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apacheloggerslangasek: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apachelogger/+junk/plymouth-stop-kdm/revision/1461 does that look sane to you?01:44
stokachuNoskcaj: i think i was waiting on some feedback from some internal channels before merging03:19
stokachuNoskcaj: for precise anyway, haven't done anything with trusty yet so feel free03:20
RAOFSo, uh, where's the libudev bug tracker these days?03:57
pittiGood morning05:06
Noskcajstokachu, I was meaning trusty, but i'm not really able to fix the ubuntu patch fot this05:36
arunHello guys  may I ask a question?? Does the locale of Ubuntu comes from Debian or glib05:46
pittiarun: from upstream glibc, with some Debian and Ubuntu patches06:11
arunpitti: that means if I upload my locale in glibc, it will be applied in Debian and Ubuntu ?06:12
pittiarun: yes; and we can even do that early, but we require a locale to be submitted (and if possible, reviewed) upstream before we include it06:12
arunpitti: so, how can I upload the locale to Ubuntu that I have already done in glibc06:14
arunpitti: should I have to again in Ubuntu if I have already done in glibc ?06:14
pittiarun: please open a bug against "langpack-locales" and give the URL to the upstream bug06:14
arunpitti: so, when may the patch get update in distro?06:15
pittiarun: should be in the next couple of days then06:15
arunor can I download the package of the updated one ?06:15
pittiarun: well, you submitted the locale upstream, I'd assume you have it actually installed to test it :)06:15
arunpitti: then after that will the language packs get updated in Installer also?06:15
pittiarun: yes, then we'll build langpacks, as soon as we get them for trusty (they aren't enabled yet)06:16
arunpitti: can't I apply or test it in my own system ?06:16
arunpitti: I would I do that, I can't figure out !!06:17
pittiarun: how did you test it if you didn't do that?06:17
arunpitti: I just created the locales not tested it06:17
pittiplease see "man localedef"06:17
pittiarun: you can copy it to /usr/share/i18n/locales/, add it to /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED, and then run "sudo locale-gen xx_YY.UTF-8" to test it like if it was shipped by the distro06:18
pittiwith localedef you can build it without mucking around in /usr06:18
arunpitti: ok wait ok , I am testing please be in touch06:22
arunPici: yes then what to do after locale-gen ?06:33
arunpitti: are u there?06:36
arunPici: sorry06:36
arunpitti:  yes then what to do after locale-gen ?06:36
pittiarun: you run your program under that locale06:36
pittiLANG=xx_YY.UTF-8 gedit06:37
pittior whatever else06:37
pittior set it as system default locale to test everything06:37
pittiof course you won't have many translations (unless you installed a few from your translation efforts), but you can check time format and the like06:37
arunpitti: yaa I wanted to check that time thing, how to ?06:38
pitti"date", or look in the panel06:38
arunpitti: didn't work06:38
arunpitti: it didn't get applied I think06:41
arunpitti: hello are u there?06:50
arunpitti: what should I do the next06:50
pittiarun: do you see your locale in "locale -a"?06:51
arunpitti: no there no06:51
pittiso you didn't run locale-gen with your new locale name06:51
arunpitti: I did06:53
pittithen it failed; do you get some error message ther?06:54
arunpitti: no , I don't06:54
pittiarun: please pastebin the whole command that you ran and its output06:54
arunpitti: I did this :- sudo locale-gen the_NP.UTF-8 and enter but no errr\or06:54
arunpitti: and then did sudo locale -a and there is no the_NP in that list06:55
pittiarun: did you get the "Generating locales..." "the_NP.UTF-8... done" output? (pretty please just show me the whole output -- I can't pull every single piece of information like that)06:55
arunpitti: no that thing didn't come06:56
arunthere is no such output , I mean no output06:56
pittiarun: then you didn't add it to SUPPORTED06:56
arunpitti: i did it , dude06:56
arunpitti: oh ya06:57
arunpitti: I had missed it sorry06:57
arunpitti: I had got an error in 1st try that is http://dpaste.com/1470055/ then in second attempt no errors output was without error07:00
pittiyeah, that's why you need to test a locale :)07:00
pittiso, apparently "the" needs to be added to some place I don't know07:01
arunpitti: oh07:01
arunpitti: but the date is not being appplied07:01
