bill__Hi - I installed unity in 13.10 ubuntu studio - how can I uninstall it00:05
dcosnetapt-get remove some-words00:08
dcosnetmost likely:00:09
dcosnetapt-get remove unity00:09
zequencedcosnet: Might be a bit harder than that. Unity depends on a lot of other packages, which won't be removed if uninstalling unity00:24
oaulakhanyone have good thmes?00:31
oaulakhhow to install fluxbox in ubuntu studio?00:46
dcosnetapt-get update && apt-get install fluxbox00:46
oaulakhi install it00:46
oaulakhbut dunno how to apply it00:46
dcosnetat login screen, type your infos FIRST, then click top right to select fluxbox00:47
dcosnetlogin and out. now it should be default00:47
oaulakhwait going to try00:47
oaulakhits working thanks00:49
dcosnetno problem. i use fluxbox too00:49
oaulakhthank you very much00:49
oaulakhits too good to look00:49
oaulakhright naaa00:49
oaulakhdo you know how we add start menu or ubuntu menu in fluxbox or i have to always use left click to start an app00:50
dcosnetthere is a few apps you could use00:51
oaulakhthen what should i do to see all apps?00:52
oaulakhhow to load diffrent themes in fluxbox like if i download one?00:54
dcosnetthemes are in ~/.fluxbox/00:54
dcosnetgive wbar a try00:54
oaulakhokkk cool00:55
oaulakhyou really good man00:55
dcosneti have used alot of stuff00:56
oaulakhone thing more in ubuntu i can open terminal with ALT+Crtl+T00:56
oaulakhbut in ubuntustudio i cant00:56
oaulakhhow i can use shortcuts?00:56
dcosnetfluxbox has its own shortcuts00:56
dcosnetedit configs in ~/.fluxbox/00:57
oaulakhcan i make my own00:57
dcosneti do00:57
dcosnetedit that file00:58
dcosnetread the existing shortcuts and test a few to try and learn the commands in the config00:59
oaulakhcan i craete my own lock screen popup01:01
oaulakhin ubuntu studio01:01
dcosnetxscreensaver can do this if configured01:04
oaulakhthanks for all help man01:05
oaulakhsee you later01:05
oaulakhits ALT +F1 to open terminal01:06
oaulakhkeys file is good to start01:06
SysAdmin_Raveni am having an interesting problem.  When I open idjc it opens 21 instances of the program in memory.  Then when I connect to a streaming server idjc opens at least another 6 instances in memory and eats every available cpu tick so that all my cores hit 100% usage.  anyone have any idea how to fix this?   i am running ubuntustudio 13.04 on an AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 630 Processor with 6 gig of ram.  Anyone have any idea how to fix01:08
dcosnetthats a new one to me01:15
dcosnettry opening it manually from a terminal01:15
dcosnetsuch as open xterm, type: idjc &01:16
dcosnetthen press enter twice01:16
dcosnetclose terminal01:16
SysAdmin_Ravenyep and it's weird I can open idjc and cpu usage is fine as soon as i connect to a streaming server cpu usage hits 100% across the board01:16
dcosnetthe & tells it you dont want the terminal to remain required01:17
SysAdmin_Ravensame thing cpu usage on all 4 cores hits 100% as soon as I connect to a streaming server01:20
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: what is the terminal output?01:33
holsteinbill__: you can always just leave unity there, and login to another DE from the loging screen01:34
SysAdmin_Ravenstandby please01:43
nv_... .  .01:43
SysAdmin_Raventerminal output is here http://pastebin.com/D4Gn8N3E01:47
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: if it were me (like, back when i used idjc to stream to an icecase server and i needed to troubleshoot) i would try other codes.. and other servers.. and local servers (so as to remove any networking from the equation)01:50
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: i would maybe try loading as much as i could up on a live CD and test to remove my system config from the equation01:50
holsteini remember ending up with using darkice to stream from JACK..01:51
SysAdmin_Raveni have done the live cd on various systems I get the same thing on all systems and my icecast server is local to my network01:51
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: then, i would see if you can find some activity with the idjc dev/devs.. but i think its a older project that is getting phased out..01:52
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: there are many other options to stream.. and i would try them, and see if they work better for you01:52
holsteinwith JACK and something stream from JACK, you can do what idjc does anyways01:53
