locale to danish to change the language. but right click menues are still in english. and it's impossible to find a danish locale file thats correct. Can any one help me regarding this ?11:28
OerHeksZorky, after changing locale, try running update, does the missing translations show up?11:29
bazhang!test > M00sL0gB0t11:30
ubottuM00sL0gB0t, please see my private message11:30
OerHeksZorky, after update, logout and back in again, and it should be fine11:30
ZorkyOerHeks:  some of the stuff are in the correct language. but something are still in english11:30
ZorkyOerHeks:  i rebooted the machine after i edited the locale file11:30
ZorkyAny one who can post a working locale file?11:33
exportedZorky, locale-gen? xD idk lol11:33
Zorky./etc/default/locale <— that file11:34
exportedi don't have one of those :/11:34
exportedidk the location of it in Ubuntu.11:35
Zorkyi just posted the location for that file11:35
Zorkyit's sudo nano /etc/default/locale11:35
hitsujiTMOZorky: have you installed all the language danish packs for the DE?11:36
hitsujiTMOdanish language packs*11:36
exportedZorky, what does locale -a  say?11:37
Zorkylong list11:37
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  yes both of the files are install11:37
OerHeks"sudo locale-gen da_DA.UTF-8 && sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales "11:37
Zorkyda and da-base11:37
hitsujiTMOZorky: both? there should be more than 211:37
exportedZorky, in arch linux i set the locale in /etc/locale.conf so idk about how ubuntu would do it. sorry i can't help ya lol OerHeks looks like he knows what's going on xD11:38
hitsujiTMOZorky: what about gnome-da and gnome-da-base?11:39
MadhurranjanHi, I have an nfs share that is actually 80% full , but in df -h , it shows its 100%. On going to the actual directory and running 'df -h' i see its  80% full . Umounting and mounting it  back still shows that the disk is 100% full .Any thoughts on how this can be resolved ?11:39
Zorkyexported:  the file is the same in your distro as in ubuntu. in ubuntu it's just call'd locale11:39
hitsujiTMOZorky: da and da-base is only cli stuff11:39
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  that might be why the rightclick menues are still in english11:40
hitsujiTMOzorky: thats why there's a gui for lang support. System Settings -> Language Support.11:40
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  im doing this on a 12.04lts server edition11:41
hitsujiTMOZorky: what DE?11:41
exportedZorky, why run a Gui on a server? :o or are you?11:42
Zorkyexported:  im running x2go on the server.11:42
hitsujiTMOzorky: desktop environment11:42
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  unity11:42
MadhurranjanI tried a df --sync and it shows that its used up all the blocks .How do i fix this issue ? There is a lot of unused disk space.11:42
hitsujiTMOZorky: so you've converted ubuntu-server into ubuntu-desktop then?11:43
Zorkymore or less11:43
hitsujiTMOZorky: how exactly did you install unity?11:43
Zorkysudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:43
exportedZorky, ...why not just run ssh and cut out xserver all together lol11:44
hitsujiTMOZorky: then you should find the gui language stuff in: System Settings -> Language Support.11:44
exportedoh are you using it as a local "main system" for other "terminals"?11:45
Zorkyexported:  the server runs ubuntu server 12.04lts with ubuntu-dekstop (unity) running x2go to run thin clients11:46
hitsujiTMOZorky: anyhow installing language-pack-gnome-da and language-pack-gnome-da-base should hopefully be enough to get you going. not sure if there's another envvar to tell unity what language to use tho11:46
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  Everything in language support is in danish. except help and close.11:46
OerHeksZorky, and do not forget to apply system-wide11:46
exportedZorky, makes sense now lol11:47
exportedg2g all11:47
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Guest37186how to set  audio latency with terminal?11:49
Guest37186jackd to 41k, 409611:49
=== dean|away is now known as dean
bibi346I have an old computer on which I've installed ubuntu, after +1 hour of use the screen gets frozen. I think it could be an hardware issue, how can I know which part of the computer is broken?11:54
Guest37186I'm using Jackd but can't find a thing for set Jackd to 41k, 4096 via terminal11:55
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simpleuserHello there. When i booted my eeePc today, i saw that my shortcuts with fn + Fx don't work anymore. But I don't know why. Any idea ?11:59
phibonacciHi I added a section to my xorg.conf hoping to get my rat5 mouse to work, now my rig hangs on the ubuntu logo with the red dots below it on startup any ideas?12:04
Danatocan somebody help me resize my ext4 partition? I already have unallocated space and im on the live cd but gparted wont let me increase the size of the partition12:04
phibonacciI also cannot edit the xorg.conf from the root shell or via live environment12:04
phibonacciI thought i may be able to comment out the additions, but no luck so far12:05
ZorkyDanato:  use parted magic instead12:05
Danato<Zorky> ok ill download it12:05
ZorkyDanato:  you might have to get a boot cd with parted magic on. since the OS on the HDD you are trying to resize might interfere12:06
ActionParsnipDanato: is the partition mounted?12:07
ActionParsnipZorky: he is booted to the livecd, so isnt in use12:07
phibonacciHow can I access my xorg.conf if my rig won't boot?12:07
ActionParsnipphibonacci: boot to root recovery mode12:07
Danato<Zorky> the live cd I have comes with gparted, and i jst googled parted magic, its not free to download apparently12:07
phibonaccithe root shell appears to have no write access12:07
ActionParsnipDanato: is the partition you want to manipulate mounted?12:08
ActionParsnipphibonacci: mount -o remount,rw /12:08
phibonacciActionParsnip: the root shell yes?12:08
Danato<ActionParsnip> yeah i guess, its where i already have ubuntu installed, but i wanna increase its capacity12:08
phibonaccigimme 5 I'll try it12:08
ActionParsnipphibonacci: yes, it will mount readonly by default, you can remount it writable12:08
ActionParsnipDanato: then unmount it, then you can manipulate it12:09
ActionParsnipDanato: unmount any partitions you have mounted and check the liveCD is not using swap on the drive too (if it has swap space)12:09
Danato<ActionParsnip> wait if its not mounted by default then its not mounted12:09
totalnewbieI have a problem with Transmission for 12.04.12:10
phibonacciActionParsnip: that's the rw command you've given me?12:10
Rorytotalnewbie: Just explain your problem, without the introduction12:10
ActionParsnipphibonacci: mount -o remount,rw /12:10
Danato<ActionParsnip> mind to tell me how to unmount it? its on /dev/sda412:10
ActionParsnipDanato: it may be in use, you dont know what the guy has been clicking12:11
ActionParsnipDanato: sudo umount /dev/sda412:11
DanatoActionParsnip: it wasnt mounted12:11
ActionParsnipDanato: and the swap?12:12
ZorkyActionParsnip:  why should he unmount from the terminal. when gparted can do all this?12:12
DanatoActionParsnip: i ddnt create a swap disk12:12
DanatoActionParsnip: i meant partition12:12
ZorkyDanato:  gparted should be able to unmount all the disks for you. if you right click the disks12:13
phibonacciActionParsnip: worked a treat, I've got access to the system again.  You, sir or madam, are a veritable star12:13
Danato<Zorky> the disk is not mounted12:13
ActionParsnipphibonacci: I'm a dude :)12:13
sgo11hi, I install a driver by recompiling my kernel. Now, I boot into the new kernel. how can I check if my driver is included or not? currently, I don't have the device by hand. so just want to check if the driver is installed or not. thanks.12:13
ZorkyDanato:  unmount all the disks.12:14
phibonaccinow I just need to get the new mouse to behave12:14
Danato<Zorky> none of them are mounted, jst checked12:14
ZorkyDanato:  and gparted still can't resize?12:15
=== mdorenka- is now known as mdorenka
Danato<Zorky> it only cant resize the ext4 partition that i wanna increase12:15
ZorkyDanato:  just checking. where is the ext4 partition located on the partition table?12:16
Danato<Zorky> /dev/sda412:16
Zorkyand there is freespace behind that. so you can create a partition 5?12:16
totalnewbieWhen I go onto a torrent-downloading website, I am unable to download the .torrent file. Instead, Firefox only gives me the option of opening the link with an application. THere are two applications available, but neither of them is the thing that I want.12:16
totalnewbie(One is utorrent.exe, one is the tar.gz for Tor Browser.)12:17
sgo11anyone please?12:17
Zorkysgo11:  ask your question again12:17
sgo11Zorky, hi, I install a driver by recompiling my kernel. Now, I boot into the new kernel. how can I check if my driver is included or not? currently, I don't have the device by hand. so just want to check if the driver is installed or not. thanks.12:17
totalnewbieAnyway, when I go to Choose Application, I cant find Transmission anywhere. Where are applications stored, in terms of files and folders? I cant search for it, either.12:17
Zorkysgo11:  ugf. sorry can't help you with that one12:18
totalnewbieMaybe the problem is with Firefox, I think, because I should be able to download the .torrent file? But I dont know.12:18
Danato<Zorky> no, it says that i cant create more than 4 primary partitions12:18
ZorkyDanato:  is there freespace behind the 4th partition12:18
ActionParsniptotalnewbie: tell it to use /usr/bin/transmission-gtk12:18
sgo11Zorky, no worries. :) thanks.12:19
Danato<Zorky> well its right bellow the 2nd partition12:19
auronandace!screenshot | Danato12:19
ubottuDanato: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.12:19
Danatono problem12:19
totalnewbieActionParsnip: How do I do that? I dont have any box where I can enter that information, in either the window that comes up giving me the option to Choose Application, or the Choose App window itself.12:20
ZorkyDanato:  I think your problem lies in. there is no unallocated space between partition 4 and the next partition. but you have unallocated space some place else. maybe behind partition 3. the space behind partition 3 can't be used to extend partition 4. or the space infront of partition 4.12:21
totalnewbieActionParsnip: Im dumb, never mind, figured out. Thanks a lot!12:22
Danato<auronandace> http://imagebin.org/27685212:23
ZorkyDanato:  read what i wrote before. that just answered why you can't extend the sd4 partition12:24
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
Danato<Zorky> so is there a way to move the unallocated space?12:24
auronandaceDanato: if you want to make sda4 bigger you'll need to move sad3 first12:24
ZorkyDanato:  no. you need to remove partition in order to do that12:24
ZorkyDanato:  or i might be wrong it seems12:24
RoryDanato: You can move the partition to the left, but expect it to take a long time12:25
Danatonow that I think about it, ive had a software that move data from a place to another, moving the unallocated space to where i want, but dont remember its name12:27
auronandaceDanato: you don't move the space, you move the partitions12:28
RoryDanato: I'm reasonably sure gparted can move your /dev/sda3 partition to the left into that gap, thus freeing up space for you to expand your /dev/sda412:28
LopeI've got a script: /home/lope/scripts/backup. Its in my path. I can run it from anywhere. but I want to run it with sudo. when I try run it with sudo it says command not found.12:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest57361
DanatoRory: how can i do that?12:29
marloubuntu 'failed to start program - path or permissions wrong' ?12:29
marlofrom QtCreator12:29
RoryLope: It needs to be in the root user's $PATH as well. Consider copying it to the /usr/local/bin folder12:29
DanatoRory: ah nvm got it ;)12:29
Danatoyeah it can be done12:29
RoryDanato: Like I said though, expect it to take a while, not like growing a partition which is semi-instant12:30
Lopesudo echo $PATH shows that /home/lope/scripts is in my $PATH. sudo zsh; echo $PATH; also shows /home/lope/scripts is in my path. "sudo zsh; backup;" works. but "sudo backup" from lope says command not found.12:30
LopeRory: please see my last line. it IS in root's path.12:30
DanatoRory: thats ok, thanks guys12:30
hitsujiTMOLope $PATH is evaluated before the command is executed. thats your $PATH not roots path12:31
ZorkyDanato:  it will properly take multiple hours to do.12:31
RoryLope: There are a few workarounds here, but I still recommend, if you want that script to be available system-wide, putting it in /usr/local/bin http://stackoverflow.com/questions/257616/sudo-changes-path-why12:32
LopehitsujiTMO: please take note I also went into a root zsh and echo'd $PATH.12:32
ZorkyDanato:  if you cancel the process meanwhile you move. it will corrupt the partition. i suggest you set it to do it over night12:32
davidwhrm.... latest chrome update do something funky?12:33
LopeRory: but "sudo zsh; backup" works. so why doesn't "sudo backup" work ?12:33
RoryLope: "sudo zsh; echo $PATH" doesn't do that by the way12:33
Danato<Zorky> its night time here, I wouldnt mind, but its giving me some errors, i cant proceed12:33
RoryLope: Do "sudo zsh" and then in the shell that starts, run "echo $PATH"12:33
hitsujiTMOLope; before ANYTHING you wrote in that is executed $PATH is evaluated. that DID NOT echo roots path!12:33
ZorkyDanato:  what errors?12:34
hitsujiTMOLope. write a script with "echo $PATH"  and then run that script with sudo to see what roots path is12:35
Danato<Zorky> it doesnt tell anyhing important, jst that there was an error, the details jst say that it couldnt move the partition to the left12:37
hitsujiTMOLope: or at least: run sudo -i.  and then echo $PATH12:37
LopeRory: I did run the commands separately I was just putting the semi colon inbetween because this is IRC and I wanted to write it shorthand.12:37
Danato<Zorky>  ah wait12:37
LopeI ran the command echo $PATH as root@mypc, promise.12:38
Danato<Zorky>  its a bunch of errors saying things like Cluster accounting failed at (#######): missing cluster in $Bitmap12:39
ZorkyDanato:  im sorry i can't help with that. maybe someone else here can12:39
hitsujiTMOLope: how exactly did you add the path to roots $PATH ?12:40
Danato<Zorky>  no problems, thanks anyways12:40
tpw_phoneHey all. How do I boot into some sort if single user mode with UEFI? Has a bit of a power incident and want to make sure my disks are consistent. Tried holding and tapping both ESC and left shift, but no dice. Im not convinced I actually have grub12:40
hitsujiTMOtpw_phone: have you tried right shift?12:43
LopehitsujiTMO: okay I took your advice and created a bash script that echos path and then ran that with sudo.12:43
Lope/home/lope/scripts was NOT in that path.12:43
tpw_phonehitsujiTMO: I can, but I was specifically told left shift12:43
Lopeweird how sudo zsh and then echo $PATH was giving me lope's $PATH even though the shell said root@mypc.12:43
sgo11let me change my question. how to check all hid drivers installed in the system?12:43
hitsujiTMOtpw_phone: it seems to differ. I've seen documentation the says the correct key is right shift for grub 2. but esc is what does it for me. it seems to be very inconsistent12:44
bartzyWhy aptitude install (with no packages as arguments) wants to install stuff from time to time ?12:44
=== panda-pc is now known as sergios
tpw_phoneAgain thoug, I don't seem to be using grub12:45
ZorkyHow would i set up a shared folder in /home/sharedfoldernamehere that 2 users can enter from a shortcut and save files into from their desktops12:46
gordonjcpZorky: remotely?12:46
Zorkyno locally12:46
gordonjcpmake it group-writeable12:46
gordonjcpadd both users to the same group12:46
gordonjcpZorky: bonus points for using umask to set it so that files are also automatically group-writeable12:47
Zorkygordonjcp:  they are. my problem lies in. i open libreoffice. i want to save my file into this folder. but i can't see the folder shortcut on the desktop12:47
gordonjcpZorky: symlink12:47
Zorkygordonjcp:  please explain12:48
