juacom99quick question: I use to have a plasma (plasma-widget-daisy) but on an update it got broken.Since thene i can't remove tyhe plasma from my desktop. I try to install it again and it said i dont have the package libtaskmanager4abi4, and i wasn't able to install the library either ( is not on the repository and i can't install it manualy) so my question is who do i install that library or who can i manualy remove  the plasma from00:13
juacom99 my desktop00:13
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MangaKaDenzaoh dear01:58
MangaKaDenzaIt seems I may have killed plasma-desktop01:59
MangaKaDenzahow do I uh... restart it01:59
MangaKaDenzacuz it wont start when I do it in a terminal01:59
apacheloggerMangaKaDenza: killall -9 plasma-desktop; sleep 3; plasma-desktop02:01
MangaKaDenzait didn't work02:02
MangaKaDenzaQDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.02:02
MangaKaDenzaplasma-desktop(4096): KUniqueApplication: Cannot find the D-Bus session server:  "//bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: No protocol specified02:02
MangaKaDenzaAutolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.02:02
MangaKaDenzais that a bad thing?02:03
apacheloggerthat does not sound good at all02:03
apacheloggerMangaKaDenza: what did you do before plasma disappeared?02:03
MangaKaDenza...I kinda... tried force restarting it02:03
MangaKaDenzakill plasma-desktop02:04
MangaKaDenzabecause it was glitchy02:04
apacheloggerdefine glitchy please02:04
MangaKaDenzathe icons were blank, and the widgets were slow02:04
MangaKaDenzaactually... the best solution02:04
MangaKaDenzawould be to reboot02:04
apacheloggerbetter wait :P02:05
apacheloggerMangaKaDenza: did you happen to do any updates today?02:05
MangaKaDenzaactually... I've been getting this error02:05
MangaKaDenzawhen I try to update02:05
apacheloggerthe x11 init failed one?02:05
MangaKaDenzaError: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: Cannot launch daemon, file not found or permissions invalid02:06
apacheloggeryeah, there is something wrong with your install :P02:06
MangaKaDenzawait... but the updates will still get through, right?02:07
MangaKaDenzaor what do I have to do?02:07
apacheloggerhard to say02:08
MangaKaDenzawell, I'll reboot02:08
juacom99apachelogger: do you know where are stored the plasmas that kubuntu load on startup?02:10
apacheloggerjuacom99: what do you mean by 'plasmas'?02:10
juacom99apachelogger: plasma-widgets02:11
juacom99i'm gonna copy paste my question so i make sense02:11
juacom99I use to have a plasma (plasma-widget-daisy) but on an update it got broken.Since thene i can't remove tyhe plasma from my desktop. I try to install it again and it said i dont have the package libtaskmanager4abi4, and i wasn't able to install the library either ( is not on the repository and i can't install it manualy) so my question is who do i install that library or who can i manualy remove  the plasma from my desktop02:11
apacheloggerjuacom99: you could manually edit the plasma configs `kate ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*`02:13
juacom99apachelogger: the coment is # or //02:15
apacheloggerMangaKaDenza: sudo apt-get install debsums; debsums -s02:15
apacheloggerMangaKaDenza: that will tell you which files are missing or not what they should be according to the packaging02:16
juacom99ok need to reboot now02:16
juacom99thanks apachelogger02:16
apacheloggerMangaKaDenza: should help you find the culprit of your errors02:16
apacheloggerjuacom99: no problem02:16
MangaKaDenzamy kmix settings never save02:17
apacheloggermay be related02:17
MangaKaDenzawait wat02:20
MangaKaDenzaodd... my desktop effects vanished...02:21
MangaKaDenzahmm oh wait02:22
MangaKaDenzaI switched to flrgx... for some reason...02:22
MangaKaDenzawhen did I do that02:22
newbie|2similar to what i need02:30
newbie|2any ideas?02:30
MangaKaDenzait still don't work02:43
James0rhow can i set dolphin to display thumbnails for all videos/images?03:33
wafflejockJames0r: hit the preview button... in the dolphin preferences (wrench in the top right) then go to general03:46
wafflejockJames0r: depends on if you want it to stick or not but check out the options in there03:47