pittiso that localedef knows it07:02
pittiprobably some place in libc which knows about the 2/3-letter iso codes07:03
arunpitti: now its listed in locale -a07:03
pittiat this point this really needs a bug report07:03
pittito track this between the different packages and upstreams07:03
arunpitti: and when I type  LC_TIME=the_NP.UTF-8 it says07:06
arunbash: warning: setlocale: LC_TIME: cannot change locale (the_NP.UTF-8)07:06
pittiyeah, as the generation of the locale failed due to the unknown "the"07:06
arunpitti: oh wait07:07
infinityLooking at the commit upstream, it looks like there might just be a stray "the" on the line before lang_term (or, perhaps, that was meant to be preceded with a "lang_ab")07:12
infinity+postal_fmt  "<U0025><U007A><U0025><U0063><U0025><U0054><U0025><U0073>/07:13
infinity+% the07:13
infinity+lang_term    "<U0074><U0068><U0065>"07:13
infinity+% the07:13
infinityOh, wait, I'm reading that backward.07:15
infinityYeah, that looks like it's right.07:15
* infinity shouldn't try to understand new things at 7am.07:15
aruninfinity: ok07:17
pittiinfinity: I think libc-bin (localedef) has some kind of compiled form from iso-codes which hardcode the available language names and 2/3 letter ISO codes07:18
infinitypitti: You think it's picking it out of localedata/SUPPORTED at compile time instead of runtime?  That seems silly.07:19
pittiinfinity: no, just the definition of "the"; localedef verifies that the language name is known (and what it actually expands to)07:20
pittiI'm not sure where that lives, though07:20
arunyes guys have a look https://sourceware.org/git/?p=glibc.git;a=blob;f=locale/iso-639.def;h=56db3c81d53709194486bc579f0ec5cc4a14cc3d;hb=b46d046e7bf7e0f96e41e522da731b89177e31ab07:21
pittilooks like it07:22
arunso, where that thing is compiled !!07:24
infinitySo, the big question is, is Tharu/the defined by iso-639?07:24
infinityOh, it's already in there.07:24
infinity 463 DEFINE_LANGUAGE_CODE3 ("Tharu, Chitwani", the, the)07:24
pittiinfinity: yes, it's in /usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_639_3.xml07:24
infinityI'm just blind.07:25
pittiah, but not in langpack-locale's copy of iso-639.def07:25
pittiso that needs to be synced07:25
pittione more reason to merge them back to glibc :)07:26
pittiI didn't actually think it would be used/installed anywhere, though07:26
pittiit can probalby just go from langpack-loclaes07:26
pittiinfinity, arun: or perhaps this has been added later than the ubuntu release arun is running this on?07:27
infinityIt's not in the 2.18 iso-639 (and, of course, this locale isn't in 2.18 either), so if someone wants me to pull it back into 2.18, a bug filed would be nice, before I go fly for 12 hours and forget about this.07:27
pittiarun: ^ what I said about "this needs an ubuntu bug report at this point to coordinate"07:28
dholbachgood morning07:28
arunpitti: ok brother as this is  a new locale , I had just added that in the glibc 2 days ago07:29
infinityarun: Indeed, I can see the upstream commits.  But if you want it in a distro before 2.19 comes out, we need to pull some patches.  If you don't care about it working until 2.19 is in the distro, you can do nothing and just wait.07:30
infinity(I'd do it now in my 2.18 packaging, but I'm literally 2 minutes away from closing my laptop and running to a train station)07:31
arunthe thing is the packing didn't worked for me that I tried07:31
infinityarun: So, if you want it backported, please file a bug on eglibc and assign it to "adconrad".  If you're happy waiting for 2.19, wait.07:32
aruninfinity: when are u returning home?07:32
infinityarun: I'll be home in half a day or so.07:32
* infinity runs off.07:32
aruninfinity: when will glibc get released07:32
arunpitti: bro so whats next07:35
arunpitti: what should I do07:35
arunpitti: any way to test that crap ?>07:36
pittiarun: as I said, please file an ubuntu bug with pointing to the upstream bug where you submitted the locale (unless it's already committed), and we'll coordinate the glibc/langpack-locales uploads07:36
pittiarun: whoa, calling your work "crap"?07:36
pittiarun: you could locally build eglibc with that patch applied, but that will take a bit07:37
arunpitti: oh thanks brother07:42
arunpitti: thanks a lot07:42
arunI will surely bug a report07:42
arunpitti: when is LTS releasing?07:46
pittiarun: next April07:46
arunpitti: oh that mean 6 months left?07:46