SysAdmin_Raveni've been trying mixxx but it wants to be a pain when I try to link a voice option into (either mic or skype)01:54
holsteinjust dont do that01:55
holstein"link" the mic with JACK.. connect whatever you want to the jack compatible streamer01:55
holsteinJACK *is* the all-in-one app you would be looking for, in this scneario01:55
holsteinwith the pulse dbus that is enabled by default, you can link what you like to skype easily01:56
SysAdmin_Ravenwell i'm having two problems there when ever i try to link jack or pulse into the settings for mixxx either mixxx locks up my system or i get no sound01:57
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: what are you using mixx for?01:58
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: if its to play audio, try using audacious.. or VLC01:58
SysAdmin_Ravenlike i can set the master on output to jacksource and there is no sound01:59
SysAdmin_Ravenusing to stream internet radio out trying to get my own station setup01:59
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: i used BUTT01:59
SysAdmin_Raveni'll take a look at it02:00
holsteini would literally get what i wanted playing on one machine running JACK, and pipe that over via an analog cable02:00
holsteinthen, i started using darkice out of JACK02:00
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: darkice is the streaming service.. so i would connect what i wanted out of JACK to darkice to stream02:01
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: mixxx didnt work02:01
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: idjc didnt work02:01
SysAdmin_Ravenicecast2 has always worked for me, I'll take a look at butt02:01
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: that was *years* ago.. and i didnt find anything helpful to share.. nor anyone helpful to share the information with.. so i went on to other software, since i really didnt need the functionality they were providing. as you dont either02:02
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: icecast2 is the server02:02
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: we are talking about clients02:02
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: darkice is a JACK client for icecast servers02:02
holsteinSysAdmin_Raven: it allows you to, for example.. take *anything* playing out of jack and connect it.. like you are trying to do with mixxx and idjc.. .but, you dont need those applications.. you just add a darkice source and connect what you like out of JACK02:03
holstein*or*... using BUTT via the pulse dbus might be nice02:03
SysAdmin_Ravenoh okay i'll take a look at darkice also02:03
holsteinwhen we found mumble, we stopped using it to stream the podcast02:04
SysAdmin_Ravenwell what i'm wanting to do is stream mp3's, pre-recorded shows live skype calls or calls out of my browser on gvoice02:09
SysAdmin_Ravenback in 12.10 i was able to do that with jack, idjc and patchage02:10
holstein12.04 is still supported02:18
holsteinif you are more comfortable on 12.10, you can just use it.. like an appliance, i suppose02:19
oaulakh_my sound is not working in ubuntu studio05:05
oaulakh_any help please...?05:06
nv_in the volume manager, nothing is muted / turned down and you are using the correct output device?05:10
nv_is your output device listed?05:10
oaulakh_where's the volume manager05:16
nv_volume icon -> sound settings.  OR  launcher menu -> media playback -> volume control05:18
oaulakh_there no volume control05:20
oaulakh_there's list audio or vedio tools05:20
oaulakh_i'm using ubuntu studio 13.1005:22
nv_in your launcher menu, you do not have a menu called Media Playback?05:25
nv_if not you can open a terminal from the launcher menu and type alsamixer05:26
oaulakh_yeah its opened05:27
oaulakh_and now what should i do05:27
nv_what do you have for output devices?05:28
oaulakh_how to check output devices?05:29
nv_there is a tab that says output devices05:29
nv_click it05:29
nv_what is listed there05:30
oaulakh_master, headphone, speaker, PCM, mic boost, beep, auto-mute, and internal05:31
nv_oh your in alsamixer05:31
oaulakh_i'm in alsamixer05:32
nv_press F2 and select cards05:32
oaulakh_f2 opening system information05:32
oaulakh_f6 opens sound cards05:33
oaulakh_i open it then?05:33
nv_you can select the default sound card with f6 (if your PC has more than 1) F2 then Cards will list whats in there05:33
nv_F2 then cards, what is there?05:34
oaulakh_yeah i have two05:34
oaulakh_cards but i have one nvidia and other one is intel05:35