James0rwafflejock, yeah did that already. it allowed for image previews but i'm unable to get video thumbnails03:48
James0ri've installed mplayerthumbs and ffmpegthumbs per some kubuntu threads but still not working03:49
James0ri have thumbnails on the folders containing video files, but the files themselves are thumbnail-less03:49
wafflejockJames0r: hmm strange yeah sorry don't use a lot of video here so not sure about that part03:50
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James0rno problem. i'll keep searching the threads03:50
excalibrThat icon-only task manager, is it not possible to ungroup same applications?04:02
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MangaKaDenzaI thought trusty was like07:44
MangaKaDenzaway in the future07:44
MangaKaDenzahow is it in my testdrive ubuntu thingy07:44
lordievaderGood morning.07:53
JohnDoe_1If I want to autostart e.g. Thunderbird minimized, what command should I use? I know where to get the program autostarted, I just want to start i minimized.07:53
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lordievaderJohnDoe_DK1: Not sure if it will work: right-click on the window border -> More Actions -> Special Application Settings -> Size & Position -> Minimized -> Apply Initially.07:56
JohnDoe_DK1lordievader: Thanks, I'll try that. Is it enough to log out or should I reboot to check if it's working?07:58
lordievaderDon't think you even need to log out. But I'm not very familiar with window rules.07:58
JohnDoe_DK1lordievader: Okay, I'll check. BRB07:59
JohnDoe_1lordievader: It works like a charm! Thanks! :)08:04
lordievaderJohnDoe_1: No problem.08:11
MangaKaDenzaits stuff like this10:06
MangaKaDenzathat makes me love KDE10:06
FloodBotK1MangaKaDenza: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:06
lordievader!enter | MangaKaDenza10:09
ubottuMangaKaDenza: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:09
eph3meralaanyone else having problems with kdevelop and gdb on Ubuntu 13.10 ? (sorry for-xpost)10:31
lordievadereph3meral: I don't have any problems with kdevelop. Don't think I use gdb.10:34
eph3merallordievader, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29508510:35
ubottuKDE bug 295085 in CPP Debugger "KDevelop doesn't stop at breakpoints" [Normal,Confirmed]10:35
eph3merallordievader, I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from thisi ^10:35
lordievadereph3meral: Ah, I use kdevelop for python.10:35
eph3meralany suggestions on  how to fix my system until canonical releases a fix?10:35
ovidiu-florineph3meral: use a different IDE?10:36
eph3meralovidiu-florin, well I haven't been successful in even getting QtCreator to open this cmake project10:37
ovidiu-florinlordievader: python doesn't use gdb10:37
eph3meralovidiu-florin, and being on KDE, I do somewhat prefer the ability to use a native client10:37
eph3meralovidiu-florin, what would you suggest instead10:37
ovidiu-florinI agree10:37
ovidiu-florinI was going to say Qt Creator10:37
eph3meralkdevelop has vim mode10:38
eph3meralwhich is awesome - not quite as good as vim but at least it's better than viclipse or whatever10:38
ovidiu-florinQt Creator does to10:38
lordievaderovidiu-florin: I saw that.10:43
ubottudraha: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:44
eph3meralovidiu-florin, hmm, maybe you can help me get this project opened and building in qtcreator10:52
ovidiu-florinI can try10:52
eph3meralI'd like to give it a try, it just, there were quite a few barriers compared to getting it running in kdevelop10:52
eph3meralovidiu-florin, so it's just a simple OpenGL project in C++ using cmake (and GLFW for what it's worth)10:52
eph3meralovidiu-florin, the first thing was I was require to create a code blocks project file? does that sound right?10:53
eph3meralovidiu-florin, should I create a new project and import the code? or "open" an existing project?10:53
ovidiu-florinopen an existing one10:53
ovidiu-florinand select the CMakeLists.txt file10:53
ovidiu-florinthe main one10:53
eph3meralovidiu-florin, yeah did that it now says "the directory does not contain a cbp file" and asks me to run cmake and has a button10:54
eph3meralbut when I click run cmake, "nothing happens" and the "finish" button is still greyed out10:54