gordonjcpZorky: a symlink, symbolic link, is a special type of file that represents the path to another file12:48
Zorkygordonjcp:  thanks :) how would i create this folder then?12:49
gordonjcpZorky: well create a folder as normal, ensure it's group-writeable12:49
tpw_phoneYeah, pretty sure im not using grub12:49
gordonjcpcreate a group for both users12:49
gordonjcpadd both users to that group *and make sure they log out and log back in*12:49
hitsujiTMOLope: now, if you want to have access to that as root in an interactiver shell, you should symlink that file in /usr/local/sbin . if you're using a script (such as in cron ) you should specify the full path as cron jobs and some other scripts will not have a $PATH set12:49
gordonjcpZorky: at this point, both users can write to files /home/shared/12:50
Zorkygordonjcp:  yes. they allready can. but i want them to access that folder from their desktops via a shortcut12:50
gordonjcpZorky: now for both users, create a symbolic link from that directory to one on their desktop12:51
gordonjcpZorky: something like "ln -s /home/shared ~/Desktop/"12:51
hitsujiTMOZorky: create a group for that share. chmod g+ws that sharedfolder. add the group to the users (they need to relog for that group to be picked up) and then ln -s a shorkcut to that folder12:51
Celahirhello, i've got an IRC server, with email nickserv registstration, how do i setup Sendmail correctly to get it working?  :x im fairly new @ ubuntu12:52
hitsujiTMOCelahir: you can just install sendmail ( i think the package is sendmail-bin ) but postfix is generally the preferred method now https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix    it can be a bit difficult to get them up and running such that the emails being sent are not going to spam12:57
Celahirhmm okay12:58
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  how do i add a group with groupadd that have the same rw as the shared folder.?12:58
hitsujiTMOzorky: groupadd groupname;    iforgot to say to: sudo chown root:groupname /home/sharedfolder12:59
lord4163Is there a PPA out there that provides PHP 5.5.5?13:00
lord4163A PPA that works I mean.13:00
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  okay. done that now. how would i create the shortcut for each user? sudo ln -s /home/faellesmappe /home/user/Desktop?13:01
ActionParsnip!ppa | lord416313:01
ubottulord4163: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:01
hitsujiTMOZorky: once you've done that then: sudo chmod g+ws to /home/sharedfolder            the g+w makes it group writable, but the g+s is the cool bit that makes it that anything written to that folder retains the parent folders groupid. Normally if someone creates a file the file gets the ownership user:user13:01
hitsujiTMOZorky: ln -s mhome/faellesmappe /home/user/Desktop/faellesmappe13:02
hitsujiTMOZorky: ln -s /home/faellesmappe /home/user/Desktop/faellesmappe13:02
=== rawagner__ is now known as rawagner
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  Ahh thanks :) im testing to see if it works now13:04
Al__Does anybody know how to get the ubuntu desktop going from a command line prompt?13:05
hitsujiTMOZorky: dont forget to relog to make sure your in the group.13:05
jgcampbell300I am looking for some software that can monitor my networks (over 250 devices in 23 locations) help me admin run as helpdesk ticketing system billing and runs and works with linux mac win and smart phones - tablets ... can anyone point me in a good directions13:05
hitsujiTMOAl__ startx13:05
Al__Thanks hitsugiTMO13:05
Al__oops, hitsuJiTMO13:05
gordonjcpjgcampbell300: nagios for monitoring, requesttracker for ticketing13:06
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  the user dosent have the right permissions.13:06
hitsujiTMOZorky: did you correctly: usermod -aG groupname user             and then relog?13:07
jgcampbell300gordonjcp, isnt nagios kina costly ... cant afford alot at first ... starting my own it firm from next to nothing13:07
gordonjcpjgcampbell300: don't buy the commercially-supported version then13:08
jgcampbell300gordonjcp, thanks for the info13:08
gordonjcpjgcampbell300: what sort of monitoring are you going to try to do?13:09
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  i did now13:09
hitsujiTMOZorky: and: sudo chmod g+ws /home/faellesmappe         ?13:09
jgcampbell300gordonjcp, well over 23 locations i have advrage 1 server rest are win 7 mac and linux desktops .. some tablets and phones13:09
gordonjcpjgcampbell300: right, but what do you want to monitor on them?13:10
jgcampbell300gordonjcp, just setup zabbix 2.2 but i dont think its built to do every thing i need it to do13:10
Al__hitsujiTMO, it had an error "user not authorized to start xserver"13:10
ubottudyens: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:10
Wiz_KeeDhey guys13:10
jgcampbell300basic stuff like storage, cpu mem usage on servers updates ... would love to find something i could install software to them13:11
Wiz_KeeDMy chromium instance shows me that youtube videos cannot be played 90% and everything else works on firefox, does anyone know what this may be?13:11
hitsujiTMOAl__: thats an odd one. never seen that before.you generally don't need special permissions to startx13:11
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  i did that allrdy. but i can't access the foler13:11
cfhowlett_cse32564, greetings13:11
cse32564where are you from?13:11
hitsujiTMOZorky: ln -s /home/faellesmappe13:11
jgcampbell300just trying to cut way down on my time usage to fit more devices in ...  and would love to know when log files throw erroes13:11
jgcampbell300errors sorry13:12
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  did that. and the shortcut is on the users desktop13:12
cse32564cfhowlett_ where are you from? i am from greece13:12
Al__hitsujiTMO, well our tech. person is an odd one!13:12
lord4163I guess I need these flags to configure PHP? Am I right? http://pastebin.com/nRR03Vjr13:12
hitsujiTMOZorky: sorry. ls -l /home/faellesmappe13:12
Zorkycannot access.13:12
hitsujiTMOZorky: can you paste the output here plz13:12
Zorkyit's in danish13:12
hitsujiTMOZorky: ls -l /home13:13
cfhowlett_cse32564, do you have an ubuntu support question for this channel?  otherwise please see #ubunt-offtopic for general chat13:13
k1lcse32564: we have the channel #ubuntu-offtopic for chatting. please stick to support in here13:13
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  root has access13:13
jgcampbell300gordonjcp, right now im doing well haveing vpn to each locations and have remote systems to do alot of things ... was just thinking maybe there is something out there to help me organize and automate some more stuff13:14
cse32564i don't know what is this...can you please explain me?13:14
Al__hitsujiTMO, maybe startx will work for when I need it.  I just see it didn't work now (maybe because I already have the desktop running???13:14
ubottucse32564,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:14
ubottucse32564,: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic13:14
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gordonjcpjgcampbell300: you might want to look into cluster management stuff, even if you're not running a cluster13:14
gordonjcpjgcampbell300: it can be very handy for automating updates and stuff13:14
jgcampbell300gordonjcp, cool thats something i havent thought about ... thanks much13:15
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: yes, Chromium doesn't support Youtube any more13:15
hitsujiTMOZorky: can you paste the exact output of: ls -ld /home/faellesmappe13:15
Al__hitsujiTMO, I see you are busy help others but if you could tell me how to stop the desktop using terminal.  That would give me some clues.13:15
Wiz_KeeDgordonjcp, how come some of them work? and what do you mean it doesn't support youtube? :o13:15
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: it is apparently a deliberate decision on Google's part to make their two products not co-exist13:15
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  drwx------ 2 root faellesmappe 4096 nov 12 14:47 /home/faellesmappe/13:16
Wiz_KeeDok, is this a bad joke and I'm supposed to laugh?13:16
hitsujiTMOal__ do you already have an x session running?13:16
cfhowlett_jgcampbell300, perhaps this would be a good question for #ubuntu-server?13:16
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: I think the theory is that everyone will move from youtube to Google+13:16
jgcampbell300cfhowlett_, another good thought ... thank you13:16
hitsujiTMOZorky: sudo chmod g+rwxs /home/faellesmappe13:17
Al__hitsujiTMO, sorry, I have no idea.  Thanks for telling me about the xstart command.  I will investigate.  Good luck helping zorky and others.  You are great!13:17
hitsujiTMOAl__: i've just tested here now. that indeed is an error if x is already running. try <ctrl> + <alt> + <f7>  to get to tty713:19
ZorkyhitsujiTMO:  i can access the folder now13:19
hitsujiTMO!yay | Zorky13:19
ubottuZorky: Glad you made it! :-)13:19
Al__hitsujiTMO, thanks for staying with me!13:19
hitsujiTMOal__ is the graphical x enviroment coming up for you in tty7?13:20
dyensSorry, i have a problem with https connection... All settings is default. I have not iptables. I use firefox, chrome... Http connection work perfect. Where may be a problem?13:25
DannyButtermanHi there13:25
Al__hitsujiTMO, I have no idea.  Even though I have been using ubuntu versions for 5 years, I don't really know what you mean.13:25
hitsujiTMOal__: linux allows you to jumpt between different terminal sessions. you can do this with the <ctrl> + <alt> + <fKeys> combination. Xorg runs on tty7 to go swith to that use the key combination <ctrl> + <alt> + <f7>      does that bring up the graphical xorg session?13:27
DannyButtermanDoes someone know why a 10.04 64 cannot automount SD cards anymore ? I have to double click the icon for it to open. It used to mount and open a nautilus window automatically.13:27
Nach0zDannyButterman: try checking if usbmount is installed maybe13:28
Al__hitsujiTMO, crtl alt f7 did nothing.  I did crtl alt f1 and got a terminal.  It doesn't say tty713:28
hitsujiTMOAl__: is this on a fresh install or after an update?13:28
Al__I update every couple of days.  This 12.04 was installed a few months ago13:29
hitsujiTMOal__: if you have a black screen then more than likely there's an issue with the gfx card.13:29
hitsujiTMOAl__: can you install pastebinit.   sudo apt-get install pastebinit13:30
Zorkyhow would i disable all those popups that apear when errors occure in ubuntu?13:30
Al__Yes, I have a black screen13:30
mjaykZorky: what "pop ups" do  you mean13:30
Zorkymjayk:  those that apear. when a program crashes and such13:31
hitsujiTMOZorky: i find the only way to get rid of them is to send the error report. they seem to keep coming back if you dont13:31
DannyButtermanNach0z : it is not, but it doesn't need to, my other 10.04 desktops automount sd cards and usbmount is not installed13:31
Nach0zI have no idea then.13:31
allisongDoes anyone know why an attemt to install 12.04 on a 13.10 system to dual boot fails at the instaallation of the bootloader13:31
Nach0zmaybe print out a list of installed packages in each and do a diff on the output DannyButterman13:31
ZorkyAl__:  im curious. can you access the TTY's via CTRL+ALT+F1 trough F7?13:31
Al__I will do sudo apt-get install pastebinit       and cross my fingers it doesn't break!13:31
mjaykZorky hitsujiTMO if you are talking about apport error reports you can turn them off by typing service apport stop13:32
mjaykZorky: as sudo13:32
Al__Zorky, nothing happens when I do ctrl+alt F713:32
Al__I did ctrl+alt F1 and got a tty13:32
hitsujiTMODannyButterman: keep in mind that 10.04 is EOL and no longer supported. whatever script that auto mounts sd cards has probably changed since then13:32
Zorkyctrl+alt+f7 is the gui part. press ctrl+alt+f113:32
mjaykZorky: to disable them on start up open /etc/default/apport in a text editor again as root and changed enabled=1 to enabled=013:32
ActionParsnipZorky: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-disable-apport-error-reporting-in-ubuntu13:32
Zorkymjayk:  ActionParsnip thanks13:33
mjaykZorky: although it is bad practice to disable error reports13:33
ZorkyAl__:  try with sudo service lightdm start13:33
hitsujiTMOal__: once thats installed can you run: dmesg | pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log                  that will produce 2 urls. can you paste the 2 urls here please13:33
Zorkymjayk:  yes im aware of that. but they keep poping up constantly.13:33
mjaykZorky: could always install a better distro :D13:34
Zorkymjayk:  yeah i know. ubuntu is just full of bugs it's getting anoying..13:34
Al__hitsujiTMO, wow, this sounds like it will be fun...  Let me write all this down!13:34
mjaykZorky: its what pushed me to opensuse, I feel your pain13:34
Zorkymjayk:  the fun part is. all these errors are only related to UNITY13:35
HarmageddonHi! I was here a few days ago to solve a graphics error during ubuntu installation (worked with the "nomodeset" option). This worked fine for the installation and first start, but now, when I start Ubuntu, a window shows during boot, saying "The system is running in low-graphics mode. Your screen, graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself"13:35
HarmageddonWhen I select "run in low-graphics mode for just one session", there's a new window telling me to wait one minute while the screen restarts. When I press ok in this window, I'm back to the ubuntu boot screen, the red dots are going on and on, but I'm not getting any further.13:35
ActionParsnipZorky: then switch shell, or ditch Gnome and move to XFCE or KDE or LXDE and so on...13:35
ActionParsnipZorky: you don't have to use Unity shell13:35
Nach0zlxde <313:36
ZorkyActionParsnip:  my boss tells me to do it.13:36
mjaykkde atm :) /cheer13:36
Nach0zxfce4 is super lightweight but meh13:36
mjaykxfce4 is what you make of it Nach0z13:36
Nach0zI never liked it that much13:37
ActionParsnipZorky: screw him, as long as you do your work, why does s/he care?13:37
hitsujiTMOmeh, openbox and dmenu is all you need :P13:37
ferzhi, last night I installed ubuntu on a sony vaio with dual boot but since when win8 has been restarted I'm not  able to boot again from ubuntu. I thought that win8 has deleted grub, but I'm not sure.13:37
ferzI've just tried to reinstall ubuntu today in the same partition of last night but installer fails for disk errors :-/13:37
ActionParsniphitsujiTMO: openbox + tint213:37
Nach0zbut then the first time I installed xfce, it seemed to want to use a windows 95 theme13:37
Nach0zwhiiiich was kinda butt-ugly.13:38
gvoIf you have to run Unity and it isn't working, get your boss to come up with support money.13:38
DannyButtermanhitsujiTMO : I know it's EOL but that happens only on one of my 10.04 machines, the others are fine. Nach0z: you're right, I will diff that13:38
=== leaf12 is now known as aemw0
ZorkyActionParsnip:  we are canonical partners. and it's his choice. besides. currently im working on a server for customers13:38
ActionParsnipZorky: why would a server have Unity on it?13:39
mjaykferz: have you tried running sudo update-grub13:39
Nach0z... server + gui?13:39
ZorkyActionParsnip:  running x2go. it needs a desktop env to work13:39
Nach0ztell them to use windows server 2012 for an awesome potato gui13:40
ferzmjayk: no, now I was trying to be sure about disk with sudo dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda7 bs=65536 but it doesn't write anything.13:40
ActionParsnipZorky: gnome is a little heavy, a nice fluxbox session will do....13:40
cfhowlett_ActionParsnip, exactly!13:40
Al__hitsujiTMO, okay I installed pastebinit.  Now how do I run that dmesg thing?  Do I just type run dmesg | pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/xorg.0.log?13:40
mjaykferz: that will erase sda7 correct ?13:40
ferzmjayk: which tool can I use to check that partition?13:40
ActionParsnippeople do make some weird choices13:40
hitsujiTMOAl__: yup just type exactly like that13:40
ferzmjayk: yes.13:40
mjaykferz: i use gparted13:40
hitsujiTMOwith out run ofc13:41
ferzgparted doesn't report any errors in that partition.13:41
hitsujiTMOal__ without run ofc.13:41
