ricotzdarkxst, hi09:04
ricotzdarkxst, i am going to push cogl/clutter 1.16 to staging and do rebuilds of the 3.10 stack, and collect the pieces afterwards09:08
darkxstricotz, sure, I already tested a bit on my ppa09:18
darkxstapart from rebuilds seems ok09:19
darkxstricotz, btw, I have gnome-shell crashing everytime I unlock, you seen this? or perhaps it due to the 8 or so patches I reverted for upower09:20
ricotzdarkxst, ok09:25
ricotzdarkxst, yeah, could be related09:25
ricotzbetter get a trace of it09:25
darkxstricotz, yeh, will do, ran out of time today though09:33
RzRis there a 700MB iso somewhere ?09:58
RzRnpm, hey i see famillar names here11:07
ricotzdarkxst, don't worry -- also bump the mutter library package to "d" for 3.1111:31
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Anarch_hello guys, can anybody help me ? i have Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04, but i hate Unity and GNome3, i want have only gnome2 like 10.04 in 12.04, how can i do it ? thnx13:11
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sam113101I find ubuntu gnome more stable than ubuntu unity, is that weird?23:41
sam113101IĀ also find ubuntu gnome less buggy than fedora with gnome, is that weird?23:42

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