eph3meralso I can't move forward10:54
ovidiu-florinTools -> options -> Build & Run -> CMake10:55
ovidiu-florinfind your cmake binary10:55
eph3meralovidiu-florin, ok cool, should I "Prefer Ninja generator" ?10:57
ovidiu-florinI don't know. I've never used it10:58
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eph3meralovidiu-florin, nope, still no love11:00
ovidiu-florinwhat hapens when you press run CMake?11:00
eph3meralovidiu-florin, like I already said "nothing", quite literally11:03
eph3meralovidiu-florin, I ended up having to do it manually on the command line, not even adding the arguments to that wizard seems to work11:03
ovidiu-florintry running cmake from konsole11:03
ovidiu-florinwhat's the output?11:03
eph3meralovidiu-florin, well I have the project open now11:05
eph3meralnow i need to figure out how to build run and debug it11:05
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ovidiu-florineph3meral: have you use Creator before?11:05
eph3meralovidiu-florin, nope11:06
ovidiu-florinone moment11:07
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eph3meralhmm, so i guess I got kdevelop to debug11:10
eph3meralI think maybe it was as simple as not having build debug symbols11:11
user___i feel like X could be running more smoothly/quickly.  from this pastebin after installing my graphics driver does it seem like there are major errors i can easily fix http://pastebin.com/fAE6hrKA - kubuntu 13.1011:12
eph3meralovidiu-florin, anyway I'm still open to trying to use QtCreator for debugging11:13
eph3meralovidiu-florin, not sure how to go about it still11:13
jarkkoguys i got weird thigns going on kubuntu11:13
jarkkoi tried manjaro and kubuntu 13.10 both just blinks my display11:13
jarkkothen installed 13.04 kubuntu, upgraded it...same thing...boot into safe mode, got segmention fault error, press ctrl+c and it boots into desktop11:14
eph3meralovidiu-florin, "The debugger could not load the debugging helper library"11:14
eph3meralovidiu-florin, what up with that? what do I need to install? (just Kubuntu 13.10 here)11:14
ovidiu-florineph3meral: not sure11:16
eph3meralovidiu-florin, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtcreator/+bug/123366211:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 1233662 in qtcreator (Ubuntu) "Missing debug helpers in QtCreator/can't view STL containers in debugger" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:22
eph3meralovidiu-florin, so yeah, that's why I don't use QtCreator11:22
user___i feel like X could be running more smoothly/quickly. from this pastebin after installing my graphics driver does it seem like there are major errors i can easily fix http://pastebin.com/fAE6hrKA - kubuntu 13.1011:24
eph3meralovidiu-florin, anyway, I kinda like kevelop better anyway11:24
user___is there a quick way to determine why OS would be running slowly after fresh k13.10 install and even after update/upgrade.  guessing maybe some device driver issue...11:53
Joupiuser___ : maybe if it is your first boot, it will take time to index files with nepomuk ... check process using cpu or memory ... maybe network access.11:55
user___Joupi: not first11:55
user___Joupi: what is the app for process checks11:57
Joupiuser___ : the only things I can think of for a slow down are usually : nepomuk, process taking the load, full memory, network or eventually graphics driver. Anything else would be weird else you had a wrong install or incompatible hardware. Check processes with top on a terminal ...11:58
user___13.04 didnt have this issue11:59
Joupiyes, open a terminal and type the command 'top'11:59
user___Joupi: no more than 50% of cpu is used12:00
user___using top12:00
JoupiOh and I forgot the update proc which usually runs at startup12:00
Joupiwhat are the main proc running ?12:00
user___vlc and browsers12:01
user___pulseaudio too12:01
user___does that answer your question about main proc12:01
Joupiif you start your system without any apps open, is it slow ?12:01
user___actually it might just be opera, i think i need to test more12:02
Joupiif you have some kind of heavy video/flash stuff open in web pages that could be it12:03
