BenCslangasek: in saucy, linux-libc-dev:i386 and linux-libc-dev:powerpc cannot be installed at the same time :/00:25
slangasekhmm, really?  they're at the same version00:26
slangasekso they ought to be00:26
slangasekBenC: pastebin me some apt output?00:27
BenCslangasek: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6423974/00:51
BenCslangasek: so a version mismatch of 3.11.0-12.19(ppc) and will make it uninstallable?01:01
BenCSeems so...I can install it now01:01
BenCSRU mismatch01:01
BenCslangasek: libc6-dev conflicts now (installing :powerpc removes :i386)01:11
BenCslangasek: how I can get apt-get to show how it's depsolving this?01:11
BenCIt's the same version, too01:11
slangasekapt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=yes  ?01:12
BenCslangasek: And sorry, it's libc6-dev:amd64 it is conflicting with01:14
slangasekstill shouldn't conflict - but they do have to be at the same version01:14
BenCThey are the same version.01:16
slangasekwhat does 'apt-get install libc6-dev:amd64 libc6-dev:powerpc' say?01:16
BenCIt appears part of the problem has to do with libc6-dev-powerpc-cross01:16
slangasekah, hmm01:16
slangasekok, that's odd01:21
slangasekand an 'apt-get -f install' doesn't fall over, or something?01:21
BenCslangasek: tries to upgrade linux-libc-dev:amd64, but that's all01:27
slangasekah, so you probably need that upgrade to happen first01:27
slangasekand then the rest of the conflicts should just go away01:27
BenCIf I upgrade that, it removes linux-libc-dev:powerpc01:28
BenCBecause then it doesn't match versions01:28
slangasekwell, you need them to be matched01:28
BenClinux-libc-dev:(amd64|powerpc) are matched on the system right now01:29
BenCAnd everything is satisfied01:29
slangasekbut 'apt-get -f install' wants to upgrade it?01:29
slangasekthat's strange01:29
BenCYou're right, that is strange, but it gave me no problems on downgrade01:29
slangasekthis is amd64?01:29
slangasek(the main architecture)01:29
BenC$ dpkg --print-architecture 01:30
slangasekwhy can you not upgrade both :amd64 and :powerpc?01:30
BenCOh, wait!01:31
BenCMaybe I should add powerpc updates and security :/01:31
slangasekyes :)01:31
BenCDamnit...that fixes the linux-libc-dev problem, but still won't let me install libc6-dev:powerpc01:34
BenCslangasek: apt-get -f install01:35
BenCNow shows nothing01:35
BenCNo upgrades available01:35
BenCslangasek: I've purged all the powerpc packages...starting from scratch...what's the main package to install to get this rolling?01:46
BenCslangasek: So the main thing is I can install a cross build environment without problems, base build...but to install libncurses5-dev:powerpc requires linux-libc-dev:powerpc (as opposed to linux-libc-dev-cross-powerpc)01:54
BenCThere is no complimentary libncurses5-dev-cross-powerpc :/01:55
BenCslangasek: so "apt-get install libc6-dev:powerpc" wanted to remove gcc, but "apt-get install libc6-dev:powerpc gcc" allowed it to install without issue03:38
BenCslangasek: Sounds like a problem in apt-get's dep solver relating to Multi-Arch03:38
linuxtechI have an old laptop that I upgraded to saucy and it will only boot the earlier 3.8 kernel.  The 3.11, including the proposed, hangs on "Platform eisa.0: Probing EISA bus 0"  I also tried the 3.12.0-999 kernel at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/daily/2013-11-07-saucy/ Any suggestions?04:12
apwlinuxtech, you should file a bug with 'ubuntu-bug linux' and let us know the number, note in the description that the version you are reporting on works, and which versios you have tried which do not.  we can then suggest some versions to try to identify where the issue was introduced14:11
jovandohello everybody, i need help for my other pc, because i cant boot anymore after kernel-test-phase19:06
jovandothis is the mail after i have reported to launchpad: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6376813/19:09
jovandoplease help!!19:10
jovandoThe main problem is because of the fail load of fallback graphics devices19:14
jovandoany idea?19:14
melodiewhat is your gpu?19:15
JanCjovando: selecting another kernel in the boot menu doesn't work?19:15
jovandoyes it doesn+19:16
JanCwait, you're using Netrunner, not Ubuntu?19:17
jovandobefore testing a new kernel (according to kernel team or launchpad) the last kernel i could use was the kernel "Netrunner, with Linux 3.2.0-52-generic-pae"19:18
jovandoafter installing the test kernel i was able to boot one time to KDE but after a recommended restart -> no kernel work any more because of the fallback graphic devices *fail*19:19
JanC"VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation G96M [GeForce 9600M GT] [10de:0649] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])"19:20
jovandoyes and they forwarded me to ubuntu-kernel forum, because this is a kernel-issue19:20
jovandoyes this is my graphic card19:21
