minimecrodney77: ok. so try to 'sudo modprobe bttv' in a terminal, and if you are successful, add it to /etc/modules. It might be, that you have to add some driver options in /etc/modprobe.d/somefileyoucreate00:00
kali_eskrimaHi does anyone know and help me to guide me trough to network manager removal and changing ssid name? tgus would be due the the wireless problem on my 12.04 lte which keeps more not working than working.00:00
wilee-nileekali_eskrima, can you show us the put put of. lsb_release -a00:01
shagelitogreetings !00:01
solarshey, can anyone tell me where in the kernel I can find this driver: http://lxr.linux.no/linux+v3.12/drivers/misc/lis3lv02d/Kconfig to enable it?00:02
MonkeyDustkali_eskrima  http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/03/disable-network-manager-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/   <-- 11.10 hope it's still useful00:02
rodney77minimec, i ran the command and there was no output. it just took me to a new line with a new command prompt. does this mean it was successful?00:02
user2i am getting the erro4 "can not find GRLD on all devices" i have tried uninstall wubildr and coping the the wubildr.* files from ubuntu/winboot to my root c drive but i am still getting this issue could some please point me in the right direction or to some documantion thank you00:03
kali_eskrimawilee-nilee oh hi, yes hold on a sec,. the user hitsujiTMO actualy told me how to do it, and i saved it on my pc. i actualy saved it with parts missing and i cant do it. he said something about creating some folder with specific names and i saved the copy of it will provide the links... thanks00:03
whisky_Hey,  is it down http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/xorg-edgers/raring/main/base/nvidia-331 ? Or do I have a problem?00:03
kali_eskrimaMonkeyDust thank you will look into it00:03
MonkeyDustuser2  wubi is a windows application, it's not a real installation00:03
minimecrodney77: That's normal. 'ls /dev/video*' If you were successful, you should have an additional video device. /dev/video0 is often the webcam00:04
=== LarrySteeze|Away is now known as LarrySteeze
minimecrodney77: But I am rahter pessimistic. I had a bttv device once. They are normally detected out of the box.00:04
user2MonkeyDust: love the tv show if the name refer to that, any idea what i might be doing wrong here? it was working yesterday00:04
=== hholtmann_ is now known as hholtmann
MonkeyDustuser2  no, wubi is obsolote, guess it's no longer maintained00:05
rodney77minimec, it doesn't look like /dev/video exists at all00:05
kali_eskrimawilee-nilee here you go http://paste.ubuntu.com/6423849/00:05
user2MonkeyDust: i tried booting the dvd from an external drive, it gets as far as grub, but after i choose install or live cd i just get a black screen. i think it has something to do with UEFI verson one that is build in to the macbook pro firmware, it fails on usb boot as well00:06
user2MonkeyDust: if i can just get any kind of terminal running i should be able to fix the issue00:06
whisky_Hey,  is it down http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/xorg-edgers/raring/main/base/nvidia-331 ? Or do I have a problem?00:06
kali_eskrimawilee-nilee here are the two links i was given.... http://paste.ubuntu.com/6392441/00:07
MonkeyDustuser2  is that a mac?00:07
minimecso. the card is not recognized. Try to edit 'sudo gedit /etc/default/bootlogd' once, and change 'BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=' to yes. then reboot. You will then get a '/var/log/boot' file with all the messages during boot.00:07
minimecrodney77: see above.00:07
kali_eskrimawilee-nille and this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/6392446/00:07
user2MonkeyDust: yes macbook pro 2008 edition, its a laptop00:08
MonkeyDustuser2  wubi on a mac, that's beyond me, maybe someone else can help better00:08
minimecrodney77: You can then check that boot file, or even 'pastebinit /var/log/boot' (sudo apt-get install pasteinit). Pasteinit gives you a link, that you can post here. We can then check the log file.00:09
user2user2: no its wubi on windows 8.1, the hardware is a mac book pro though00:09
wilee-nileeuser2, wubi wont run in W800:09
user2wilee-nilee: really, what makes you say that?00:09
MonkeyDustuser2  that's even more beyond me :)00:09
wilee-nileeuser2, Hehe because it's a known fact.00:10
user2wilee-nilee: i installed it and got ubuntu working fine yesterday using wubi on 8.100:10
kali_eskrimawille-nilee please keep in mind that im new to linux-ubuntu and i dont know much of things around, apart from the desktop interface. i dont know how to use that good the terminal, or crating executable folders. and so on.... im good with the computers and learning fast, just to the new things im a bit lost. and still learning.. thanks for patience00:10
wilee-nileeuser2, Then you have a magical touch.00:10
MonkeyDust!mac | user200:11
ubottuuser2: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages00:11
user2wilee-nilee: not really, very little has changed with the bootcode from vista,7 and 8. just a few extra feature added which can all be disabled through UEFI menu, non of which and enabled on the mac book pro anyway00:11
wilee-nileekali_eskrima, All I wanted to do was confirm you were actually using the ubuntu release of 12.04, your nick gas kali in it, and many come on not thinking twice on trying to get help on other OS based on ubuntu that are not supported.00:12
skraitohi all00:12
user2wilee-nilee: could you please share any information you have on the reason behind wubi not working on 8.100:12
wilee-nileeuser2, The boot code is not the whole picture, and I don't follow wubi in general, I support people who use it that are forced to though.00:13
kali_eskrimaoh i see hahah actually has nothing to do with the kali os.. i learned that linux is using kali as os, which is an traditional philippino martial art and its a hindu goddess.... kali goddess. google it :P00:13
MonkeyDustuser2  http://askubuntu.com/questions/168608/how-to-boot-wubi-installed-ubuntu-within-windows-800:13
user2MonkeyDust: thank dude, i will have a read through the links now00:14
apb1963I'm getting a "warbling" on my softphone (sflphone) that seems to be related to either kmix and/or pulseaudio - with the latter being more likely.  Any ideas?  ubuntu 12.0400:14
kali_eskrimaMonkeyDust that help that you gave me will actually help me which im using 12.04 LTE ? because that is for the 11.10 ??00:14
wilee-nileeuser2, I did not say W8.1 but W8, this was towards the start of the actual W8 release I saw this, maybe wubi has been modified I don't know or really care to be honest.00:14
MonkeyDustuser2  tip: wubi is not popular here00:15
kali_eskrimawille-nilee i didnt use ur name to click on you...... anyway i said oh i see hahah actually has nothing to do with the kali os.. i learned that linux is using kali as os, which is an traditional philippino martial art and its a hindu goddess.... kali goddess. google it :P00:15
user2MonkeyDust: lol ye i can see why, i would much prefer to boot from a dvd/usb but i just get a blank screen after the grub loader on a dvd/usb boot would you happen to know why?00:15
MonkeyDustuser2  try !nomodeset00:16
wilee-nileekali_eskrima, I have a long history of studying comparative myth, however this is a OS channel.00:16
kali_eskrimawilee-nilee please see above the three (3) links i gave you00:16
kali_eskrimawilee-nilee what that means? sorry is that im deceiving with my nickname?00:17
solarshey, my cpu freq somehow seems to have a lower limit of 1500mhz - although the cpu could go down to 800, but powersave always ends up at 1500 ... can anyone tell me what is limiting this?00:20
user2MonkeyDust: thanks i think you might be on to something here. i will go check it out00:20
=== Guest1054 is now known as Mars`
skraitoskraito> btw anyone wanna join our humble coder hacker team ##0x71 ? no satan church nor hater of Jesus Christ nor 0x8100:20
wilee-nileeskraito, that is spam here.00:21
skraitowow is amazing 0x81 trying to stop me to get my own team00:21
skraito:p haha00:21
kali_eskrimaskraito what do you do in your humble coder hacker team?00:25
kali_eskrimawilee-nilee you still around?00:29
kali_eskrimaMonkeyDust you didnt answer my question,,, the help that u gave my is for ubuntu 11.10 i use 12.04 lte will it still work exactly the same??00:32
kali_eskrimadoes anyone know where to find a list of all ubunut IRC chanels?00:34
minimeckali_eskrima: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:35
skraito:p wow00:36
kali_eskrimaminimec thanks00:36
skraitosuddenly 0x81 don't know what they should talk00:36
skraitoand the channel is quiet again fucking actor00:36
skraitoskraito> btw anyone wanna join our humble coder hacker team ##0x71 ? no satan church nor hater of Jesus Christ nor 0x8100:36
kali_eskrimaskrait why you dont say what is it that you humble coder crackers are doing in your team? and stop spamming btw00:37
svenemHi can anyone recommend  a contacts manager on steroids?  I need to store basic amd detailed info on about 300 indibiduals. No, I am not a phile, I just need a pupil notes store for my wife00:39
daftykinsTotalruin98: ask away in detail if you have an issue00:40
Totalruin98do you know a lightweight desktop for ubuntu 10.0400:41
Totalruin98i have 256 mb ram and a pentium 400:41
daftykinsoh wow.00:41
daftykinsyeah that's going to be a challenge, tried lubuntu?00:41
minimecTotalruin98: e1700:41
Totalruin98ive tried lxde00:41
Totalruin98gnome works, but having 2 or more windows = slow performance00:42
Totalruin98ill try e1700:42
kali_eskrimadoes anyone know and help me to guide me trough to network manager removal and changing ssid name? this would be due the the wireless problem on my 12.04 lte which keeps more not working than working.00:44
=== anonymous is now known as Guest31680
kiwi_hi ... i cant usb-modeswitch my mobile broadband dongle on 12.04 ... for example i tried '/lib/udev/usb_modeswitch --vendor 0x12d1 --product 0x1446 --type option-zerocd' and also others ... but mode wont switch ... according to lsusb .... any idea>00:48
svetlanawhat is a 'usb mode'?00:49
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
wilee-nileesvetlana, Context?00:53
jmgkhi svetlana00:54
wilee-nileesvetlana, Ah, your asking about kiwi_'s post, it is a usb wifi that has at least 2 options of use hence usb_modeswitch00:56
yeyemanhow can I change the default behavior of dragging and dropping stuff from firefox to a folder01:00
yeyemanfor example, if I drag a pic to a folder it creates a link01:01
yeyemanI ofc want it to save the pic instead01:01
wilee-nileeyeyeman, Yoy would just do a right click and save image as or any of the several options01:01
reisioyeyeman: pretty sure the internet has that answer01:02
yeyemanwilee-nilee, but if I'm saving pics from a thread with hundreds of images01:03
reisiowrong tool01:03
wilee-nileeyeyeman, Not that easy, and dragging does not work.01:03
reisioyeyeman: get teh downthemall firefox extension01:03
yeyemanreisio, I don't want to save ALL images, I just want to save lots of them quickly01:04
reisioyeyeman: dragging and dropping is never going to be quickly01:05
FudusSo unselect the ones you don't want?01:05
reisiobut downthemall is just its name01:05
reisioyou can pick & choose01:05
wilee-nileeyeyeman, You find the cats in corsets site and need just some huh. ;)01:06
yeyemanwilee-nilee, no comments01:07
=== there is now known as here____
FudusFirefox's Australis was bumped another version, poor Mozilla having issues :P01:09
wilee-nileeFudus, Now that's a glass half empty projection. ;)01:11
zykotick9wilee-nilee: <OT> if one takes the air into account, the glass is always full ;)01:13
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=== LarrySteeze is now known as LarrySteeze|Away
uncle_bendoes anyone know why some xscreensavers use root window correctly  and some use the generic image even though it's set to use the root window?  same graphics card...why does it "sometimes" work?01:15
k1ngcan anyone help me with 7zip?01:16
daftykinsk1ng: you'd need to ask a question in full for someone to know if they can help01:16
Fudusuncle_ben: because it is x01:16
k1ngi want 7za to overwrite all files without asking01:16
uncle_benthat's your best explanation?01:16
Fudusand that debian/ubuntu is running a year old version so bugs are to be expected01:17
sheldonwIf I have modified a kernel driver that isn't built as a module in the current kernel, is there a way to re-compile it as a module without recompiling the whole kernel?01:17
RayhaiHey, I need some help01:17
=== nydel_ is now known as nydel
daftykinsRayhai: ask01:17
Fudus5.15 v 5.2301:17
wilee-nileeRayhai, Do we guess or are you gonna tell us?01:18
wilee-nileeI guess graphic issues01:18
RayhaiI'm running Ubuntu 13.10 with Cinnamon 2.0. I just tried installing a nvidia driver (v331.20), but it broke something in my computer, and now my desktop enviroment is completely crashed.01:18
uncle_benFudus, what's weird is that it worked correctly every time with my intel integrated graphics, but when i put in an nvidia card and switched over, xscreensaver used the root window "sometimes"01:19
Fudusapt-get remove nvidia*, reboot01:19
wilee-nileeRayhai, this the cinnamon ppa or the ubuntu repos?01:19
Fudusah Nvidia, that would be it ;)01:19
RayhaiI think it's the cinnamon ppa. Not entirely sure. Completely new to Linux in general.01:20
wilee-nileeRayhai, I believe cinnamon is a bit rough around the edges in  13.10.01:20
FudusRayhai: apt-get remove nvidia* then reboot, it'll go back to os01:20
Fudusthen you can try the different types in software-properties01:20
RayhaiI'll go try removing Nvidia. Although for some reason, I can only run the TTY terminal :/01:20
uncle_benFudus, i know...everyone pisses on nvidia and linux support...but how come steam is using nvidia for their steambox if it's so linux-unfriendly?  do they know something we don't?01:20
RayhaiAlright, I'll be back with results.01:21
wilee-nileewonderful description that gets a noble prize uncle_ben01:21
wilee-nileeso erudite01:22
reisionoble prizes rule01:23
wilee-nileeI got 3 for  not swearing and giving sick images on freenode01:24
shagelit1Greetings !01:25
RayhaiOkay. Thanks! My desktop environment is back.01:25
RayhaiBut now, how do I run programs with my graphics card?01:26
shagelit1anyone can confirm that i wont be able to get GNUparted threw apt-get ?01:26
FudusHere's a newer version of xscreensaver, maybe that'll fix it: https://launchpad.net/~tormodvolden/+archive/ppa/+build/512735001:27
wilee-nilee!find GNUparted01:27
ubottuPackage/file GNUparted does not exist in saucy01:27
wilee-nileeshagelit1, Ubuntu Release?01:27
Nach0zwilee-nilee: try gparted?01:27
wilee-nileeNach0z, Try, I always use it. ;)01:27
shagelit1well... That's my first attempt to run debian. Even if i experience some big troubles with the GRub2, can you tell me what means !find ?01:27
shagelit1Im on Debain !01:28
Nach0zwilee-nilee: no I meant I thought you were trying to find the name of gparted or something01:28
wilee-nileeshagelit1, Try #debian01:28
uncle_benFudus, thanks01:28
shagelit1thanks !01:28
RayhaiHey, if I want to play a game through steam, how to I make sure my graphics card is enabled?01:28
Fudusit exists01:28
Fudusso apt-get install gparted :P01:29
wilee-nileeNach0z, The other user was asking about GNUparted, never heard of it just wondering.01:29
Fudusr software-properties-gtk additional drivers, pick one01:30
bekks"GNU parted" is actually "parted" on Ubuntu and Debian.01:30
Nach0zah huh01:30
wilee-nileeThat's what I suspected, part of the voodoo partitioner group. ;)01:31
Nach0zyeah I figured you either meant gparted or just parted. people call it GNU parted for some reason01:31
shagelit1Well thank you (sincerly) for your help. But i checked threw apt-cache search. I found that Gparted. That means its on my debian, right ?01:31
RayhaiWait, huh? @Fudus - Do I just put "r software-properties-gtk additional drivers" in my terminal?01:32
uncle_benRayhai, i'm not sure if this applies to your situation, but if you want to try the nvidia driver again...append the boot line with "nomodeset" in grub and see what happens01:32
bekksNach0z: It is "GNU parted", since it is the GNU implementation of a PARtition EDitor :) Its official name is "GNU parted".01:32
wilee-nileeshagelit1, Probably, but this is ubuntu support is all.01:32
Fudusi mean, go to  software-properties-gtk click additional drivers01:32
shagelit1okok thks again !01:32
Fuduspick one of those01:32
shagelit1see ya01:32
RayhaiAt additional drivers, nothing comes up.01:33
wilee-nileebeen awhile since I ran debian, so boring no updates, never breaks01:33
adamuThis is what I think of Nvidia http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/wp-content/uploads//2012/06/Screen-shot-2012-06-18-at-10.32.45-AM.png01:33
RayhaiLOL! Yeah, but this is my one and only crap-tastic laptop that comes with an even crappier GeForece GT 630M01:34
RayhaiSo when I look at my additional Drivers. It shows me "No additional drivers are in use" and "No proprietary drivers are in use"01:35
uncle_benadamu, http://sas.guidespot.com/bundles/guides_uf/assets/widget_afSvvmoFrl6PgZoATEAput.jpg01:36
wilee-nileeRayhai, Did you reboot after that removal?01:36
deverashi guys, where do i copy status-header.ssi file to under ubuntu? trying to get popups for pnp4nagios01:36
RayhaiYes I did.01:36
FudusThe last one you tried was from Nvidia's website directly?01:36
VozivWhat's a good gmail notifier that can do multiple accounts? (running kde if it matters)01:36
RayhaiErm no. I'll go find it...01:37
wilee-nileeRayhai, can you run lspci and identify the graphic hardware that is eally helpful here.01:37
RayhaiOkay. Incomming long message01:38
Rayhail00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor DRAM Controller (rev 09) 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor PCI Express Root Port (rev 09) 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09) 00:14.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family USB xHCI Host Controller (rev 04) 00:16.0 Communication co01:38
RayhaiI cant copy paste it all01:38
adamuNvidia and their proprietary drivers messing f***ing up kernel land... :/01:38
RayhaiI'll do this line my line01:38
wilee-nileeRayhai, you would find the exact info and only post it.01:38
Ben64adam_: don't use language like that here01:39
adamuRayhai, Have you had any success with Nouveau?01:39
adamuBen64, Okay01:39
RayhaiNever tried Nouveau. I've tried bumblebee, but It completely broke my system. Had to start from scratch01:39
Ben64Rayhai: looks like your problem is you have a dual gpu system, what you need is bumblebee or something like it01:39
FudusGeForce GT 630M,01:40
aegisHi all...  Does anyone know of any kind of capability that would allow one server to monitor another remote server and to send an e-mail if it is unable to make contact with the remote server (ie, it crashes or goes down)?01:40
RayhaiOkay, so this is the driver specific line01:40
Rayhai01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108M [GeForce GT 630M] (rev ff)01:40
adamuaegis, Try Nagios01:40
aegisadamu: Thanks...  I'll check it out.01:40
FudusRayhai: http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/69372 try that?01:40
Ben64Fudus: please don't suggest that here01:40
uncle_benadamu, too bad that's not true...KMS is f***ing up kernel land...not just nvidia is affected...google will show you01:41
Ben64Rayhai: you need bumblebee or something like it01:41
RayhaiI'm downloading now01:41
FudusIts the official Nvidia website?01:41
RayhaiBumblebee destroyed my system.01:41
Ben64Rayhai: that link will NOT work, don't do it01:41
bekksuncle_ben: works fine here. Even without swearing.01:41
=== wilee-nilee is now known as Mayor_Rob_Ford
uncle_benbekks, yeah, it's a crap shoot depending on the hardware you're using, which kind of supports my point01:42
RayhaiThis is what I just tried: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/11/nvidia-331-20-install-ubuntu-linux-mint/01:42
uncle_bennothing like being locked out with a black screen...no alt ctrl f(x) tty access and nothing left to do but unplug and cold reboot01:43
bekksRayhai: So you are running Mint?01:43
RayhaiUbuntu 13.10 with CInnamon 2.001:43
Ben64Rayhai: look here maybe? http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/using-nvidia-graphics-drivers-with.html01:43
cyroHi i'm pretty new to sysadmin stuff. I'm trying to setup logrotate.d for a rails app01:44
RayhaiI'm a little bit afraid of Bumblebee.01:44
cyrodo I just need to put my conf file in /etc/logrotate.d01:44
Ben64Rayhai: thats not bumblebee, read it first01:44
Fudusah nvidia-prime01:44
cyroor do I also need to register it somehow?01:44
RayhaiI'll give it a try01:45
adam_Ben64: huh?01:46
RayhaiHey, is there a way to hide the chat notifications when someone joins and leaves? It makes it a little more tedious to read through.01:47
Mayor_Rob_FordRayhai, what irc app are you using?01:47
Mayor_Rob_FordRayhai, Its in the prefrences01:48
RayhaiOkay, I think that did it.01:48
RayhaiThank you.01:48
Mayor_Rob_FordRayhai, That worked, I was thinking xchat, my mistake.01:50
RayhaiThere was something in the settings, I just didn't know where the settings was01:50
RayhaiOkay, Just finished installing the things here (http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/using-nvidia-graphics-drivers-with.html). So I just reboot and my GPU should work?01:52
reisio   p01:55
Nixilushar fiddle de dee01:55
Nixilusbeing a pirate is alright to be01:56
Nixilusdo what you want cause a pirate is free01:56
xangua!ot | Nixilus01:56
ubottuNixilus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:56
Nixiluso shit, so forums is the chat public01:56
Nixilusmy bad01:56
xangua!language | Nixilus01:57
ubottuNixilus: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:57
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contextanyone know where i can download an ISO. the site, click download, its saying 1+ day01:57
=== hus is now known as vimes
contextand no, im not on a 56K modem ;)01:58
Mayor_Rob_Fordcontext, What ISO?01:58
=== vimes is now known as vimes90
pirretgoogle 12.04 mirrors01:58
pirretor something01:58
reisiocontext: whereabouts are you, geographically?01:59
vimes90Hello! I am trying to get Lubuntu to auto run a command http://pastebin.no/349c at start up, and I've put it in rc.locale with sudo in front of it, but it refuses to run O.O01:59
pirretjus ttell him to google mirror site..02:00
pirretand he can pick the mirror he want02:00
vimes90it is a command that enables me to use the HDMI on the computer as it is always connected to a Tv (else the HDMI is ...pure overscan)02:00
geoffmhow come locate doesn,t work02:00
Mayor_Rob_Fordcontext, No dailies for 12.04.3, is that what you want? here is the ISO though. http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/02:00
pirretgeoffm: update-db ?02:00
jribvimes90: 1) don't use sudo 2) it's "/etc/rc.local" (no 'e') 3) you probably shouldn't use rc.local02:00
geoffmstill doesnt work02:00
vimes90no sudo, what should I use?02:01
RayhaiOkay, big problem... I installed that nvidia optimus thing... now my monitor wont turn on.02:01
contextmayor_rob_ford: found a mirror thats behaving. thnx though02:01
jribvimes90: just don't use sudo, you don't need it as /etc/rc.local gets run as root02:01
jribvimes90: why don't you use xrandr instead of this command you have here?02:01
* reisio coughs https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors02:01
RayhaiOhhh, I was able to get to the TTY terminal.02:01
vimes90xrandr refuses to work with my nvidia driver02:01
* Mayor_Rob_Ford hands reisio a tissue02:01
vimes90and nouveu refuses to work with HDMI so...02:02
jribvimes90: rc.local probably won't work for this but you can try (I'm guessing X won't be up when this runs)02:02
RayhaiOkay, how do I remove this driver?02:02
reisioMayor_Rob_Ford: got any elm bark02:02
jribvimes90: xrandr works fine here with nvidia (I recommend trying to troubleshoot why it doesn't for you)02:02
Mayor_Rob_Fordreisio, let me crack the backdoor and take a look. ;)02:03
vimes90I tried loads of commands, none which did anything at all to my monitor. But I'll try some more02:03
=== Mayor_Rob_Ford is now known as wilee-nilee
RayhaiHey, anyone? I just installed nvidia optimus, but it wond load anything to my screen, how do I remove it from TTY termial?02:04
wafflejockRayhai: http://askubuntu.com/questions/219942/how-to-uninstall-manually-installed-nvidia-drivers02:04
RayhaiOkay... now I gotta find which driver it was02:05
vimes90urg, any clue as to how I put these values http://pastebin.no/349c into xrandr and make it remember them for every boot_02:05
deverasI've been copying this status-header.ssi file around all the nagios folder, restarting the services...  but i don't manage to get popups for pnp4nagios working :(02:07
wilee-nileevimes90, I would guess it is in here. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:07
RayhaiI entered this in my terminal : "sudo apt-get install nvidia-319 nvidia-settings-319 nvidia-prime" .so.... My command should be "sudo apt-get NVIDIA-Linux-x86-319.run --uninstall02:08
wilee-nileeRayhai, Not sure other than uninstall is not correct02:09
FudusThe first one should do it02:09
wilee-nilee!who | fudus02:10
ubottufudus: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:10
wilee-nileeAnon42038, Howdee partner.02:12
wafflejockRayhai: no02:12
wafflejockRayhai: if you installed using apt-get then you can just use remove or purge where you had install previously02:12
wafflejockRayhai: if you installed with a .sh file then you would use the uninstall flag with that script to run the uninstallation02:13
wafflejockRayhai: sudo apt-get purge nvidia-319 nvidia-settings-319 nvidia-prime02:13
wafflejockRayhai: remove deletes the binraries and such but leaves behind configuration files, purge should get rid of everything from those packages02:14
CharcoalcatI got a new wireless card a few days ago (this: http://www.linux-hardware-guide.com/2012-10-07-edimax-ew-7811un-wireless-usb-150-mbits-802-11n) and it disconnects me from the Internet repeatedly all day. Most of the time I can barely stay on for a couple of minutes. However, this exact card works perfectly fine on the Windows computers in the house, and my mom and sister have identical cards that never have problems on Windows (but also do on my02:14
Charcoalcatcomputer). That page says that there's a problem with power-saving mode turning itself on, but I made the text file to turn that off like it said to. Sometimes it won't connect again until I unplug it and plug it back in, and sometimes when I do that, it stops recognizing it and I have to reboot. Also sometimes it will only reconnect when I delete the router password in "edit connections" and re-add it. This is the output of it from iwconfig: http://02:14
Charcoalcatpaste.ubuntu.com/6424172/ What else can I do to troubleshoot?02:14
FloodBot1Charcoalcat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:14
wafflejockRayhai: no guarantee it resets your X config correctly02:14
Charcoalcat... sorry for the long message.02:15
wafflejockCharcoalcat: np paste would have been better though, ur paste URL got split02:15
wilee-nileeCharcoalcat, might help. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=+EW-7811UN02:15
wilee-nileeCharcoalcat, That the exact unit, if not search with it at askubuntu02:16
Charcoalcatwilee-nilee: Thanks, I'll look at those threads.02:17
Rayhai"sudo apt-get nvidia-319 nvidia-settings-319 nvidia-prime --uninstall" Doesn't work. it says "--uninstall is not understood"02:19
geoffmcd ~02:20
geoffmoops wrong window02:20
zykotick9Rayhai: it's "sudo apt-get remove foo bar"02:22
wafflejockRayhai: see my messages above02:22
sarywhen upgrading in raring do i need to comment out the raring-backports!02:24
Rayhai@zykotick9 "E: Unable to locate package foo" - @wafflejock I don't know what my exact driver is, so I'm not sure how to remove it.02:25
wafflejockRayhai: dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia02:26
wafflejockRayhai: will show you packages installed using debian package manager which is what apt is using02:26
wafflejockRayhai: if you don't see it there then apt isn't going to be able to uninstall it, in that case you need to find the .sh file you used to install to properly uninstall02:26
RayhaiI just tried sudo apt-get remove nvidia*02:27
RayhaiIt worked02:27
wafflejockRayhai: good enough02:27
Rayhaibut now, I still need to find a way to use my GPU02:27
wafflejockRayhai: yeah maybe try to get the .sh file from the nvidia site directly instead of using the one in the repos but Your mileage may vary YMMV02:28
Rayhai2 Laptops, No wifi, 1 ethernet cable.02:28
RayhaiThis is annoying :/02:28
wafflejockRayhai: I imagine... need more ethernet02:28
Anon42038:3 One Laptop. A backlight that goes out if I put the screen all the way back.02:29
funkywhats /proc is for in ubuntu?02:29
inashhi there. am using saucy salamander, upgraded from raring. upon upgrade, everything works ok, except when running libreoffice & firefox, it shows ugly default gtk theme. on running " gnome-settings-daemon" on console, received message "(gnome-settings-daemon:15259): Gdk-ERROR **: The program 'gnome-settings-daemon' received an X Window System error." any suggestion how to fix this?02:29
wafflejockheh exactly02:29
Rayhai#ThirdWorldProblems - I'm in the Philippines.02:29
wafflejockfunky: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/proc.html02:29
saryinash: for saucy  /j #ubuntu+102:29
Anon42038RayHai? Isn't that where the typhoon hit?02:30
RayhaiI just got some medium winds and some rain. Other places do destroyed.02:30
wilee-nileesary, saucy is a release, that is for trusty02:30
Anon42038Well I'm glad America's got a carrier group out there to help the affected areas.02:30
funkyif i mirror server i can skip it?02:30
funky   It doesn't contain 'real' files but runtime system information   (e.g. system memory, devices mounted, hardware configuration, etc). For this   reason it can be regarded as a control and information centre for the   kernel02:31
funkyor server restore wont work without proc?02:31
sarywilee-nilee: , right am getting confused with codename .02:31
wilee-nileeit happens. ;)02:31
wafflejockfunky: you maybe want to look into rsync and think more selectively about what you backup02:31
wafflejockfunky: alternatively check out dd and copy whole disk or parititon to an image02:31
RayhaiOkay, I'll be back, switching off this awful windows8 laptop for my beautiful ubuntu. I still need help on getting a driver that works.02:32
Anon42038Windows -_-02:32
Anon42038I'm on a full Ubuntu Laptop. :302:32
wafflejockMy ubuntu has a minor Windows infection in it's virtual box02:33
sarySo is it save to upgrade in raing while the backports repo are enabled!?02:33
funkywafflejock: I am using jungle disk software, it can copy all but that /proc02:33
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funkyI simply wonder if I skip /proc can I restore server without it, yes or no02:34
RayhaiOkay. Back.02:34
funkyif its like windows /temp then its irrelevant02:34
wafflejockfunky: sorry don't have experience with it but dd does block by block copy of an entire partitition or disk to a file and back, clonezilla is a nice bootable iso that handles setting up network shares and the like before running dd and helps a lot02:34
Jordan_Ufunky: Yes, you can (and should) skip /dev/, /proc/, and /sys/ when backing up.02:34
wafflejockfunky: believe it will not matter02:34
funkyJordan whats in /dev and /sys?02:35
RayhaiSo far, I've tried the official Nvidia driver, nvidia optimus, and bumblebee. None have worked for my GeForce GT630M02:35
RayhaiWhat do I try now?02:35
sarythe open source driver!02:35
Anon42038OPEN SOURCEEEE02:35
RayhaiSounds scary and unreliable02:36
Anon42038I actually believe my Laptop is using all Open source drivers available to it.02:36
wafflejockfunky: if you go up a level from the link I sent you it has more of the file system described http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/02:36
wilee-nileesary, This link might give you info that will help in general. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports02:36
saryare you sure the bubblebee configu setting are corrct!02:36
RayhaiWhere do I sign up!02:36
bekksRayhai: sign up for what?02:36
RayhaiOpen Source drivers02:36
sarywilee-nilee: i'll check it, thank you02:36
Anon42038Rayhai: My laptop is using all Open source drivers available. I don't think I'm running any propietary(:02:36
bekksRayhai: They are provided by the ubuntu repos.02:36
Rayhailol, alright then, where can I find a driver for my GT630M?02:37
bekks!nvidia > Rayhai02:37
ubottuRayhai, please see my private message02:37
Anon42038!nvidia > Anon4203802:37
ubottuAnon42038, please see my private message02:37
RayhaiChecking it out now. Thanks!02:38
funkywafflejock:  so dev got data about partitions02:38
wafflejockfunky: yeah believe devices in general02:39
sarypeople just tend to ESC reading, read about how a hybrid graphics work!02:39
RayhaiHmmm, what is this nouveau? I've never tried that.02:39
wafflejockmore good stuff here too funky http://askubuntu.com/questions/138547/how-to-understand-the-ubuntu-file-system-layout02:39
saryits th open source driver02:39
funkywhen kernel boots it makes new /proc and /dev right? :D02:39
wafflejockfunky: I believe that's how it works, the exact details are beyond me02:39
wafflejockfunky: fstab tells it where to mount the devices but I suppose the kernel or something earlier on is setting up /dev and the like02:40
bekksfunky: Some file in /dev are persistent.02:40
funkybekks so better keep dev?02:40
funkyand just dont back up /proc?02:40
bekksfunky: you dont need to backup /dev, /proc, /sys02:41
saryit's beter to moit out backports then!02:41
bekksfunky: and backing up /run is not necessary too.02:41
funkybeeks now jungle disk support said they try to add this info to their missing ubuntu howto :D02:42
bekksfunky: Who or what is "jungle disk support"?02:42
funkyits run by rackspace02:42
bekksfunky: And do we support them in here right now?02:43
funkybekks sometimes its nice to be humorous02:43
bekksfunky: Well, they should read basic documents.02:43
bekks!backup > funky02:43
ubottufunky, please see my private message02:43
RayhaiWell, I'm going to give Bumblebee another shot.02:43
Kryptron_ !nvidia > Kryptron_02:43
ubottuKryptron_, please see my private message02:43
funkyplus rackspace making ubuntu howto helps to popularise it :)02:43
bekksRayhai: Do you actually have Optimus?02:44
RayhaiIs this fine to follow? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee02:44
RayhaiI actually don't know02:44
bekksRayhai: Then dont use Optimus or bumblebee.02:44
bekksRayhai: you have to find out first.02:44
bekksRayhai: Which hardware do you have, a laptop?02:44
antonio__hey folks02:45
RayhaiHP Envy DV-7. w/ GeForce 630M02:45
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antonio__Having a problem getting a Dell Picture in Picture monitor working on my gf's desktop running 12.10 (might be 12.04)02:45
bekksRayhai: pastebin "lspci -k" please.02:45
Rayhaibekks: that it?02:47
=== balamariajaja is now known as funky
Kryptron!pastebin Kryptron02:47
zykotick9antonio__: to find out what your running, you can use "lsb_release -a"  good luck with the monitor...02:47
bekksRayhai: And did you check to BIOS for a possibility to disable the Intel graphics?02:48
RayhaiHmmm. Tryna' think.... I know there was something about diabling Intel Rapid Start.02:48
Charcoalwinghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/79818/edimax-ew-7811un-usb-wireless-sees-network-but-fails-to-connect-to-it I followed this person's steps and now I have full bars on the router and I can see some other far away routers, too! So, so far so good.02:48
antonio__can't zybotick9: monitor doesn't work ;)02:49
zykotick9antonio__: sorry... duhhh on my part ;)02:49
Rayhaibekks: Any ideas on what I should do?02:50
bekksRayhai: Check your BIOS for disabling the Intel Graphics.02:50
donerI use launchpad and bazaar for development and now I want to reinstall Ubuntu. Do I need to backup the gpg and ssh files?02:52
bekksdoner: yes.02:52
reisiodoner: why do you want to reinstall?02:52
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nubietolgood morning.. are there indonesian people here?02:54
reisionubietol: probably02:54
Rayhaibekks: Nope, nothing.02:55
donerreisio: I wanna install ubuntu gnome .02:55
reisiodoner: you don't have to reinstall for that02:55
reisiodoner: just install gnome-shell, log out, choose it02:55
yottabitis there a community channel for macs?02:55
reisioyottabit: /msg alis list *ubunt*mac*02:55
sawyerI have freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 and my mic wont work, but it worked fine in 13.10.02:55
reisioso no, there isn't :p02:56
yottabiti'm wanting to install ubuntu on macbook pro 11,202:56
bekksRayhai: then refer to this article: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee02:56
donerreisio: I think maybe they have some differences.02:56
reisiodoner: hrmm?02:56
reisioyottabit: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro02:57
yottabiti was thinking i could install ubuntu on the macbook after seeing this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro02:57
reisioyottabit: you can indeed02:57
yottabitthen i realized, oh poop, this is mpro 11,202:57
sawyer_I freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 and my mic wont work, I tried changing things in pavu control but I cant get it to work, but it worked in 13.1002:57
Anon42038Yotttabi: Full install Ubuntu?02:57
reisiosawyer_: why the downgrade?02:58
RayhaiOnce I install it and reboot, how to I run a game off of steam with it?02:58
reisioyottabit: should still work02:58
donerreisio: I am not sure, just have a guss....02:58
bekksRayhai: the same way as usual.02:58
reisioyottabit: basically if the live OS (the install media) boots and functions, it works02:58
yottabitthat doesn't look good02:58
I7_i think ubuntu 13.10 has alot of bug02:59
reisiodoner: you don't have to reinstall, just install gnome-shell02:59
Rayhaibekks: just press play anf it will run?02:59
I7_always showing some sort of error02:59
I7_i never has problem with 11.1002:59
Anon42038Yottabi?: Boot from Flash drive or whatever you have Ubuntu burned onto02:59
bekksRayhai: I never played steam games - why they do not depend on non-optimus nvidia hardware.02:59
Anon42038If it works through the flash drive it'll work on the HDD02:59
sawyer_reisio, Because it more stable and it was my first distro around two years ago, so I like it more.03:00
sawyer_reisio, It started my hatred for microsoft03:00