user___plenty of flash stuff yes, but my system/video card should handle it fine12:03
user___my graphic card driver install reported errors, did you see my earlier post?12:04
Joupinot necessarily since all goes through xorg onto the screen afterwards. I have the same problem sometimes when xorg gets overloaded, the system goes to a crawl ...12:04
Joupino info about your previous post sorry12:05
user___i feel like X could be running more smoothly/quickly. from this pastebin after installing my graphics driver does it seem like there are major errors i can easily fix http://pastebin.com/fAE6hrKA - kubuntu 13.1012:05
JoupiI suggest you uninstall your proprietary driver then and try again12:05
user___can you tell me what steps one would take to do that12:06
JoupiOK I see, do an apt-get remove purge all nividia stuff and do a clean install12:06
user___apt-get uninstall?12:06
Joupiwhen you reinstall on top you still keep the old crapy stuff12:07
user___so, clean install and don't use ati-amd driver for my card at all?12:07
user___i was hoping that a couple more packages installed might make the driver work ok12:08
user___but from what you see, i should avoid the driver altogether?12:08
JoupiI see an error message saying : kernel module version mismatch. I believe either your install went wrong or you have an incompatibility somewhere12:09
Joupitry to use the free graphics driver first and see if it works12:09
Joupiif it works, then try a clean reinstall of your proprietary driver12:10
user___Joupi: by free graphics driver you mean the one preinstalled with k13.1012:10
user___that does work12:10
user___in 13.0412:10
Joupithat's clear then12:10
user___assuming same one12:10
Joupinormally when you install system, the proprietary driver is not installed by defaults, you have to install afterwards12:11
user___Joupi: yeah, i was hoping the prop driver would yield a boost in performance, i just want to get it working right12:11
Joupithen if you need your proprietary driver, you should first purge completely the old install, check the correct driver to install (providing you know which one you need) and redo a clean install12:12
Joupiproprietary does not always lead to improved perf ;-)12:12
user___Joupi: i don't know if i can improve installation conditions for the prop driver.  this was clean install (not upgrade from 13.04), and i installed the prop driver without --force due to missing package dependencies.  the best thing i could think to do would be new fresh install of 13.10 followed by installation of packages that the errors in the pastebin might be resolved and then finally installation of the prop driver itself, what do you think?12:15
JoupiI believe yes, but 2 things :12:16
Joupi1- check prop. drivers in the update, you should have the one you need after clean system install12:17
Joupi2- make suer all dependencies are there else you will fail again12:17
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user___from this http://pastebin.com/fAE6hrKA what dependencies does it appear are missing12:47
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James0rcan't seem to get wake on keyboard working from sleep state13:39
James0rtrying to toggle cat /proc/acpi/wakeup doesn't work. unaffected by echo USBX  > /proc/acpi/wakeup command13:40
jarkkois it possible that networkmanager is broken on kubuntu 13.10?13:51
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BluesKajHowdy folks14:03
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jarkkoi have hdmi cable plugged into audio/video receiver, when i boot into desktop i get wrong resolution what should i do14:47
BluesKajjarkko. to what kind of monitor is the receiver connected?14:49
jarkkoi have normal pc display with dvi connector14:50
jarkkobut i need to use hdmi with audio/video receiver to get sounds14:50
jarkkothis is not issue with amds own drivers14:50
jarkkokubuntu sees only 1 display14:51
BluesKajjarkko. what about spdif output from the pc to the receiver for audio14:53
jarkkodont have cables14:53
jarkkobetter to use amds drivers then14:53
jarkkobut i would like to test the speed of open source drivers14:54
BluesKajno RCA audio cable for the coax audio out ?14:54
