jamiet74new to linux have 13.10 stuck in a few places00:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:05
jamiet74having trouble getting skype to work00:07
joe_shadingHi guys .. I am not sure if I am using  the Saucy Release of Xubuntu or not ... http://imgur.com/f6z7rc6 Am I ??00:07
David-Ajamiet74: more precisely, what problem?00:09
jamiet74 says audio playback not working00:10
Unit193joe_shading: That'd be a no, and  lsb_release -a00:12
David-Ajamiet74: and when you make a test-call, you do not hear anything?00:12
Unit193joe_shading: do-release-upgrade to upgrade.00:12
jamiet74wont go thru stops itself00:12
joe_shadingUnit193: So that command is : sudo apt-get release-upgrade  , Right ?00:13
Unit193joe_shading: ...No, `do-release-upgrade`00:14
jamiet74i can play music from pandora and sound files00:14
joe_shadingUnit193: Looks like saucy's doing it's business now , thank-you.00:17
Unit193joe_shading: Sure.00:22
David-Ajamiet74: in the settings dialog of skype, there should be a tab for sound or audio settings, where one can choose sound system or device.00:28
slash0megais a standard xubuntu instalation supposed to use a network mounted filesystem? i just installed xubuntu and it is crashing during bootup when starting then stopping that02:36
holsteinslash0mega: was this a case where a machine was failing? and you wanted to install linux on it? if so, it could be you are seeing errors relating to a hardware failure02:42
holsteinslash0mega: can the live CD boot up on the hardware?02:42
Poisoned_DragonJust for clarification, is 12.04 the last distro with non-pae kernels?03:01
holsteinPoisoned_Dragon: iirc, 12.04 has non PAE, but there nonPAE options for others03:08
Unit193Other distros, yes.  Upstream kernel removed it too.03:09
Poisoned_Dragongotcha. Just checking. Had to install 12.04 today. It's a capable pentium M but, they never bothered to give it a pae flag.03:11
Poisoned_DragonSo, PAE kernels look at it like it's unclean.03:11
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carlosefquick question: any ideal configuration for xubuntu as guest os on virtualbox? using 12.04, OSX as host04:33
ObrienDavelet me see if i can find you my settings04:36
ObrienDavedang, I killed all my VMs. sorry04:37
CHUD_WarriorDoes anyone know if Belkin WiFiUSB adapters (model:F9L1101) will work with XUbuntu 13.10? I had significant trouble getting it working on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 and would like to know if I'm walking into my own mess..04:40
xubuntu867It's ALIVE!!!!05:54
ObrienDaveLOL okaaaaaaaay05:54
xubuntu867I Create New World!!!05:55
cfhowlettxubuntu867, with great power ...05:55
xubuntu867Innocent! Murder!! Coocies!!!!!05:56
ObrienDavewas that cookies?05:56
* cfhowlett really hopes so.05:56
ObrienDaveyea, me too ;)05:56
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HitrikI still remember the IRC commands! ^.^06:18
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)06:20
Hitrikmy home - RusNet06:23
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noobkidhi there !07:24
cfhowlettnoobkid, greetings07:25
noobkidSorry to bother all of you here , I need help on repartitioning my C: drive which is my default boot disk . I am on Windows right now . This partition is for my Xubuntu . Should I create the unallocated space before or after ?  http://puu.sh/5h06c.png07:31
nv_im a little lost as to what your doing07:38
nv_can you be exactly concise about your intentions so we dont lose any data or give advise for the wrong intent07:39
noobkidi wanted to dual boot xubuntu alongside windows07:45
nv_then you dont need to do what you are doing07:47
noobkidbut i need a new partition ?07:50
nv_boot the xubuntu install disk, during the install, it will ask if you want to install alongside Windows, Erase and install just xubuntu or Something Else, you want to choose "Something Else". this will bring you to Xubuntu's partition manager where you will select which partition you want to install to. this tool is exactly like the Partition Manager tool you are using now, except setup for installing Xubuntu.07:50
nv_you will need unallocated space to create a "/" partition (like C:\ in windows)07:53
nv_you can resize, move and create new partitions as nessesary07:54
nv_you can also be in here and get help at the time just like you are doing now07:54
elfywhy not just use the install alongside option - then the install will create the / and swap for the install07:55
nv_because i still have no idea what hes doing07:59
cfhowlettnv_, and he's already left so ...07:59
CHUD_Warriorelfy: That's what I do. I install Windows on a fresh HD and then install Ubuntu using the "install alongside of..." option. The installer will recognise where Windows is and help me to make an informed decision on partitions.07:59