Anon42038Sawyer: My first distro was Puppy linux , but it only made me question MS.03:01
Anon42038Sawyer: Ubuntu's what really made me hate MS.03:01
andreHi! I installed Ubuntu 13.10 along with Windows 8.1 but GRUB doesn't appear at initialization. Can you help me?03:01
bekks!grub2 > andre03:01
ubottuandre, please see my private message03:01
Rayhaibekks, well thank you for all your help :D. I'll see how this works oout once I finish installing it.03:01
I7_i think ubuntu 11.10 is the most stable03:02
andreubottu, how I send a private message to you?03:02
ubottuandre: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:02
Anon42038Andre. Does your computer have UEFI?03:02
bekksI7_: 11.10 isnt supported anymore.03:02
donerreisio: Ok... and just for the question, if i need to remove ubuntu from my computer for a time and reinstall it latter.Should I backup these gpg and ssh files?03:02
reisiodoner: backup whatever you care about03:02
andreAnon42038. Yes, but it is disabled in the BIOS03:02
reisiodoner: all the important stuff should really be in /home/03:02
RayhaiI wish things like UEFI and SecureBoot would just diappear.03:02
I7_bekks, 13.10 has too much bugs03:02
I7_13.10 always give error even in vmware03:02
I7_i never has prolblem in 11.10 or 12.0403:03
Anon42038Andre: So your computer is running in Legacy mode?03:03
reisioRayhai: all in good time03:03
Anon42038Rayhai: It's microsoft's way of keeping a stranglehold on the OEM'S.03:03
bekksI7_: That still doesnt make 11.10 being non-end-of-life.03:03
andreAnon42038. How can I now if my computer is running in Legacy mode?03:03
andreAnon42038. How can I know if my computer is running in Legacy mode?03:03
RayhaiHonestly, I feel like it's just making users angry. It's the reason why I'm boycotting all things microsoft.03:03
reisiowhat's legacy mode03:03
I7_bekks, they should test and fix bugs before releasing the release03:04
Anon42038Legacy mode for UEFI03:04
yottabitwell here goes03:04
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donerreisio:ok,thank u.03:04
bekksI7_: Do you have an support question for a supported release actually?03:04
sawyer_reisio, Its what UEFI replaced03:04
Anon42038As much as I hate to link to it because It's MS..03:04
reisiosawyer_: what is?03:04
sawyer_reisio, legacy03:04
Anon42038That'll explain Legacy mode better than I can.03:04
Anon42038And it'll tell you how to enable it.03:05
reisiosawyer_: you mean bios?03:05
sawyer_reisio, Perhaps.03:05
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
bekksreisio: sawyer_: BIOS has nothing to do with UEFI secure/legacy mode.03:05
sawyer_reisio, Yeah, but uefi doesnt like linux03:05
sawyer_bekks, Well what ever03:06
Anon42038UEFI Hates linux.03:06
Anon42038And Linux really hates UEFI.03:06
reisiooh some computers have uefi and bios?03:06
reisioand call bios legacy?03:06
bekksAnon42038: thats just not true.03:06
wilee-nileeAnon42038, Your comments are not helpful, and just opinions.03:07
I7_can anyone tell me what are the ubuntu out there.... example, kubuntu, xubuntu....etc03:07
sawyer_I freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 and my mic wont work, I tried changing things in pavu control but I cant get it to work, but it worked in 13.1003:07
bekksreisio: There are computers that have BIOS, some have BIOS and UEFI, and some have UEFI only.03:07
bekksreisio: secure/legacy are UEFI modes.03:07
Anon42038Ugh what I'm saying is Linux can run on UEFI nicely but some linux users in the community hate UEFI for their own reasons. o.o03:07
xanguaI7_: they are ubuntu03:08
I7_i want to try one of them03:08
I7_trying to select the cool one :)03:08
xanguaso do03:08
bekks!derivatives | I7_03:08
ubottuI7_: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:08
reisiobekks: what's legacy?03:08
bekksreisio: an UEFI mode allowing you to boot non-trusted installations. Like non-Windows8.03:09
reisiolegacy, that's some good propaganda :)03:09
I7_xangua, how many out there...trying to find the screen shot03:10
wilee-nileeI7_, Cool one would be what you think is cool, all can be tries in one install so you can decide.03:10
ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), !LXDE (lubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors03:10
bekksI7_: Basically there you go...03:10
I7_ok thanks03:11
sawyer_I freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 and my mic wont work, I tried changing things in pavu control but I cant get it to work, but it worked in 13.1003:11
Kryptron!ubuntu > Kryptron03:12
ubottuKryptron, please see my private message03:12
I7_bekks, speed wise are the same right no matter what version it is03:12
wilee-nileeI7_, Some desktops are lighter than others, depending on your hardware may run faster.03:14
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PhoenixzFor some reason, (as far as I could see, no reason) my PHP went from fine to segfaults only... I was working, out of the blue, boom.. I traced the problem to either the PDO module, or libapache-mod-php5.. The latter, I'm not sure because I first noticed the segfaults on CLI. I tried reboot, reinstall, but when I tried to purge the packages, I got lots of errors on libapache-mod-php5. Status right now is that I cannot apt-get purge libapache2-mod-03:16
Phoenixzphp5 php5, it errors with "ERROR: Module php5 does not exist!" and then it dies. Anybody here know what I could do besides a complete reinstall which is not really an option for me at this (kinda critical, i have people waiting for my work which I cannot finish now) moment?03:16
PhoenixzThe only possibly relevant thing I can think of is that a few weeks ago I enabled 32 bit packages (I have 64 bit install), which I remember was required for something I needed to install back then.. I don't know if its relevant, but I also do not recall how to disable this.. Does anybody know how to disable 32 bit repo?03:16
PhoenixzSo anybody who might know?03:17
sawyer_I freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 and my mic wont work, I tried changing things in pavu control but I cant get it to work, but it worked in 13.1003:18
wilee-nilee!patience | sawyer_03:19
ubottusawyer_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/03:19
sawyer_wille-nilee, No offence, but is it so hard to just say have patience?03:20
sawyer_wilee-nilee, Sorry, but it bugs me all the people with the bot on this channel03:21
Phoenixzsawyer_: bots are here to help moderate, don't take offence03:22
Phoenixzsawyer_: that, and from memory, I had a similar problem on my toshiba laptop, 12.04 no mike, 13.10 mike03:22
PhoenixzSolution for me was nothing really, but the update to 13.1003:23
reisioprobably just the kernel, then03:23
reisiobut obviously it could be the alsa config03:23
reisiohard to get excited about helping you downgrade03:23
Phoenixzsawyer_: What reisio says...  Why 12.04, why not stick with what works and is new, specially if the new worked, and the old.. well, doesnt?03:24
reisioI already asked that question03:27
d0ngeri need some help please. everytime i unsuntall a program, and re install, it remembers the settings i had before i removed it. I use janito to clean up after uninstall so why does it do this?03:27
reisiodidn't get a very good reason, IMO :)03:27
Phoenixzreisio: Any particular reason why ALSA is still used btw? I might be mistaken, but my kubuntu has like20 audio stacks on top of eachother, all messing with what the previous one did. I have alsa, gstreamer, phonon and pulse IIRC.. Why not just use?03:27
PhoenixzWhy not just use one?03:27
wilee-nileed0nger, use purge not remove03:27
reisiod0nger: your settings are frequently kept in ~/03:27
reisiod0nger: so you don't lose them03:27
Phoenixzd0nger: apt-get purge package?03:27
reisioPhoenixz: alsa is virtually the only choice03:28
reisioPhoenixz: the rest work on top of it03:28
Phoenixzd0nger: insteald of apt-get remove.. that is, if you use the command line03:28
Phoenixzreisio: Well, yeah, got that part but.. Why in all these years has nobody really worked on one good working audio stack that everybody can use?03:28
wilee-nileed0nger, App configs are in ~/.configs as well at leat some03:28
d0ngerwhere do i find that folder wilee-nilee03:29
reisioPhoenixz: because it's already good :)03:29
wilee-nileed0nger, open home and do ctrl-h to unhide .configs03:29
reisioif it weren't good enough, it would be replaced, that's how open source works03:30
Phoenixzreisio: uurrr.. :) Audio, in the last 10 years, way up to at least 12.10 (I just never used 13.04 because it crashed all over the place) always has been the problem child.. always "suddenly stopped working without explanation", and then I had to mess around on the command line in config files, and alsamixer on command line..  Plus, everybody builds on top of alsa, with other intermediary levels..03:31
d0ngerwilee-nilee,  i dont see kdenlive in the .config folder03:31
d0ngeri used purge command though03:31
reisioPhoenixz: hasn't been my experience03:31
reisiobut I don't use Ubuntu03:31
kostkonPhoenixz, nowadays it's pulseaudio on top of alsa. gstreamer and phonon are multimedia frameworks03:31
wilee-nileed0nger, Some are there some are not.03:31
reisionor have I ever had problems with flash or 64-bit03:31
reisiothese are largely imaginary problems, IMO03:31
Phoenixzkostkon: yeah, but phonon (from what I have seen here) uses gstreamer with some mix of pulse audio, and that all on top of ALSA, please correct me if I am very wrong..  It all seems very... patched together.. not just one strong "this is it and it works" if you know what I mean.03:32
reisioPhoenixz: all you actually need is alsa03:32
reisiothe rest is the fault of your particular DE and/or distro03:33
kostkonPhoenixz, gst and phonon can talk directly to pulse that's true. pulse is the sound server03:33
reisioor whatever top-level software it is that deps it in03:33
Phoenixzreisio: flash has always been horrible, but then again, thats adobe.. Cant wait till thats gone :)03:33
wilee-nileed0nger, This a ppa install?03:33
reisioPhoenixz: horrible yes03:33
reisiojust not more horrible than on Windows03:33
d0ngerkdenlive from software center03:34
Phoenixzreisio: true, true03:34
d0ngerstill didn't work. immissing some options it had when i first installed it, now it's missing options03:35
sawyer_Phoenixz, Because 12.04 works better, exept for this one thing03:35
wilee-nilee!find kdenlive03:36
ubottuFound: kdenlive, kdenlive-data, kdenlive-dbg03:36
Phoenixzd0nger: missing options does not really sound like a config issue..?03:36
wilee-nilee!info kdenlive03:36
ubottukdenlive (source: kdenlive): non-linear video editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.6-2ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 1317 kB, installed size 4677 kB03:36
wilee-nileejust checking if in the repos the web gives conflicting info for kdenlive03:36
sawyer_So does some one actually know how to fix it?03:36
Phoenixzsawyer_: patience :) If somebody knows, they will answer03:37
Nach0za/w 3603:37
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Charcoalwingsawyer_: Does it recognize the microphone but just doesn't pick up sound, or does it not recognize it at all? Does it recognize other microphones?03:47
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urgodfatherhello room03:48
Charcoalwingsawyer_: Have you tried anything besides pavu control? http://askubuntu.com/questions/133903/internal-microphone-not-listed-in-sound-settings There are some other ideas on this page.03:49
reisio'lo urgod03:49
urgodfatheris there a way that i can install ubuntu, prep it the way i want, then generate an installer so that i won't have to repeat over and over again?03:49
wilee-nileeurgodfather, Same release?03:50
urgodfatheri was gonna use the lts03:51
urgodfatherbut really i plan to use ubuntu as the backbone.03:52
wilee-nileeurgodfather, There are a number of ways to speed it up, and actual "installer" is well questionable in the definition of.03:52
urgodfatherbuild from command line up with what i want, tweak it, then pack it into an installable form03:53
wilee-nileeurgodfather, all you need is that command line really of what you install.03:54
TimRcan anybody tell me why I cant edit SSH port anymore I didhave it on port 26 but it dont work anymore so when I switched it back to port 22 it works03:54
wilee-nileesudo apt-get install "put apps list here"03:54
MapleyHow did the Ubuntu devs achieve a seamless transition from Plymouth to LightDM without any VT messages leaking through?03:55
PhoenixzHum,.. I just did apt-get purge libmysqlclient18:i386 just to see what would get uninstalled and surprise surprise, I did not get a "are you sure...".. I guess the decision has been made, I will have to reinstall since right now even KDE itself is gone...03:55
PhoenixzThis is NOT a good day...03:55
* Phoenixz needs a beer03:55
wilee-nileeMapley, voodoo03:55
urgodfatheryeah, but i also plan to customize some of those apps. one in particular.. but i don't think there is a method to tweak via command line03:55
Mapleywilee-nilee, :c03:56
ajdjawdoiawdiojWhen I do a sound test Front Left and Front Right plays audio. With a headset in the analog audio port only Front Right plays audio. The headset plays audio in both with any other device\other laptops.03:57
ajdjawdoiawdiojIs this a motherboard issue or pulse audio?03:57
Charcoalwingurgodfather: Could you save the config files for it?03:59
wilee-nileeurgodfather, There are a number of ways to have a faster semi-automated install as far as triggering parts of it, and or cloning, or making your own install disc, however this channel is direct support. My suggestion is to do some research to get to some more specifics, this conversation as is could go for days as is.03:59
superborgurgodfather, all from the ship that made n4 and n5 simple03:59
sawyer_I freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 and my mic wont work, I tried changing things in pavu control but I cant get it to work, but it worked in 13.1004:00
urgodfathercan you just tell me.... is there a way to re-package my install as a distro?04:01
superborgcan anybody tell me why04:01
urgodfatherCharcoalwing probably04:02
Charcoalwingurgodfather: http://askubuntu.com/questions/158865/how-do-i-convert-my-ubuntu-installation-into-a-live-usb-or-live-cd ?04:02
topper4125urgodfather, http://www.maketecheasier.com/6-tools-to-easily-create-your-own-custom-linux-distro/04:03
superborg“he’s the n5 is probably closer to the back portion04:03
urgodfatherthanks Charcoalwing and topper412504:04
urgodfatherthats all i was asking.. point me in the right direction :)04:05
wilee-nileePhoenixz, When you run a cli it tells you what is going to be removed.04:08
sawyer_I freshly installed ubuntu 12.04 and my mic wont work, I tried changing things in pavu control but I cant get it to work, but it worked in 13.1004:13
Guest64573test test04:13
sawyer_ubottu this scentance is false.04:15
sawyer_How can I update my mic drivers? maybe thats it.04:18
Charcoalwingsawyer_: [20:47] <Charcoalwing> sawyer_: Does it recognize the microphone but just doesn't pick up sound, or does it not recognize it at all? Does it recognize other microphones? [20:49] <Charcoalwing> sawyer_: Have you tried anything besides pavu control? http://askubuntu.com/questions/133903/internal-microphone-not-listed-in-sound-settings There are some other ideas on this page.04:23
fishduckis SDL in ubuntus repository?04:25
sawyer_charcoalwing, It sees it, but it doesnt pick up sound04:26
topper4125is your mike muted?? (Usually as on fresh install)...04:28
Charcoalwingsawyer_: http://superuser.com/questions/644314/internal-microphone-no-sound-level-in-pavucontrol-but-record-with-arecord-paca This person's problem was mono vs stereo; have you tried switching that? http://annevankesteren.nl/2008/04/ubuntu-microphone This is if your microphone isn't enabled.04:28
sawyer_charcoalwing, OK I will try that04:29
FloodBot1fadasdsad: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:30
CapitalSigmahi all -- anyone here have expereince with pf-kernel?04:32
sawyer_charcoalwing, What is the second link refering to when it says Volume control?04:33
sawyer_fishduck, IM not seeing "edit" in either volume setting, or pulse audio04:34
wilee-nileeCapitalSigma, The channel works with you stating the issues to it.04:34
sawyer_charcoalwing, IM not seeing "edit" in either volume setting, or pulse audio04:34
CapitalSigmasure, sorry wilee-nilee, i'm new to irc. i'm running xubuntu, i compiled (with default options) and installed pf-kernel, on start up i'm getting "gave up waiting for root device"04:37
wilee-nileeTo the channel04:37
Charcoalwingsawyer_: Hm, I don't see "edit" anywhere, either. Maybe it's old? http://askubuntu.com/questions/77888/microphone-problem-in-ubuntu-11-10 Here's another page with suggestions.04:37
CapitalSigmathen it drops me into busybox and my keyboard doesn't respond04:37
wilee-nileeCapitalSigma, In general this is support for kernels in the ubuntu repos, you might try ##linux if no one answers here.04:40
CapitalSigmaokay, thank you04:40
sawyer_charcoalwing, None worked.04:41
prasannapetehi, anyone have compiled ubuntu for raspberry pi?04:41
sawyer_prasannapete, No, I believe there is a debian for it though.04:42
CapitalSigmaprasannapete: have you checked out raspbian?04:42
prasannapetei have used raspbian, but i wanted to know if ubuntu can be installed04:42
sawyer_prasannapete, No.04:43
wafflejocksawyer_: probably check out alsamixer and arecord to check your Mic out04:43
sawyer_wafflejock, What? arecord?04:43
wafflejockprasannapete: believe it would not be a good thing to run full ubuntu on a raspi04:43
fishduckI compiled blender, but all I get (when I start it) is a smaller screen resolution (but no blender). Any experiences? ^^ :304:43
wafflejocksawyer_: http://linux.die.net/man/1/arecord04:43
Charcoalwingsawyer_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2011304 ? (scroll down to the bottom for their solution)04:44
wafflejocksawyer_: There's some good stuff on it here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture04:45
sawyer_wafflejock, Ubuntu, not arch04:45
wafflejocksawyer_: yeah gotcha same sound subsystem though04:45
wafflejocksawyer_: I used this for diagnosing stuff with my own mic using Kubuntu, ultimately turned out it was a hardware failure04:46
wafflejocksawyer_: is it a USB mic? or "regular"04:46
sawyer_wafflejock, Its internal, but it works in 13.10 and windows.04:46
CapitalSigmaarch wiki often has some great distro-neutral advice on how to get things working04:47
sawyer_wafflejock, so its not hardware failure04:47
wafflejocksawyer_: yeah gotcha, in alsamixer you'll see channels as muted with MM under their volume control, if you see internal mic with mm in there you hit M to unmute after selecting that channel with the arrows, if it's not muted in there arecord should work04:48
sawyer_I think IM getting some where, I increased the mic gain in alsa mixer and now there is a small amount of orange in pulse auudio04:48
sawyer_wafflejock, Where would I see mm? I dont see it04:49
wafflejockjust under the "volume slider" it either has 00 or mm04:49
wafflejockif you hit m it should toggle04:49
sawyer_I dont see anything changing when I hit m, or "volume slider"04:50
wafflejockweird definitely does it here, just muted my music :)04:51
wafflejockyou're in alsamixer ?04:51
sawyer_and sound settings, and pulse audio, but my mic in pulse now has a small orange bar indicating something is making it through, but its not much, and weather or not I actually make noise doesnt move it04:52
wafflejocksawyer_: http://snag.gy/UICd8.jpg <- here's what mine looks like with the MM and 00 I was talking about04:53
sawyer_and now under recording there is, "GNOME Volume Control Dialog: Peak detect From Built in audio Analog"04:53
sawyer_wafflejock, Ok nothing is muted04:54
sawyer_two things at 00 though04:54
wafflejocksawyer_: believe that testing ALSA itself using arecord from the arch instructions is the best bet because I'm pretty sure Pulse and/or Jack work on top of ALSA so if that isn't working I wouldn't expect the others to, I'm a programmer but not a Linux expert though still learning the ropes04:54
wafflejockyea 00 is okay think it just means "open" or on04:54
Charcoalwingsawyer_: Are you talking right at the microphone? When I had an internal one it couldn't detect any sound from me unless I talked *right* into it.04:55
wafflejockF6 to see other cards too if you don't see your Mic on the first one04:55
fishduckcompiled darkplaces... but when I run it, it just... does nothing but changes my screen resolution. Any ideas?04:55
sawyer_wafflejock My sound card is Default -04:55
sawyer_Charcoalwing, doesnt make a difference04:55
wafflejockfishduck: is darkplaces the new blender you were talking about up there? don't have experience compiling it, is there a problem with the one in the repo? or just looking for the latest cycles updates?04:56
Charcoalwingsawyer_: What does it sound like when you use sound recorder?04:56
sawyer_charcoalwing White noise04:57
fishduckwafflejock: I don't have the slightest idea ^^04:57
wafflejockfishduck: if you just want blender you don't need to build it from source it's available in the main repos04:57
wafflejockfishduck: sudo apt-get install blender04:57
fishduckwafflejock: I know, but I want to learn how to do it.04:58
wafflejockfishduck: fair enough, sorry though don't have experience building that one myself from scratch04:58
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sawyer_charcoalwing, What do I do now?05:01
Charcoalwingsawyer_: http://www.humans-enabled.com/2011/07/help-when-your-microphone-is-not.html This page has a video about sound settings that could make it not work?05:01
sawyer_charcoalwing, OK I will try that05:02
wafflejocksawyer_: yeah so for me it turned out I had one damaged external Mic which I didn't realize ever happened, I reinstalled my whole OS after lots of debugging then eventually found out my Mic was just broken (hooking up the headphone end and talking into them worked, face-palm), my USB mic wasn't working in Hangouts because it was hooked up through a USB hub... so two random problems not related directly to your problem, but I feel05:02
wafflejockyour pain, ultimately audacity helped me verify everything was working because you can easily select the mic inputs in there to test05:02
Charcoalwingsawyer_: http://www.youtube.com/all_comments?v=f2HYyRgue_8 I don't think the suggestion in the comments here was on any of the other links, it doesn't say anywhere if it worked for the person but you could still try.05:03
Charcoalwing*. It05:03
Charcoalwingsawyer_: You could also try posting on the Ubuntu forums about the issue?05:06
sawyer_Charcoalwing, I Dont like doing that because I have been trying to get it to work for days, and I am tired of waiting, I dont want to wait for posts.05:06
DatWolfim legit blaq as fuq05:08
sawyer_charcoalwing, That video did work, most of those settings arent around in precise.05:11
contexti burnt three dvd's tonight. none of them were readable :-/ i feel doomed05:12
wafflejockcontext: check your MD5 Checksum lower your burner speed05:13
Charcoalwingsawyer_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1369142&highlight=microphone Here's another thread.05:13
wafflejockcontext: also check that they aren't readable by the computer that burned them05:13
wafflejockpretend_genius: hi05:14
contextwell i just converted an iso to image and put on usb stick05:14
contextand still cant boot it05:14
wafflejockcontext: I've had lots of things stop a USB boot from working so usually stick to discs when I can05:14
Charcoalwingsawyer_: Even if it's already been days, maybe a forum post could end up saving more days? It would also give you a place to collect the the things you've tried already and what settings and microphone you have, so it'd be easier to show others.05:15
contextive honestly never had good luck with usb sticks bootable, which is totally retarded05:15
wafflejocksawyer_: Charcoalwing makes all good points, if you can't find a post for your particular hardware that makes sense to tag onto making a new one doesn't hurt05:15
wafflejockcontext: yeah well I think USB hardware tends to have more variables involved than a CD or DVD where you just have to deal with the different layers but otherwise mostly standardized, USB drives are very variable05:16
wafflejockcontext: plus depends on the BIOS being at least somewhat modern05:17
sawyer_charcoalwing, Ok this one seems promising, its a lot like what I have going on.05:17
contextonly a year or two old. i swear ive done it before. just havent touched this box in like 9 months05:17
sawyer_I have to restart now I will be right back.05:18
contextburning again but slower speed.05:18
contextexternal dvd burner on my mb air05:18
contextim just complaining to complain. i <3 ubuntu05:18
contextits almost 12am and im a many beers in ;)05:18
wafflejock:) no worries some days computers just don't want to cooperate05:19
contextluckily im not 'that' IT guy at work for many years05:19
pretend_geniusNow I want to be a drunk IT guy05:20
contextmy laptop always works (and im not saying that cause its a mac, my gentoo laptop always worked also unless i knew i was breaking it)05:20
sawyerIM back05:20
contexti just want to play with this crap before my new server comes in the mail05:20
wafflejockcontext: could always go virtual box too if you're just experimenting with OSes05:21
contexthttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Poweredge-C1100-1U-2X-XEON-QC-L5520-2-26GHZ-NO-HDD-72GB-DDR3-Tested-/261274072295?pt=COMP_EN_Servers&hash=item3cd525f4e7 <-- gonna make an awesome MAAS/Juju/Openstack playground at home (once i have them)05:22
pretend_geniuscould you run a different partition OS as a virtual OS?05:22
context"partition os" ?05:22
sawyercharcoalwing, Every thing that is happening to that guy is happening to me, but he doesnt have the answer05:23
contextrun a VM off a separate partition ?05:23
contextand or / honestly ... just a very nice box to have as a home server for the price05:25
wheatthinsorry, don't want to be rude, but I think that may be offtopic05:27
Charcoalwingsawyer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1386425 This thread talks about some other things in alsa mixer. It's about a person that has sound but it's really low, but it also has a part about unmuting volume.05:28
rhin0to get better sound use pavucontrol05:28
wheatthinif it's really low, he might have to turn up the pcm or master channels05:28
rhin0sudo apt-get install pavucontrol05:28
wafflejockpretend_genius: if you mean can you run an installed OS as a virtualbox machine I believe the answer is no05:28
Charcoalwingsawyer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/131857/alsamixer-howto-disable-auto-mute-mode This one's almost the same but has a couple more alsamixer options.05:30
pretend_geniusI mean booting a 2nd operating system in a first as a virtual OS05:31
wafflejockpretend_genius: no you can't do that05:31
wafflejockpretend_genius: I've checked it out some05:31
wafflejockpretend_genius: the problem is basically the OS is configured based on the hardware and the virtual hardware is different05:31
sawyercharcoalwing, I have mic and internal mic, what is mic?05:31
Charcoalwingsawyer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1395094 Also since pulse audio/pavucontrol wasn't working for you and neither is alsa, according to this thread another sound thing called OSS could work.05:32
sawyercharcoalwing, Maybe thats the problem, it seems to want to use mic, but I think it should be internal mic.05:32
wafflejockpretend_genius: you're better off having shared separate partition that both can read/write for media and stuff you want to share between OSes05:32
aarcaneif I install 14.04 daily build from the ISO, will I then automatically be running 14.04 final if I stay up to date using aptitude udpate; aptitude upgrade regularly?05:32
topper4125aarcane, should work.. but I wound't recommend it on a system you depend on...05:33
sawyercharcoalwing, So try OSS?05:33
contextyeah im starting to hate this external dvd burner. it even verified and said success, i put it back in and it says 'cant read'05:33
contextaarcane: 'should' yes? like topper4125 said, if you care, dont do it05:33
Charcoalwingsawyer yeah, may as well try it. Also huh, I don't know where the extra microphone would come from. Can you turn it off in the normal sound settings? There should be a dropdown for different microphones.05:34
aarcanetopper4125, context:  That's what I was afraid of.  I was hoping to get a head start on migrating to 14.04, but since it's highly recommended against...05:34
sawyercharcoalwing, I think one of the tutorials I tried had me remove my pulse, so I cant anymore...05:34
contexta head start? 14.04 isnt gonna be THAT much different from 13.10.. and anything you REALLY care about being that up to date should be in a ppa05:36
sawyercharcoalwing, I cant install oss for some reason, the deb just says :Cannot install 'gcc:i386'05:36
topper4125aarcane, on systems you depend on, always stay with supported releases (Personally I only run LTS to LTS)05:36
aarcanetopper4125, I'm on 12.04 now, and it's gotten a bit long in the tooth.  I was hoping, since I had time to do upgrades today...  but since it's advised against05:37
fishduckhow do I get rid of the annoying scrollbar in unity?05:37
contextdepending on env, LTS or at most actual release... desktop/workstation, id still do release, and PPA the stuff i want to be 'edge'05:37
fishduckthe auto hiding-wtf-whatever-it-is scrollbar and get a normal one?05:37
fishduckalso, whos idea was it to remove the scrollbar and put that weird thing there?05:37
fishduckit's a terrible idea. If the devs are reading this..... ffs, just add a normal scrollbar05:38
sawyerfishduck, What wierd thing? Can you link to a picture?05:38
contextfishduck: im sure it was a redhead05:38
topper4125still running 12.04.3 on this machine... but most of my Software is installed via PPA rather than any repositories... so the software fresh, the OS is stable...05:38
fishducksawyer: http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/how-to-get-classic-scrollbar-back-in-ubuntu-11-04-tip/  can't be removed like that in my current ubuntu version05:38
fishduckcontext: probably05:38
sawyerfishduck, Why does it matter?05:39
contextdamn gingers05:39
fishducksawyer: because (1) Can't scroll to the end of a file in one swipe (2) takes 2 damned second until you actually get a grip of it, if at all05:40
sawyerfishduck, Well I dont know on that one.05:40
topper4125got rid of that 'option' a while back myself...05:40
fishduckalso, you'll have to fiddle with your cursor to get it05:40
fishducksawyer: it sucks.05:40
fishduckcan it be removed?05:41
xanguafishduck: you just pasted a link that explained how to...05:41
fishduckSometimes you want to skim trough a large document really quick, and need to be able to ... ffs, nvm.. any ideas of how to get rid of it?05:42
fishducka scrollbar isn't suppose to disappear05:42
fishduckit gives you an overview too05:42
Charcoalwingsawyer: "apt-get install gcc.i386"?05:42
sawyerE: Unable to locate package gcc.i38605:42
sawyerE: Couldn't find any package by regex 'gcc.i386'05:42
sawyerNeed to log out and back in be right back05:43
sawyerim back05:44
DatWolfso swaggets05:45
fishduckI bug-fixed it with apt-get purge overlay-scrollbar . Will send the devs a patch later05:45
sawyerWhy does it work in 13.10 but not 12.04, thats the part that gets me.05:45
fishduckxangua: I also clearly wrote that it was irrelevant for my version05:46
sawyerGotta log out and in again brb05:46
Charcoalwingsawyer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenSound Scroll down to "Installing Prerequisite Packages" and try the commands there?05:47
sawyerIm back05:47
sawyerOk, so what do i try now?05:47
fishduckquestion: if I have a game running.. can I switch back to the desktop like in windows, and then back to that game window?05:47
CharcoalwingOne of the commands installs gcc, so then you might be able to get OSS working.05:47
madsailorfishduck: alt tab just like windows05:48
sawyercharcoalwing, I dont want to try anything unsupported, last time I did I lost my gui...05:48
Charcoalwingsawyer: Maybe you could try it on a live cd first?05:49
sawyercharcoalwing, Its unsupported, and that page says its buggy in ubuntu, I just dont think its a good idea.05:50
sawyercharcoalwing, it worked in 13.10, what is different from here to there that would make it work?05:50
sawyercharcoalwing, Maybe its my drivers.05:51
sawyercharcoalwing, how would I go about updating thoughs?05:51
sawyercharcoalwing, And how do I get pulse audio back?05:51
Charcoalwingsawyer: "sudo apt-get install pulseaudio"?05:52
Charcoalwingsawyer: http://www.stchman.com/alsa_update.html This page is about a script to update the ALSA driver.05:53
sawyerOK I will try that, thank you05:54
fishduckmadsailor: tested that, won't work. Could be that it's just this game that hijacks everything05:54
sawyercharcoalwing, Ok im updating my driver thank you.05:56
Charcoalwingsawyer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto Also here's a page about trouble-shooting, it gets to the microphone at "No mic working, rest OK".05:57
sawyerWell , I updated my drivers, I am going to restart brb05:59
sawyerstill no luck06:02
Charcoalwingsawyer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto Here's the troubleshooting page again! It also has a driver updating section, so maybe that way of updating could work better.06:03
sawyercharcoalwing, Ok06:03
sawyercharcoalwing, Im trying it06:03
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optrazhow to redetect the display fit to the screen? right now the display is larger than the screen can fit06:05
lotuspsychjefishduck: can you run the game in a different resolution maybe, so its on your desktop06:05
lotuspsychje!display | optraz06:06
ubottuoptraz: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:06
sawyercharcoalwing, This page is confusing me..06:06
lotuspsychje!sound | sawyer06:07
ubottusawyer: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:07
sawyerlotuspsychje, No offence, but unless you are going to be more usefull than playing with your bot, just stop...06:08
lotuspsychjesawyer: did you actually read the sound url?06:08
lotuspsychjesawyer: alot of usefull ino on there06:08
sawyerlotuspsychje, There is nothing wrong with my sound, but nothing is picking up my mic.06:09
optrazlotuspsychje: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution content number 1, the file  ~/.config/monitors.xml is not exist in my xubuntu..06:09
Charcoalwingsawyer: The links from the bot also talk about microphone; like the first link has a part that says "Audio Capture - Making your Microphone Work".06:11
sawyerGo to menu: Edit ▸ Preferences ▸ Devices. Go to section Recording06:14
sawyerThere is no edit06:14
sawyerLots of things say to go to edit, but its not there06:14
kakkahi, all, i am trying to improve read write performance to the NTFS partitions, i couldn't change them because i need windows also, i am using a HDD and NTFS-3G is more than half slow as compared with windows06:16
kakkai installed latest version from source code06:16
kakkaand didn't see any performance boost06:17
kakkai also enableed big writes06:17
kakkabut in synaptic it is showing older version is installed06:17
kakkabut in terminal, it is showing, latetst version has been installed06:17
Charcoalwingsawyer: I have to go, I hope you get it figured out eventually.06:18
kakkawhile removing older version from synaptic, it asks for removing remastersys alos06:18
kakkai don't want to loose remastersys06:18
sawyercharcoalwing, thank you for your help.06:19
kakkai am using ubuntu 12.04 LTS06:19
kakkaANYBODY HERE, will help me to improve read write performance on the NTFS partitions06:19
sawyer!patience | kakka06:19
ubottukakka: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/06:19
kakkaext4 is also slow as compared with NTFS, on my system, i am getting read speed from pendrive around 74 mB , while same pendrive with fat formatted, give me speed 50-55 Mbps on ext4 system06:21
linu1hi i have been trying to download ccid-1.4.12.tar.bz2,but the official webpage not loaded, is it any problem with server06:22
JordanJ2Hello, I am using a standard account in ubuntu. I know the administrator account password and would like to use sudo -s as that user. How can I do this?06:29
wilee-nileeJordanJ2, I'm not sure you can sudo anything from a standard account.06:33
wilee-nileeits not in the right group06:33
JordanJ2I cannot use login <user>06:34
JordanJ2To gain root privilages06:34
wilee-nileeJordanJ2, Not sure to be honest, I have not needed to use a standard account, but to get admin and use sudo I would think you have to have sudo rights.06:35
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:35
JordanJ2I would like to use sudo as another user who is in the sudoers file06:37
wilee-nileeJordanJ2, When you make a second user in the gui it has a admin option.06:37
JordanJ2Yes, I would not like to make them admin06:38
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topper4125sudo -i -u <username>06:38
JordanJ2That's not working >_<06:39
topper4125dangerous stuff on that page... use with caution jordanj206:40
JordanJ2All I want to do is when a standard user tries to use sudo ask for <admin account's> password06:41
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JordanJ2Is that possible?06:44
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=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
=== owner is now known as Guest4853
topper4125JordanJ2, see if this helps: https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/serverguide/user-management.html06:50
uncle_beni set up ddclient to update every 25 days...will a sleeping process get reset after a reboot?06:54
no0pso I have this program that accepts data on stdin, and another which writes to a file.  how do I get these two together?06:57
no0pcan I create a file descriptor that is stdin for a program?06:58
boodroscotchHi, I'm using Firefox 25.0 on Ubuntu 13.10, but I don't have WebRTC support. Is Firefox on Ubuntu compiled with WebRTC support?07:01
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fahadashWho the crazy-breaktruck-guy names the OS 'ubuntu' ?07:11
fahadashPretty mouthful07:11
lvlephFor some reason 13.04 does not suspend when closing the lid. However, it does recognize the lid closing and I can suspend manually using pm-suspend. Additionally, I do have it set to suspend on closing the lid.07:26
Sanjui am new in ubuntu plzzz hel07:28
lvlephask a question then07:28
Sanjuhow microchip pic programming in eclipse07:29
