bigjoolswgrant or StevenK, can you decipher the error at the bottom of this please? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/156805473/buildlog.txt.gz00:31
StevenKbigjools: You can't have -'s in your version with 3.0 (native)00:39
bigjoolsStevenK: this has previously built on trusty, no changes made00:40
bigjoolswas this a recent toolchain change?00:40
StevenKProbably newer dpkg00:40
bigjoolsStevenK: so I need to remove all the - chars?00:40
StevenK      dpkg | 1.16.12ubuntu1 |         saucy | source, amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc00:41
StevenK      dpkg | 1.17.1ubuntu1 |        trusty | source, amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc00:41
StevenK(The error turns up in 1.17)00:41
StevenKRight, and 1.17.1ubuntu1 was uploaded 7 hours ago.00:41
StevenKbigjools: You have two choices. Change to 3.0 (quilt) and leave the version number alone; or leave it as 3.0 (native) and use periods as seperators00:42
bigjoolsStevenK: ok thanks00:43
bigjoolsStevenK: huh I thought it was already quilt00:45
bigjoolsyeah it is00:45
StevenKBased on that error, debian/source/format is 3.0 (native), no?00:46
bigjoolsdebian/source/format:3.0 (quilt)00:47
bigjoolsin my packaging00:47
bigjoolsalso look up the log file and see it applying quilt patches ...00:47
StevenKbigjools: Have you tried it in an up-to-date trusty chroot?00:52
bigjoolsno, I only added the recipe late last week and it worked the first time I built with it00:52
StevenKYes, the new version of dpkg was only uploaded 7 hours ago.00:52
bigjoolsthis log us from an hour ago or so00:53
StevenKI think we're talking past each other. It worked last week, because dpkg was still the version shipped with saucy. The new dpkg in trusty was uploaded 7 hours ago, so would certainly impact the build you did an hour ago.00:54
bigjoolsStevenK: I understand.00:55
bigjoolsdpkg is complaining it's a native pacakge and it definitely is not, so perhaps dpkg is buggy?00:56
StevenKI'm trying to update my local trusty chroot00:57
bigjoolscould fire up a canonistack instance00:57
StevenKbigjools: Point me at your recipe?01:01
bigjoolsyup, one sec01:01
bigjoolsStevenK: https://code.launchpad.net/~maas-maintainers/+recipe/maas-daily-trusty01:02
wgrantbigjools: bzr-builder will in some scenarios convert quilt to native. possibly if there's no pristine-tar, but i don't quite recall01:18
bigjoolswgrant: I don't think bzr-builder changed between today and Friday did it?01:19
wgrantno, the change is purely dpkg01:19
wgrantbut it would explain why your quilt package has been native before and after01:20
bigjoolscan we make it stop doing that?01:21
wgranton my phone atm, can't really poke right now01:22
StevenK% cat -A debian/control | head -n 21 | tail -n 101:24
StevenK (M-bM-^@M-^\nodeM-bM-^@M-^]) will be commissioned automatically on first boot.$01:24
StevenKSmart quotes in debian/control? You bad people.01:25
wgrantit's 201301:26
wgrantUnicode is a thing :)01:26
bigjoolsStevenK: welcome to reality :)01:33
StevenKbigjools: So, yes. wgrant is correct. bzr-builder will convert from 3.0 (quilt) to 3.0 (native) if you don't have pristine-tar information.01:34
bigjoolsthis is stretching my packaging knowledge now.01:34
StevenKIt isn't packaging, it's bzr innards01:36
wgrantbzr-build{er,deb}, not bzr :)01:37
StevenKI've tried to ignore pristine-tar, not sure if you're supposed to use it directly.01:38
wgrantbigjools: So, for 3.0 (quilt) to work you need an orig.tar.*. bzr-builddeb can't generate one of those without pristine-tar information in the branch, which specifies how to turn a revision's tree into a bit-identical upstream orig tarball.02:07
wgrantIt sounds like your branch doesn't have a pristine-tar delta for the upstream version that you've specified.02:07
bigjoolsI thought it generated a tarball in the makefile somewhere02:08
bigjoolsbut this is all roaksoax work, so...02:08
bigjoolsso there's a get-orig-source target in debian/rules, is this not sufficient ?02:09
StevenKNo, pristine-tar information is stored in the bzr history02:10
StevenKIf you have a tarball, pristine-tar commit <path to tarball> will add a pristine-tar delta to the branch02:10
bigjoolsis that something we need in the get-orig-tarball target?02:14
bigjoolsget-orig-source I mean02:14
StevenKbigjools: pristine-tar wants to reproduce an exact copy of a tarball, so no, not in get-orig-source02:19
bigjoolsStevenK: ok sorry then I am clueless, I'd better leave this for now.02:20
StevenKbigjools: If you like, we could have a G+ hangout after lunch and I can go through it02:36
bigjoolsStevenK: thanks for the offer - I'll see if I have time, busy with stuff right now02:37
StevenKI'm about to disappear for lunch02:37
bigjoolsyeah I agree02:37
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