dufluGah. Summer must be coming. Everything has a spider living in it already :P01:23
RAOFDear lord, upstairs is hot.04:54
RAOFAlso, why must Qt have crappy font rendering?04:55
RAOF(Alternately, where do I tell Qt to render fonts non-crappily?)04:55
RAOFHm. Hang on to shared_ptrs, or increment other people's reference counting?04:59
Mirvfiled bug #1252144 on a test failure on builders05:34
ubot5bug 1252144 in Mir "A test failing on builders with mir 0.1.1" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125214405:34
dufluMirv: Also, is the "UNRELEASED" a problem? mir (0.1.1-0ubuntu1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low05:41
Mirvduflu: no, it's fine and gets changed by cu2d as seen at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/156699885/mir_0.1.1%2B14.04.20131116-0ubuntu1.diff.gz05:46
dufluMirv: If I propose a fix to lp:mir can we test it quickly? I can't reproduce the bug either...06:10
RAOFDoes it fail on the PPA builders, too?06:14
dufluLooks like a silly-short timeout which will fail on a busy server. Proposing now...06:15
dufluOh. Wait, no. It fails after 1ms06:16
Mirvduflu: yeah I can push to some PPA as well if needed06:32
dufluMirv: We don't use PPAs in Mir any more. But proposing now...06:32
Mirvok, seeing the branch06:33
Mirvbuilding soon at https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-daily/+sourcepub/3666854/+listing-archive-extra06:41
dufluRAOF: When is an appropriate time to add resize support to Mesa? There are prerequisite changes in Mir 0.1.2 that it will need, but can we update git immediately?06:43
RAOFWe can update git any time you want.06:43
dufluRAOF: In that case, may I ask you to look at my two lines of logic and update the buffer acquire/release stuff to suit?06:45
RAOFCertainly. Where are they?06:46
dufluRAOF: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/156390351/mesa-mir-resize-support.patch06:46
dufluIt works now... but of course we don't have any demo clients using non-colour buffers yet06:47
RAOFHow do clients know to change their rendering, by the way?06:47
dufluRAOF: They presently query EGL. Events are coming soon06:47
dufluFor example: https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/resize-examples/+merge/19483306:48
RAOFAdded to git.06:49
dufluRAOF: Ta muchly06:49
RAOFOh, also; why is there a check for buffer.width and buffer.height?06:50
dufluRAOF: So it falls back to the existing (working) behaviour if you accidentally run it against an older Mir06:51
RAOFAh, ABI.06:51
duflu... where they are zeroed fields06:51
RAOFYeah, fair call.06:51
dufluIt's both sad and exciting that resizing surfaces is one of the most dramatic things you will see on demo_server* right now06:52
dufluRAOF: Were you referring to jaggies on touch earlier? I see them now :P08:01
dufluMirv: Jenkins is reporting CI failures which are actually problems with the build machine and not the code :(08:16
Mirvduflu: yep, retrying in case it helps08:38
duflualf_: Do we ensure xbgr is listed before abgr so dumb clients like unity-mir will grab the first (fastest) pixel format?09:42
alf_duflu: no, on the contrary, we return pixel formats in descending "active" bits order (abgr = 32, xbgr = 24)09:44
duflualf_: Is that a good idea09:44
alf_duflu: It's a more predictable ordering (and helps a bit when searching for particular formats), sorting by "fastest" is not. In any case, if unity-mir, or any other app needs a particular surface type they should search for it, not rely on formats[0] being what they want.09:47
duflualf_: Yeah I was trying to avoid fixing and rebuilding unity-mir09:47
alf_duflu: (because we may indeed decide to change the ordering in the future)09:48
duflualf_: OK. I think we need to improve on format lookups in future. Perhaps like bug 123625409:49
ubot5bug 1236254 in Mir "[enhancement] MirPixelFormat should encode details of the pixel format" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123625409:49
alf_duflu: yeah, I was looking at the DRM fourcc format, but it's a bit arbitrary unfortunately09:50
alf_duflu: (/usr/include/drm/drm_fourcc.h)09:51
duflualf_: Yeah I know it, but it does not solve the problem09:51
alf_duflu: alan_g: @offscreen-platform, are you happy with renaming to OffscreenDisplayContext or OffscreenNativeDisplay or ...09:55
duflualf_: I think I prefer OffscreenPlatform more :S09:55
alan_galf_: reminding myself...09:56
alf_duflu: alan_g: Unless we go with one of the other methods (e.g. adding egl_native_display() to platform directly and having an independent OffscreenPlatform interface)09:57
duflualf_: Or just make OffscreenPlatform a real platform and drop the pure virtual requirement :)09:58
alan_galf_: the name doesn't bother me much - but I would suggest BasicPlatform/MinimalPlatform would be a better base for Platform than OffscreenPlatform09:59
dufluYeah that would be better10:00