blurkis__can some one recomend a product sort of like apple tv  that can send video-signal from a computer to a tv? I want to be able to connect my laptop wireless to the tv to watch videos etc?07:29
lvlephSanju that seems like more of an eclipse question. I don't use IDEs so...07:29
blurkis__it seems (as normal) apple tv is tied to apple products, i want something simular that works with ubuntu07:29
lvlephblurkis__, I use a Minix Neo X5 mini07:30
lvlephSpecifically the X7 mini has been hacked to run Ubuntu07:30
Sanjuwhich ide better for embedded??07:30
lvlephthey are android based though07:30
Sanjuwhich ide better for embedded??07:31
lvlephSanju, this is the Ubuntu help channel and those questions aren't really related to ubuntu07:31
lvlephYou can however find a list of IDEs in the program manager07:32
blurkis__lvleph, thanks. will look into that07:32
fahadashblurkis__, If your TV supports DLNA/UPNP Media Server connectivity, There are media servers you can install on your laptop07:32
fahadashblurkis__, To throw in a name, 'Twonky Media Server'07:33
lvlephfahadash, I think XBMC can do this too.07:33
Sanjupresent time i am going to meeting..i talk to lata ...07:33
lvlephyw Sanju07:33
Sanjuthanks dear..07:34
lvlephSaturday meetings are the best!07:34
=== dave is now known as Guest68472
Guest68472why cant i left-shift 2 key in unbunto stido when at a web browser07:39
blurkis__fahadash, wel.. its a modern tv so perhaps it does, but I belive it does not help me that much. I want a wireless setup so that I can stream movies etc to the tv.  Using these protocols on the tv does not help the wireless bits right?07:39
JordanJ2I am running ssh and would like to disable users from entering another users /home07:40
fahadashblurkis__, Yes DLNA does that. Most new TVs that have wifi enabled come with DLNA/upnp media support07:41
lvlephJordanJ2, set the permissions on the other users folders so that they don't have read permissions07:41
fahadashblurkis__, Go to software center in your ubuntu machine, look for media servers, install one and activate it. See if your TV discovers it07:41
blurkis__fahadash, looked into it, my tv has no wifi..  so Its out of question :(  though it would have been nice :)07:42
fahadashblurkis__, Then you need a device that hooks up to your home network, much like some adapter or something... Most sony-bluray players have this feature07:42
JordanJ2Can I do that via terminal?07:43
lvlephI think my suspend issue has something to do with sudo cat /proc/acpi/event07:43
lvlephcat: /proc/acpi/event: Device or resource busy07:43
fahadashjordan, chmod, chgrp07:43
blurkis__fahadash, I was thinking more in the terms of a cheap media-device that can stream to the tv, I just need to find one that works with ubuntu and the free media servers07:43
lvlephblurkis__, sounds like an android tv device fits07:44
fahadashblurkis__, Latest sony's are under $50, blackfriday is around the corner07:44
lvlephthis is what the minix neo is07:44
fahadashblurkis__, Google Chromecast has DLNA (Unconfirmed)07:44
Guest68472the left crntl key open system  vol  cannot  access  oper case letters  does anyone  know how to fix this07:44
Guest68472in unbuntu studio07:45
Guest68472i dont know if my keyboard is  encoding wrnk or itis a distro error07:45
JordanJ2Can I login to another users acount via ssh?07:45
fahadashblurkis__, Here is an interesting page... http://www.cnx-software.com/2013/08/13/ezcast-is-wi-fi-display-solution-to-be-used-with-actions-micro-hdmi-tv-dongle/07:46
fahadashblurkis__, If you don't have money, go buy an S-Video or VGA cable (whichever can interface between your laptop and TV) for under $1007:47
JordanJ2lvleph, I can see no option to do that07:48
sam113101where can I find dri3proto?07:49
lvlephsudo chmod 700 /home/<folder>07:49
=== pantalaimon is now known as Guest7127
Guest7127Why is Ubuntu installing such an ancient nvidia driver by default? the current *stable* version is 33107:49
lvlephJordanJ2, ^^07:49
JordanJ2Can I do that from System Settings?07:50
lvlephGuest7127, what version of Ubuntu?07:50
Guest7127lvleph: 13.1007:50
lvlephJordanJ2, no07:50
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
JordanJ2lvleph, >_<07:50
JordanJ2700? what group is that?07:50
Guest7127by default it installs 304, I can update to 31907:50
lvlephGuest7127, 304 is the most tested07:51
Guest7127lvleph: don't you think nvidia tests their driver themselves?07:51
Guest7127the 33x series was released when steam came to Linux and brought great performance improvements07:52
lvlephGuest7127,  you can try sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates07:53
Guest7127I'm also doubting the old drivers will support new hardware07:53
lvlephHowever I have read that 331 is buggy07:53
lvlephI have been working on getting nvidia to work for over a week now07:53
JordanJ2What is group 700? ^^07:53
Guest7127but won't that also update the X-serve and everything?07:53
lvleph700 is a numeric representation of rwx - - for permissions07:54
Guest7127https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates also only has 319 and no saucy packages07:54
blurkis__fahadash, btw, thanks for the conversation. The talk about blueray made me look, and right now.. it seems the best sollution is a simple bluerayplayer with dlna etc. I saw one that even has netflix support, seems like a good solution for me.07:54
lvlephGuest7127, as far as I know it only deals with the driver07:54
lvlephHmmm Guest7127 looks like I need to find the repo that had 331 let me check my history07:55
fahadashblurkis__, np. I've been streaming media from all kinds of devices ranging from Laptop, NAS Server to my TV for 5 years07:56
a4343Does Ubunto spy on its users?07:57
lvlephGuest7127, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/10/install-nvidia-331-17-ubuntu-linux-mint/07:57
fahadasha4343, Good one07:57
Guest7127lvleph: thx, I'll try that07:57
a4343So true not true?07:57
fahadasha4343, Your question reminds me of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP8CNp-vksc07:58
JordanJ2lvleph, Can I use /home/*?07:58
lvlephI believe it will work, but I would be worried about messing it up and then not being able to access any home folders JordanJ207:59
fahadashJordanJ2, You got me worried buddy07:59
duoia4343, Ubuntu itself doesn't. However Amazon shopping results have been baked into it so every search you make is essentially routed to Amazon's servers. You can however disable this from taking place.07:59
a4343I saw that one. Ubunto's position seems to be that it was ok to collect users data and send it to canonical or whatever they are08:00
blurkis__fahadash, does dlna meen that any program that supports this protocol can stream to the dlna enabled device?08:00
JordanJ2If I have 5 users, i'm supposted to do that for all of them?08:00
fahadashJordanJ2, You must know what you're doing... I am not following the whole conversation... But from those bits and pieces, its apparent that this could result into a catastrophic failure08:00
a4343So the spying occurs by default?  I assume that there is a message box that appears that informs users they are being spied on and how to turn off that feature?08:00
lvlephfahadash, he wants to make home folders unreadable by other users08:00
fahadashblurkis__, Yes. And its pretty open technology as well as a de-facto standard in the industry so most Players tend to support it08:01
lvlephby using chmod 700 /home/*08:01
Jouffluwhatever happened to swap ?08:01
fahadashlvleph, He is chmod-ding away everything inside /home08:01
wafflejockblurkis__: yeah DLNA is digital life network alliance if it says it supports it they usually talk08:02
pogiakowhats the best stable linux distro?08:02
a4343If the users dont care like Ubunto says, then there is no harm in having a big disclaimer that shows up when they send off your data08:02
wafflejockpogiako: very subjective08:02
lvlephI would be worried that only one user could access any home folder doing that08:02
fahadashblurkis__, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Plug_and_Play08:02
sam113101where can I find dri3proto?08:02
pogiakono seriously, thinking of switching to 12.0408:03
wafflejocka4343: you can go with Kubuntu or some other distro if you like, perhaps Linux Mint08:03
wafflejockoh gone08:03
lvlephpogiako, it will only have support until april08:03
blurkis__fahadash, so for example, I play musif through spotify.. is there some chanse to strean to a dlna device?08:03
duoia4343 it's not "spying" any more than Google reading your emails to present you relevant ads. Amazon doesn't care if you search "bomb equipment"-- if anything, they'll give you links to buy the equipment from Amazon. That said, don't assume that you have any privacy from a distribution that doesn't state that it intends to provide privacy. If you are concerned with spying, consider that all of08:03
duoiyour information goes through your various domain name servers and ISPs.08:03
pogiakoi want a more stable distro than what im using w/c is 13.0408:03
duoiOh balls. He left. After I typed all that out -_-08:04
wafflejock12.04 is LTS08:04
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)08:04
duoiBrb calling Amazon to track him down\08:04
fahadashblurkis__, Never used spotify... I mostly stream through Twonky and Windows-Media, they both work on media files from hard-drives08:04
lvlephfor some reason I thought 2 year but you are right08:04
wafflejockI moved back down to Kubuntu 12.0408:05
wafflejockwas on 13.04 okay but had some hardware problems (actual hardware problems) I mistook for software issues so I ended up downgrading08:05
blurkis__fahadash, hmm, if a program does not support dlna, is there some tweak to perhaps stream the computers audio out to dlna anyway? if you get me? instead of a musicprogram streaming, some other program catches audio output and then streams it?08:07
wafflejockblurkis__: sounds like a cool idea... don't know of anything though08:07
fahadashblurkis__, I can see where you're going with that :P08:08
fahadashblurkis__, I heard somebody who was bypassing DRM by tapping VGA output and writing that to DVDs and selling all those Netflix movies got arrested08:09
JordanJ2I have set up a vm with ssh on ubuntu but cannot access outside my network08:09
wafflejockJordanJ2: what do you mean outside your network?08:10
fahadashJordanJ2, I would look into VM's configuration to see if NIC is bridged or NAT-ted08:10
wafflejockfahadash: +08:10
wafflejockJordanJ2: you need to have port forwarding on the router going to the IP for the VM08:10
JordanJ2I tried that didn't work08:11
JordanJ2Using NAT08:11
blurkis__fahadash, found a samsung bd-f5100 that supports dlna and netflix etc..  seems like a good win for me. :)08:11
wafflejockJordanJ2: can you connect via SSH when you're on the local network but on another machine outside the one running the VM08:12
uncle_beni set up ddclient to update every 25 days...will a sleeping process get reset after a reboot?08:12
wafflejockJordanJ2: that would be step one I would think, if that doesn't work the port forwarding won't help08:12
JordanJ2I will try08:14
wafflejockuncle_ben: don't believe so if I understand you correctly, when the system reboots it may restart some processes based on the session if that is being saved but even so processes don't just resume from where they were in most cases (rsync being an exception I can think of right now)08:14
JordanJ21 sec08:14
uncle_benwafflejock, it's just that my IP rarely changes, so the default of 600 seconds is ridiculous...on the other hand, it seems like from what you're saying, it won't save the state it was in after a reboot and pick up where it left off, so i think i'll just change it to once every 12 hours08:17
wafflejockuncle_ben: usually you want to put something like that in a startup script somewhere so after a reboot it's back in business http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7221757/run-automatically-program-on-startup-under-linux-ubuntu08:17
wilee-nilee!cn | he08:17
ubottuhe: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:17
uncle_benwafflejock, thanks, i'll take a look at it08:18
grumpybynightHello, all08:19
wafflejockgrumpybynight: hello08:19
grumpybynightIs this the right place to ask for Ubuntu dual-boot advice?08:19
wafflejockgrumpybynight: sure shoot08:20
nick07hi, i do know how to mount a nfs share in ubuntu, but i can't get access to it. sudo mount -o soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192 192.168.2.x:/mnt /nfs  gets this: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting 192.168.2.x:/08:20
nick07i set up a user name in freenas, but how to apply this?08:20
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, yes08:20
wafflejocknick07: think you add stuff after the -o like username= and password=08:20
grumpybynightI'm on a Dell Inspiron running Windows 8.1. I want to dual-boot with Ubuntu 13.10. What would be the best way to go about this? Creating appropriate partitions, sharing files, etc.?08:20
wilee-nilee!uefi | grumpybynight08:21
ubottugrumpybynight: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI08:21
nick07ow really ;) let me try that..08:21
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, little more. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729508:21
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, Sharing is the easy part just an extra ntfs partition, the ubuntu install is the challenge.08:22
wafflejocknick07: ah was going based on my cifs share from my own NAS just checked that out for NFS looks like doesn't apply http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132240508:23
nick07ok, i see08:23
nick07what to do..08:23
nick07showmount -e 192.168.2.x -> Export list for 192.168.2.x: /mnt (everyone)08:25
JordanJ2wafflejock, I cannot access it from any other computers on the network08:26
wafflejocknick07: http://nixcraft.com/showthread.php/18145-NFS-server-mount-nfs-access-denied-by-server-while-mounting-x-y-z-w-shared-folder08:26
grumpybynight@wilee-nilee: Is it really that much of a challenge? I'd done it a few years ago, quite easily. But I guess there wasn't UEFI to contend with at the time.08:27
nick07let me check that08:27
wafflejockJordanJ2: okay so need to fiddle with the virtual box network settings I imagine, check the ip on the vm client08:27
JordanJ2I checked it08:27
dannymichelAnybody know how to get rid of this border separating the toolbar from the title? http://goo.gl/YSJjDN08:27
wafflejockJordanJ2: appear to be on the same network? same subnet and all?08:27
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, It is for some not for others, never had a uefi computer myself, can't be that hard really, if one knows both OS's in my opinion.08:28
wafflejockJordanJ2: does the router see the VM (status in the router config?)08:28
wafflejockJordanJ2: I don't see how it can be connected to the internet if not, but it seems weird you can't connect if so08:29
wafflejockJordanJ2: can you ping from other computers even if SSH doesn't work08:29
wafflejockJordanJ2: I wonder if maybe some firewall issue is there08:29
JordanJ2wafflejock, http://puu.sh/5jOzJ.png08:31
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, Interesting thing though is the uefi setups are only uniform across a manufacturer, not among them, they all have their own tweaked versions it seems.08:31
grumpybynightwilee-nilee: Ah. Maybe I'd be better off running Virtualbox, then?08:32
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, I know I would image/clone the setup before doing it is all, easier to reload that if something goes wrong.08:33
JordanJ2wafflejock, should I change that?08:33
wafflejockJordanJ2: worth a shot honestly not sure if bridged will hep or not08:33
wafflejockJordanJ2: doesn't really hurt you can always change back with the network settings08:33
wafflejockJordanJ2: graphics settings or other hardware changes can cause problems but the network interface has never caused me problems when I fiddle with it08:34
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, I have W8.1 and 3 linux on a ssd right now but in msdos with a mbr so no biggie here.08:34
impradeepysudo /etc/init.d/module-init-tools restart command not found please help me08:36
grumpybynightwilee-nilee: All I really want to be able to do is work with Ruby (on Rails) and Python. I guess Virtualbox should suit my purposes for now.08:36
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, Probably so, do what feels most comfortable. ;)08:36
grumpybynightwilee-nilee: Cheers, thanks for the help! :)08:37
wafflejockgrumpybynight: yeah I'm running Kubuntu with Virtual Box for Windows08:37
wilee-nileeno prob08:37
wafflejockeither way though08:37
grumpybynight2GB of RAM should be okay, right? Allocated to Ubuntu running using Virtualbox?08:37
wilee-nileegrumpybynight, plenty08:38
wafflejockgrumpybynight: will work fine yeah08:38
wafflejockI'm using 3.3GB right now but KDE is a bit heavy08:38
dannymichelAnybody know how to get rid of this border separating the toolbar from the title? http://goo.gl/YSJjDN08:39
grumpybynightI used to use Kubuntu almost exclusively a few years ago08:39
wafflejockactually chrome is the hog right now08:39
grumpybynightI really liked using Kate08:39
wafflejockI'm sort of a tab mad man08:39
grumpybynightwafflejock: haha08:39
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
wafflejockgrumpybynight: yeah I really just like being able to customize the panels08:39
grumpybynightwafflejock: Aren't we all08:39
wilee-nileedannymichel, post that ping on the web, I closed my account there personally.08:40
dannymichelsure, wilee-nilee http://d.pr/i/6MdX btw, how did you do that? they told me you can't close accounts.08:41
wilee-nileedannymichel, It's not removed just not open is all.08:42
dannymicheli see08:42
dannymichelAny ideas about the light border, wilee-nilee?08:42
wilee-nileedannymichel, what desktop is this?08:42
wilee-nileedannymichel, Not sure I use the shell, looks like you have changed the theme though.08:43
dannymicheli have a bit08:43
dannymichelbut it's ambiance for the most part08:44
dannymichelAnybody have any ideas?08:44
dannymichelI looked all over the metacity xml08:44
dreamonpart of syslog -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6425217/ -> line 8 -> gstreamer makes faults. -> any idea what to do?08:44
crackerjackzi'm bored so i came here to help08:48
crackerjackzgive me something to do :p08:49
dannymichelknow how to get rid of this border separating the toolbar from the title? http://d.pr/i/6MdX crackerjackz08:49
=== enchilado is now known as Xx_enchilado_xX
wafflejockcrackerjackz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MShbP3OpASA <-Linus for an hour08:50
shagelitoGreetings, there08:51
reisiosalutations here08:51
shagelitoi have a very serious problem with my grub.08:51
* crackerjackz gives wafflejock a thumbs up08:51
solarshey, anyone got an idea why my cpu does not go below 1500mhz when scaling, although it can go as low as 800mhz?08:51
=== Xx_enchilado_xX is now known as XexnchiladoxoX
crackerjackzwafflejock, here you might enjoy this one.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-FPJ6lpRYU08:52
reisiosolars: don't cross post08:52
shagelitoi installed debian, and i blew it up in less than 48hrs :D08:52
crackerjackzshagelito, whats the problem?08:52
=== XexnchiladoxoX is now known as enchilado
solarsreisio, I'm not, wanted to post in ubuntu anyway08:52
shagelitocrackerjackz: well i "had" a dualboot who worked perfectly08:52
solarsI think it's an ubuntu issue08:52
crackerjackzwhats it say when you try to boot... (initramfs) or something?08:52
shagelitocrackerjackz: turns out that i messed with the grub cfg08:52
shagelitocrackerjackz: ask for help on forums & #debian08:53
wafflejocksolars: search about the governer you can adjust it with some files to some degree08:53
solarswafflejock, I know, but there is nothing about 1500mhz in the files..08:53
shagelitoin #debian they aked me to do few things, but i think my helper was just anoyed after few hours hahaha08:53
crackerjackzshagelito, what happens when you try to boot?08:53
wafflejocksolars: not sure have only tinkered with it a bit08:54
shagelito"error: invalid arch independant ELF magic.08:54
shagelitoEntering rescue mode...08:54
crackerjackzdannymichel, i'm not sure what you are talking about08:54
shagelitoso i first tryed to use boot repair08:54
jacobido you know how to  install ipv6  in xunbuntu 13.1008:55
dannymichelif i make a better screenshot, are you capable of troubleshooting theme editing crackerjackz?08:55
solarswafflejock, alright, thanks08:55
shagelitocrackerjackz: it ended badly. My last chance was a bootable grub2 cd08:55
shagelitocrackerjackz: first, i was able to boot w8 and debian08:55
crackerjackzdannymichel, i'll try08:56
shagelitoright now, the only ay to boot anything, its threw the grub2 cd. Also w8 wont load, because of a boot related problem.08:56
wilee-nileeshagelito, debian is not supported here.08:56
dannymichelcrackerjackz http://d.pr/i/zer208:56
auronandace!ipv6 | jacobi08:56
ubottujacobi: For an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv408:56
JordanJ2wafflejock, So I port forwarded it but cannot access it off my external ip08:56
crackerjackzshagelito, have you checked the filesystem for errors?08:56
wafflejockJordanJ2: you may need to connect from outside your network08:57
wafflejockJordanJ2: if you have a smartphone (android) foxfi can work08:57
shagelitotbh its my first hours on debian. I really try to dont let ubuntu away regarding all the problems im facing. So if you can tell me how to check that, ill be glad to do so08:57
jacobiok! i will try.08:57
JordanJ2Let me grab it08:57
jacobithank you!08:57
wafflejockJordanJ2: can use your cell network as a local wifi then and connect as though you're outside the network08:58
wafflejockJordanJ2: well you will be outside the network08:58
=== grumpybynight_ is now known as grumpybynight
shagelitowhoops back again.09:00
crackerjackzshagelito, well it all depends on what filesystem you are using... pastebin me the output of fdisk -l  and df -Th09:00
shagelitocrackerjackz: sure ! thks for tryn09:01
wilee-nileecrackerjackz, This is ubuntu support take debian support to a pm.09:01
sabgentonthis post seems to say  apt-get --build ing a package means you have to remove it by hand http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238898&p=1394089#post139408909:02
sabgentonis the post wrong?09:02
sabgentondoesn't apt-get --build  make a package that can be uninstalled?09:02
wafflejocksabgenton: not aware of what you mean by apt-get --build09:04
shagelitocrackerjackz: http://pastebin.com/KngWfG5R do u want me to google translate it ?09:04
wilee-nileesabgenton, apt-get --build?09:05
wafflejocksabgenton: if you download source and build it then the make file that comes with the source (if one exists, usually) will have stuff for install and uninstall usually09:05
sabgentonwafflejock: apt-get -b source packagename09:05
sabgentonwilee-nilee: -b09:05
pogiakowhat's a good distro for a newbie09:06
crackerjackzshagelito, we have to take this to PM or #debian as per request of the ops bc this channel is for ubuntu support09:06
JordanJ2wafflejock, I still cannot access it09:07
wafflejockJordanJ2: so you can connect from the internal network now but with port forwarding can't connect from WAN IP09:07
shagelitodo u accept to help me threw pm ?09:07
calimero_82hey guys, my audio doesn't work09:07
grumpybynightDo any of you own a Macbook?09:08
crackerjackzshagelito, yes i accept09:08
wafflejockJordanJ2: don't know gears grinding.... nothing but steam09:08
calimero_82hey guys, my audio doesn't work, what should i do?09:09
wafflejockJordanJ2: would double check the port forwarding and that the router doesn't need a reboot or anything09:09
pogiakowhats a good distro for a newbie?09:09
JordanJ2Never did before09:09
pogiakotrying to look for a  good distro for my mom09:10
wafflejockpogiako: Linux Mint was good for my parents09:10
wilee-nileesabgenton, Not sure why you would need to use a build, however remove and purge would work the same I would think, you just want to be careful what you remove and watch for dependencies as usual.09:10
wafflejockpogiako: they are Windows XP/95 people09:10
pogiakoyeah i guess xp would work09:10
pogiakowhere can i get it for free?09:10
pogiakowithout pirating it ofcourse ;)09:10
wafflejockpogiako: oh I was suggesting Linux Mint09:10
pogiakoi have that09:11
wafflejockpogiako: it's similar09:11
pogiakoshe doesnt like it09:11
pogiakocoz she dont have time for dat09:11
wilee-nileepogiako, this is ubuntu support what does Xp have to do with that?09:11
pogiakoand i forgot her username and password09:11
pogiakowilee-nilee: i thought someone was suggesting me09:11
JordanJ2Double checked and nothing09:11
unicornjedihello, I need help adding a website to my web server09:12
wafflejocksorry JordanJ2 can't really think of anything aside from port forwarding that should block it at that point09:12
Vivekanandawhat is the default file comparison software in 12.04 ? I want to find the difference in code lines09:12
JordanJ2Should I turn off firewall?09:13
wafflejockVivekananda: think you need to install some sort of diff09:13
cvstxjordan yes09:13
sabgentonwilee-nilee: not quite getting you, I mean you  uncomment some deb-src entry in your /etc/apt/sources.list and then apt-get -b install a package from there,  can you now uninstall this package with apt-get remove  or apt-get purge  Properly?09:13
wafflejockJordanJ2: u can temporarily to test but if you can connect locally I don't see why the port forward wouldn't work09:13
unicornjedican anyone help me add a website to my webserver?09:13
sabgentonor does it loose its uninstaller abilitys?09:13
wafflejockVivekananda: you can use meld or kdiff3 there are others I can't recall right now09:14
sam113101unicornjedi: what's the problem?09:14
sabgentonwafflejock: the guy in the forum seems to say it doesn't purge or remove the same as binary package09:14
sabgentonwafflejock: just trying to work out if what he's saying is missleading09:15
wafflejocksabgenton: yeah not sure about installing that way, when I've built projects from source for install I've usually gotten them from a third party stie09:15
unicornjedisam113101, hi I just set up a webserver on ubuntu 13.10 using LAMP09:15
wilee-nileesabgenton, I think you are confused as to what deb-src is.09:15
calimero_82hey guys, my audio doesn't work, what should i do?09:16
Vivekanandawafflejock: I was wondering if there is already something installed by default. The problem with ubuntu is that for such things there is no way of knowing what is installed and what it does ( esp if it is cli and not gui based)09:16
sabgentonwilee-nilee: my understanding is it means apt-get update will get you a source based repo  and you can  pull in source pakages and install them from it09:16
wafflejockcalimero_82: can you give details09:16
VivekanandaI wonder how you guys do it09:16
wilee-nileesabgenton, I have never used a build command with apt-get all the dependencies are connected deb-src or not09:16
kenny__Hi ! I need an info about DU command : when i do du -axh it find 4.1GB but DF say 17GB on my / why so different ?09:16
calimero_82i've distro ubu 12.04 but audio doesn't work09:16
unicornjedicalimero_82, do you have pulse? does your audio click? be more specific?09:16
wafflejockVivekananda: you can google to see what's there or use dpkg --get-selections | grep diff09:16
wafflejockVivekananda: just gotta know a couple of commands to look for stuff09:17
Vivekanandabut the program might not even be named "diff" eg meld09:17
wafflejockVivekananda: true google would though, or wikipedia09:17
wafflejockVivekananda: don't be angry you have too many options :)09:17
JordanJ2How do I stop a user from viewing others home directories?09:18
wafflejockJordanJ2: think you need to look into chroot for jailing a user through ssh09:18
JouffluJordanJ2, punch'm in the back of his head.09:18
unicornjedican some one help me with my web server?09:18
JordanJ2wafflejock, Where?09:19
osiris33xHello all. I find that my laptop's trackpad as far too sensitive under Ubuntu, despite turning the sensitivity all the way down. Are there any third party apps or maybe more settings I can tweak to make the touchpad less jumpy?09:19
wafflejockJordanJ2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/93411/simplest-easy-way-to-jail-users09:19
wafflejockosiris33x: does it just click under your palm or is it too fast?09:20
osiris33xWhen pulling my finger up off the trackpad, the cursor zips around.09:20
unicornjediosiris33x, hi go to the DASH and type in Dconf09:20
unicornjediosiris33x, Tell me when you're there09:21
osiris33xI'm a newbie, is DASH a terminal? (sorry)09:21
kenny__nobdy know where to find my lost GB ? ^^09:21
wafflejockkenny__: you want to see your file tree by size?09:22
trijntjeosiris33x: no, the dash is the search prompt you get when you hit the super/windows key09:22
unicornjediosiris33x, press the WINDOWS key or the APPLE key09:22
osiris33xOh, okay.09:22
Jordan_Ukenny__: What filesystem are you using? Do you have any large files currently open? Were there any permissions errors from the du command?09:22
wafflejockkenny__: sudo apt-get install ncdu09:22
wafflejockkenny__: sudo ncdu /09:22
unicornjediosiris33x, when you are in the dash... type Dconf09:23
osiris33xIt brings up AskUbuntu09:23
trijntjeosiris33x: it searches both your computer and online sources09:23
nbastinDoes anyone know how to partition disks using preseed?09:24
unicornjediosiris33x, are you in the editor?09:24
osiris33xHaven't found dconf yet, still trying.09:24
kenny__mmm like DU NCDU find only about 4GB excluding home far from 17GB from DF09:25
osiris33xFont Viewer application is the only app that comes up when searching for dconf09:25
unicornjediosiris33x, press CTRL+ALT+T09:25
kenny__(home is on another part)09:25
osiris33xTerminal open09:25
unicornjediosiris33x, A terminal should pop-up. type in     dconf-editor09:25
osiris33xSays it's not installed, and to use apt-get to do that. I'll try that first.09:26
ripthejackerhow can I stream audio from one device to other device in the network?09:26
osiris33xGot it, dconf-editor is now running.09:27
wafflejockripthejacker: depends on the protocols supported by the devices09:27
ripthejackerwafflejock: both are ubuntu systems09:28
unicornjediosiris33x, Sweet. Okay tell me when dconf is up09:28
marandihi guys , i installed lamp in my computer and i wanna have access from all over network to www sites so i change listen *:80 in ports.conf ! but still i cant access to them , what should i do ?!09:28
osiris33xIt's up.09:28
wafflejockripthejacker: can just share the files can use subsonic09:28
ripthejackerwafflejock: not just files, everything from system sounds, to the videos I'm watching in youtube.09:29
kiwi_hi ... yesterday i installed 12.04 amd64. using a usb broadband modem with the live cd or the fresh harddrive install was no problem. however, after updating the system, the modem was not 'usb-modeswitched' correctly anymore. it took me >8 hours to figure it out and finally make the correct usb-modeswitch configurations. i just wanted to report this here, in case any developers are present.09:29
unicornjediosiris33x, Okay...  in left the panel... right click on "org"09:29
unicornjediosiris33x, I mean LEFT click09:29
kenny__Jordan_U, It"s an ext4 and the only big file is an mysql base09:30
ripthejackerwafflejock: the system sounds part is optional, but you get the point, like all the sound can be stream to the other device09:30
wafflejockripthejacker: yeah second time I heard that kind of request tonight but don't know09:30
unicornjediosiris33x, in left the panel... click "gnome"09:30
kenny__Jordan_U, and no permission error09:30
wafflejockripthejacker: someone wanted DLNA on audo subsystem basically09:30
wafflejocksame idea09:30
wafflejockripthejacker: http://chemicaloliver.net/linux/streaming-audio-from-ubuntu-linux-to-a-dlna-player-blu-ray-or-ps3/09:31
marandihi guys , i installed lamp in my computer and i wanna have access from all over network to www sites so i change listen *:80 in ports.conf ! but still i cant access to them , what should i do ?!09:31
wafflejockripthejacker: guess it does exist09:31
unicornjediosiris33x, after that scroll down to "settings-daemon" then click "peripherals, then click touchpad09:32
osiris33xFound it.09:32
wafflejockmarandi: you restart the server09:32
ripthejackerwafflejock: No DLNA, it's an ethernet network09:33
osiris33xLooks like I need to change the motion threshold?09:33
wafflejockripthejacker: why does that mean no DLNA?09:33
unicornjedithe threshold is for controlling how many pixels the mouse can move before the acceleration kicks in09:33
wafflejockripthejacker: http://www.dlna.org/09:34
ripthejackerwafflejock: Sorry, maybe I misunderstand dlna09:34
marandiwafflejock: i did restart the server !09:34
wafflejockripthejacker: yeah it's just for streaming media on a network09:34
ripthejackerwafflejock: I thought it was only wireless09:35
wafflejockripthejacker: it's a protocol lots of stuff supports can get apps on your smart devices and stuff, but just  a protocol for sharing the media09:35
marandiwafflejock: but nothing happened , i still dont access to apache website folder !09:35
wafflejockmarandi: so you have localhost access but going to the server by IP is failing09:35
marandiwafflejock: exactly ! i try to open webserver with apache computer ip address which is !09:36
unicornjediorisis33x, how is it?09:36
marandiwafflejock: ok , solved , i opened 80 port in localhost09:37
ripthejackerwafflejock: Actually I was thinking something like this. My machine would have an audio server and devices can connect to the server.09:37
jgcampbell300i am trying to find a good virtual machine manager for XEN ... anyone have any suggestions09:38
ripthejackerwafflejock: I was thinking alsa server would be something like this09:38
wafflejockripthejacker: yeah think that link I dropped at first wil do it09:38
wafflejockripthejacker: not sure about alsa server doing it directly that may work too09:38
unicornjedihello can someone help me with my webserver? I dont know how to add a website to it09:38
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kenny__du -hsx  / must show all space used on the / partition right ?09:39
jgcampbell300unicornjedi, what web server09:39
unicornjedijgcampbell300, a LAMP server09:40
wafflejockripthejacker: if you install the rygel packages there though it looks like you can setup the audio to be broadcast as DLNA audio then you can setup any DLNA client device/program to play it09:40
ripthejackerwafflejock: thanks , I was looking for something like that, I don't know if I will be able to make Ubuntu stream to an Ubuntu , but I can certainly stream to my phone.09:40
ripthejackerwafflejock: Ok09:40
wafflejockripthejacker: should be able to find a DLNA player in Ubuntu too I imagine09:41
wafflejockI've only used ones on09:41
wafflejockandriod though09:41
ripthejackerI have used a dlna server before in ubuntu, minidlna09:41
ripthejackerwafflejock: but it was just for files09:41
jgcampbell300unicornjedi, did you read the man pages09:41
wafflejockyeah looks like that rygel thing gets everything from pulse, but haven't tried09:41
wilee-nileekiwi_ The developers do not come here, if you have a detailed description of what happened and your fix it might be relevant, a 3rd party dongle is not really relevant though, however I recognize your frustration09:41
wafflejockit sounds interesting anyhow09:42
unicornjedijgcampbell300, nooo.....? I prefer simple step by step procedure09:42
ripthejackerwafflejock: Yes, I'll definitely try that, thanks for the help :)09:42
wafflejockripthejacker: np good luck09:42
ripthejackerwafflejock: have you used mediatomb?09:42
jgcampbell300unicornjedi, try http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-12.04-lts-apache2-bind-dovecot-ispconfig-3 .... howtoforge.com is a good source for people that learn that way09:43
wafflejockripthejacker: nope not aware of that09:43
wafflejockunicornjedi: basically you will setup a new sites-available file then use a2ensite to enable the new site (making a symbolic link in sites-enabled) then restart the server with sudo service apache2 restart09:43
wafflejockunicornjedi: but you should read up on it09:44
jgcampbell300unicornjedi,  you may want to go to howtoforge and search for just apache ... ispconfig can get complex if you let it09:44
kiwi_wilee-nilee, i understand ...09:44
wafflejockunicornjedi: get familiar with your /etc/apache209:45
ripthejackerwafflejock: rygel looks promising. Thanks :D09:45
unicornjediwafflejock, i got to my /sites-available and there are two files..09:45
wafflejockripthejacker: sure thing... yeah I usually watch a lot of netflix and youtube so don't do much streaming and use XMBC for streaming off my NAS when I need it09:45
wafflejockXBMC always screw that up09:46
pogiako1i forgot my login in linux mint09:46
DrGrovHello. How come in 13.10 the wallpaper for desktop and login screen are sometimes not being the same but some wallpapers set it correctly for both login and desktop?09:47
pogiako1how do i retrieve it?09:47
pogiako113.10 is still young ;)09:47
wafflejockholy cow it's late/early09:48
wafflejockgotta hit the hay g'night all09:48
ripthejackerwafflejock: thanks a lot friend :)09:49
DrGrovIs the wallpaper setter in 13.10 somehow acting on instinct and random acts of the Linux god? :P09:49
kenny__finally i made a fsck on reboot, rebooted my server and my free space is back, somone knows why ?09:50
DrGrovApparently I seem to be the only one that has a minor issue with this09:50
solarshey, does installing laptop mode tools on 13.10 still have a benefit?09:56
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dlackdkiwihello, it is possible to run console in window on 13.10? how?09:58
duoidlackdkiwi: ctrl+T?10:00
duoidlackdkiwi: sorry, that's ctrl+alt+t10:00
dlackdkiwiit's not working10:01
rampagehey all ! does anyone know what is the command to launch the "proprietary drivers" gui tool ? i can't find it !10:07
Zap-Whas anyone experienced problems with dual boot win7 and ubuntu where wireless would fail to start when rebooting the computer from win7 to ubuntu, if I replugg the wireless to the usb port it starts working again10:08
wilee-nileerampage, there is no  "proprietary drivers" gui tool Do you mean the additional drivers?10:08
rampagewilee-nilee: yes i think that's it10:08
wilee-nileerampage, software-properties-gtk10:09
rampageyes wilee-nilee that's it ! thanks !!10:10
wilee-nileeno prob10:11
varunendraZap-W, some chips support some advance power saving modes, which become 'bugs' in situations like this. Maybe window is sending the chip into 'suspend' mode before shutting down.10:11
