bertjerredhi - i'm brand new at programming & trying to make something with ubuntu sdk. also kind of new to irc. can i ask some 'new guy' questions?01:26
bertjerredtrying to make a frontend for dmg2img...01:29
Elleobertjerred: sure, ask away; you might also find helpful hints in the cookbook and on askubuntu01:30
Elleobertjerred: also, you wouldn't happen to be the creative commons folk music making bert jerred would you?01:32
bertjerredhey now - that's me! wha??01:32
bertjerreda wannabe programmer, too.01:33
Elleoheh, one of the projects I hack on is libre.fm which tries to make CC music discoverable in a similar way to last.fm, so I've come across your stuff a fair bit :)01:33
bertjerredthat is hilarious. :) can i ask you some really basic c++ things?01:34
Elleosure, feel free :)01:34
Elleoalthough I might not be around too much longer, is 1:35am over here01:34
bertjerredthat's okay - I'll throw one out there before you have to go - I use QFileDialog to browse for a file, but I don't know how to pass the address of the file to a lineEdit. Does that make sense?01:36
bertjerredmaybe we can talk about it another time, too - so you can get some sleep. :)01:38
Elleookay, well there's two parts to that really; 1) Getting the file path from the qfiledialog and 2) putting it in the qlineedit01:38
Elleoare you familiar with Qt's signals and slots at all yet?01:39
DasGoatHello everyone.01:39
bertjerredsignals & slots: only barely. Also, Hi DasGoat!01:39
bertjerredin a way, you've told me what to read up on next. ;)01:40
Elleothe really high level description of what you need to do would be to connect a slot (basically a specially designated method) to the qfiledialog's fileSelected signal01:40
bertjerredok - that makes some sense...01:41
DasGoatI was wondering is anyone could answer two quick questions. The first question is: where are the help files? One of the tutorials I am doing says to click on the element (Image, for example) and then press F1. the help box loads, but there is not contecnt in the help box.01:41
Elleowhen a file gets selected the qfiledialog will call send its signal to your slot (essentially calling your function with the file path as a parameter)01:41
Elleothen inside that function you can just call your qlineedit's insert() method, passing in that file path01:41
Elleothat might not all make sense straight off, but if you can find a nice quick tutorial on slots and signals it'll hopefully drop into place01:42
DasGoatI can provide a video link for a signal example.01:43
Elleobertjerred: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/signalsandslots.html might be a good place to start01:43
ElleoDasGoat: oh that sounds good01:43
bertjerredOh man - that is SUPER helpful. Now I know what to look up. And sure - I'd love a video link. Thanks!01:43
bertjerredP.S. New music coming soon. ;)01:44
DasGoathere is that video link for a tutorial on signals   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20utcSsTUZQ01:44
ElleoDasGoat: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ <-- those are the ubuntu sdk specific docs01:44
DasGoatI have not used IRC in years, how to I wisper again?01:45
Elleonot sure if that'll cover exactly what you were looking for without knowing what the example was about01:45
ElleoDasGoat: /msg person your message01:45
bertjerredFantastic - I guess I'd better get reading/watching - thanks everyone!01:45
Elleoe.g. /msg Elleo you rock ;)01:45
Elleobertjerred: great :)01:45
DasGoatThank you01:45
DasGoatIt is if Cononical striped out the basic help files that explain how functions like Image or Text or Rectangle work01:48
DasGoatwhere did I go?01:48
DasGoatOh, I am back now.01:49
ElleoDasGoat: you'll find the docs for all the fundamental QML types here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/QtQuick/01:49
DasGoatAnyway, it seems like the help files are missing. If I click on a function like Rectangle I should be able to press F1 and get a help file on Rectange with examples on usage.01:49
Elleoit looks like the QML help files aren't bundled with the SDK at the moment, you might want to file a bug about that01:50
Elleobut for now you can get at them all on the website, e.g. http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/QtQuick.Rectangle/01:50
DasGoatyeah, and the help files at the link you gave me, Elleo, are not as useful as the ones that come with Qt.01:52
ElleoDasGoat: you can also find them on the Qt site: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qml-qtquick2-rectangle.html01:53
Elleothey're basically identical except that the example images are missing from the Ubuntu clone at the moment01:53
DasGoatWowsers! Does anyone know of a way to extract the help files from, say, the basic Qt installation and port them to the Ubuntu SDK?01:53
ElleoDasGoat: I expect just replacing the qtcreator.qch with the one from a stock qtcreator install would do the trick01:54
ElleoDasGoat: that's stored in /usr/share/qtcreator/doc01:54
Elleoanyway, that's me done for the evening; good night :)01:56
DasGoatI have another question. The tutorials I have found use a Stock Qt on Ubuntu 12.04. In that version of Qt Creator, the project file is listed in the creator Open documents area, but the SDK one does not show the project file. Is there a way to correct this?01:57
DasGoatThank Elleo, i will try your suggestion01:58
DasGoatthe path /usr/share/qtcreator/ does not exist?02:00
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bertjerredhttp://dmgmounter.blogspot.com/2013/11/dmgmounter-progress-11-16-2013.html hi all - looking for some dummy-proof suggestions here... thanks if you can!15:11
Das_Good morning everyone16:22
Das_I have a few general questions I am hopeing someone can help with.16:22
Das_I notice that the help pages do not load in the Ubuntu SDK. Elleo suggested that I copy the qtcreator.qch file from another, working version and replace my existing file16:23
Das_That don't work. Anyone have another suggestions?16:24
Das_Is anyone alive in here?16:29
Das_<--- whistling in the dark ...16:39

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