OvenWerksJust some thoughts... I know there are not that any people here right now, but, what things about the way the desktop is do you find anoying/confusing?17:09
OvenWerksI think I will be more vocal about this in the ML17:09
holsteini think JACK is a mess, still17:10
holsteinjust clicking on something like ardour will not typically make audio start to work17:10
holsteinit basically either crashes something, or starts JACK in the background, potentially making audio not work17:11
holsteinnot sure what to do about this17:11
holsteini think we might still have an identity issue as well.. is the desktop for audio? video? graphics?17:12
holsteinif its for video, "why doesnt it include my favorite editor, which is the best option in linux".. they say17:12
holsteini *really* like the idea of adding the studio workflows to any DE17:13
holsteinit gets back to a sort of idea that cory came in with.. basically not having a particular "release" of an official kind, but maintaining packages and meta packages17:14
holsteinOvenWerks: what do you find "annoying"?17:14
holsteinOvenWerks: that mute bug is a drag.. and the screensaver/locker looks *bad*17:50
zequenceholstein: That is one thing I've been planning to work on this cycle20:17
zequencemight require a wrapper script for each application that can use jack20:17
zequenceor, upstream changes. Trying to create some sort of standard20:17
holsteinits tough20:18
holsteini think falk is looking at that as well20:18
zequencereally? I should talk with him about that then20:19
holsteinwont hurt20:19
holsteinim sure he'd share20:19
zequenceJust makes sense we don't do more than one solution to that problem20:27
holsteinwhy break tradition ;)20:27
holsteinseems like we could talk everyone upstream into leaving that lock screen20:29
OvenWerksholstein: I was talking about desktop stuff itself20:38
OvenWerksTake a quick look at the email I sent to the list20:38
OvenWerksI agree the way Jack works is not the best either though.20:40
zequenceOvenWerks: We haven't really discussed changing the desktop at all. I know some people are wanting to do that, but that would be in contrast with the idea that we base our DE and settings entirely on existing packages20:41
zequenceIn which case, we would do no customization at all20:41
zequenceThe whole idea with Ubuntu Studio is after all to work on anything, not just our own setup20:41
OvenWerksOk. I can live wit5h that20:41
zequenceI'm not against us having a default DE setup though. 20:42
OvenWerksIf we do I would like to make sure there is nothing that slows down productivity20:43
zequenceThat sort of stuff is so personalö20:43
zequenceI think the menu is already doing the biggest job in enhancing productivity20:44
zequencewould be nice to have better controls for audio, and that is a goal for ubuntustudio-controls20:44
OvenWerksSome of it is... and those thing should be left alone in some sort of sane "everyone does it this way" default20:44
OvenWerksThere are two things that right now I feel can get in the way. In particular of new users20:46
OvenWerksHaving the scroll wheel skip through desktops is one.20:46
OvenWerksTo someone coming from the normal world where extra desktops don't exist... It can be disturbing to ones workflow20:47
zequenceToday having multiple workspaces is becoming standard20:48
zequenceon IOS and android, so I don't fully agree there20:48
zequenceEven OSX does it these days20:48
zequenceI can agree on that the expected behaviour of double clicking the top panel of a window is to make it maximized, and so it is on many DEs20:49
OvenWerksThe person not used to it, scrolling on the focused window, all of a sudden finds themselves transported to a blank screen.20:49
zequenceIt's a nice feature I think. Would be better in that case to prepare a short introduction to the desktop, when first logging in20:51
OvenWerksOk we can make a title bar double click do that...  it was doing a "rollup".20:51
zequenceOn XFCE, the rollup is traditional, is it not?20:52
OvenWerksI'll check what the current default is20:52
OvenWerksOK, but what do we want?20:52
zequenceLet's add those suggestions to the -desktop blueprint20:53
zequenceor, -default-settings20:53
OvenWerksSomeone coming from a windows audio environment already has to learn linux audio and apps, do they need to learn a totally new DE as well?20:54
zequencemadeinkobaia has some rather radical ideas for a Ubuntu Studio theme, and he's probably also intrested in looking at changing the DE20:54
OvenWerksOk, maybe he is the better one to do it then20:55
OvenWerksShould we include Writer by default?20:55
zequenceI don't think one person should decide everything. It's best to have some discussion about the whole direction we want to go towards20:55
OvenWerksright now we just have an installer and it installes all of libreoffice20:56
zequenceYes, I think it would make sense to include LibreOffice, but let's not decide that now. 20:56
zequenceThe proper way would be for someone to pick up the entire publishing workflow, and do research, list applications, and make decisions based on that20:57
OvenWerksKubuntu include Loffice, but it is not on the iso, it is downloaded/installed on install to disk.20:57
OvenWerksDo we have people to do that?20:58
zequenceOvenWerks: Sure. Us :)21:30
zequenceI personally have other priorities before I would get to that21:30

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