ZorkyActionParsnip:  yes im aware of that. but it needs to be the same interface on all clients. so it dosent get confusing for a ms. olsen on 80 year old13:41
cfhowlett_Zorky, pretty sure Ms. Olson is going to find unity an order of magnitude more confusing than, say, xfce ...13:42
BluesKajHey folks13:42
Al__lol about the ofc.  That is not an ofc for me!13:42
hitsujiTMOal__ :)13:43
mjaykferz: and what error is it you get in the install ?13:43
Al__okay, I will type dmesg | pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/xorg.0.log13:43
Zorkycfhowlett_:  indeed. but lets put this example up. canonical is making a ubuntu phone. it runs unity. it will be much easier to teach people to use the OS if it has the same interface on both clients13:43
cfhowlett_Zorky, true ...13:44
hitsujiTMOAl__: thats a capital X in /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:44
ferzmjayk: it was a generic disk failure.13:44
mjaykferz: I would delete the partition and reformat it using gparted and retry, apart from that I cant help sorry13:45
ferzmjayk: yes, I've already done (delete partition and reformat it)13:46
ZorkyLibreoffice write control testy thingy wont show the correct spellcheck for the language i just downloaded for libreoffice13:46
ferzmjayk: but it continue to fail13:46
=== jacques is now known as Guest41621
hitsujiTMOferz: are you on a live cd or which?13:46
ferzhitsujiTMO: yes.13:47
ferzlive cd13:47
hitsujiTMOferz: can you install smartmontools     sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install smartmontools13:47
ferzhitsujiTMO: thank you, I'm doing it now.13:48
hitsujiTMOferz: actually you might asell install pastebinit too. sudo apt-get install pastebinit             then: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit13:49
=== Guest41621 is now known as jakwas
hitsujiTMOferz: just paste the url generated here13:50
Al__hitsujiTMO well, with the small x, it did give an error.  However, with the cap X, it output two files.13:50
Al__wait, that was the one with the small x13:51
Al__here are the two correct ones:13:51
ferzhitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6410751/13:52
hitsujiTMOferz: good news. not logged any errors on SMART.13:53
ferzhitsujiTMO: ok, thank you.13:53
Al__hitsujiTMO, I hate to leave, but class is starting in a couple minutes and I can't continue here.13:53
ferzhitsujiTMO: where can I find ubuntu installer log?13:54
hitsujiTMOAI__ i'll have a read thru. come back later when you can13:54
Al__hitsujiTMO, probably you don't want to give out your e-mail address?13:54
hitsujiTMOAl__: afraid not13:55
hitsujiTMOferz: that i've reader looked for. can you give us the output of: mount | pastebinit13:57
ferzhitsujiTMO: sure, thank you again.13:57
ActionParsnipferz: in /var/log somewhere13:58
hitsujiTMOferz: sudo lsblk | pastebinit14:00
FloodBot1monk44: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:01
cfhowlett_monk44, that would be /exit14:02
ubottumonk44,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:02
monk44a sorry14:02
faugusztinmonk44: http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html14:02
hitsujiTMOferz: that's a lot of partitions :P sudo apt-get install gdisk && sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda | pastebinit14:02
hitsujiTMOferz: am i right to assume that this is a uefi boot so?14:03
ferzyes, uefi14:03
hitsujiTMOferz: sudo apt-get install efibootmgr && sudo efibootmgr | pastebinit14:04
hitsujiTMOferz: i se 1 BIG BIG problem here. you have 2 efi system partitions14:05
ferzI've bought this laptop yesterday and I've only inserted one for extfs, one for swap and another couple of fat32 and void partition (cleared)14:06
Al__hitsujiTMO, well, thanks.  I can come back on in 30 minutes if you are still here....  I will leave this irc open.14:07
jschoolcraftIs there a way to debug rsyslog?14:07
ferzI'll be back in 30' too, and I'll read backlog and continue from there.14:08
hitsujiTMOferz: ill be here. will have to check those 2 efi partitions to see whats goen wrong14:08
ferzhitsujiTMO: ok, thank you very much14:09
hitsujiTMOferz: i see another problem. your partition table is out of order.14:09
hitsujiTMOferz: that would explain why the trying to write to a partition is failing14:11
=== neyder_ is now known as neyder
ubottusteve3: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:16
FireStormsHey I want to try another distribution of Linux. Can I copy over my home directory to another distribution (based on debian) and expect certain it to work. E.g., my .netbeans settings are important to me.14:17
cfhowlett_FireStorms, nope.  perhaps an ubuntu to ubuntu based distro but even that's a shaky proposition14:17
PiciFireStorms: It might work, it might not.14:18
FireStormsPici, haha I thought so14:18
FireStormsthanks guys14:18
hitsujiTMOFireStorms: you should be able to copy over the netbeans config directory on its own14:19
damelhey all :)14:23
damelI'm having troubles with installing CUDA on 13.10. Anyone around that can help me out?14:24
damellooks like the script does not like gcc > 4.6 :(14:26
siv_hello all . I was wondering what Is the state of the latest xen as far as VGA / PCI passthrough is with the latest software ? I'm using LM 14 and xen 4.1.14:28
hitsujiTMOdamel: you can install gcc 4.4     sudo apt-get install gcc-4.414:29
gvodamel: there is a #cuda channel14:29
damelhiitsujiTMO : I think 4.6 will work14:30
damelapt-get install gcc-4.6 ?14:30
damelcan I have two compilers at the same time ?14:30
hitsujiTMOdamel yup. you can use update-alternatives then to specify the default14:30
damelthanks gvo, I will give them a try too :)14:30
hitsujiTMOdamel: have a read of this: http://blog.bloemsaat.com/2013/03/17/installing-cuda-on-ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail/14:31
damelhitsujiTMO : perfect thanks :)14:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:33
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:33
ObrienDaveooooo, a self helper ;)14:34
clemenshello i've a acer notebook with intel hd300 cpu integrated and a nvida GT 540m discrete. Which driver and programm should i use to switch between the graphic cars?14:36
hitsujiTMOclemens: thats an optimus gfx card so you don't switch between. you use bumblebee for that.14:37
hitsujiTMOclemens: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee14:38
clemenshitsujiTMO thx you i'll try that :)14:38
romba_Hello, anybody here has experiance in dual booting with windows 8 (non uefi) ?14:38
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.14:39
hitsujiTMO!anyone | Romance14:39
ubottuRomance: please see above14:39
hitsujiTMOromba_ even ^ :P14:39
padrinoGuys, you know with Tails OS (booting from USB) when you remove the USB it's like Tails wasn't there... doesn't affect your PC at all. Does the same apply to Ubuntu?14:39
romba_hitsujiTMO: yes have you done it?14:39
hitsujiTMOromba_: please explain the problem. Noones gonna answer you on the "Has anyone" bit14:40
romba_hitsujiTMO: i'm in great trouble running xilinx in windows 814:40
romba_I want to install ubuntu on my windows 8 (non uefi) laptop14:40
hitsujiTMO!dualboot | romba_ all info here should help14:41
ubotturomba_ all info here should help: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:41
wireguyis it possible to install a newer package from source over What i installedfrom apt14:41
adamkpadrino: If you are running Ubuntu from a flash drive, it will not affect your PC unless you tell it to.14:41
padrinoadamk what do you mean by 'unless I tell it to'?14:41
romba_hitsujiTMO: great thanx mate ;)14:41
hitsujiTMOwireguy: a decent ppa is usually the way to go for that14:42
padrinoWill just running it, playing about on it + browsing web on it affect my comp?14:42
adamkpadrino: If you tell it to mount a windows partition and modify files, obviously it's going to do that.14:42
hitsujiTMOadamk: and if you tell it to install grub to /dev/sda then it's also gonna do that :P14:42
wireguyhitsujiTMO: ihave reason to believe That oneof the dep is older than os avail in repo and causing a problem14:43
hitsujiTMOpadrino ^ even14:43
padrinobut just browsing web and stuff won't affect my comp in any way?14:43
hitsujiTMOwireguy: what app is that? are you using a ppa already?14:43
adamkpadrino: Correct.14:44
hitsujiTMOpadrino: no that won't14:44
padrinoOk thanks guys, I'll boot it up soon14:44
wireguyhitsujiTMO: weechat from repo14:45
=== wireguy is now known as pvl1
ainxmay i install wechat ? seriously ?14:46
cfhowlett_ainx, not THAT wechat14:46
ferzhitsujiTMO: I'm back. How can I put in right order "partition table out of order"?  Can I move them using gparted?  Or there are other ways less risky?14:46
hitsujiTMOpvl1: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue            and can you pastebin the output of: apt-cache show weechat14:46
ainxdo you have tutorial for install genymotion ?14:47
gbitHello, how can I install an alternative language support for Gmail's auto zip download feature? As seen in http://imagebin.org/27685614:47
helpmeeI installed ubuntu 12.04.3 update everything ok but when I went to system monitor on swap is says not available why14:47
gbithelpmee: you need to set swapon. You need to check if you already have a swap partition created. If yes go man mkfs.swap and man swapon.14:48
pvl1hitsujiTMO: imrunning saucy (13.10), latest version of weechat(4.2)14:48
pvl1hitsujiTMO:  my main concern is gnutls14:49
pvl1which weechat depends on. but there is a newer ver in the repo, hitsujiTMO14:49
helpmeegbit: alright let me try14:50
=== cyril is now known as Guest73185
helpmeecat /proc/swaps is empty14:50
damelhitsujiTMO : That worked perfect..update-alternatives did the trick. Thanks a ton :)14:50
gbithelpmee: try fdisk -l14:50
hitsujiTMOferz: have a look at http://www.rodsbooks.com/fixparts/      have a search for out-of-order on that page14:50
minasI dropped my second laptop on the floor and now it doesn't boot into windows (it only has windows installed). I think some data might have been corrupted on the hard drive. I am thinking of booting into ubuntu from a live USB and fixing it from there. Which program should I use for this?14:51
helpmeeno output14:51
ferzhitsujiTMO: thank you. I'll read it.14:51
hitsujiTMOferz: you will need to disable your running swap partition before doing anything. sudo swapoff -a14:51
pvl1hitsujiTMO: maybeI'll just ask the ppl in #weechat ifthere is another problem14:51
helpmeethere is no swap with blkid too14:52
gbithelpmee: try free -m and see if swap it bigger than 014:52
hitsujiTMOpvl1: normally having a newer version of a dependency isn't a bad thing, as long as its not a difference in major version. just minor version14:52
helpmeeswap 014:53
=== jacques is now known as Guest69094
pvl1hitsujiTMO: Butwouldn't i have to temove older version14:53
gbithelpmee: so thats confirm you dont have a swap. If you are a new user, try to reinstall ubuntu with a swap partition on. You can easy found a tutorial on Google to do it.14:54
abradleyIs there a firewall enabled by default in ubuntu 12.04 server?14:54
cfhowlett_abradley, not by default14:54
helpmeegbit: I let the installer do the partioning I did not choose "something else" why did this happen14:55
gbithelpmee: try again, is the better way to learn how to do it right. Check "How do I add more swap?" in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq14:57
helpmeeok thanks gbit14:57
Pici!es | swadow14:57
ubottuswadow: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:57
skraitoi apply to ubuntu14:58
skraitofor career14:58
skraitoany hr14:58
skraito:p hire me14:58
hitsujiTMOpvl1: well it depends on how gnutls is linked by the compiler. links libgnutls ... from the looks of it. its quite verbose on the version that it links so you should be able to have the 2 version of the lib side by side14:58
smeagolllwhen start vm windows (XEN)14:59
smeagolllXenctrl.Error [ memory 6796760 KiB free; to be scrubbed 0 KiB; total 7893 MiB]: 1: Operation not permitted14:59
minasI dropped my second laptop on the floor and now it doesn't boot into windows (it only has windows installed). I think some data might have been corrupted on the hard drive. I am thinking of booting into ubuntu from a live USB and fixing it from there. Which program should I use for this?15:01
Justicehey all15:02
Justiceim back15:02
Justicehttp://i40.tinypic.com/aadvg7.png <--- what should i pick?? I am on vmware Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ( the vmware is running on a windows server 2012)15:02
adamkminas: Dropping the laptop on the floor isn't going to rearrange the data on the drive.  It's going to physically damage the drive.15:03
ObrienDaveminas, probably physical damage to the drive. which version of Windows?15:03
minasObrienDave, it's windows 715:03
pvl1hitsujiTMO: ill tryIt out, see What happens15:03
ObrienDaveminas, have you tried Safe Mode? F8 on boot15:04
hitsujiTMOsmeagolll: it would help if you posted the full error log. please note that there is a ##xen channel too15:04
ferzhitsujiTMO: both sfdisk and fixparts complain that it's a GPT disk and to use gpart instead.15:04
abradleyI'm running a webserver on ubu 12.04 server and I'm running into an error when testing imap configuration: http://i.imgur.com/zxullwr.png15:04
abradleyI understand that no firewall is enabled by default in ubu 12.04 server. Any suggestions why it is timing out? I can ping imap.gmail.com from the machine, avg 30ms15:05
minasObrienDave, I have tried it but nothing happens. It tries to load files ("windows is loading files") and then freezes15:05
ferzhitsujiTMO: is there any guide about gparted for mistakes and complex scenario?15:05
minasObrienDave, actually nothing happens when F8 is pressed on boot. it just boots to what i described above15:05
phong_lol man15:06
ObrienDaveminas, the drive is damaged.15:06
skraitois there any ubuntu channel developer15:07
hitsujiTMOferz: ahh... gparts doesn't have an auto fixer for it it you need to use the transpose option to swap the partitions manually. its in the advanced options15:07
ferzhitsujiTMO: ok. I'll  try then.15:07
minasObrienDave, is there something that can be done? Can I retrieve some of the files by booting from a live usb? (assuming they are not damaged)15:07
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ObrienDaveminas, you can try a live USB or DVD. Or move the drive to another computer and see if you can access the files. my best guess is probably not. sorry15:09
Karlitohey guys got a question to the Bs xubuntu. is there any shortcut list ? or can anyone tell me how i can a application from window 1 to 2 ?15:09
minasObrienDave, ok, thanks for your help15:09
ActionParsnipJustice: let me see (tinypic is slow)15:09
hitsujiTMOferz: use p to rint the partitrion table. what you want is so that the end of one partition, is 1 sector before the start of the next partition. the first few should be ordered correctly15:09
ferzhitsujiTMO: it seems that Vaio Care use the last partition to store its system and recovery space but I don't know which other partition is used for win and for sys hibernation.15:09
Nox_404hi, i got a problem on a 12.4.3 server install, how can i fix this : apt setup udeb succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured15:09
Justiceye i know, but its the only one i usre haha15:10
ActionParsnipJustice: I can't see an image...15:10
ActionParsnipJustice: ahh ok now15:10
ActionParsnipJustice: do you want users to be able to email each other only or are you wanting a web facing email server?15:11
hitsujiTMOferz: just use (x) to enable expert mode (p) to list the current order. (t) to swap which 2 you want to swap. and (w) to write what you to the gpt table. the (q) to quit15:11
Justicei need my server to send emails, since i wanna use Nickserv's Email function for registration15:11
Justiceon irc servers15:11
hitsujiTMOferz: you don't need to know what they are. just what order they are supposed to be in15:12
Justiceso any idea what i should pick/15:12
Nox_404hi, i got a problem on a 12.4.3 server install, how can i fix this : apt setup udeb succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured (is there a better place for my question ?)15:13
ActionParsnipJustice: do you want to have your own email domain name?15:13
