Wuzzyhi, I have a problem with translation in launchpad. In the original string, there are 13 spaces at the end. The translated string only needs 6 spaces. But no matter how many spaces I add in my translation, launchpad _always_ appends 13 spaces to the translation. How do I get rid of this behaviour?02:32
wgrantWuzzy: It's not possible to make such translations in the web UI; leading and trailing whitespace is normalized to match the English string, as that's almost always the right thing to do. Why do you need a different number of spaces?03:20
WuzzyBecause I am translating an ncurses application in which the number of spaces matters.03:21
wgrantHm, I'd expect the application to implement the padding itself.03:21
WuzzyYeah I know, this sucks.03:21
wgrantHaving it embedded in the strings seems somewhat fragile, as it will break all the translations if they need to widen a column by a single character!03:22
WuzzyYeah I know this sucks.03:22
Wuzzyokay then I have to bother the developers of the application instead ... lol03:23
wgrantHeh, yeah :/03:24
wgrantBut normalizing whitespace is usually the sensible thing to do; translators have a bad habit of missing trailing spaces in particular.03:25
ryanakcaIs there a way to stop receiving PPA related messages for teams you belong to?15:42
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NikThHello , can anyone tell me which e-mail address is used as the forwarded address of @ubuntu.com alias ? The preferred one or the "set as contact" one ?18:05

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