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nate`anyone around?17:18
kwadronautnate`: best to phrase your question, and not just ask for asking.18:52
nate`what's wrong with this? http://pastebin.com/PQrZp8R919:17
nate`RHEL uses 0.7.1 for it's cloud init on the RHEL provided AMIs.  When using chef: portions from the examples the log dumps out that it can't figure out any cheffyness or puppeteering.19:17
nate`well other than the -0 that was a typo that I fixed and ran another instance.19:18
nate`http://pastebin.com/XCz1ndSw is the one without the typos.19:27
nate`http://pastebin.com/tnBecZk8 is the output of /latest/user-data19:30
nate`also here's the error when using the chef: directives: http://pastebin.com/gtM22x2R20:54
nate`Final question someone might answer for me.  Is there any decent way to test cloud init scripts without having to fire up a new ami every time?21:02
harmwcloud-init --bla from inside the instance?21:19
harmwand rm -rf /var/lib/cloud21:20
nate`screw it on the using the yaml stuff.  shell scripts it is.21:26
harlowjawoot, smoser other branch not needed, tim got approved by legal21:34
swaT30hey guys, any particular reason that CentOS hosts would be getting a route to eth0, while Ubuntu hosts are not? Seems the route breaks metadata on neutron/quantum23:58

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