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xperiahi. small question. is anybody working to make ubuntu-touch work with openembedded. openembedded is a amazing powerfull build environment that support lot of devices. it would be amazing to have ubuntu touch as option to compile with openembedded!00:59
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pacificfilsthis place is always so quiet.02:03
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AskUbuntuHow to setting a proxy in ubuntu touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/37782506:11
NimbleI'm installing ubuntu touch to my nexus 4, I followed the instructions at http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/install after backing everything up and I got the following warning when I ran the terminal command08:29
NimbleWARNING:phablet-flash:--no-backup is deprecated, use --bootstrap instead08:29
Nimbleis this anything to worry about?08:30
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nhainesNimble: nope, you're fine.11:08
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bjv1i dont see an equivalent to the cm extract-files.sh in git://phablet.ubuntu.com/aosp/platform/manifest.git device/ directory (branch phablet-4.4_r1)14:27
bjv1is the idea to 1) manually/script to copy over the items in proprietary-blobs.txt14:28
bjv1then 2) run device/lge/hammerhead/self-extractors/files-by-owner.sh  to prepare the makefiles?14:28
bjv1i guess then 3) device/lge/hammerhead/vendorsetup.sh  to set the lunch target14:33
bjv1(i've successfully built CM one time for nexus5, but i would not say I am experienced compiling android OS's)14:34
Tassadarbjv1: there's a good chance Ubuntu Touch won't work with n5's binaries, because it is based of cm 10.114:35
bjv1Tassadar: figured i'd give the phablet-4.4_r1 port a whirl14:36
bjv1see where it got me14:36
bjv1i know14:36
Tassadarokay then, good luck with it14:37
danes123hello, the instructions to install ubuntu in tablet tf700 have broken links https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/tf700t. Are developers aware of this? Are there new instructions to install ubuntu on the transformer 700 tablet?14:40
bjv1danes123: surely that is a port?   a device not officially supported by the Canonical team?14:42
danes123no, I am not sure :( Is the TF700 supported?14:43
bjv1danes123: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices          only  Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Nexus 7 (2012-version) and Galaxy Nexus (GSM version) are official devices14:53
bjv1you can try contacting the Launchpad people listed on the transformer wiki page14:53
bjv1or post on XDA forums14:53
bjv1or if you know what the new links are, you could edit the wiki page yourself14:54
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bjv1ah, i see15:11
bjv1google.com provides driver packages, so CM extract-files.sh is not needed for a Nexus device15:12
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lupineello ello. I'm considering getting a nexus 7 and slapping ubuntu on it. was wondering if support for cellular connectivity is there yet?18:15
lupinethe spreadsheet (just-discovered) says N/A for mobile data on nexus 7, but you can get them with 4G/LTE18:19
AskUbuntuQt 5.2 usage in Ubuntu Touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/37804718:23
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bjv1I am trying to make sense of the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AndroidDevel   "Removals" sections as applies to the new phablet AOSP branches18:44
bjv1when i "source build/envsetup.sh && lunch hammerhead && make -j 5"18:45
bjv1build errors out with: build/core/base_rules.mk:134: *** ubuntu/hybris/compat/media: MODULE.TARGET.EXECUTABLES.codec already defined by frameworks/av/cmds/stagefright.  Stop.18:45
bjv1thought I could place a "<remove-project name="frameworks/av" />" in .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml, but repo sync reports18:47
bjv1"fatal: remove-project element specifies non-existent project: frameworks/av"18:47
bjv1for some reason18:47
bjv1technically, I did:   "source build/envsetup.sh && croot && ./extract-broadcom-hammerhead.sh && ./extract-lge-hammerhead.sh && ./extract-qcom-hammerhead.sh && make clobber && lunch hammerhead && make -j 5"18:51
bjv1hm, i dont see a codec: target anywhere19:30
bjv1ah, platform20:14
bjv1is the root project name20:14
bjv1so local_manifests:   <remove-project name="platform/frameworks/av" />20:15
bjv1"make: *** No rule to make target `out/target/product/hammerhead/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libcamera_client_intermediates/export_includes', needed by `out/target/product/hammerhead/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libandroid_runtime_intermediates/import_includes'.  Stop."20:18
bjv1so, wrong move20:19
taiebotHi all. Anyone knowing the answer at the riddling app level 4 a boy? Being stuck for month tried everything but i am giving up anyone who could share the answer?21:15
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Nimblefor some reason I can't make calls with my nexus 422:03
NimbleI can send and receive text messages and get data over 3G22:03
Nimblebut no calls22:03
half_mastIs anyone else getting network error when trying to update apps?22:06
user82has anyone tested ubuntu touch on nexus 4 with radio .97 and bootloader 30d?23:14
user82(coming from the kitkat factory image)23:14
user82or do i need to replace the bootloader anyway?23:14

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