Justicehow do you mean exactly?15:13
Justicelike admin@domain.com15:13
ActionParsnipJustice: well, you can make your own @ address15:14
Justiceyea i do15:14
ActionParsnipJustice: like   username@justicemail.com15:14
Justiceive got Noreply@darkisle-enterprise.nl15:14
ActionParsnipJustice: ok, did you buy your domain name?15:14
ObrienDaveferz, I have a Vaio. 1st partition is System Recovery, 2nd is Windows bootloader (I think), 3rd is normal Windows. Hibernate file is there15:14
Justiceor atleast15:14
Justicei bought the 2012 server15:14
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:14
Justiceand included Plesk15:14
Justiceand unlimited email suppor15:14
FloodBot1Justice: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:15
Justicesorry :P bot15:15
RoryJustice: You need to make sure you have set up an MX record for your domain15:15
ActionParsnipJustice: then you want internet site and it will ask which domain you have bought15:15
RoryJustice: (If you want mail to be sent TO you)15:15
Justicenah, i need the server to send mail to users15:15
Justiceor is that the same?15:15
ferzObrienDave: you have a uefi vaio?15:16
RoryNo, when you install your MTA (postfix or whatever) just select Internet Site and put in darkisle-enterprise.nl or whatever15:16
Justiceok :)15:16
ObrienDaveferz, no, normal BIOS15:16
ferzObrienDave: ok15:16
slops17can some one tell me how to disable igmp please15:17
ferzObrienDave: it seems quite different then.15:17
hadifarn_I get "Error generating image" for http://wishwant.co.uk/sites/default/files/styles/gift_product/public/ipadmini-burgundy-front.jpg on my Ubuntu server. any idea why?15:17
ObrienDaveferz, probably.15:17
Justiceok it has set up15:17
Justiceso it should work now?15:17
ferzObrienDave: in gparted I assume that first partition is on the left and last is on the right.15:18
Roryhadifarn_: Where do you see that error? In Apache error logs?15:18
hadifarn_no in browser Rory15:18
skraitohi ubuntu user15:18
skraitois default is gnome15:18
hadifarn_no error on apache15:18
skraitoor kde15:18
Danato<Rory> I managed to sort the whole moving partition thing out15:18
skraitois there any ubuntu developer channel15:18
Roryhadifarn_: Can you browse to the file on the server, does it exist?15:18
hadifarn_yes Rory15:19
Piciskraito: the default DE is Unity, which is based on gnome15:19
hitsujiTMOhadifarn_: that would be Dependant on the cms and if you've installled the necessary dependencies15:19
hadifarn_it doesnt give me 404 btw15:19
hadifarn_hitsujiTMO: I have this issue with just a few pictures15:19
rypervenchehadifarn_: I get this: PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away: SELECT expire, value FROM {semaphore} WHERE name = :name; Array ( [:name] => variable_init ) in lock_may_be_available() (line 167 of /srv/www/wishwant.co.uk/public_html/includes/lock.inc).15:19
Nox_404hi, i got a problem on a 12.4.3 server install, how can i fix this : apt setup udeb succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured (is there a better place for my question ?)15:19
Justiceit works15:19
Justicethanks very much15:19
FloodBot1Justice: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:19
DanatoI used a software called easeus on windows to move C, and it did it flawlessly15:19
hadifarn_rypervenche: I just gave you a pic url, why SQL error?15:20
hadifarn_got even weirder15:20
rypervenchehadifarn_: That's what I got from the link, it gave that error in Drupal.15:20
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hitsujiTMOhadifarn_: seems you've an issue with either your setup or with mysql. the logs should give you a better idea.15:21
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
hadifarn_hitsujiTMO rypervenche it's an image file url. it physically exist in that location. it has nothing todo with mysql. the site works just fine if you check15:22
John525hello i would like some recommendations of a few non gnome/kde/xfce desktop enviornments that look good ?15:22
hitsujiTMOhadifarn_: that url is served by drupal. not by apache. hence the error15:23
rypervenchehadifarn_: Then it could be that your .htaccess file is not set up correctly.15:23
RoryJohn525: LXDE which comes with Lubuntu is lightweight and I think it looks great if you like the traditional side of things15:23
hadifarn_rypervenche: hmm, the main one in root directory, right?15:23
ObrienDaveferz, they are also listed by a number. SDA is first drive. SDA1 is 1st partition 1st drive, SDA2 2nd partition 1st drive and so forth15:23
RoryJohn525: You can install it with "sudo apt-get install lxde" or for the full set of lubuntu packages "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop"15:23
DanatoMy sounds are not working at all, where should I start looking? And yes ive tried the mixer15:23
rypervenchehadifarn_: You need to make sure that files that exist in the document are served and not passed through your index.php file.15:23
John525ok cool15:24
rypervenchehadifarn_: I would assume so, however I don't know how you have your site set up.15:24
RoryDanato: Can you try installing and running "pavucontrol"15:24
hitsujiTMOhadifarn_: whats the output of ls -l /srv/www/wishwant.co.uk/public_html/sites/default/files/styles/gift_product/public/ipadmini-burgundy-front.jpg15:25
DanatoRory: ok15:25
hadifarn_hitsujiTMO: I can't ssh to my server. just a sec15:25
slops17can some one tell me how to disable igmp please15:28
DanatoRory: the program ddnt work15:29
bartolohi, is it possible to run a script after the execution of unattended-upgrades?15:30
DanatoRory: Connection to PulseAudio failed15:30
OerHeksbartolo, Try to create a bash script and put it in /etc/kernel/postinst.d/ but that would run for any update15:32
hadifarn_hitsujiTMO: looks like my cms fails to generate the image15:33
bartoloOerHeks: uhm ok thanks it's not a problem, the script ends in ms if it doesn't have to do anything15:34
Danatoi already tried this guide to fix my sounds but it ddnt work http://itsfoss.com/fix-sound-ubuntu-1304-quick-tip/15:37
ripthejackerThe notification bar in my Ubuntu 13.10 freezer very often.15:40
hitsujiTMODanato: are you getting any output from: speaker-test -c 215:40
ripthejackerIs this happening for anyone else?15:40
remoteCTRLhi guys...15:40
remoteCTRLdies anybody know, whether gparted can hanlde lvm already...?15:41
DanatohitsujiTMO: jst a second im testing this and it may interfere with the command you gave me http://askubuntu.com/questions/14191/ubuntu-sound-not-working15:41
DanatohitsujiTMO: ok do you want me to pastebin it?15:46
hitsujiTMODanato: is there sound coming out?15:46
DanatohitsujiTMO: no15:47
hitsujiTMODanato: or is it giving some error?15:47
DanatohitsujiTMO: its not showing errors, jst a bunch of what seems like tests that keep going on15:47
bartoloOerHeks: i need to use aptitude in the script and I can't if I put it there15:47
hitsujiTMODanato: the issue is with alsa so15:48
hitsujiTMODanato: ctrl + c to cancel it15:48
bartoloprobably the best solution is to use anacron15:48
hitsujiTMODanato: can you run alsamixer and makes sure nothing important is musted (such as master)15:48
bartoloso i could run it periodically15:48
DanatohitsujiTMO: I already reinstalled alsa15:49
hitsujiTMODanato: that still might not fix a broken config. Could also be the driver itself15:49
hitsujiTMODanato: did the sound work before?15:49
DanatohitsujiTMO: yeah it was working before, and yesterday it stopped working, and after some updates it worked again, and stopped working today15:50
BluesKajDanato. intel hda driver ?15:50
hitsujiTMODanato: pastebin: lspci -k15:51
DanatohitsujiTMO: oh and what did you mean by musted?15:51
hitsujiTMODanato: Muted sorry15:52
DanatohitsujiTMO: ah ok, its not muted15:52
BluesKajDanato. alsamixer will show which chip is in use in the upper left15:52
stritI have an odd problem. Sometimes, when I start a youtube video, my sound device switches from speakers to headphones (i'm on a laptop) and the Speakers device isn't there anymore. Any idea what can cause this?15:53
DanatohitsujiTMO: i ddnt see anything there15:53
stritUbuntu 13.10 (forgot)15:53
hitsujiTMODanato: can you pastebin the output of: lspci -k15:54
DanatohitsujiTMO: on it15:54
DanatohitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/uJW5sGdH15:55
aarobc_wrkYou know what's really weird? The open source drivers for my raedon hd 6870 work better than the fglrx ones15:55
DanatoBluesKaj: i ddnt see anything on the upper left15:56
ActionParsnipaarobc_wrk: not weird, different drivers work differently15:56
hitsujiTMODanato: can you pastebin alsamixer15:56
DanatoBluesKaj: i jst ran it on the konsole, theres a graph15:57
DanatohitsujiTMO: my speaker sounds are all the way down15:57
halfbeingcan anyone recommend a screencasting application? recordmydesktop and kazam are both completely unusable.15:58
strithalfbeing, I use simplescreenrecorder for recording. Works like a charm. :)15:58
popeyhalfbeing: odd, kazam works here, maybe tell the developers in #kazam15:58
g0tchahey guys, im trying to install ffmpeg on ubuntu server and libvpx, i installed 'yasm' but when i try to ./configure libvpx, it complains about Yasm not available15:58
g0tchaanyone can help me out with this?15:58
halfbeingthanks strit15:58
Nox_404hi, I got a problem on a 12.4.3 server install, how can i fix this : apt-setup-udeb succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured15:59
strithalfbeing, I used Kazam before, but it broke on my machine when I upgraded to 13.10.15:59
Roryg0tcha: You can install ffmpeg without compiling, using the Ubuntu repositories and apt-get15:59
John525i have another question, how do i install cairo dock on ubuntu 12.1015:59
ActionParsnipg0tcha: would you need yasm-dev package15:59
ActionParsnip!info cairo-dock15:59
ubottucairo-dock (source: cairo-dock): Light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.1-0ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 6 kB, installed size 45 kB15:59
ActionParsnipJohn525: it's in the universe repo15:59
halfbeingstrit, is the problem that it doesn't save most of your recordings?15:59
DanatohitsujiTMO: ill take a screenshot16:00
John525so install using apt-get?16:00
g0tchaRory, would ffmpeg work as it should be if i install it using the repositories? cuz i need it for a local website im using16:00
ActionParsnipJohn525: yes16:00
g0tchaActionParsnip, i dont see yasm-dev in the repo16:00
hitsujiTMODanato: its a text interface. you can just copy + paste the text16:00
ActionParsnipJohn525: or software centre if you desire16:00
strithalfbeing, nope, on my machine it doesn't even record. it crashes a few seconds after I start it, and it finished switching between yellow and red dots in the indicator. :)16:00
ActionParsnip!find yasm16:01
ubottuFound: yasm16:01
DanatohitsujiTMO: it looks really weird when i paste it16:01
halfbeingpopey, i'll do that when i get a chance!16:01
ActionParsnipg0tcha: not sure then, is there not a binary package for what you need?16:01
hitsujiTMODanato: ahh ok16:01
BluesKajDanato. yes , but you have the intel hda sound diver  , it's probly not loaded after you update/upgrade , a commoin bug with those drivers , in the terminal run , sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel , the command prompt will return immediately if the driver loads properly , then you'll have to reboot16:01
g0tchaActionParsnip, well, im following this https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/UbuntuCompilationGuide16:01
hitsujiTMOBluesKaj: if it shows up under lspci -k then it's loaded16:02
BluesKajhitsujiTMO. was that the command he used for the above post ?16:02
hitsujiTMOBluesKaj: lspci -k16:03
halfbeingstrit :)16:03
BluesKajwell ,he should run the modprobe command anyway , it might work16:03
BluesKajhitsujiTMO. lspci -k may list the available driver but that doesn't mean it 's loading16:04
DanatohitsujiTMO: http://oi44.tinypic.com/21opo28.jpg16:05
BluesKajDanato. your speaker output is muted16:06
PPHwhat irc client should I use on ubuntu? I need to get notifications when I get a private message or when someone say my name.16:06
hitsujiTMOBluesKaj: sorry you're right. man lspci says -l shows drivers loaded for device and capable of being loaded for a device16:06
Danato<BluesKaj> thats what I said16:06
gordonjcpPPH: I like irssi16:06
grep0rPPH, there are many you can try xchat16:07
DanatohitsujiTMO:  the command seemed to work, at least it ddnt give me any error16:07
PPHgordonjcp: well that's what Im using actually but I don't have any notifications16:07
BluesKajDanato. use the M key to unmute it then the up arrow key to increase the volume16:07
PPHgrep0r: well I'll try it16:07
PPHgrep0r: thx16:07
hitsujiTMODanato: speaker is muted. move over it and hit (m) to unmute it. move arrows up and down to change the level16:07
stritPPH, I use Xchat. :)16:08
gordonjcpPPH: should see someone highlight, with the channel number turning purple16:08
renebarbosa#buffer 616:09
Danato<BluesKaj> where do I press M?16:09
hitsujiTMODanato: when speaker is highlighted in red16:10
grep0rPPH, xchat supports the feature you want, just from what i remember (not sure if still) xchat-gnome dont have some xchat's official features16:10
hitsujiTMODanato: then you's see the MM changing to 0016:10
PPHgrep0r: Ok thanks16:10
Danato<hitsujiTMO> ah i ddnt know i could navigate on that16:10
BluesKajDanato. use the < and> arrow keys to navigate in alsamixer to the speaker volume control , then press M , the increase the volume to 90% or so witht up arrow key16:11
DanatoThat Woked!16:11
Danatomy spelling ddnt :P16:11
DanatoThat worked!16:11
Danatothanks guys, my computer speaks again16:12
hitsujiTMODanato: you really should not put your laptop in a wok. It's not to be cooked16:12
DanatohitsujiTMO: i like trying new things :P16:13
Danatoi jst dont know how the heck did i mute my speakers16:13
q_you touch my talala my dindindon, Shutlleworth!16:13
benjamin_ubuntu español???16:13
BluesKaj!es | benjamin_16:14
ubottubenjamin_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:14
Danatobtw whats S/PDIF?16:14
DrFoodoes anyone have the link for the article on hibernation on a Dell Latitude XT2?16:16
FourFireHello, is it possible to install an image of a running operating system onto another drive mounted in that system?16:16
Danatolet me test this ubottu16:16
Danatohe doesnt know :P16:17
FourFireI have 12.04 LTS and I don't want to go through the hassle of finding all the odd programs which I've collected over time16:17
FourFireHowever I need to switch hard drives since this one is old and has over 50 Bad sectors16:18
BluesKajsony philips digital interface , Danato it feeds a digital to analog converter on an audio ssytem /device /receiver/amplifier16:18
pacy_FourFire: Sorry i need to go but look the command "dd" up16:19
ActionParsnipFourFire: dpkg -l | grep ^ii | awk {'print $2'} > ~/packagesinstalled.txt16:19
ActionParsnipFourFire: will make a copy ofthe instaled packages16:19
Danato<BluesKaj> ah ok thanks, I wont be needing that for now16:19
BluesKajDanato. or a atv with digital audio inputs16:19
BluesKaja tv16:20
Keith_MckayI've been reading alot about people having problems installing any Nvidia drivers, is there a bug that prevents compiz effects from working? I16:26
Keith_MckayI am using ubuntu 13.10 with unity and mate installed.16:27
OmnIcKis there some Manuel about how to configure ipv6 ubuntu 12.04/12.10?16:27
ActionParsnipKeith_Mckay: if you have an Optimus GPU (switching) then it can be a headache16:28
DanatohitsujiTMO: this is weird, its mute again16:28
OerHeksKeith_Mckay, or an old one like nvidia 920016:29
DanatohitsujiTMO: and the speakers are not muted this time16:29
Keith_MckayI haven't. Nvidia 8800 ultra.16:29
stritKeith_Mckay, isn't that older than the 9200? :P16:29
ActionParsnipKeith_Mckay: nvidia-current    will drive it16:30
OerHeksOmnIcK, this is a good start > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv616:30
Keith_Mckayyep, ive had no issues with the 64bit build, but I've had to drop down to 32bit because of wine issues16:30
Danato<BluesKaj> It went mute again, and the speakers are not muted16:30
BluesKajDanato. is volume turned up ?16:31
Keith_Mckayok. lets try nvidia current again :D16:31
