jamiet74new to linux have 13.10 but need help00:01
ochosijamiet74: hey, best to head over to the support channel (#xubuntu)00:05
ochosiali1234: indeed! nice work00:14
ochosiso would you say it's merge-ready or are there any open issues atm?00:16
ali1234there are some issues still00:16
ali1234sometimes the scroll events fall through to applications (sometimes they don't)00:16
ali1234i'm not yet sure if that thing i think is a bug, is really a bug00:17
ali1234it's either something really clever i don't understand, or a really stupid bug00:17
ali1234the hardcoded framerate thing too00:18
ochosibut those things are in xfwm4 now anyways, no?00:19
ochosi(not the scroll issue)00:19
ali1234not exactly00:19
ali1234i mean i had to "fix" the "bug" to make this work, yeah?00:20
ali1234but if it's not a bug, then my fix is not a fix00:20
ochosii see00:20
ochosibtw, how could i reproduce the scroll-problems?00:20
ali1234also, it could do with a config screen in "window manager tweaks" - no idea how to do that though00:21
ali1234scroll problems?00:21
ochosi"sometimes the scroll events fall through"00:21
ali1234oh, open say, gedit and then open a long source file, and then zoom in with the pointer over the source00:21
ochosicould that be a gtk3 thing?00:22
ochosii don't see that behavior in mousepad (while i can reproduce it in gedit)00:22
ali1234could be, yeah00:22
ali1234i don't see it with pidgin, not sure what that uses00:23
ochosii think gtk2, but i could be wrong00:23
ali1234nor xfce4-terminal00:23
ochosi(as i don't use pidgin)00:23
ali1234nor xterm... it needs fixing anyway though00:23
ochosii also don't see it with skype00:23
ali1234firefox is okay too00:24
ochosisounds like the list of problematic apps is shorter than the one where it works00:29
ali1234yeah. i haven't really tried to debug it yet00:29
ochosiali1234: evince (gtk3) also has the scrolling issue00:35
elfyknome: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/04/23/%23ubuntu-devel.html#t18:27 - sudo -i was the end of that conversation @19:3007:14
elfyand it works fine here - gksudo is not installed by default anymore - so shouldn't be on the testcase07:14
knomeelfy, sudo -i doesn't work for me.09:14
slickymastergood morning all09:34
slickymasterelfy, ping09:36
knomemorning slickymaster 09:40
slickymastergood morning knome09:42
slickymasterelfy, as soon as you can have a few minutes to spare, please see http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/11/12/%23xubuntu-devel.html09:56
slickymasterelfy: sorry, the correct link is http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/11/12/%23xubuntu-devel.html#t22:29 not the previous one10:18
ochosipleia2, knome: i finalized the wiki pages now for the 14.04 wallpapers submissions (added an example submission of mine), if you wanna review: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Trusty/CommunityWallpapers and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Trusty/CommunityWallpapers/Submissions11:29
knomeochosi, haha, look at it yourself!11:30
knomeload the page in your browser11:31
ochosiah nice11:32
ochosithat was really fast :)11:32
ochosii'd suggest to crop the resolution though11:32
knomeyeah, i catched the message11:32
ochosiit's just a few px11:32
knomewell, it's bigger than we need, just proves it's big enough11:32
ochosiright, that's fine too11:33
ochosiok, so i'll rewrite the email to reflect the changes on the guidelines and then send it to the MLs11:33
knomesounds good11:33
ochosioh, btw, are you fine with ppl giving feedback on the -dev-ml?11:34
ochosior would you prefer the users-ml11:34
ochosi"Specific comments and words of encouragement may be posted to the Xubuntu development mailing list."11:34
knomei suppose, yeah11:34
ochosiwe can also let things happen on the users-ml11:34
ochosii don't mind11:34
knomewell -devel is more appropriate11:35
ochosiit's just that i'm not subscribed atm :}11:35
ochosiok good11:35
knomei do prefer -devel as well11:35
knomei'm only monitoring -users11:35
ochosifwiw, could you quickly link me to tomorrow's meeting's agenda?11:35
ochosii have to add one update-item11:36
ochosior wait i'll find it myself11:36
knomelazy boy11:36
knomeguess what i'm doing11:40
ochositrying to push someone's buttons?11:42
knomenaw, cleaning my keyboard11:42
davmor2knome: random keygenerator11:48
knomevery bad one at that if it was one11:48
davmor2knome: I meant you were create random noise for a key creation :)11:53
slickymasterbrainwash: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=72947712:25
ubottuDebian bug 729477 in gnome-system-tools "gnome-system-tools 3.0.0-2ubuntu2 crashed with the following message: users-admin crashed with SIGSEGV in g_slice_free1()" [Important,Open]12:25
elfyknome - you seriously can't get sudo -i to work in a terminal?13:03
elfyoh - mmm 13:04
elfynvm 13:04