oaulakh_which should i select?05:35
nv_does your computer have HDMI?05:36
oaulakh_it has HDA INTEL PCA05:37
oaulakh_HDA Nvidia05:37
nv_which is currently set as default?05:37
nv_lets just select both05:38
nv_and make sure they are not turned down or muted05:38
oaulakh_but nvidia is not turning up05:38
nv_you can use the arrow keys left / right to move, up / down to modify05:38
nv_you may need to install the propritary driver05:39
oaulakh_but its not turning up05:39
nv_in launcher menu -> system -> update manager -> settings -> additional drivers05:39
oaulakh_its updating system05:41
oaulakh_i will let you know after updating'05:46
caodepalhahello everyone. something strange just happened. I've turned on my laptop and my ubuntustudio is all messed up. My workplaces dissapeared, firefox starts up at login and I can't cloe the window and all other windows are not working properly.10:05
caodepalhaany help please10:05
cfhowlettcaodepalha, reboot10:05
caodepalhasorry... reboot. what do you mean?10:10
cfhowlettcaodepalha, shutdown and restart the computer10:12
caodepalhaI've done that several times. everything works fine in the gnome enviroment. but if i log into xfce or ubuntustudio desktop i get everything desconfigured10:13
zequencecaodepalha: sounds like user settings are screwed up10:14
zequencecaodepalha: either find the specific files in your home folder, that you want to delete (reset), or delete whole folders, such as ~/.config ~/.cache10:15
caodepalhaIt only happens in the ubuntustudio & xfce enviroment. just one workplace, windows are strange some can be closed or resizeble once opened and firefox opens by default and frezzes10:15
caodepalhawhat happens if i delete the whole folder?10:16
cfhowlettzequence, I'd agree - scrambled xfce4 config.10:19
cfhowlettcaodepalha, then your settings will reconfigure themselves10:19
caodepalhanothing will be lost?10:20
zequencecaodepalha: It means many settings will be reset, so if you want to back up some, do that first10:20
cfhowlettcaodepalha, data?  no, your data will be safe.10:20
zequenceThere are a lot of applications that store their settings in ~/.config10:20
caodepalhawhat settings are we talking about. sorry i'm still a noob10:20
zequencecaodepalha: do: ls ~/.config10:20
zequenceyou'll see what is in there10:20
cfhowlettcaodepalha, desktop appearances, as you'll see10:21
caodepalhaback. my internet connection fell10:26
caodepalhashould i delete all files in config?10:27
zequencecaodepalha: Again, look in that folder, and decide yourself if you want to do that10:28
cfhowlettcaodepalha, that would be the easiest thing to do.10:28
cfhowlettcaodepalha, but proceed carefully10:28
zequenceThere might be settings you want to keep, that you spent some time adjusting. Myself, I would just delete the whole folde ~/.config10:28
zequenceand ~/.cache10:29
cfhowlettcaodepalha, the xfce settings are what seems to be scrambled.  nuking those only might be the way to go10:29
caodepalhathe is a folder called xfce4 is that the one?10:29
cfhowlettcaodepalha, wait 110:29
cfhowlettcaodepalha, yeah, that's the desktop environment settings folder10:30
caodepalhainside that folder i should go to the folder called desktop correct?10:31
caodepalhathis is what is inside the folder xfce4:10:31
caodepalhadesktop  helpers.rc  panel  xfce4-notes.gtkrc  xfce4-notes.rc  xfce4-screenshooter  xfconf  xfwm410:31
zequenceI'd just delete that whole folder10:32
cfhowlettcaodepalha, the few times I've done it, I just killed xfce410:32
caodepalhashould i just delete the folder?10:33
cfhowlettcaodepalha, you may need to logout/login for full effect10:33
cfhowlettcaodepalha, delete it or rename it will have the same effect.10:34
caodepalhacan i rename it for just xfce?10:35
cfhowlettso you know what it is10:35
caodepalharename xfce4 to xfceBACKUP then log out and log in into ubuntustudio right?10:35
caodepalhaok i'll give it a try and then come back here into the chat10:36
caodepalhaok i'm logged into ubuntustudio right now. firefox didn't start and freeze by default but still i have just one workplace and windows of programs cannot be closed or resizable10:43
cfhowlettcaodepalha, xfce settings on the dock10:44
caodepalhai can't add workplaces for eex10:45
cfhowletteex?  what the ?10:48
caodepalhasorry. for example10:48
cfhowlettcaodepalha, you mean a dedicated workspace for that program specifically?10:49