jovandodoes anyone have any idea to prevent the fail of fallback graphic devices?19:22
JanCjovando: I'm not sure if Netrunner has different kernels from Ubuntu's?19:22
melodieJanC do you have the non free driver for nvidia installed?19:24
melodieand I am assuming nouveau would be installed in your system19:25
jovandoi am also not very good at linux issues, because i use linux since 2 years (just for information)19:25
melodieI started in 200519:25
jovandoi dont know if there are different kernels - the next is that i use a pae kernel version19:25
melodieand I am not yet good at all issues although I used several families of distributions over time19:25
jovandoat "additional drivers" i have installed the recommended driver19:26
jovandoi think version 34719:26
JanCjovando: one problem is that you seem to use Netrunner, not Ubuntu, and this is a channel for Ubuntu; maybe there is a channel for Netrunner somewhere?19:26
melodiejovando do you have nvidia non free blob or not? If you do, you could start a live, chroot and remove the nvidia (apt-get autoremove --purge -y nvidia)19:26
jovandoi dont know if this was a non-free driver....19:26
melodiejovando what does the error in /var/log/Xorg.0.log say?19:27
JanCif Netrunner is enough like Ubuntu, that might work...19:27
jovandowhat is nouveau?19:27
melodiejovando try this command:19:27
melodienouveau is the free driver19:27
melodieand it works (now)19:27
melodieso your system might meet with a conflict between drivers, so for the testing purposes at least you should remove nvidia driver19:28
melodieif you have it installed19:28
jovandonetrunner is very similar a kubuntu version19:28
melodieyou should look from within a live cd or live usb if you find the error messages related to "Driver" in /var/log/Xorg.0.log 19:29
melodiejovando just do that, boot to live and have a look, then if you have nvidia installed, just remove it19:29
melodieyou know how to chroot probably?19:29
jovandook, the problem is i cant boot - how can i look and report the "Driver" in /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?19:29
melodieand mount and or bind /dev to dev/ and such?19:30
melodiejovando with a LIVE CD19:30
melodieI just told you19:30
jovandosry, what does chroot means?19:30
jovandojep, sry one moment i will try19:31
melodiechroot means you change the root19:32
melodiewhen the partition / is mounted, to /media for example19:32
melodiethen you cd to /media19:32
jovandook, cd boot now ...19:32
melodiethen the command "sudo chroot ." will get the / of the distro which is in the hdd at the level of the / of the live19:32
melodiefrom within the console of course19:33
melodieyou have to mount a few more things first so that what you will do in the chroot is well registered in the system 19:33
melodieI think this is appropriate:19:33
melodiemount none -t proc /proc19:33
melodiemount none -t sysfs /sys19:33
melodiemount none -t devpts /dev/pts19:33
jovandook, it needs a little bit time - still booting19:33
melodieonce the / of the hdd mounted to /media of course19:34
melodiejovando take note19:34
jovandothanks in advance for advise19:34
melodieof the two following links:19:34
melodieI don't know the mount and bind relevant commands by heart so I go to that page to find them again when in need:19:34
melodieif you meet with error messages about other directories not mounted when you will be in the chroot just leave the chroot by typing "exit" in the console, and add the missing mount point, then again chroot19:35
melodiejust pay attention : /dev is not the same thing as dev/ : according to where in the system you are located from within the console19:36
melodieonce chrooted, you can seek for nvidia in the chrooted system, ie with a command such as "dpkg -S nvidia"19:36
melodieif you see a long list then it means it is installed19:36
jovandook, i try the point: Update Failure19:37
melodieif you just type "apt-get autoremove --purge -y nvidia" and it does remove nvidia and packages it is as good19:37
melodieI am hurrying because it's almost time for dinner her19:37
melodieI don't know what is "Update Failure" ?19:37
jovandounder you first link: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery19:38
melodiejovando this first link is just to tell you how to use a live cd, all the rest may not refer to your present case19:41
melodiewhile I'm here I have a general question, does someone know how long the SRU process can be before a patch committed by someone hits the newer kernel coming in the repos?19:42
melodieI have a concern about the 3.2.0 serie for Precise because I can't use zram-config with it19:42
jovandowhat does SRU process mean?19:43
melodiethanks google "SRU Ubuntu" ;-)19:44
jovandoi can just say that approx. every 2 weeks i have to update my kernel over the repos, but you mean something different, don't you?19:47
jovandook, i have studied the links19:53
