Kilosguten morgen you herren okes05:56
kbmonkeygutentag Kilos , wie gehts?05:56
Kilosjan says hell pop on here the weekend05:57
kbmonkeyit is weekend _now_05:57
Kiloshows you05:57
kbmonkeyi was up at 505:57
Kiloswow wet the bed?05:57
kbmonkeyhahaha. no.... 05:58
kbmonkeyjust... woke up05:58
Kilosthats a good sign though, sick all gone05:59
kbmonkeydecided to do some chores while I was awake05:59
kbmonkeyis it a good sign still if only 5 hrs sleep?05:59
Kilosyou inna flat?05:59
Kilosno 5 hrs too min05:59
kbmonkeybut my brain is like *zing* wide awake06:00
Kilosafternoon nap called for then06:00
Kilosthats good then06:00
kbmonkeyyes it is good. maybe I woke up as I was dreaming about waffles and got hungry06:01
kbmonkeynow I have black coffee06:01
Kilossugar is poison06:01
Kiloseeek black is too bitter06:01
Kilosmilk smoothes it06:02
kbmonkeyblack no sugar06:03
kbmonkeylike my granpa used to have it06:03
kbmonkeyputs hair on yer eyes06:03
Kilosbut something to look forward , fixi that skype prob06:04
kbmonkeyyou skype?06:06
Kilosshame hes tried lists and forums and the 2 links to the prob show solved but dont work06:06
Kilosno cam06:06
Kilosbut too much data use anyway06:06
kbmonkeyskype is a microsoft product. it is a binary blob. you wont get much help or support for it.06:06
Kilosi dont think its skype as such but the install on 12.0406:07
Kilosian also has probs on his 12.04 kde06:07
Kiloscan only look one way at a time he says06:08
Kiloswhatever that means06:08
kbmonkeyis his neck paining?06:08
Kiloshe can see them or them see him but not both at once06:08
kbmonkeyoh like a software issue, the cam actually work06:09
Kilosif he sees them and activates the thing that lets them see him it crashes06:09
Kilosi dont know enough to comment06:09
kbmonkeyfair enough, lets wait for the third degree06:10
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee on!!!06:10
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:10
KilosMaaz, coffee please06:10
MaazKilos: Yessir06:10
KilosMaaz, with cremora06:11
MaazAh! At last someone with taste06:11
KilosMaaz, and milk06:11
MaazNow you're talking06:11
Kilossee even the bot knows black coffee not good06:11
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee please!06:12
Maazkbmonkey: Now now, we don't want anyone getting caffeine overdoses06:12
kbmonkeyyes, yes I do! gimme!06:12
Kilosonly anarecsic peeps need to drink black strong coffee to be able to cast a shadow06:12
Kilosforget spelling06:13
Kilosvery skinny peeps06:13
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey and Kilos!06:14
KilosMaaz, ty06:14
MaazYou are welcome Kilos06:14
kbmonkeyMaaz, dankie06:16
MaazGroot plesier kbmonkey my vriend06:16
Kiloshi nlsthzn hows neelsie06:28
kbmonkeyKilos, I cant help with that pdf issue06:36
kbmonkeyit does not look like that pdf was created with the special input fields you need to fill in in digitally06:37
Kiloshaha its to hard to sort , i dont understand why peeps do it06:37
kbmonkeyit was created with intent to print out06:37
Kilosoh on a printer06:37
kbmonkeyyour best bet is to convert it to an image, and type in your words with a font06:37
Kilosthen fill in and scan and sent back?06:38
kbmonkeyyou want to email it?06:38
kbmonkeynot post06:38
Kilosnp ill vloek the rep06:38
kbmonkeyno printing or scanning06:38
Kilosya email is all i have, post office far away06:39
kbmonkeyjust save as image and overlay your words06:39
Kilosok ill try that ty06:39
kbmonkeyI did that for many forms06:39
kbmonkeyas for signing, I scan my sig into computer and paste it over the form06:39
kbmonkey`I saved it as a png for you, I email it back?06:40
Kiloswill look into that as well ty my monkey06:40
kbmonkeydo you have a paint program?06:40
kbmonkeyyou can use that to put words on the image ;)06:41
Kilosmust have06:41
Kilosgot full libreoffice stuff06:41
kbmonkeyoh okay06:41
kbmonkeydo you have gimp too?06:41
kbmonkeyoh i guess your office will do. good man06:42
Kilosonly ever used it to scale images06:42
kbmonkeyyou can open pdf in gimp and it becomes an image06:42
kbmonkeythen you can put words with gimp, or export the image and put words in office or what have you06:43
Kilosill try that too ty06:43
kbmonkeypress control+E (for export) to save it as an image :)06:43
