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Azendale1So, reading the answer to this question, http://askubuntu.com/questions/361910/to-use-ppa-on-12-04-lts-cloud-image, should I have the cloud archive ppa on my juju client and my MaaS server in addition to specifying it in the openstack charm settings?01:36
bigjoolsAzendale1: not needed in charm settings unless you're deploying apps that require it01:37
bigjoolsbut you do need it on juju client and maas server01:37
Azendale1bigjools: by "apps that require it" do you mean stuff running in openstack or openstack itself?01:38
bigjoolsAzendale1: I mean whatever you're deploying with juju on top of maas01:39
Azendale1bigjools: ah, ok, that would be openstack01:39
atc3030bigjools, you remember my question from earlier?01:53
bigjoolsatc3030: I do01:54
atc3030can you think of the best way to implement what i was trying to do?01:54
bigjoolsyou need to set the interface with the nodes hanging off it as the managed interface01:55
bigjoolsin the maas cluster edit page01:55
bigjoolsyou need to configure port forwarding and/or NAT from there to the internet-facing port01:56
atc3030i dont need to configure a dhcp server or anything like that on the new interface? maas will handle that?01:56
bigjoolsyes - as long as it's managed, maas will handle it all01:56
atc3030port forwarding on the server itself or from the router the head server is connected to?01:57
bigjoolsforwarding between interfaces on the server01:57
atc3030ok. thank you01:57
bigjoolsI assume you have something like this:01:57
atc3030i was just running out of terms to search for lol01:57
bigjoolsinternet <---------eth0> server <eth1----------> nodes01:57
atc3030ok. thank you01:58
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AskUbuntuCan Juju cannot services that are in different environments? | http://askubuntu.com/q/37867904:07
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gmballenap: Can I get some love / a review for https://code.launchpad.net/~gmb/maas-test/import-images/+merge/195550?11:27
gmballenap: Oh, sorry, just seen you've claimed it.11:27
allenapgmb: Oh bugger, I claimed it before the call then forgot about it. I'll get on it right away.11:28
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roaksoax5~/win 315:08
allenaprvba: What's the direct_network setting for in maas-test?17:58
jlundyhowdy folks!18:29
jlundyanyone about?18:42
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