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MaynardWatersanyone hanging?02:40
wilee-nileeMaynardWaters, A few you have an issue?02:41
MaynardWatershave you ever run ubuntu off of a usb stick?02:42
MaynardWatersnot really an issue02:42
MaynardWatersa discussion02:42
MaynardWatersprob better in opensourcemusicians02:42
MaynardWatersTiger Bear Wolf- "Input, Output"02:43
wilee-nileeMaynardWaters, Yes a usb flash works, depending on how hard you drive it pretty much okay but slower, depends on the usb really, I assume this is a full install.02:52
MaynardWatersit was pulled from another machine and magically worked when i plugged it into this old machine. very suprised and pleased03:02
MaynardWaterswhat do you use ustudio for wilee-nilee ?03:08
wilee-nileeMaynardWaters, I don't use it, I was just asked to help here by the channel maker if I could, I use ubuntu in general though. I'm a accomplished multi-instrumentalist though.03:17
wilee-nileejust bragging hehe03:17
wilee-nileeubuntu studio is ubuntu so some things I can help with.03:18
nv_Ubuntu Studio has been improving the lives of many impoverished artists in my area  :)03:42
Guest68472my left keft key dont wont  in unbuntu studio  cannot log in to websites  any help u can  give me07:59
Guest68472left key07:59
Guest68472the right  shift  key dont do anything08:00
Guest68472any culue  as t what and why itis like this08:00
nv_wrong keyboard type selected? check the keyboard settings in the settings manager08:04
nv_could also be dieing batteries if wireless or bad connection/cable08:04
Guest68472ok thank you08:05
Guest68472sorry  for being stupid but im useing a  eMachines PS/2 Black Slim Thin Keyboard 104 Keys Part Numbers: KB-0705, KB-051108:11
Guest68472when click left NUMBER  2    I GET  A VOL COME TROL PANEL08:12
Guest68472THE VOL PANEL08:12
Guest68472sorry about the caps08:12
Guest68472changing the keyboard  laybout    /settings  dont  do snything08:12
Guest68472this is  not cool08:13
Guest68472i know there is a work around for it  just cant  get a keybaord  map os  default hot ketys  for unbuntu  i can  remap08:13
Guest68472easy in windows08:14
Guest68472but i just installed unbuntu studio 32bit08:14
Guest68472even in the live  cd  i had the same  problue    dident thin anything of it  knowing it was a live  cd08:14
Guest68472i could try a different  keybaord  . .  but im thinking   settings  might  be the cause08:15
Guest68472apt settings08:15
Guest68472i cannot lobeg in to my acount online  cuz i cannot shift number  -2   at sign  my email adress08:16
Guest68472so  it  makes  it  a  good challeng  on how to remaps the  kesy  to by pass the  vol panel that pops up when ever i click the left  shift key   the right  shift key is dead08:18
Guest68472i did mysyste updates and  well   this is a  problum08:19
Guest68472i dont want to reinstall zorin ..       it  had  no soaftware  suport08:20
thoudineany body?16:59
holsteinthoudine: yes.. just ask16:59

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