* OvenWerks has a monitor again... with three colours even.06:19
zequenceOvenWerks: What were you using before?08:35
smartboyhwzequence: It looks like my reverting fix was pushed in...10:42
zequencesmartboyhw: Yes, but was it needed anymore10:48
zequenceOvenWerks: Did you have a look at the changes yet, and what they do for us?10:48
smartboyhwzequence: I don't know. Haven't catched up for a long time10:50
zequencesmartboyhw: I will write this down, and inform others later, but just in case we have this sort of thing happening again: first talk with the author (in this case OvenWerks), then make the change in our branch - not Ubuntu's. Then ask for a merge11:02
smartboyhwzequence: Sure11:03
zequencesmartboyhw: It's different when the upstream is Debian, or KDE, or something else. In this case, we are upstream11:03
zequenceSo, the change needs to go in our source first11:03
ImoteIs there anyone here ?20:43
zequenceImote: Hi. What's up?20:43
ImoteZequence: nothing particular, i'm actually looking how Ubuntu Studio team work20:46
zequenceImote: Stick around if you want. Possibly interested in participating?20:47
ImoteImote: Maybe, I'm french ; I eventually participate for write the documentation (in french of course)20:49
ImoteZequence: Maybe, I'm french ; I'm maybe interisting for participate for write the documentation (in french of course)20:50
zequenceImote: Our art lead is French Belgian. The guy who has been a part of the team the longes, ttoine, is from France. Also, another guy from Belgium does some testing at times20:51
zequenceDocumentation is always a problem. You are free to participate in writing that20:51
zequenceWe don't have a French version of our site. I guess we could ask to have that. Someone will need to maintain it20:52
zequenceAs for the wikis, I guess they are English only20:53
zequenceI know there are local sites for Ubuntu in all countries20:53
zequenceSome distros probably have their own local sites, like Kubuntu20:53
ImoteYou know, the french documentation of Ubuntu and other ubuntu distros are great and full, not in english ?20:54
ImoteCertainly yes20:54
zequenceI'm sure the English docs for other distros are extensive20:55
zequenceBut not for Ubuntu Studio20:55
zequenceIf docs are written in any language, they should be translated though20:55
zequenceNo reason to do the same work twice20:55
ImoteYes, it's true20:55
zequenceEven if translating is of course a bit of work in itself20:55
zequenceI don't care in which language it is written, as long as someone is willing to do it20:56
Imoteyes but more easy compared to write entirely the text20:56
ImoteSo i'm actually looking for get involved ; I don't know how this big engine work20:57
zequenceYes, if there is already a structure and content, all one needs to is worry about formulations20:57
zequenceDebian/Ubuntu/Ubuntu Studio is a big engine, but just Ubuntu Studio is quite small20:58
zequenceIf you are serious about documentation, you will find that you can work pretty freely20:58
ImoteOk. If I continue, how can I do ? I'm just suscribing to the ubuntu studio devel, and after ? Any forum to present me or other thing ?21:01
zequenceImote: No hurry. We actually don't have any documentation at all for users right now, so you would be working from scratch21:03
zequenceImote: We don't need so much docs for desktop usage. Only for our workflows, audio, video, graphics, etc21:03
zequenceImote: Also, for installing, a bit about how Ubuntu Studio differs from other Ubuntu distros21:03
zequenceImote: Here's a bit of structure for inspiration https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UserGuide21:04
zequenceImote: Once you feel - "Ok, I would like to start working on this" - let me know, and we can organize things a bit21:04
zequenceIt's good to get some feedback while working, and we should document at least vaguely what is being done, and who is doing it21:05
zequenceThat's about it21:05
zequenceIf it takes you 1 month, or 3 years is up to you21:05
ImoteYes I see. I think about it and I give a review shortly. I not want start for stop 2 days after and lost your time21:09
knomezequence, remind me what you're using for docs again? docbook?21:10
knomezequence, we've just been poking at docs translations, you might want to take advantage of us having to go through that21:11
zequenceknome: We don't use anything at all currently21:12
zequenceknome: Are you using docbook?21:12
knomethen we convert it to .html to be used in the image21:13
knomebut i suppose things like yelp or so could be used to read docbook directly21:13
knomei have no idea.21:13
zequenceImote: knome is the project lead for Xubuntu. As you see, we should probably poke them for technical advice21:14
knomeImote, hallo!21:15
zequenceImote: It's impossible for you to waste anyones time here. Take the time you need. It may sometimes take a couple of years to get started, as was the case with me21:15
ImoteKnome: hello ;) ; Zequence: Great !21:16
knomestarting takes time, but stopping takes more time21:17
zequenceThat it does.21:17
ImoteYes so true ! How many persons work actively on Ubuntu studio ?21:19
ImoteIf I dont lost a link, I find only one page of documentation for Ubuntu Studio in french, in ubuntu doc : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/ubuntu_studio21:27
ImoteThe Ubuntu docs is very useful and full, so what is needed to be write for the Ubuntu Studio's doc ?21:28
zequenceImote: I had never seen that page before21:28
zequenceI think often people write their docs independently. 21:29
ImoteAnd Xubuntu page here : http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/xubuntu21:29
zequenceImote: This is our wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/21:29
ImoteThis links are twice when we Write ubuntu studio or Xubuntu in google21:29
zequenceHere's a page about our team structure https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamStructure21:30
Imote(In france country of course)21:30
ImoteYes, i see the team structure21:30
zequenceCurrently, I'm the only guy in the docs team, all though there have been other people interested in contributing, such as cub, who like me lives in Sweden21:30
zequenceImote: This our planning, in the form of blueprints https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Blueprints21:31
zequenceThere's one topic for Documentation21:31
knomei just updated my time commitment for website :)21:31
knomezequence, are you not subscribed to UbuntuStudio/* wiki pages?21:32
zequenceknome: I'm not that organized :P21:32
zequenceUsually, not many but me edit them anyway21:32
zequenceI guess I should21:32
knomezequence, you know how to do it?21:32
knomei mean, non-manually, subscribing to all of them...21:33
zequenceknome: Nope21:33
knomezequence, go to the wiki. click on your username on the navigation. then click notification. in the "subscribed..." textarea, add a line saying "UbuntuStudio/.*" (without the quotes) and click save21:34
ImoteI can't acces to roadmap of Trusty, it's normal ?21:34
knomeyou're done.21:34
ImoteOr i've no permission to see it so21:36
knomeImote, which page?21:36
ImoteI'm not legged in I do it21:36
zequenceImote: That links is wrong. Let me change it21:36
zequenceImote: In the "Blueprints overview", the main topic is the roadmap for Trusty21:37
zequenceOk, link working now21:38
ImoteZequence: Okay :)21:38
zequenceknome: Thanks21:39
ImoteI go now, maybe i back tomorrow :) I don't know what is your hour but for me it's time to sleep ; good night to all :)22:02
zequenceImote: Good night. Hope to see you around :)22:02

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