FourFireActionParsnip: thanks, what do I do now?16:31
OmnIcKOerHeks: thanks! :-)16:31
Danato<BluesKaj> all the way up16:31
unicornjedihello, does anyone know how to create a computer cluster?16:31
FourFireI have an external hard drive with a single partition of ntfs which I want to install on16:32
FourFireshould I do anything with it first?16:32
jmgkhey FourFire16:32
Danato<BluesKaj> all I did was doing an update and dist-upgrade16:32
geniiFourFire: Make it not ntfs ;)16:32
BluesKajDanato. ok dist-upgrade will unload the driver for some reason , run , sudo modprobe snd_hda_intel , again , then reboot '16:33
SuperLagI have a Lenovo desktop, with both an SSD and HDD in it. / is on the SSD and /home, /opt, and /usr/local are on the HDD. Can I install a second SSD and use it for write caching for the HDD to get faster performance when reading/writing to/from the HDD?16:34
Danato<BluesKaj> ok brb16:34
OerHeksunicornjedi, ubuntu server with hyperscale & juju tools > http://www.ubuntu.com/server/hyperscale16:34
ActionParsnipFourFire: backup the data you need (/etc as well as userdata and so on), then reinstall and you can use the textfile to instate what you need.16:35
ActionParsnipFourFire: if you are using the same release, you can even backup the .list files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:35
unicornjediOerHeks, thanks what I meant was the hardware requiremtns16:38
OerHeksunicornjedi, low16:39
cristian_cAfter I've launched it, I've got this message: 'No diagram loaded' 'Having saved the output of bustle-dbus-monitor' to a file , open that file to see a sequence diagram of D-Bus activity.'16:39
wjtaylorI think I just fragged my system... I did a test: sudo pm-hibernate and it hibernated fine, but now it won't boot. libcrypt can't resume /dev/dm-0, which I think is LVM. I can't do anything at this prompt. I tried recovery mode and it's the same thing.16:39
Keith_MckayThat didnt work, rebooted and everything, I have the static desktop and transparent terminal window, something placed behide but no true effects, I see the desktop wallpaper and not the window behide.16:39
cristian_cHow I solve this?16:39
unicornjediOerHeks, ??? what do you mean low?16:40
DanatoBluesKaj: the sound is back16:40
cristian_cI've also installed graphviz16:40
cristian_cBut nothing has changed :(16:40
cristian_cAny ideas?16:40
OerHeksunicornjedi, any number of small desktops can be a cluster, as long as they are connected16:40
DanatoBluesKaj: why is dist-upgrade doing that now? i use to run it frequently and it never interfered with my sounds16:40
gvoshaoyongyang: Do you have a question?16:44
Keith_MckayActionParsnip, https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0me9terv94o14z/Screenshot.png what ever I do I cant get the high desktop effects, I had this issue many years ago with ubuntu 6.10 but least you could pick from right clicking the desktop and choosing desktop node.16:45
Keith_MckayActionParsnip, There has been to much taken from 12.10+ to allow you to customize it.16:46
=== charles_ is now known as zorab47
unicornjediOerHeks, But how do I connect them? Do I need a D-link? Do I need a pci ethernet card?16:47
BluesKajDanato. it's abug in ubuntu with the intel hda driver loading at startup after upgrades , probly low on the priority list witht the devs , since the fix is so simple16:47
gvounicornjedi: a switch and ethernet connections on each computer16:48
thechaafter a short while on my ubuntu12.04 the dsl-connection vanishes16:49
thechanot disconnect but vanisheing completly16:49
OerHeksunicornjedi, ofcourse you need to connect them, ethernet preferrably16:49
thechawhat to do?16:49
shaoyongyanghello world16:50
unicornjedigro, I think I have a switch. I have a D-Link ethernet switch. It has like 20 ethernet ports.16:51
OerHeksunicornjedi, that will do.16:52
TianmetalHello, I just installed ubuntu 13.10 on a new partition and it suddenly replaces my windows partition, I'm currenty running ubuntu on USB to save my harddisk, how can I restore my windows partition?16:53
unicornjedigvo, so I guess I need another ethernet port on my master to connect to the internet...16:53
=== cyril is now known as Guest47537
buuTianmetal: Did you replace the boot loader or the actual partition?16:53
buuTianmetal: Does ubuntu see your windows drive?16:53
OerHeksunicornjedi, yes, unless you want to keep it local.16:53
gvounicornjedi: No, not necessarily.  You can cluster and access the internet on the same network.16:54
OerHeksunicornjedi, see this example for a MPI cluster > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MpichCluster16:54
TianmetalI no longer see my windows drive16:54
buuTianmetal: Where are you looking?16:54
unicornjediOerHeks, thank youu16:54
Tianmetalon the devices, it shows me only the ubuntu16:55
Tianmetalmy computer can no longer boot windows, it shows me no operating system installed16:56
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
unicornjediOerHeks, wow... this is tough. Is a beowulf cluster any simpler?16:57
OerHeksunicornjedi, i have no experience with juju & cluster, it is worth to take a look at that16:57
buuTianmetal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreUbuntu/XP/Vista/7Bootloader16:58
unicornjediOerHeks, thanks for your help im gonna fool with this and try to get it set up17:00
OerHeksunicornjedi, have fun17:00
blumanIs landscape free if you use your own server?17:04
blumanif not, how much after 30 days17:04
KartagisOnixs: hi. are you there?17:04
sivel__hello, is it possible to limit incoming ssh connections to a domain ?, as in instead of an ip to allow, only allow from me.nodmain.com ?17:05
dryicebombsivel__: yes, you can put the domain as the source in your iptables rule17:06
sivel__like a reverse domain lookup ?17:06
tirengarfioI have installed Grive but the file I have put inside is not being uploaded to Google Drive17:07
sivel__ok. great . so it will always map me connecting from me.domain.com, even if my ip changes ? like a ddns host ?17:07
dryicebombsivel__: yes, it will resolve the domain and then allow you17:08
sivel__thank you17:08
Laurencebhow can i change my password to a printer on a windows network?17:08
Laurencebi configured it ok when i set up the printer17:08
Laurencebbut now my passowrd has changed, and i cannot connect17:09
Laurencebi need to change the password that is used for connection attempts to the print server, but how can i do this?17:09
ActionParsnipLaurenceb: its part of the install process17:09
dryicebombLaurenceb: you might have to look at how to factory reset the printer on the manufacturers website, and then re-set it up.17:09
ActionParsnipLaurenceb: http://www.techotopia.com/images/5/59/Ubuntu_10.10_new_windows_printer.jpg.17:10
ActionParsnipLaurenceb: see where it says "set credentials" set them there17:10
ActionParsnipLaurenceb: does yours have that?17:10
dryicebombtirengarfio: are you running a GUI? if so, take a look at grive-tools http://www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/ubuntu-google-drive-client-grive-and-grive-tools17:11
tirengarfiodryicebomb,  I followed that17:12
Laurencebok i can print now17:15
Laurencebbut it asks for the password each time17:15
Laurencebhow do i force it to remeber?17:15
esdeGot an email from vps provider saying vps was attempting to send smtp mail at ~100+ times per ten minutes. However I'm not aware of any services that would be sending /that much/ mail in /that little/ timeframe. I've checked my mail log and the most recent entry is Oct 2. How can i find out what is trying to send smtp mail?17:16
dryicebombtirengarfio: do you get any errors when you try to sync via the command line?17:19
dontknowwow i think i am not banned anymore! thanks ub*ntu17:20
esdeTL;DR - Weird smtp traffic coming out of ubuntu. How can I track down where it's coming from?17:21
Laurencebarg wtf17:21
Laurencebthat is failinh17:21
PPHAny1 can type my name i'd like to see if my notifications work.17:22
PPHesde: thx17:23
Laurencebshall i pastebin my smb.conf?17:23
Laurencebi dont know what is wrong17:23
Laurencebis anyone here?17:24
esdeLaurenceb, it is kind of dead for ~1800 users17:25
BluesKaj90% of them are lurkers17:25
Al__hitsujiTMO, I finally am able to continue.17:25
esdeLaurenceb, it is kind of dead for ~179* users17:26
Al__esde, don't worry....17:26
esdeAl__, about?17:26
Al__You said "it is kind of dead"17:27
Al__I guess it was a statement... not worried....\17:27
dustinspringmanSo... I updated to the new kernel.. broke my video drivers badly.. trying to recover.. using 12.10 now in an effort to get back in business.. The only issue I am having now is: laptop screen is good with proper  resolution, 26" vizio connected to mini-display port (which uses the intel GPU) is detected in displays but will not show video.. please don't say bumblebee... this worked before i upgrade to the 3.8 kernel... would17:27
Al__Well, it looks like hitsujiTMO is not available now...17:28
Al__Would anyone like to take over with trying to tell me how to start the ubuntu desktop from a command line?17:29
dustinspringmanAl__:  startx maybe?17:29
BluesKajAl__. unity ?17:29
Al__dustinspringman, do you mean xstart?17:30
dustinspringmanAl__:  nope, startx17:30
BluesKajstartx  is the the command17:30
dustinspringmanthats what starts the xserver on my machine..17:30
dustinspringmanxserver aka desktop17:30
* zykotick9 doubts startx will do much...17:30
Al__oh, thanks...17:30
BluesKajare you at a TTY Al__ ?17:30
duxbarakI'm trying to clone an SVN repository into a new git repository and I get "perl: /build/buildd/subversion-1.7.9/subversion/libsvn_subr/dirent_uri.c:321: canonicalize: Assertion `*src != '/'' failed.17:31
duxbarakerror: git-svn died of signal 6" Any help?17:31
synronitedoes anyone here know about Synkron?17:31
synroniteanyone here?17:32
Al__Okay, I did startx and it said it is already active for display0.  How can I quit it for display0 so I can restart it with xstart?17:33
OerHeksAl__, hit ctrl alt F717:33
Nach0zAl__: sudo kill -9 $(pidof x)    IIRC17:33
Al__bluesKay, I was at the terminal17:33
Al__I will try...17:34
zykotick9OerHeks: when in a console, it's just alt+FX (ctrl+alt+FX works as well, but...)17:34
OerHekszykotick9, true, i'll remember that17:35
synroniteHas anyone here used a sync utility called Synkron?17:35
Al__NachOz, so I type in sudo kill -9   ??????17:36
* zykotick9 notes alt+arrow (left or right) is handy in consoles17:36
szxanybody knows why there's no package "libboost-asio-dev" or something like that for installing Bost.Asio? there's libboost-all-dev but it doesn't include boost-asio lol, so I'm just wondering17:36
Danatoshould I be worried for getting this error?17:36
Danatoconfigure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!17:36
DanatoPlease check whether you installed KDE correctly.17:37
synroniteAnybody? Somebody? I need help please.17:37
Al__NachOz,, I did that but startx still says already running17:37
FourFireok ActionParsnip I've got the drive, I performed that command you gave me, what exact commands do I need to input int order to install my entire version onto the external hard drive?17:38
Nach0zAl__: the $(pidof X) is actually a bash command >__>17:38
Nach0zor bash variable or whatever you wanna call it17:38
FourFire(I'll then put all the backup data inside the new Linux partition17:38
Nach0ztry killing the DM through /etc/init.d/ or something maybe17:38
Al__NachOz, ahhh, thanks but I am shaky with bash commands....17:39
Nach0zAl__: what window manager are you using? unity?17:39
zykotick9Nach0z: s/window manager/desktop environment/ ;)17:40
Al__NachOz, Xfe.   Is that such a window manager?17:40
Danatowhere do i find this kde-config?17:40
Kartagiswhenever I receive a notification from skype. my soundcard starts buzzing and never stops unless I logout/back in. what to do?17:41
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
Al__Oh, I should spend more time playing with Ubuntu!  I feel too old though.  I am from the Amiga OS days.17:42
FourFireSo I've made that file now (I think) what do I do further in order to install my current OS onto this external hard drive?17:43
FourFire(I reformatted the single partition into ext4)17:44
=== JoshuaP-afk is now known as JoshuaP
Al__NachOz, how do I send messages to you?  I am assuming that since your message is in the color red, that is a message to me?17:44
synroniteDoes anyone know about a synchronization utility called Synkron?17:45
zykotick9Al__: you just did ;)  just use the nickname on the line, and that person will be highlighted (if there irc client is setup for that)17:45
FourFireAl__ you can /query <name> someone17:45
Nach0zAl__: yeah, it's a highlight17:45
dgarstang3Any rsyslog experts here? I'm trying to log locally and to a remote server. The remote server bit is working, but nothing is getting logged locally.17:45
=== gbit_ is now known as gbit
Al__zykotick9, NachOz and FourFire, thanks17:46
=== gbit is now known as Guest25751
Al__So I just have to mention type the user's ID anywhere in the message and it highlights?17:46
BluesKajAl__. yup17:47
FourFireyes Al__17:47
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:47
Al__FourFire: wow17:48
FourFireActionParsnip: are you still willing to help me with this installation?17:48
Al__thanks ubottu17:48
cwcisherehow is everyone?17:48
Al__good cwcishere17:48
FourFirecan I just dump my backup files on the drive before I am about to install 12.04 on it, or will something go wrong then?17:48
cwcishereI need help on this: http://v.cdn.vine.co/r/avatars/1305DCD7E11004095271015165952_pic-r-138236916595748d70dd241.jpg_MC4DkSS1akDMfCULz3TbMHCNmcAag42jiJrFn5uQcEbRuaxg8pNOLXEenfx8C2cZ.jpg?versionId=p_xyM2hoDhf.eYZSkfWqvkPh7GUgnDYK17:49
OerHeksFourFire, you can install to your ext hdd, but the installer will do the partitioning ( again )17:50
Al__so this is highlighted for you BluesKaj ?17:50
hitsujiTMOHey Al__17:50
Al__hey hitsujiTMO17:50
dgarstang3Any rsyslog experts here? I'm trying to log locally and to a remote server. The remote server bit is working, but nothing is getting logged locally.17:50
Al__hitsujiTMO: I think that I will give up trying to figure out how to start the desktop from terminal...17:51
hitsujiTMOAl__: can you do me a favour and restart your pc and get a fresh dmesg and Xorg.0.log. there was something odd about the one you sent. it hadn't started to run until about 15 mins into booting17:52
FourFireOerHeks: ok, but how do I get it to autoinstall all my packages which I have on this system now?17:52
marisa_im trying to see symbols from a microsoft office word file on libreoffice, but symbols are not showing properly...how can i active them?17:52
Heliasnasera ;)17:52
Al__hitsujiTMO: thanks.  I will do17:52
FourFireI did some command which made some text file of what I've got now17:52
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate17:55
dgarstang3Any rsyslog experts here? I'm trying to log locally and to a remote server. The remote server bit is working, but nothing is getting logged locally.17:55
Al__hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6411852 and http://paste.ubuntu.com/641185317:57
=== cyril is now known as Guest19058
rtrm110is it possible to sync your apps via ubuntu one account? u know on reinstalling ubuntu17:58
Al__hitsujiTMO: As I said, our tech guy is odd.  I am pretty sure he has a weird setup here.17:59
gvoFourFire: Use apt-clone to create a clone-file on the OLD partition.  Then install as usual to the NEW partition. Configure grub to boot the new partition then use apt-clone to restore from the file on the OLD partition.17:59
OerHeksrtrm110, yes, it can be small like a txt file18:00
OerHeksgvo FourFire rtrm110 this example does the installed + manually installed packages > http://askubuntu.com/a/10876018:00
hitsujiTMOAl__: I'm not seeing any issue at all. its probably an issue with your desktop manager. can you tell me the output of: cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager       capital X there18:00
high_fiverDo I need a payed landscape package to use UCCS?18:01
OerHekshigh_fiver, only if you need support i guess18:01
=== marc_ is now known as Guest58721
high_fiverI just want to use the remote session part18:02
=== Monotoko is now known as Guest45311