Zap-Wvarikonniemi: I see10:14
uncreativeCan anyone offer some help to someone who wants to give ubuntu a try for the first time?10:14
Zap-Wvarikonniemi: so how do I revive the wireless chip during ubuntu boot without having to physically replug it to the usb port every time10:14
wilee-nileeuncreative, What problems are you having?10:15
uncreativeI just want to know, after downloading ubuntu an installing what will happen to the files currently on my computer? Also do I need a cd to download and boot from?10:16
varunendraZap-W, unfortunately, if it is indeed what I assumed (sleep mode) there is no other way except a power cycle to reset the chip. And power cycle on USB devices is only possible by physically disconnecting it.10:17
wilee-nileeuncreative, What is on the computer right now?10:17
Zap-Wvarunendra: then how come it works if I reboot into windows again? only not ubuntu10:18
uncreativeMostly just music files, and a few text documents nothing of real importance and I do believe I've already backed up everything onto an external ssd10:18
Zap-Wthen there must be a way10:19
wilee-nileeuncreative, Ubuntu would go in in a new partition in an unallocated space, so whatever is there is not effected if done correctly, yes you would use a cd or usb to install, you download a ISO to burn or load to the usb.10:20
varunendraZap-W, it is a 'feature' that becomes a 'bug' only in some particular situations. The firmware receives the 'suspend' signla from window driver, and then it waits for the 'resume' signal from the same driver. Ubuntu or any other OS can resume it only if it uses the same driver which is practically not possible.10:21
yogesh_hi there10:21
varunendraZap-W, besides, this is only one of many other possible reasons, just the most common one10:22
yogesh_any body know how to run .apk androied apps on ubuntu without using virtualbox or any vm10:22
uncreativeWilee-nilee, Ok I have a 16gb usb I will plug in and give it a try, are there applications that I should check out to enhance my experience after booting up ubuntu?10:22
wilee-nileeyogesh_ You need android to run those I believe.10:23
yogesh_can all androied apps can run in wine like utility like it runs windows apps10:23
cfhowlettyogesh_, android isn't linux, linux isn't android.  get the android sdk for linux10:23
Zap-Wvarunendra: what are the other reasons? then maybe I can disable this feature in windows when rebooting10:23
wilee-nileeyogesh_ Never heard of any android apps running in wine.10:23
wilee-nileeuncreative, It is a full operating system, some install the ubuntu-restricted-extras to get flash and codecs for media.10:24
varikonniemiZap-W, you highlight the wrong nick10:25
varunendraZap-W, when you reboot into Ubuntu (from Windows), have you checked "rfkill list" ? Does it show the adapter as "Hard blocked"?10:25
wilee-nileeuncreative, Feel free to ask questions in any area here if needed. ;)10:25
uncreativeWilee-Nilee thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. I'll be giving this os a try.10:26
wilee-nileeuncreative, Cool, enjoy. ;)10:27
Ben64uncreative: it will run slow from usb or cd, don't think thats how it will be when installed :)10:27
Zap-W_varunendra: going to try that now10:28
uncreativeBen64, I'm not worried about the speed of the install, I'm a man with plenty of time for something that may be better than what I'm currently using. Thanks for the heads up though, I'll make a sandwich.10:29
mrafiqi always face deadjam using chrome after some time it runs fine.10:29
Ben64uncreative: i meant if you're going to be testing it out from the cd/usb, since it can run from there10:30
mrafiqit happens every time whenever i reboot my pc10:30
uncreativeBen64, OH okay. Still thanks though.10:30
mrafiqit hangs out during browsing of facebook page10:30
cfhowlettmrafiq, only on Facebook?  could it be blocked by government in your location?10:33
wilee-nileemrafiq, facebook has a a lot of code running, I would install noscript and separate the wheat from the chaffe, that is a FF addon, chrome has a similar flash blocker.10:33
mrafiqhow to do that10:34
cfhowlettmrafiq, I had this issue with sites waiting for platform.twitter to load - blocked in China.  added twitter to adblock - problem solved.10:34
mrafiqno fb is open in our country10:35
mrafiqyoutube is blocked10:35
cfhowlettmrafiq, and when facebook and youtube are linked ... as they frequently are ...10:36
dkorzhevinHuys, please help me with next problem: I have Ubuntu 13.10 and after yesterday's system update i'm unable to login system using lightdm (system just throw me back after entering correct password) i can login in ctrl+alt+f1 console only10:36
Zap-Wvarunendra: it isn't blocking10:36
mrafiqso what to  do10:36
wilee-nileedkorzhevin, Was there a kernel update there, and are you running proprietary graphic drivers?10:37
cfhowlettmrafiq, as wilee-nilee suggested, install noscript and check the code to see what's hangin10:37
varunendraZap-W, so does the wifi seem to be active on Ubuntu's part (driver loaded, scanning APs and everything...), just unable to connect to the AP?10:37
dkorzhevinSeems i use x86-video-ati. so, no any proprietary driver10:37
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mrafiqhow to install noscript10:38
dkorzhevinI simply can't login10:38
cfhowlettmrafiq, seems to be a chrome add-on .  see the chrome store10:38
wilee-nileemrafiq, In firefox its tools-addons-exstensions type it in.10:39
wilee-nileemrafiq, Once installed it adds a icon to your panel that has a drop down.10:39
ricky45Cerca lista Atena10:40
dkorzhevinI was able to paste log, please look: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6425612/10:41
ricky45! cerca la lista dei films10:41
ubotturicky45: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:41
ricky45!ciao Lista dei films10:41
ubotturicky45: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:41
dkorzhevinI'm 100% sure i enter correct login and password durring login procedure10:42
dkorzhevinBecause i use same credentials for console login and able to login10:42
ubotturicky45,: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:42
LjLricky45: ma ti sembra che sul canale di Ubuntu ci siano i film?10:43
ricky45come devo fare per cercare la lista dei films grazie10:45
LjLricky45, non ne ho la minima idea, ma questa è una rete di software open source, non ha niente a che fare con materiale piratato10:46
Zap-Wvarunendra: what tools do I use to see if it's scanning, driver is loaded10:46
umbalumbahi. i would like to host a ftp server on a windows machine behind a ubuntu machine. i added a ton of iptable prerouting stuff (google told me to do!) and modprobed ip_conntrack_ftp and nf_nat_ftp .. it helped a bit as i can try to connect now; still i get a timeout (first issue was, the connection request was blocked at all). i can connect fine internal (from local-ipA to local-ipB) but not10:47
umbalumbavia my external ip. plz help =)10:47
varunendraZap-W, besides the dropdown menu of Network Manager, usually "nm-tool" command shows the detected APs (cached results). The "sudo iwlist scan" command gives more detailed (live) info.10:49
dkorzhevinCan anyone please help?10:57
ubottudkorzhevin,: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords10:58
hourlipod32hi, can someone tell me if this website work : http://www.canalblog.com/ ?10:59
varunendradkorzhevin, have you checked the remaining space on the partition? I didn't look at your pastebin link, just pointing out one of many possible reasons when the GUI login fails11:01
wilee-nileehourlipod32, appears to be down11:01
cfhowletthourlipod32, http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://www.canalblog.com/11:01
dkorzhevinGuys, i'm not for got my password11:02
hourlipod32@wilee-nilee tks11:04
jgcampbell300can anyone suggest a good manager for a virtulizer ?11:12
amritanshu_RnDcan anyone give a link for cloud image which has got login details of username and password11:13
amritanshu_RnDfor ubuntu11:13
BluesKaj'Morning all11:16
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akhil_how can I get shell access to a remote machine if the remote doesn't have ssh-server11:20
MonkeyDustakhil_  NFS maybe11:21
MonkeyDustakhil_  do youhave physical access to the remote?11:21
akhil_MonkeyDust: yes11:21
MonkeyDustakhil_  then why don't you install opensssh-server on it?11:22
akhil_MonkeyDust: what if someone else is using it, and I don't want to disturb them.11:22
akhil_I know the root password11:23
MonkeyDustakhil_  start from the beginning, what is the situation and what do you want to achieve?11:23
akhil_I want ssh to a another device on my local network11:24
akhil_but the device doesn't have ssh server11:24
akhil_so is there any remote login server?  installed by default11:24
linu1hi i have downloaded eclipse ide for c/c++,i used it for my ubuntu pc,i have create a sample c program, when i try to run it shows me "Launch failed.binary not found" error,how can i solve it11:24
MonkeyDustakhil_  no, shell is the easiest and most basic way11:26
akhil_MonkeyDust: by shell you mean ssh?11:27
MonkeyDustakhil_  yes, ssh means secure shell11:27
MonkeyDustand bash means bourne again shell11:28
akhil_MonkeyDust: ok so there's no way I can login without the remote having ssh-server11:28
lvlephfor some reason my user is missing the auto login in setting. I can see it on other users, but not mine.11:28
MonkeyDustakhil_  ask advice from NSA (joking)11:29
=== Guest27396 is now known as Taduro
dewdgang-frankhey everyone11:36
dewdgang-frankquick question, im on a macbook pro with the latest os x and I'd like to run Ubuntu from a SD Card or USB Stick. SD Card would be the best if it's possible. Tried it with a tutorial where I needed to download "rEFIt" and so on.11:37
dewdgang-frankbut after successfull installing ubuntu on my sd card when i hold the option key while booting it only recognizes "rEFIt" to boot. Cant boot my installed ubuntu11:38
dewdgang-frankany ideas? :(11:38
cfhowlettdewdgang-frank, refit has been deprecated.  recommendation is "refind"11:39
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages11:39
tony67asalve !list11:39
dewdgang-frankubottu damn thats a big wiki. too many information for not experienced linux users11:40
ubottudewdgang-frank: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:40
dewdgang-frankcfhowlett Call me dumb but to I really need the refit or refind? Cant I just use the standard that came with my mac? (Holding option key while booting gives a choice to boot from external drives by default on a mac since some mac os version.)11:42
dewdgang-frankcfhowlett Somehow I feel like theres a way to run Ubuntu from SD Card without refit/refind11:42
cfhowlettdewdgang-frank, according to the developer, refind is the tool you want.  refit is no longer developed or maintained.  see the wiki / forums.  I'm not a mac user11:43
MonkeyDustdewdgang-frank  maybe the people in the mac channel know11:43
dewdgang-frankMonkeyDust you mean #mac ? Tried to join it in the past, invite only11:43
MonkeyDustdewdgang-frank  then register first11:44
dewdgang-franklast question11:44
urielvigilantLubuntu 13.10 giving erros installing scanner drivers, why ? This was working on Ubuntu 13.10 ! http://paste.ubuntu.com/6425864/11:44
stress_anyone here know how to code in html,c, or c++?11:44
dewdgang-frankwhile installing Ubuntu 12 just before the installation finished it said that uhm something thats called like "GRUB" or something like that failed to install. didnt write down the exact name. is it important?!11:44
Geo_dewdgang-frank i think now you can join the mac channel without to register, i me a mac user too and i ve been there11:45
lecoeusstress_: well html and c++ are essentially the same thing11:45
MonkeyDuststress_  type /join ##c++ (that's double #)11:45
urielvigilantno way , sorry my mistake typping dirver namer11:46
cfhowlettv4n01, yes we see you11:51
urielvigilantOn Lubuntu 13.10 terminal, trying to install printer driver  it say it needs LSB, but command sudo apt-get install lsb dont work why ?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6425903/11:53
cardielim having problem with copying file to either a samba or nfs share with debian as a client.. it hangs after roughly 700mb and i have to kill the process.. is this a bug?11:53
impradeepyhow can we add terminal to launcher?11:53
=== Firefox is now known as Wsl
impradeepyno icons showing for terminal11:54
Wslhello everyone11:54
bekkscardiel: check source and target for errors11:54
kal_is there any easy way to fix the BOOTMGR is missing during boot from external device?11:54
guest7h8vuocan someone assist with a looping login issue?11:54
guest7h8vuoive tried many things.  id take the time to list them but im not sure anyone is around11:54
cardielbekks: i now the problem is on the clien since it works if im using windows as a client11:55
Wslhow to make apt-get use proxy  ?11:55
impradeepy@ kal u using dual boot?11:55
guest7h8vuomy issue seems similar to http://tinyurl.com/qefhfyc11:55
urielvigilantIt is sudo apt-get install lsb-core ?11:56
Mitizarohello there guys!!11:56
Mitizarocan anyone assist me a bit on a GRUB issue?11:56
kal_yeah it has vista and windows 7, i just got the laptop and want to install ubuntu at the entire disk, but ...11:57
Wslkal_, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-desktop-latest11:58
kal_Wsl: already done that12:00
Wslprobably You have done something wrong during installation12:00
uncle_benwhy do some xscreensavers use root window correctly  and some use the generic image even though it's set to use the root window? when my system was using intel integrated graphics, every xscreensaver set with root window worked, but with nvidia, only some xscreensaver use root window correctly, others don't12:01
urielvigilantok, i needed only to do sudo apt-get -f install before lsb work weel to then install printer driver12:01
Wslkal_, You dont need unetbootin , you need to burn ubuntu on cd dvd then use it12:02
Teleportanyone tried a  wireless midikeyboard?(andriod via wifi)12:05
Teleportor OSC12:05
guest7h8vuomy issue seems similar to http://tinyurl.com/qefhfyc - can someone assist?12:09
guest7h8vuokubuntu 13.0412:09
nick07hi all, i transfer files form ubuntu 13.10 through a netgear switch to a laptop with freenas installed. Both connected with wire (eth). Still i have 2,2mb/s transfer. This could be higher, anyone any idea?12:10
nick07it through ssh12:11
BluesKajguest7h8vuo. , it's best to state your problem directly rather than posting a url , more ppl will see your problem12:11
nick07this could be higher right?12:11
ubottuTeleport,: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:13
=== arjun is now known as Guest61996
Teleporthey cfhowlett12:14
lotuspsychjenick07: did you have higher speeds at previous ubuntu?12:15
nick07this is first try.12:16
nick07but LAN must be faster tranfer then to an usb stick12:16
Martinjo84nick07, are you sure you disconnect wifi :D12:16
lotuspsychjenick07: maybe the ##networking guys can also help you12:17
nick07like #ubuntu-networking?12:17
lotuspsychjenick07: ##networking12:18
SN3hi, I need to the 32 version of the tool exec for my system. in what package is this tool?12:18
lotuspsychje!info exec12:18
ubottuPackage exec does not exist in saucy12:18
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
guest7h8vuocan someone assist with this issue?  i login successfully in kubuntu 13.04, but it gives me an error with xinit, then back to the login screen.  have remade .profile and .Xauthority and think i set permissions correctly too.12:18
guest7h8vuo^^ also i reinstalled xorg12:19
TeleportI want to make a lan connection via WiFi to my phone(android) ps: my phone could not find ad-hos12:19
lotuspsychjenick07: dis you try a cable to your nas directly connected to your ubuntu box?12:20
lotuspsychjeguest7h8vuo: maybe the #kubuntu guys might also help you out12:21
Teleportlotuspsychje any idea?12:22
lotuspsychjeTeleport: you have ubuntu installed?12:23
Teleportlotuspsychje yes12:23
lotuspsychjeTeleport: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc12:24
Teleportmy phone could not find ad-hos12:25
Ben64Teleport: you'll need to find some support avenue for your phone, perhaps #android12:27
lotuspsychjeSN3: is this what you need? http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man3/exec.3tcl.html12:31
lotuspsychjeSN3: or man exec (in terminal)12:33
irc-5225225I'm trying to get a list of all packages that need to be upgraded using "apt-get --show-upgraded upgrade", but that just does a normal upgrade. Is there anything else that I need to do? The goal is to get a list of packages with one package per line.12:35
impradeepyteleport root ur phone to get adhocs signals12:36
Teleportimpradeepy its not root12:37
impradeepyroot it  whats the problem?12:37
impradeepyu using android right?12:37
Teleportimpradeepy personal data12:38
lotuspsychjeirc-5225225: maybe dpkg got a trick to list, try man dpkg12:38
impradeepyuse backups12:38
Teleportand dont know how12:38
impradeepywhich model u using?12:38
geirhairc-5225225: Perhaps you want apt-offline ?12:38
lotuspsychjelets not talk about android in here please12:38
impradeepycheers :)12:38
lotuspsychjeTeleport: go to the channel Ben64 suggested you12:39
irc-5225225geirha: what do you mean? I don't want to actually upgrade them, I just want a list. Can apt-offline do that?12:39
Teleportimpradeepy check pm12:39
lotuspsychjeirc-5225225: maybe this can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17823/how-to-list-all-installed-packages12:42
guest7h8vuocan someone assist with this issue? i login successfully in kubuntu 13.04, but it gives me an error with xinit, then back to the login screen. have remade .profile and .Xauthority and think i set permissions correctly too.12:42
lotuspsychjeguest7h8vuo: it might be interesting to pastebin yoir specific init error in chat mate12:43
jribguest7h8vuo: create a fresh new user and see if the issue persists12:43
geirhairc-5225225: ok, then maybe add -s to your apt-get12:44
dannymichelAnybody have any idea how to get rid of this border between the title and toolbar? http://d.pr/i/zer212:44
varunendrairc-5225225, "dpkg -l"12:45
guest7h8vuojrib: yeah ill try that12:45
irc-5225225varunendra: Problem is that can't tell the diffrence between an installed package and one that needs upgrading.12:46
varunendraor "dpkg --get-selections", irc-522522512:46
irc-5225225varunendra: Same problem with dpkg.12:46
=== nuno_nunes is now known as Guest28202
guest7h8vuolotuspsychje: true12:47
guest7h8vuolotuspsychje: cant get at it at the moment12:47
geirhairc-5225225: apt-offline set --upgrade list.txt12:48
geirhairc-5225225: gives you lines like: 'url' package size checksum12:49
irc-5225225geirha: Does it say if the package needs upgrading?12:50
geirhairc-5225225: with --upgrade it only lists the ones that it knows needs upgrading (due to a previous apt-get update)12:50
geirhairc-5225225: awk '{sub(/_.*/,"",$2); print $2}' list.txt   to get just the package names12:52
geirhairc-5225225: should match what you see from  apt-get upgrade --simulate --show-upgraded12:54
=== anonymous is now known as Guest11064
Guest11064give me a hand12:57
Guest11064 int i=0;12:57
Guest11064 if(i%2==0)12:57
Guest11064     { printf("0");12:57
Guest11064       i++;12:57
Guest11064     }12:57
FloodBot1Guest11064: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:57
Guest11064 else12:57
jamesweechGuest whats up?12:57
roryhughesMy latest project http://imageswaps.tk/ (running on ubuntu)12:57
jamesweechHey i installed ubuntu on my chromebook (XFCE) but xchat is TINNY13:00
jamesweechcan someone help me resize it? your on what looks to me like 9dpi13:01
irc-5225225jamesweech: Do you mean all the fonts are really small?13:01
jamesweechirc-5225225 I fixed all of them but xchat by the looks of it13:01
jamesweechirc-5225225 but yes 90% of them are tiny, i fixed most with xfce4-settings-manager13:01
jamesweechi just cant see xchat very well, ill screenshot it in a second13:01
irc-5225225jamesweech: I belive xchat uses it's own fonts in the settings menu, and settings-manager doesn't affect xchat for some reason13:02
jamesweechOh thank you, i resized it to something bigger haha13:02
jamesweechi turned up the DPI but that just crippled it :P so i just changed it in the xchat settings, Why am i blind (oh wait its tiny)13:03
duoiholy crap that is one suspect looking image host13:03
jamesweechduoi: Sorry its built into XFCE13:03
jamesweechThank you13:03
irc-5225225duoi: Isn't there an option to send to imgur?13:03
Wsljamesweech,  alt + F8  will help13:03
jamesweechits only got the option upload to zimage13:04
jamesweechsorry about that13:04
jamesweechbut its fixed now haha so dont worry13:04
duoijamesweech: no i understand that much, i'm just questioning the reasoning of the developer lol13:04
jamesweechduoi: So am i, its all french also D:13:04
pd0x\explodesHi, are there any good weather apps for ubuntu?  Hard to find one that I know I can trust.13:04
jamesweechpd0x\explodes Conky?13:04
irc-5225225duoi: Possibly it has an easier API than anything else?13:04
irc-5225225duoi: Even though imgur has a great api...13:04
jamesweechah 1 sec i remembered reading something on omgubuntu13:05
jamesweechlemme find it :)13:05
irc-5225225pd0x\explodes: Conky is a system information tool, but you can make it display the weather.13:05
irc-5225225as well as free disk space/ram/network usage...13:05
duoiirc-5225225 moreso the web address. contained with a subfolder with an awkward filename and php file extension13:05
pd0x\explodesthanks, I'll check it out13:05
pd0x\explodeseasy to setup?13:05
irc-5225225pd0x\explodes: Conky or stormcloud?13:06
jamesweechduoi, Im on ARM linux so im kinda screwed for screenshot apps :P13:06
pd0x\explodeseither ;)13:06
Guest11064who has free time13:06
jamesweechme :)13:06
irc-5225225Conky isn't very easy to set up, but it's a lot more configurable.13:06
Ben64!arm | jamesweech13:06
ubottujamesweech: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.13:06
irc-5225225But if you don't really care, go with stormcloud.13:06
jamesweechI know haha i use it13:06
jamesweechIm on a ARM ubuntu install13:07
jamesweechon a chromebook13:07
Guest11064can you give me a hand13:07
jamesweechSure guest13:07
jamesweechwhast wrong13:07
jamesweechwhen i press TAB i get a comma after the name like: jamesweech, can i disable that? Sorry i dont use xchat much, normally IRSSI13:07
Ben64Guest11064: nobody knows until you ask13:07
bekksjamesweech: irssi has tab completion, too.13:07
Guest11064i want to print someting in c13:07
* Wsl a13:07
jamesweechbekks, I know but i didnt think it added , after then ame13:07
jamesweech*the name13:08
duoijamesweech: you can always just print screen and CTRL+V into http://www.imgur.com. Once I found out you can paste directly into imgur instead of having to save the file and uploading it, i pretty much removed all dependence on the aforementioned archaic method or applications that facilitate the process.13:08
irc-5225225bekks: It's a : by default.13:08
* Wsl Much Enemies Less Friends .!.13:08
jamesweechI will in feature :) duoi13:08
bekksjamesweech: thats configurable in xchat.13:08
cooljay1983hello all13:08
jamesweechbekks: I better look harder :)13:08
jamesweechcooljay1983: print ("Hello world")13:08
irc-5225225jamesweech: I belive : is the most common, I haven't really seen a comma.13:08
pd0x\explodescan not access PPA...blah blah URL...blah..please check your internet connection13:08
pd0x\explodesthat's for Stormcloud13:09
cooljay1983iam new to all this linux ubuntu13:09
bekkspd0x\explodes: Then contact the maintainer - basically PPA arent supported in here.13:09
cooljay1983only installed yesterday13:09
jamesweechcooljay1983: Any questions?13:09
jamesweechirc-5225225: how odd :P Ill dig around,13:09
cooljay1983james i been googling what i need13:09
jamesweechGood :)13:09
jamesweechWe always encourage that13:09
cooljay1983its lot more complicated then windows but seems alot better13:09
gvojamesweech: You answered Guest....'s question, but sent it to cooljay13:10
bekkscooljay1983: Windows was complicated too back when you learned it.13:10
sandeeprattempting preseed install of 12.0413:10
pd0x\explodesbekks, k, thanks13:10
jamesweechgvo: Sorry, i need to sort out things on this xchat so im not concentrating :)13:10
cooljay1983erm not really windows does everything for you13:10
sandeeprtasksel tasksel/first multiselect ubuntu-desktop, this line does not seem to have any effect13:10
sandeepras it gives cli only13:11
jamesweechGot my tab fixed thanks :)13:11
jamesweechsandeepr: How are you installing ubuntu?13:11
jamesweechsandeepr: Ubuntu server? Ubuntu desktop? etc13:11
sandeeprjamesweech, ubuntu server13:11
cooljay1983the command prompt is loads easier too but linux seems alot secuier and seems you can do hell of a lot more13:11
cooljay1983cant wait to learn it all13:11
cooljay1983looked on wiki and been learning the terminal commands13:12
sandeeprjamesweech, i tried ubuntu-desktop. it did not give me the option to hit f6 where i can pass the kernel params13:12
jamesweechsandeepr: Which desktop environment do you want?13:12
sandeeprjamesweech, so i used ubuntu-server13:12
sandeeprjamesweech, unity13:13
Ben64cooljay1983: do you have a problem with ubuntu? this isn't a chat channel. there is #ubuntu-offtopic for discussion13:13
cooljay1983thats the one iam using ubuntu desktop13:13
jamesweechsandeepr: Ok: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?13:13
sandeeprjamesweech, i did like to automate it via the preseed file13:14
Guest11064who know  c language13:14
bekksGuest11064: The c language channel.13:14
gvoGuest11064: You may have more success at ##c13:14
gvoGot very quiet all of a sudden.13:18
compdocwe're afraid of you13:18
gvoOh sure.13:18
plexaglazzSo there is a channel for C-programing?13:19
* compdoc runs for his life13:19
gvoplexaglazz: Yes ##c13:19
plexaglazzMany people over there?13:19
gvo400+ right now13:19
plexaglazzNice!! :)13:19
Guest11064no body  repond me13:19
bekksGuest11064: Because this is not a c language channel. :)13:19
gvoGuest11064 I answered you13:20
plexaglazzIt's not?13:20
jamesweechIts the ubuntu channel :)13:20
plexaglazzBut you just said i was a C-channel..13:20
plexaglazzAre you drunk?13:20
gvoplexaglazz: I think you are.  I said the c channel is ##c13:21
plexaglazzgvo: not you.13:21
=== [ASF]Zombie-Wolf is now known as Lupus
plexaglazzThe other drunk guy. hehehe13:21
LupusI need help changing thr screen res on my laptop13:22
LupusIt changed from 1360x768 doen to 1280, and i cant select the 1360 option in the menu13:22
plexaglazzWell i just love C and have used it as my main lang since 199113:22
LupusAnd xrandr isnt working as stated in the wiki13:22
g105bCan anyone give me some advice how to listen to my USB audio input through headphones? I can record the input and listen back in Audacity, but I want to be able to hear the input as it is being recorded. Any ideas?13:22
plexaglazzWhen i talk to my wife i say: printf("Get me coffe woman!!\n");13:23
LupusI really need a hand with this, i have exams soon and i csnt see my work13:23
plexaglazzWell off to ##c we go. Have a nice day!! :)13:24
LupusRepeat . i need to add the resolution of 1360x768 and xrandr isnt working as stated in  the wiki13:24
jamesweechAnyway i g2g :) Hope all is wel13:28
LupusAnyone actually fucking help in here?13:30
k1l_Lupus: please dont swear in here. we are all volunteers.13:30
IdleOneNot with that sort of language13:30
LupusYes, well - also checking some humans still exist in here13:30
LupusAnd forgive my frustratiob13:31
LupusI have exams tomorrow13:31
LupusAnd i can't see my notes13:31
LupusSo apologies.13:31
bruno_scheda bluetooth non rilevata ubuntu13:31
k1l_you could put into a pastebin what commands you tried and what errors came up13:31
gvoLupus did you use cvt to generate a modeline?13:32
LupusGvo, yes, BadName error13:32
gvoFrom cvt?13:32
LupusFrom the modeline generated by cvt13:33
LupusUsed in xrandr13:33
ctcbprinting os.path.realpath(__file__) gives me the Folder Hiarchy Name(s) with FILENAME.py on the end, how do change that so it gives me the Folder Hiarchy Name(s) without it?13:33
gvoMake sure you have it formatted properly.  Can't just ccopy and paste.13:33
LupusWhy not? Formatting different?13:33
gvocvt puts out more info than xrandr wants/needs/13:34
LupusWhere to cut?13:34
gvoPastbin what youve tried as k1l_ suggested13:34
LupusThe wiki copy pastes, i will do13:34
ctcbLike right now, printing os.path.realpath(__file__) gives me "/home/ctcb/Dev/Projects/SAGE/SAGE.py", instead I wish it to give me "/home/ctcb/Dev/Projects/SAGE/" so I can dynamically search from it.13:36
LupusThank you13:37
LupusSorry for before13:37
LupusVery stressed.13:37
FloodBot1Lupus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:37
LupusSorry FlobBot1 ;)13:37
LupusPastebin posted above13:38
gvoLupus: Try changing the name to something simple.13:39
LupusWill change to "a"13:39
gvo1360x768_60.00 to x1260 or something   a is OK13:39
gvoOn the xrandr line, of course.13:39
LupusSame error13:41
gvoDo you have arandr available?13:42
LupusNo, i shall install13:42
=== apple is now known as Guest98239
gvoJust another option.13:42
LupusUnable to fetch archives13:43
LupusRunning off phone wifi, internet down atm.13:43
gvoLupus: Just for the heck of it, try the next step, the xrandr --addmode ...13:45
LupusFrom the wiki?13:45
LupusCant add mode to lvds 113:47
gvoLupus: the more I read, the more I think this is a font issue.13:48
LupusCan add to vga, dissconne ted13:48
gvoLupus: As the error message seems to indicate and has nothing to do with xrandr directly.13:48
LupusIt was fine yesterday13:48
LupusThen this13:48
LupusGood *bleep*ing timing, ubuntu13:49
RalliasHow do I figure out why my network bridge's main interface is getting thrown into disabled state?13:49
gvoLupus: Dunno.13:49
LupusHow can i change the font...13:49
LupusOr shd i reinstall13:50
LupusCan you refresh13:50
andreHi! I installed Ubuntu 13.10 along with Windows 8.1 but GRUB doesn't appear at initialization. Can you help me? UEFI and Legacy mode are disabled in the BIOS.13:50
NightwalkerkgHey,is there a way to install ubuntu alongside windows without a cd or flash drive. I want to install Ubuntu 12.0413:50
NightwalkerkgI can't use wubi because if have uefi bios.13:50
LupusNightwalkerkg - make a live USB13:50
Lupusinstructions on wiki13:50
gvoLupus Try reinstalling fonts, I guess but your guess is as good as mine.13:51
=== bkc is now known as chaitan94
LupusNot what i wanted to hear, thanks anyway mate13:51
LupusIt was fine literally a day agao13:51
Nach0zNightwalkerkg: if you're a bad@$$ you can try dd'ing the ubuntu installer ISO to a new partition on your hard drive, and run the installer from there, and just remove it when the install's done13:52
LupusGoing to try restart with internet13:52
LupusIt happens to the bios as well...13:52
LupusAs in the GRUB loader is in weird resolution too - i dual boot win8 and salamander13:53
LupusEven liveUSB boots to this res13:53
LupusWtf is going on...13:53
patagonicusHi there. Trying to get the 32bit Binding of Isaac running on my 64bit Ubuntu 13.10. It complains about a missing libssl3.so and neither libssl1.0.0:i386 nor libssl0.9.8:i386 seem to fix that. Any ideas?13:53
RalliasNightwalkerkg, If you use an EFI bootloader, you can modify the bootloader to add grub and have grub boot the mini.iso file.13:53
LupusThanks gvo, im leabing now13:53
Ralliaspatagonicus, Are you running the version out of humble bundle?13:54
patagonicusRallias: I bought it on the Humble Store yesterday, I'm guessing its the same version. No swf version for download, though, only 32bit executables.13:54
Ralliaspatagonicus, Do they still offer the ubuntu-store links?13:55
Danatoguys did anybody try to download and install the image of ubuntu 13.10 from ubuntu website?13:55
patagonicusRallias: I don't see any links, just steam key (which I activated before seeing that the Linux version isn't on Steam) and direct downloads.13:56
Danatobecause I tried to install it on a vm on 2 computers and im getting a weird error13:56
Danatoit says "This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU13:57
Ralliaspatagonicus, Did it give you a .deb to install?13:58
RalliasI appologize if this sounds messy... I know there's way too many different distribution methods for humble bundle and it's a complete and utter mess.13:59
EaglemanWhy can i access other people's samba shares, i am currently in these groups: user01 : user01 adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare media libvirtd14:00
=== robert_ is now known as Guest11623
compdocother people's samba shares?14:03
compdocon other PCs?14:04
Eaglemancompdoc on the same server14:04
ubottuvalderrama: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:05
compdocEagleman, youre trying to access them over the LAN?14:06
Eaglemanyes compdoc14:06
zilucHi all !!14:06
hedkandiI have a problem with installing libnss314:07
hedkandion ubuntu 12.04.314:08
irc-5225225/buffer 314:08
Eaglemancompdoc here is some more information: http://lpaste.net/113187299517058252814:08
hedkandiit looks like it's trying to install libnss3 version 11 and version 12 is the only one in the repository so it fails14:08
hedkandihow can I get an old version of libnss3?14:09
andreHi! I will install Ubuntu 13.10 along with Windowss 8.1. If after I install Ubuntu 13.10 I install GRUB, GRUB will appear with this 2 OS options at initialization?14:09
hedkandiare there different repositories for 12.04.1, 12.04.2 and 3?14:09
krzafter downloading. where should i normally keep files like this: http://aws.amazon.com/code/675270941217174314:09
krzits a command line tool14:09
krzbut where is a good place to store it?14:09
krzin /lib?14:10
krzin /etc?14:10
lotuspsychje!dualboot | andre14:10
ubottuandre: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:10
compdocEagleman, has your username been created on the server? also, there are permissions on the directories themselves14:11
Eaglemancompdoc here is some more information: http://lpaste.net/113187299517058252814:11
Eaglemanabout the directories and smb.conf14:11
lotuspsychjesomeone knows anti-steal software for latops on ubuntu? like email notfication at boot or something14:12
krzin ~ ?14:13
compdocEagleman, guess I dont understand why there are links to the directories14:14
krzwhere do CLI executables normally get stored???14:14
Eaglemancompdoc well i dont think that can be the problem14:14
lotuspsychje!patience | krz14:15
ubottukrz: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:15
krzis it fine to create it in /usr/local?14:15
xskya blog app write in C++ https://github.com/0xsky/xblog14:15
lotuspsychje!info prey14:16
ubottuprey (source: prey): utility for tracking stolen computers. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3-7.1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 527 kB, installed size 1101 kB14:16
compdocEagleman, do you know that "write list = @jrpoot" means the group jrpoot?14:17
Eaglemancompdoc but the user robin is not in the group jrpoot, so why can robin access the jrpoot folder?14:17
gvokrz normally in /usr/local/bin14:18
BluesKajlotuspsychje. seems that tutorial needs some updating to include machines using UEFI instead of the older BIOS14:18
patagonicusRallias: Yep, .tar.gz with a single file, rpm I haven't looked at + 64bit and 32bit deb. However, the debs only contain a 32bit executable and some desktop files and depend on ia32-libs which doesn't exist anymore.14:18
Danatowhat kind of setting on virtualbox can cause it to detect my CPU as i686 instead of x64???14:18
compdocrobin is in sambashare14:18
Eaglemancompdoc what does sambashare do?14:18
Ralliaspatagonicus, Try installing the 32-bit deb and do an apt-get -f install14:18
compdocseems a little convoluted to me14:18
zilucHi all, i've installed ubuntu 13.12 and now my pc is booting correctly, why?14:18
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: yes i know, but his question was more to know if grub would show both Os14:18
krzhow do i know which version of python i have installed14:19
Ralliasziluc, You mean 13.10?14:19
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: i also tryed to submit new trigger info, but never been fixxed..14:19
zilucRallias: of course, sorry14:19
xanguaziluc: congrats14:20
patagonicusRallias: That did pull in some additional libs (pango, xft), but no ssl. Same error message.14:20
Danatohuh has anybody here tried to install ubuntu on virtualbox?14:20
RalliasDanato, Do you have it set to Ubuntu or Ubuntu (64 bit)?14:20
krzwhen i do EXPORT. where does it store the config file again?14:21
DanatoRallias: are you talking about the vb settings?14:21
RalliasDanato, Yes.14:21
krzthanks gvo . i put it in /usr/local/aws/14:21
compdocEagleman, youre using older lines in smb.conf I think. heres one of mine:  http://lpaste.net/9575414:22
DanatoRallias: thats a great question, it answered everything :P thanks14:22
compdocor use:    valid users = @groupname14:23
compdocand of course the users need to exist on the server with matching passwords to the users connecting14:24
msiMy server just got hacked, I can see ssh connection succesfull, anything I can do?14:25
compdocdont open the ssh port to the world would be a good start14:25
compdocand dont enable the root account14:26
patagonicusUse SSH-Keys and disable password auth.14:26
makaramsi, download all your essential data and start again14:26
k1l_since you cant know what the "hacker" did make a fresh reinstall with new passwords and use key-login instead14:27
lotuspsychjemsi: there is a tool for anti ssh intrusion, forget its name14:27
makaramsi, i'm serious14:27
makarawhat's on your server?14:27
buuHey, where are the xfce4 style "do this on startup" scripts stored?14:27
BluesKajlotuspsychje. ok , thanks for trying14:27
msithe server is not booting anymore14:28
buuLike settings -> user login -> do on start14:28
msimissing filesystems14:28
makaramsi, did you turn it off. You shouldn't turn off a compromised system14:28
msiit rebooted14:28
k1l_msi: make a new install14:28
lotuspsychje!info denyhosts | msi14:29
ubottumsi: denyhosts (source: denyhosts): Utility to help sys admins thwart SSH crackers. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.6-10 (saucy), package size 64 kB, installed size 310 kB14:29
lotuspsychjecompdoc: tnx, didnt know about that one14:30
msiyeah but it happend from inside my local network14:30
msilooks like it came from the wifi14:30
compdocthats not good14:30
makaramsi, http://askubuntu.com/questions/151440/important-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-server14:30
lotuspsychjemsi: snort and rkhunter might help you aswell14:31