caodepalhaon the top right corner i have only one workplace. going to xfce settings on the dock and to workplaces i can't add more. I also can only work one window at a time. that mean that i have to close that window before going to another. everything is pretty much the same the only diference now is that firefox doesnt start up by default and frezzes10:51
cfhowlettcaodepalha, do you have another account on that machine to test with ?10:52
cfhowlettcaodepalha, switch over and play with the other settings10:52
caodepalhaok back in a second10:53
caodepalhaok on the other acount everything works fine10:57
caodepalhawhat's wrong with my other acount?10:58
cfhowlettcaodepalha, good to know.  okay then, here's the quick and dirty.  nuke every hidden xfce folder in your /home and reset.  Or you can go absolutely crazy and kill ALL the .hidden (ONLY the .hidden!!) files and rebuild it.11:00
cfhowlettcaodepalha, if I had to guess, I'd suspect you set something somewhere and forgot what/where but now it's causing you pain.11:01
caodepalhahow do i nuke everything hidden in the xfce folder? delete? you mean my /home in my other account right?11:02
cfhowlettnote: killing ALL .hidden folders in /home means resetting/reconfiguring all the programs there.  so email/links/ etc are GONE11:03
cfhowlettemail ACCOUNT settings not the email itself11:03
caodepalhaok just to check i go to the xfceBACKUP folder and delete everything. then log out and back in again correct?11:04
cfhowlettcaodepalha, no.11:04
cfhowlettcaodepalha, your xfcebackup folder is not the problem.11:04
caodepalhaso i can kill just the hidden files in the /home folder of the account i'm having problems with?11:05
cfhowlettsomewhere in your /home settings (GUESSING it's in xfce somewhere) you've got a conflict with what you want now.  *nuke 'em all from orbit.  It's the only way to be sure.*11:05
zequencecaodepalha: If you take a look in ~/.config, you'll see a new folder named xfc4. But, the problem may be anywhere. It is safe to delete ~/.cache11:05
cfhowlettcaodepalha, in fact, delete .cache before you try my method.11:06
cfhowlettzequence, thanks.  forgot about .cache file11:06
caodepalhaso please tell me how to do so.11:06
caodepalhacan i do it from this account?11:06
cfhowlettrm filename from terminal or use file manager11:07
zequencedeleting files of a different account needs root privilege11:07
zequencesudo rm -R /path/to/folder11:07
cfhowlettcaodepalha, so log out .  go back to the problem account11:07
caodepalhaok back in a second11:08
caodepalhaok I'm logged into the problematic account now11:10
caodepalhawhat now?11:11
caodepalhai'll have to get this sorted latter. thanks for the help so far11:17
Teleporthow to set  audio latency with terminal?11:48
Teleportjackd to 409611:48
Teleportat 41k11:48
zequenceTeleport: depends on if you're running jackd or jackdbus11:59
zequenceTeleport: Check options for jackd with: jackd --help11:59
zequencebut, to answer your question about jackd: jackd -d alsa -r 441000 -p 409611:59
zequenceto see alsa options, do: jackd -d alsa --help12:00
zequencejackdbus runs from whatever settings you have saved12:00
zequenceso, you could use qjackctl to make the settings, then do: jack_control start12:00
Teleporttnx zequence always you help me with these12:31
Teleportzequence Failed to open server12:32
Teleportzequence `default' server already active12:33
Teleporthow to disable for a while to config??12:33
zequenceTeleport: I don't know what you are running now. Do: ps -eo comm | grep jack12:36
zequenceTeleport: paste to http://paste.ubuntu.com12:36
Teleportzequence jackdbus12:39
Teleportonly jackdbus12:40
zequenceTeleport: jack_control stop12:49
zequencehmm, seems like those tools have changed on 13.10 (Debian Jessie)12:50
zequenceAh, no. I just seem to have had jack1 installed12:51
Teleportzequence I have jack212:59
Teleportbrb restart13:00
Teleportzequence back13:05
Teleportzequence still doesnt work13:06
Teleportzequence I have Cadence13:06
Teleportzequence ERROR:dbus.proxies:Introspect error on :1.48:/org/jackaudio/Controller: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.13:06
zequenceTeleport: Just kill the process, and start from the beginning13:12
zequencekillall -9 jackdbus13:12
zequenceI don't know how Cadence works13:13
zequenceTeleport: ask falktx for advice on kx tools13:13
Teleportzequence Cannot initialize driver13:14
TeleportJackServer::Open failed with -113:14
TeleportFailed to open server13:14
Teleportzequence Thanks13:20
zequencecfhowlett_: You an admin for that page?14:00