jovandonow you recommend to purge via: apt-get autoremove --purge -y nvidia?19:54
jovandohave a good snack first, melodie :-)19:57
jovandook, so first i have to change root before i can purge?20:01
jovandocan anyone give me advise what to do next?20:04
jovandoor can somebody give me advise to chroot?20:07
jovandoDo i need the packages "Casper" and "debootstrap"?20:10
jovandoi found another way to purge, but the console says: E: Unable to locate package nvidia20:16
jovandowhat can i use instead of: apt-get autoremove --purge -y nvidia?20:16
melodiejovando reread what I told you:20:19
melodiemount the system partition, do the necessary bindings, then chroot to be *inside* the system20:19
melodiethen type your remove command line20:19
jovandoi try but i am also not so good in english20:20
melodiejovando if you don't talk English of French I can't help more :)20:20
melodiebeing good in English will come with practice, don't worry about that20:20
jovandoi try my best20:20
jovandook, i am booting now the live cd again20:21
jovandoso i am at gui of live cd20:22
jovandothe link says i need casper for chroot,,? it's a little bit difficult for me to know what i need to solve the problem20:22
jovandook, now i have also internet on live cd20:24
jovandoi think i have mounted the hard-disks now20:26
jovandoi think i have chroot with sudo, the only problem is that the nvidia package is unable to locate20:28
jovandodo you know what to do in this case?20:28
linuxtechapw: bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1251816  Boot failure with saucy kernel 3.11 probing eisa20:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 1251816 in linux (Ubuntu) "Boot failure with saucy kernel 3.11 probing eisa" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:33
melodiejovando you don't need casper to chroot /o\20:39
melodiejovando if you chrooted then do this command now:20:40
melodiegrep Driver /var/log/Xorg.0.log and paste the result to http://pastebin.com20:40
melodiethen bring back the url20:40
melodiegrep will filter and seek the word Driver in the Xorg.0.log file which is under /var/log and we will see what it says20:41
melodieor you could as well copy the whole file Xorg.0.log to pastebin and I will look 20:41
jovandook, om20:42
melodiejovando ping me once done, I'll be talking on other chans too20:43
melodiejovando from lines 14 to 26 it shows you have the nouveau driver in action. so do just the reverse that I told you: install the non free driver nvidia and remove nouveau driver and nouveau firmware20:48
melodiethen reboot once or twice 20:48
melodiethe package name you will find with "dpkg -S nouveau"20:48
melodiepackage names*20:48
melodieinstall nvidia first20:48
melodieI think the nvidia current version should do, perhaps checking this detail at geforce website would help ensure it is correct20:49
jovandothis is the hole file of Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/642842820:50
melodiejovando ok so don't do what I just said20:51
melodielook at lines 107 to 11020:51
melodieand then I'll explain what I think20:51
k1l_make sure you got the kernel headers20:53
jovandook, so the module does not exist20:53
melodieno no20:53
melodienot just that20:53
jovandook, just one information in advance: i am still in live boot - is this ok?20:53
melodiethe last file is not complete20:53
melodieyou might want to install pastebinit and do "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"20:54
melodieyes, you need to be in the live boot in chroot in a console to be inside the system which is on the hard drive20:54
melodiein the chroot type "apt-get install pastebinit20:55
melodiewithout the quotes of course20:55
melodietell me if you can install it?20:55
jovandook, so i already used chroot and i wasnt aware of that?20:55
melodieaware of what?20:55
jovandothat i chroot20:56
jovandoi didnt installed anything of that what was in your link - i just used sudo20:56
melodiewell when you are in a swimming pool under the water with a diving equipment you are aware where you are, right?20:56
melodiewhen you are in a chroot you are root20:57
melodieso you don't need sudo20:57
melodiewhen you are in a chrooted system in a console you have the # at the end of the prompt20:57
melodieand when you type "ls" you see all the directories which are inside / in your hard drive. Is that ok ?20:57
melodiein the normal live system when you open a console you are in /home/ubuntu : is that ok so far?20:58
jovandothe # isnt here, but i can see all in the system with ls - this is how i reported the xorg.0.log file20:58
melodiethe # must be there20:59
melodieif you report the wrong file system it is meaningless20:59
melodieyour prompt does not show20:59
melodieI'll chroot one of my own systems and paste the result to show you21:00
jovandoat this here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6428411/21:00