BluesKajand what does the hdmi have to do with your resolution if you use a dvi from the pcx to the monitor14:55
jarkkowhat does it do14:55
jarkkobut it does14:55
BluesKajdoes what ?14:56
jarkkoit changes the resolution unreable14:56
jarkkochanges the resolution something liek 1024x108014:56
jarkkoor something14:56
BluesKajhow , that doesn't make sense , if the receiver video out isn't connected to the monitor14:57
jarkkowell it does it14:57
jarkkoit sees itself somekind of display14:57
jarkkoi have had this issue before and it seems they havent done anything about it14:58
BluesKajthen disconnect the hdmi  to the receiver and use the coax audio out to the receiver with an ordinary rca cable14:58
BluesKajanyway , I have to go ...BBL15:02
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sdafj32rwhere is the configuration directory for preinstalled libreoffice for kubuntu 13.10?  nothing under /home/<user name>/.config/ or /home/<user name>/.libreoffice16:26
sdafj32rwhere is the configuration directory for preinstalled libreoffice for kubuntu 13.10?  nothing under /home/<user name>/.config/ or /home/<user name>/*16:27
shadeslayersdafj32r: we don't ship a config for libre office16:28
shadeslayerwhatever the defaults are used16:28
shadeslayerpossibly there are some patches to the config in the package16:28
shadeslayerno clue16:28
sdafj32rshadeslayer, what are the defaults is my question16:29
shadeslayerno, your question was where16:29
shadeslayer"Where is the configuration directory"16:29
sdafj32rdefault config dir16:30
shadeslayerI have no clue *what* the defaults are16:30
shadeslayerI have my user config in ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/16:30
sdafj32rk just going to reinstall it16:30
MangaKaDenzaNow I'm not saying I don't like kubuntu...16:32
MangaKaDenzabut theoretically... how does one install the KDE (sounds weird... the KDE.. (K Desktop Environment) ), on another distro16:33
geniiMangaKaDenza: Perhaps ask them in #kde :)16:39
sgclarkyeah or the particular distro, the answer varies from distro to distro16:40
geniiYes, the process in Gentoo for instance would be vastly different than say for instance, Centos16:41
* genii slides Duel a coffee17:01
Nine_9hello there. I'm running kubuntu 12.04 and I want to install the app 'Nitro' but I can't find a way, it's not in the software manager. https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/saucy/nitro/17:06
Nine_9i've added the saucy repos just in case17:06
Nine_9including the extras17:06
geniiNine_9: What does this program Nitro do?17:07
Nine_9genii todo list17:07
BluesKajNine_9. , adding  other OS repos is not a good idea17:07
Nine_9BluesKaj: well, I made that in a desperate attempt to install that software17:08
Nine_9installing software used to be a breeze few years ago17:08
BluesKajwell ,you;'ll be desperate to fix your system soon if youi continue with it17:08
BluesKaj`so what is nitro Nine_9 ?17:09
Nine_9BluesKaj: I just want to install Nitro, it's a todo list app17:09
BluesKajwhy won't you tell us what is is17:09
BluesKajit is17:10
Nine_9TODO LIST! >:B17:11
MangaKaDenzauh oh17:11
MangaKaDenzaI accidentally my touchpad17:11
MangaKaDenzadisabled my touchpad17:12
Nine_9also, the lts versions aren't receiving much love as in the past. some stuff are very outdated.17:12
Nine_9I'm gonna check tasque as an alternative at the moment :(17:13
geniiThe apt link they provide which is supposed to load up the packagemaneger is Ubuntu-specific, unfortunately.17:14
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Nine_9heck... ubuntu is getting worse rapidly, unfortunately kubuntu is on the same boat :( it seems the kubuntu guys are good and stuff, but kubuntu always gets some backfire :(17:16
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Nine_9I've always used LTS versions and they used to be great and somewhat uptodate. nowadays they're kinda abandoned17:17
Nine_9tasque isn't as good :(17:19
Nine_9man, i can't find a decent (offline) task/todo list app.17:20
Nine_9nowadays everything is online, I hate online productivity apps.17:22
sgclarkI use the kontact suite, works well for me17:22
Nine_9sgclark: thanks, but I want something minimalistic.17:27
Nine_9maybe kate? :B17:27