gvoFourFire OerHeks just be sure the files you write are on the OLD parition or a USB drivre.  Not on the new partition.18:02
marisa_how can i see symbols from a ms office document on libreoffice, symbols are not showing properly18:03
Al__hitsujiTMO: /usr/sbin/lightdm18:03
Guest58721reading to learn18:04
Guest58721question about backlit keyboard on 12.0418:04
Guest58721backlights work fine, but won't turn off. any ideas?18:04
=== master_j is now known as juls
high_fiverIs the LVM guided partitioning only available on Server distro?18:06
padrinoI've got a question...18:07
Guest58721what's the question?18:07
padrinoMy laptop wouldn't boot at all before, I'm not sure why but I think it's a major hard drive failure. I'm currently running Tails OS from a USB and it seems to be working okay (atleast it's working) but I want to ask, if I'm booting Tails OS from a USB and it's working safely, should Ubuntu also work18:08
bazhangpadrino, why not try and see18:08
DanatoUbutuers who want to watch the 14.04 Convergence Plans live go to http://ubuntuonair.com/ now18:08
Guest58721I think running from usb is like running from live CD in Ram. Try to see if you can open a terminal and run badblocks. You might have to mount sda1/hda1 first.18:09
high_fiverDanato, thanks!18:09
padrinobazhang I came on here a while ago asking the same Q and I was told that if it's a hard drive failure, booting Ubuntu could cause the whole system to brick itself18:09
bazhangpadrino, then include that in your initial question next time18:10
hitsujiTMOAl__ ok have a bunch of logs to get: sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log && sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/x-0-greeter.log && sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/x-0.log18:10
Guest58721Anyone correct me if I'm wrong about mounting or unmounting HDD before badblocks please18:10
padrinobazhang okay, sorry. I just wanted to see people's takes on it18:10
padrinoGuest58721 I don't even understand what that means, haha :p18:10
gvobadblocks needs to be run on an unmounted FS.18:11
FourFireok so I'm saying " sudo apt-clone clone /dev/sda2 --source /dev/sda3" meaning that I want to place my clone file in sda2 (old windows partition D: ) and the clone file is to be of sda3 (my Linux)18:11
Guest58721badblocks scanns the blocks on your harddrive to see if they're readable. If not, it makes a note of it. If you get (I/O) input/output errors, then you'll probably need a new harddrive.18:11
padrinoFourFire when I booted up Tails OS it said there was an error with sda3 but I just let it load and it seems to be working18:12
gvoFourFire: Please don't do that.18:12
FourFireI'm getting an error "OSError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: '/dev/sda3/var'18:12
FourFiregvo can you tell me what I should do then?18:12
gvoFourFire: You need to write to a file on a mounted file system, not a raw device.18:12
padrinoGuest58721 when I booted up Tails it said there was an error with sda3 but I just let it load and it seems to be working...18:12
FourFirethe Linux partition is too small to contain itself18:12
padrinoWhat would you suggest to do/18:12
Guest58721Thanks for clearing up unmounted run for badblocks GVO18:13
FourFirewhich is why I need to reformat in the first place18:13
FourFiregvo isn't the windows D:\ a mounted filesystem?18:13
FourFireit's unmountable from linux18:13
zykotick9FourFire: perhaps you're unclear what apt-clone does.... it ISN'T a drive imaging software!18:14
Guest58721FourFire. Do you have ubuntu installed already and it won't boot?18:14
FourFireyeah, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing18:14
gvoapt-clone isn't cloning the system, it's just writing the files necessary to restore the packages again.18:14
FourFireI'm In Ubuntu right now18:14
FourFirethe Ubuntu partition is too small, and I want to resize it18:14
padrinoWhat is the lightweight distro of Ubuntu?18:14
FourFirebut I also want to save some files I have in my old windows partition18:14
FourFireand I want to repair this hard drive (because of 50 bad sectors)18:15
gvoDo you have a usb drive ?18:15
zykotick9padrino: Lubuntu18:15
padrinoFourFire how did you search for errors in hard drive18:15
FourFirepossibly I just want to install Linux on my spare drive and use that instead, because a drive that damaged is going to fail soon18:15
gvoI mean a thumb drive not a hard drive FourFie18:15
padrinozykotick9 thanks man18:15
hitsujiTMOFourFire: 50 bad sectors = BUY A NEW HDD!18:15
FourFiregvo yes18:15
Guest58721If you boot live you should be able to format the ubuntu partition only... leaving the windows fine. Ask GVO. He/She knows more.18:16
FourFireit's one partition, freshly formatted to ext418:16
gvoOK mount it plug in.  Use it as the output for your apt-clone command.18:16
FourFirehitsujiTMO: I've got one, now how do I copy my system and files and everything over to it?18:16
FourFireok neat18:16
padrinoIs the internal HDD even needed if you boot from thumb drive/USB?18:17
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes18:17
yooozyI need help with bazaar! I want to version control my site on server then clone it locally to modify it  then merge I've tried this http://pastebin.com/6FRqDMkm  but no data on local folder: ""18:17
gvohitsujiTMO: He wants to conserve his (dpkg) packages.18:17
Al__hitsujiTMO: May I ask what you are looking for?  I mean all I want to do is start the desktop from terminal...18:17
FourFirecan you type the exact command I need to use (external drive is /dev/sdc1 )18:17
FourFirepadrino: I used gparted and S.M.A.R.T. list thing18:18
gvofourfire where did /dev/sdc1 get mounted?18:18
padrinowhat is the ubuntu general chat?18:18
Piciyooozy: your best bet would be to ask in #bzr18:18
Guest58721Al__: [sudo] startx18:18
zykotick9!ot | padrino18:18
ubottupadrino: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:18
FourFireI don't know, how do i find that?18:18
Danatowhoever is interested on Ubuntu 14.04 Convergence Plans, watch this live http://ubuntuonair.com/18:18
gvodo you know how to bring up a console window?18:19
gvoin the console type      mount18:19
padrinoFourFire what was wrong with your HDD?18:19
gvoYou will see all of the devices and their mount points.18:19
Al__Guest58721: Okay, thanks18:19
yooozyPici, no one answered me there (18:19
FourFirepadrino: old: 1.5 years uptime, 6000+ power cycles, laptop, so it's been moving while on sometimes18:19
gvoLike  /dev/sda1 on / type ext4 (rw)18:20
padrinoFourFire I'm having same problem, to the point where it won't even boot windows :(18:20
gvoThere should be one *** on /dev/sdc118:20
FourFirepadrino: that sucks, have you got an USB bootable ?18:21
hitsujiTMOFourFire: if you've 50 bad sectors then expect what you get off the HDD to be corrupt. backup your /home and and global configs you need.18:21
gvoWhat's the ***?  Probably /media/something18:21
=== dean is now known as dean|away
esdeGot an email from vps provider saying vps was attempting to send smtp mail at ~100+ times per ten minutes. However I'm not aware of any services that would be sending /that much/ mail in /that little/ timeframe. I've checked my mail log and the most recent entry is Oct 2. How can i find out what is trying to send smtp mail?18:21
gvohitsujiTMO: We're working on that.18:21
gvohitsujiTMO: Give me some time.18:21
phirestalkerI made a fresh install of 13.10 with all the updates. I go to settings then click network, and on the general tab it has some setting pertaining to a firewall, but it is greyed out. How do I enable it? Is there a package I need to install?18:21
gvofourfire: ? find it ?18:22
FourFire"/dev/sdc1 on /media/a0767a1b-92b0-459a-88e4-c2cb58309085 type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)"18:22
FourFireIt's just /dev/, I don't understand18:22
Al__hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6411966/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/6411967/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/6411968/18:23
gvoFourFire: That's it.  the dev is the device, raw device.  The /media/... is the actual partition you can access from the computer.18:23
boundwhen setting up samba to share with windows users on network, would workgroup name to change in the conf file be homegroup?18:23
gvoFourFire: and that's where the output of the apt-clone is going.  Are you running Ubuntu from the bad partition right now?18:24
FourFireso what exact command do I need in order to copy my sda3 there?18:24
FourFireit's not bad, just too small18:24
gvoFourFire: What's on /dev/sda318:24
hitsujiTMOAl__: did you recently change the lightdm theme?18:24
FourFireLinux, some files18:24
FourFireon sda2 is the old windows D:\ drive18:25
FourFirewhere there' more files I want to save18:25
hitsujiTMOal__ the theme you're currently using is corrupt it seems18:25
Al__hitsujiTMO: no18:25
Al__hitsujiTMO: interesting18:25
gvoFourFire: Back to the mount command, what is it mounted on?18:25
Guest58721FourFire: believe its cp [file location] [destination]. may need sudo18:25
Guest58721ask GVO: get confused between cp and mv18:26
gvoFourFire: Forget the guest.  BAD info.18:26
Al__hitsujiTMO: As I say, the tech guy here set them up.  These are classroom computers. Not personal ones18:26
d-snphi, I'm on saucy, and I run kernel 3.8.0-30-generic, is that normal?18:26
Guest58721thanks GVO. Just trying to help.18:26
d-snpbecause the package linux-headers-3.8.0-30-generic seems to not exist in the saucy repos18:26
FourFirethere's "/dev/sda2 on /media/B67015DD7015A4E1 type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,d"18:26
hitsujiTMOAl__: what version of ubuntu is this again?18:27
Al__hitsujiTMO: 12.0418:27
gvoFourFire: So /dev/sda3 isn't in the mount table?18:27
Al__hitsujiTMO: or so he says18:27
FourFiresorry I have sda5, not sda318:27
tarvidWhy is DNS so screwed up with Ubuntu18:27
FourFirewhen I said sda3 I meant sda518:27
FourFire"/dev/sda5 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)18:27
gvoOK so what files from sda5 do you want to save?18:28
tarvidI get dns servers from my router but my machine points to
FourFireall of them18:28
Al__hitsujiTMO: I really appreciate the time you are taking.  Sorry that it seems such a mess.  We are all stressed out about how he has these set up!18:28
d-snptarvid: perhaps you run a dns server locally?18:28
gvoFourFire: No you don't18:28
FourFirealso I want this current installation of Linux copied over to the other drive, settings and all if possible18:28
d-snpthere's a few dns packages that do that18:28
tarvidNot intentially18:28
gvoFourFire: That's not the way it works.18:28
d-snpnot sure if the ubuntu default one does18:28
FourFireuhh. there too many to dig through right now, I'd rather copy them over and delete later18:29
tarvidbind is not installed18:29
Al__hitsujiTMO: when I click on "help", it says it is 11.10 but the tech guy says it is 12.0418:29
hitsujiTMOal__: hmm i think the config for lightdm is a bit different from 13.10 so we're going to have to find the necessary file to change the theme18:29
FourFire(also I have limited time right now so I probably have to do this later)18:29
d-snpafaik they run a dns locally so they can implement dns caching, I think there's no dns caching in the kernel18:29
gvoFourFire: OK that changes everything.18:29
hitsujiTMOal__: ls -l /etc/lightdm | pastebinit18:29
zykotick9tarvid: that localhost dns is normal for N-M... i don't know the details.18:30
gvoYou don't have enought room you told me.18:30
tarvidit does not work18:30
phirestalkeris there a package on ubuntu 13.10 that will allow configuring the firewall from settings?18:30
FourFireyes, on the old partition18:30
FourFireI stupidly only gave linux 30GB18:30
tarvidlocalhost is listening on port 5318:30
gvoFourFire:  How big is the new disk?18:30
FourFirethe drive has 138GB18:30
FourFireboth the old and new one18:30
FourFiresorry, that's 228GB18:31
d-snpcould anyone tell me wether kernel 3.8.0-30 on saucy is normal, and why there's no headers for it? I'm a bit confused..18:31
FourFire(250GB but spare ?)18:31
gvoFourFire: is the new disk mounted?18:31
d-snpcan anyone run uname -a for me? :P18:32
gvoFourFire: can you boot a live cd?18:32
hitsujiTMOal__: to see the version: cat /etc/issue18:33
FourFireI have an .iso of my current and an bootable USB stick18:33
FourFireno CDs hanging around though18:33
phirestalkerd-snp: 3.11.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 9 16:20:46 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:33
FourFireall of the same version18:33
gvoOK so you can boot an stick.  Do that.18:33
d-snpphirestalker: 3.11? what ubuntu release is that?18:33
FourFirealright, I'll brb18:33
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zykotick9!info linux-image | d-snp18:34
ubottud-snp: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB18:34
Al__hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6412021/18:34
Guest58721does anyone know how to turn off backlights on keyboard 12.0418:34
d-snpok that explains it, for some reason my ubuntu sources is just out of date18:34
d-snpI'm running an out of date kernel, and my sources won't give me a new one :S18:34
hitsujiTMOal__: pastebinit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf18:36
hitsujiTMOal__: what did you get from cat /etc/issue18:36
phirestalkerI would like to know what package I need on 13.10 to allow me to configure the firewall from settings18:37
Al__hitsujiTMO: ohhhh, I didn't know what you meant.  hold on....18:37
d-snpthanks zykotick9 !18:37
d-snpI don't get how new kernel versions are optional, bit weird18:37
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marisa_i installed this package to see extra symbols from an ms word file, but still cant see proper symbols, http://askubuntu.com/questions/34077/libreoffice-missing-certain-microsoft-fonts18:38
marisa_any clues?18:38
phirestalkerd-snp: it is possible you don't have the pseudo package for the kernel selected that facilitates updates18:38
Al__hitsujiTMO: 12.04.3 LTS \n \l18:38
d-snpphirestalker: yeah, I guess that's the linux-image package zykotick9 told me about18:39
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paddyboiyou know when I boot Ubuntu from USB and it says "try" or "install"18:39
paddyboiDoes the install option install it to my internal HDD?18:39
paddyboior my thumbb drive?18:39
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hitsujiTMOAl__ cool so its the lts alright then, just the: pastebinit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf18:39
Al__hitsujiTMO: Good news, I guess :)18:40
Guest58721keyboard backlights?18:40
hitsujiTMOal__: hopefully it will be a case of switching to the default theme18:40
paddyboiGuest58721 it's Padrino from the chat a few mins ago18:41
FourFireoh damn18:41
FourFireempathy is lame18:41
Al__hitsujiTMO: I wish that I could understand what this has to do with startx18:41
FourFireanyhow Im on the stick bootable now18:41
paddyboiCould you check your PM please?18:41
Al__hitsujiTMO: hopefully.  You are so nice to take this time to look at it18:41
hitsujiTMOal__: the x session is running. there's no errors. its just the app that loads it (lightdm) is prob where the issue is18:41
zykotick9Al__: ahhh, if you use ubuntu, you aren't expected to use startx.  just sayin'.18:41
Guest58721how so? in system settings?18:41
FourFiregvo: I\m back18:41
hitsujiTMOal__. no problem at all18:42
FourFirebut I\ve got too little time18:42
FourFiregvo will you be here in four hours_18:42
Guest58721not  a lot of options. just suspend if lid closed on battery or ac, etc.18:42
paddyboiCan somebody with adequate knowledge for a noob PM me please?18:42
Al__hitsujiTMO: You got it, for some reason when I boot, sometimes it comes up with command line prompt!18:43
FourFiregvo I will be back in four hours, or the same time tomorrow *as when I came here first*18:43
FourFiredamn keyboard is all wrong18:43
FourFirethanks for your help so far guys18:43
FourFirebb later18:43
trijntjepaddyboi: you can choose were to install to during the setup18:43
Al__hitsujiTMO: oooops, that message wasn't meant for you.  sorry18:43
paddyboitrijnte I'm still on the booting up/loading screen after clicking "install". Been on that for about 5 minutes now, is that normal?18:44