melodieI will chroot this one:21:00
melodie/dev/sdb3: LABEL="MiniBuntu" UUID="2faa1046-6563-4f33-b82c-ce316f35664a" TYPE="ext4" PTTYPE="dos" PARTUUID="000c3e38-03"21:00
melodiethere: is "netrunner@netrunner:~$"21:01
melodienot good21:01
melodieyou are user in the live system21:01
jovandowhat do you do to know so much about that?21:01
melodiewe need to be root inside the system21:01
jovandook, i hope it is not complicated to chroot21:02
melodieI have been using and learning since 2004 without stopping one day, you don't want to know all about the file system and all tips and tricks just in two years, do you?21:02
jovandohow can i do that?21:02
melodieit is not once you will have understood the principle, just look at the example I will provide now and you might get it instantly21:02
melodie<melodie> I will chroot this one:21:02
melodie<melodie> /dev/sdb3: LABEL="MiniBuntu" UUID="2faa1046-6563-4f33-b82c-ce316f35664a" TYPE="ext4" PTTYPE="dos" PARTUUID="000c3e38-03"21:02
melodie[joyce@squirrel:~]$ sudo mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt21:03
jovandoi learnt much, but the terminal commands are not so easy for me...21:03
melodie[joyce@squirrel:~]$ 21:03
melodiejust read please, for now and stay focused21:03
melodienow my mini buntu is mounted to the /mnt directory21:03
melodie$ cd /mnt21:04
melodiebin   dev  home        lib         media  opt   root  sbin     srv  tmp  var21:04
melodieboot  etc  initrd.img  lost+found  mnt    proc  run   selinux  sys  usr  vmlinuz21:04
melodielet's say I have done the mount and bind necessary to have the /dev partition under /mnt populated21:05
melodieor not: I will do the mount commands21:05
melodie$ sudo mount -o bind  /dev dev/21:05
jovandoi can i find out which disk to mount?21:05
melodiewith "sudo blkid" you will get information about all partitions available, be they mounted or not mounted21:06
melodie$ sudo mount -o bind /sys/ sys/21:06
melodie$ sudo mount -o bind /dev/pts dev/pts/21:07
melodienext is just typing:21:07
melodie$ sudo chroot .21:07
melodiethe . means "here"21:07
melodienow my prompt is this : root@squirrel:/# 21:07
melodiethe # pwd command tells me where I am:21:08
melodieroot@squirrel:/# pwd21:08
jovandook, but first i have to do the sudo mount -o bind ...21:08
melodieI have "CHanged Root"21:08
jovandook, so easy :-)21:09
jovandoi am root now21:09
jovandowith the #21:09
melodieyes, because it will allow populating the /dev partition of your system in hdd and it will allow for some logs to be updated when you will install or uninstall some components21:09
melodiejovando you see? A good example is better than a long explanation21:09
jovandojep :-)21:09
melodiecheck if you are having the network connection, do a ping to google.com for instance (in the chroot)21:10
melodieI am not sure I provided all the mount commands necessary but if you see a message error later it will be easy to correct and add a missing mount (by exiting the chroot, adding the missing mount point and chrooting again)21:11
jovandoyes i have ping of approx. 200 21:11
melodiesomething is wrong in your pastebin21:12
melodievery wrong21:12
melodieI will comment line by line21:12
melodienetrunner@netrunner:/$ sudo mount /dev/sdb3 /mnt21:12
melodieyou have assumed that your /dev/sdb3 is the same as mine. Huge error, in your partition it is a Windows install or other Windows partition21:13
melodieas says the sentence:21:13
melodie"Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.21:13
melodieThe volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which21:13
melodiecould be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command."21:13
melodie(I should get paid for a full course)21:14
melodiejovando you were already in the / of the live:21:14
melodienetrunner@netrunner:/$ sudo blkid21:14
melodiesee ?21:14
jovandoyes you should get paid :-)21:14
melodieand from there you have just chrooted !21:15
jovandoi can send you via ... anything21:15
melodieyou didn't even read the warning !21:15
melodiehere is not the good chan for a full course, come to #linuxvillage and I might point to a Free software actor where you can send a little donation if you are willing to21:16
k1l_jovando: i dont think that this fits into the kernel channel. its very low level support asked from you: see this german ubuntu chroot howto http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/chroot/Live-CD    21:18
jovandoi think i know what you mean21:18
k1l_and again: no guarantee that this works with netrunner OS. i would suggest to talk to their support21:18
jovandoi should mount the right partition first - then i go in with chroot21:18
jovandoshould we go an in the other channel now?21:19
melodiek1l_ it's ok I take it from here with jovando on my chan dedicated to all topics 21:34

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