Pici <wilee-nilee> yeyeman, You find the cats in corsets site and need just need some huh. ;)  o.)01:07
ubottuIn #ubuntu, sawyer_ said: ubottu this scentance is false.04:15
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IdleOne@mark jackarg is using peppermint and not ubuntu15:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.15:11
bazhang<ubuntuguru12> slackware is based off ubuntu now16:56
DJonesWow, I'm going back to slackware then, I've not used it since 10.216:59
bazhanggot him in PM, no response17:04
DJonesYou're welcome to that, I'm pulling out whatever hair I've got left setting up father-in-laws new Windows 8 laptop17:08
bazhangporkman1 is asking a lot of the same type questions17:15
ikoniaslackware isn't based from ubuntu ??17:24
ubottuIn #ubuntu, madadam said: ubottu, so the problem is unsolved?17:26
LjLikonia: note the reason i asked him is question is because his ident/realname show he's using a Mac OS X IRC client17:36
ikoniayeah, I did notice that, I also don't believe a word he's saying to be honest as he's avoiding any technical question to just complain17:37
LjLyes i do think he's trolling17:37
bazhangsame os x client that ubunturugr12 the slackware is based on ubuntu guy17:37
ubottuIn ubottu, Jebus said: It is okay neither do I21:04
JebusThere is a red ! at the top right hand corner I press it and it open update manager and when I check for updates it says Failed to download repository information Check your internet connection21:07
k1l_Jebus: this is not a technical support channel. this is the operators channel21:08

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