elfyCHUD_Warrior: personally I've always done partitioning prior to installing, but the guided thing should be the easiest thing.08:01
ovrflw0xwhy is (x)ubuntu font rendering better than opensuse KDE?09:17
Sysidifferent font on antialiasing settings I'd think09:19
knomekoegs, please let's try to be helpful, or keep quiet.09:19
Sysiunless there's some qt vs. gtk thing going09:19
knomeovrflw0x, fair answer to your question. what's your problem?09:21
koegsknome: sorry, did not realize this is not offtopic!09:21
knomekoegs, np.09:21
ovrflw0xknome, what patches does ubuntu use to make fonts look better?09:28
knomeovrflw0x, that's still not a problem you're trying to fix. and, i don't know. probably nothing.09:28
koegsovrflw0x: you might want to take a look: http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-settings/appearance#fonts09:30
koegsnot sure if KDE on OpenSuse overs such a thing though :)09:30
ovrflw0xis there a way to know what packages were installed recently?09:32
koegsovrflw0x: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17012/is-it-possible-to-get-a-list-of-most-recently-installed-packages09:35
ovrflw0xkoegs, how to remove software and its dependencies?09:46
ovrflw0xi installed clang which installed dependencies as well, i did apt-get remove clang, but it didn't remove its dependencies09:47
cfhowlettovrflw0x, sudo apt-get purge clang09:47
knomeand: sudo apt-get autoremove09:48
cfhowlettthen sudo apt-get autoremove to clear out the orphans09:48
hornypsychohello guys10:07
hornypsychocan someone please help me?10:07
ubottuhornypsycho,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:09
helpme1Hi guys, could someone please help me? I can only boot ubuntu on my laptop with acpi=off and I'm not sure how to fix it.11:06
GrandCouillonHello guys ! By mistake, I pressed the "Don't show again" in a notification window. How can I reenable the message again ?11:26
Organicanarchyhey ya'll, any reason why my system would run better with win7 that xubuntu?11:57
OrganicanarchyI'd really rather run linux, but shit11:58
ObrienDavedescribe "better"12:07
cephyr_hi, i have a problem with xubuntu 13.10, every login it restores a old session, how to disable the restore of a session and just boot up with a fresh desktop?12:28
ObrienDaveunder Settings, sessions and startup, you will find that12:37
cephyr_there is no option for starting a clean session every login12:48
xubuntu709Hi all. Is there any default system restore function in ubuntu similar to that of windows systems? My Xubuntu stopped loading itsels after recent system update and nothing helps me to get into graphical user interface, it hangs itself on boot screen with rotating ring segment forever (no errors or fails in console)?12:54
xubuntu709Choosing previous kernel in GRUB does not help either.12:55
ObrienDavecephyr_, turn off "save session on logout"13:08
ObrienDavethen make a "clean" session by closing all active windows, then "save current session"13:11
ObrienDavethat will give you a "clean" session on startup13:11
cephyr_obriendave, okay thank you i will give it a try13:12
Sysiit's better to remove old sessions13:12
cephyr_sysi, i already tried to remove old sessions and i already unticked the option save session on logout13:12
cephyr_did not work for me13:13
ObrienDaveyes, you can clear old sessions. that will help13:14
xubuntu451good night :)16:23
xubuntu451hey turkish admin ?16:24
bazhang!tr | xubuntu45116:25
ubottuxubuntu451: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.16:25
xubuntu451thanks :))16:26
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wlan222I have a problem installing Xubuntu17:37
wlan222The laptop starts the installer just fine but after like the half the installer window just dissappears and the spinning mouse cursor keeps spinning17:38
wlan222is that normal ?17:39
Poisoned_Dragonin the boot menu, I like to press tab and delete the words "quiet" and "splash" from the boot string.17:43
Poisoned_DragonThen you can see error messages17:44
Mitizarohello there!!18:34
Mitizarois this the right place to ask a quick XUBUNTU/UBUNTU question?18:34
Mitizaroheyeeee there?18:36
Mitizaroteh zombies land of jerking on american pies..18:37
Mitizaroamazing bobsleight syndrome of deficient chess figures..18:37
krytarik!ask | Mitizaro18:37
ubottuMitizaro: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:37
baizondamn to slow18:37
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MitizaroI want to play HON (heroes of newerth).  I have kinda old PC   and i cant get things going under Vector LInux (which is AMAZING distro btw)    -- i want to know if HON can be played in XUBUNTU just as well as in UBUNTU18:38
Mitizarosince XU would be easier on my system18:38
TheSheepxubuntu and ubuntu are the same under the hood18:38
TheSheepso if something works on one, it will work on the other18:38