Noskcajarun, yep07:47
arunand should I finish all the things before that to get it in it07:47
Noskcajarun, For the actual code, yes. translations can be added (i think) in LTS point releases07:48
arunNoskcaj: what if the translations are not made in it, willl the work in it07:49
arunNoskcaj: WILL IT BE AVAILABLE IN Language Option during installation ?07:50
Noskcajarun, If the code changes get done, and launchpad recognises the language, yep07:51
arunNoskcaj: cool, yes Launchpad does07:51
arunbut the translations are done in another stream can we submit the po file to the maintainer later on ?07:53
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jamespage@pilot in08:57
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jamespagemorning folks08:57
arunjamespage: hello09:04
jamespagehey arun09:04
arunjamespage: how are u ?09:05
jamespagearun, all good here09:07
arunjamespage: cool, are u in locale maintaining ?09:07
NoskcajLaney, just wondering, when do you think evolution 3.10 will be in ubuntu?09:08
jamespagearun, not quite sure I understand the question - I'm on pilot duty this morning09:08
jamespageso working through the sponsorship queue right now09:08
Noskcajjamespage, he's trying to add a new language to ubuntu09:08
arunNoskcaj: yup like that09:09
LaneyNoskcaj: once webkit stops being sad09:10
Laneyit keeps being oom killed on the porter box so I can't be sure if my fixes work :(09:10
jamespagearun, can't help you with that - sorry09:21
arunjamespage: ok09:21
arunjamespage: thanks09:21
seb128is update-apt-xapian-index segfaulting in trusty for others as well?09:42
xnoxjust unity-panel-services yere.09:45
seb128xnox, do you have a backtrace?09:48
xnoxseb128: whoopsie uploaded a crash & ubuntu-bug *.crash doesn't do anything to launchpad.09:50
seb128xnox, can you give me the error id?09:50
seb128xnox, you can access your list of report from gnome-control-center -> privacy iirc09:51
xnoxxnox: the top three at https://errors.ubuntu.com/?package=unity-services&period=day is what I see.09:52
xnoxseb128: ^09:53
xnoxseb128: to trigger, open oboard and wait or some such. eventually it has a fizzy fit.09:53
seb128xnox, is that on trusty?09:53
seb128xnox, but yeah, seems like a11y related, which probably explain why I don't see those, I didn't activate a11y09:54
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seb128xnox, it's weird, those 3 reports haven't been seen in versions > precise according to e.u.c (which is right, they got fix in quantal iirc)09:57
xnoxseb128: you need a touch screen notebook ;-)09:57
seb128xnox, feel free to send me one ;-)09:57
seb128xnox, are you sure it's the same bug though?09:57
xnoxno, but i have no idea how to force ubuntu-bug to upload a crash. it now says that my packages are obsolete, duh09:58
xnoxanyway, need to do real work.09:58
seb128xnox, can you copy the file somewhere where I can download it?09:59
darkxstxnox, just point ubuntu-bug at the crash file in /var/crash10:02
darkxstyou might need to retrace locally though, if you have obsolete packages10:04
darkxstcrash reports bit rot pretty fast ;(10:04
cjwatsonarun: If you want a locale to be available during installation, you need to start work ASAP on getting debian-installer translated to it, and that work needs to be done in Debian.  See https://web.archive.org/web/20130923213600/http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/10:25
cjwatson(alioth.d.o is down right now so you get an archive link ...)10:25
aruncjwatson: yaa, its down so, I am in idle now10:26
aruncjwatson: and how can I get the glibc compiled10:26
cjwatsonPlease don't ask me about that.10:26
cjwatsonI'm just telling you that you need to start on this work in Debian as soon as possible because the translations will take some time to filter through to Ubuntu.10:27
cjwatson(And we don't enable new installer translations unless they've been done in Debian; it just doesn't scale for us.)10:27
aruncjwatson: but the server is down now , isn't it ....10:28
cjwatsonYes, but that doesn't stop you getting started on some of the other parts of that.  For example, have you contacted the d-i development team yet?  Start from https://web.archive.org/web/20120401055952/http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/ch03.html10:29
yolandahi doko, i saw you filed some failures about trusty complaining for not finding ac_nonexistent.h file, how did you solve it? it happens to me with couchdb10:31
