FireAndIceHello everyone!! I've a dual core laptop which had ubuntu installed initially. It was way too slow to do programming. But, after installing lubuntu, its like the hardware has been reinvigorated. Thanks to the lubuntu team.09:56
zleaper what was the website to try and work on a plan to promote lubuntu as a win xp replacement18:32
melodiezleap I don't understand the question18:36
zleapthere is a project for beginners in the early stages to promote lubuntu18:36
zleapits ona  website, just can't remember what website it is18:37
melodieI don't either18:42
zleapthanks anyway18:43
melodiezleap https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StartUbuntu18:43
melodiefound it! ^^18:43
melodieif it is what you are seeking for, it would be in the "What" ยง18:44
zleapthat is what i was looking for,  there are soo many projects etc its hard to remember everything18:46
zleaphi DanS18:51
DanShi zleap18:51
DanScongrats on becoming part of the docs team18:52
melodiezleap I found it in the wiki.ubuntu.com search engine searching for "Lubuntu Windows XP" and then clicking to the next page in the sentence "search in pages"18:53
melodieif that can help you find more easily next time18:53
zleapshould do its saved18:53

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