zequenceI'm thinking you meant http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/2014/14:00
cfhowlett_zequence, thanks.  no, it just popped up on #fedora-design and I thought I'd share.14:01
cfhowlett_zequence, of course, if any kind soul wants to SPONSOR me, well ...14:01
SiyaAny advice on 32 or 64 bit, when installing on an Atom D525? With just 2GB ram...14:28
cfhowlett_Siya, pretty sure you want the 32 bit14:29
Siyacfhowlett_: kthnx, unetbootin takes ages to prep my usb install stick so was not looking forward to redoing it in 64 bit...14:31
SiyaThe D525 is 64 bit but the forum has talk about vst plugins etc not being 64 bit14:31
cfhowlett_Siya, understood14:32
cfhowlett_Siya, I think the limitation is the ram but I could be misinformed.  2 gigs is pretty minimal.  running 64 bit in virtualbox killed my laptop.  32 bit seems to be marginally more functional.14:33
* Siya is loving his SSD though, was about time I put it to good use14:33
Siyacfhowlett_: I run pae on my work laptop (6yr old Dell D630) with 4GB ram14:34
Siyavirtualbox runs quite well there14:34
SiyaJust trying to squeeze every little bit of speed out of this Atom cpu. Rakarrack are14:34
Siyas/ are/ is cpu hungry/14:35
cfhowlett_Siya, indeed they are.14:35
Siyarunning with HT off doesn't seem to make any difference to XRUNs in jack14:35
SiyaPitty that Rakarrack isn't multi treaded14:39
SiyaAnyone here with experience of Pyjack?14:40
cfhowlett_#opensourcemusicians should know about that14:40
SiyaEither I continue with alsaaudio and snd-aloop or go direct with pyjack14:41
Siyaargh... I had snd-aloop working with 4 outputs yesterday17:13
SiyaReinstalled and now I have 4 inputs17:13
aicasnhey folks - i had a studio setup at one point that i would like to resurrect. cpu: amd athlon xp 500, mem: 1GB, drive: sata-150 320GB, software: win xp with protools20:17
aicasni know it's old and slow...i still want to use it if possible because it use to work very well20:17
aicasni'll be purchasing a lexicon omega to replace my old maudio firewire.  my question is this:  i don't know anything about linux-based audio tools. is there a difference between ubuntu studio and 64studio?  can i expect that hardware combination + the Omega + ubuntu studio OR 64studio  to perform at least as well as the xp+protools combination?20:19
aicasnand is there anything you guys think i might be missing in this setup?20:22
zequence64studio hasn't been around for quite a while, I think'20:23
zequencegenerally, the software on all Linux distros is the same20:23
zequenceit's just a matter of having different package managers for software installation, and a few other things20:24
zequenceUbuntu Studio has a custom menu, which might be a plus20:24
aicasni'm familiar with linux and use it as my primary desktop OS. i was assuming that these distros ("studio") were pre-tweaked for audio recording so that users didn't have to bother20:24
zequenceYeah, but those configs are quite few in number20:24
aicasneg. latency and pre-install packages20:24
zequencelinux-lowlatency kernel, which is not a realtime kernel20:24
zequenceand realtime privilege for the user20:25
aicasnso, more generally, on my crappy old athlon am I going to get the same (or better) performance using this set of tools than i did with xp+protools?20:25
zequenceXFCE requires a lot more RAM than XP20:25
zequence1GB is a bare minimum20:26
zequencefor audio apps, that's pretty fine. But as soon as you use a web browser, such as Firefox, you'll find 1GB is a very small amount of RAM20:26
aicasnreally?  audio processing doesn't pretty much blow web browsing out of the water memory-wise?20:26
zequenceprocessing doesn't really require RAM other than for the few kb ues20:27
zequenceIf we're talking about plugins here20:27
zequenceThen it's mostly a matter of the processor, how fast it is20:28
zequenceI recommend installing Lubuntu20:28
zequenceThen do: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio linux-lowlatency20:28
zequenceI think the custom menu should work, and it's called ubuntustudio-menu20:29
aicasnwell typically what i use to do was:  make a click track, add some rhythm and chordal stuff with maybe a reference vocal, then layer the real instrumentation on one-by-one.  i usually have verb, compression, and eq on every track to some degree20:29
zequencethen, to get realtime privilege: sudo usermod -a -G audio $USER20:29
aicasnwriting this down....20:29
zequenceI'd use external monitoring, so you don't need to have low latency while recording20:29