dokoyolanda, hmm, can't remember, which ones I did file ...10:32
yolandaso i'm seeing same errors when building couchdb for trusty10:33
dokoyolanda, well, I didn't fix these =)10:33
yolandadoko, so you just left it, is there some issue with trusty then?10:37
dokoyolanda, most likely. but I didn't do a test rebuild for trusty yet. this was just the initial arm64 build10:38
yolandadoko, ok, i'm adding some new features for trusty to that packages and having that problem. Not sure if just build for saucy instead10:39
AmpelbeinHi there. Could somebody with the rights to do so accept the nomination of bug 1183580 for saucy?10:41
ubottubug 1183580 in librcc (Ubuntu) "[SRU] librcc segfaults on latest saucy" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118358010:41
pittiAmpelbein: done10:51
Ampelbeinpitti: Thank you.10:52
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xnoxyolanda: do you have a link to the full build-log?11:16
yolandaxnox, just built locally, i can rebuild and pastebinit11:17
xnoxyolanda: cause "ac_nonexistant.h" is usually a red-herring, it's used intentionally by autoconf to test non-existing headers =)11:17
yolandaxnox, seems that cannot find any header11:18
yolandalet me paste the log11:18
xnoxyolanda: e.g. in http://people.debian.org/~doko/logs/arm64-20131023/logs/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-arm64.rtmidi_2.0.1~ds0-3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt the actual error is:11:18
xnoxchecking build system type... Invalid configuration `aarch64-linux-gnu': machine `aarch64' not recognized11:18
xnoxconfigure: error: /bin/bash config/config.sub aarch64-linux-gnu failed11:18
xnoxafter that it just does "cat" of config.log which has all internal details of what configure script did.11:18
infinitySo, just a simple config.{sub,guess} update.11:19
infinity(Please use dh_autotools-dev)11:19
xnoxinfinity: snapping my answers =)11:19
infinityxnox: I don't board for 3 minutes, I need something to occupy my time. :)11:19
xnoxinfinity: =))))11:19
yolandaxnox http://paste.ubuntu.com/6436923/11:20
infinityMissing build-dep.11:21
infinityThough, that seems hard, given that dpkg provides an install-info binary...11:22
jamespagesmoser, utlemming: are you OK with https://code.launchpad.net/~med/ubuntu-seeds/sosreport/+merge/179485 ?11:22
yolandainifinit, i double checked and i have that install-info package installed11:22
yolandainfinity ^11:22
cjwatsonYou may have but it's not in your build-deps11:30
cjwatsondpkg's version is in /usr/sbin/install-info so not on the default PATH for a package build; TBH trying to detect install-info in configure seems silly anyway11:30
cjwatsonI guess it's using it in its "make install"11:30
cjwatsonIt's probably simplest to add a build-dep on install-info and move on11:31
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jamespage@pilot out12:13
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dobeyseb128: hey. sorry. was on vacation last week.13:45
seb128dobey, hey! oh, nice, I hope you had fun ;-)13:45
tseliotpitti: can you approve the binaries for nvidia-331 and nvidia-331-updates in NEW, please?13:46
dobeynot as much as i wanted to, but it was ok :)13:46
pittitseliot: done13:58
tseliotpitti: great, thanks!13:59
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xnoxdoko: is it ok if I re-introduce arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc-4.6 into universe? it's still needed for ubuntu-touch development at the moment.15:18
seb128tseliot, hey, do you know if there is any known bug with nvidia drivers' xrandr support in 13.10?15:29
seb128tseliot, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/122425415:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1224254 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "xrandr Xerrors with the nvidia binary drivers" [Medium,Confirmed]15:29
seb128tseliot, not sure where to reassign? nvidia-drivers?15:29
dokoxnox, 4.6, are you joking?15:37
xnoxdoko: goldfish 3.4 kernels misscompile with 4.7 and FTBFS with 4.8. =/15:38
xnoxdoko: $ apt-cache showsrc linux-goldfish | grep gcc-4.615:38
tseliotseb128: let me check15:41
rsalvetiMirv: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/ubuntu/trusty/qtbase-opensource-src/android-emulator-workaround/+merge/195622 mind reviewing it?15:42
rsalvetiMirv: needed to get Qt working with the android emulator15:43