compdocif you run mysql, you should run mysql_secure_installation too14:31
ubuntuaddictedi am trying to unmount a USB ext HDD but it says it's busy. I tried running lsof but it doesn't show what's accessing it. How else can find out what's accessing it so I stop that to unmount the drive?14:31
lotuspsychjeubuntuaddicted: did you transfer files to it?14:32
makaramsi, that's for next time. What stage are you at now?14:32
patagonicusArgh, libssl is part of libnss3. *sigh*14:33
makaramsi, disconnect hacker > make alternative server arrangements > backup data > investigate how he got in > ...14:33
ubuntuaddictedlotuspsychje, not recently14:34
MonkeyDustubuntuaddicted  fuser -m [mountpoint]14:34
makara> chat with friends on irc14:35
ubuntuaddictedMonkeyDust, returns nothing14:35
compdocmakara had a point - once someone logs in, they can install anything and gain access again later14:35
lotuspsychjehmm seems like the package 'prey' uses webbased to track devices, any other anti-theft packages for ubuntu?14:35
MonkeyDustubuntuaddicted  try with sudo14:35
patagonicusWell, now Binding of Isaac starts but I have no sound. :/14:35
jostIs there a way to give certain files execution permissions on an NTFS file system, even if the global permissions on that partition are set to 0644?14:36
jostOr do I need to change the permissions for the whole file system and then remount it?14:36
ubuntuaddictedMonkeyDust, nothing still14:36
msimakara, just wiping the drives right now, 3 passees14:36
MonkeyDustjost, ubuntu on ntfs?14:36
ubuntuaddictednormally it's a recording disk for mythtv but i stopped mythtv14:37
ubuntuaddictedit's also a backup drive for some database's but the backups arent scheduled to run anymore for the day14:37
jostMonkeyDust: one partition on NTFS... and on that partition there is a git repo that does not execute its commit-hook since it has 0644 permissions14:37
patagonicusubuntuaddicted: NFS share, maybe? Those are not listed in fuser, I think.14:37
impradeepyubuntuaddicted post ur  ls -l /media14:39
danes123hello, the instructions to install ubuntu in tablet tf700 have broken links https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/tf700t. Are developers aware of this? Are there new instructions to install ubuntu on the transformer 700 tablet?14:39
lotuspsychje!touch | danes12314:39
ubottudanes123: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch14:39
MonkeyDustjost  "NTFS doesn't support the execute permission because it's designed for Windows, which doesn't have the same concept of "executable" files as Linux does."14:39
lotuspsychjeexe's are scary14:40
moppyimpradeepy, It's part of his religion. Their holy book disapproves of exes14:41
MonkeyDustreligion is scary ;)14:41
impradeepyno comments14:41
jostMonkeyDust: Ok, I'll just remount the whole file system with 744... don't like it that every single file is deemed executable, but if thats what it takes... :(14:41
impradeepyi just wanna see rwx permissions thats i14:42
ctcbprinting os.path.realpath(__file__) or using it as a variable gives me the Folder Hiarchy Name(s) with FILENAME.py on the end, how do change that so it gives me the Folder Hiarchy Name(s) without it? Like right now, os.path.realpath(__file__) gives me "/home/ctcb/Dev/Projects/SAGE/SAGE.py", instead I wish it to give me "/home/ctcb/Dev/Projects/SAGE/" so I can dynamically search from it.14:42
MonkeyDustjost  or backup, change ntfs to ext414:42
moppyjost, you can do posix permissions on ntfs but it is hard to set up14:43
ubuntuaddictedpatagonicus, yeap, duh me. that must be it14:43
=== tsechin is now known as Guest45895
mzazaI am writing a c++ program which calls a shell command and execute it with arguments. I use the command system("top"), how can I send a variable as an attribute to the commands. For example, system("ls -variable)?14:43
ubuntuaddictedpatagonicus, thanks!14:43
moppyjost i think there is something you need? ntfs-4g? google will know. but it can do permissions on ntfs. it's just a pain14:43
mzazawhile variable is defined as string in my c++ code14:43
lecoeusctcb: os.path.dirname14:44
jostMonkeyDust: moppy: I think I'll change to ext4 sometime, and then use a third party driver to access that partition from windows... Planned that already, but was to lazy to actually do that14:44
dustinspringman13.10, second monitor is showing as "connected" in xrandr, but.... I get no video.. I've googled for days.. not sure what to look at next.. xrandr --output --cmd does nothing..14:45
lecoeusmzaza: string concatenation?14:45
mzazalecoeus: right, thanks :)14:45
widadhello everyone please i need help. i want an application that can read (in frensh) for me pdf format14:50
widadhello everyone please i need help. i want an application that can read (in frensh) for me pdf format  can anyone help me plz?14:50
impradeepywidad google it14:51
widadimpradeepy, i already did but didn't find anything14:51
Danatowidad: i think it would be easier to ask that on the french ubuntu channel14:51
cWidenhappy #caturday14:52
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:52
Guest80745logged in as guest into kubuntu earlier, large files in /tmp directory i may need to delete.  now logged into livecd kubuntu, what directory contains the guest user files?14:52
widadDanato, yes i know but i was hoping to find one in here14:53
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xanguagame1: please no, thanks14:54
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game1I need your support for my channel on youtube gamers, please click the link and collaborate with like. Thanks http://youtu.be/fMQ5GTpYVTc14:55
Danatocan you stop spamming?14:56
game1I need your support for my channel on youtube gamers, please click the link and collaborate with like. Thanks http://youtu.be/fMQ5GTpYVTc14:56
danes123is there nsa spyware running on ubuntu? It feels like the newer distributions are getting slower on laptops about 3-4 years old14:57
game1I need your support for my channel on youtube gamers, please click the link and collaborate with like. Thanks http://youtu.be/fMQ5GTpYVTc14:57
game1I need your support for my channel on youtube gamers, please click the link and collaborate with like. Thanks http://youtu.be/fMQ5GTpYVTc14:58
dewdudeNeed a little bit of help. I want to set up PPTPd on my 12.04 machine so I can connect to it from outside the network and access resources on my LAN. In the conf; it talks about local IP...does this need to be a different IP than the server's actual local IP; or do i set that to the servers local IP address14:58
widadhello everyone please i need help. i want an application that can read (in multiple languages) for me pdf format  can anyone help me plz?14:59
Guest80745what is the default guest password for kubuntu 13.0414:59
lecoeuswidad: there are many pdf readers14:59
game1I need your support for my channel on youtube gamers, please click the link and collaborate with like. Thanks http://youtu.be/fMQ5GTpYVTc14:59
moppywidad, Ubuntu comes with a pdf reader ... what does it not read?15:00
game1I need your support for my channel on youtube gamers, please click the link and collaborate with like. Thanks http://youtu.be/fMQ5GTpYVTc15:00
jackargHi, i'd like some help concerning playing dvds on an old mac mini that I rebooted with linux. I managed to have players like totem recognize it, but now for every player there's an error. Totem says: "totem cannot play this type of media (dvd) because it does not have the appropriate plugins to be able to read from disc"15:01
widadmoppy, i want to read oraly not just reading  by myself15:01
moppywidad you want text-to-speech?15:01
widadmoppy, yes15:01
moppywidid i dont know: you might have to extract the text first? anyway if google "TTS" and "text to speech" that might work. Those 2 phrases are the specific name of the thing you're after15:02
jackargvlc says " DVDRead could not read block x" with x being a different value, usually 0, 2, and so on. any help? (this happens when playing a dvd)15:03
moppyjackarg, did you load the multimedia restricted codecs, etc? is this 13.10?15:04
lecoeuswidad: okular has text-to-speech but i don't think it supports other languages15:04
lecoeusthough it just might15:04
lecoeusother than that, pdftotext pdffile.pdf | whatever your favorite text to speech program15:04
jackargmoppy, i installed everything, yea. dunno about loading though? No, this is a distro called peppermint, and it's completely based on 12.04. I know I should go to peppermint irc but i'm sure people can find a solution here too...15:05
IdleOnejackarg: actually, no. you should ask the peppermint channel. We don't know what they changed or didn't.15:06
lecoeusjackarg: are you sure dvd is not damaged?15:06
bundurui'm having some problems with ubuntu the computer never shuts downs, searched about this, no workaround worked so far15:06
jackargIdleOne, I've tried and peppermint NEVER answers. lecoeus it's not, I've tried with 315:07
moppybunduru, at what point does it hang?15:07
IdleOnejackarg: that doesn't make it ok to come here asking about a distro we don't support. Please use their support channel/forums.15:08
bunduruand my wireless interface was acting a bit crazy don't know if it has anything to do with that, yesterday i was able to connect normally and today it wouldn't connect but now it is working15:08
moppyjackarg, 12.04 used to use medibuntu, i dont know what the current status of that is. i known libdvdcss went to videolan15:08
BluesKajbunduru open a terminal and run sudo halt , to shut your machine down15:08
bundurumoppy, at the splash15:08
bundurui have to hold the power button down to completely power down15:09
moppybunduru, press Escape to cancel it.s ee if there is an error displaued15:09
moppybunduru, i am guessing it's acpi but can't say for sure until there is some kind of error trace15:09
jcrubinohow do I add add-apt-repository command to minimal install?15:09
moppyjcrubino, edit /etc/apt-sources i think. you;d hve to check the filename (with ls or something(15:10
jackargmoppy, yea I fixed this problem (thanks to people from this channel IdleOne) so I now have libdvdcss, at least I think so. Otherwise, could you or anyone else recommend a up to date distro that I can use to run XBMC? And remember this is an old mac, so lightweight if possible?15:10
bunduruBluesKaj, i would like to do it normally without cli15:10
moppyjcrubino, /etc/apt/sources.list, i think15:10
IdleOnejackarg: I'm happy you got the problem solved.15:11
jcrubinomoppy: just to add the command?  Isn;t there a package I can apt-get install ?15:11
moppyjcrubino, sudo add-apt-repository?15:11
bundurumoppy, i think i recall there is no error.. last line is something like ...shutting down15:11
jcrubinomoppy: yes15:12
BluesKajbunduru. yes , but if needed you can use that command until the problem is fixed or goes away ,  updating and upgrading willl usually solve most annoying problems like yours15:12
TheBossHi there, new to irc and ubuntu. I just booted up my udoo :-)15:12
TheBossit's a raspberry like board15:12
TheBossbut more powerful and it packs an arduino too15:13
moppyok, cool15:13
TheBossi have a question about screen resolution, would this be the right channel15:13
moppybunduru, have you tried 'sudo shutdown -H 0' .. it might be a small h15:13
moppybunduru, also perhaps go down a runlevel and see if it shuts down from there. but really i think it's an acpi issue with the power management firmware15:14
jcrubinomoppy sudo add-apt repository yields "unable to locate add-apt-repository" error15:14
mzazalecoeus: http://ideone.com/uppZ0o15:14
mzazalecoeus: Any C++ magic :D ?15:14
=== user2 is now known as guest324234
jackargLet me just repeat: Can anyone recommend an light distro for an old mac mini that I can use XBMC with?15:15
moppyjcrubino, i dunno what's broken, i would just add repos manually to etc/apt/sources.list15:15
guest324234trying to login, but see 'xinit: connection to x server lost' just after 'Loading extension AMDXVBA'.  i can create a second user account and there is not this issue.  suggestions?15:16
bunduruBluesKaj, from my search i saw people having these kind of issues since 2010, i've had ubuntu in this pc before and it did power down normally15:16
lexx_kotoPowerPC Mac mini?15:16
BluesKajbunduru. have you updated and upgraded lately ?15:17
bundurumoppy, from cli the command poweroff that i usually use doesn't only the "halt -something" does15:17
jcrubinomoppy: for future refefernce its the base ubuntu install from docker15:18
bunduruBluesKaj, yes i did, but after i ended up re-installing ubuntu15:18
jcrubinomoppy: I think its the add-apt-repository command is not on the minimal ubuntu images and I just do not know what package it is in15:18
ubuntuaddictedwhen I plug in an android tablet into my xubuntu machine, nothing happens. nothing even appears in dmesg. is there some packages I need to install to interface with it?15:21
lecoeusmzaza: hey15:22
guest324234what is the name of the application/service that should be disabled in ubuntu to increase security, i'd recognize the name15:23
lecoeusit seems system function wants old fashioned char arrays whereas the string of c++ is basically a class of its own just typedef'd15:23
guest324234for networking15:23
mzazalecoeus: This is the C++ code, working fine15:23
mzazalecoeus: http://pastebin.com/LjfA66XX15:23
bunduruBluesKaj, so i guess that could be something wrong with Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS15:23
lecoeustry using not using strings15:23
mzazalecoeus: This is the shell code, not working fine :D http://pastebin.com/th1u3x8815:23
GuybrushThreepwoDoes anyone here have experience with skype for linux?15:24
lecoeus does system(command.c_str());  work?15:24
KrenairHi. I'm trying to use system-config-printer to change a printer's colour mode. I right click on the printer, go to properties, Job Options, and under Other Options (Advanced) is 'print-color-mode' with a 'color'/'monochrome' dropdown15:24
Krenairhowever when I select monochrome and apply, exit the dialog and return to it, it's back to color15:25
bundurumoppy, it is a old computer, the poweroff command worked before now the halt command works, so why cant the gui do it :s15:26
* dewdude_ gives up15:30
=== dewdude_ is now known as dewdude
guest324234what is the name of the network application/service that should be disabled in ubuntu to increase security, i'd recognize the name.  there's a file where one line needs to be commented out i think.  havent found this again on google15:32
MonkeyDustdewdude  give up what?15:32
dewdudeI'm trying to set up a PPTP tunnel on my linux machine so I can get to my LAN from the internet15:33
mohitI am trying to install the drivers for Ralink RT5390 using the instructions found here -> http://pastebin.ca/2476543 but when i try to make , the result is an error shown here -> http://pastebin.ca/2476542 . I have figured out that the error is in pci_main_dev.c but I dont understand how to resolve it. Can someone help me15:33
dewdudeso i can access file shares and sometimes get around lousy routing on public Wifi15:33
vibhavp2h left :(15:33
dewdudebut i can't seem to get pptpd to work; i just need to spend a few hours reading on what's involved15:33
MonkeyDustdewdude  pptp, that's also related to pxe, wait15:33
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andrericsHi! I installed Ubuntu 13.10 along with WIndows 8.1 but GRUB is not appearing at initiallization. Now I reenter the Try Ubuntu option and my Ubuntu 13.10 installation appear as 94 GB Volume. I think that if i reinstall GRUB will help.15:34
bunduruso guys  it can only be done from the cli?!15:34
MonkeyDustdewdude  is this useful? not exactly what you want, but maybe it helps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer15:34
SchrodingersScatdewdude: pptpd was the easiest for me to setup, I think there is a ubuntu setup: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer15:35
MonkeyDustdewdude  sorry, wrong link15:35
=== pankid is now known as Guest74623
=== Guest74623 is now known as pankid
SchrodingersScatdewdude: and by "restart your server" i THINK they mean 'service pptpd restart' I don't think they mean full server reboot :/15:37
dewdudei realize that15:37
andrericsHi! I installed Ubuntu 13.10 along with WIndows 8.1 but GRUB is not appearing at initialization. Now I reenter the Try Ubuntu option and my Ubuntu 13.10 installation appear as 94 GB Volume. I think that if i reinstall GRUB will help.Can you help me15:37
dewdudethe problem is I never see ppp0 show up in ifconfig and windows refuses to connect15:37
andrericsCan you help me?15:37
dewdudei'm trying to do something quickly15:37
dewdudei need to wait till i have more time15:38
andrericsHi! I installed Ubuntu 13.10 along with WIndows 8.1 but GRUB is not appearing at initialization. Now I reenter the Try Ubuntu option and my Ubuntu 13.10 installation appear as 94 GB Volume. I think that if i reinstall GRUB will help. Can you help me?15:38
ironfoot495Hello everyone I need help figuring out how to install and use utorrent. IU just can't seem to understand the concept???15:39
ironfoot495I have a ubuntu 12.04.315:39
SchrodingersScatironfoot495: I think you misspelled rtorrent15:39
ironfoot495SchrodingersScat: is it rtorrent I've been trying utorrent?15:40
SchrodingersScatironfoot495: ok, I see that utorrent has a server for ubuntu, what concept aren't you getting?15:41
ironfoot495SchrodingersScat: Itried using it and I can't get a single movie?15:42
ironfoot495SchrodingersScat: I foollowed an instaslltion example and now all I have is a big mess. Is there away that is simple?15:43
ironfoot495or less messy I have files everyehere now that just don't work.15:44
SchrodingersScatironfoot495: that's why I recommended something with freedom.15:44
lecoeusironfoot495: did you install it with apt-get?15:44
ironfoot495lecoeus: yes I did.15:44
lecoeusironfoot495: i have never used utorrent but it must work the same way as any other torrent client15:45
lecoeusdid you use other clients?15:46
DarthDepaHi guys :)15:46
SchrodingersScatlecoeus: I don't think he could have used apt, the site just has a tar.gz15:46
ironfoot495Well I've used bittorrent and I see something happening but I don't have control of it it just setsd there.15:46
DarthDepaI have an ASUS notebook... K53S series... I would like to optimize the use of battery!15:47
wildwindDarthDepa: use powertop15:48
ironfoot495SchrodingersScat: yes I used the tat file and at first I got the gui but because it just sat there I deleted it and started over and now it doesn't work at all.15:48
DarthDepawildwind: thanks :) I will check...15:49
ironfoot495tar file15:49
DarthDepaand why SUDO don't allow me to use TAB?15:49
msiAnyone who likes to get a free dlink router inside the usa feel free to text me and I will add your details onto the delivery list, it's a stock we need to get ride of in our company: 313 283 166515:49
lecoeusironfoot495: it is usually better to use software from repositories15:49
lecoeusthere must be many torrent clients in the software center like transmission15:50
ironfoot495lecoeus: ok I'll try that thanks.15:50
SchrodingersScatironfoot495: Usage:  utserver -settingspath -logfile -configfile -pidfile -daemon -usage15:50
DarthDepawildwind: with powertop I can see who use battery... and for optimization?15:51
wildwindDarthDepa: well it depends on who is it :)15:53
bunduruMy computer doesn't power off from cli or gui, in addition to the workarounds which didn't work, i've tried the poweroff and halt commands but those won't power down the pc.15:53
bunduruany tips?15:56
iderikI dont understand how my harddrive is partitioned. Shouldnt /home be there? http://www.n0.se/f/f/24169_screenshotfrom2013-11-16165324.png15:56
irc-5225225iderik: /home doesn't need to be on a seperate partition.15:56
DarthDepawildwind: ?15:57
irc-5225225it can be, but it's not required.15:57
varunendraDarthDepa, use left arrow key in powertop  to goto lasttab, then 'Enter' to set status of various settings to 'Good'15:57
harushimoquick question15:58
harushimoI want to be able write to my other hard drive15:58
iderikirc-5225225: ah ok. why cant i resize any partition? i wish to free some space.15:58
harushimobut when I look in my media directory on the terminal, it doesn't show up but I can see it on my devices list when I look into gui interface15:58
wildwindDarthDepa: i don't have much exp with power optimization. but let us see the powertop output.15:59
irc-5225225iderik: You can't resize a partition that is in use by the system.15:59
harushimodo I keep it mounted15:59
irc-5225225iderik: If you have a live usb/cd, you can resize when booting from that.15:59
nightwalkerkgHi,i am runing Ubuntu 13.10 and Firefox,when i open it it gives me a message that i need to install flesh,when i click install it opens a new windows and tells me that there are no plugins to be installed. But when i open a video on youtube it works. Also,animations are kinda lagy,i really want to avoid installing any drivers for GPU,i had some problems in the past with them. There are three options in additional drivers. Is th16:01
nightwalkerkghave to install drivers.16:01
varunendraharushimo, no partition will show up in /media until mounted.16:01
harushimothat is what I thought16:02
irc-5225225nightwalkerkg: On youtube, it might be using the HTLM5 player.16:02
harushimothank you16:02
iderikirc-5225225: hmm, ok. thanks for the help!16:02
varunendranp :)16:02
nikolam_hi, Skype is saying to me: ERROR: ld.so: object '/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.16:02
nikolam_I would like to use camera with skype16:02
GuybrushThreepwoDoes anyone here have experience with skype for linux? I'm having trouble accessing my past conversation history, since it seems to disappear unlike windows16:02
nikolam_I loaded skype like this before: #!/bin/bash16:03
nikolam_LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so /usr/bin/skype16:03
nikolam_and it used to work16:03
nikolam_and now not16:03
harushimoI have the drive mounted but I want to keep it mounted and be able to write data to that drive16:03
nightwalkerkgirc-5225225: Yeah i thought of that. So should i install restricted ?16:03
lecoeusnikolam_: i don't know the answer to your question, but why do you preload stuff in the first place?16:04
varunendraharushimo, then you need to add an 'fstab' entry for the partition.16:04
nikolam_lecoeus, to be able to use web cam?16:04
DarthDepavarunendra: done ;) thanks16:04
lachithahelp me solve my wifi problem16:04
nikolam_It used to be only way to use web cam with skype before16:04
harushimoI was trying to avoid fstab if possible16:05
harushimoI need to back up my settings and then I can mess around that file16:05
lecoeusnikolam_: skype works without ld_preload for most people16:05
irc-5225225harushimo: what's wrong with fstab?16:05
wildwindharushimo: you can have it auto-mounted by adding a line to /etc/fstab. btw what fs is on that drive?16:05
varunendra!fstab | harushimo16:05
ubottuharushimo: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions16:05
lecoeusbut maybe that library you are trying to preload got moved due to an update16:05
nikolam_lecoeus, oh, if that is new behaviour16:06
harushimowildwind: ext416:06
lecoeusnikolam_: it's not new, maybe you had an exceptional situational with your webcam16:06
syriousIs there an easy sudo command for installing utorrent in 13.10??16:06
nikolam_dunno, it is Bus 002 Device 003: ID 093a:2608 Pixart Imaging, Inc. PAC7311 Trust WB-3300p webcam16:07
bekkssyrious: sudo apt-get install utorrent16:07
syriousbekks: tried that, returned that it couldn't find the file16:07
wildwindharushimo: then why it's not in fstab already? :) is it external drive?16:07
bekkssyrious: then utorrent isnt in the official repos.16:07
harushimono its not external16:08
harushimoits an internal drive16:08
nikolam_I needed to rotate video, btw in v4l2ucp16:08
bekksharushimo: Then it belongs to fstab16:08
lecoeusnikolam_: try running it without preloading16:08
harushimoi know16:08
nikolam_lecoeus, same.16:08
harushimobefore I do that, I have another question for all of you16:08
lecoeusnikolam_: if that doesn't work, try finding the library in the same directory16:08
harushimowhy does my second hard drive show up like this 1b477a91-8d58-4de0-8bd9-e72cc618a168 in my media directory16:09
varunendrasyrious, last time I tried utorrent on Ubuntu, I found it to be too CPU intensive. You should try a native solution16:09
bekksharushimo: Because thats the UUID of the filesystem on your drive.16:09
varunendraharushimo, because you haven't assigned it a 'LABEL'16:09
syriousbekks: fair. figured I'd give it a shot at lease16:09
harushimoI used UUID and associated with an label16:09
harushimothat goes in the fstab correct?16:10
wildwindi connect to the internet via openvpn over ppp (3G usb modem). sometimes 3g gets stalled and i have to physically disconnect and reconnect the modem. then i have to wait for ppp to go up and restart openvpn client. to automate the last part, i put a script with "pkill -USR1 openvpn" in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d. it works. here comes my question: is it the good way to do it? do i miss some drawbacks?16:10
syriousvarunendra: any suggestions?16:10
varunendrasyrious, I personally use ktorrent. Not as advanced as utorrent, but works for me16:11
mazda01switching to a larger hdd. want to switch from msdos to gpt, what's the best way? was going to use clonezilla to clone the / and /home partitions to an image, then restore them to the new gpt partitions on the larger drive. will that work?16:11
SchrodingersScatsyrious: I like rtorrent, but you can run `apt-cache search torrent.client | more` and get a list16:11
varunendrasyrious, perhaps qtorrent is another (maybe better) option16:11
varunendrasyrious, +1 to SchrodingersScat16:12
lecoeussyrious: transmission16:12
lecoeusit's basically the standard16:12
BluesKajktorr works well ,and no ads or constant reminders to go pro , syrious16:12
BluesKajerr ktorrent16:12
harushimofrom that UUID, can I find out what drive is it associated with?16:13
wildwindharushimo: yes, with disk utility16:14
varunendraharushimo, UUIDs are supposed to be unique for different partitions, so yes, you can use 'sudo blkid' command to see which partition it is16:14
krabadori need to look the session listed on lightdm16:14
krabadorat startup16:15
krabadorhow can i see them?16:15
varunendraharushimo, by 'label' in fstab, do you mean "Mount Point"?16:15
krabadorwhat conf file?16:15
krabadori tryed /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf16:15
krabadorbut nothing16:15
MonkeyDustkrabador  go to /usr/share/xsessions/16:15
cWidenIs there going to be a physical UDS for or around 14.04 ??16:15
harushimono when I label, I mean what drive is associate like /dev/sdb or /dev/sda16:16
krabadorMonkeyDust, i've the conf file?16:16
MonkeyDustkrabador  it's a folder16:16
MonkeyDustharushimo  mount shows where each uuid is mounted16:16
varunendraharushimo, those are generic addresses, not 'labels'16:16
harushimothank you for the correction16:16
harushimoif I'm misusing the terminology, please correct me16:17
MonkeyDustcWiden  questions about 14.04 in #ubuntu+116:17
cWidenI athanx16:17
varunendraharushimo, use Gparted to assign 'Labels' to partitions for easy recognition. But it doesn't matter if you are going to mount them via fstab. Once mounted, they appear by their mount point names16:18
nikolam_I fixed skype with Webcam with preloading /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1compat.so16:18
nikolam_since it is 32-bit16:18
lecoeusso they moved the location of the library16:18
lecoeushappens sometimes16:18
nikolam_I also previously reinstalled libv4l-016:19
jazzmeI was wondering, after a while of inactivity xubuntu returns to the login screen, and after logging in all of my open apps are shutdown.  How can I prevent this?16:19
nikolam_well, I should change on local wiki16:19
nikolam_so people can actually use it..16:19
mazda01how many of you use GPT partitioning over the older msdos?16:20
bunduruPlease can somebody help? My computer doesn't power down, from cli or gui, haven't found a workaround that works, i've tried the poweroff and halt commands but those won't power down the pc.16:20
wheatthinbunduru, sudo shutdown -h now16:21
whoeverbunduru: you might beable to do shutdown now16:21
bunduruthanks wheatthin i'll try that brb then16:22
whoeverbunduru: or just for fun shutdown -t 2016:22
varunendra!bootoptions | bunduru try various boot options, especially acpi related ones16:22
ubottubunduru try various boot options, especially acpi related ones: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.16:22
ocooelplease point me to an article on Ask! or ubuntu forums for configuring and setting up conky.16:25
wheatthinocooel, and what's your reasoning for this request? Unless you couldn't understand it.16:25
wheatthinahh sorry16:26
wheatthin!conky | ocooel16:26
ocooelso I can learn how to set up conky without bothering you guys developing 14.0416:26
bekksocooel: This channel is for ubuntu support ;)16:28
ocooelwhatthin: any articles on customizing 12.04 will be awesome. Ubuntu support and forums aren't exactly the easiest to navigate.16:28
wheatthinwell I found a doc, but not from askubuntu16:28
ocooelbekks: help me set-up conky..?16:28
wheatthinbut basically it just says 'sudo apt-get install conkywizard'16:28
bekksocooel: Ask a specific question :)16:29
joosseeocooel, you can edit the xml files for many of the themese supported by 12.04, especially when running unity 2d16:29
zykotick9mazda01: i first used GPT to support a 3TB drive I bought - now, I try to use it on anything I can...  I like not having the 4 primary limit, having nice sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4 sda5 ... instead of the big JUMP that came with extended/logical16:29
wheatthinzykotick9, then use the GTP partitioning16:29
bunduruwheatthin, unfortunately it didn't work =/16:30
OerHeksocooel, there is an forum with 1001+ conkyrc examples too > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28186516:30
wildwindocooel: i managed to set up conky with only the official docs. it's not that hard16:30
wheatthinbunduru, then my friend, I think (like others pointed out) you have an acpi problem.16:30
zykotick9!didntwork > bunduru my fav factoid ;)16:30
ocooelbekks: I want conky on my desktop with hardware usage etc. want to learn how I take default unity and turn it into what I want16:31
bunduruthe pc is kind of old, but it worked fine with ubuntu before16:31
zykotick9!doesntwork > bunduru16:31
ubottubunduru, please see my private message16:31
ocooelwildwind, where here..? https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/index.html16:31
wildwindbunduru: try to revert to older kernel16:32
bundurui just installed ubuntu again16:32
wildwindocooel: here: http://conky.sourceforge.net/documentation.html16:32
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:34
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
wildwindbunduru: try previous release. do you remember which release it worked ok with?16:35
bunduruvarunendra, thanks i did try messing with those at least most workarounds i found were about that, editing grubconf16:36
ocooelwildwind, thanks16:36
bunduruno success though16:36
WorldEmperorno success?16:37
WorldEmperortry harder, slacker16:37
wildwindocooel: you're welcome16:37
bunduruwildwind, i'm now with Ubuntu 12.04.3 it was the one before16:37
mazda01im trying to move my ubuntu install to a larger disk and not sure the best way to do it16:40
=== topper4125 is now known as Guest23692
whoeverhi all, are there system wide key shortcuts for vol-up , vol-down16:44
bekksmazda01: Backup everything, clone the disk to the larger one, enlarge the target partition, and enlarge the filesystems. Clonezilla can do all that but backing up.16:44
wheatthinwhoever, I believe each window manager will have their own set.16:45
ubuntuguru12unity is awesome16:46
ubuntuguru12i wish other distros wouild make it default16:47
=== aaron__ is now known as Aaron
ubuntuguru12slackware is based off ubuntu now16:49
irc-5225225ubuntuguru12: Unity doesn't really work on any other distros. Only fedora and arch have managed to get a basic port of it.16:49
lecoeusirc-5225225: he is trolling16:49
irc-5225225lecoeus: Oh, right. Guess I've seen too many people who would say that for real.16:50
lecoeusi don't think anybody would say that for real16:50
ubuntuguru12unity is nice. its better than kde16:50
=== topper4125_ is now known as topper4125
irc-5225225to be honest, the blur effects on it are nice.16:51
irc-5225225it just seems like it's meant for a tablet, with all the buttons being quite big.16:51
bundurueventually the gurus will fix this bug right?16:51
lecoeusunity has good sides, but kde is so obviously superior that it isn't even funny16:51
mazda01so no one can assist with moving ubuntu to a larger disk and or switching from msdos to gpt?16:52
bekksubuntuguru12: slackware isnt based on Ubuntu at all, technically.16:52
ubuntuguru12kde looks like windows too much16:52
bekksmazda01: I just assisted you - did you get the post?16:52
irc-5225225ubuntuguru12: kde can be modified to be less like windows.16:52
mazda01bekks, i must have missed it, had to step away sorry16:52
lecoeusirc-5225225: seriously, he is just trolling16:52
bekksmazda01: Backup everything, clone the disk to the larger one, enlarge the target partition, and enlarge the filesystems. Clonezilla can do all that but backing up.16:52
mazda01bekks, ok, what does "clonezilla can do all that but backing up" mean?16:53
ubuntuguru12mazda, fdisk /mbr16:53
Frito_Pendejoslackware is based off ubuntu now?  link plz16:54
mazda01ubuntuguru12, huh?16:54
AaronFrito_Pendejo, google it16:54
Frito_Pendejodid that16:54
zykotick9Frito_Pendejo: NO WAY slackware is based off ubuntu!16:54
jetskihow can I prevent grub boot loader from automatically starting ubuntu after 10 secs?16:55
jetskiI have windows installed on it, and would like for it to just wait until I pick one16:55
zykotick9jetski: i believe setting the countdown to 0 will make grub just stay there.  /etc/default/grub and run update-grub after making the change.16:55
ubuntuguru12im sick of how of all these freeloaders take ubuntus work… like redhat.. fedora… opensue16:55
ubuntuguru12jetski, timeout=016:56
AikarI need help :/ I installed gnome- desktop on 13.04, and now im getting issues with initamfs-tools cant find cp: cannot stat ‘/modules/pango-basic-fc.so’: No such file or directory - + another, many seem to have ran into this but i see no solution. im worried if i reboot i wont be able to boot back in16:57
nvsdoes anyone has a virtualmachine with win 7 and visual studio inside in ubuntu?16:57
nvsis this possible?16:57
ubuntuguru12i wish redhat/fedora would quit stealing from ubuntu.16:57
jetskizykotick9, it automatically starts ubuntu for me, and if I had hibernated windows previously, that hibernation data gets messed up, so I want it to just wait16:57
bekksnvs: There is no technical reason for it being not possible.16:58
lecoeusnvs: it is possible16:58
jetskiubuntuguru12, is there a terminal command I can run to set timeout=0?16:58
bekksubuntuguru12: Would you mind stop trolling please?16:58
ubuntuguru12vi /boot/grub/grub.conf16:58
nvsperformance is good ? i havent tried that before16:58
bekksnvs: Depends on your hardware and the vm configuration.16:59
zykotick9jetski: you need to edit the file, then update-grub.  "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" is a terminal editor.16:59
Frito_Pendejowould be funny if slack was debian based now good one..16:59
ubuntuguru12bekks, would you stop trolling ?16:59
Frito_Pendejou got me16:59
bekksubuntuguru12: Ignore set. Have a good life.16:59
nvswhat is a vm?16:59
bekksnvs: "virtual machine"16:59
Aaronvirtual machine16:59
DJones!vm | nvs16:59
ubottunvs: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications16:59
nvsim gonna go with the most popular16:59
zykotick9Frito_Pendejo: i don't use slackware, but it's one of the ONLY non-derivative distros left, why would you want to change that?  </OT>17:00
ubuntuguru12nvs: virtual mommy?17:00
nvsi think its virtual bo17:00
bekksnvs: Just use VirtualBox then.17:00
Frito_Pendejozykotick9, hehe dunno i just clicked over to # and saw that :)17:00
ubuntuguru12nvs, all the elite hackers use boch17:00
nvsyeah but im not elite hacker17:00
nvsi just want it to run good and to be user friendly17:01
bekksnvs: It has nothing to do with hacking at all.17:02
nvsi just saw that i have to use win8 on the vm because i have vs 201317:03
nvsisnt that too much for the vm? ive got 4 gigs of ram17:03
bekksnvs: You dont need W8 for it. It runs on W7 as well.17:03
lecoeusnvs: try going for xp17:03
bekksnvs: And you can create a VM with 2GB RAM.17:04
nvsi just googled it its not possible unfortunately with the new vs17:04
Aikarcan someone please help me figure out this libpango issue, 13.04 seems to have same issue as 13.10 as here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pango1.0/+bug/118530017:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 1185300 in pango1.0 (Ubuntu) "package linux-image-3.9.0-2-generic 3.9.0-2.7 failed to install/upgrade: run-parts: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/initramfs-tools exited with return code 1" [High,Fix released]17:04
Betalnvs: VS2013 run in win717:04
jetskizykotick9, thanks a ton, found the file and edited it, then ran sudo update-grub. Let's see what happens next time boot :)17:04
nvsi like 8 :) lol17:05
nvsand it supports the net framework 4.517:05
Aikarfound a thread, installing plymouth fixed it17:05
bekksnvs: "The next version is officially titled Visual Studio 2013 and is ... will require Windows 7 or higher matching the current VS2012 requirements."17:05
nvsbut is it safe enough? do you use vms on your systems?17:06
bekksnvs: VS2K13 runs on W7.17:06
Betalnvs: win7 supports it too :)17:06
Betalnvs: net framework 4.5 and vs201317:06
Betalnvs: vms = virtual machines?17:07
porkman1my ubuntu is running slow17:07
Betalnvs: I user a lot :)17:07
Betalnvs: use*17:07
porkman1nvs: what version of ubuntu are you running?17:08
nvsand i dont have any problem with it its running gr817:08
porkman1i love unity17:08
porkman1just its slow17:08
nvs& i just learned the hard way not to install anything outside the software center ;p17:09
bekksnvs: The software center is basically just a GUI for apt-get and dpkg17:10
porkman1whats dpkg?17:11
=== danes123 is now known as danes_mx
WorldEmperordebian package installer?17:11
bekksporkman1: The command line interface for your package management system.17:11
nvsi dont know i have crashed ubuntu at least 7 times and all those times i installed lenses i used the apt-get17:11
