arunHello all the Guys , I needed some help about the language08:11
sasa84hi arun08:13
arunsasa84: hello08:13
arunsasa84: I wanted to have a language get added , but how can I do that ???08:13
sasa84arun, for a list of available translation? let's say you want to have "german" also?08:14
arunsasa84: I am wanting a new language08:15
arunsasa84: to get added in my system08:15
sasa84to your system? not launchpad?08:15
arunsasa84: probably both08:15
sasa84arun, for your system...go to system settings08:16
sasa84you have ubuntu 13.10?08:16
arunsasa84: We have initiated the translation in Launchpad but need to add the language in the System too..08:16
arunsasa84: yes I have08:17
sasa84or open dash and type language or something ... and choose there another language08:18
arunsasa84: I have submitted the locale to the glibc08:18
arunsasa84: is it the step to be done to add a new language??08:19
sasa84ok... maybe there haven't been any updates from launchpad?08:19
arunsasa84: nope...08:20
arunsasa84: It is not in the Ubuntu repo of Launchpad08:20
arunsasa84: Let me make u clear about it ; I am a developer and I am wanting to add a new language in my Distro, of course it is Ubuntu based , and I wanted the language to get installed it in ; the language name is Chitwania Tharu code=the"08:21
Noskcajdetails of the language are at http://www.ethnologue.com/language/the08:24
arunNoskcaj: yes thats it08:26
arunand it is also commited /added in the glibc08:26
arunsudo apt-get install git08:27

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