aicasnwhat do you mean by "external" monitoring?20:30
zequenceWhen recording a guitar for instance, use an external mixer for monitorin the guitar, while hearing the already recorded music from the computer20:32
zequenceThis way, you don't need low latency at all20:32
zequenceNOt unless you are using some sort of live effects in the computer, or a virtual synth that you are actively plaing20:32
aicasnso external mixing == playback from PC mixed with whatever is being sent in for recording?20:33
aicasnwonder if this will handle that for me via the phono jack?20:34
zequenceDid you make sure it's fully supported on Linux?20:34
zequenceIt has direct monitoring, yes20:34
zequenceYou can mix playback with whatever is going in ("direct")20:35
zequenceThe knob "Monitor Mix"20:35
aicasnand i would need to do something special to get the PC to playback thru the recording device? or linux will treat this device like a sound card and use it as a full-duplex device?20:36
aicasni see. the knob label kinda gives it away, does it?  :)20:37
zequenceMost USB devices will at least work as 1.1 devices, meaning stereo in/out at 44.1 kHz20:37
zequenceLinux has kind of poor support for USB 2.0 audio cards20:38
aicasnhmm.  well i haven't bought it yet.  do you have a better recommendation for me?20:39
aicasnnot to put it all on you; you've been very helpful already. i thought you might have a device in mind that you personally know works well20:40
zequenceThere is a USB 8x8 device that is very nice20:40
zequenceBut, I haven't used any myself20:41
zequencePresonus AudioBox-1818VSL20:41
zequenceFull support20:41
zequenceThese are said to work as well Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and 2i420:42
aicasnshould i not choose something out of the desktop section rather than the laptop section?20:42
zequencePCI is the easiest. And in a way, firewire (except so few laptops have firewire these days)20:42
zequenceI have a focusrite pro40 myself. Works great20:43
zequenceAlso, m-audio 1010LT20:43
ImoteHello !20:44
zequenceaicasn: If you don't need a device for laptops, don't buy a USB device, unless perhaps one of the two I listed above20:44
aicasnah. well that narrows it down20:45
aicasnhi Imote20:45
aicasnzequence: i think your pro40 is a bit too much for my needs20:56
aicasnlooks nice though20:56
aicasn20 inputs.  pfft20:56
zequence8 I/O analogue20:56
zequenceThe rest is ADAT and spdif20:57
zequenceyou probably only need stereo?20:57
aicasnmeh. 2 to 4 simultaneous channels (ie. 1 to 2 stereo)20:57
aicasni picked the 4-bus lexicon to give myself room and because i could pick it up for < $20020:58
zequenceI do a lot of live processing with multiple audio sources, also - sometimes I record drums. I actually need an additional device for that20:59
aicasnelectric drum kit or accoustic (real) drums?21:00
zequenceacoustic. Otherwise I'd only need midi :)21:02
aicasnso you have various instrument mics placed around the kit that you're recording into separate mono channels?21:03
zequence10-12 usually21:06
aicasnhttp://www.ffado.org/?q=node/862   your pro40 is listed as "experimental" by the ffado project.  same as the lower-end pro1421:07
aicasnsuppose that means the 14 would work since you reported not having any issues with it21:07
zequenceDon't know21:08
zequencethe pro40 has been working fully for quite some time. There might be issues with the ffado-mixer still, not sure21:08
zequenceThere are other firewire devices that work well too21:08
aicasndo you know anything about the ethernet devices?  i'm sure they're pricey but i wonder what the linux support is like for networked devices21:10
aicasnyeah nvm. waaay too much $$21:16
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oaulakhmy sound is not working all apps except vlc23:31
oaulakhmy sound is not working in all apps except vlc23:31
zequenceoaulakh: Not sure if you mean that vlc is the only thing working, or the other way around23:33
oaulakhonly vlc is working good23:33
oaulakhand other all does'nt have sound?23:34
oaulakhwhy that happening in ubunt studio?23:34
zequenceif standard settings for vlc work, then desktop audio in general works23:35
zequencedid you change vlc audio settings?23:35
oaulakhyeah working23:37
oaulakhwhen i set alsa mixer when vlc was working, i press F5 for dfault setting for all like vlc have and ta da its working on same settings for all23:39
oaulakhthank you very much23:39

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