porkman1i dont want debian packages, i want ubuntu packages17:11
bekksporkman1: Ubuntu uses the debian package management system.17:12
bekksporkman1: Thats why Ubuntu packages have the .deb extension17:12
nvsso i decided not to install absolutely anything outside the software center  & i have my ubuntu live and well17:12
porkman1that doesnt make sense, but ok17:12
bekksporkman1: It makes perfectly sense, since Ubuntu is derived from Debian and Ubuntu didnt reinvent the wheel of a package management system.17:13
Ari-Yangporkman1: ubuntu is Debian-based17:13
porkman1silly question, but why not just use debian?17:13
Ari-Yangporkman1: why not use windows?17:14
Ari-Yangporkman1: why not use OSX?17:14
LjLbecause those aren't Debian-based?17:14
wheatthinit's a choice :P17:14
porkman1windows is debian based?17:14
LjLi think what porkman1 is asking is how Ubuntu differentiates itself from Debian17:14
porkman1i thought windows was made from Microsoft17:15
wheatthinthe community, and distinct patches in which improves debian17:15
=== anubiz is now known as Anubiz
LjLporkman1: you might want to re-read what i said17:15
rypervencheporkman1: A lot of poeple do use Debian. But Ubuntu was made for a different reason.17:15
porkman1well.. i dont want to devert.17:15
nvsand just another thought.. what about the new bioshock? can i play it on ubuntu?17:15
nvswith wine or something?17:16
Ari-Yangporkman1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment17:16
LjLanyway, bottom line, the packaging system is the same as Debian. the actual *packages* may not be, and it's in general not safe to install a Debian package in Ubuntu, or vice versa.17:16
bekksnvs: You have to look that up on winehq17:16
wheatthinnvs, that has nothing to do with ubuntu, you might wanna look at wines compadibility list17:16
Ari-Yangporkman1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/ForDebianDevelopers?action=show&redirect=UbuntuForDebianDevelopers <--- read this17:16
minimec|join #ubuntu-de17:18
zykotick9LjL: +117:18
nvshere do i check?17:18
porkman1how do i install an iso?  i want ot install some software from this iso i downloaded17:20
wildwindporkman1: burn it or mount it17:21
LjLporkman1: an ISO is an image of a disc, it can't be "installed".17:21
porkman1ah, doulbe clikc, i feel like a dumba—17:21
madadamHi, I followed this thread https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/1212337 and I update account service packet, but accountservice still crash at startup. Does someone solved this issue?17:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1212337 in accountsservice (Ubuntu Precise) "accounts-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in dbus_connection_send()" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:21
porkman1the darn menu keep s dispappearing to fast17:22
evanvarvellperhaps the disc image is an install disc?17:22
Ari-Yang!livecd | porkman117:23
ubottuporkman1: The Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.17:23
Ari-Yang!bootableusb | porkman117:23
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent17:23
Ari-Yang^ porkman117:23
evanvarvelli like netbootin?17:23
evanvarvellis that what its called?17:24
zykotick9evanvarvell: unetbootin17:25
nvswhat version of windows do you have on your vm?17:25
evanvarvellrolling release i like too17:25
bekksnvs: That doesnt matter for a vm.17:25
lecoeusnvs: vms are resource-challenged, so go for the minimal that you can use17:26
lecoeusnvs: i had actually messed with msconfig to disable services in the vm17:26
madadamubottu, so the problem is unsolved?17:26
nvsi have only 4gigs of ram so id better stick with win7 then17:26
porkman1ubuntu did an update and it broke my gedit17:26
zykotick9madadam: ubottu is a (ro)Bot.  and the bug would say "fix released" (or similar) if it was fixed.17:27
porkman1bow gedit wont run17:27
robert-lnxSince cron jobs can be set up with  "----*" or @daily, why would one bother with cron.daily?  (I know this isn't technically distro specific, I hope that's ok)17:27
nvsi want it only to run visual studio to be honest17:27
nvsnot gaming etc17:27
madadamzykotick9, ok17:27
theadminnvs: I have Windows 8 on a Virtualbox, runs fine with 3 gigs of RAM17:27
evanvarvellreinstall gedit?17:27
lecoeusrobert-lnx: is that the systemd target?17:28
nvshow long do you have it? is it stable enough? do you use it regularly?17:28
evanvarvellwhats wrong with kate......or ......scribes?17:28
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Guest93910
lecoeuskate is excellent17:28
evanvarvellhow cabout nano?17:28
theadminnvs: Yeah, I use it about... once a week?17:29
theadminnvs: Works fine, all the apps I tried work pretty much17:29
zykotick9evanvarvell: learn a real text editor ;)  your choices are vi or emacs...17:29
nvsive got a dual boot machine but if this works it seems a much better solution17:30
lecoeusvi is good but emacs is better17:30
theadminzykotick9: You mean "vi xor emacs" :P17:30
robert-lnxlecoeus, I'm sorry, I don't understand, is what my target?17:30
evanvarvellwhy do you like vi as aposed to vim?17:30
lecoeusrobert-lnx: i was asking if you were asking about systemd but it seems you weren't17:30
zykotick9lecoeus: no vi-emacs flame wars please - it's why i stated both (PS. i think you're wrong) ;)17:30
porkman1great. the update deleted my documents :/17:30
zykotick9theadmin: nice! (second for the day) ;)17:31
evanvarvellchecking my documents.......17:32
lecoeusporkman1: dude every update breaks something for you, maybe you should just not update anything for a while17:32
evanvarvellok my documents seem fine ok....17:32
intraderAnyone, I am having a problem with a blank screen (pure black) after resumes. I have found many reports and 'solved' bugs - but no solution. I installed 12.04.3 clean without loading updates while installing. Noticed the problem after the first normal update was updated.17:32
porkman1im on 12.04 LTS17:32
robert-lnxlecoeus: No, just a general cron question17:32
porkman1long term support..17:33
porkman1so much for that :|17:33
ikoniaporkman1: your complaining is tedious17:33
ikoniaporkman1: explain your problem, and what you want to happen17:33
evanvarvelldownloading cows17:33
porkman1ubuntu update center said to update, i  clicked the button and it did, now my gedit and documents are goine17:34
porkman1im looking for my backup right now17:34
ikoniaporkman1: where where your documents located17:34
* zykotick9 just learned about xcowsay - changed my life ;)17:34
porkman1is there a tech support # i can just call?17:35
ikoniaporkman1: answer the question, where did you store your documents17:35
LjLporkman1: wouldn't it be easier if you chatted from your Ubuntu machine so you could paste any errors?17:35
evanvarvellnedd a cowsay bash tutorial17:35
lecoeuszykotick9: if you are looking for cool programs, also try gnaughty17:35
porkman1its in the ubuntu cloud17:35
porkman1i think, i set it up to backup to there17:36
ikoniaporkman1: please explain clearly where you put your documents17:36
evanvarvellcowsay tutorial subjects17:36
evanvarvellcowsay tutorial application17:37
theadminevanvarvell: man cowsay17:37
robert-lnxzykotick9,  now try rot13 and sl17:38
zykotick9robert-lnx: sl is one of my default installed programs, i don't see it "that" often, but when I do - it's all alias'ed up, with all the bells 'n whistles - flying / flames and such ;)  no debian/ubuntu packages for gnaughty :( but doesn't look like a program i'd be interested in - but thanks for the suggestion!17:39
lecoeuszykotick9: strange they don't have a package for it in ubuntu17:40
lecoeusit's like an official gnome program17:40
theadminlecoeus: It's not developed by the GNOME team.17:43
lecoeustheadmin: i was jesting17:44
quatar__Hello everyone! I came just to ask if with ubuntu 13.10 we finally have an answer to THE question: "If I come with a factory-installed windows laptop and want to have a working win+ubuntu dual boot, can I be 99% sure that the «install alongside» option plus, in case, «boot repair», will do the work safely?"17:47
=== jam is now known as Guest53740
quatar__well 96% will do anyway17:48
theadminquatar__: Most of the time yes, but it's strongly recommended to disable secure boot, and the "fast startup" option in Windows.17:48
theadminquatar__: Once that's done, you're good to go.17:49
quatar__theadmin: okay, noted. I will. Anyway is there an updated resource that list the tested manufacturer/laptop with ubuntu?17:49
linuxologyI've got one liner, to print ':)' or ':(' depending upon the exit status of previous command17:49
linuxologyecho -e ":\\$(($??50:51))"17:49
=== root is now known as Guest89739
linuxologydoesn't work17:49
Guest89739hi all17:49
linuxologyspits out ':\51'....  I know I need \051 for it to print ')'17:50
zykotick9theadmin: not that i know ANYTHING about it, but won't disabling "secure boot" require windows to be reinstalled?17:50
theadminquatar__: Hm. There was something along those lines on the wiki. Which laptop do you have?17:50
theadminzykotick9: I don't think so, no. Switching to legacy mode would, though.17:50
quatar__Toshiba satellite c850-19d theadmin17:52
urielvigilantOn Lubuntu 13.10 browsing with Chromium if i download an excell sheet  and click on it on the right corner of the screen it open the FireFx windows ? This is not normal ! If i uninstall FireFOx it open with the Office Libre Cal that what i want. How to make this happen ?17:52
=== oilerff is now known as iHelpful
urielvigilantI want to open with Office Libre , but i dont want to uninstall firefox .17:53
theadminquatar__: Hm. Quick google search brings up wi-fi issues on that device.17:53
theadminquatar__: I recommend booting from the DVD/USB and clicking "Try Ubuntu". That way, you can try the full system without installing anything, see if things work.17:54
quatar__theadmin: yes i noticed but also tried the usb-stick and everything works good17:54
quatar__theadmin: exactly :)17:55
theadminquatar__: Ah, great then, everything should be fine :D17:55
quatar__theadmin: before uefi i used to install one or two ubuntu a week for friends etc... the problem is that now I don't have still a for-sure-safe route with uefi17:56
quatar__theadmin: anyway, i'm going to try :) (i'm just worried to compromise the working win on a friend's laptop!). I'll let you know if i encounter issues17:56
theadminquatar__: Well, generally, the installer's automatic partitioning doesn't fail if secure/fast boot are disabled. At least I've not heard of them failing. Now with manual partitioning, you need some strange extra stuff for EFI.17:56
urielvigilantHow to make Chrommium to open docs and cals with LibbreOffce ? I discovery this, but i dont have idea what for calcs instead writer docs . http://askubuntu.com/questions/260837/how-to-set-chromium-to-open-word-documents-with-libreoffice17:57
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
quatar__theadmin: yep, indeed i often use the automatic partitioning now. Anyway I often find it buggy, not showing which OS corresponds to the two sides of the volume space slider17:58
theadminquatar__: Ah, it does that sometimes, not sure why. Ubuntu's the second one.17:58
quatar__wow so i finally have an answer on that :) thanks theadmin !17:58
theadminquatar__: Maybe something to do with graphic drivers? Strange though.17:59
pfifohello world17:59
quatar__theadmin: eh.. don't know! Good bye anyway :)18:00
geekcafe_plhey guys, I'm looking for people who could recommend me a good Ubuntu VPS solution, if you are using one, please tell me on priv18:01
ubuntuaddictedok, i used clonezilla to clone partitions from a smaller harddrive to images, then i restored them to larger partitions and now the new hard drive doesn't boot into grub or anything. do i fix this using boot repair tool. im downloading linux_rescue_remix.iso right now and gonna load it onto a usb stick18:03
pfifoubuntuaddicted: reinstalling grub should do it18:04
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: don't use an external CD to fix it, use an ubuntu CD18:05
ubuntuaddictedikonia, it's the boot repair tool18:06
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: I know, don't use it, use an ubuntu cd18:06
urielvigilantHow to make Chrommium open docs with libbreoffice  instead of other stuff ?18:07
ubuntuaddictedikonia, why not may i ask?18:08
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: to make sure you use the same tools/grub as ubuntu expects18:08
ubuntuaddictedikonia, grub2 is grub2 as far as I am concerned18:08
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: that's probably why you break things then18:09
ubuntuaddictedikonia, an MBR is an MBR.18:09
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: carry on then, please just be aware I've advised you against it, as an "mbr" is not an "mbr"18:09
ubuntuaddictedikonia, i didn't break anything. I moved my xubuntu installation from a smaller 40GB IDE HDD to a 160GB SATA HDD using clonezilla.18:09
=== pantalaimon is now known as Guest39634
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: carry on, I'm not going to beg you to follow my advice.18:10
jetskiis there some kind of package that autocompletes terminal inputs based on statstics? i.e. if you use a command often, can pressing tab autocomplete with that command instead of something else?18:10
ubuntuaddictedikonia, i appreciate the suggestion. if i were to use an ubuntu live usb, what would the commands be?18:10
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: it depends on a great many things, carry on with what you wanted to do,18:10
zykotick9jetski: i don't think so, somewhat of an interesting idea though...18:12
auronandace!info fish | jetski18:13
ubottujetski: fish (source: fish): friendly interactive shell. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1 (saucy), package size 1115 kB, installed size 3611 kB18:13
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zykotick9auronandace: really?  fish does that?18:14
jetskiauronandace, fish seems interesting, does it autocomplete based on statistics though?18:14
=== atopTheChannelLi is now known as atopChannelList
auronandacejetski: i'm not entirely sure sorry, it was the closest thing i could think of18:14
jetskizykotick9, what would be even cooler is if there were something like google autocomplete for terminal, productivity increase -> 1000%18:14
lord4163Where do I download Ubuntu Thrusty Tahr server edition?18:14
auronandace!ubuntu+1 | lord416318:15
ubottulord4163: Trusty Tahr is the codename for Ubuntu 14.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+118:15
jetskiauronandace, fish looks pretty good though, thanks for the pointer :)18:15
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FloodBot1Guest57930: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:17
auronandaceno such file or directory18:19
ro9mistakenly diff term18:20
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Danatoguys I installed ubuntu on my gf's pc. I know that if i install xubuntu desktop I will have some increase on the performance, but would it better than installing kubuntu instead?18:24
urielvigilantHow to setup Chromium to open docs with LibreOfice instead of other stuffs ?18:24
Danatobtw its on VB18:25
cWidenWhere do I go to ask why the Unbuntu is not on bountySource ?18:25
pfifoDanato: you can install both, and decide for yourself. Your allowed to have many desktop enviroments installed side by side18:25
cWiden**Ubuntu Project ...is not ...18:26
lvlephfor some reason sudo reboot doesn't work. It starts a reboot process and then hangs. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this?18:26
rathodr2sudo shutdown -r18:26
pfifocWiden: we have launchpad18:26
zykotick9urielvigilant: (troubleshooting step only)  try both "xdg-open libreoffice-file.foo" and "gnome-open libreoffice-file.foo" does one open in firefox and the other in LO?  might give you a hint on what to search for to change it.18:26
lvlephI think something may be wrong with my acpi because it won't suspend on closing the lid either18:26
lvlephI will try that rathodr218:27
pratzhello guys18:27
Danatopfifo: I already use kubuntu for a while so id prefer to install it too on her vm, but if xubuntu would run more smoothly then id rather install it18:27
elijahhola, meld is saying some files have been modified when comparing two directories, however, when I open them it says 'files are identical', any thoughts?18:28
pratzI have a external hard disk, I want to lock some folders on it, how can I do it ?18:28
urielvigilantzykotick9: i cant understand what steps i need to do with your info, iam newby18:28
pfifoDanato: chances are xubuntu will be a little lighter on resources18:28
pratzalso, they should not be accesible on windows and mac18:28
Danatopfifo: thats what i thought18:29
zykotick9urielvigilant: 1) do you know how to open a terminal? 2) do you have an Excel file available?18:29
lvlephthank you rathodr2 that worked wonder why reboot won't18:29
urielvigilantZykotick9: yes i have terminal already opened and the file on chrommium ready to clicked18:29
pfifopratz: I encrypt my stuff with gnupg. I think thats what you mean when you say 'lock'18:30
zykotick9urielvigilant: save the file in chromium to your home directory (download it)18:30
pratzpfifo: yes18:30
lvlephnice reboot and back to xchat in less than 3 minutes18:30
pratzpfifo: but will it be accessibale on windows and mac ?18:30
rathodr2lvleph, what's your distro/system/os?18:31
lvlephUbuntu 13.0418:31
urielvigilantzykotick9: when i click on download a bar appear on chrommium downside with the download, i click on it , and it opens Firefox. It i remove Firefox it opens whell with LibreOffice, can you understand this ?18:31
pfifopratz: no, well yes, windows and mac have gnupg tools, but overall it will be encrypted, so unaccessable from everywhere until you enter a password18:31
zykotick9urielvigilant: i understand that.18:32
pratzpfifo: ya that's cool18:32
pratzpfifo: even windows admin can not open it, right ?18:32
ubuntuaddictedikonia, by the way, linux_secure_remix is Ubuntu18:32
Danatolvleph: do you know how can you upgrade your ubuntu to 13.10?18:33
Belial`anyone else getting a different notification color if the launcher and dash are set to a fixed color?18:33
pfifopratz: right18:33
urielvigilantzykotick : what do you sugest, please?18:33
pratzpfifo: ok, thanks18:33
lvlephDanato, I cannot use 13.10, because it crashes within seconds of loading18:33
lvlephI am on a Macbook Pro 7,1 so I am happy even getting as far as I have.18:34
zykotick9urielvigilant: i guess i can't help you (as you can't download teh file / open a terminal / run my test).  best of luck, hopefully someone else can assist you.18:34
Danatolvleph: if its good for you then perfect18:34
rathodr2lvleph, when was the last time that worked for you? I was googling and found this issue back in ubuntu version 618:34
lonewulf85the dimmer controls on my acer ao722 are not working.  I am running ubuntu 12.0418:35
urielvigilantzykotick9 : i know i can oopen it from the filemanager with no problem. this problem is only wen directly fom Chrommium !18:35
lvlephIt worked in 12.04, but I just upgraded (fresh install) yesterday rathodr218:35
zykotick9urielvigilant: don't include my nick in your messages... sorry i can't help (in the gui) - but maybe someone else can!18:35
uncle_benwhy do some xscreensavers use root window correctly  and some use the generic image even though it's set to use the root window? when my system was using intel integrated graphics, every xscreensaver set with root window worked, but with nvidia, only some xscreensaver use root window correctly, others don't18:36
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ubuntuuserI just did a stupid and removed "unity-scope-home" so i don't get any more results in the dash. there is no installation candidate. how do I get my search results back? running 13.1018:36
lvlephI only upgraded because the claim was that the proprietary drivers for nvidia worked in 13.04. However they don't. rathodr218:36
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beefmanhi.  i had a motherboard die on me today, and i removed the two raid 1 (mirrored) drives, now trying to get them to work in another machine.  I had used the dead motherboard's onboard raid.18:38
lvlephI found this rathodr2 http://mylinuxexplore.blogspot.com.es/2011/11/solved-ubuntu-doesnt-shutdown-properly.html but it is really old18:38
beefmannow when i try to mount them, i get unknown filesystem type 'ddf_raid_member'18:38
beefmanany ideas?18:38
rathodr2lvleph, just a thought (no guarantees). have you tried sudo apt-get autoclean/upgrade/update (each separate command)? I've found this cleans the package managemet system and local repo18:38
beefmanalso i have tried setting the current machine's motherboard bios to ahci, raid, and ide, but neither drive will boot in any of those settings18:39
urielvigilantHow to setup Chrommium to open .xls files directly with LibreOffice instead of other? mine is trying to open it with FireFox , this is crzy doens it ?18:39
rodney77Say, does anyone know how to hide foreign language fonts? I would like to be able to see these fonts rendered, in places like wikipedia pages, but I would never have a reason to see them in a dropdown list of available fonts to use18:39
lvlephI will try that rathodr218:39
jhutchins_wkbeefman: You'll need to restore them from backup, without the original controller you can't recover the raid.18:39
rodney77in windows vista, it's simple: Hide all the foreign fonts. They still render but never show up in Word or Photoshop etc18:39
ubuntuuserI just did a stupid and removed "unity-scope-home" so i don't get any more results in the dash. trying to reinstall gives me "there is no installation candidate". how do I get my search results back? running 13.1018:40
rodney77but in linux you hide folders/files by prepending a dot, which changes the path18:40
beefmanjhutchins_wk: whoa, that's a shock.  the original as in the original only, or an identical part also?18:40
albert_hi guys, my usb headset logitch have been working with ubuntu 12.04 for a while, and now it does not working,18:40
beefmani mean, if i can find another identical motherboard?18:41
albert_I tried unplug/plug headset again18:41
jhutchins_wkAn identical motherboard would probably work.  The board was presenting the array to the OS as a single drive, right?18:41
albert_and run command lsusb, it does not detect my usb headset18:41
beefmanok so it's not like i need something that's stored on the bios chip in the dead machien18:42
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pratzpfifo: does gnupg work for directories ?18:43
pratzor just files ?18:43
k1l_ubuntuuser: just reinstall  "unity-scope-home"18:43
lvlephewww scary xserver is about to update18:44
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OnceMeI have a problem, my screensaver is not working18:46
OnceMeactually when I watch video on youtube and 10mins pass, it goes blank automatically and lock a screen18:46
OnceMebut when I watch in vlc player screen does not go blank18:46
OnceMeit's like system is not seing that my video is active18:46
albert_can anyone help to troubleshoot my usb logitech headset? it has been working with ubuntu 12.04, it seems not work after I ran updates18:46
OnceMebrightness & lock: turn off system when its inactive: never18:47
OnceMeso why does this happen?18:47
lvlephOnceMe, I think the only way I fixed this was by disabling the screensaver18:47
pfifopratz: technically their the same thing, but I think you want to operate on mutiple files (in a directory) so you will want to use tar to make a tarball of all the files, and then gnupg to encrypt the tarball18:47
OnceMelvleph: I tried that18:47
OnceMenot working18:47
lonewulf85issue with ao722 dimmer in ubuntu 12.0418:47
OnceMeI use cinnamon gui18:47
pratzpfifo: hmmm18:47
lvlephI had that at one time too OnceMe are you using Mint?18:47
OnceMeon ubuntu18:47
OnceMeactually lubuntu18:48
OnceMeubuntu 12.*18:48
lvlephI have only seen this in cinnamon OnceMe18:48
OnceMereally? damn18:48
OnceMeis there a bug fix?18:48
lvlephI never found the solution18:48
pfifo!enter | OnceMe18:48
ubottuOnceMe: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:48
lvlephI looked for a couple years18:48
OnceMemeh Ill use gnome then18:49
OnceMethanks for help18:49
minimecalbert_: you did updates or upgrades? Are you still on 12.04?18:49
jhutchins_wkalbert_: Did you change anything on the system?  Upgrade?18:49
pfifoOnceMe: turn off your screen saver when you watch videos18:49
lvlephnp OnceMe18:49
lvlephpfifo, he tried that18:49
OnceMepfifo: screen saver is turned off18:49
OnceMenvm ill switch guis18:49
zykotick9albert_: check "dmesg" output before and after plugging it in - does it give you any messages/errors?18:50
lvlephOnceMe, I even uninstalled it and still had the issue lol18:50
ubuntuuserI just did a stupid and removed "unity-scope-home" so i don't get any more results in the dash. trying to reinstall gives me "there is no installation candidate". how do I get my search results back? running 13.1018:50
pfifohe left? I knew the other answer, terminal blanking18:50
jhutchins_wkubuntuuser: Try aptitude -f install18:51
urielvigilantHow to setup Chrommium to open .xls files directly with LibreOffice instead of other? mine is trying to open it with FireFox , this is crzy doens it ?18:52
k1l_ubuntuuser: can you pastebin a "sudo apt-get install unity-scope-home"18:53
jhutchins_wkurielvigilant: What are you running?  Unity?  Gnome?  Have you looked at Chromium to see if it will let you specify the program?  Have you tried right-clicing on the file and choosing "Open With"?18:54
zykotick9jhutchins_wk: urielvigilant reports it opens correctly from nautilus.  i'm guess there is a different association for xdg-open vs gnome-open (but that's speculation at this point)18:55
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urielvigilantjhutchins_wk: iam using Lubuntu 13.10 , yes Chromium dont have this option. I can open files directly on file manager , but using chromium when i click on downloaded file it opens a fire Fox window. If i uninstall FireFox it open with the default Lubuntu app to Calcs files, and if i uninstal it finally opens with LibbreOffice. But i dont want to uninstall FireFOx because that18:56
ubuntuuserjhutchins_wk: alright, i only have apt-get (aptitude has no installation candidate). trying apt-get -f gives the same18:58
k1l_!paste | ubuntuuser please put that whole terminal output into that18:59
ubottuubuntuuser please put that whole terminal output into that: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:59
ubuntuusertried it again, now it works. thanks!19:01
urielvigilantjhutchins_wk :  i found this on internet, but how to make this available also for cals kind .xls docs etc ?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/260837/how-to-set-chromium-to-open-word-documents-with-libreoffice19:02
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fishduckhi.. when I run some openGL app, it completely takes over my screen. Now, if it gets stuck, there's nothing I can do to kill it. tried with "kill" too from another tty, but it refused to shut down19:04
fishduckalt+tab does not change window19:05
auronandacefishduck: even with kill -9?19:05
fishduckis there some keyboard combination I can use to "switch" window when I'm on the "graphical tty"?19:06
wafflejockfishduck: use Ctrl+Alt+F119:06
fishduckauronandace: thanks.. I was looking for something like that but couldn't switch to IRC to ask19:06
auronandacefishduck: man kill19:06
fishduckyeah.. didn't think of that19:07
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
joosseei am trying to run a python script from CLI but i get a syntax error on every line like its not recognizing that its python?19:09
joosseecommand im using is "./enum.py19:09
pfifojoossee: try `python ./enum.py`19:10
auronandacejoossee: what is the very first line of the script?19:10
joosseepfifo, ty works!19:10
robert-lnxI've added ( user1 ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/mtr) with visudo.  I want to add a second user for the same program.  Do i just put a comma and username2 or do I need a new line?19:12
Rat2000does anybody know how to set up virtualbox and bridge a connection on ubuntu 12.04 ?19:20
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox19:21
AlanBellRat2000: yup, it works fine, did you have a specific question about it?19:22
Rat2000i just installed virtual box and selected the correct interfaces and chose bridge19:23
Rat2000do i need to make some specific configurations?19:23
Rat2000on the host machine i mean19:23
Rat2000AlanBell, ?19:24
DanatoI jst installed ubuntu 13.04 on a pc's virtualbox, and upgraded it to 13.10, but when i restarted it, it jst shows me a blinking cursor for quite a while now. is that supposed to be normal?19:25
AlanBellRat2000: that should be fine, the guest will pick up it's own IP address from the network DHCP server19:25
AlanBellunless you set a static one on the guest19:25
=== greylocks is now known as Greylocks
Rat2000AlanBell, the problem is, it does not give an ip.19:26
Rat2000that is the problem19:26
AlanBellRat2000: so you have a DHCP server on the network that has enough IP addresses to hand one out to the guest?19:27
AlanBellRat2000: if in the guest you set a static IP address that is in the right subnet, can it ping stuff?19:27
Rat2000yes, i am sure that the dhcp server has enough ipadress19:27
AlanBellRat2000: is this wireless or wired?19:27
Rat2000so what you are saying is that it should work out of the box19:28
AlanBellyeah, presumably NAT works?19:28
Rat2000i did not try with nat19:29
Danatothat reboot is taking way too long, I guess i should roll it back to 13.0419:29
AlanBelloh, give that a go first then, rules out a bunch of issues19:29
Rat2000AlanBell, i just tried with nat and i recive an ip, but i cannot ping www.google.com19:31
AlanBelland presumably you can from the host?19:32
Rat2000yes from host works 100%19:32
AlanBellok, was a silly question but we have to rule out the basics :)19:32
AlanBellany odd firewall setup on the host?19:32
Rat2000i understand no worries19:32
Rat2000it has the basic firewall that comes with19:33
Rat2000with ubuntu by default19:33
AlanBellhost and guest are both Ubuntu?19:33
Rat2000host is ubuntu, gues is pfsense witch is a version of freebsd19:33
urielvigilantcant make printscreen on lubuntu , why ?19:33
Danatocan anybody tell me how to choose ubuntu's advanced settings on virtualbox?19:34
AlanBellRat2000: can the guest ping local ip addresses? such as the host IP address?19:34
Danatoso i can load with the previous kernel19:34
pfifourielvigilant: when I press prtscrn it dosent do anything, but it puts a screenshot in my home folder19:35
reisioDanato: hold down SHIFT during bootup19:35
urielvigilantpfifo: my lubuntu dont put nothing19:36
pfifourielvigilant: install scrot maybe?19:36
Danatoreisio: thanks, that worked19:37
Danatoreisio: but it still doesnt boot up, same forever blinking cursor, it only happened after the do-release-upgrade19:38
urielvigilantpfifo: sudo apt-get scrot ?19:38
urielvigilantpfifo: sudo apt-get install scrot ?19:38
reisioDanato: boot from a live image and fix it, then19:38
Rat2000AlanBell, i cannot find the gateway that my host has, what should be the default one?19:38
Danatoreisio: fix it how?19:39
pfifourielvigilant: yes, that will work19:39
Rat2000AlanBell, sorry not gateway but ip19:39
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urielvigilantpfifo: and know it should work with19:39
pfifourielvigilant: maybe19:39
EncryptHi everybody!19:40
Rat2000AlanBell, ???19:40
EncryptI have a USB key on which I set a Luks partition19:41
EncryptI'd like to set the mountpoint of this USB key when I plug it to the computer19:41
AlanBellRat2000:, but I don't think setting that will help19:41
EncryptI added to my fstab :19:41
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Rat2000AlanBell, so i ping but nothing...19:42
Encrypt/dev/mapper/USB     /media/USB   vfat    defaults,noauto   0    019:42
EncryptIs it enough?19:42
pfifoEncrypt: fstab has no influence over where somethign gets mounted when it is plugged in... it only affects boot time mounts19:42
EncryptI imagine it isn't...19:42
Encryptpfifo, No, we can specify the mountpoint19:42
Rat2000AlanBell, i just ping and it is working19:43
AlanBellRat2000: can you try it with an ubuntu live cd as the guest?19:43
Encryptpfifo, I learnt this when I attended to my UNIX class19:43
Rat2000AlanBell, i just ping and it is working19:43
Rat2000if that helps19:43
AlanBellRat2000: that is itself19:43
Rat2000no the client is
bekksyou should both read the vbox manual chapter 6 about how their nat works ;)19:43
AlanBelloh, so it is19:44
AlanBellI read it wrong, yes, should be the host virtual adapter19:44
bekksthere is no such thing..19:44
AlanBellRat2000: can you ping
Danatocan anybody tell me why is ubuntu not booting after an upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10? even with the old kernel19:45
bekksFrom the guest, is the default gateway.19:45
Rat2000AlanBell, no it does not work19:45
bekksRat2000: Which networking mode do you use, whats the IP of the guest, and whats the output of "netstat -rn" in the guest?19:46
bekksRat2000: Pastebin those information please.19:46
EncryptBy the way...19:46
EncryptWhy do we have to format a Luks partition?19:47
EncryptI don't understand the reason why...19:47
AlanBellRat2000: I am out of ideas, but bekks seems to know it better than me anyway :)19:47
bekksEncrypt: Why do you expect it to work without? :)19:47
divingmuleHi, I ran "apt-get upgrade" now my network doesn't connect :s any ideas?19:47
EncryptSure, a filesystem is needed to get a "hardware" disk working...19:47
reisioEncrypt: and?19:47
EncryptBut I've already done this on another USB Key19:48
bekksEncrypt: So thats why you have to format it.19:48
EncryptAnd apparently I was able to put files on it without any problem19:48
pfifoEncrypt: ok yes, you can use fstab to let users mount the partition when its plugged in. I though you were going for an automount here.19:48
EncryptI don't know why it worked but it worked...19:48
reisiomaybe you should figure out why before wondering why19:48
bjensen82I want to enable my apps to use the mail app to alert of me stuff. I want to use an external smtp server. What app should I install to handle this?19:48
Encryptpfifo, :)19:49
Encryptreisio, What do you mean?19:49
bjensen82I was looking at postfix, but I thought it might be a bit overkill?19:49
pfifobjensen82: exim might be a bit lighter19:49
reisiosecure, server-to-server, no middleman, real-time19:50
reisiostarts with x!19:50
EncryptAs my computer science teacher says, not knowing why it works when it works is worse than not knowing why it doesn't work when it doesn't work.19:50
bjensen82pfifo: thanks19:50
Rat2000bekks, i am running now in nat and i see destination witch is the real dhcp server that gives ip's to the host and witch i asume is the local conection betwen host and client19:51
joosseewhat is the difference between kvm and qemu in a nutshell?19:51
reisioEncrypt: right, it's just you asked why you needed FOO based on BAR, not why you needed FOO :)19:51
bekksRat2000: Your second assumption is wrong.19:51
reisiojoossee: qemu begat kvm begat qemu-kvm begat qemu19:51
Rat2000bekks, i am all years19:51
reisiojoossee: it's hard to say now, most copies of qemu at this point are the same as kvm19:51
bekksRat2000: Please refer to chapter 6 of the vbox manual - all I can say is explained there, and even better, regarding the NAT section.19:51
joosseereisio, well kvm lets me usoe something called virtio but qemu seems to not?19:51
reisiojoossee: the devs renamed a lot to confuse people :p19:51
Rat2000please give me a link19:51
EncryptActually, LUKS is quite strange...19:52
reisiojoossee: qemu and kvm are the same these days19:52
reisiojoossee: you'd have to have quite an old copy for it to be otherwise19:52
joosseereisio, ubuntu 12.04 64...?19:52
Rat2000but bekks, i want bridge not nat, should i still read that?19:52
AlanBellbekks: the original problem was that bridged networking wasn't working, I asked Rat2000 to flip to NAT to check that it wasn't a DHCP server issue19:52
reisiojoossee: what codename is 12.04?19:52
wafflejockRat2000: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html19:52
reisiofor some reason packages.ubuntu.com only uses stupid codenames19:52
joosseereisio, precise pangolin i believe?19:52
Rat2000thnx wafflejock19:52
reisiojoossee: yeah, all the same19:53
reisioqemu and kvm are both 'qemu-kvm'19:53
reisiounfortunately since they kept changing the name the only way to half unambiguously refer to it is to make the name both names :p19:53
reisiogj upstream19:53
joosseereisio, ok.. how does I understand how the disk options works, IDE, SCSI, etc for the VM.. but what is virtio and what does it work on? im trying to get, gasp, windows2003 booting, only as a test19:54
reisiojoossee: anyways you'll know if you don't have "kvm", because it will be dastardly slow19:54
reisiojoossee: ask #kvm about that19:54
joosseereisio, i ran kvm-ok and I know my server supports virtualization so..19:54
joosseeenabled in BIOS, etc.19:54
psusijoossee, virtio doesn't emulate physical hardware, instead it allows the guest kernel to use a more efficient api to send requests to the hypervisor19:54
joosseei did get windows 2003 installed but only on 8GB partition... cant get it to work any bigger19:55
gajillionHello, would OpenDNS family filter play a factor in me not receiving updates and upgrades from apt?19:55
EncryptI'll come back... Reboot :)19:55
Rat2000bekks, that article doesn't really solve annything. i want to use bridge and there it says just to select that from the options witch i did and still doesnt work19:55
joosseepsusi, ok so thats dependent on the OS for the VM?19:55
pfifoEncrypt: there are 2 layers here, LUKS is the first, being placed on the partition itself, it transperently encrypts all data that is written to the partition. The second layer is you filesystem of choice, it manages storing data in a logical manner such as in files. LUKS dosent not provide any type of system for managin files so hence you need a filesystem on top of it.19:55
psusijoossee, yes, the guest OS must support it... I think Oracle made some Windows drivers to do it, but I'm not sure...19:55
gajillionHello, would OpenDNS family filter play a factor in me not receiving updates and upgrades from apt?19:55
joosseekk tty19:55
wafflejockRat2000: think bekks was referring to just understanding what the difference is between NAT and bridged connections and what the implications would be, what's your exact issue?19:56
reisiogajillion: quite possibly19:56
