arosaleshave  a good weekend00:00
sarnoldbye arosales :)00:01
hazmatmarcoceppi, welcome back01:22
flickerflymarcoceppi, thanks01:25
flickerflySo do need some ppa version other than juju-stable-saucy to get Rackspace connected?01:35
flickerflyI told rackspace I want them to work on juju access.02:44
flickerflyCould use your vote: http://feedback.rackspace.com/forums/71021-product-feedback/suggestions/4997037-document-connecting-juju-to-rackspace-cloud-02:44
marcoceppihazmat: won't be back until tomorrow. looking forward to being home go sure05:11
Luca___marcoceppi: Hi there, I cant find any charm for saucy, do you know whether they are available?06:22
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Luca__Hi there, anybody knows something about bundles in 13.10?15:16
Luca__According to the ubuntu page this release should support them, however I cant find even charms for saucy15:16
Luca__anyody there?15:21
Luca__Hi there15:26
Luca__Hi there, anybody knows something about bundles in 13.10?15:27
Luca__According to the ubuntu page this release should support them, however I cant find even charms for saucy15:27
Luca__jcastro: Hi there, do you have any information about bundles on 13.10?15:28
jcastroLuca__, what do you need to know?15:40
jcastroI blogged some examples15:40
Luca__jcastro: I am trying to a PoC of openstack with 13.10, and following few links I have found, however can only find charms on precise15:41
Luca__and I am kind of lost15:41
jcastrocharms usually deploy precise instances15:43
Luca__however if I issue juju deploy ...... on saucy I most only get ERROR, charm not found15:45
jcastroyou can specify a series15:45
jcastrojuju deploy cs:precise/mysql for example15:46
Luca__right, I did so for saucy15:46
Luca__but not sure it worked15:47
jcastroprobably not, we only have charms for precise in the charm store15:47
Luca__so as far as I understand I cant use juju to deploy something on 13.10? I am sure I am wrong somewhere, but can figure our where15:49
jcastroyou can, it's just we only test for precise15:49
jcastrothough it's probably better to pull down a precise charm and deploy it locally15:50
jcastrothan from the store15:50
jcastrojuju deploy --repository=. local:haproxy15:50
jcastroafter you download the charm15:50
Luca__will try and get charms for precise and deploy locally15:51
jcastrono one's ever really asked for saucy charms before, heh15:51
Luca__yeah, I guess so. Last thing, I know you are doing a great job. I am mainly using this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/OpenStackHA for Openstack but # of servers is limiting factor as well on a virtual environment. Do you know if there is any documentation with a smaller number of servers, maybe using containers or virtaulization?15:54
jcastrowe're working on a bundle that will do just that16:01
jcastrobut it's in progress and not ready16:01
jcastroyou want to ping jamespage about that when he gets back next week if you're interested in checking it out16:01
Luca__sure, thanks a lot, I appreciate!16:02
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lazyPowermarcoceppi: o/23:32
marcoceppi\o lazyPower23:32
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