dholbachgood morning07:28
benonsoftwareEvening dholbach :)07:28
dholbachhi benonsoftware07:28
benonsoftwareHows things?07:31
dholbachgood good - how about you?07:34
elfymorning dholbach benonsoftware07:34
dholbachhi elfy07:34
benonsoftwareI'm all right07:35
benonsoftwareHiya elfy07:35
benonsoftwareCongrats too07:35
elfyty benonsoftware :)07:35
dholbachhola dpm, ara08:14
dpmmorning dholbach08:14
arahey dholbach, dpm!08:14
dpmhey ara08:14
popey\o/ http://discourse.ubuntu.com/11:13
SuperMattpopey: \o/11:58
SuperMattjcastro: I'm here o/13:58
jcastrolet's schedule this14:03
SuperMattall right!"14:03
cjohnstonor something like tht14:05
jcastrowhat day did you prefer again?14:05
jcastrothursday after 6 your time iirc?14:05
SuperMattis there a particular time that's available?14:05
SuperMattutc and gmt are the same, right?14:06
SuperMatt(not exactly the same, but more or less the same?)14:07
SuperMatt15:05 to 16:00 looks good. Only one community event at that time14:08
SuperMatthaving said that, I don't really know how long you expect me to talk for :/14:08
jcastroit's ok, popey will be in there with you. :p14:10
jcastrojust make him do all the work14:10
* popey notes he is running other sessions14:10
jcastrowhere did the session go14:12
jcastrohey mhall11914:14
jcastroany idea why this isn't showing on the sidebar?14:14
jcastrodholbach, or mhall119, my proposed google helpout meeting is in "pending", can one of you approve it?14:16
jcastrounless you hate us and want to not have it14:17
SuperMatth8rs gonna h814:17
mhall119jcastro: that's community track, so I'll let dholbach decide how much he's angry at you for leaving :)14:21
jcastrocome on dholbach14:26
jcastrohook us up!14:26
SuperMattat some point I should consider applying for community membership14:28
dpmhey all, can someone help me with redditing/spread the word? http://davidplanella.org/empowering-loco-teams-at-uds/14:33
SuperMattdpm: it's on /r/ubuntu14:38
* dpm hugs SuperMatt14:42
SuperMattno problems14:42
SuperMattI'm not sure it's going to get many upvotes, but it's there at least14:45
SuperMattI kinda skimmed it, I assume the idea is that locos are gonna want to start promoting touch, etc?14:45
dpmthat's great, thanks!14:52
jcastroSuperMatt, you are scheduled sir!15:20
SuperMattthank you15:21
dholbachdpm, mhall119, popey: tomorrow at 16:05 there's "Improving the content of App Developer Cookbooks" and "Campaign to grow the number of tutorials videos" - both relevant to my work, although I'd just take care of the second session - shall we try to juggle the sessions around a little bit or just meet after the two sessions happened and juggle work items around a bit?16:12
mhall119dholbach: the cookbook session is going to be more around the script for pulling content in, and meta-data in askubuntu to make it more accurate, not working on the content itself16:13
dholbachahhh ok16:13
dholbachthat works for me then16:13
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
dholbachall right my friends - dinner time! see you tomorrow at UDS! :)17:40
elfycya dholbach17:40
dholbachbye elfy :)17:40
pleia2jcastro: should fix spelling of "introducing" http://www.jorgecastro.org/2013/11/14/from-0-to-hero-in-a-few-minutes/ :)18:47
jcastro... and that's embarrassing!18:47
balloonsjcastro, I'm just glad folks like pleia2 let me know when I make such silly mistakes!18:48
balloonsi'm more embarrassed if no one tells me!18:48
jcastroI posted that like last week and no one said anything18:48
pleia2hah, it's causing edit wars on this edition of UWN ;) "do we fix spelling errors by blog authors?" "I'll just tell jcastro to fix it"18:48
jcastroplease feel free to fix me18:49
jcastropleia2, ooh, when's the issue go out?18:49
pleia2jcastro: few hours18:49
jcastrolet me finish this one18:49
jcastroI have the discourse announcement thing18:49
pleia2ah, should it be included in this issue?18:49
jcastroyes please!18:49
jcastroI'll have a URL for you in like 3 minute18:50
jcastropleia2, http://www.jorgecastro.org/2013/11/18/discourse-dot-ubuntu-dot-com-is-here/18:57
jcastrohow's that?18:57
jcastroI checked the spelling18:57
jcastrothree times. :p18:57
pleia2looks good, thanks18:58
SuperMattjcastro: reddited19:27
cprofittjcastro: good to see discourse.ubuntu.com up and running19:32
elfythough it's too blue :p19:38
elfyjcastro: might want to unpin this now it's closed and start a new one http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/report-broken-things-here/433/7419:40
jcastromarcoceppi_,  ^^^19:40
jcastroI no longer have any powers19:41
marcoceppi_elfy: jcastro thanks19:41
=== marcoceppi_ is now known as marcoceppi
elfyassumed you would still have them - I thought of pinging marcoceppi - but didn't know timezone :)19:41
marcoceppielfy: EST-ish19:42
elfyis that :)19:42
elfyI'd not know est from any of the others without looking19:42
marcoceppiI'm typically anywhere from GMT-3 ~ GMT-819:43
elfythat I can understand :)19:43
jcastrojono, reload is 16 years old today20:30
jcastrotalk about forgettable ... :p20:30
jonojcastro, ahhh, so 18 years ago they stopped being interesting :-)20:39
AlanBellyay, over halfway there http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-raspberry-pi-build-cluster-for-ubuntu/x/520692320:41
dakerAlanBell: wow20:58
AlanBellyeah, just ordered some of the bits daker :)21:04
dakerAlanBell: can't wait to use it on my RPi21:06
AlanBellyeah, I hope if we can get the base operating system built there will be a bit of an effort to get the GUI and Unity 8 running on it21:11
AlanBellat the moment we are targetting the server packages really21:11
AlanBellif anyone wants to share that on reddit/facebook/hacker news that would be cool, I don't get how those sites work really21:21
jonojose, call?22:01
josejono: yep, updating the plugin, second22:01

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