Nine_9nevermind, although not perfect, gtodo does the trick for the moment17:45
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enrico_Salve  a tutti comunità di ubuntu18:08
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:09
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geniiZarat: Yes, we see what you type :)18:29
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* genii waves at Duel18:34
lordievaderWelcome to #kubuntu, Duel18:34
geniiDuel: So if you added now the repository which the fastboot package is in, you should be able to install it now.18:35
DuelAnyone help? I enabled QTCurve to Enable this windows 2000 look but it didnt do anything.18:38
geniiDuel: Now you need to go to System Settings...Application Appearance...GTK... and tell it to use a theme like oxygen-gtk and to use also the icons from that theme, and save, etc18:42
Duelgenii, Okay I Enabled GTK+ Style in the widget sstyle tab now?18:43
ErtheOMG I <3 plasmate18:44
Duelgenii, Whelp that did do anything?18:46
geniiDuel: May not see the change until next time you log in18:46
Duelgenii, So ‪under widget style I pick GTK right?18:46
Duelgenii, Where did it go? I dont have the option anymore18:47
JohnDoe_DKplease help a noob: I downloaded a tar.gz. How do I install it?18:48
geniiDuel: Widget style under the "Style" selection should stay the same as it was before (usually Oxygen).18:49
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geniiJohnDoe_DK: It is not the recommended way to install anything in *buntu systems. What is it you are trying to install?18:50
=== Guest74280 is now known as Duel
lordievaderJohnDoe_DK: Depends, a tar.gz is a compressed file. To exctract it run in a terminal: tar -zxvf <file>.tar.gz18:50
Duelgenii, Hey I logged off and back on, still no change?18:50
JohnDoe_DKits Pidgin SIPE from here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin-sipe/1.16.1-118:50
lordievaderJohnDoe_DK: But like genii says, there are easier ways to install software in Ubuntu.18:50
Duelgenii, Hold up brb18:51
lordievader!info pidgin-sipe18:51
ubottupidgin-sipe (source: pidgin-sipe): Pidgin plugin for MS Office Communicator and MS Lync. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.16.1-1 (saucy), package size 306 kB, installed size 1128 kB18:51
lordievaderJohnDoe_DK: "sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe" installs it, no need to mess with sources.18:51
travis_genii, Yea still nothing.18:52
geniiDuel: Widget style under the "Style" selection should stay the same as it was before (usually Oxygen). The changes you want to make are in the GTK section on the left pane, where you then select the  GTK2 and GTK3 themes to be oxygen-gtk18:52
travis_I dont have that?.18:52
JohnDoe_DKOh, didn't know it was in the repository...18:52
lordievaderJohnDoe_DK: Apt-cache is a usefull utility for searching the repos. See "man apt-cache".18:53
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Duelgenii, I jsut have on the left side vertically Style,Colors,Icons, Fonts, and Emotions?18:53
JohnDoe_DKlordievader: Ok thanks dude :)18:54
geniitravis_: May need to install additional packages of gtk2-engines-qtcurve or kde-style-qtcurve or kwin-style-qtcurve ( It's been a long time since i did this operation, so I forget which exactly is the correct package)18:54
Duelgenii, soo? what one should I get18:55
geniiDuel: Won't hurt to install all of them even.18:55
geniiWork needs me, away from computer a bit.18:56
Duelgenii, Got all of them18:57
Duelgenii, Dont leaave mee18:57
JohnDoe_DKlordievader: Do you know SIPE? and how to use it?18:59
lordievaderJohnDoe_DK: Nope. Sorry.19:01
JohnDoe_DKlordievader: OK19:02
DuelAnyone know how I can get my GTK to work?19:03
geniiDuel: Don't worry, I won't abandon you. Just that my boss lets me be here on IRC but my work must take precedence, so I am away from the computer often.19:07
Duelgenii, oh okay.. but I sudo'd those you posted and I already have them.19:07
geniiDuel: I'll post a screenshot of what it should look like, hangon19:08
geniiDuel: http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=27776019:12
Duelgenii, Yes I dont have that..19:12
lordievaderDuel: Do you have "kde-config-gtk-style" installed?19:13
