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brainwashxubuntu usually does not use any event sounds, but something is creating this cache file .cache/event-sound-cache.tdb.xxx...16:14
brainwashany ideas what might create it?16:14
holsteinbrainwash: if you've added, even apps from the repos, one of those could be trying to make an event sound16:24
holsteinbrainwash: i dont think the event sounds would be disabled on a per-application basis, either..16:25
holsteinnot sure how that is setup though16:25
brainwashholstein: right, maybe I'll find the culprit eventually16:33
ali1234brainwash: it's something to do with the login sound16:59
ali1234or not... mine is something related to volume changing sound, possibly it comes from the indicators?17:01
ali1234try running strings on it17:03

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