alf_alan_g: duflu: EGLPlatform?10:00
duflualf_: That's slightly better, but it's going to confuse people for that to be the base of "Platform"10:01
dufluI think any good solution is going to involve rethinking "Platform" which is a job for another day.10:02
* duflu abstains10:02
alf_alan_g: duflu: OK, I will go with BasicPlatform10:03
alan_galf_: the last suggested revised name for "surfaces" I can find is "core" - how do you feel about that?10:14
alf_alan_g: thinking...10:20
alf_alan_g: I am not convinced that core is a better name than surfaces (or something else), it's surely is less descriptive10:27
alf_alan_g: after all mir::surfaces is all about the creation and management of surfaces10:28
alf_alan_g: mir::scene ?10:28
alan_galf_: maybe - although I've been trying to get away from "scenegraph" which tends to be taken too specifically10:40
alan_galf_: mir::model?10:40
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alf_alan_g: It depends on how literally we want to use "model" (in the MVC sense), since the component contains the controller too.10:47
alan_gtvoss_: I think the time is ripe to change the name of mir::surfaces. Do you have any thoughts on a good name? (Also ^^)10:47
alan_galf_: yeah, but mir::model_controller is a bit long winded10:48
alan_gmm or mmc is easy to type though...10:49
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Stskeepsg 6311:08
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Mirvweird, weird, the test duflu fixed still failing in the daily-build PPA, while when I build in another PPA (granted probably slightly different PPA) it succeeded: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+sourcepub/3667324/+listing-archive-extra13:58
Mirvthis is the bug #1252144 still13:59
ubot5bug 1252144 in mir (Ubuntu) "A test failing on builders with mir 0.1.1: PublishedSocketConnector.drm_auth_magic_is_processed_by_the_server" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125214413:59
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kgunndidrocks: ok...what's up ? u-s-c FTBFS ?14:51
didrockskgunn: see what Mir posted an hour ago ^14:51
didrocksbug #125214414:51
ubot5bug 1252144 in mir (Ubuntu) "A test failing on builders with mir 0.1.1: PublishedSocketConnector.drm_auth_magic_is_processed_by_the_server" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125214414:51
kgunndidrocks: sorry...got on later than that14:52
didrockskgunn: also, it seems platform-api doesn't have the bump build-dep merged14:52
didrocksthat's the 2 things now that we can slowly try to land things again :)14:52
didrocksand doing Mir in priority14:52
didrocksseems to work on virtualized ppa, but not on real hardware one14:53
didrocks(the latter beeing used for distro)14:53
didrocks(comments #4 and #5)14:53
kgunndidrocks: do we know the fundamental differences between  qt5-daily PPA vs. daily-build PPA  ??14:55
didrockskgunn: I have this virtualized vs non virtualized in mind, but that's it14:56
didrockskgunn: the other possibility is a timing issue, but it's weird we have consistent failures (we did several retries)14:57
didrocksand virtualized would be "faster"14:57
kgunnmlankhorst: alf_ ....any ideas, this is strange ^ almost wonder, did mesa change ??14:57
mlankhorstgah why always blame mesa14:57
kgunndidrocks: is the mir-patched xserver stuff in archive for trusty ?14:58
didrockskgunn: well, both are built on trusty, right?14:58
didrocksso I guess that mlankhorst didn't remove the patch, right mlankhorst?14:58
kgunnmlankhorst: only because no one's touched u-s-c/xmir in a good while :)14:58
robotfuelalf_: ping15:00
didrockskgunn: let me look for the content of the ppa15:00
kgunnthis is why /me doesn't like xserver/mesa sitting outside bzr15:00
robotfuelI was testing your --offscreen branch and get this error when I try to run offscreen http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6437847/15:00
alf_kgunn: mlankhorst: that particular test doesn't interact with any external components, its a unit test using mocks15:01
didrockskgunn: +1 for not liking that ;)15:01
mlankhorstdidrocks: I'm tempted to do so, but no15:02
kgunnmlankhorst: sorry...i'll keep it to myself :)15:03
kgunnalf_: ok...so just a failing mock...sounds like you're familiar enough, could you take a look on the trunk ?15:03
alf_kgunn: ok15:04
mlankhorstkgunn: we haven't touched mesa in trusty much, only uploaded 9.2.2 afaik15:04
kgunnalf_: thank you...this is an item that's holding up our mir update to the archive (going on 3 weeks :)15:05
kgunnmlankhorst: sorry dude...i'll try not to be so mesa-blame-happy :)15:05
alf_robotfuel: (will get back to you in a bit)15:05
kgunnrobotfuel: sorry...i swiped alf_15:06
robotfuelalf_: ack I see you have your hands full :)15:06
didrockskgunn: no, all the same for both15:08
didrocksapart from this virtualized vs non virtualizeds15:08
kgunndidrocks: ack, we got someone looking15:12