baizonplus, xubuntu uses less resources18:39
Mitizaroi thought they used different types of packages18:39
Mitizarofor the apps/programs18:39
baizonMitizaro: no, only DE, Ubuntu uses Unity, xubuntu xfce18:39
baizonMitizaro: both are based on debian and uses the deb format18:39
Mitizarowhich meaaans...? :D18:39
Mitizaroi see18:39
Mitizaroi think my vector linux is deb based as well18:39
Mitizaroit requires .rpm  packages for its installations18:40
baizonMitizaro: no, it's based on slackware (according to wikipedia)18:40
Mitizaroi see18:40
Mitizaroi'm still quite new to the linux18:41
baizon.rpm is the Red Hat packaging format18:41
Mitizaroi have  2,4ghrz AMD (clocked ++ some hz, no voltage so = 2,6ghrz);  1,3gb ram,  nvidia geforce 5900zt     -- i was wondering exactly 3 things:   1st - is there point in installing UBUNTU/XUBUNTU;    2nd -- Could i play HON?      and finally 3rd question --  i have some problems because of the old processor (other people have the black screen on the game too)    -- and that would require some newer drivers and etc.   - XUBUNTU i suppose has it all?18:42
Mitizaroi'm refering to 13.10 versions18:42
Mitizaroof UB/XUB18:42
TheSheep!info nvidia-current18:43
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.88-0ubuntu8 (saucy), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)18:43
TheSheepMitizaro: is version 304.88 enough?18:43
Mitizaroi dunno18:43
Mitizaroi mean i suppose that would help... some people have edited program files of the game to run in lesser graphics in order to get away18:44
Mitizaroi have nothing but to test18:44
Mitizarothe thing is18:44
baizon1. i would recommend xubuntu (because we are on #xubuntu), 2. yes and no. 3. xubuntu uses the latest drivers18:44
Mitizaroi've already been through.... 10-12 linuxes here18:44
Mitizaroi have all the puppies, have 3 lubuntu versions, 2 ubuntu, 4 mint, 1 mandriva, vector, legos4 etc.18:44
baizonMitizaro: but you will have a HoN related problemm, because it need 1.5GB Ram18:45
Mitizaroi think it wants 1gb at minimum18:45
baizonMitizaro: no sorry, i was wrong. It's ok :)18:45
baizonyes you're right 1GB Ram. Some other site told me 1.5GB18:45
Mitizaroits the old AMD that causes problems (which ARE getting fixed)18:45
Mitizaromy video might be... on the edge18:46
Mitizaroas far as i run some configs18:46
Mitizaroit wants something like18:46
Mitizaroi have18:46
Mitizarodunno what parameter that is18:46
Mitizarobut despite being old - i should be playing that biatch18:46
Mitizaroall i get under vector is18:46
Mitizaroblack screen18:46
Mitizarowhen it launches18:46
Mitizaro(and the mouse)18:46
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:49
Mitizarowell thats it guys18:52
Mitizarooh one last thing -- what is the difference between Xubuntu and Ubuntu?18:52
TheSheepthe set of apps installed by default18:52
knomebazhang, unity.18:53
TheSheepand the desktop environment running by default18:53
bazhangwhy not ask the HoN channel?18:53
bazhangknome, gnome-shell here18:53
Mitizarothats what i do18:58
Mitizaroand i noticed something18:58
Mitizarothat u can help me with18:58
Mitizaroim VERY grateful to u guys18:58
Mitizarou rock!!18:58
Mitizaroi noticed this18:58
Mitizaroroot:# glxinfo | grep -i "opengl\|direct\|server\|client" && lspci | grep -i vga && uname -a18:58
Mitizarodirect rendering: Yes18:58
Mitizaroserver glx vendor string: SGI18:58
Mitizaroserver glx version string: 1.418:58
Mitizaroserver glx extensions:18:58
Mitizaroclient glx vendor string: Mesa Project and SGI18:58
Mitizaroclient glx version string: 1.418:58
Mitizaroclient glx extensions:18:58
MitizaroOpenGL vendor string: nouveau18:58
MitizaroOpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on NV3518:58
MitizaroOpenGL version string: 1.5 Mesa 7.10.218:58
MitizaroOpenGL extensions:18:58
Mitizaro01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV35 [GeForce FX 5900ZT] (rev a1)18:58
MitizaroLinux mitizaro-vector.Linux.net 3.0.8 #1 SMP Sun Oct 30 17:20:23 MDT 2011 i686 Unknow CPU Type AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux18:58
Mitizaroso i noticed18:59
Mitizaroi have18:59
knome!pastebin | Mitizaro18:59
ubottuMitizaro: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:59
Mitizaroi686 processor18:59
knomeMitizaro, and please, don't press enter all the time18:59
knomeMitizaro, this is the second time you've been told that18:59
Mitizaromy question is if i should be wary of some XUBUNTU version for my i686 processor... most of my OS during the years NEVER detect it properly in the info/config files.19:00
faryshtaHi. I am having an efi error here that grub-efi couldn't be installed19:03
koegsMitizaro: what CPU do you have?19:04
MitizaroAMD 2,4GHRZ overclocked with hrz (no voltage upped) to = 2,6 - 2,8GHRz of output19:04
koegsso i suggest using Xubuntu 64bit19:06