elfyI guess the best thing to do is to not have any sort of root thing in the testcase anyway 13:04
elfyas long as some random command works in there it doesn't really matter much which it is13:05
elfyslickymaster: ^^13:05
slickymasteryeah I saw it, elfy 13:06
slickymasterelfy: you can get sudo -i to work in terminal, even though you will not be using a graphical sudo and therefore it shouldn't be advised. The problem I pointed is due to the fact that in http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/306/builds/55995/testcases/1585/results it will be required ti run sudo -i mousepad in aplication finder dialog box and it's that that doesn't works as it doesn't launch mousepad at all,13:13
elfy<elfy> I guess the best thing to do is to not have any sort of root thing in the testcase anyway 13:14
elfy<elfy> as long as some random command works in there it doesn't really matter much which it is13:14
elfythen there is no issue :)13:14
elfyI just happened to write it while I was doing stuff and used that command - probably better to not have a root anything in a testcase13:15
slickymasterelfy: yeah, I agree with you. The few tests that do require the use of administrative privileges are specific and mostly relate to server installs13:16
* elfy is too old to try doing more than one thing at a time - should have left the bug till the weekend13:16
elfyanyway - only got 14 mins of lunch left - bbl13:16
* slickymaster thinks that elfy isn't familiar with a portuguese saying that only old rags are old13:17
ochosibrainwash: i implemented screen-blanking in the greeter on locking with light-locker, so the vt-flickering should be a bit less now13:48
elfyknome: I've pushed change to appfinder for approval, changed root thunar to non-root thunar14:59
brainwashochosi: I'll test that16:34
ochosigood, lemme know how it goes16:35
ochosii can tell you in advance that this is what's happening:16:35
ochosiscreensaver-timeout -> screen-blank -> screen-off (dpms/vt-switching) -> screen-blank16:35
ochosiso there's some stuff going on with your display16:35
ochosibut it's between off and black16:35
brainwashochosi: ok, but it will be still ugly on my test system due to the resolution change16:37
ochosiwhat resolution change?16:37
brainwashwhen switching vt16:38
ochosiyeah, but how would you even see that, the screen is blanked the whole time16:38
ochosior are you using virtualbox or something like that?16:38
brainwashbut the proprietary AMD graphics driver16:39
brainwashso no kms16:39
brainwashso I'll test in like some minutes16:40
brainwashochosi: and we need to fix the greeter to not paint the background specified in the config file if there is an accountsservice one available16:43
brainwashalways forgetting about this16:43
slickymasterbrainwash, just a FYI http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=72947716:43
ubottuDebian bug 729477 in gnome-system-tools "gnome-system-tools 3.0.0-2ubuntu2 crashed with the following message: users-admin crashed with SIGSEGV in g_slice_free1()" [Important,Open]16:43
ochosibrainwash: i'm using the proprietary nvidia drivers, so also no kms, still not sure what resolution issues you have16:44
brainwashslickymaster: great, but I still feel that we need to fix this16:45
brainwashochosi: my virtual console does not support my native resolution (amd bios limitation)16:46
slickymasterbrainwash: yes, you're right. But apparently the package does have a maintainer, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo@debian.org>16:46
brainwashslickymaster: nice, so lets give him some time to read the report and comment on it :)16:48
brainwashochosi: I recall that some indicators are visible, but don't show any menu when the screen is locked16:50
brainwashlike the session selector16:51
brainwashno wait16:51
ochosithat's supposed to be like that16:51
brainwashthat wasn't the latest version of the greeter16:51
ochosiwe're planning to hide them16:51
ochosior make them look "insensitive"16:52
ochosibecause you can't change your session or language as long as it's running16:52
brainwashright, got a bit confused, because a local installation of the greeter also ships with an "empty" copy of the greeter config file16:53
brainwashnot using the xubuntu default one16:53
brainwashochosi: yeah, the res change is the issue, makes the vt switch really ugly16:58
brainwashI'll test it on another machine then16:58
ochosii'm sometimes wondering whether a little helper app to switch between a couple of predefined panel-layouts could be helpful for new users18:03
knomeochosi, ++ if it can also save panel layouts18:04
ochosii was thinking it could offer stuff like "windows-like layout", gnome2-layout, etc18:05
ochosionly thing is only panel-internal plugins could be used18:05
knomeochosi, sure, but it wouldn't be too hard to save panel layouts, right?18:05