lordievaderDuel: dpkg --get-selections|grep "kde-config-gtk-style"19:14
lordievaderIf that returns "kde-config-gtk-style                            install" then it is installed.19:14
Duellordievader, Im installing it atm.19:14
Duellordievader, Okay its done?19:14
Duellordievader, yay its there19:15
geniilordievader: You're going to gain weight with so many helper snacks....19:15
genii!helpersnack | lordievader19:15
ubottulordievader: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:15
lordievaderI'm afraid I'm getting addicted to them :(19:16
lordievaderLovely factoid though.19:16
Duellordievader,  Okay but  it doessnt change anything?19:16
lordievaderDuel: Have you set it as the screenshot of genii and logged out and in?19:17
geniiDuel: Might want also gtk2-engines-oxygen and gtk3-engines-oxygen19:17
genii( if not already installed now )19:17
Duelgenii, Installing gt219:18
Duellordievader, what you mean set it as a screen shot?19:19
lordievaderDuel: genii gave you a screenshot of how it should be set up.19:20
Duelgenii, re link please?19:20
lordievaderDuel: http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=27776019:21
Duellordievader, Okay yes i got it now19:22
NakkelHow do I change the metric value on networks (two nics) on Raring? Setting a value in network-manager doesn't seem to make any difference.19:23
Duellordievader, now say If i download a theme how do I use it?19:25
lordievaderDuel: Depends on the theme. Usually in the theme selector in the Sysconfig window there is a button to download new themes. That is probably the easiest.19:26
Duellordievader, In the appearance ?19:27
Duellordievader, Found it and Does it matter what type of theme I get?19:28
lordievaderDuel: For example: System Settings -> Workspace Appearance -> Desktop Theme -> Get New Themes.19:28
lordievaderDuel: What type? What do you mean?19:28
Duellordievader, Never mind that, But how do I set it? Where the oxygen-gtk theme is i just set it to the one I downlaoded?>19:29
geniiDuel: The usual theme for Kubuntu is Oxygen, so for the GTK settings you should put oxygen-gtk so that it matches your Kubuntu when you open for instance Firefox or other non-KDE stuff19:30
lordievaderDuel: I'm confused. What is your current problem and status.19:30
Dueloh okay.19:30
geniilordievader: Ubuntu Software Center looks fugly :)19:30
lordievadergenii: No wonder, its the Ubu Software Center :P19:30
douglubuntu the dark secret of kubuntu...19:32
Duellordievader, This is my current top, http://imgur.com/GYLQhmg19:32
DuelIs there anyway I can set terminal to ALT+t?19:34
lordievaderDuel: System Settings -> Shortcuts -> Somewhere (I usually make a custom one).19:35
lordievaderDuel: Is there anything wrong with that screenshot?19:35
Duellordievader, Not really but I feel I need something more lol.19:35
Duellordievader, For the Shortcut type what would i put?19:36
lordievaderDuel: Personal preferance I suppose, I like a clean desktop.19:36
lordievaderDuel: Global -> Command/url19:36
Duellordievader, and then?19:37
geniiDuel: Alternately, Right-click on Application Launcher, choose Edit Applications, Navigate to where Konsole is ( System... Konsole) click Advanced tab, assign a "Current Shortcut Key"19:37
DuelDone Thank you19:39
DuelThank you all for your help19:47
geniiDuel: As for the ADB and fastboot, the packages you want are: android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot19:51
Duelcan I jsut install from Sudo?19:52
geniiDuel: Certainly, like: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot19:54
Duelgenii, I jsut did them individually?19:54
geniiThat works also.19:55
Duelgenii, So then I click on the app "Run ADB" then do fastboot fast boot boot.img?19:55
geniiDuel: Might want to see that the command: sudo adb devices    ...sees your phone19:56
jarkkoFontconfig error: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf", line 70: non-double matrix element20:00
jarkkowhat does that mean20:00
DuelNow my sd card isnt mounting...20:04
geniijarkko: Is this when you start up Steam?20:07
Duelaccidentally did factory reset :/20:09
geniiDuel: The sdcard in your computer or sdcard in your phone?20:09
Duelgenii, phone. Idk why but it doesnt read it auto20:09