Mitizarothats the first time ever i'm going to put x64 on the system... maybe it will actually boost it19:07
koegsMitizaro: you will not really notice any difference in speed19:07
faryshtahow do i use a proxy-script on  apt-get?19:08
silentworkshello, i'm new to xubuntu19:08
koegsfaryshta: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto#Setting_up_apt-get_to_use_a_http-proxy19:08
faryshtakoegs: i don't see the option for proxy script there19:10
koegsfaryshta: what do you mean by "proxy script"19:11
faryshta.pac file19:12
koegsfaryshta: i would suggest looking at the pac file and read the proxy-address from it19:13
faryshtakoegs: tried, not working19:29
LiquidedgeUpgraded to 13.10 and now when I login, right after I put in the password, the screen just freezes.19:32
LiquidedgeI can still get in to terminal, though.19:32
Liquidedgerm -rf /home/myhomedir/.cache/sessions doesn't solve it.19:34
koegsfaryshta: what did you actually try?19:40
faryshtaexport http_proxy=http://XMA3209:noviembre@; sudo apt-get update19:42
faryshtakoegs: do you see any error there?19:46
koegsfaryshta: did you use the sudo comment on the website i gave you?19:49
koegsmaybe it is better to use the "APT configuration file" method ;-)19:49
faryshtakoegs: i am on liveusb19:52
faryshtaso apt configuration file method might not be an option19:52
koegsthen switch to root user with "sudo -i" and use the commands from above19:54
faryshtathat worked. thanks koegs19:54
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LiquidedgeUpgraded to 13.10 and now when I login, right after I put in the password, the screen just freezes.22:00
LiquidedgeI can still get in to terminal, though.22:00
David-ALiquidedge: are you familiar with the concept of moving away dot-files to solve some types of problems?22:17
Liquidedgerm -rf /home/myhomedir/.cache/sessions doesn't solve it.22:18
LiquidedgeIs that the dot file you're talking about?22:18
David-ALiquidedge: thats one of them, but you could move away instead of remove, then you can move them back if it made no change.22:18
LiquidedgeOkay.  Do you have suggestions on which ones?22:19
David-ALiquidedge: there is ~/.config/xfce4 with settings for various xfce programs22:21
LiquidedgeIs there a video settings one?  I feel like maybe resetting those might help.22:21
David-ALiquidedge: is the problem system wide. can you login as another user? guest or other user you know the password of?22:25
LiquidedgeOh, good idea.22:25
Liquidedgelet me check22:25
LiquidedgeYeah.  Can login as guest.22:28
David-ALiquidedge: do you have a customized ~/.xinitrc ?22:29
LiquidedgeNot one I personally customized.  No.22:29
David-ALiquidedge: so, it seems it is a problem of finding the right dot-file to move away.22:30
well_laid_lawnit'll be in .cache or .config afaik22:32
LiquidedgeOne thing it didn't do in guest that it's trying to do under my login is change the resolution.22:37
LiquidedgeIs there something around that I can move or rm?22:38
well_laid_lawnI'd move anything xfce related in ~/.config and ~/.cache22:39
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David-ALiquidedge: and, may I remind you to move instead of remove, if you are not sure what is in the dir.22:41
fonzHello anyone out there?22:41
David-ALiquidedge: (it is sad if google suggests to indiscrimately remove dot files, since some photo apps saves all your life's memories in dot-files)22:42
David-ALiquidedge: (on the other hand, they can loose their life's memories, if they are so lazy they don't have backups)22:44
LiquidedgeYeah, none of that stuff is on the main drive anyway.22:44
fonzRecently updated to 13.10 But now my power management settings are no longer respected. I like to keep my computer on with the lid closed but xubuntu just sets it as hibernating or sleep.22:45
bingo_hello. When Xubuntu updates come out how do i install them?22:50
bingo_Also, how may i get more screensavers?22:51
David-Abingo_: on question 1 I answer, in the Update Manager, there is a button on the top "New release bla bla available" and an "Upgrade"-button.22:53
fonzxubuntu update manager will let you know22:53
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bingo_ok ty22:53
mappshi folks22:53
mappsive been messing about with squid trying to set it up..i installed from source anyway i was tryiong to run it with debug level 1 so i can see output but it says its already running22:54
mappshow can i see the process and kill it? cant see it listed in ps x22:54
David-Abingo_: on question 2 I answer: search for screensaver in the software center (I don't know if all will work)22:54
mappsnoob question i know :D22:54
dupinat indicator plugin i can not control volume how can I fix that23:24
dupinany takers I know it is trivial but still23:27
dupinwell,maybe some other time bye23:29
* dupin is going to sleep23:29

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