porkLost4 connection there00:04
porkGot one node00:06
atc3030|ubuntuthats good00:07
porkIt is comissioning00:07
porkStrange that the docs say that you can register nodes without the disk00:08
porkbut I couldn't get the controller to see the node unless I used the install cd00:08
atc3030|ubuntudo you know, with maas, if i ssh into the head/master, can i use the hard drives in the slaves/nodes?00:08
porkNot sure how to access the nodes00:09
porkI think you will need to use a service on top of the metal to access a node's resources00:09
porkI'm just beginning to scratch the surface of Juju00:09
atc3030|ubuntuholy shit00:12
atc3030|ubuntuthat actually helps me to understand quite a bit tbh00:13
atc3030|ubuntubasically, from that, it appears that maas is meant to get everything talking to one another, it is the job of other tools, ie juju to do the more advanced work00:14
porkThe purpose of maas is00:17
porkif I have a spare machine00:17
porkand I want to add it to the cluster00:17
porkit takes 30 seconds00:17
porkthat's really it00:17
porkNo need to manually install/image different machines00:17
porkIt's a really goo solution, in theory00:17
porkIf I can just get it to work, I will be thrilled00:18
atc3030|ubuntuhah. i was thinking it did alot more00:18
atc3030|ubuntuthats what other tools00:18
atc3030|ubuntuare for00:18
porkand Juju just happens to be another Canonical product00:19
porkI'm sure you can use other provisioning tools in place of juju00:19
porkBut for me, one step at a time00:19
atc3030|ubuntuso then how do i install packages across all nodes?00:20
porkI think you need to use juju00:22
porkSo are your nodes working?00:23
atc3030|ubuntuim not working with the system right now. i gotta roll for a couple minutes. gotta go take grandma to the airport then ill be back00:24
atc3030|ubuntuill be back in about a half hour00:24
porkI'll be up, hahah00:24
atc3030|ubuntuill be in on my phone in a sec00:25
porkHahah if you wanna use gchat instead, im at jkurtisr32@gmail.com00:25
atc3030|ubuntuim back now lol01:12
porkGood to see you're still alive01:13
porkI've been having some luck01:13
porkNot really the way I imagined my Friday night01:14
atc3030|ubuntuthats good to hear lol01:14
atc3030|ubuntui normally dont do much on fridays lol01:14
atc3030|ubuntuor saturdays for that matter01:14
porkI should be downtown right now01:15
atc3030|ubuntuI am in marching band so during band I am always out and about. and on fridays and saturdays i am out partying all night01:15
atc3030|ubuntubut after band season until winter break, i usually party in on the weekends01:15
porkWhat school?01:15
atc3030|ubuntudoesnt mean i dont get completely piss drunk some nights though01:15
atc3030|ubuntumiami university in oxford ohio01:16
porkI went to Case01:16
porkNot far at all01:16
atc3030|ubuntuI may actually be in canton in a couple weeks if my high school goes to state champs01:17
atc3030|ubuntucolerain grad01:17
porkI guess Ohio is just full of us nerds01:18
porkthat in an irc filled with people from all over the world01:18
porkwe have the same issue01:18
porkwith some obscure server tech01:18
atc3030|ubuntumust be an ohio thing01:19
porkhell yeah01:19
porkSo tell me about the setup you got working01:20
porkYou had no router config01:20
porkbut you were still able to reg and config nodes to the maas server?01:21
atc3030|ubuntuthe way i had it running was head running both region/cluster controller with eth0 hooked up to the switch. the switch had each node connected. each node I then setup to pxe boot. I grabbed the mac address and would add it through the web interface. by the time the node requested the image to boot, the maas server would already know about the node, and would send it the image01:23
atc3030|ubuntuI logged in before i started adding nodes and did the "accept-all" thing01:23
porkI see01:23
atc3030|ubuntuI successfully added 2 nodes, however, the 2 i added never came back online automatically because they do not support wol01:24
porkdid any of the machines have internet access?01:24
atc3030|ubuntuwell, let me correct01:24
atc3030|ubuntuthe bios/mb does not support wol itself01:24
porkI see01:24
atc3030|ubuntubut the NIC that i was using in both machines (they are identical) do01:24
porkI see01:24
atc3030|ubuntuand I had them configured to do so in their own config01:24
porkBut all of these things went through a switch, not a router?01:25
atc3030|ubuntuhowever,  i believe that since the mb doesnt support it, they dont have power to even smell/hear/receive/know about the packets01:25
porkI think that is the case, because the bios would still have to flip the power somewhere01:25
porkI see01:25
porkAnd you were able to COMISSION nodes, and they were "ready"?01:26
porkbecause when I used that setup, the nodes wouldn't commssion01:26
atc3030|ubuntuI got the first on to commission01:26
atc3030|ubuntuyes, the second one no01:27
atc3030|ubuntubecause at 330 am last night01:27
atc3030|ubuntuI got frustrated and said fuck it01:27
atc3030|ubuntui didnt feel like figuring out why the second one wouldnt come back on01:27
porkwell, am thinking that both should work, but I think that running the dhcp server might be the best method01:27
atc3030|ubuntuwhat I do need to find out though, is why maas shuts the node down completely01:27
atc3030|ubuntubecause in my case, the dell2950's that i have for the first 2 nodes do not like the reboot command01:28
porkideally, maas shuts them down because it thinks that it can turn them back on when they're needed01:28
atc3030|ubuntui understand that01:28
atc3030|ubuntui had an issue on an ubuntu install on the 2950 model before01:28
atc3030|ubuntuif i ran "sudo reboot"01:29
atc3030|ubuntuthe server would shut down and never power all the way back up, everything (fans, hdds) still spinning, screen still lit, but never booted back into os, network signal went down everything01:29
porkit would go off?01:29
porkand stay off01:29
atc3030|ubuntuhowever, if i ran "sudo shutdown -r now" it would reboot like normal01:30
porkThat's what mine did01:30
atc3030|ubuntuand come back without issue01:30
atc3030|ubuntucorrect, running reboot, I would never see it again without holding the power button physically for ~5s01:30
porkYou are still ahead of me01:45
porkI can't get these fuckers to comission01:45
porkI am trying it your way01:48
porkI can't get it to work the way you did without telling my router where to send pxe boot clients01:57
porkAre you sure that you didn't have to modify your router?01:58
porkbas mirror03:05
porkbad mirror***03:05
AskUbuntuMAaS Error on pxe image importing time | http://askubuntu.com/q/37780405:01
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