moondogI just did two installs from the Ubuntu mini.iso... both Lubuntu minimal... one for 13.10 and one for 12.04. The 12.04 give me a LXDE desktop with panel when logging in. The 13.10 gives me LXDE but no panel and no apparent way to get any kind of right-click menu or terminal.04:32
moondogtrying to figure out what piece 13.10 is missing04:32
moondognever mind. the login screen (lightdm) has a selector for which style environment you want to login to. the default was set to LXDE Games or some such04:44
moondogchanging it to Lubuntu fixed me right up04:44
ianorlindid you log into openbox on 13.10?05:01
ianorlinah read lower lines05:01
moondogianorlin: thanks :)05:21
moondogI like the way the mini.iso lets you do a real minimal install05:22
maniongI'm having a lot of trouble getting sierra wireless 312u on telstra bigpond working tearing my hair out any help would be greatly appreciated07:43
maniongI've tried the network manager and wvdial07:45
MossyfunkDoes network manager store log files detailing failures to connect? And if not how can I tell it to keep verbose logs? And where would these logs be stored?10:13
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MossyfunkI have a fresh install of 13.10 and i'm trying to build  a driver and it tells me "make" is not installed....  I don't think gcc is installed. Is this correct? What do I need to install in order to build packages on lubuntu?12:32
NikThEventually, will Lubuntu be an LTS version ? and if yes, for how long ? I mean, 3 years like Xubuntu or 5 years as Ubuntu ?12:55
maniongI am currently starting my internet connection via a simple shell script which runs "sudo wvdial" (the script is owned by root with a no password clause in sudoers file) but when I run it it keeps a window open titled "sudo". How can I make this run silently in the background?15:59
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