ochosior it'd have to do more complex checks for what's installed18:05
ochosiyeah, they're just xml files18:05
knomebluesabre, lderan: ping18:06
knome^ idea for you next little pet project18:06
ochosiit could basically be a script with a graphical frontend18:06
ochosia bit like gtk-theme-config18:06
ochosismall, yet useful18:06
knomeultimately i think things like that is what xubuntu can really "bring to the table" when discussing if xubuntu is just ubuntu+xfce or a differing experience18:07
slickymasterknome: you were right, it's not possible to build the translated versions of xubuntu-docs18:10
knomeslickymaster, well, it is *possible*...18:13
knomei just don't know how18:13
slickymasterknome: that meke two if us :)18:13
slickymastermake ^^18:13
slickymasterwell have to go now. bbl18:13
Unit193knome: http://unit193.tk/xubuntu/pt/desktop-guide/ ?18:35
ali1234ochosi: couldn't it install the necessary plugins with packagekit?18:37
ali1234a bit like how gstreamer plugins get installed18:38
Unit193knome: pt and ru seem most complete.18:38
ali1234it would be good if it backed up the user's current config too18:40
brainwashmmh, predefined panel configurations aren't really that useful, but a tool to save and switch between custom ones might be helpful for the user18:46
ali1234no, predefined ones would be great18:47
ali1234the biggest problem of a customizable desktop is that 99% of all possible combinations are rubbish18:47
ali1234kind of like how nearly all random strings of letters are meaningless18:47
ali1234if it can install extra plugins with package kit that is even better18:48
brainwashsounds redundant to me, but I usually don't use any panels anyway :)18:49
brainwashhowever, I like the aspect of saving/restoring panel configurations18:50
knomeUnit193, that. did you do that manually or with a Makefile?18:50
Unit193knome: Define "manually" ?  I didn't add it to the makefile because I'm better with bash. :P19:21
knomefeel free to share your script19:22
knomei'm looking at stuff around that now19:22
pleia2knome: do we want to tweet/blog post wallpaper call?19:23
pleia2or keep it small this time around?19:23
knomeyou can decide :)19:23
knometalk with ochosi if you're unable to19:24
=== ali12341 is now known as ali1234
Unit193Hrm, I just deleted the po dir, I needed that and not sure how to get it back without a re-clone.  :P19:30
ali1234git checkout po19:31
Unit193bzr, and it didn't like that.19:32
ali1234i don't know how to do this with bzr19:33
ali1234usually i just go to #bzr and say "how do i do git checkout with bzr?"19:33
ali1234this really annoys them19:33
Unit193Hah, niice!19:34
Unit193knome: You be slacking for sure on the fi translation. ;)20:10
Unit193Some ENTs are invalid too.20:11
Unit193knome: http://unit193.tk/xubuntu/ is a random mockup just so you can see all languages, but that'll get overwritten Sunday (script runs to bzr pull and re-up)20:37
Unit193http://paste.debian.net/65696/ for example.20:49
knomeUnit193, hah.20:55
Unit193Updated my gen script so an automated run will include the translated links.20:56
knomewondering if there should be a somewhat different all-languages landing page20:56
Unit19300 07 */3 * *   Oh, changed it from Sunday after all.20:57
Unit193But yes, guessing the pot file isn't correct?20:57
* knome shrugs20:59
knomeshould look into it21:00
knomewe also need to make the header title non-image21:01
knomebut um21:01
knomewhat was your build script?21:01
knomeUnit193, ^21:01
Unit193I edited scripts/translate.sh and ran a couple lines, now in my normal update script.  It works, but don't think it's proper.21:02
knomethat script was quite messed up.21:02
knomenot completely, but it wasn't perfect either21:02
knomewe also should use some limit value21:03
knomeeg. only show translations n% done21:03
knomefor po4a-translate (another tool) the default was 80%.21:03
knomewhich sounds pretty accurate21:03
knomebut i don't know how to calculate that percentage across all the files21:03
knomeand re: the finnish translation, that was just a test to make sure the automatic translation updates were working :P21:04
knomebut i suppose i could take a weekend and tap it in21:04
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/tjJPLkIztfnVRnPcW0de/ still isn't proper, but it's all I needed to change to get it working.21:05
Unit193And of course the other half. :P21:06
Unit193'$doc' isn't used, but I left choose_language ${doc} ${lang}  rather than fixing for one example. :D21:06
knomedid that create a lot of lang (eg. "pt") directories in the wrong place, like all parent directories it could write to?21:06
Unit193Hah, it tried to turn all files into dirs because of the cd .. thing. :D21:07
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/0qyqEGXPKgc4UJ1BLXNS/ is the jist of it, but just the function, still have the rest of the script to fully generate, sed a line or two, and upload.21:10