didrockskgunn: thanks!15:12
didrockskeep us posted15:12
kgunndidrocks: at least hope it fails on their local machine....it should since its the non-virt failing15:12
didrockskgunn: cyphermox/robru/ken when I'm not around15:12
kgunnthank you sir15:13
didrockskgunn: let's cross fingers (they should try building the package to have the same config: bzr bd)15:13
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kgunnalf_: ^ see didrock's last statement15:15
greybackalf_: alan_g: would either of you be able to make sense of this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6422376/ What I'm trying to do is use a qt application in Mir. So running mir_demo_server_shell, and then qmlscene (using the qtubuntu plugin so behaves as mir client)15:15
kgunndidrocks: one thing on the platform-api bump... https://code.launchpad.net/~kgunn72/platform-api/bump-mir-dep-0.1.1/+merge/19351915:15
alan_ggreyback: looking...15:15
greybackalf_: alan_g: it would appear that mesa imports x11. Do we have patch to stop that?15:15
kgunndidrocks: it looks like it won't autoland due to mir build dep itself...(or do i not understand ?)15:15
kgunne.g. does mir have to land first before that will actually merge ?15:16
alan_ggreyback: that doesn't look familiar to me. Sorry15:17
greybackalan_g: np, thanks for looking15:17
alf_greyback: When you create an egl display from an egl native display (MirConnection etc), the patched mesa checks Mir first so it shouldn't be a problem. Is this desktop or phone?15:18
greybackalf_: desktop15:18
didrockskgunn: yeah, for those kind of trivial change, you can force it to trunk (merge manually)15:18
didrockskgunn: to not wait mir to land in the ppa15:18
kgunndidrocks: ack, so pull, merge, push quickly ?15:19
didrocks(well, mir is in the ppa, but failed tobuild, as we discussed)15:19
didrockskgunn: sounds good to me15:19
kgunnricmm: ^ just beware of what i'm about to do :)15:19
alf_greyback: can you please also install libegl1-mesa-dbg so we can get the missing functions in the trace15:20
greybackalf_: ack15:20
alf_greyback: are you able to run an example mir application?15:21
greybackalf_: yes, demo mir clients are fine15:21
alf_greyback: also use MESA_DEBUG=1 EGL_LOG_LEVEL=debug when running the qt app15:21
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ricmmkgunn: sec15:27
* ricmm reads back15:27
ricmmgo for it15:28
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kgunnricmm didrocks: & done...platform-api trunk now dep on 0.1.1 mir15:34
didrockskgunn: thanks!15:34
didrocks"just" the FTBFS now ;)15:34
didrocksand then we can build/test/deliver Mir15:34
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greybackalf_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6437996/ <- egl seems to decide x11, not mir.15:36
greybackhow does it decide? is there an env var maybe that could force it?15:38
greybackFYI  I am running X11 on VT7. Am trying to run mir on VT1.15:38
alf_greyback: on the same machine?15:39
greybackalf_: yes15:39
kgunngreyback: just curious...can you run a mir demo client per the instructions http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/using_mir_on_pc.html15:40
kgunnunder "runing mir natively"15:40
kgunn...sorry if this is deja vu15:40
greybackkgunn: that's exactly what I'm doing. Demo mir clients work fine15:40
alf_greyback: just to be clear, you mean the mir server is running on VT1 but you want to start an app from VT7 under X11?15:41
greybackalf_: nope. I'm starting app from VT215:41
greybackfor running under mir15:41
alf_greyback: ok, FWIW, running it from VT7/X11 should work too15:42
greybackalf_: yes that makes sense :)15:42
* greyback stops using VT215:42
alf_greyback: are you using qtubuntu trunk or some other branch (I want to take a look at the code there)15:43
kgunnalf_: please...can you do that after the drm_auth_magic test failure15:43
alf_kgunn: I am doing it in parallel, the package is building (which is slow)15:44
kgunn:) thanks15:44
greybackalf_: heh, this is where things get annoying. I'm using Qt5.2, and made a branch of qtubuntu to support it, and also hack around depending on hybris: alf_: I made a branch so it wouldn't depend on hybris. lp:~gerboland/qtubuntu/qt5.2-on-desktop/15:45
greybackalf_: but please you try using standard qtubuntu, just to test please15:46
alf_greyback: as a first step I want to take a look at the code15:46
greybackalf_: sure15:47
greybackalf_: src/platforms/base/context.cc will be of interest to you15:48
racarrHappy monday!15:51
alf_kgunn: I can't recreate the problem building the package locally :/16:17
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kgunnalf_: thanks...hmmm.... didrocks thots to proceed ?16:31
didrockskgunn: did you ask on #webops?16:33
kgunndidrocks: so sorry...was otp...why webops ?16:41
didrockskgunn: they will be able to help to debug why the test segfault on devirtualized ppas (meaning, distro builders)16:41