Al__zykotick9: Yes, tell me about it  :(   the tech guy has our computers all screwed up!18:44
hacyardhello everyone, I just installed iscan, and it's giving the error "could not send command to scanner. Check the scanner's status"18:44
trijntjepaddyboi: depends, if your computer is pretty old/netbook it could take some time18:44
Al__hitsujiTMO: So how do I switch back to the default?18:45
paddyboiWhen I scanned before for errors, it said 1 error was found in one of the files. That's it18:45
Al__hitsujiTMO: I mean, is it an easy fix?18:45
KomiaPoikawhere can i find an image i can write on a usb stick to install ubuntu on a laptop without cd drive?18:46
paddyboiKomiaPoika from Ubuntu website18:46
hitsujiTMOAl__ can you get me: pastebinit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf      should be a case of just changing the theme in the config file and rebooting18:46
paddyboiThen use USB universal installer to put on USB18:46
KomiaPoikait stuffed me with cd image i can't even mount18:46
hacyardcan anyone help me with the software "image scan for linux" please?18:46
trijntjepaddyboi: its better to talk here, so other people can help as wel. Its usually considered rude to PM people18:46
trijntjeKomiaPoika: the default image from the ubuntu website can be written to usb18:46
gvoKomiaPoika: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick18:47
paddyboitrijnte alright sorry, I never knew18:47
paddyboiBut I'm off the booting/loading screen now and it's just preparing to install, going through settings but I think if I install it will just make laptop crash again because it'll install to internal HDD18:47
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marc__FourFire: read the man pages for "cp" if you want to copy all files from one partition on a HDD to another HDD.18:48
KomiaPoikagvo, thanks, but i don't have usb-creator available18:48
phirestalkerdoes anyone know why the firewall setting for a network interface would be greyed out in 13.10?18:48
trijntjepaddyboi: no problem, its hard to know these things if you're new ;)18:48
Al__hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/641209318:48
gvoKomiaPoika: Running Windows?18:48
KomiaPoikagvo: no, mac and I can't mount the iso to do it by hand18:49
KomiaPoikait says "no mountable file systems"18:49
KomiaPoikaand usb-creator is not in macports18:49
gvoCan't help with a MAC18:49
trijntjepadrino: why would your laptop crash when ubuntu installs to the internal HD?18:50
NuSueyuh.. anyone got an idea what could be the issue if I'm logged in the system .. see both monitors.. (out of 3) but I don't see my TV (output via HDMI) .. the weird thing is .. I see the logo on the TV, and can output AUDIO ..but I don't detect it in the system :o WEIRD .. btw 12.04 :)18:50
gvois it a non PAE processor?18:50
padrinotrijntje my internal HDD has been failing for a while now because it's old (can't even get past booting screen for windows) which is why i chose to boot Ubuntu from USB as opposed to internal HDD18:50
KomiaPoikagvo: if i dd the iso onto a usb stick, will it boot?18:50
gordonjcpKomiaPoika: should do18:51
hitsujiTMOal__: ok, thats not the config with theme, try: pastebinit /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf18:51
abqjoin #easynet18:51
gvoI don't think so.18:51
gordonjcppadrino: now would be a great time to back up anything you want off that drive :-)18:51
trijntjepadrino: so where do you want to install ubuntu to?18:51
padrinogordonjcp I restored the PC a while ago so lost absolutely everything anyway18:51
gvoFind a friend with a linux system.18:51
padrinotrijntje I'm not sure, I was just hoping it'd run from USB, similar to how Tails OS runs18:51
gordonjcppadrino: should do18:52
trijntjepadrino: sure, but then you need to choose 'try without installing' from the usb18:52
droimerakhello, maybe somebody can help me? i installed linux mint 14 Nadia in a pc. But is deleted all the PPA, and y need the Original PPA of ñlinux mint 14 nadia. somebody can help me?18:52
padrinotrijntje Ah, okay man. I'll have to reboot when it's finished installing and do that :p18:53
EleirsHello all!18:53
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Al__hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/641213018:53
gvodroimerak: I think this is a ubuntu support channel.18:53
droimerakyes, i think so,. thanx aniway18:53
trijntjepadrino: if its an older laptop you could also try xubuntu or lubuntu, its more lightweight than normal ubuntu18:54
phirestalkerdoes anyone know if there is a package in 13.10 that will add firewall configuration to the settings?18:54
phirestalkeror should I just use one of the many front-ends?18:54
KomiaPoikato dd an iso onto a usb stick, do i have to write: dd if=disc.iso of=/dev/disk8s1 or of=/Volumes/UNTITLED?18:54
zykotick9ufw | phirestalker18:54
hitsujiTMOAl__: sweet. now to find out what themes are on the system.: ls -l /usr/share/themes/ | pastebinit18:54
zykotick9!ufw | phirestalker18:54
ubottuphirestalker: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo18:54
vt102On 12.04.3, I have an app which can't connect to a server, says "getaddrinfo: Name or service not known".  However, I can use nslookup and dig and it resolves.  straceing the app, it says "28148 connect(5, {sa_family=AF_FILE, path="/var/run/avahi-daemon/socket...28148 write(5, "RESOLVE-HOSTNAME-IPV4 snlab032.s".."  Never had DNS not "just work"-- do I need to configure avahi somehow?18:55
phirestalkerzykotick9: thanks18:55
trijntjeKomiaPoika: to /dev/correct_disk. But please be carefull, if you mess up with dd you can trash your system18:55
__blastyalright so im trying to 'sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev:i386', but it wont let me18:56
KomiaPoikatrijntje: if i'm sure which is the usb disc nothing can go wrong systemwide right18:56
vt102My guess is avahi is redirecting out to the Internet somehow-- perhaps daisy.ubuntu.com?  THis is a local DNS name, so if it's bypassing by local DNS servers, it won't resolve.18:56
__blastyprobably because it's a bad idea(tm) anyone have pointers for getting 32bit gl libs going on 64bit ubuntu 12.10 ?18:56
gvoKomiaPoika: DD won't give you what you want.18:56
trijntjeKomiaPoika: if you write to the correct usb disk, nothing will go wrong18:56
KomiaPoikagvo: won't make my usb stick bootable ubuntu from the laptop?18:56
gvoIt's time to make friends with a near by linux user or even a windows user.18:57
gvoKomiaPoika: No18:57
trijntjeKomiaPoika: try this: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx18:57
KomiaPoikaso, how do i go about creating a bootable ubuntu install on usb without usb-creator?18:57
gvoKomiaPoika: If it did there would be no need for thel likes of usb-creatore or unetbootin18:57
KomiaPoikatrijntje: thx18:57
Al__hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/641215818:58
lostlindhi, can someone please give me a helping hand. I am missing a sound module for my kernel. (Activated sound card in bios after install) Card:FCH Azalia Controller using 3.11.0-13-generic kernel18:59
lostlindlspci -ks 00:14.2  does not provide me with a kernel module. I am stuck19:00
gvoKomiaPoika: if that doesn't work, here's another possible solution http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217463019:00
faryshtaHI. I am using the live USB right now trying to install 13.10 but i keep getting a grub efi error that ends the installation19:00
faryshtai am on asus x55a19:00
BluesKaj!efi | faryshta19:01
ubottufaryshta: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:01
KamuelaHow do I enable the use of the proprietary HD4000 Intel drivers?19:01
KamuelaI'm trying to eliminate screen-tearing with compositing19:01
esdeGot an email from vps provider saying vps was attempting to send smtp mail at ~100+ times per ten minutes. However I'm not aware of any services that would be sending /that much/ mail in /that little/ timeframe. I've checked my mail log and the most recent entry is Oct 2. How can i find out what is trying to send smtp mail?19:01
faryshtaBluesKaj: I am having trouble at step 4. I get an error that grub-efi  couldn't be installed19:02
vt102Anyone?  nslookup and dig resolve .domain.local, but avahi-resolve fails?  How should I fix avahi?19:02
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hitsujiTMOal__: ok it seems that's the default xubuntu theme. So lets try reinstall it: sudo apt-get install --reinstall shimmer-themes19:05
KomiaPoikagvo: dd'ing now19:05
vt102avahi fixed:  sudo apt-get remove avahi-daemon19:07
padrinoUbuntu isn't installing on my laptop, it's taking too long19:07
padrinoIs it safe to just power off my laptop during install and reboot?19:08
KomiaPoikait is safe to just wait19:08
KomiaPoikaand have coffee19:08
faryshtahow do i use proxy-scripts on apt-get?19:08
uncle_ben i'm trying to get my skype working...can hear the audio of automated voice on test call, but not my own when i record the test message19:08
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uncle_beni'm using gnome alsa mixer...which setting should be enabled to pick up my cam mic?19:08
Al__hitsujiTMO: Okay, so now what is this supposed to accomplish?  Are you saying that if I reinstall this, then I won't need to use startx????   Please explain why I am reinstalling shimmer?19:09
gvouncle_ben: right click on the speaker and bring up the mixer.  Make sure the settings are right in the hardware tab and in the input tab make sure it's not muted and the volume is set to a reasonable level.19:10
hitsujiTMOAl__: that should reinstall the corrupted theme. if that was the cause of the greeter breaking then it should fix the issue. fingers crossed and can you try and reboot again19:11
faryshtahi. having problems with efi. the ubuntu installation dies almost at the end when trying to install grub.19:11
Al__hitsujiTMO: Pardon another question... What exactily is the "greeter"?19:11
Al__I mean exactly...19:12
unholycrabi need to install some fonts on a server that has no GUI, for the purposes of rendering PDFs19:12
Al__hitsujiTMO: I mean exactly, not exactily  lol19:13
unholycrabfrom the instructions i found online, i seem to be missing the fc-cache application19:13
hitsujiTMOal__ its the layout of the login screen. lightdm is what loads the greeter. and the lightdm log shows it closing right after it opens19:13
BluesKajAl__. lightdm , the login page19:13
padrinoIs Ubuntu installation the same as Lubuntu?19:13
linuxfan8650Pad, yes19:13
Al__BluesKaj: ahhhh, thanks!19:13
padrinoCause I've been stuck on this screen for about 20 mins, can anyone tell me if it's normal for that long? http://imgur.com/HSUSAnP19:13
Al__hitsujiTMO: thanks19:13
linuxfan8650pad, I would try to re start the install19:14
KomiaPoikaubuntu install boots, yay19:14
padrinolinuxfan8650 how would I go about that? Is it safe to just power off computer?19:15
trijntjepadrino: are you sure its not your RAM thats faulty, rather than the harddisk?19:15
linuxfan8650ya just pull the plug19:15
padrinotrijjntje maybe, not sure. But running from USB (no installation) was working fine19:15
KomiaPoikalinuxfan8650: pulling the plug on laptop doesn't do much19:15
gvopadrino: Go for it.19:16
linuxfan8650Ture, I don't use laptops only desktops19:16
padrinoJust gonna run from USB without installation and use it for browsing the web only19:16
hitsujiTMOAl__: so after the reboot if its the same issue, we can try reinstalling lightdm.19:16
Al__hitsujiTMO: How would I go back to what it is now?  What would be the command?  You see, the tech guy may be mad and make me put it back to how it was!19:16
gvopadrino The only other option is to use it as a door stop.19:16
trijntjepadrino: if you hold shift during start from usb, you get a menu where you can choose 'memtest'. Run that for a couple of hours, if you get any errors your RAM is bad19:16
padrinogvo lol19:17
hitsujiTMOal__: you haven't actually changed anything. just reinstalled the theme19:17
Al__hitsujiTMO: okay...19:17
padrinotrijntje yeah I've ran that before and there were a few errors. How much would it cost to replace RAM approx?19:17
linuxfan8650I have a problem with dirthering graphics and puple and green youtube videos19:17
gvopadrino I suggest maybe you attempt to put puppy linux or dsl on there to prove that it'll run linux.19:17
gvopadrino: It can cost as much as a new laptop when they don't make the memory any longer.19:18
trijntjepadrino: no idea, but if the ram is faulty ubuntu wont install/run properly19:18
padrinogvo it ran Tails OS fine which is a Linux distro19:18
gvoFrom disk?19:18
trijntjepadrino: you can run memtest again, write down the adresses of the ba19:18
padrinogvo nope, from USB19:18
faryshtai have an efi problem. I try to install ubuntu but grub can't get installed at the end and I get an error that kills the installation19:18
KomiaPoikahow do i encrypt hard drive at install time?19:19
gvopadrino: I'm thinking it's just not enought of a system to run Ubuntu maybe.19:19
hitsujiTMOal__ have you tried the reboot?19:19
trijntje padrino; of the bad blocks, and use 'badram' to exclude those. Then you can still use the laptop19:19
UuserInstalled ubuntu 13.04 on a laptop with Windows 8, but grub doesn't appear..any ideas?19:19
linuxfan8650Komia, there is a check box you check to encrypt the disk19:19
Br0wn__Uuser, change boot options in bios19:19
padrinogvo I'm only running Lubuntu but yeah19:20
linuxfan8650Komia, that happens during the install19:20
gvopadrino: that should be OK19:20
padrinogvo what is the lightest of the light version? Something similar to Tails but not with all the privacy shit19:20
gvopadrino: I agree with the others that bad ram will give you fits.19:20
gvopadrino: DSL and PUppy are the lightest.19:20
KomiaPoikalinuxfan8650: don't see such boxes19:21
trijntjepadrino: you cant run anything with bad ram, unless you tell your linux to not use the damaged adresses19:21
padrinotrijntje how was I able to run Tails?19:21
UuserI can boot but I've to choose the boot options or was it boot device not remember everytime... why I don't get the usual grub screen?19:21
KomiaPoikai'm at installation type: erase disk... or "something else"19:21
padrinoI was talking to you on Tails about 20 minutes ago from the dodgy laptop19:21
Al__yes, it rebooted!19:22
gvopadrino: Because you are running using part of the ram as disk and it's possible that the part of ram the OS is running from isn't bad.19:22
Al__hitsujiTMO: yes, it rebooted!19:22
faryshtai have an efi problem. I try to install ubuntu but grub can't get installed at the end and I get an error that kills the installation19:22
trijntjepadrino: if the damaged ram is high up, you will only access it when you use a lot of memory. So lightweight stuff might go well for a while before it crashes19:22
hitsujiTMOal__ you get black screen still?19:22
padrinotrijntje ah ok, thanks for the explanation :-)19:22
linuxfan8650Komia is should be on the screen after you slect to wipe disk and then it offers to enrypet the dislk19:22
padrinotrijntje so with bad RAM there's nothing I can do?19:22
arunpandiyan-murhi all19:23
Al__hitsujiTMO: nope.19:23
KomiaPoikalinuxfan8650: ok19:23
hitsujiTMOal__ is it back to normal?19:23
Al__hitsujiTMO: this looks good19:23
arunpandiyan-murI wanna switch over to ubuntu from linux mint19:23
jmgk.query arunpandiyan-mur19:23
arunpandiyan-murI got the iso in hard drive19:23
UuserBrown: [00:51] (Uuser) I can boot but I've to choose the boot options or was it boot device not remember everytime... why I don't get the usual grub screen?19:23
KomiaPoikalinuxfan8650: you mean after timezone selection or do i have to go into advanced partitioning?19:23
Al__hitsujiTMO: it did only do the black command screen once in a while.  randomly.19:23
trijntjepadrino: yes there is, but you will need to know where the damage is. For example, if you have 2G ram and the damage is at 1.8, tell ubuntu you only have 1.7 and you'll be fine ;)19:24
Al__hitsujiTMO: hopefully it will never do it again!19:24
Al__hitsujiTMO: So, now one final question....19:24
padrinotrijntje alright thanks, would it be possible for you to tell me how to check where the bad RAM is?19:24
linuxfan8650KomiaPoika yes after time zones, but not on Advanced Partitioning19:24