knomewhat's $dir?21:11
knomei'm wondering what directory structure we want21:12
Unit1931. Check the script.  2. Check the site.  3. for dir in `ls | grep -ve po -e Makefile -e libs -e C` == the language name.21:14
knomeso if i got it right, includes are copied once per language?21:15
Unit193Yep, but could easily be fixed I just was trying to stay close to default.21:15
knomewas thinking the same at this point as well.21:16
knomebut we could move C to a subdirectory as well21:16
knomethen simply have one includes-dir21:16
knomeand it would be consistent regarding relative path for everything21:17
Unit193I have it in en_US.21:17
knomeslickymaster, http://unit193.tk/xubuntu/pt/21:44
slickymasterfabulous knome. Now it's much easier for me to proofread it21:45
slickymasterI would love to know how did he build it, though21:46
knomenote that it's not the latest one though21:46
knomethere are various ways to do it, but you probably want to let Unit193 do it :)21:46
slickymasterknome, not the latest one? what do you mean?21:47
knomeslickymaster, short answer: xml2po or po4a-translate then xsltproc21:47
knomeslickymaster, not all the translated strings are up-to-date21:47
Unit193slickymaster: That's built on a   00 07 */3 * *   cronjob.21:47
knomeand it depends on LP running the automatic translation updates as well21:47
slickymasterknome, Unit193 Got it21:48
slickymasterknome, Unit193 well it's a pretty decent start 21:49
slickymasterpoint for what I need any way21:49
Unit193Also, if that site is too slow, it's "mirrored" at http://vanir.unit193.tk/xubuntu/pt/21:49
slickymasterthank you both guys21:49
knomeyep, no problem21:49
Unit193Glad it's actually helpful.21:50
knomehopefully we'll get something usable in the trusty images ASAP21:50
slickymasterUnit193, the response seems pretty decent, but it's good the know the mirror url21:50
slickymasterknome, Unit193, at a first glance, it's noticeable that there are still quite a few items untranslated21:59
knomeyep, that should be fixed soon enough21:59
* Unit193 didn't do any, not his fault. ;P21:59
Unit193Yeah, noticed.21:59
* slickymaster is convinced that Unit193 is off the hook, but knome .... hmmm22:00
knomei suck so bad at technical writing in finnish :(22:04
slickymasterthat's probably because you're more used to do it in english22:05
knomethe ugly truth is that i read and write much more english than finnish22:11
slickymasteryeah, you right about that, it's not pretty22:11
knomeme neither.22:11
knome(am pretty)22:11
slickymasterwhen one tends to use more often a foreign language then our native one22:12
Unit193knome: I'm bad at it in English. :D22:12
knomeUnit193, hah.22:13
Unit193I've seen your English, I don't want to see your Finnish. ;)22:13
knomeseriously, i'm tapping in the finnish translation, and i'm struggling to find the word for "encourage"...22:14
slickymasterknome, as we're on the translations topics, do you mind a request?22:15
knomei do mind; please tell me ;)22:15
ochosiali1234: sure it could install plugins via packagekit. actually we could use a real packagekit implementation for parole's gstreamer plugins (if you know packagekit or wanna get to know it ;)), currently we're using a gst-internal helper-script22:18
slickymasterknome, sorry, my kid call me22:18
slickymasterknome, what I was talking about relates to https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/+pots/ubiquity-slideshow-xubuntu22:18
knomeah, the slideshow translations22:19
slickymasterknome, do you think you can find the time to make it's translations available22:19
knomei'll have to look at it22:20
slickymasteryes, I was thinking that it would be nice that Trusty, at least Xubuntu, will be shipped completely Portuguese compatible22:20
slickymasterat least in what I can manage to help on that goal22:21
knomeslickymaster, i think the package needs to be uploaded to trusty before you're able to translate that22:26
slickymasterknome, you're probably right. I was fiddling in LP and I noticed that the translation sharing configuration with Ubiquity Slideshow trunk series is still incomplete22:29
slickymasterknome, we'll wait22:29
knomeyep, i wouldn't be too worried about it until next year22:30
knomewe might want to even change the strings, so if you translated it now, some of the work might be in vain22:30
slickymasterknome, exactly and provided we can to do it before docs freeze, we'll be alright22:31
knomeno reason why we couldn't22:32
ochosiali1234: if you wanna pick up an existing project, this is most likely a good starting point: http://git.xfce.org/apps/xfce4-profile-manager/22:43
bluesabreknome: heyo!23:11
knomehey bluesabre :)23:14
bluesabrewhats up?23:15
knometranslating the docs!23:18
knome16% done23:18
knome18% done ;)23:29
slickymastercy guys tomorrow23:56

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