didrockseven getting you chroot access I guess16:41
kgunnracarr: mornin'16:52
racarrMorning kgunn!16:53
racarralan_g: My branch actually does conflict with yours a little...I want to just straight up remove the session container16:53
racarrmaybe we can talk about it tomorrow?16:53
alan_gracarr: I've no problem with it being removed16:54
racarralan_g: The thing is we only use it internally for the system compositor focus tracking (i.e. finding hwich session to give focus to when another closes)16:55
racarrso rather than make it a customizable component, I am just going to fold it in to16:55
racarrwhich is the new SessionManager16:55
racarr / implementor of mf::Shell16:56
alan_gHmm. But the "Controller" part of SessionManager belongs in surfaces16:57
alan_gAs does the "Model" part16:57
racarrhmmmaybe, I mean it wont be the same manager, I am changing16:57
racarrthe mf::Shell interface as well16:58
alan_gSo, I'm not convinced by "msh::DefaultShell"16:58
racarrto basically mirror the mf::SessionMediator interface16:58
racarrexcept in terms of Mir server types instead of IPC types16:58
racarrto the DefaultShell, takes the fully interpreted IPC requests, and decides which controller components to use16:58
racarrto update the model16:58
racarrs/to the DefaultShell/so the mf::Shell/16:59
alan_gI guess I should look at what you're doing. (But my head is full ATM)17:00
racarrI will propose it todayhopefully17:00
alan_gOK will look in morning17:03
kgunnrobotfuel: since some services are back to working....have you had a chance to test out the demo clients as part of ci ?17:17
robotfuelkgunn: I am working on that now17:19
alf_robotfuel: please check latest lp:~afrantzis/mir/offscreen-display17:27
robotfuelalf_: will do thanks17:27
kdubandroid clients? :)17:32
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robotfuelkgunn: I am still waiting for this a MP to land before we can add demos to CI, I've talk to the phablet team and it's on their list to review today, they have a bunch of reviews to do. https://code.launchpad.net/~chris.gagnon/phablet-tools/run-test-without-autopilot/+merge/19492017:50
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robotfuelracarr: https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/mir/cbranch-can-not-be-named-fix-1247718/+merge/195629 has problems I got this failure:  /tmp/buildd/mir-0.1.1/tests/unit-tests/input/android/test_android_input_manager.cpp:158:83: error: template argument 1 is invalid18:07
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greybackalf_: just FYI, I did a little digging, found if I set EGL_PLATFORM=mir, then I get further. Failure now with EGL_BAD_CONTEXT...18:27
robotfuelalf_: your new offscreen branch crashes my X session, but otherwise seems to work.18:27
alf_robotfuel: it's not ready to be run under X11 yet, you still need to be in a VT18:29
robotfuelalf_: I am running it in a vt with sudo mir_demo_server_basic --offscreen --vt 3, yet it still crashes my X session18:30
alf_robotfuel: ok18:32
alf_greyback: if you don't solve this today, please send me an email with quick instructions so that I can try tomorrow morning18:33
greybackalf_: ok18:34
alf_robotfuel: btw, you can't switch back to X while the offscreen server is running yet (I guess that's what you meant by killing the X session)18:50
robotfuelalf_: ah ok, maybe that is the issue? I've added the crash part of the X log to the MP18:51
robotfuelalf_: X restarts in fallback mode on tty8 after running --offscreen18:52
alf_robotfuel: only when switching to X while offscreen is running, though, right?18:52
robotfuelalf_: I did try to switch back to tty7 I'll retry18:53
robotfuelalf_: yeah If I don't switch back X does not crash.18:55
alf_robotfuel: ok, thanks18:56
robotfuelalf_: I also updated the comment in the MP.18:57
bschaeferracarr, ping19:03
racarrbschaefer: pongalong19:10
bschaeferracarr, hello! So, i was digging around in the motion event, and it doesnt seem to expose the type of device being used19:11
bschaeferie: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6438929/19:11
bschaeferwith out exposing the ToolType, you don't know if it the event is a mouse/finger/etc..19:11
racarrbschaefer: Seems correct19:11
bschaeferracarr, i can test it out some more, but was just wondering if you knew of any other way :)19:12
bschaeferwithout having to use an unused var19:12
racarrNo. sorry.19:16
bschaeferracarr, alright, well i can make a bug, and get some tests then I can get an MP up19:17
racarrThankyou !19:17
* kdub forgot to restart xchat after x locked up21:36
racarrtimefor awalk21:50
racarrat thatpoint in refactoring where its like21:50
racarralso its really time for a new space key21:50
kdubracarr, c++ doesn't need the space key :P22:06
kdubjust tabs22:07

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