reisioopendns is kind of awful19:56
gajillionOk, thanks19:56
reisioadware nonsense19:56
reisiodansguardian might be a better idea, but I haven't wasted my time on it19:56
Rat2000wafflejock, i want to set bridge and recive an ip on the guest machine from virtualbox19:56
Rat2000for some reason it does not work19:56
bjensen82pfifo: exim4 lets me use mandrillapp.com with a specific username / password for whatever user / service is sending off an email using e.g. /usr/bin/mail ?19:57
wafflejockRat2000: how exactly does it not work... are you using ifconfig to check the IP that you get on each? are they both Ubuntu installs with default settings network wise19:57
Rat2000wafflejock, i have ubuntu as host and pfsense as guest, pfsense is a free bsd based distro19:58
joosseei know yall are gonna hate this question but how do I mount the second disk in an install package using virt or Virtual Machine Manager?19:58
pfifobjensen82: thats not what exim does, you origin app is responsible for setting the destination of the email19:58
joosseethe second ISO?19:58
bjensen82pfifo: I see...well what app does that then?19:59
bjensen82for example I have signed up for mandrillapp.com so I dont have to have my own mail server running for sending out emails for users. I would like my services to use that as well19:59
pfifobjensen82: well then, exim is not what your looking for, exim is a mail server, so is postfix. youll need to tell your orgin app to use mandrill.com or whatever.20:01
apofisIm wondering is somebody could help me with this20:01
grimetonbjensen82: checkout ssmtp20:01
naptici just installed ubuntu 12.04 in my desktoppc next to windows 7. the installation got finished without any probems(installed from usb-stick). now it doesnt boot, and when the usb stick is still in, there comes a message: invalid or corrupt boot image. can somebody tell me whats wrong?20:01
pirretyou can configure postfix as a smarthost20:01
apofiswhen I lock my system (12.04.03) randomly my OS hangs up20:01
apofisin logs I got this famous message:  NVRM: os_schedule: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic or interrupt20:01
pirretto use mandrillap or whatever smtp-server20:02
pfifobjensen82: what mail are you refering to? Im thinking your interested in mail from syslog or something of that nature20:02
wafflejockRat2000: you should pastebin your ifconfig info, not sure about FreeBSD/pfsense but if DHCP is working then Bridged connection from virtual box should work20:02
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apofissomething similar described already here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/98683120:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 986831 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Asus P5K] system freezes for some seconds: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic or interrupt context" [Medium,Incomplete]20:02
joosseenaptic; did you use encryption and are you sure you wrote the boot loater and grub info the harddisk and not the USB stick?20:02
bjensen82pfifo: basicly anything. like mails from the raid controller when a disk goes bad etc20:02
bjensen82grimeton: thanks Ill checkout ssmtp :)20:02
pirretpostfix as a smarthost is what you want then20:02
napticjoosee: no encryption. and i used unetbootin to write ubuntu to the stick20:03
joosseenaptic, cuz in onlder versions the default option is not the one you want when it asks you about grub, it is the one for the harddrive, you have to write it down when you are partioning the drive20:03
bjensen82pirret: why not ssmtp?20:03
pirretor that, never heard of it20:03
bjensen82ill check out both thanks20:03
joosseenaptic, ive only installed from install CD so...20:03
pirretlooks like it fits better for this job now that i googled it20:03
pirretpostfix might be an overkill20:03
pfifobjensen82: thats syslog I think. but there are a lot of sources for mail like that, so what pirret is describing may be more efficient than finding and setting options for each indivudial program that uses mail20:03
napticjoosee: i had ubuntu 12.04 already installed, but there was the same problem. grub seems to be alright, because it ran smoothly till today20:04
pfifo*postfix is always overkill*20:04
napticand grub still tuns good20:04
bekksRat2000: Your issue can be solved much better in #vbox20:04
reisiono, superman tuns good, grub tuns _WELL_20:04
joosseeso you get a bnch of different boot options from grub?20:05
Rat2000bekks, i didn't tought of that, good idea thnx20:05
napticwindows etc20:05
joosseehrmmm ok explain your problem in more detail naptic?20:05
joosseenaptic; which come up and what have you tried?20:06
bjensen82pfifo: ok thanks20:06
napticwell... when i want to boot ubuntu, there is this purplelike backgroundcolor, if you know what i mean... the ubuntucolor, and nothing happens... when i got the stick in the usbport, and enter default, it says this error with invalid or corrupt boot image20:07
naptici tried to reinstall :D what else...20:07
napticbut i can run the livesession with no problem20:07
napticany idea?20:08
joosseereisio, where does virt keep its logs?20:08
joosseenaptic, ok, when you get the grub loader, hit e and you can edit grub for that one time. find the second or third last line that ends in "ro" and an option "quiet splash"20:09
wilee-nileenaptic, Have you used this ISO on this usb to install before with no problems, IE have you checked the md5sum?20:10
joosseethen hit f10. lemme find a link for you20:10
vicatcui have a 64-bit firefox installation, what's the currently recommended/supported path to getting flash to run in it?20:10
vicatcuon ubuntu 12.0420:10
napticthe md5sum is alright20:10
auronandacevicatcu: install flash from the repo20:11
vicatcucouldn't find a clearly accepted answer on the webs20:11
napticso what to do with quiet splash?20:11
vicatcuauronandance.... i.e. through synaptic?20:11
wilee-nileenaptic, Could it be a graphic driver is missing, just trying to understand a unusual description.20:11
joosseenaptic: http://askubuntu.com/questions/147285/unable-to-boot-into-ubuntu-12-0420:11
joosseenaptic: follow these instructions to put quiet splash in the right place, dont add nomodeset yet20:11
auronandacevicatcu: indeed20:11
napticok i will try... if it doesnt work, ill come back ;)20:12
vicatcuauronandance do u know the package name?20:12
joosseenaptic ya get a tablet or something buddy :)20:12
vicatcusearching on "flash" doesn't exactly narrow it down20:12
auronandace!info flashplugin-installer | vicatcu20:13
ubottuvicatcu: flashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (saucy), package size 6 kB, installed size 136 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)20:13
vicatcuauronadace something seems to go wrong there... "Failure to download extra data files"20:16
auronandace!tab | vicatcu20:16
ubottuvicatcu: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:16
vicatcuauronandace sorry20:17
vicatcugood tip20:17
auronandacevicatcu: no worries20:17
ubottuFrancescokro: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:17
pfifoDrop flash alltogether.20:18
vicatcuauronandace, so it's failing to do this: "flashplugin-installer: downloading http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/a/adobe-flashplugin/adobe-flashplugin_11.2.202.310.orig.tar.gz"20:20
auronandacevicatcu: not sure what to tell you, thats the package i always install from synaptic and it's never failed for me20:21
joosseereisio, how can I change the mounted cd in a VM?20:21
reisiojoossee: talk to #kvm20:21
joosseethats a thin yay20:22
napticwhen i try to boot linux, there is the message: kernel panic - not syncing: no init found. try passing init= option to kernel. see linux documentation blabla... somebody got an idea?20:23
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wafflejockjoossee: in the vbox settings for the vm20:24
wafflejockjoossee: can also go to the devices menu on a running vm20:24
vicatcucould it be i have to wrong repo or something?20:24
vicatcuflashplugin-installer shows up as in synaptic20:25
napticsomebody? im starting to go a little bit crazy...20:25
wildwindvicatcu: try plain old apt-get install and check for any error messages20:26
vicatcuah did a reload in synaptic and it changed20:26
vicatcu<--- dumb20:26
joosseemerci wafflejock !20:27
wafflejockjoossee: np20:27
wildwindnaptic: install and use bootrepair in live session20:28
napticjust sudo apt-get install?20:28
wildwindit lives in separate repo afair20:29
napticso how do i install it?20:29
vizgixim running a server with ec2, but am having problems >_<20:29
wilee-nileenaptic, You add a ppa for bootrepiar, save the bootinfo summary. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair20:30
wilee-nileenaptic, You can run just the bootinfo summary and post the url if you like.20:31
vizgixwhat are recomended editors for Ubuntu20:31
napticw8 a sec please20:31
wafflejock!details | vizgix20:31
ubottuvizgix: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:31
wafflejockvizgix: Sublime Text is great for lots of dev tasks, Gedit or Kate are good basic editors20:32
sp38hello... for thoses who know notepad++ is there anything similar for ubuntu platform? thanks20:32
bekkssp38: vi :)20:32
wafflejockvizgix: at the command line vi vim and nano are probably the most popular20:32
wilee-nileevizgix, There is gedit, some like leafpad these are outside the cli though.20:32
vizgixi usually use gedit, but can not find a andress to wget20:32
sp38bekks, "anything similar" :)20:32
wafflejocksp38: geany20:32
sp38ok wafflejock thanks let me try20:32
wildwindsp38: see wafflejock's answer above20:32
PDilyardsp38: i use sublime text 320:32
bekkssp38: gvim :D20:32
vizgixnano is probably the built in one20:33
PDilyardbekks is hardcore :)20:33
vizgixill try and check back20:33
wafflejockbekks: is hardcore+120:33
sp38ok thanks all let me try20:33
vizgixerr.. how do i exit irssi20:33
wildwindPDilyard: ed is true hardcore20:33
wafflejockyeah sublime text is by far my favorite for development but I never got my vi chops20:33
napticnope didnt work20:34
napticstill the same message20:34
wilee-nileenaptic, What didn't work be descriptive and use nicks. Did you save the bootinfo summary?20:34
hydesterCan anybody recommend an inexpensive hard drive enclosure (usb) that supports ubuntu?  i was reading about the Vantec NexStar TX and then saw talks about it not being support by Linux/Ubuntu.  Not sure of the details or how that would be, but this is new to me.20:35
wilee-nileehydester, 1000's of external usb HD boxes most should work.20:36
wilee-nileehydester, Buy from a source that takes returns is all in case there is problems.20:37
wildwindhydester: only the cheapest ones may not work. at all :)20:37
HarmageddonHi folks! I'm still messing around with my graphics problems. I just reinstalled Ubuntu 13.10, it worked fine with nomodeset. Then, I installed nvidia-319 via apt-get and ran nvidia-xconfig. After rebooting, I get the login screen (in very small resolution), but after logging in, the screen stays black, I only see my cursor.20:37
HarmageddonGraphics card is a nVidia GeForce GT 750M.20:37
aniaHarmagedon youre not alone20:38
PDilyardspeaking of graphics cards: nvidia geforce gtx 650 or ati radeon hd 7790?20:38
aniathere is some problem with new kernel.......i was able to see login screen but coulndt login to system at all20:39
hydesterwilee-nilee: yeah, just defective vs incompatible may be issue with some returns.  wasn't sure if there was any criteria or some wiki listing compatible devices20:39
wilee-nileeHarmageddon, Do you have a dual card setup perchance run lspci and identify the graphic hardware20:39
Harmageddonwilee-nilee: Yes, I do: http://imgur.com/wgXsq4m20:40
aniaHarmagedon are u there20:40
vizgixGreetings, Im VIZ, Im having trouble with my DNS for my webhosting with installed program webmin on my ec2 amazon ubuntu server. I do not recall how to change settings on webmin, I believe I have use an editor to open the file once i 'ls'. nano did work, but i didnt get legible code. Im lost. also please bear with me as im ussing irssi via cmd line20:40
wilee-nileehydester, Not really, I bought a really cheap one from amazon and it did not work in linux, but bought another about the same price that did, you get what you pay for to some extent.20:40
hydesterwilee-nilee: did you have to pay return shipping to amazon?20:41
joosseeguys i just compiled a file but I donut know how to execute it?20:41
Harmageddonania: I'm here. I tried almost everything so far, but nothing works for me. :( Wondering, why the first start after installation works fine, but from then on, it stops working...20:41
aniaHarmagedon can u press crt+alt+f1 ....login ....there.....than write "dmesg" look for some error notice20:41
wilee-nileeHarmageddon, So from waht I understand the nvidia kicks in when needed, otherwise the other card runs in general, not an area I'm real up on really.20:42
aniapr if possible stay with orginal graphic settings and drivers in system20:42
vizgixanyone hosted with webmin or used ubuntu servers20:43
wilee-nileehydester, I did not return that one, but it depends on why you return, I forget the choice that generally guarantees no charge.20:43
padrinoYou know if I install Ubuntu to my laptop will it overwrite Windows or install alongside it?20:43
wilee-nileepadrino, Either it is your choice.20:43
PDilyardpadrino: you can do either20:44
PDilyardyeah, what he said20:44
padrinoDo I get the choice during the installation steps? Because I don't want to install, overwrite Windows and realised I missed out something to disable overwriting?20:44
wilee-nileepadrino, So is this W8?20:45
vizgixsigh, only plebs here20:45
padrinoWhy you being so condescending vizgix20:45
k1l_webmin got kicked out of the debian and ubuntu repos anyway.20:45
padrinoI could same the same about you (call you a pleb) for not knowing as much about a subject as me, such as music, football etc20:46
PDilyardpadrino: he left20:46
wilee-nileepadrino, They are gone, don;t drop to their level. ;)20:46
k1l_padrino: you will get asked if you want to install ubuntu on the whole harddisk(erase windows) or to install it alongside20:46
padrinoAlright thanks for help guys, I appreciate it :-)20:47
Harmageddonania: http://zweiiconkram.de/dmesg.txt20:47
wilee-nileepadrino, My concern here is if you have W8 and a uefi computer and how many primary partitions are there now.20:47
Harmageddonania: maybe this one? --> *ERROR* Cannot initialize the agpgart module.20:48
wilee-nileepadrino, And if you know what I'm talking about. ;)20:48
wilee-nileeheh, gone oh well20:48
PDilyardi would really appreciate if people would stop storming off stage!20:49
dewdgang-frankstill didnt get ubuntu working on my sd card :<20:49
Jebusokay  the update manager is still messed up how do I fix it20:50
gordonjcpPDilyard: people do that when they don't get instant answers to their poorly-described problems :-)20:50
aniaHarmagedon WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 1463 at /build/buildd/linux-3.11.0/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_pm.c:5095 i915_request_power_well+0x77/0x80 [i915]20:50
aniatry on google it20:50
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wilee-nileenaptic, Did you install bootrepair and run it and save the bootinfo summary?20:52
Jebusthe update manager is messed up how do I fix it?20:53
Jordan_U!details | Jebus20:53
ubottuJebus: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:53
wilee-nileeJebus, Run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in the terminal and pastebin all the info.20:53
gordonjcpPDilyard: I'm amazed how many people ask about webmin then go off in a snit when they're told it's not supported20:54
Mathieuhhey guys do you know what program run in weechat at the bottom of this http://pascalpoitras.com/2013/05/25/my-weechat-configuration/20:54
PDilyardgordonjcp: im amazed at how many people go off in a snit at all, i mean this isnt paid support20:55
Jordan_Udewdgang-frank: GRUB is needed to be able to boot. Did you boot Ubuntu's installer via EFI or BIOS? (If you used Apple's boot menu and selected "Windows", you booted via BIOS).20:55
[Gentoo]what bit?20:55
gordonjcpPDilyard: true20:55
[Gentoo]Mathieuh: ^20:55
Mathieuh[Gentoo], the part with sysinfo20:55
JebusThere is a red ! at the top right hand corner I press it and it open update manager and when I check for updates it says Failed to download repository information Check your internet connection20:55
Harmageddonania (seems to be gone): All I get on google are a few pastebins20:55
Richhh3GHz Celeron 1GB RAM fast enough to encrypt home folder without much slowdown?20:56
Richhhin lubuntu20:56
dewdgang-frankJordan_U Apples Boot manager. GRUB always fails on the installation at the end of the installation but the installation finishes anyway20:56
[Gentoo]Mathieuh: at the bottom right? conky?20:56
wilee-nileeJebus, Are you on the net otherwise?20:56
Mathieuhconky ok thanks!20:56
Jordan_Udewdgang-frank: Did Apple's boot manager call it "Windows" or "Ubuntu" though?20:56
[Gentoo]it says conky in bold red you noob lol20:56
Mathieuhlol i am20:56
Mathieuh[Gentoo], i read beauty not conky at first20:57
dewdgang-frankJordan_U After Ubuntu is installed on my SD Card, I reboot, hold the option key on my macbook pro and it only offers me Mac OS X to boot from. Or the Ubuntu live CD when its inserted. No Ubuntu from SD Card to chose20:57
[Gentoo]Mathieuh: :)20:57
wilee-nileeJebus, Have you modified the sources.list or changed it's access?20:57
JebusFailed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 12.04 LTS _Precise Pangolin_ - Release i386 (20120423)/dists/precise/restricted/binary-i386/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs This is what it says when I run sudo apt-get update20:58
wilee-nileeJebus, This an install?20:58
bjensen82When I try to setup ssmtp it stalls. That is when I try to test the configuration: ssmtp "foo" my-email@gmail.com and I press enter...nothing happens..20:58
Jordan_Udewdgang-frank: I want to know, when you booted Ubuntu's *installer*, did you use Apple's built in boot manager, and if so did the option for booting Ubuntu's installer have a "Windows" label or an "Ubuntu" label (or something else)?20:58
dewdgang-frankJordan_U Oh, sorry. Yes it always says Windows. I thought this would be some kind of known bug or something.20:59
[Gentoo]Richhh: yes20:59
RichhhForums say encrypting the home folder negligibly impacts performance on 'modern PCs', have 3GHz Celeron 1GB RAM - fast enough?20:59
[Gentoo]Richhh: it will work20:59
dewdgang-frankJordan_U Never ever saw the Ubuntu label when i booted from Ubuntu 12 or 13 live CD20:59
Richhh[Gentoo] ok thanks20:59
[Gentoo]Richhh: no idea how much cpu usage it would cost21:00
gordonjcpRichhh: I tried it on a 3GHz Core 2 Duo with 4GB of RAM and it worked, but it absolutely crippled performance21:00
Jordan_Udewdgang-frank: That means that it's trying to boot via Apple's BIOS implementation rather than via EFI, and since you want an EFI based installtion you want to boot the installer via EFI.21:00
Jebusnot that I know of under that is says Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.21:00
[Gentoo]Richhh: it also depends on your hdd21:00
Jordan_Udewdgang-frank: What image did you use, and did you burn it to an actual CD/DVD?21:00
[Gentoo]if its an ssd then encryption will slow it21:00
gordonjcpRichhh: ten minutes to load a 14MB image, for example21:00
wilee-nilee!who | Jebus21:00
ubottuJebus: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)21:00
dewdgang-frankJordan_U I used the latest Ubuntu 12 Image 64 bit21:00
[Gentoo]gordonjcp: seriously thats not normal21:00
gordonjcp[Gentoo]: <shrug>21:00
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
Jordan_Udewdgang-frank: Please answer all of my questions.21:01
gordonjcp[Gentoo]: it was only an experiment, I'd never seriously consider using encrypted disks *anyway*21:01
dewdgang-frankJordan_U and I burned it on a CD21:01
* gordonjcp -> pint21:01
gordonjcplater all21:01
JebusI can see the ones targeted to me they are in red21:01
wilee-nileeJebus, What you describe in the apt-get update sounds like a live cd/usb enviroment, is this correct?21:01
dewdgang-frankJordan_U Sorry im not that fast and pretty sleepless since trying this for ages :-)21:01
dewdgang-frankJordan_U Imagefilename is:21:02
wildwindRichhh: you can measure it by creating a small volume and testing21:02
dewdgang-frankJordan_U ubuntu-12.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso21:02
JebusI downloaded ubuntu 12.04 using a disc from the Cannonical website21:02
wilee-nileeJebus, Use nicks.21:02
pfifoJebus: you are being asked to do the same for other users ;) start your comments with a persons name.21:03
Jordan_Udewdgang-frank: See if you can boot the intaller via UEFI from rEFIt, booting the installer via UEFI should make the install succeed, though you can fix things manually even when booting the installer via BIOS.21:03
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:03
wilee-nileeJebus, I live environment using just the cd has limitations, what is your end goal here?21:04
dewdgang-frankJordan_U Okay, I already tried it with rEFIt, some people say its outdated. So I should stick with "refind". Currently on http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/ and trying to download it. Feeling pretty dumb, wheres the dl link :F21:04
wolfspyim having trouble installing ubuntu 1321:04
[Gentoo]wolfspy: how21:05
wolfspywhenever I select any options once the live cd has booted, it says kernal panic21:05
[Gentoo]thats no good then21:05
wolfspyand I think it says it could not write to something21:05
JebusTo stop using windows was my original end goal but then I decided I wanted to do stuff for security companies21:05
wolfspyit does that with linux mint too21:05
[Gentoo]hw issue probably21:06
wolfspywhats hq21:06
wilee-nileeJebus, Type the first few letters of a persons nick than hot tab to complete it than answer them.21:06
[Gentoo]wolfspy: have you tried booting with the bare minimum (nothing else plugged in)21:06
wolfspywhat do you mean21:07
wilee-nileeJebus, Can we get that squared away?21:07
wolfspylike to moniters or mouse or anything]21:07
wafflejockwolfspy: hardware21:07
[Gentoo]or if theres any key words in the panic, or take a photo and upload21:07
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)21:07
wilee-nileeread that people21:07
wolfspybefore the opetions menu opens, it sayssomething about no root21:08
wafflejockwolfspy: boot free of any USB devices except the bare essentials keyboard monitor21:08
Jebuswil yep21:08
wolfspyim on a laptop21:08
pfifowilee-nilee: ok21:08
wolfspyI have 2 moniters21:08
wafflejockwolfspy: boot just on the laptop no extras to see if you have any luck so you can narrow down the issue21:08
Jebuswilee-nilee, yep21:08
dewdgang-frankJordan_U I have been using the tutorial from http://www.michaelevans.org/blog/2013/01/15/boot-ubuntu-from-an-sd-card-on-your-macbook-air/21:08
wolfspyill take a picture of it as well21:08
wilee-nileepfifo, Heh sorry but we have a handful of user here not using nicks is all.21:09
DebianIsHARDhey guys, "greeter-hide-users=true" is not working on the latest version of ubuntu desktop21:09
DebianIsHARDany idea?21:09
[Gentoo]DebianIsHARD: what is that from?21:09
dewdgang-frankJordan_U Im trying it now again booting it via rEFIt again. Maybe I have some luck. Otherwise I will come here again :D :D21:09
[Gentoo]ah ok sort of guessed21:09
wilee-nileeJebus, Excellent, so the live cd does not do updates unless you modify the sources.list and wont save any changes unless you have a persistent setup which you would need it on a usb to do.21:10
DebianIsHARDany ideas why it isn't working? seems like this is the popular tweak to not list usernames on the logon screen but perhaps not working with latest version21:10
nirGentoo - arm21:10
DebianIsHARD[Gentoo]: am i spot on?21:11
[Gentoo]DebianIsHARD: no idea21:11
nburshhi all21:11
nirSource %%9I or FILE name R-0921:11
nburshis someone here?21:11
nirDebian 7 REL21:11
bekksnbursh: several hundreds.21:12
DJonesnir: This channel is for Ubuntu support, do you have a support issue relating to Ubuntu?21:12
[Gentoo]nir: what are you spammin21:12
k1l_nir: please stop that nonsense21:12
Jebus<wilee-nilee> so pretty much I am screwed21:12
nirany BH?21:12
wilee-nileeJebus, Not sure really, you can load a usb with persistence, or just install if you want to have a OS that is the same on a reboot.21:13
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
nburshcan anyone help me? when I type software-center it says: ImportError: No module named gi.repository21:13
=== LoganG is now known as Guest88859
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  that is the thing the reason why I bought the CD was because windows 8 wouldn't let me boot from a usb or a CD that I made21:14
wilee-nileeJebus, If you want to learn security stuff there are OS's that are designed to run on a usb with no saves like kali linux, but it is not supported here.21:14
trismDebianIsHARD: do you have greeter-show-manual-login=true as well? I think you need both these days for it to work in unity-greeter21:15
DebianIsHARDtrism: yes i do21:15
wilee-nileeJebus, W8 has a different setup is is uefi, here lets have the bot tell you.21:15
wilee-nilee!uefi | Jebus21:15
ubottuJebus: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:15
DebianIsHARDtrism: i need it to login to domain21:15
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  I have used Kali before but I have more understanding with Ubuntu21:16
HarmageddonDoes anybody have an idea how I could get more than a cursor on a black screen after logging in to Ubuntu 13.10?21:16
wilee-nileeJebus, Cool, so you see the bots uefi info? is this a W8 installed by the manufacturer?21:16
[Gentoo]Harmageddon: try ctrl+alt+f221:17
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  W8 was install by the manufacturer21:17
nbursh-///Guys, If I install win xp on extern hd, will it remove win 7 launcher?21:18
Harmageddon[Gentoo]: Yes, tty1 - tty6 are working, but I'd like to have a graphical interface sometimes ;)21:18
[Gentoo]nbursh: if its the same drive21:18
wilee-nileeJebus, Thanks, so getting a usb/cd to boot is a little more work, along with the dualboot, are you at all familiar with uefi?21:18
[Gentoo]nbursh: if not then it should be ok21:18
trismDebianIsHARD: just tested and it is working here, are you using unity-greeter? if it is lightdm-kde greeter instead there is bug 123768421:19
ubottubug 1237684 in lightdm-kde (Ubuntu) "lightdm-kde ignores greeter-hide-users and greeter-show-manual-login" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123768421:19
dewdgang-frankok now formatting and creating 2 partitions on my sd card for the ubuntu installation even fails :/21:19
nburshGentoo I want to install win xp from usb device, I have win 7 installed on my hdd, but I want to install xp on extern hd (connected with usb)21:19
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  I am not familiar with uefi but the thing is when I put Ubuntu on I Erased W821:20
[Gentoo]nbursh: never tried it so no idea21:20
[Gentoo]not sure what will happen21:20
[Gentoo]if it lets you install XP to that drive it should be fine21:21
wilee-nileeJebus, Ah, that can happen, you can get a oem disc set from the manufacturer if you want it back, if you have no backup. Are you sure its gone, or just wont boot?21:21
Harmageddonnbursh: Should work, but you will have to plug in your external drive always in order to boot21:21
[Gentoo]nbursh: i would unplug all other drives to be safe21:21
nburshDoes win xp installer have option where to install launcher? Or it is installing automatically?21:21
wilee-nileeJebus, You are on the ubuntu cd now correct?21:22
unicornjedihello, I'm using ubuntu saucy salamander. I have a problem with drag and dropping applications to my desktop. I want to be able to make desktop shortcuts. I receive this error.... There was an error getting information about “/”.21:22
unicornjedican someone help me?21:23
wilee-nileenbursh, That's a ##windows topic21:23
=== duncan is now known as Guest38601
nburshsorry, I know it21:23
Mathieuh[Gentoo], it was wrriten like Conky21:23
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, Probably just relax and enjoy the time.21:23
[Gentoo]Mathieuh: conky21:23
[Gentoo]is the package21:23
Mathieuhok thanks21:23
unicornjediwilee-nilee, um.... so I should be at peace with this problem?21:24
k1l_!conky | Mathieuh21:24
oalI have an external USB drive connected, but ubuntu has changed its mount point. How can I change it back? Unmounting and mounting again brings it to the new mount point21:24
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  I haven't tried to boot W8 and I don't really want the W8 CD and yes I am on Ubuntu as we speak21:25
k1l_Mathieuh: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpConky as a start21:25
wilee-nileeunicornjedi, Not necessarily, but realize you are one of 1700 people on the channel and have some patience. ;)21:25
=== 17WAADH9P is now known as Taduro
chrohow can I see the ip of the other computers connected to my WAN ?21:26
unicornjediwilee-nilee, um okay... :/21:27
wilee-nileeJebus, So just removing W8 and installing ubuntu is not exactly as it used to be as far as a simple install, with a uefi setup is all. You can most likely have what you want if you know how to do it and or someone helps you and the communication is clear as to what you want exactly.21:27
chrothere was a routing table containing that info, but I forgot the command to access them21:27
wildwindchro: you mean LAN i suppose?21:27
chrowildwind, yes21:27
ShadowStriderWhat to do if i get S.M.A.R.T. errors related to windows / ubuntu dualboot?21:28
PDilyardunicornjedi: quick google search, try this maybe? http://askubuntu.com/questions/142159/desktop-shortcut-to-create-a-new-desktop-shortcut-doesnt-do-anything21:28
PDilyardnote: i have not tested21:28
wildwindchro: there's no such table AFAIK21:28
tnk1Anyone know how to get user_xattr to properly activate on root (trying to utilize the netfliex desktop ppa/app)?21:28
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  I want to be able to update my ubuntu Os and get ride of the red ! on the top right hand corner of my screen21:28
wilee-nileeJebus, On a live cd?21:29
chrowildc4rd, you're right. However I found the ips through this command: nmap -sP
wildwindchro: if you know their names, use host command21:29
wilee-nileeJebus, Open gparted and take a screenshot of it and put it in a imagebin.21:30
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  I don't have to put the cd in on start up21:30
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  okay21:30
wilee-nileeJebus, What is your native language, I have the feeling we are not communicating clearly.21:30
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  English and I am so confused21:32
pfifoShadowStrider: backup your important data and order a new harddrive to replace the bad one21:32
wilee-nileeJebus, Ah, okay, fir me seeing the gparted image will answer a few questions I have asked which you have not answered is all.21:33
unicornjediwilee-nilee, Thank you, but it seems inefficient compared to drag and drop21:33
Guest3276i tried to boot the live dvd 13.10, but after the grub screen it is all black (waited 45min), so i added the nomodeset now i get past the ubuntu splash screen but the gui doesnt start up and i am stuck on the check list of start up items21:33
wilee-nileeGuest3276, Have you checked the md5sum?21:34
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  can you reask the questions I might be able to answer them. I might not have seen them21:34
Guest3276wilee-nilee: yes i have21:34
Guest3276wilee-nilee: i also burnt 2 dvd and both failed to boot21:34
wilee-nileeJebus, Okay, so you are trying to fix this red notice while using the live cd?21:34
wilee-nileeGuest3276, Did you burn them as slow as possible? Is this on a computer that has say W8?21:35
Guest3276wilee-nilee: i should point out i am using the computer right now, i can get to a TTY1 and sun apt-get install irssi then i loged in here21:35
Guest3276wilee-nilee: the first dvd i burnt at max speed the second on 2x21:36
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  No when I first installed ubuntu I erased the hard disk and but ubuntu on the hard disk instead of using it as a live cd21:36
Guest3276Guest3276: i also tried a usb penboot, same deal21:36
Guest3276wilee-nilee: ^21:36
pfifoyou highlighted yourself?21:37
hitsujiTMOGuest3276: can you install pastebinit and get us your dmesg and Xorg log. sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:37
pfifopfifo: you are awesome21:37
wilee-nileeGuest3276, so what happens if you run sudo start lightdm from the tty?21:37
wilee-nileeJebus, Can you boot that ubuntu install?21:37
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  No, I have tried21:38
Jebus<wilee-nilee>  I meant I have tried to reinstall ubuntu sorry your question confused me21:39
Guest3276wilee-nilee: i chucks my right back to the first boot screen, the one listing all the checks preforming with PASS next to there name. what is this start check screen caled21:39
wilee-nileeJebus, Okay, so lets see that gparted screenshot, I will have the bot give you some info to make it easier21:39
Guest3276hitsujiTMO: yes i can do that, give me a few minutes21:39
wilee-nilee!screenshot | Jebus21:39
ubottuJebus: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.21:39
wilee-nileeGuest3276, Not sure I can really help if the nomodeset option does not even get you to the desktop on a live dvd, sorry.21:40
pvl1hey im getting errors with the fglrx propriety driver from the repos21:40
Jebus<wilee-nilee> The red notice isn't up as of right not it pops up radomly but I can show you the update manager21:40
x_roothow to know the name of service/command?21:42
wilee-nileeJebus, I think you are not understanding that the live cd enviroment has limitations it is not designed to just run a update without changing part of a file called the sources.list, it is reading the disc not the ubuntu repos.21:42
nightwalkerkgHi. I am using Ubuntu 13.10,is there a way to install Gnome 3.10 on it ?21:42
wilee-nileenightwalkerkg, From a ppa yes, however it is not supported here.21:42
supergauntleti believe the gnome team has a ppa21:42
nightwalkerkgwilee-nilee: Ok,where can i get support for that ?21:43
wilee-nileenightwalkerkg, It also has warnings on trying it.21:43
pfifox_root: `service --status-all`21:43
Jebus<wilee-nilee> what type of limitations21:43
wilee-nileenightwalkerkg, The maintainer of the ppa, if your lucky.21:43
Jebus<wilee-nilee> do you still want me to put up the sceenshot21:44
wilee-nileeJebus, I have addressed this numerous times, we are going in circles here, I have to step away from trying to help you anymore, sorry.21:44
Guest3276hitsujiTMO: dmesg log: paste.ubuntu.com/642867221:44
x_rootpfifo, thanks21:44
tnk1Anyone know how to get user_xattr to properly activate on root (trying to utilize the netfliex desktop ppa/app)?21:44
pfifoJebus: the livecd is limited in such that... you cant update it. (cdroms are read only)21:44
wilee-nileepfifo, thanks. ;)21:45
hitsujiTMOGuest3276: so this is a mac?21:46
=== nydel_ is now known as nydel
pfifoJebus: so to get rid of the red ! on your livecd's desktop, simple get a roll of electrical tape, tear or cut a smapp peice of it off the roll, and place the piece on your monitor over top of the red !21:46
Jebus<pfifo> I understand that but I installed it to my hard disk and no longer have to put the cd in as I turn on the computer21:46
Guest3276hitsujiTMO: yes21:46
hitsujiTMOGuest3276: are you using the mac specific iso?21:46
Guest3276hitsujiTMO: i am not21:47
Guest3276hitsujiTMO: do you have a link please21:47
pfifoJebus: you just said, the install was broken when you tried to reinstall, you really cant have it both ways, is it working and booting from an installed ubuntu, or is it broken and booting from a livecd when the red ! is appearing?21:48
hitsujiTMOGuest3276: http://releases.ubuntu.com/saucy/ try the amd64+mac iso and come back if the issue is still there21:48
Guest3276hitsujiTMO: no worries i will google it, thanks for the help21:48
Guest3276hitsujiTMO: will do, thanks for you time :-D21:48
Guest3276wilee-nilee: thanks again wilee-nilee21:48
Jebus<pfifo> Maybe I could water cool the computer LULZ, no, I don't know if the boot is broken I am extremely new to ubuntu21:49
pfifoJebus: ok can you, take the cdrom out of your computer, reboot, and boot the system without using the cd?21:50
Jebus<pfifo>  I am not using the cd as we speak21:51
pfifoJebus: open a terminal and run this command 'lsb_release -sc' and tell me what it says21:51
Jebusprecise, that is all it says21:52
Cheekiois it possible for my ubuntu laptop to act as a router over its one ethernet port?21:53
pfifoJebus: to update your system, run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' if you encounter any errors pastebin all the output from the command21:53
wildwindCheekio: yes of course21:55
Cheekio@wildwind, I'm having trouble finding directions. I thought I was asking about "bridging" but that seems to be a different thing.21:56
CheekioIs there a utils program I should be looking up? What do you even call acting as a wired router?21:56
Jebus<pfifo>  http://pastebin.com/ZvhSQKWG21:57
wolfspyim having issues installing ubuntu21:58
wildwindCheekio: there's plenty of guides. check this for ex. http://www.linux.com/community/blogs/133-general-linux/741408-how-to-configure-ubuntu-as-a-router21:59
wolfspywhenever I click options on the disk, it says kernal panic21:59
wolfspyhttp://imgur.com/tGOv3jf then http://imgur.com/FzZ4svO21:59
wolfspywhat is wrong?21:59
wolfspyI already tried unplugging all hardware, and this happens with mint too22:00
Cheekiothanks wildwind22:00
pfifoJebus: ok heres the main issue then, why do you have cdrom based sources in an installed system?22:00
robenchainhello all.  I recently installed 13.10 and now my shockwave flash isn't working.  how do i resolve the issue?22:00
lj1102Hey, anyone knows how i can "drop" a usb device? I got a usb device that just needs power but should not be detected by ubuntu22:00
lj1102@robechain what browser do you use?22:00
Jebus<pfifo>  how do I change it22:00
robenchainGoogle Chrome22:01
Cen1nantGoogle Chrome.22:01
lj1102@robenchain what exactly do you see where the fash content should be?22:01
pfifoJebus: if you dont know why its like that then you should format and reinstall cause something is wrong.22:01
robenchain"Couldn't load plugin"22:02
lj1102have you tried to update chrome?22:02
Jebus<pfifo>  It won't let met reinstall I have already tried22:02