KomiaPoikalinuxfan8650: i see: encrypt home folder option, but how do i go encrypt the entire disk?19:24
linuxfan8650I don't you can do the whole disk19:25
KomiaPoikawith alternate install in text mode you used to be able to19:25
UuserMaybe use truecrypt then19:25
trijntjepadrino: you will need to run memtest again, and write down where the damage is19:26
faryshtai have an efi problem. I try to install ubuntu but grub can't get installed at the end and I get an error that kills the installation19:26
Al__hitsujiTMO: I have several other computers, some of which also have the problem.  To fix them, all I need to do is the reinstall shimmer-themes ????19:26
trijntjepadrino: the thing you are looking for is 'badram', if you google that with ubuntu you get plenty of hits: http://askubuntu.com/questions/151843/exclude-bad-ram-bytes19:26
KomiaPoikaUuser: truecrypt can't encrypt a disk at install time19:27
Al__hitsujiTMO: Just this one line sudo apt-get install --reinstall shimmer-themes19:27
trijntjeKomiaPoika: You have to do that by hand I think, choose 'advanced partitioning' or something like that19:27
hitsujiTMOal__ if its all the same issue then yes. Did the guy try to customise the theme?19:27
monokromeOy. Does anyone have an idea why a file named 'core' continues to pop up in my home directory? I delete it daily.19:27
UuserI meant after installation19:27
linuxfan8650sudo apt-get remove windows19:27
hitsujiTMOAl__: yes that command will reinstall the theme19:27
arunpandiyan-murI Updated the Grub Menu Entry to install The UBUNTU , but it doesnt work19:28
arunpandiyan-murAny Idea guys19:28
padrinoError Code 0146. Msg: 2000-014619:28
padrinoMsg: Hard Drive 0 - self test log contains previous errors19:28
Al__hitsujiTMO: Yes!  The tech guy has tried to customize lots of stuff!19:29
linuxfan8650padrino you have a bad HDD then19:29
faryshtadoes ubuntu support efi installation?19:29
linuxfan8650Faryshta yes19:29
padrinolinuxfan8650 so might not be the RAM?19:29
linuxfan8650SMART is always your HDD.19:30
trijntjepadrino: if memtest gives errors, its always the RAM. Maybe your hd is broke as well though19:30
linuxfan8650padrino how old is this laptop19:30
padrinotrijntje haven't done memtest, just did the diagnostics test19:30
hitsujiTMOal__: try that command on the other computers and see if it fixes them so. He should learn to thoroughly test his cusomisations before deploying them :P19:30
faryshtalinuxfan8650: can you help me on how? I get an error when installing ubuntu that grub-efi couldn't be installed19:31
linuxfan8650faryshta are you dual booting?19:32
faryshtalinuxfan8650: I deleted the windows partition and trying to install ubuntu19:32
linuxfan8650faryshta, then go in your BIOS and change it to legicey boot or turn off UFIE19:33
gvofaryshta: 64 bit or 32 bit?19:33
wjtaylorI tried hibernating to test if my PC would be compatible and it hibernated fine. Now I can't reboot unless I load a previous kernel. How do I fix this?19:33
padrinoIt's doing memory test activity, don't think that's the one you were on about though19:34
faryshtalinuxfan8650: how do I do that on bios?19:34
KomiaPoikaprfff, my usb stick doesn't boot anymore... have to dd it again19:34
faryshtagvo: 6419:34
dreamy_hi, im asking for some help, does anyone knows how to compile an appilcation in linux?19:34
linuxfan8650faryshta who makes your PC or laptop?19:34
gvofaryshta: I agree with linuxfan8650 change bios.19:34
faryshtalinuxfan8650 gvo asus x55a. how do I change that option on bios?19:35
wjtaylordreamy_: usually you cd to the directory, type 'configure', then type 'make', then 'make install'19:35
KomiaPoika ./configure19:35
peppe3dspress f2 or del at boot19:35
dreamy_wjtaylor, id like to practice some chess, and i got a old linux version  and id like to play it on line19:36
linuxfan8650faryshta http://serenadetoacuckooo.blogspot.com/2013/04/installing-ubuntu-1304-on-asus-x55a.html19:36
Guest46026dreamy_: compilation instructions can be (sometimes) application-specific. What exactly are you trying to compile?19:36
dreamy_yes guest19:36
Guest46026dreamy_: can you provide me a link, so that I can check?19:37
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wjtaylorI think chess.com would be easier and offer you more options, if I'm understanding you correctly.19:37
linuxfan8650Faryshta did you get the link19:38
OerHeksdreamy_,  old ubuntu version?19:38
wjtaylordreamy_ ^^^19:38
dreamy_Guest46026,  id like to install a chess game so that i could play it online19:38
Guest46026dreamy_: can you tell which chess game is this?19:38
wjtaylordreamy_: You normally don'19:38
wjtaylort have to install things to play online19:38
wjtaylorunless your running your own server19:38
faryshtalinuxfan8650: reading it.19:39
faryshtalinuxfan8650: so far I am having trouble with boot repair. i am at work and we use a proxy script.19:39
faryshtalinuxfan8650: so I don't know how to use that script on apt-get19:39
dreamy_OerHeks,  yes im using an old ubntu version. so ..since i cant use synaptics, ill have to compile19:40
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)19:40
linuxfan8650faryshta, that link is a dual boot setup, so deal with the part of the link that talks about getting in to your BIOS and look around in there for a way to turn off UFIE and turn if off totally19:41
Neurotoxinhelp when I try to go into recovery mode, it keeps spamming "'timeout: killing: /sbin/modprobe ......"   i cant type anything into the console!19:41
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OerHeksdreamy_, i hope the servers are up for your version, you need to install some packages19:41
hitsujiTMOdreamy_: you'll need tyo install the build dependencies and build-essentials. if you're on an EOL version of ubuntu then this will not be possible19:41
faryshtalinuxfan8650: i don't get your advice19:41
hitsujiTMOlinuxfan8650: faryshta there should be no need to disable uefi. or you trying to dual boot with a bios install of windows?19:42
malevhello there! how can I use the character: ñ on the console?19:42
Guest46026dreamy_: synaptic used to come with old versions of ubuntu. In newer ubuntu versions synaptic doesnt comes by default. You can install it through the software center though. The software center is also the preferred way to install software. I'd recommend you to search the chess game you're wanting to use on the software center first19:43
hitsujiTMOmalev: same way you just used it now.  or do you see a square?19:43
malevit does not prints anythong19:43
Guest46026dreamy_: I'm still very curious to know which chess game is this19:43
hitsujiTMOtry copy and paste it into the console19:44
wjtaylorguest46026: me too19:44
malevhitsujiTMO: tried, does not work19:44
gvomalev is that a character on your keyboard?19:44
malevgvo: no, it does not. but I can print it here: ñ  :) it seems to be a problem with locale19:45
hitsujiTMOmalev: do you see anything at all instead of it? even a blank space?19:45
faryshtahitsujiTMO: only ubuntu. uninstalled windows19:45
malevhitsujiTMO: I don't see anything19:45
gvomalev So you want to be able to enter that character from your keyboard?19:45
malevgvo: yes!19:45
hitsujiTMOmalev: what font are you using in the terminal?19:45
Picimalev: are you using a terminal emulator or directly via a tty?19:45
malevI don't think it's  fonts problem19:46
malevPici: tty19:46
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: have you tried installing yet and was there any error?19:46
Picimalev: didn't we talk about this a few weeks ago?19:47
faryshtahitsujiTMO: yes. I am on the liveUSB right now. When I tried I got that grub-efi couldn't be installed19:47
dreamy_Guest46026,  dont you know chess, the board game?19:47
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: can you run this: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit efibootmgr19:48
Guest46026dreamy_: oh sure. I know chess. I think want to install some software, a computer program to play chess, right?19:48
arunpandiyan-murgrub menu not appears.. can any body help19:48
Roryarunpandiyan-mur: What do you see instead?19:48
malevPici: don't think so19:48
faryshtahitsujiTMO: no i can't but i have efibootmgr already installed19:48
Rory!details | arunpandiyan-mur19:48
ubottuarunpandiyan-mur: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:48
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: can you pastebin the output of: sudo efibootmgr19:49
gvomalev try running this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6412384/19:49
Al__hitsujiTMO: Okay, I will try this on all the other computers.  I think he is just trying to make us all think he is a genius or something with his customizing19:50
faryshtahitsujiTMO: my proxy blocks pastebin http://paste.ofcode.org/pLLmZNfr8Riffj9TegV6a719:50
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Al__hitsujiTMO: Have a nice day19:50
hitsujiTMOal__ ty19:50
Picigvo: xmodmap isn't really goiong to help with anything thats just on a tty and not in X19:51
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: so efi does work. what arcitecture iso are on?19:51
Guest46026dreamy_: try to search for chess on the software center. It is very likely that you'll find what you're looking for.19:51
faryshtahitsujiTMO: 64bits19:51
gvoOh didn't realize he's on a tty19:51
arunpandiyan-murubottu and Rory : I am an user of LINUX MINT, I wanna to switch to Ubuntu , So I decided and got ISO from Ubuntus site, and as per the instructions to install linux distro form hard disk , I have modified the the grub.d/40_custom by adding a menu entry in it.. And I ran the Update Grub command , and reboooted my machine to get into Ubuntu.. But nothing happens, going into mint as usual19:51
ubottuarunpandiyan-mur: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:51
Neurotoxinheeelp, is there a command to supress error warnings? i want to get into recovery mode root shell, but I get spammed with weird error messages19:52
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: is gdisk installed? try: sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda             pastebin the results19:52
arunpandiyan-murubottu I'm just in19:52
ubottuarunpandiyan-mur: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:52
Roryarunpandiyan-mur: Can you boot from your Ubuntu Live CD and run the boot-repair tool https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair19:52
zykotick9gvo: (sidenote) a tty is actually ANY terminal (console OR xorg).  the F1-F6 are technically called consoles or linux-consoles19:52
Picimalev: You may want to look at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Extra_Keyboard_Keys_in_Console and askubuntu.com/questions/23610/tty-unicode-problem for more info19:53
malevPici: thanks!!19:53
arunpandiyan-murThe problem is right now i dont have USB drive / Live CD19:53
arunpandiyan-murSo I just decided to go with Hard Drive Installation19:53
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: what way did you install ubuntu? did you tell it to install itself, or did you specify the partitioning?19:53
gvozykotick9: Sure, but it's common to differentiate by tty as a  non X terminal.19:54
gvoI understood what he said.19:54
Neurotoxinis there a way to repair my sudoers file without going into recovery mode??19:54
faryshtahitsujiTMO: let me try19:54
hitsujiTMONeurotoxin: live cd and mount the hdd is the only other option19:55
zykotick9gvo: i'm just saying, using the wrong terminology can cause problems - down the road.  we should call things by there real names, don't you thing?19:55
RoryNeurotoxin: You could boot from a Live CD; you need root access to write that file19:55
gvoNeurotoxin: what hitsujiTMO said.19:55
gvozykotick9: Good luck with that.  I agree for what it's worth.  ;)19:55
Neurotoxinokk, Rory do i have root access from live cd?19:55
faryshtahitsujiTMO: the first time I created a customized partition with /home separated and encrypted. then i tried several times with default installation no encryption19:56
gvoNeurotoxin: Usually if not direct, from sudo without a password.19:56
Neurotoxinokk thx19:56
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: did you create an efi system partition?19:56
Neurotoxinsometimes i think linux is neverending fail,,,, try to fix something... sudo breaks... try to fix sudo... recovery mode doesnt work....19:57
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: what version of ubuntu is this 13.10 or 12.04?19:57
faryshtahitsujiTMO: yes. the first time i did, from then on the default installed created it19:57
faryshtahitsujiTMO: but the problem is with grub-efi which can't get installed19:57
hitsujiTMONeurotoxin: visudo is there so you don't break sudoers file19:57
RoryNeurotoxin: What did you do to break sudo?19:57
faryshtahitsujiTMO: 13.1019:57
hitsujiTMOfaryshta:you mean grub-efi-amd64?19:58
faryshtahitsujiTMO: yes19:58
NeurotoxinRory followed a tutorial even on ubuntuwiki to execute a script with sudo rights in autostart..... broke everything19:58
gvoNeurotoxin: If you use visudo be sure to edit the mounted files system sudoers file, not the one on the CD.19:58
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: is the problem that it needs to download the package from the net but cant because of the proxy?19:58
faryshtahitsujiTMO: http://paste.ofcode.org/3bSWVj7y9jmAXJ5UvGFhfa19:59
gvoNeurotoxin: Don't just type visudo19:59
faryshtahitsujiTMO: I have no idea. I just get an error that grub-efi couldn't be installed19:59
faryshtahitsujiTMO: if you want i can restart the all process and copy/paste the error here. it will take me 10 mins19:59
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: please do. it definately created the efi system partition at least20:00
faryshtaok back in 10 mins20:00
faryshtahitsujiTMO: now the install program doesn't start :/20:01
hitsujiTMO:P just restart the disk again :P20:01
faryshtahitsujiTMO: if I do it will take me half hour  to set all the network settings again20:02
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: ok 2 secs then20:02
tambuGuys, I'm a bit baffled on my ubuntu box I have networking IP statically assigned to eth0 and I have "dns-nameservers" in the /etc/network/interfaces file.. am I missing something.. I have no DNS resolution at all. I can ping any IPs I want but it's acting like I have no DNS server setup.20:02
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: we'll see if we can finish the install manually20:02
gvotambu ls -l /etc/resolv.conf20:03
RoryNeurotoxin: What tutorial were you following, and can you link it so I can check it's OK? What part broke sudo?20:03
faryshtaon hitsujiTMO: no use. i will reboot  the live usb and connect again20:04
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: can you pastebin the outputs of: sudo blkid             and: mount20:04
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: wait20:04
faryshtahitsujiTMO: ok20:04
tambugvo: that is where I would have normally set it but now it says DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE by hand.. and from what I read online ti says to use /etc/network/interfaces file20:04
faryshtahitsujiTMO: wut'20:04
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: if its just grub then we can install that20:04
faryshtahitsujiTMO: ok how?20:04
gvotambu Is it a real file or a link?20:04
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: chroot20:04
Rorytambu: The nameservers go in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base20:05
Neurotoxinhmmm try to find it20:05
Rorytambu: At least that's where I've put mine and it seems to work20:05
tambugvo: oh i see lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Sep 11  2012 /etc/resolv.conf -> ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf20:05
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: can you pastebin the outputs of: sudo blkid             and: mount20:05
OerHekstambu, try " sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf "and reboot20:05
faryshtahitsujiTMO: otionne question. if i reboot all the programs installed on liveusb will be lost?20:05
lapiontambu, is an existing network address not vailable for private networks20:05
hitsujiTMOfaryshta: yes they will be lost20:05