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos ... I am ok thx06:46
Kiloslol it shows tiny with gimp. lemme experiment06:48
nlsthznchange view %06:49
nlsthznor ctrl and mouse wheel up and down06:49
kbmonkeypress 1 to zoom 100%06:49
kbmonkeythe number one06:49
kbmonkeyalso note the size when you open and select the import options06:50
Kilosin view it shows as 100%06:50
kbmonkeyas you are emailing keep the resolution at 9606:51
Kiloshi magespawn 06:51
magespawnhi Kilos06:52
kbmonkeyhello magespawn 06:52
kbmonkeydoes ZA have anything like the FDA?06:53
Kilosah double clicking it made it bigger06:53
magespawnhey kbmonkey 06:53
magespawnFederal Drug Administration?06:54
kbmonkeyKilos, that is just the view of the image, the actual size may very well differ06:54
kbmonkeyfood and drug admin06:54
Kilosi go sort sheep06:56
nlsthznwell a view of 100% shows the actual size of the image :p06:58
magespawni think so kbmonkey , but i am not really sure what it would be called06:59
kbmonkeyoh, the FDA has an embassy in pretoria. interesting.07:01
kbmonkeyno I was just wondering how ZA manages food approval07:01
kbmonkeyKilos, are you planning a tech support kind of job ?07:25
kbmonkeyyou know with the hardware supplier and stuff07:25
Kilosi wanted to get sticks from them to start with, and then do the tech support with the booklet im writing07:26
Kilosdata rec and boot probs etc07:26
Kilosi think i can help peeps with hardware probs07:33
kbmonkeythat is amazing Kilos 07:42
Kilosi hope so07:43
Kiloslike lotsa drives get discarded after win has allowed a virus to kill the mbr07:46
Kilosthen the pc dont even see it07:47
Kilosim using 2 such discards here for kde and unity07:47
magespawncool beans Kilos07:48
Kilosok the one has to have win on the first 20g to use the bad sectors that linux suffers with07:49
Kiloslinux is very sensitive to drive probs07:49
magespawnusing linux to sort windows poblems07:49
Kilosthere are times when fixmbr and fixboot dont work07:50
magespawnlearn to program and write your own07:50
Kilosim a hardware person. lpi and python above my noggin07:51
Kiloshardware i can see07:51
kbmonkeyi can see that07:54
Kilosbut linux tools are tops for data recovery07:57
Kilosfinds stuff peeps didnt know was there even07:57
Kiloslike if he bought a second hand machine and formatted and installed his own win07:58
Kilosmagespawn, knows how slow the process is though07:59
Kiloslol thats what got me going. need a quadcore to speed things up08:02
Kilosyo DarkSurferZA 08:05
DarkSurferZAYo Kilos08:05
DarkSurferZASitting in ZaCon at the moment. Some interesting zacon.org talks08:06
DarkSurferZAGave out some pc boards and arduino chips as badges. Very cool08:07
DarkSurferZAWhat u up to?08:07
kbmonkeyoh nice, jealous!08:07
DarkSurferZAYo kbmonkey 08:08
Kilosim fixing a 5 plug adapter that keep tripping08:08
Kilospeeps getting to clever now. saw an add for a tattoo that works as a mike? can it be true08:10
Kiloslol a wireless mike 08:10
Kilosmaybe they implant a chip under the tattoo08:10
DarkSurferZAThat doesnt soundright08:11
DarkSurferZA*sound right08:11
Kiloscould be good though for peeps that sit on cells while driving08:11
Kilosthey can implant a speaker in the ear as well08:12
DarkSurferZAOr for the nsa ato snoop on peeps08:12
Kilosoh you with that funny name place08:12
Kilosdei something08:12
Kilosadvertised on the idiot box alongside a mercedes add as sponsor for something08:13
kbmonkeythat box gives you square eyes08:15
Kilosi watch some things and masterchef08:15
Kilosget hungry watching them08:15
Kilosand fringe08:16
Kiloslekke scifi seriel08:16
kbmonkeyI been watching old movies08:17
kbmonkeydr strangelove08:17
Kilosand no risk of square eyes?08:18
Kiloswb neelsie08:51
kbmonkeywell I am off for a lunch meeting08:54
kbmonkeychat laters all08:54
nlsthznalo again08:59
charlgood afternoon11:57
charlhi Kilos, kbmonkey, nlsthzn 11:58
Kiloshi charl 11:59
Kilosohi superfly 13:17
Kilosthat quassel lets you sneak in too quietly13:18
magespawnhome time for me, later all14:23
charlhi kbmonkey 15:42
kbmonkeyhello charl 15:42
Kilosohi kbmonkey 16:10
Kilosnight all. sleep tight17:46
Kilossee ya morrow17:46
Trixar_zaGoodnite Kilos17:46
inetprogood evening 20:01
inetproquiet here today 20:03

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