lj1102otherwise you could try to uninstall and reinstall it22:02
pfifoJebus: why wont it let you reinstall?22:02
lj1102or check chrome://plugins22:03
=== pmahent is now known as ptmahent
Jebus<pfifo> my computer sucks and I got rid of my orginal OS22:04
devonJebus: Is it better with your new OS?22:04
pfifoJebus: how is that stopping you from reinstalling?22:04
hitsujiTMOwolfspy: have you verified the md5 of the iso file? and are you booting from cd or usb?22:04
=== P4tt3rn_ is now known as P4tt3rn
Jebus<pfifo> my computer is way better with the new OS22:05
wolfspyhitsujiTMO, I have not verified the md5, as I have no idea how to do that. Im booting from dvd.22:05
hitsujiTMOwolfspy: what OS is on the pc already?22:05
wolfspywindows 722:05
pfifoJebus: you still havent explained why you cant reinstall.22:06
wilee-nileepfifo, Not sure if this is helpful, but this user has a uefi computer, and supposedly W8 as removed on that install.22:07
Jebus<pfifo> I don't know why I can't22:07
hitsujiTMOwolfspy: you can find the md5 sums here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes   how to md5sum the iso here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM     if the md5sum is correct try reburning the dvd as slow as possible22:07
wolfspyhitsujiTMO, ok22:07
pfifoJebus: what happens when you try?22:07
Cheekioholy moly22:08
wolfspyhitsujiTMO, What software should I use to burn, you can't select write speeds with the windows disk imager22:08
Cheekiothis wildwind this is way over my head22:08
Jebus<pfifo> It just continues to run as normal as if it won't reinstall22:08
hitsujiTMOwolfspy: imgburn is pretty good22:08
pfifoJebus I think you should try again and pay closer attention to what is going wrong so that I can give you advice on how to get past22:10
Jebus<pfifo> okay  I will be on later, I have to go help my dad22:10
pfifoJebus: ok good luck22:11
wolfspyThe MD5 sums are the same22:11
medkomanyone come frome australia??22:12
=== user2 is now known as ResQue
MonkeyDustmedkom  what difference does it make?22:12
EsorI need help22:13
EsorI installed nvidia-prime22:13
Esorand after I remove it22:13
pfifoMonkeyDust: obivously austrilian must give better ubuntu support22:13
EsorI have black screen :(22:13
wildwindCheekio: i'm afraid it can't be simpler than that22:13
Esortried to install bumblebee again22:13
Esorand it didn22:13
Esort help22:13
FloodBot1Esor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:13
k1l_Esor: please dont press enter that much. put all in one line22:14
Esorsorry k1l_22:14
MonkeyDustEsor  don't abuse the enter key, it has rights, too22:14
Esordo you have any idea how to fix it guys please?22:15
wheatthinEsor, do you at least get a console prompt?22:16
Cheekio@wildwind, I think the way sample IP addresses are included is confusing me for some reason. I'll let you know if I get this right.22:16
Esoryes i switched to alt + f222:16
Esorthen I logged in and removed nvidia-prime and bumblebee22:16
CheekioI'm trying to connect to my raspberry pi over ethernet, as I don't have a spare monitor handy22:16
CheekioAnd the wifi on it isn't set to automatically connect to open networks22:17
=== LoganG|off is now known as LoganG
MonkeyDustCheekio  running ubuntu?22:17
Esorand I get error massages and black screen. Sorry for using enter too much again.22:17
wheatthinEsor, for now, you can edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and scroll down under your driver name and put VESA, get a generic screen22:17
CheekioMonkeyDust: I'm running ubuntu on my laptop22:17
CheekioRaspbian on the Pi22:17
Esorahh right22:17
Esorthe problem with nvidia-prime is22:17
wolfspyim pretty sure its not the disk. I found another ubuntu disk that worked on my other computer. Same error22:17
Esorchromium looks like it was lunched by wine22:17
rmobenchainI hve Ubuntu 13.10, running Chrome but am having issues with Shockwave ...22:18
pfifowheatthin: the is no xorg.conf anymore22:18
MonkeyDustCheekio  200+ people in #raspbian22:18
wolfspywait, think I found the fix22:18
Esorah pfifo so what else can i edit?22:18
pfifoEsor: have you rebooted after doing the uninstall?22:18
EsorI've just reminded xorg fix from the past but22:18
Esoryes I did22:19
Esortried various fixes22:19
CheekioMonkeyDust, I've asked a couple of questions there too22:19
pfifoEsor: run, 'sudo update-initramfs' and when its finished reboot22:19
koyetsustupid question. ubuntu 12.04 LTS 2 NICS eth0 and eth1. eth0 is the inet connected nic dhcp provided ip. eth1 is a static on a seperate switch that has dhcpd bound to it. before setting up eth1 i was able to see the internet, now i cannot. trying to fix that and set routing/forwarding between them. anyone have a good resource they can point me to cause i've not had luck. most say to use the22:19
koyetsuroute add command and it didn't work.22:19
rmobenchainIs there a ubuntu forum to help with shockwave issues since the upgrade to 13.10?22:20
wilee-nileermobenchain, Chrome has built in flash, why the shockwave?22:20
Esorpfifo, thanks I will try. Anyway do you know why after install nvidia-prime chromium looks like was lunched by wine and bunch of error messages?22:20
ikoniakoyetsu: sounds like your default route is screwed22:20
ResQueMonkeyDust: hey i tried that nomodest idea of yours yesterday (if you recall the live cd would boot to a blank screen) it sort of fixed the issue i get past the splash screen but i dont get any GUI i can get the the shell though TYY1 any ideas22:20
koyetsui figured that it's trying to resolve through eth122:20
ikoniakoyetsu: check the routes to see where traffic should go and where it is going22:21
rmobenchainwilee-niles ... I'm just repeating what I'm being told on sites with shockwave flash.  Says "Unable to load plugins"22:21
pfifoEsor: no, havent used a graphic card since my gaming rig died22:21
ikoniakoyetsu: the default route will be key22:21
Esorpfifo, I will reboot now22:21
koyetsuwhen i type route the default line is this "default   ubuntu.local    UG    100    0     0    eth1"22:22
ikoniakermit: route does not show all routes22:22
wilee-nileermobenchain, You may be trying to access sites that just wont work in linux.22:23
wilee-nileermobenchain, Any links?22:23
rmobenchainwilee-niles ... would that include the flash test page?22:23
ikoniakermit: ubuntu.local is normally the loopback interface22:23
wilee-nileermobenchain, You can tab complete nicks so that they are correct.22:23
koyetsuthe other 2 lines have a * where gateway is. but i know i defined the gateway in my /etc/network/interfaces  i'm looking at it now and i have a gateway....errr maybe iu just figured out the problem. would having a gateway defined in both nics cause the problem?22:26
ikoniakoyetsu: that would depend on your network, do you need a gateway for both interfaces, I suspect not, I suspect both devices should NOT have a gateway, but your public internet should have a default route assigned to it22:27
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=== sgerbino is now known as p1und3r
p1und3rhello all, has anyone had an issue with ubuntu 13.10 using nvidia-current drivers where tty1-6 work but the font is shaking basically22:34
gndlphowdy all, I am on 13.10 and just installed the amd catalyst drives and xserver is hanging after login. All i am seeing is the background. in my /var/log/Xorg log the last thing i am seeing is fire_gl_SetSuspendResumeState FAILED -9. Not sure if that is normal or not. I am running a XFX 6870.22:35
HeathHayleAt lest I get this lol http://d.pr/i/vLQC22:36
reisiobunduru: hi22:36
HeathHaylei didnt even think it would go that far lol22:37
ResQuefor 12.04 LTS there was a AMD64 mac addition in alternative downloads, but there is not one in the 13.04 LTS version. will the new 13.04 work on mac???22:37
zykotick9ResQue: 13.04 is not an LTS... just sayin'22:37
gndlpany ideas on how to uninstall catalyst from 13.10 so it will roll back to the failsafe drivers?22:38
ResQuezykotick9: i see, i thought all *.04 where long term versions. is there a reason why?22:38
zykotick9ResQue: nope.  every 2 years the .04 is LTS22:38
desmosomesWhy is a samba file copy from a Win7 box only executing at 35KB/s?22:38
ResQuezykotick9: thanks for the heads up. i will stick with the 12.04 version for now then22:39
ResQuezykotick9: would i be right in thinking *.04 are more stable, but have less bleeeding edge updates?22:39
zykotick9ResQue: not really... LTS vs non-LTS are both VERY similar IMO!22:40
Kuwaithi , i have problem , i install windows 8.1 , then install ubuntu 13.10 , both 64 bit , but there are no grup boot loader , only boot windows and didt boot the ubuntu grub boot loader22:40
ResQuezykotick9: i see, i am having issues boot the new 13.10 version on a macbook pro, i just get a black screen, i added the nomodset boot option and now i get stuck on tty1 with no GUI22:41
desmosomesThe samba share on the Win7 machine is a public folder22:41
lj1102when i connect a second screen it works for a few seconds and then turns into "no signal" mode and is not displayed in display manager anymore, anyone knows what this is about?22:41
zykotick9ResQue: sorry, I have no suggestion(s).  Best of luck.22:41
ResQuezykotick9: thanks22:41
Kuwaitwhat i mean , boot windows 8 dirctley22:42
desmosomesIf I sync the file with dropbox, I can get a clean 30MB/s22:43
desmosomesbut samba results in 35KB/s22:43
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wilee-nileeKuwait, This a uefi setup or msdos using the mbr?22:45
wilee-nileekeber, That is spam.22:47
keberyes bad joke22:47
Kuwaitwilee-nilee really i dont know what the diff , in the flash memorey there are two option , first UEFI and the second option without UEFI , i install ubuntu by the second option22:47
kebercan you say what music channel is, list is to large?22:48
wilee-nileeKuwait, You might try the bootrepair from a live ubuntu dvd/usb to fix the boot, be sure to save the bootinfo summary. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair22:48
pfifo!alis | keber22:49
ubottukeber: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*22:49
pfifokeber try #defocus they love that kind of stuff22:49
Kuwaitwilee-nilee do u have a tutorial for bootrepair22:49
wilee-nileeKuwait, The link tells you what you need to know.22:50
Kuwaitwilee-nilee my bad i didt see it , thanks22:50
wilee-nileeKuwait, The maker of the app has a thread on it at the ubuntu forums, if you need their help in the end, heh no problem. ;)22:50
Kuwait:p ok22:51
pvl1can anyone please remind me how to run a terminal app on a different vt, something like :&vt7 or :07 was it22:54
wolfspy_I'm having trouble installing22:54
reisiopvl1: just use scree22:54
keberare you all billionaires?22:54
wolfspy_Not me22:55
pvl1reisio: im trying to fix my fglrx i just installed. i need to make sure that its gnome compatability with lightdm and not fglrx22:55
pfifokeber: this channel is for ubuntu support topics only please22:55
pvl1reisio: cuz i switched to lightdm from gdm22:55
wolfspyok, let's type with a real keyboard...22:55
wolfspyim having troubles installing ubuntu 13 from a cd22:56
reisiowolfspy: what troubles22:56
keberso what i must do install ubuntu before using your topic22:56
wolfspywhenever I select an option from the grub thing that opens, it shows this error: http://imgur.com/tGOv3jf then http://imgur.com/FzZ4svO22:57
Zap-Wwhat X ver is there in ubuntu 13.1022:57
keberi had ubuntu once, but my wifi dosent work22:57
keberchinease laptop22:58
minimecDid we have some complaints about linux-image 3.2.0-56 in combination with GPU in the #channel? I have 'a case' in ubuntu-fr with a strange unity behaviour after a kernel update.22:58
pfifowolfspy: your cdrom is broken22:58
wolfspyi think it isnt22:58
wolfspyive tried it with 3 different cd roms, and checked the md5 of all of them22:58
induzHow can I import iPhone3 contacts on my Ubuntu 10?? no iTune or cloud please22:58
bekksinduz: Impossible without iTunes.22:58
Danatocan anybody tell me what scripts are executed at startup on kde and xfce please?22:58
pfifowolfspy: did you md5 the iso file or the actual disc?22:59
=== pankid is now known as Guest4218
induzbekks: no options22:59
wolfspypfifo, the iso. The instructions on how to md5 the disk only work on linux, and I'm on windows22:59
bekksinduz: iTunes is the only option.22:59
DanatohitsujiTMO: are you there?23:00
induzi dont have Itunes23:00
hitsujiTMODanato: yes i am23:00
bekksinduz: Then you cant access your Contacts.23:00
DanatohitsujiTMO: can you tell me in what script did you tell me to write the backlight settings again?23:00
wilee-nilee!md5sum > wilee-nilee23:00
pfifowolfspy: if im not mistaken, you can check the disk itself on boot, you just have to select it from the options it presents23:00
ubottuwilee-nilee, please see my private message23:00
induzi have to write down all but its way too may23:01
wolfspypfifo, it shows the error when I do that23:01
reisiowolfspy: http://www.etree.org/cgi-bin/counter.cgi/software/md5sum.exe23:01
induzwhat about Banshee23:01
wilee-nilee!md5sum > wilee-nilee23:01
pfifowolfspy: and you have no way to get to a linux command line?23:01
wolfspypfifo, no23:01
hitsujiTMODanato: /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsetup23:02
pfifowolfspy: can you boot any othe linux livecd's?23:02
bekksinduz: Banshee cant access your Contacts. The only option is iTunes.23:02
wolfspypfifo, unless I live boot debian23:02
DanatohitsujiTMO: ah thanks man23:02
wolfspyall the ubuntu based distros don't work23:02
reisiooh here's a nice Windowsy one: http://www.sinf.gr/en/hashcalc.html23:03
induzbekks do i have to create an account with iTune23:03
induzI have never used ITunes23:03
bekksinduz: You have to have an iTunes account, yes.23:03
wilee-nileewolfspy, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM_on_Windows23:03
wolfspypfifo, will running within virtualbox work as a linux command line?23:03
induzis it free bekks23:03
reisiowolfspy: yeah, but that sounds involved23:03
bekksinduz: Yes.23:03
pfifowolfspy: ok thats a start, if you have a USB disk handy you can boot debain and use it to put together a liveusb23:03
wolfspywilee-nilee, Using those instructions, you cannot check the md5 of a disk with windwos23:03
bekksinduz: And technically, you already have one, since you have an iPhone.23:04
pfifowolfspy: I think virtualbox allows access to a physical CDROM23:04
induzit is on UBuntu too or I have to get mackbook or23:04
wolfspypfifo, I already have a ubuntu installation in virtualbox, can I just use that23:04
wilee-nileewolfspy, Really, many have.23:04
hitsujiTMOwolfspy: try looking further down the pagew to with checking the md5sum on windows section23:04
FroggestSpiritI need some help here23:04
bekksinduz: Without an iTunes account, you cant initialize your iPhone.23:04
wolfspywilee-nilee, really23:04
pfifowolfspy: fire up your vbox and set the cdrom drive to the physical cdrom, then `md5sum /dev/cdrom` to check the disk(s)23:04
induzbekks within the iTunes on iPhone, how can i use it...the iPhone is not active. It used to be23:05
wilee-nileewolfspy, use the vm though if you can, but the instructions are there and clear in using windows.23:05
FroggestSpiritdoes anyone else have an issue with suspend?23:05
wolfspywtfak1310, hey23:05
wtfak1310hi wolf23:05
hitsujiTMO!anyone | FroggestSpirit23:05
ubottuFroggestSpirit: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.23:05
wtfak1310hey guys, whats the differnce between Suspend, Standby, and Hibernate on Xubuntu?23:05
wolfspywilee-nilee, im trying to check the md5 of the DISK, not the ISO file23:05
bekksinduz: thats really not a subject for this channel. There is #itunes I guess.23:05
induzbekks ok23:06
Bauerguys, in Saucy, it stopped recognizing my Android phone - not mounting as USB drive anymore, while it works in Windows using the same USB cable. any ideas what could be the cause?23:06
wilee-nileewolfspy, Ah, you loose the ISO?23:06
FroggestSpiritI'm running ubuntu 13.10 on my laptop (toshiba satellite) and the 64-bit version. When I close the lid, it suspends, then after opening it, the fan turns off.23:06
reisiowtfak1310: it depends on what your hardware thinks those are23:06
reisiowtfak1310: you basically have to use trial and error23:06
FroggestSpiritafter about a minute, the fan turns on full blast, and it no longer suspends when closing the lid.23:07
wolfspywilee-nilee, I want to make sure it was written correctly23:07
wilee-nileewolfspy, Sorry to interject you have plenty of help. ;)23:07
hitsujiTMOwolfspy: ahh in that case: http://www.fourmilab.ch/md5/23:07
wtfak1310i see, well its wierd in power manager, On AC it has option to Hibernate, On Battery it doesnt23:07
hitsujiTMOFroggestSpirit: can you pastebin your dmesg and syslog from after the initial suspension23:09
pfifowtfak1310: ubuntu has basically dropped all support for hibernation, xubuntu and lubuntu still show the options though.23:09
FroggestSpirithitsujiTMO: How do I do that? I'm on windows right now, so I'll have to reboot23:09
bekkspfifo: Thats nonsense.23:09
bekkspfifo: Ubuntu hasnt dropped support for that.23:10
wolfspyumm, how do I cd to the cdrom with terminal23:10
wtfak1310Does anyone have issues with remapping keys in 13.10? I'm using the settings Editor isntead of keyboars shortcuts, and it's not too straight forward23:10
wolfspyI can go to it in natalius, so it's mounted23:11
pfifobekks: well its disabled by default (though still supported of course)23:11
hitsujiTMOFroggestSpirit: install pastebinit and you can grab them easily then. sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit && sudo pastebinit /var/log/syslog23:11
bekkspfifo: Thats far from "dropped support".23:11
pfifobasicly dropped support23:11
hitsujiTMOpfifo: its disabled by defualt ONLY if you have non certified hardware23:11
bekkspfifo: Not even partially. "disabled by default on non certified hardware" still means "fully supported".23:12
FroggestSpirithitsujiTMO: I have to reboot into ubuntu now, but if it's just a file, i could navigate to it, and paste the contents23:12
pfifobekks: ok whatever23:12
wolfspyumm, how do I cd to the cdrom with terminal23:13
hitsujiTMOFroggestSpirit: you will need to do it after you suspend and come back. its 2 things a file /var/log/syslog and the output of the command dmesg23:13
pfifowolfspy: it must be mounted first, but you dont need todo that to run an md5sum23:13
wolfspypfifo, it says you need to be in the same directory as the md5sum.txt file on the cd rom23:13
wtfak1310anyones amixer not work right? amixer -q set Master toggle23:14
wolfspypfifo, when I type cd /cdrom, it works, but after that when I type ls it dosen';t show any files23:14
wtfak1310doesnt toggle, lol23:14
pfifowolfspy: do this instead 'md5sum /dev/cdrom'23:14
wolfspypfifo, thanks, I assume it will take a while23:15
pfifowolfspy: its not that big, but youll have to wait a min23:16
minasI am connected to a wired network and I want to use my laptop as a hotspot, so my mobile can connect to the internet. I went to netowrk settings and clicked the "use as hotspot..." option. The hotspot was created and my laptop was successfully connected to it, but my mobile can't find it. Am I doing something wrong?23:16
duhamelhello all, I am wondering how to change a folders icon and make it  stick, even from one ubuntu machine to another.23:16
wolfspypfifo, it will probably take longer, bacause of virtualbox23:17
wolfspylol, just finished23:18
wolfspypfifo, do I just compare the md5sums manually?23:18
duhamelis there a script similar to windows autorun.inf i could run that would tell ubuntu to use an icon on a thumbdrive as the icon for that thumbdrive23:18
hitsujiTMOwolfspy: just compare the first 8 digits, that should be enough23:18
kylothhey guys would this be the right channel to ask questions about an external hdd i just got. its a 218 toshiba laptop drive and i got the sata converter, its mid format right now, but what i wanted to ask about was....23:18
pfifowolfspy: wait, im looking at that document, and it brought up a good point, the md5sum produced from that wont match anyway23:18
wolfspypfifo, oh23:19
Richhhsorry if off-topic, just installed lubuntu (hoorah!) and vim, cant switch modes in vim, its entering ^[ when i press c-[ or esc23:19
kylothif anyone could help me partiion it to run a 90gig windows xp partition alongside 2 linux partitions one fedora one ubuntu23:19
kylothive ran dual boots before but never from an external hdd and never more than 2 os simultanious23:19
pfifowolfspy: you need to 'sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom' to follow the instructions to check the files on the cd23:20
wolfspypfifo, is it bad if they do match, bacause they do23:20
duhamelkyloth: install windows xp on the harddrive then install ubuntu on it.23:20
pfifowolfspy: it say 'will almost never match'23:20
wolfspypfifo, well, I guess this is a rare occasion23:21
kylothif i install windows first will it auto make the partition for all 200ggis tho and will ubuntu's gparted have what i need to run xp and fedora alongside it23:21
pfifowolfspy: so the md5sum of /dev/cdrom matches the md5 of the iso and matche the one listed in the downloads page?23:21
wolfspypfifo, yep23:21
pfifowolfspy: and you get the error posted in the imagebin?23:21
wolfspypfifo, yes23:22
duhamelkyloth: yeah, when running the live linux shrink the windows os partition with gparted.23:22
pfifowolfspy: can you boot the vm with that CD?23:22
wolfspypfifo, ill try23:22
wildwindkyloth: xp installation allows you to select/create partitions. also you can partition the drive as needed beforehand23:22
kylothif windows is installed before linux and then i install ubuntu and use gparted to shrink the windows side couldent i possibly damage my windows os?23:23
kyloththanks wildwind that was my biggest worry23:23
keberhow to see channel list?23:23
duhamelkyloth: then when installing linux choose the"something different" option and partiytion the unallocated space with for your install.23:23
wolfspypfifo, nope, because I dont have the right values for virtualizing amd64 in my bios23:23
kylothnext question, can i install these os's to this hdd without booting the system im using from the hdd23:23
pfifo!alis | keber23:23
ubottukeber: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*23:23
kyloththanks soo much for the help guys23:24
kylothlike i said ive ran dual boots before and ive imaged systems before just never more than 2 os's at a time and never on an external drive23:24
Bauerguys, in Saucy, it stopped recognizing my Android phone - not mounting as USB drive anymore, while it works in Windows using the same USB cable. any ideas what could be the cause?23:24
pfifowolfspy: ok, does it always fail to read that same sector 0x69c0023:25
duhamelkyloth: are you implying you have an os on the machine and then the two os on the hdd? if so you can select from bootmenu or bios which will boot.23:25
wilee-nileekyloth, What windows release?23:25
wolfspypfifo, yes, and it happens with mint too23:25
pfifowolfspy: are you using BIOS or UEFI?23:25
wolfspypfifo, bios23:25
Kuwaitwilee-nilee , will i try it , same nothing happen23:25
wildwindkyloth: plan all your partitions, make them with gparted, install win, install others23:25
kylothim using ym friends computer which is running windows 7 to image my external hdd i dont want to risk damaging anything on her system while doing this to my drive23:25
kyloththanks wildwind23:25
pfifowolfspy: is this a usb, pata or sata drive?23:25
wilee-nileeKuwait, You save the bootinfo summary?23:26
kylothits a 218 toshiba laptop hdd inside of a 2.5in sata to usb converter casing23:26
wilee-nileekyloth, Use the windows partitioner to resize it.23:26
duhamelkyloth: maybe use a live distro on usb to do all the partitioning so that you can easily see exactly whaT IS GOING ON WITH THE PARTITIONS.23:26
wolfspypfifo, how do you check?23:26
kyloththe sata converter just came in the mail today so im also kinda excited to use this23:26
duhamelsorry. i tapped caplock23:27
CheekioI love guides that include mystery variables23:27
duhamelhello all, I am wondering how to change a folders icon and make it  stick, even from one ubuntu machine to another.23:27
duhamelis there a script similar to windows autorun.inf i could run that would tell ubuntu to use an icon on a thumbdrive as the icon for that thumbdrive23:27
zykotick9wolfspy: cat /proc/cpuinfo | egrep '(vmx|svm)'23:27
wilee-nileeCheekio, Link?23:27
wolfspyzykotick9, im not in linux23:28
kylothduhamel i was attempting to install these os's to my hdd without turning my hdd into a live boot disk unless neccessary. i have a live boot tyhumb drive but i have all three os's already downloaded to my friends system and unetbootin23:28
zykotick9wolfspy: i have no clue then...23:28
Cheekio@wilee-nilee: "This experiment was performed in the college campus and the gateway was located between the Switch and Host A."23:28
kylothand how do i highlight the names of the people im talking to so im not just sending black text23:28
pfifowolfspy: well if its usb it would be external and plugged into a usb port, otherwise on bootup youll see it listed when your bios detectes it and it will sat pata or sata... also its impossible for it to be an sata drive if your computer dosent support sata so :)23:28
wilee-nileeCheekio, That's in a reply.23:29
kylothwolfspy... its a laptop hdd that was pulled from a broken motherboard. the hdd still works fine. i went online and spent 10 bucks on a sata to usb converter cable and casing for it. now im running it as a portable usb hdd23:29
duhamelkyloth: i understand, and that shopuldn't be a problem. i just find it much easier to deal with partitions and stuff from a live linux.23:29
CheekioYeah, but the lack of documentation on what is vs obfuscates the whole article23:29
Cheekiois the external address of the host?23:30
wolfspypfifo, its sata23:30
CheekioIt's obviously not an address registered with any DNS I know of23:30
duhamelinstall to the hdd as any normal install with the windows install first then the Linux install23:30
wilee-nileeCheekio, What your trying to do in general is not gui click and it just works task, you have to have some knowledge and or the ability to find the answers.23:30
duhamelhello all, I am wondering how to change a folders icon and make it  stick, even from one ubuntu machine to another.23:31
kylothi agree duhamel thats why i was confused when i was told to put windows on it first i figured gparted would be what i needed i jsut wanted to make sure i wasnt going have have any unforseen kinks because ive never done more than 2 os's on one hdd before and this one i wanted to try three os's that i can boot from as i wish regardless of who's system i am plugged into23:31
duhamelis there a script similar to windows autorun.inf i could run that would tell ubuntu to use an icon on a thumbdrive as the icon for that thumbdrive23:31
Cheekiowilee-nilee, I'm not saying the task should be easier, I'm saying isn't it great when articles don't include necessary information23:31
duhamelKyloth. the xternal hdd will only work on the mavchine they were install with. they will not work from23:32
duhamelmachine to machine23:32
LockziHello - Is it possible to mount an NFS share and have it "fake" uid and gid that's stored on the server since that the client and user does not have the same information?23:32
wilee-nileeCheekio, Heh, a random article, and your complaining, its the web man. ;)23:32
kylothmy uncle boots his os on other peoples machines all the time, he doesnt even own a computer he just has a hard drive that he boots from23:32
pfifowolfspy: I think you should try booting with 'waitusb=10' in you kernel arguments23:32
duhamelkyloth: only live distros work from machine  to machine.23:32
kylothill remember that duhamel23:33
wolfspypfifo, How do you do that23:33
duhamelkyloth: not windows. once it is installed it only works on that hardware23:33
=== Vivek is now known as Guest79045
wilee-nileeCheekio, YOur trying to make your computer into a router right?23:33
kylothanyway thanks for the info guy i think i got what i need ( uncle runs linux only he is a fedora guy)23:33
duhamelyou can't even change a motherboard on a windows install23:33
pfifowolfspy: its been years since ive had to boot from a cd, im not sure with the newer releases, let me ask google23:34
duhamelhello all, I am wondering how to change a folders icon and make it  stick, even from one ubuntu machine to another.23:34
duhamelis there a script similar to windows autorun.inf i could run that would tell ubuntu to use an icon on a thumbdrive as the icon for that thumbdrive23:34
wildwindCheekio: the addresses are explained in the summary part. but yes, they are somewhat misleading. addresses are used for local networks23:35
wolfspyduhamel, I think autorun.inf works on ubuntu23:35
bekkswolfspy: It doesnt. Thats a windows invention.23:36
pfifowolfspy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Changing_the_CD_Boot_Option_Configuration_Line23:36
wilee-nileeCheekio, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Router23:36
duhamelwolfspy: i didn't try but that seems unlikely to me.23:37
CheekioI'm trying to plug a device into my ethernet port that I have no other tools to connect to23:37
Cheekioif I'm the gateway, I can just ssh into it23:37
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Cheekiobut right now it won't automatically connect to a wifi network, it has no head/keyboard/mouse23:37
CheekioI just need my laptop to play gateway and it to assign the device an ip address it can ssh into.23:38
wolfspy_pfifo: can you say the boot option again? I'm on my phone now23:38
SlutaTramsaI've got a problem. I'm on ubuntu 13.10 and when I try to login the DE (XFCE) crashes and i'm instantly brought back to the login screen, any idea on what to do/what logs i should look in?23:39
wildwindCheekio: oh, it's a slightly different task :) you need a dhcp server.23:39
duhamelis there a way to  get a script on a thumb drive to run automatically from a thumbdrive from machine to machine23:39
duhamelis there a way to  get a script on a thumb drive to run automatically from machine to machine23:40
Danatowhats xfce display manager?23:40
domdomHello World!23:40
wolfspy_F6 dosent do anything...23:40
wildwindCheekio: dnsmasq is an example of23:40
zykotick9SlutaTramsa: log in via console (ctrl+alt+f1) and "ls -l" in your home dirctory.  are any of the files owned by root?  if they are, that might be the issue!23:40
domdomxfce display manager?23:40
wilee-nileeduhamel, What are you trying to run on the thumb?23:40
Cheekio@wildwind, apt-get hooked me up with dnsmasq23:40
zykotick9SlutaTramsa: sorry use "ls -al"23:41
duhameli just want to assign an icon to a folder or script and have it stick even from machine to machine.23:41
SlutaTramsazykotick9: .gvfs, .Xauthority & .wine is23:41
duhamelwilee-nilee: i just want to assign an icon to a folder or script and have it stick even from machine to machine.23:41
domdomdnsmasq: Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server23:42
domdom Dnsmasq is a lightweight, easy to configure, DNS forwarder and DHCP23:42
domdom server. It is designed to provide DNS and optionally, DHCP, to a23:42
domdom small network. It can serve the names of local machines which are23:42
domdom not in the global DNS. The DHCP server integrates with the DNS23:42
domdom server and allows machines with DHCP-allocated addresses23:42
FloodBot1domdom: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:42
domdom to appear in the DNS with names configured either in each host or23:42
wilee-nileeduhamel, what is the script?23:42
zykotick9SlutaTramsa: STOP using "sudo" with GUI applications!!! see "/msg ubottu gksudo" for details!  change those to the right owner, especially .Xauthority!23:42
Cheekiowoah, Floodbot does not play around.23:42
SlutaTramsazykotick9: alright, thanks23:42
Danatodomdom: ddnt really mean xfce display manager, but i meant how its directory, like kdm is for kde23:43
duhamelwilee-nilee: i was hoping to use a script similar to windows autorun.inf to make the icons stick.23:43
Cheekiodomdom, are you a real person?23:43
wildwindCheekio: you don't need all that routing stuff from the guide just to connect to one device23:43
wilee-nileeduhamel, I have to admit here that I wonder if your script is up to no good. ;)23:44
jimgrothHey guys. I'm logged in to a ubuntu server box. Put the session to sleep and woke it up today. Now it won't accept my password. Any ideas what to do?23:44
pfifowolfspy_: usbwait=1023:44
CheekioI suppose I should be looking into dnsmasq to see if it does what I want23:44
pfifojimgroth: reboot23:44
jimgrothwon't that remove any chance I have of correcting anything while logged in?23:45
wtfak1310Where can I get pwmconfig?23:45
wtfak1310i cant aptget it, lol23:45
wtfak1310its not part of 13.1- for some reason23:45
pfifojimgroth: can you ssh in?23:45
Cheekioalright, doing to flush my iptables via reboot, who knows what gunk I've put in there today23:45
MonkeyDu1t!find pwm23:45
ubottuFound: pwman3, stumpwm23:45
wolfspy_pfifo: f6 doorbell23:46
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wolfspy_pfifo: f6 doesn't do anything *23:46
pfifowolfspy_: i noticed those instructions are for 10.0423:46
jimgrothpfifo: Yes! Weird! :S23:46
wildwindCheekio: it can respond to dhcp requests and give ip addresses. and serve as dns proxy server. not sure if this is what you want23:46
duhamelwilee-nilee: nothing like that at all. i have set up a folder for  a newb friend of mine that installs ps3 controller drivers and a nes emulator. i don't necessarily need a autorun script, i just want the assign the icons so hius kids will be able  to run the right scripts easily.23:47
pfifowolfspy_: non the less, take a look at what options you are presented with23:47
FroggestSpiriti'm back23:47
pfifojimgroth: reboot from ssh23:47
duhamelall i want is to make the icons stick from machine to machine.23:47
wolfspy_pfifo: e for commands before booting and c for console23:47
pfifowolfspy_: ohh thats grub! press e23:48
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wilee-nileeduhamel, Not sure to be honest, to link an icon to what I assume is a bash if this is linux, sorry.23:49
FroggestSpiritWho was helping me with the suspend issue? I paste bin'ed the log23:49
zykotick9FroggestSpirit: you need to give the helper/channel the link to your paste!23:49
jimgrothpfifo, thanks. Glad it was that easy. :)23:49
duhamelwilee-nilee: even if i could just change the folder icon and have it stick that would be cool.23:49
FroggestSpiritzykotick9: helper/channel?23:50
jimgrothwouldn't have thought to log in via ssh since local didn't work23:50
zykotick9FroggestSpirit: the person who was helping your / or this channel.23:50
wildwindduhamel: check this http://askubuntu.com/questions/183097/where-is-nautilus-icon-file-located-and-how-is-it-chosen23:51
FroggestSpiriti dont remember the name23:51
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Cheekio@wildwind, as long as it can tell this raspberrypi connected to my ethernet port that it has an ip address, and then allow me to send ssh commands over that cable, I'll be good.23:51
wilee-nileeduhamel, Right click folder properties then click the folder icon to change it, but having it run not sure, unless just clicking it runs it.23:51
zykotick9FroggestSpirit: so just post the link then, and hope for the best.23:51
zykotick9is hastebin.com an actual site?23:51
wildwindCheekio: doesn't it have a default ip address?23:52
duhamelwilee-nilee: yeah that only works until nautilus resets. after reboot the icon is a blank sheet. i have put the icon in the root of folder as a hidden file.23:53
CheekioNo, it's not connected to a network23:53
Danatowhat would be the equivalent of /etc/kde4/kdm on xubuntu?23:53
Kuwaitafter install ubuntu with pre installed windows 8 , no bootloader , info: windows 8.1 , ubuntu 13.10 both 64 bit23:53
CheekioIt's basically alone in the world waiting to be told what to do23:53
Cheekiothe only computer it can talk to is my laptop.23:53
SlutaTramsazykotick9: That kinda worked, but only with gnome flashback. When I try to login with xfce it all get white. Any idea on that?23:53
wilee-nileeduhamel, Yeah does not stay the same across computers with the icons as well, not really an area I at all familiar with.23:53
PDilyardis/was anyone else getting slow menu bar performance in ubuntu 13.10 with unity? (im talking about File, Edit, etc)23:53
CheekioIt's probably been waiting this whole time for my laptop to assign it an ip address23:54
zykotick9SlutaTramsa: sorry, no clue.  best of luck.23:54
Kuwaitwilee-nilee yes nothing happen :(23:54
Cheekiobut my laptop is also looking to get an IP address for its ethernet port.23:54
SlutaTramsazykotick9: Alright, thanks23:54
SlutaTramsaAnyone else here with a clue?23:54
wildwindCheekio: what firmware is on pi?23:54
CheekioI mean, if you plug two computers together via ethernet, they don't just start talking, do they?23:54
Cheekiowildwind: raspbian23:54
wilee-nileeKuwait, That bootinfo summary is the key for many to actually diagnose the problem.23:54
FroggestSpiritzykotick9: any idea why suspend isnt working after?23:54
duhamelwilee-nilee: that's okay. you have helped me out many times. thanks anyway.23:55
wolfspy_pfifo: do I add another boot value in another line m23:55
zykotick9FroggestSpirit: suspend or hybernate?  either way, no i don't... best of luck.23:55
CheekioI don't know if that's the firmware. I got the most recent NOOBS and installed raspbian via its bootstrapper23:55
zykotick9FroggestSpirit: suspend has a MUCH high chance of working BTW23:55
Danatocan anybody tell what would be the equivalent of /etc/kde4/kdm on xubuntu?23:56
pfifowolfspy_: no, the line that starts with 'kernel' ends with -- (its likely split over several lines) just tack on a usbwait=10 after the --23:56
wildwindCheekio: on low ethernet level they do. but on ip level and higher not23:56
pfifowolfspy_: then ctrl+x to boot23:56
FroggestSpiritwell, suspend works the first time when i boot ubuntu and close the lid. then after logging back in after opening the lid, my fan goes silent, and then goes full blast after a minute, and closing the lid doesnt suspend anymore until i reboot23:57
zykotick9wildwind: does ubuntu even run on the pi?23:57
wildwindUbuntu not AFAIK23:57
zykotick9wildwind: so, why are you supporting it in #ubuntu then?23:57
wolfspy_pfifo: same error23:58
CheekioHe's not supporting the pi23:58
wildwindi'm not, just curious23:58
CheekioI'm trying to get my ubuntu laptop to do something, well within the bounds of what ubuntu can do.23:58
Cheekiozykotick9, read the logs if you want to know what's being discussed.23:59

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