seb128tseliot, thanks15:44
tseliotseb128: yes, that happens with hybrid graphics. It's a bug in either nvidia or in the modesettings driver15:45
seb128tseliot, can you reassign/add a comment?15:45
tseliotseb128: sure15:46
seb128tseliot, thanks15:46
dokoxnox, which kernel version is this?15:54
xnoxdoko: goldfish is 3.4 but has plenty of emulator devices written by google / non-mainline15:55
xnoxdoko: grouper, manta, maguro, goldfish are all compiled with gcc-4.6. mako is the only touch kernel compiled with 4.7.15:56
slangasekapachelogger: yep, looks sane15:58
xnoxdoko: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-goldfish/+bug/123644415:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 1236444 in linux-goldfish (Ubuntu Saucy) "kernel panic" [Undecided,Fix released]15:58
xnoxwhich was "fixed" by compiling with 4.6.15:58
jamespagexnox, just love that kinda fix16:11
xnoxjamespage: the other day i was thinking to abuse multiple-tarballs of 3.0 formats and make an "automake-all" package which builds all automakes from 1.4 -> 1.1416:12
rbasakdoko: please could you triage bug 1252290? I don't know why you temporarily demoted tomcat7 so not sure how to deal with this one.16:35
ubottubug 1252290 in tomcat7 (Ubuntu) "tomcat7 is disabled in the trusty server seeds starting from 20131115.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125229016:35
seb128dholbach, what's the website you use again to know what packages you sponsored for somebody?16:37
dholbachseb128, http://ubuntu-dev.alioth.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu-sponsorships.cgi - but it's down with the rest of alioth16:38
xnoxseb128: it's linked of qa.ubuntuwire.com (at the bottom)16:38
seb128dholbach, oh right, thanks anyway16:38
seb128xnox, thanks16:38
dholbachseb128, here's what mitya57 suggested to do: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6416445/16:38
orbisvicisi really thought they'd have alioth back up after this weekend...16:41
xnoxorbisvicis: i'm wathcing #alioth on OFTC, where nagios says, it's down.16:43
seb128dholbach, danke16:43
orbisvicisif I want to revert a particular commit from an (ubuntu) source package maintained at alioth, would it be possible. Does ubuntu mirror anything?16:44
xnoxorbisvicis: ..... all debian/ubuntu packages can be fetched with: pull-debian-source / pull-lp-source respectively and one can do anything to them....16:45
xnoxorbisvicis: if you know changes that you want to revert, that's easy to do.16:45
xnoxorbisvicis: there are no mirrors.16:45
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orbisvicisxnox: i don't know the commit in particular, but it is either fully upstream (which is maintained at git.debian.org [alioth]), or includes changes to the debian/ directory. Either case... pull-lp-source wouldn't track such commits?16:51
xnoxogasawara: pull-*-source download latest debian .src package.16:52
xnoxogasawara: unping.16:52
LaneyYou get the latest thing in the archive, but nothing from the vcs.16:52
xnoxorbisvicis:  pull-*-source download latest debian .src package. Not vcs history.16:52
LaneyIf there's history or new things there16:52
xnoxorbisvicis: but e.g. if it's an individual patch under debian/patches, it's easy to revert.16:53
xnoxorbisvicis: or you can look at commit-diff mailing lists if there is one for repository in question.16:53
orbisvicisxnox: that's an idea, thanks. I'16:53
orbisvicisll give that a shot later16:53
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stokachubarry: you seen this project yet : https://bitbucket.org/tpn/pyparallel/17:48
stokachubarry: http://vimeo.com/7953931717:50
orbisvicisI have a build failure I can't figure out: http://lpaste.net/300903890916317593617:57
orbisvicisany other command in override_dh_auto_test works fine, and in the c10shell hook, I can run "xvfb-run -a dh_auto_test" without any problems17:57
orbisvicisas well as make -f debian/rules override_dh_auto_test17:59
mathfreak_Hello. Is there a video stream for UDS I can watch?18:01
Ampelbeinmathfreak_: The sessions take place in IRC and google hangouts (I think), just click the link on summit.ubuntu.com18:02
orbisvicisthink I figured it out... xvfb is automatically started once installed..?18:14
sergiusensjamesh, hey, wrt to go-dbus, how about making the trunk series point to your trunk branch?18:37