Duelgenii, I can mount it in recovery but thats the only way20:11
Duelgenii, and my charging port is about done.20:11
geniiDuel: Sounds like your phone might be physically failing20:12
Duelgenii,  owell. But the line Fastboot flash boot boot.img will work?20:13
geniiDuel: The fastboot commands and adb commands are independent of operating system. If there are paths though to the boot.img for instance, use the linux path to where it is and not a Windows-type path20:14
Duelgenii, So then what would I do?20:15
geniiDuel: Where is the "boot.img" file?20:15
Duelin my downloads20:16
DuelIt says waiting for device20:16
geniiDuel: If you are in Konsole and go: ls Downloads/boot.img    ...does it appear? Make sure to use D and not d in "Downloads"20:17
Duelthat means its not configured right20:17
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geniiDuel: It says this "waiting for device" when you issue what command?20:18
Duelfastboot flash boot boot.img20:18
geniiDuel: ctrl-c   to interrupt that.20:19
geniiDuel: First make sure device is seen by adb, like as before I described: sudo adb devices    ...should show some result. Then you have to make sure you have correct path to "boot.img" to put into the fastboot command. Then you have to put your phone into the mode that allows it to be flashed in the first place, which varies from phone to phone but is usually something like power-on-button+volume-up+volume-down together when starting it up20:22
Duelw8 it doesnt show devices20:23
geniiDuel: Then after it is in the correct mode for flashing, is when you issue the fastboot command, but only after you are sure where the image file is20:23
geniiDuel: If adb doesn't show the phone in it's devices list, check that the cable is a data transfer cable and not a charge-only cable.20:24
Duelive done it before20:24
geniiDuel: For your android-specific questions which are not related to Kubuntu support, I will answer those in the #android channel, where I also am.20:25
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ezra-sfajita, incompetency20:42
Sick_Rimmitsgclark: Hey Scarlet it's Rick. Just posted to the list, but thought I'd drop you a note and say Hi20:48
sgclarkSick_Rimmit: hello!20:49
* lordievader waves to Sick_Rimmit and sgclark 20:50
Sick_Rimmitsgclark: So I'm just taking a look at the Links Oliver posted earlier today, and then will check out the Documentation Wiki, and try to figure out What Trello is and does.20:50
* Sick_Rimmit Greeting Lord Vader..20:51
lordievaderSick_Rimmit: MoinMoin takes a bit of time to learn, but the documentation links given in the editor is quite decent.20:51
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Sick_Rimmitlordievader: I'm reasonably comfortable with Wiki's not used MoinMoin but have done a few others MediaWiki DokuWiki20:54
lordievaderSick_Rimmit: Ohh, so we need you when we make the switch :)20:55
lordievaderCool, anyhow shall we move to #kubuntu-offtopic or #kubuntu-devel.20:55
Sick_Rimmityes good idea,20:56
Sick_Rimmitsee you in devel20:56
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MasterTrollerHi people21:14
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ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:36
amariHi, what are the post-installation steps after rebooting Kubuntu?21:52
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eagles0513875_hey guys can someone verify something for me please.22:11
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eagles0513875_if you go into system settings and into displays where you should be able to change your resolution do you see where you can change the resolution as I cannot see that at all on my laptop22:11
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gustavosomeone can help me to make my interface imutable ?23:16
douglimutable ?23:17
gustavodougl, I work at a school. I wanna make the KDE interface looks the same every boot23:18
gustavodougl, because the kids always change it23:18
gustavoi did chattr +i .kde23:20
gustavobut didn't work23:20
douglI would find the config file for your opt.... chmod23:20
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gustavodougl, you mean /opt ?23:25

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