=== scarlett_ is now known as sgclark
sgclarkhello :)23:38
belkinsaHey there, I think I know you who you are.  You are Scarlett Clark, right?23:39
sgclarkyep that is me !23:39
belkinsaAre you new to the Ubuntu Women Team?23:39
sgclarkI have been on the mailing for a long time, only recently active23:40
belkinsaI see.  I didn't see you on the LP team for Ubuntu Women.23:40
sgclarkI joined the outreach one, is there another?23:41
sgclarkI have successfully joined, thank you23:42
belkinsaI think it's useful to join that one.  I think it allows you to do wiki page editting for the Ubuntu Women wiki23:42
belkinsaPlus, it shows who are the members.23:43
belkinsaWell, at least.23:43
belkinsaCarp, wrong channel, we should be in #ubuntu-women23:44
belkinsaThis is a logged channel.23:44

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