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barrystokachu: i haven't watched the latest video yet, but i was at trent's talk at pycon and i'm following the mlist thread.  pretty cool and crazy stuff :)18:40
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stokachubarry: yea man pretty interesting18:50
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allstarsnorks2Hi guys]19:37
allstarsnorks2can I talk about issues with my Ubuntu build (I used Ubuntu  Builder)19:38
jcastrohey ogra_19:38
jcastroin the spirit of your blog post maybe there's room at UDS for a session on the update thing?19:39
allstarsnorks2I'm having problems with my build of Ubuntu19:39
jcastroIMO I bet the phased updates handle like 90% of what they're trying to avoid19:39
ogra_jcastro, sounds good, think we can get clem to participate _19:41
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jcastroif he's interested, sure, gotta start somewhere!19:41
ogra_just having a session wont hellp if not the right people are in it19:41
jcastroyeah, I mean, maybe it's something we do later or something19:41
jcastroI just wanted to bring up that UDS is here and we've got the right people in the right virtual rooms19:42
allstarsnorks2I'm currently running my build of Ubuntu 13.04. But instead of the XFCE Desktop Manager I wanted to see, I get Busybox.19:42
tarpmanallstarsnorks2: hi! I'm not sure, but ubuntu-builder seems to be a separate project, so maybe you'd have more luck reporting your problem to its developers... they have a bug tracker is on google code: https://code.google.com/p/ubuntu-builder/issues/list19:46
tarpmanallstarsnorks2: in fact https://code.google.com/p/ubuntu-builder/issues/detail?id=52 sounds similar to what you wrote above19:46
allstarsnorks2Made a bug report19:52
molgrumis unity development using this channel?20:09
ogra_there is #ubuntu-unity i think20:09
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rsalvetixnox: when testing the emulator, do you remember if it was also stuck sometimes? quite frequently it gets to a point where I cannot start any other program, like top21:52
rsalvetisame kernel and emulator works fine with android, just wonder if something we might be doing or missing21:52
* ScottK waves to ogra_.21:53
ScottKI guess it's been a 'fun' day.21:53
* ogra_ wavws back to ScottK 21:53
ogra_it has !21:53
ScottKFWIW, I think Mint's default policy on updates makes it unsuitable for casual users, but that's just me.21:54
ogra_well, they claim the updates make it unstable, if thats true there is clearly something to do on our side21:55
ogra_(in fact they show you a scary dialog that points to "may harm your system" security updates, i think that could even be worse than suppressing them ... teaching people that security adds instability)21:56
stgraberogra_: well, all of the systems I manage (around 300 containers, 50 or so servers and a dozen desktops) are configured to apply any security and bugfix update automatically every hour (thanks to unattended-upgrade). I have seen breakage but nothing that we didn't fix immediately and nothing that could have really been prevented (the last in date being procps failing to upgrade in containers, requiring manual action to resolve...)22:02
ogra_stgraber, right, i'm not really sure from when this Mint policy comes though ... we might have done worse in the past, might have burned them and now they are scared22:03
ogra_would be good to hear a clear word about the reasons really22:03
tarpmanin the past linuxmint achieved some customizations by overwriting or editing dpkg-owned files in place without creating derived packages or even diverting... so installing updated packages from ubuntu would undo their changes22:14
tarpmanI don't have a linuxmint install handy, but glancing quickly at e.g. http://packages.linuxmint.com/pool/main/m/mintsystem/mintsystem_7.9.0.dsc it seems to still do the same sort of thing :|22:14
crhrabalanyone willing to sponsor this for me:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/apt/+bug/120604722:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 1206047 in apt (Debian) "typo? in /etc/cron.daily/apt : MinAgeSec variable does not exist" [Undecided,New]22:14
ogra_tarpman, oh my22:26
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crhrabalhey can someone review my merge request:  https://code.launchpad.net/~tjguthrie4600/ubuntu/trusty/apt/bug-1206047/+merge/19555323:03
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